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The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

Great pub with top staff. You'll never wait long to be served and the quality of the ales is spot on. They have several well placed screens for sport plus they still provide two large cheese platters free to one and all during Sunday lunch. Couldn't be better.

14 Dec 2014 17:10

The Commercial, Herne Hill

I've been going to this pub for almost 20 years now though being a Mitchell & Butler pub means that you'll pay through the nose for the drink. The same applies to the food which is far overpriced for what it is. The drink selection is very good with plenty of real ales, lagers and ciders but as I said the problem is the prices. You'd be forgiven to think that civilisation had collapsed when you are asked for £4.40 for your pint of Peroni. The same beer was £3.40 less than 18 months ago. It's hard to believe they can justify putting the price up nearly 1/3 in such a short time. The staff are generally good though a bit more attention could be paid to keeping the tables clean. Used to be the best pub by far in Herne Hill. Sadly that is no longer the case. They need to raise their game.

9 Sep 2012 13:05

The Green Dragon, Wymondham

Have just returned from a short break near Wymondham and what a joy to discover this place! Four well kept real ales on pump (I put a dent in a keg of Green Jack's Trawlerboys on my visits) as well as a keg mild. They also stock over 25 single malt whiskies. We had dinner one evening and as mentioned in another review the portions were generous and the food outstanding. The new owners, Justin and David, as well as barman Finny, were very gracious and welcoming. I can't say enough about this place so if you are ever in the neighbourhood you should definitely make it a point to visit. I'll be back!

4 Aug 2010 16:23

The Commercial, Herne Hill

Note the bigoted comments from Haldir. Two of the girls working behind the bar are Polish and are genuinely very nice people. Perhaps it was the heel clicking, fuhrer style behaviour of Haldir that was out of order. Have a look at her latest local reviews - not a positive note in the bunch. Let's hope she doesn't come back.

21 May 2010 15:58

The Clachan, Soho

Lovely with a nice range of ales and whiskies. I stop here whenever passing. Fortunately the tube is nearby as well for my journey home after a good session!

21 May 2010 15:42

Mabel's Tavern, Euston

Quality Shepherd Neame ales (5) and plenty of space so can always get a seat. Could expand the the single malt whisky range in my humble opinion. Not bad for a swift livener on the way to some of the areas other pubs.

13 Mar 2010 19:30

The Lord John Russell, Russell Square

Stumbled in after The London Drinker beer fest last Thursday. Nice array of real ales and a fairly extensive number of single malt whiskies to keep them company. The natives were quite friendly to boot. Well worth a visit!

13 Mar 2010 19:11

The Half Moon, Herne HIll

The beer could be a bit more varied in my humble but is reasonably kept for the most part. The pizza is excellent and recommended! A pint of Guinness, however, will cause you to exclaim "HOW MUCH?!!" when they hit you with £3.40. Apparently a move to suppress the Burberry cap crowd though in my observations they tend to drink lager. Also, it is the only place left in Herne Hill that you can watch football.

22 Dec 2008 12:54

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

The Prince Regent has the most impersonal staff that you could find. When you go to a pub you usually soon learn its character. Here you would expect that these were former concentration guards. If you want to pay way over the top prices and have it served by people who appear to have no souls then this is the place for you.

24 Sep 2008 19:08

Escape Bar and Art, Herne Hill

Me suspects that poster Tor has a vested interest.

24 Sep 2008 18:50

The Hope, West Norwood

Have been revisiting as of late. Has been very nicely refurbished and still is - wait for it - a pub!! This as opposed to becoming or attempting to become "Gastro" as such is the case in my neck of the woods (Herne Hill). Well worth a visit.

3 May 2008 01:16

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

Beer prices are definitely way over the top for the area. All real ales are £3.05 a pint compared to The Commercial where they are £2.65 - £2.85. I bought my wife a glass of wine which was £4.80! Can't help but feel that there is sand in the Vaseline...

2 May 2008 19:33

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

Since its refurb a couple years back it is starting to settle down and develop an atmosphere. The beers are generally varied and interesting and I hear that the food is quite good. Downsides are the dining area can be VERY noisy (all hard surfaces) and some of the bar staff are slow and seem untrained. Oh, and it's pricey - the most expensive Guinness in Herne Hill at £3.20.

20 Oct 2007 12:22

Escape Bar and Art, Herne Hill

Been here a few times but it's not really my kind of place. Hard to take any reviews signed "Anonymous" seriously. It's just a pub review site - why hide?

8 Jul 2007 15:23

127, Herne Hill

This place is run by a man named Joseph who is truly a fine human being! He is very welcoming and does his best to provide everyone with a hassle free evening - not an easy feat when you're a late night establishment! Check it out!

8 Jul 2007 15:19

The Prince Regent, Herne Hill

Had a lovely afternoon sitting on the front patio in the sunshine yesterday afternoon. The beer was good (Copper Dragon bitter) though a touch pricey at £2.80 a pint. Staff are pretty indifferent to your presence though you do get served. Went back at 11:30 that evening for a night cap and was told that they had just rang last orders and were closing so don't expect modern licencing laws here. The place still had quite a few punters in which re-enforces my perception of indifference. Loved the sight of a guy sleeping akimbo upon a pew. Real class. Overall they still have a way to go before it is a place to boast about. I'd give it 5 out of 10.

4 Jun 2006 13:57

The Hamilton Arms, Brixton

Dumpy and scruffy were its charms and it was a main attraction after hours, particularly on the weekends, and hosted a diverse crowd. Sadly it has passed into history and is now a dime a dozen corner shop.

16 Apr 2006 18:36

The Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate

It's been a few years but it was a big "thumbs up" when I drank in here. One of the oldest pubs in Britain I believe. AND all of the ales were gravity delivered!

6 Apr 2006 01:18

Fleur de Lys Hotel, Cranborne

Excellent food, ale and accommadation in this large, welcoming pub. Been here on several occasions over the years and have loved each visit. There is another pub around the corner, a little less grand, called (I believe) The Sheaf And Arrow(s) which is also worth a visit. A lovely part of the world.

6 Apr 2006 01:12

The North Star, Leytonstone

This used to be the best little pub in Leytonstone. I only lived in sunny L'stone briefly but I was very happy to find this place. Being secreted down a back street is surely a key to its success(dedicated locals). Makes me want to drive across town for a pint and I'll do so soon!

13 Mar 2006 01:34

The Market Porter, Borough

Great pub to pop in for a quick libation after shopping in the market. An exceptionally wide range of unusual ales, all well kept, will keep tempting you on and on. With such a diverse clientele this is an excellent pub in which to drink. Glowing praise!

12 Mar 2006 15:08

The Hope, West Norwood

Relatively cosy little pub if not rather plain. Staff are friendly and on each visit I've never had a bad pint of special. A good little place to visit with a few friends, drink some Young's beer and shoot the breeze.

12 Mar 2006 13:59

The Builders Arms, Teddington

I used to drink here as a regular from around '89-'93 when I lived in Teddington. There was no music, one or two fruit machines, a dart board and a lovely old bar billiards table tucked away along the front corner of the bar - it was great! Good beer (I remember conversations of dismay that beer had gone up to £1.34 a pint!), people reading a book or playing chess, or just having a good chat. This was a pub for locals as most visitors were unlikely to find it secreted down the back streets. I can understand non-regulars possibly being put off but I found most of the "then" crowd approachable and friendly with no clique-ish airs or graces. A few years ago I was in the area and decided to drop in for a good old ploughman's lunch. There was music, video machines, no bar billiard table tucked away along the front corner of the bar - it was sad. I have since been through teddington and have been unable to bring myself to stop in. I mean, I love Thai food - just not in a pub. As Bill Bryson says, there are three rules in life - you can't make a waiter see you until he wants to see you, you can't cheat the phone company and, most pertinent, you can never go home.

19 Feb 2006 01:46

The Commercial, Herne Hill

I'm not really too sure what pub some of these reviewers were in but certainly not The Commercial. I agree that in the daytime they do allow families in but if you are part of a community this is no bad thing. The evenings are pretty busy but there is usually little wait as the bar staff are generally quick, friendly and in sufficient numbers. The clientele is widely mixed (age ranges from 20ís to 50ís) and everyone gets along well. And women can come here alone or in groups and not put up with hassle from prowling males. The pub stocks a fine array of draught European beers include Kuppers Kolsch, Franziskaner Weissbier and Paulaner lager(Germany), Freuli (a refreshing strawberry wheat beer) and Hoegaarden, De Konnick and Leffe (Belgium). These sit well along side a constant rotation of four well kept real ales as well as a few more common beers such as Grolsch, Stella Artois and Guinness. They even stock Carling but, as most taste buds know, this is not beer. If beer is not your tipple they have an extensive range of international wines - red, white, rose and champagne. I have never counted but I would guess that there are approximately 24 varietyís to choose from. As for food I am a little less versed here but what I have had has been very good. And I can vouch that the hamburgers are not £9.95 (I seem to remember paying £6.95). Oh, and have I mentioned the beer garden? Say no more...

17 Feb 2006 23:34

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