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The first pub I ever went in as a kid was the Crabtree in Fulham ,a coke and a pack of crisps and told to sit in the corner with my brother while the old man mingled before we all toodled off to watch Fulham FC . My first ever drink was in the Merrymakers in Langley,Slough an interesting establishment to say the least, the kind of pub where you used to wipe your feet on the way out. People say I`m obsessive about old pubs and to be honest I am. I love visiting different pubs, especially ones with a bit of character. I read my comments the other day and there is a common theme running throughout and I do sound like a stuck record but it really upsets me whats happening to our older traditional style pubs. I`ve nothing against "bars" or gastropubs but I get so wound up when I see another pub given a brutal REFURB, ala The Ostrich Colnbrook , crikey here I go again .

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The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

Just found out the pub I used to love and spent many a happy night in is up for sale. I have never wanted to win the lottery so much in my life. I`m just hoping whoever buys it restores it back to the traditional, ancient, coaching inn reeking with character myself and a lot of disgruntled regulars miss so much.
I`ve set foot once in there in eight years due to one of the ponciest unsympathetic refurbs I`ve ever had the misfortune to witness..

18 Aug 2013 16:30

The Anchor Inn, Swanage

swannyman what Roger Brown are you talking about?

28 Dec 2011 22:36

The Wheatsheaf, Slough

Decent Fullers pub thats wasted in Slough. Think its fair to say Sloughs never been the greatest place for boozers, I went on a recent pub crawl to bring back some old memories having gone to school in nearby Langley.
Jesus whats happened?,nearly every pub has shut or has been built on, a few years back Slough was getting, dare I say it quite lively, bars /pubs springing up everywhere now its a desolate wasteland for drinkers, you can almost see the tumbleweed blowing down the high street.
Chicagos, Yates, The Floral, Goose, Pied Horse all gone to name but a few and I could go on and on, I know they`re not everyones cup of tea but at least you could get a drink.
Dont Poles drink in pubs??

9 Jun 2011 18:03

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