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The Pen and Parchment, Stratford Upon Avon

Very well cooked and presented food and good range of beer. Staff polite and efficient

15 Apr 2013 19:19

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

This could be such a good pub, given its location and size.Taylor walker really need to up their game and not continue to take the p**s out of their customers.A good manager and staff that can talk english would be a start.

4 Jan 2013 07:49

The Punch And Judy, Covent Garden

Usual Spirit Group pub. Need to up their customer care skills. You cannot succeed mearly on location and tourists.

4 Jan 2013 07:45

Adam and Eve, Westminster

Needs a good manager to this pub back to how it was a few years back. Spirit Group need to invest heavily in training to bring their pubs up to acceptable standards. Most of their pubs exist because of location not service or quality.

25 Dec 2012 19:29

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Seems to attract people from local hostels. This does lend itself to encouraging locals or office workers to use the pub. Could do with a good clean up and refurb to bring it up to decent standard

25 Dec 2012 19:22

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

Like most pubs in the area they cater for tourists and office workers. Comfortable but does not encourage you to stay too long. Manageress keeps place ticking over nicely but needs to be more involved with customers to build on local trade

25 Dec 2012 19:17

The Sussex, Covent Garden

A typical Taylor Walker pub but does the job. No keg bitter - not everyone likes cask ale.

25 Dec 2012 19:12

The Albert, St James's

Paul the manager trying to inject some life into this pub which is a big tourist attraction. In need of a refurb to bring it to to date. Would help if they did away with mock victorian theme.Staff very good. Suffers from the coffee bar syndrome whereby too many tourists think it is a starbucks to the detrement of people who actually want a drink.

26 Nov 2012 06:28

The Briar Rose, Birmingham

Stayed in hotel. Good rooms and service. BIG draw back is the pub next door which has loud music until 2 am which can be heard in rooms. Not too good if you are in afamily room with children.

26 Nov 2012 06:23

The Morpeth Arms, Pimlico

This pub is so far up its on backside it can see out of its mouth. This was a good pub that Young's have completely ruined.

23 May 2010 05:49

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

Very poor management. Not good policy to let your children play in the bar particularly in front of the counter. Management seem to think theyare doing customers a favour by letting them use the place. Not one of Fullers better pubs.

23 May 2010 05:47

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Even with ever changing staff it does not seem to be operating at its full potential. Have been in here on many occasions and staff seem very disinterested in their work. Trouble with spoons they tend to be like shops and not pubs, very little atmosphere.

23 May 2010 05:44

The Albert, St James's

The problem with this pub is the large amount of tourists that it attracts. Unfortunately they tend to want coffee rather than drinks. this causes long delays and gives the impression that staff are slow,which is not the case. Would suggest that they introduce a counter point for the purchase of coffee and meals which will free up the bar for drinkers.

23 May 2010 05:40

Kings Arms, Victoria

This pub is about to get a new manager. I know him from another pub in the area and guarantee this pub will improve within the next few weeks.

23 May 2010 05:35

The Cardinal, Victoria

A once good pub gone to the dogs. Not worth going to even for cheap drink.

6 Apr 2010 08:11

The Head of the River, Oxford

Very over priced run of the mill Fullers pub. All their pubs seem to folloe the same format of offering average service and goods at an inflated price.Not worth the walk to visit

6 Apr 2010 08:08

The White Horse, Oxford

Had a pint in here on Easter Monday. Decided to try what was advertised as the best fish and chips in Oxford. Very disappointing. Average portion and packet chips.

6 Apr 2010 08:05

The James Brindley, Birmingham

pub now closed

13 Jun 2009 09:32

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

If Alex does come from Bradford he must be used to drinking with Orang -utans

19 Apr 2009 07:36

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

In reply to Alex Bradford. I revisit this pub in the hope that it might have improved as I am prepared to give it a chance. In the past this pub has been one of the best in the area and hopefully will return to its former glory one day.

19 Apr 2009 07:32

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

This pub should improve greatly now that Dave from the Albert is in charge.

19 Apr 2009 07:27

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

A great pub especially when the two birds Di and Karen are in there on a Friday night. This pair could drink for England and still have room for another wine. Di saw the sign Drink Canada Dry and she's trying hard to.

11 Apr 2009 10:13

The Greyhound, Eton WIck

This is a terrible pub but the lease is up for sale. Might get a decent landlord. The only good thing about this pub is Donna the barmaid who tries very hard to make the most of a bad job. Food is awful - cheap rehashed muck. Do yourself a favour get a chef.

11 Apr 2009 06:53

Morpeth Arms, London

A once good pub turned into a bland unwelcoming church hall. Give it a miss

8 Apr 2009 16:06

The Old Shades, Whitehall

Went in there today for a change. Won't bother again. Staff tried to short changre me and the IPA was awful. best thing that could happen to this pub is for it to close down.

8 Apr 2009 16:01

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Seems everyone is impressed by the yank that loves the sound of her own voice. A manager that disciplines her staff in fromt of customers isn't a good manager. Most days the staff can't cope and the pub is a mess. Sooner she goes the better

8 Apr 2009 15:58

The Albert, St James's

Give Julio and his wife their own pub.They work hard and would be a bonus to any pub.

26 Jan 2009 09:29

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

Agree with last poster. This pub has become the pits. Lack of staff and preoccupation with serving tourists tea and coffee make this a pub beer drinkers should avoid. Should be renamed Starbucks. I waited 25 minutes to be served and then I had to make it clear to the barman that I was next as he only seemed interested in serving people next to the till he was using. What has happened to the so called mystery customers that Wetherspoons say they use - they must be easily pleased or don't do the job properly.

30 Dec 2008 07:50

The Albert, St James's

Best christmas decorated pub I have seen in along time. Worth a visit

5 Dec 2008 15:07

The Hobgoblin, Brighton

I know someone who lives in the immediate area of this pub and the noise generated in the evening until the early hours is horendous. WHY DOESN'T THIS PUB CARE ABOUT LOCAL RESIDENTS?

21 Nov 2008 15:22

The Silver Cross, Whitehall

Good pub spoilt by badly trained staff

3 Nov 2008 16:56

The Cardinal, Victoria

What has gone wrong with this pub? It has become scruffy and rather seedy.Sam Smiths at its worst.

3 Nov 2008 16:55

Willow Walk, Victoria

This pub is going downhill rapidly.It is the nearest thing to a dosshouse bar.Come on Wetherspoons pull it out the mire before it is too late.

3 Nov 2008 16:53

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

Local pub frequented by local louts. Avoid

12 Oct 2008 13:48

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

Friday night confirmed what a totally shit pub this is when I saw some poor man handled out of the pub by the bouncer for doing absolutely nothing. His girlfriend returned from the loo and was devastated that he was not in the bar and did not know where had gone on. Patrons are sleazy, has not been same since Dave left. Don't go there unless you are sad.

12 Oct 2008 13:43

The Kings Arms, Mayfair

I think Rogue Restauranjts broadcast on the 28th August 2008 says it all about this pub. avoid like the plague.

29 Aug 2008 15:34

The Bunch Of Grapes, Knightsbridge

I think Rogue Restaurants broadcast on the 28th August 2008 says it all about this pub. Avoid like the plague

29 Aug 2008 15:32

The Albert, St James's

Situated in a tourist area it is neither a local or tourist pub. Trade varies accrding to time of day. Suffers from americans wanting to taste every beer without regard to waiting customers. Also suffers the tea and coffee brigade. Why dont they go to a cafe? Ever changing staff,ut this is due to management.Glad to see they have stopped children coming in the bar areas, tourists used to think it was ok to let their brats run rampant.

11 Aug 2008 07:23

The Old Star, Westminster

Best avoided unless you are deaperate for a drink

27 Apr 2008 06:50

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

What have they done to this pub?Once a traditional pub with a good atmosphere. seems Youngs are trying to appeal to the trendies but as with the Morpeth they have failed.

27 Apr 2008 06:49

The Lord Moon Of The Mall, Whitehall

What has happened to this pub? Paid a visit last week and they have an american duty manager who wants everyone to hear her conversation and is not adverse to swearing even if there are children within ear shot.Wetherspoons really need to sort this place out

20 Jan 2008 07:07

Walkers of Whitehall, Whitehall

This place has got to be a joke, overpriced and over rated.Full of useless civil servants trying to be cool

15 Dec 2007 11:52

The Barley Mow, Englefield Green

What has hapened to this pub? Used to serve great food but standard has dropped like a stone.Suggest you go to Mulligans on Datchet Road and taste the best food in the area.

5 Sep 2007 11:20

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Had the misforune to have breakfast in here.It was absolutely awful. Sausages look liked they hadn't been cooked and the rest was greasy.If they can't get a decent chef don't bother serving food.Agree with previous posting, staff don't care and the place is messy.Unfortunately Wetherspoons are fast getting a reputation for grotty pubs, Come on Tim Martin get your act together, restablish the company as place people want to go, good service,good food and staff that care

2 Sep 2007 06:52

Kings Arms, Victoria

Used to be a really good pub years ago but unfortunately a succession of bad managers has made it one the worst pubs in the area

5 Aug 2007 08:51

The Puzzle, Westminster


5 Aug 2007 08:48

The Orange Brewery, Belgravia

Small uninspiring pub that could be anywhere. Beer OK nothing to sing about.

10 Jul 2007 16:00

The Cardinal, Victoria

What has happened to this pub? It used to be a comfortable place to have a decent drink. Went in there yesterday and it looked like it was on its last legs. What a difference a new manager can make!

26 Jun 2007 17:15

The White Swan, Pimlico

One pub that has benefitted from a refurb removing all signs of its T & J Barnard days. Comfortable and reasonable atmosphere. Beer as you would expect from a chain but acceptable.

25 Jun 2007 07:03

Willow Walk, Victoria

Some pubs you wonder why.This is one of them

24 Jun 2007 21:00

Pennyblacks, Birmingham

I would rate this as the best pub I have been to. Excellent food and beer. Great atmosphere and location. I would recommended this pub to anyone visiting Birmingham. Shame there isn't a pub in London to match it.

23 Jun 2007 09:10

The Albert, St James's

I remember this pub from 70s when it stank of cats and had threadbare lino on the floor. It has been refurbished several times maintaining a victorian theme that goes down well with tourists.The pub benefited when Liz took over as manager and lifted the place out of the doldrums.Has benefitted from yet another refurbishment but needs something more to become one of the really goods in the area.

23 Jun 2007 09:07

The Greencoat Boy, Victoria

One of the old T & J Barnard pubs which is slowly shaking of this image.Mainly an office workers pub with some tourists at weekends. Looked like becoming a decent pub when new manager took over but has slipped into the ways of many pubs in the area with a couldn't less attitude from staff unless you happen to be regular

23 Jun 2007 09:02

Edwards Bar, Hammersmith

A lively pub especially on a Friday night. Good crowd and atmosphere. dave the assistant manager can take a lot of the credit for this well run pub

23 Jun 2007 08:58

The Sanctuary House, Westminster

This is a fairly new pub to Westminster built in an old office building. Apart from civil servants during the week it is atourist pub at weekends. Beer average nothing special.

23 Jun 2007 08:56

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