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Comments by realalerules1983

The Bridgewater Hotel, Farnworth

How on God's earth can Sam Smith's justify their £1.10 price hike after lockdown?!

Their silly rules of no swearing and no use of mobile phones was over the top to begin with, but they were observed with the premise of low prices.

However, paying city centre prices along with these ridiculous rules just takes the piss - big time.

PS Message to Humphrey, get your head out of your arse!

19 Aug 2020 10:33

The Dispensary, Liverpool

@Snarling_Mallard Laugh out loud! You always crack me up with your reviews!

27 May 2018 13:45

The Bakers Vaults, Stockport

My first ever visit yesterday. No problems whatsoever with the bar staff, in fact, I found them very convivial. Each to their own I suppose...

The fact that they had one of my favourite drinks on - Titanic's Plum Porter, made my visit most memorable.

Classic jukebox in the corner blasting out my favourite songs. This sounds like a Thin Lizzy song haha.

Good solid 9/10 for me.

30 Jul 2017 20:45

The George, Staines

In a morose kind of way, I almost miss Arsenal Fan...

6 Oct 2016 21:01

The Pied Bull, Chester

Home brewed beer still shite - don't bother.

27 Apr 2016 20:47

The Forest House, Chester

We came out of the spoons around the corner Square Bottle having not buying a drink with only two bar staff serving and the punters being knee deep at the bar.

So glad we did as we quickly found this corker of a Wetherspoons. My pint of Blueberry Bitter 5% by Coach House Brewery was superb. It easily rates with the beer standards of the Waterhouse in Manchester - if not, better.

Directly above the bar, the ceiling goes up with spectacular original features, and is the standout point of the pub. We didn't venture into the downstairs part as it was mainly for diners.


27 Apr 2016 20:42

The Falcon, Chester

Was actually en route to the Brewery Tap, when myself and my cousin stumbled in here. We were both pleasantly surprised to find it being a Sam Smith's house, as users previously commented.

1000 times better than the other Sam Smith's pub in Chester - The Boot Inn. Lovely bar area with pleasant bar staff and a wider range of SS bottles on offer than I have seen in other outlets. I clocked a bottle of Imperial Stout in the fridge, and their wheat beer and Indian Pale ale on pump.

Place was busy on a Sat mid afternoon. There was a plaque up telling the history of the building but I can't remember what it said now.


27 Apr 2016 20:33

Pivovarsky dum, Prague

Possibly the best pub in Prague on my recent visit for my birthday with the lads. Impressive array of bottled beers surround the place. I tried a bottle of oatmeal stout at 5.8%, which was smooth and velvety.

I would have liked to have stayed longer or revisited for a longer stay, but I was with a large gang and we made our way in to central Prague.

Would highly recommend.

26 Jan 2016 21:50

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

I agree that it is a fantastic place, but I wouldn't go as far as best pub in Yorkshire.

Surely The Grove in Huddersfield, Lamb and Lion in York or Fanny's in Saltaire are serious contenders?

Just my opinion.

12 Jan 2016 21:58

The Churchill Arms, Kensington

Our last pub after escaping from some dodgy cockney geezers in a Wetherspoons, before my train journey home.

As previous bite users rightly observe, the ceiling is full of various items and brick-a-brack. A Thai restaurant is based at the back of the pub with seating for diners only.

As a stout and porter drinker, I was slightly disappointed with no Fullers' handpulled options, however, I was delighted when the young barmaid pointed out their Black Cab Stout. It was absolutely gorgeous, I just wish I could have tasted it from the cask.

The place was packed out, with a mixture of Londoners and many European tourists.

Could have stayed longer, but my train was at 21.00 from Euston.

22 Nov 2015 15:06

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Our second pub on our pub crawl of London. The Victorians certainly went to town with sheer decadence, and The Blackfriar is no exception. Magic copper carvings surround the place above the bar and on the walls. The fireplace taking centre stage and outstanding feature.

Had a couple of Yuletide Christmas Stouts, which tasted bang on, but the prices reflected the area we were in (Central Business District.)

Place was heaving with many eating, and seating was at a premium. We eventually found a spot.


22 Nov 2015 14:57

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Had a flying visit to the capital this weekend, and this was our first port of call. Arrived at 11.45am but it didn't open till 12pm. The wait was well worth it, and as I entered I found wonderful original furnishings. A trip around the back of the pub revealed detailed stain glass windows and lovely floor tiles.

I am a big fan of Sam Smith's pubs, and in particular the extra stout, which was on form. Probably the cheapest place in London barring Wetherspoon outlets. Only one worrying issue was that there was only one barman serving. He was friendly and polite, but on weekends there should be more serving.

A must see.

22 Nov 2015 14:48

The Liffey Bar, Liverpool

Bog standard plastic Paddy pub. Barmaid had a face like a bull chewing a wasp when I tried making conversation. I won't be in any particular rush to return, to be sure.

19 Nov 2015 10:55

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Another visit to my favourite pub in Liverpool and I wasn't disappointed. To my delight, they still had the plum porter on by Titanic Brewery, which was absolutely divine!

Finally met the landlord and found he was a pleasant, easy going chap. Don't know what all the negative comments are about?

A must do whenever in Liverpool.

19 Nov 2015 10:50

The Beehive, Liverpool

All keg which is a shame, as it has a nice interior.

Could do so much better.

19 Nov 2015 10:46

The White Star, Liverpool

Lovely old fashioned traditional boozer, that hasn't been spoilt by being refurbished. My pint of real ale was in fine fettle, however, it was the most expensive place for a drink in the city.

Curved bar along with original leather seating dotted around the front of the pub, with various images and models of Titanic and other Atlantic ocean liners, add to the charm of the place.

19 Nov 2015 10:41

Fanny's Ale And Cider House, Saltaire

My first ever time in Fanny's (pub intended) before going to the annual beer festival at Saltaire Brewery.

As you walk in, it looks really small but after a walk upstairs to the toilets, I was amazed how big it was.

Beer quality was absolutely bang on and the prices really reasonable - £2.60 a pint. Mildly amusing when the Morris Dancers came in jingling away following their exploits in the Saltaire festival.

Apparently it used to be the old police station. A definite must when in Saltaire.

13 Sep 2015 13:05

The House Without A Name, Bolton

Lovely little community pub in the idyllic area of Bradshaw. Ample seating in main bar area with two TVs. Smaller room at the front of the pub and plenty of benches in the front beer garden.

I had the Mancunian by Brightside Brewery which was spot on. A light coloured hoppy ale on a warm sunny day goes down a treat.

Beer festivals held on Bank holiday weekends. Also do bar meals which seemed reasonably priced, although I didn't eat.

507 bus journey from Bolton town centre only takes 15 - 20 minutes.

Highly recommended.

19 Jul 2015 16:53

Irwell Works Brewery Tap, Ramsbottom

Actually been here twice a couple of years ago, and absolutely loved it.

As you walk in, you understand why it has its name - it used to be an engineering works. A nice touch is the original "clocking-on" machine for workers, back in the day.

A walk upstairs brings you to the spacious bar area, and what is best is the,spectacular views of the West Penine hills, albeit slightly ruined by the wind farms.

Irwell Works Brewery do some fine beers and stouts, and my personal favourte was the Iron Plate Stout.

Very friendly barstaff, and a lovely place to relax on a lazy afternoon or evening.


28 Jun 2015 16:53

Cafe Gollem, Amsterdam

Recent trip to Amsterdam and luckily this diamond was 5 minutes walk from hotel.

Traditional old school continental bar, boasting over 100 beers with a blackboard proudly informing what's on.

I tried the extra stout by Dutch craft brewers, Jopel, and was eagerly sunk at 5.5%. I then asked the young friendly barman, and he recommended the Russian Imperial Stout by Emelisse, which is not for the faint hearted - a whopping 11%! Full bodied, but with the stregth being so potent, you do tend to lose the falvours, nethertheless - it certainly packs a punch!

The locals were very friendly, and I had great conversation on my two visits.

Highly recommended.

26 Jun 2015 19:26

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

Very sad to report that this place has CLOSED!

14 May 2015 15:34

The Blue Bar and Grill, Liverpool

@blue_scrumpy I can't quite believe you actually named the f**king keg beers!

9 Feb 2015 21:36

The Stamford Post, Stamford

More spam bullshit I see... R.I.P BITE.

16 Nov 2014 19:30

The Minerva Hotel, Hull

@Charlie_one_two_three I completely agree with you, it has gone beyond the joke now. I imagine the owners just sitting back, while they get their advertising revenue, not giving a fuck.

14 Nov 2014 15:55

Noahs Ark, Derby

Nice enough boozer but with unspectacular beer offerings, so opted for a JD Honey with coke.

Warm and cosy along with a very convivial barmaid.

22 Oct 2014 21:58

Seven Stars, Derby

Absolutely loved this place just for its original wooden beams, fantastic fireplace and hearth alone.

Upon entering I got a gut instinct that the real ale wouldn't be up to scratch - so opted for a Guinness.

Like previous reviewers mention, the potential is most definitely there.

22 Oct 2014 19:29

Five Lamps, Derby

Sampled a few pints of the stout, of which I can't remember its name or percentage. Condition was generally okay, but I wasn't mega keen.

Very large pub with a central bar along with many nice features.

Had a bar-meal which was reasonably priced and very filling.

Solid 7/10 for me.

22 Oct 2014 19:12

The Golden Eagle, Derby

Has to be said, that this was the best pint sampled in Derby. Their own brewed porter was eagerly (pun) drank.

The pub itself was spacious inside, which was quite misconceiving from the outside.

Landlord was pleasant and accommodating.


22 Oct 2014 19:03

The Babington Arms, Derby

The term "avoid like the plague" has never been more apt!

Before the pub closing last night, I was completely flummoxed at MICE scuttling around the pub under the tables and chairs! Yes you heard me right!

After telling the young fellow behind the bar, his reaction was equally alarming. It went something like this: "Oh yeah we know about them, they come in from next door which is a restaurant.

"We have put plenty of traps down though."

I rest my case.

22 Oct 2014 18:55

The Looking Glass, Warrington

Fairly impressive Spoons decorative wise, with service being pleasant and efficient. As previous posters observe, it has a nice outside part which we sat in. Sampled a lovely pint of Dark Alice which was reasonably priced and tasted great.

Warrington is one of them places you don't go to unless you have a valid reason. In other words it is a shit-hole.

7 Sep 2014 20:34

Porter's Ale House, Warrington

Called in here for my first time. It is like a cross between Ye Olde Man and Scythe and The Alma both in Bolton. The stout wasn't in good condition so I played it safe by supping Guinness. Rockers' pub that has live bands on by all accounts. The pool table has definitely seen better days. It is rough and ready but I thought it was okay.

I'll not be in any particular rush to visit Warrington anytime soon.

7 Sep 2014 20:26

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

This was my first visit to the place following a recommendation from a friend.

Was totally blown away with the unbelievable architecture. It's not that often I take photos, as I don't want to look like a Japanese tourist, but I was compelled by its magnificent splendour! I even took a photo of the toilets!

Can't comment on the quality of the real ale, as I supped a JD & coke, as by this time I was feeling bloated with drinking several pints.

A must see place when in Liverpool.

NB As a Salfordian, I still see Manchester as my own city, even though Salford is a city in its own right. But I'm sad to confess that it is quickly becoming too "trendy" for my liking. In other words, it's trying too hard to be like London.

17 Aug 2014 11:30

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Was enticed in to this place after noticing it won CAMRA pub of the year in 2009.

Upon entering, I was ecstatic at spotting one of my all time favourite drinks being served - Titanic's Plum Porter!

Had a couple but could easily have stayed all day, and all night, drinking that stuff.

Locals were friendly and the pub was clean, and the service was efficient.

Solid 8/10 for me!

17 Aug 2014 11:20

Crown, Liverpool

My first ever drinking trip to Liverpool! This was the first port of call after getting off the train at Liverpool Central.

Lovely old decorative ceiling in quite a spacious room, although there was no seats to sit down, probably as it was a bus Saturday afternoon.

Drank a pint from the local Organic Brewery which was reasonable and cost just over £2.

We only had one as we wanted to visit the other pubs.

17 Aug 2014 11:15

Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall, Staveley

I have been here twice, both for their Summer beer festivals. Based in the idyllic area of Staveley, it consists of two main indoor bars - one downstairs and one upstairs.

The rain and humidity ruined what should have been a great visit, but I didn't get too downbeat as I enjoyed the wheatbeer, while watching a live band in the gazebo outside.

Hawkshead brew some fantastic beer, and so it was a worthwhile trip even with a nightmare delayed train journey.

Check it out!

22 Jul 2014 13:07

Sandbar, Manchester

Called in again recently. Sampled a superb pint of stout from the aptly named Outstanding Brewery. Okay, it was delivered via keg but if it tastes good, who am I to complain? I'd give 10/10 purely on the stout alone!

Because of the nature of its location, my visits are less frequent than I'd like. The pub has got a very bohemian feel, which adds to the experience in my opinion.

Keep it up!

3 Jul 2014 15:49

The State Bar, Glasgow

Mixed feelings regarding this place. Okay on one hand it was off the beaten track, and took some finding. The ales sampled were of good decent quality. I just didn't entirely enjoy it in here, for some unknown reason.

The most pleasing thing for me, was Jura (single malt) being on offer at £1.90 a dram - which I took advantage!

13 May 2014 14:08

The Horseshoe Bar, Glasgow

Phew! After my wallet taking a complete hammering in Auld Reekie, I was offered some much welcomed financial relief. Drank several pints of Blonde from Harviestoun Brewery which was superb and reasonably priced at £2.65.

Like most reviewers point out, it is a lovely old fashioned boozer, with a massive bar that circles the whole place.

Food looked good, although I didn't sample any.

13 May 2014 14:04

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Actually visited this place twice, as I was so inspired from my first. Lovely quaint bustling traditional boozer, without the pretentious bollocks that seems to bestow Edinburgh in general.

The foxy Jules behind the bar, was an absolute delight. A true bona fide lady, with a real passion for people and beer.

Go check it out yourself!

13 May 2014 13:53

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

First pub on day two of my recent visit. Lovely inside with friendly locals and keen bar staff. I made the mistake of not checking the blackboard for the prices. I was stung big time, £4.10 a pint!

If Edinburgh is trying to imitate London, then they're succeeding. Even if I was a millionaire, on principle, I would refuse these prices.

Get a grip.

13 May 2014 13:47

Brewdog Edinburgh, Edinburgh

Came in and was heavily intoxicated already on my first night in Auld Reekie.

Under normal circumstances, Brewdog prices are outlandish, but with the prices paid for normal ale in the city, it didn't seem too much of a price jump.

Had an exquisite bottle of Cocoa Psycho and then a draught stout which was awesome. Got chatting to a group from USA and Canada.

Nice place but be warned of the beer percentages!

13 May 2014 10:44

The Black Bull Tavern, Edinburgh

No real ale but I wasn't bothered as it was a rockers pub. Great unpretentious place with a cracking jukebox.

12 May 2014 11:06

Mathers, Edinburgh

Quite a large pub next door to Ladbrokes. Drank Deuchars IPA which was in fine form. Got chatting easily at the regulars at the bar.

12 May 2014 11:03

The Street, Edinburgh

Sampled a fine pint of Guinness. Not my kind of place to be honest. Was the nearest pub following the Conan Doyle. Eventually found Mathers round the corner, after having a bet in Ladbrokes.

12 May 2014 10:59

Conan Doyle, Edinburgh

Nicely decorated interior, like many of the Nicholson establishments are. Sadly, that's where my appreciation ended. The pint I sampled was of poor quality. I left without finishing it.

12 May 2014 10:56

The Hebrides, Edinburgh

First port of call, on my recent visit to the city after coming out of the train station.

Was really empty apart from one customer and the barman. Pint of stout I drank from the Orkney Brewery was great.

Couple of days later, I arrived at midnight and the place was heaving, with live music on offer. Great atmosphere too.

12 May 2014 10:54

Corbieres Wine Cavern, Manchester

It's amazing that in all my years drinking in Manchester, I never knew this place actually existed! Talk about a hidden treasure?

Not sure if the caved walls are authentic or not, but it has a definite vibe and chilled out feel. As most previous reviewers have rightly pointed out - jukebox is cracking.

Only negative is the prices - £3.50 a throw. Ouch!

5 May 2014 11:12

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

Walked past this place last night and discovered it was closed. Found out the bailiffs came round three weeks ago. I was never totally convinced to be fair anyway. Beer quality was never "bang on."

29 Apr 2014 22:28

The Dockyard, Salford

Very mixed feelings about this place. My original visit was quite promising with prices on the reasonable side.

However, after a recent visit and a price hike to £3.80 a pint I'm totally put off.

Seems to me that they've clocked on that with the BBC brigade moving up from "the smoke" and have raised prices accordingly.

More alarmingly, they display in full view on a blackboard, full breakfast £8.30!!!

How ludicrous?

29 Apr 2014 22:19

The Victoria Inn, Bolton

Called in here yesterday for my first time and was pleasantly surprised. Pint of Flat Cap was delicious but a touch expensive at £3 a throw. Pity the neighbours have complained about the beer garden, as they are currently altering it to an indoor area now.

I shall return.

10 Mar 2014 12:57

Port Street Beer House, Manchester

I'm so glad this place has been added to BITE, as it will surely attract many reviewers, in my opinion.

Okay, shouts of "London prices" do spring to mind when handing over your hard earned cash. However, the quality/standards of beer are superb along with their rocket fuel percentages. The pub itself is convivial enough, but not a place where you'd go alone. Hardly the place to strike up conversation easily, if you know what I mean?

All in all, if you summarise it up fairly, you treat it like a very good single malt whisky. That is both the ales and the place itself. You're not going to drink xxx% beers all day, and you're not going to do an all day session in there neither - unless you've just robbed a bank, that is.

My trips are indeed quite sporadic to date, and what has really impressed me the most was the Breakfast Stout by Founders Brewery. It is an absolute pleasure to drink - fantastic!

One note of caution is there seems to be a concerted effort by certain "trendy" conscious people (spreading across Manchester), who seem intent on beard growing with Morrissey style NHS specs!

Don't know why?

4 Feb 2014 19:39

Cosgroves, Belfast

Just to clarify my last comment in context. I'm not a supporter of any terrorist organisation - either loyalist or republican. I was simply laughing at it being in your face.

All religions are man-made divide & rule systems.

27 Jan 2014 13:05

Cosgroves, Belfast

Came in here on my last day of my recent visit. Made me laugh out loud seeing a picture upstairs saying "RUC beware, IRA have had their Weetabix!"

Locals were friendly and gave us directions to a pub called Madden's, which did traditional music.

27 Jan 2014 12:47

Bittles, Belfast

Walking past this place, I was struck how it had an uncanny resemblance, to the Flat Iron building in New York, architecture wise.

That is where it ended sadly, as upon entering we were confronted with pictures and posters of Paisley and Thatcher. Couple behind the bar were friendly and chatty. Just didn't feel comfortable with the posters. (I can't stand Thatcher or Paisley.)

27 Jan 2014 12:42

Whites Tavern, Belfast

Smashing old boozer, only trouble is its size. Little room especially on a hectic Saturday afternoon with pals.

Annoying bloke ruined the experience to the point of us leaving. Faking a fall just to receive attention simply doesn't wash with me. Funny how he kept hold of his drinks when on the floor!


27 Jan 2014 12:37

The Hercules Bar, Belfast

Toilets were dire. Apart from that the place seemed okay. Belfast is a shit-hole in general, and I was glad to leave in all honesty. It makes Wigan seem like Beverly Hills!!

27 Jan 2014 12:33

Kelly's Cellars, Belfast

Jumped in a cab with my brother from Robinsons and asked the driver to take us somewhere good. Ended up here, but only found out its name two days later after wondering around on final day.

Like Nokegthanks says it is a bit rough around the edges but these are usually the best ones. Was that bladdered by now, that when leaving I couldn't remember the name of my hotel when getting a cab back.

27 Jan 2014 12:28

Robinsons, Belfast

Live Irish music being played in the back room which was great.

27 Jan 2014 12:24

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

Building is very impressive both inside and out. No locals frequent the place as it's just a tourist pub. Had a quick pint of Guinness then went next door. For a Friday night it was very quiet and felt like a Monday afternoon.

27 Jan 2014 12:22

The Head of Steam, Huddersfield

Walked in, looked at the sad offerings and walked straight back out, and caught my train.

Very disappointing indeed.

24 Nov 2013 11:00

Sportsman, Huddersfield

Final pub on my way back to train station, en route to God's county. Sampled a porter from a local micro brewery which was delicious. Quite lively as the evening drinkers came out in force.

Only stood at the bar so can't really describe the rest of the pub. Got chatting quite easily to the locals.

Nice place.

24 Nov 2013 10:55

The Rat and Ratchet, Huddersfield

Third pub on my recent trip to the town. Tried White Rat from the micro "Rat Brewery" which was gorgeous. It was a blonde citrus ale about 4%. I usually go for stouts and porters, but the only one available was less than 4%, so I didn't bother.

I tried standing at the bar but probably because it was Saturday, it was too busy. So, I sat in the snug around the corner. A little dark but had a warm welcoming feeling.

24 Nov 2013 10:51

Commercial Inn, Huddersfield

Second pub on my recent visit over the border. Nothing wrong with the extra stout sampled. One end of the pub had a rowdy group and by contrast, the people on the other end where I was sat, looked like they were ready to slash their wrists!

Peculiar pub it has to be said.

24 Nov 2013 10:45

Cherry Tree, Huddersfield

First port of call on my recent visit to the town. Sampled a fantastic pint of 1872 Porter at 6.5%. With a CAMRA card it only cost £1.95, giving extra value for money. Could not stay there all-day but it's okay for one or two.

24 Nov 2013 10:42

The Howcroft Inn, Bolton

Yes it is indeed CLOSED. I'm not at all surprised (See my previous review.)

It is now student accommodation.

16 Nov 2013 21:39

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

Called in here for my first time yesterday. Was tempted to have the Old Tom on handpump, but at 8% I opted for a bottle of Anchor Porter.

A real gem of a pub with three rooms. Old worldie feel and the outside toilets gave it another dimension. It has just won pub of the year in Stockport's CAMRA branch, and I can see why.

Only worrying concern is the ceiling in the middle room! Drip, drip, drip!

6 Oct 2013 12:39

The Queens Head, Stockport

Called in here yesterday for my first time. A classic Sam Smith's house which is very small yet comfortable inside. A pint of extra stout was quaffed and at £2.20, was excellent value for money.

Nice place.

6 Oct 2013 12:33

The Angel Inn, Leeds

Again, I came here with my brother last Summer. As he says, we found it by pure chance, as we navigated throughout hundreds of Saturday shoppers.

A Sam Smith's pub which offers some respite to the high prices. Like our kid said, the locals' arguing made this visit very "interesting."

I won't be in any particular hurry to go back to Leeds.

Unless I missed some proper real ale pubs?

13 Sep 2013 18:48

Whitelocks, Leeds

Came here last year in the Summer with my brother. I found it to be far too narrow for standing near the bar. Ended up sitting outside on the wooden benches. Can't remember what the beer was like but it was a touch expensive.

Annoying bloke mithered us, a we tried to have a pint. Wouldn't return in all honesty.

13 Sep 2013 18:41

The Heartland Brewery And Chophouse, Manhattan

As the previous reviewer mentions this is directly opposite The New York Times offices. It is also very handily placed next to the Subway which went to my hotel!

I only came in once but again I loved their Oatmeal Stout. Back home I tend to stick with stouts and porters (real ale - not Guinness.)

Had a great chat with two black lads from The Bronx at the bar.

Go and check it out!!

28 Aug 2013 22:35

The Heartland Brewery (Empire State Building), Manhattan

I had heard about this chain of local brewers prior to my recent visit. After doing the Empire State and the Sky Ride, I had a drink in Foley's across the way, which was very convivial.

I then came in here and was blown away with their Oatmeal Stout. It had a love rich depth of flavour which is so lacking in many US drinks. Great craic was had at the bar with Yanks and Brits.

These places are not what us Brits would call a pub, more like a pub/restaurant. (This is a common theme in NYC - if not the entire states?) I had a lemon and garlic chicken spit-roasted on a rotisserie which was delicious.

I did sample their Summer tipple - Apricot ale which was more of a ladies drink in my opinion.

I would recommend this place to solo drinkers as well as families wanting a meal.

28 Aug 2013 22:29

The Dead Poet, Manhattan

Irish based pub that lies on Amsterdam Avenue. The Guinness I sampled, was of the quality you get in Ireland, and not like the shite we get served in England. Relaxed bar with cracking jukebox.

It was quite a few block away from my hotel, but was only a small cab ride away. In this area, I liked this and the Amsterdam Tavern.

My overall favourite pub which sadly is not on BITE, is McSorley's Old Ale House.

28 Aug 2013 22:21

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Truly horrendous even by this pub's standards. Raw sewage permeated both inside and out on a recent visit. Flies around shit being the order of the day. Hopefully, Environmental Health will investigate.


16 Jul 2013 11:06

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Castle Rock's brewery tap, a stone's throw from the train station. I counted an amazing 12 handpumps on the bar!

I drank a pint of Ashes Ale from York Brewery which was okay, but it didn't have a sprinkler on, so was flat within a few mouthfuls.

Next two pints was Castle Rock's wheat beer which was gorgeous from beginning to the end.

They had a special menu especially for the cricket tournament which included Kangaroo burgers!

11 Jul 2013 12:27

The Roundhouse, Nottingham

A touch expensive at £3.40 a pint! Interesting building with it being as it says on the can - it is a round building. What made the visit more convivial was the young Becky behind the bar. Lovely genuine minx who took the time to chat. She explained that the building was once the city's hospital.

As regards the ale it was average, and nothing to go mad over.

11 Jul 2013 12:20

Lloyds No.1, Nottingham

Dreadful! Impersonal and uninviting. Walked out without finishing my drink.


11 Jul 2013 12:15

The Cross Keys, Nottingham

I came in here following a recommendation from the Newshouse. Friendly barstaff and locals. One guy (keen historian) telling me the history of the city with enthusiasm. Can't remember the name of the ale I drank but it was in good condition.

Drank a glass of port before leaving. Nice place.

11 Jul 2013 12:13

The Newshouse, Nottingham

Contrary to Snarling_Mallard's comments I wasn't totally convinced with the place. The ale was flat as a pancake. The pub itself was interesting with a bar-billiards table in the vault. The only pub near me which has one is The Railway in Portwood, Stockport.

Don't think I'd return in all honesty.

11 Jul 2013 12:09

Canal House, Nottingham

Originally a barge workshop mill which has been converted to a pub with the canal still there. A walk over the curved bridge brings you to the bar which is a Castle Rock outlet. Quirky place but myself and my Aussie pals opted to drink outside to watch the ladies and barges pass by in the evening sun.

A must see when in Nottingham!

11 Jul 2013 12:04

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

I came here as a teenager on a family visit years ago, and remember being intrigued by this place even back then! I promised myself as an adult, that I would come back and do the place justice. Glad to report the place hasn't changed.

Fantastic historic settings with the snugs being carved out of the rocks. They obviously forgot to plaster the walls though! (Joke) Drank Olde Trip which considering is a Greene King brew tasted great. (I'm not a massive Greene King fan.)

Got chatting with a bunch of Aussies who came over for the Ashes tournament. I ended up going on a session with them as they were great craic and chilled.

Okay, it's a tourist pub with yanks and Japanese taking photos at every opportunity, but don't let that small inconvenience put you off.

Highly recommended.

11 Jul 2013 11:59

The Salutation Inn, Nottingham

My second pub on my recent trip to Nottingham. Was a great find and quite handily near my hotel. A rockers pub who take care with their ales. 4 handpumps with ales on and 4 pumps with scrumpies on. Apparently it is a very old establishment - not too older than ye old trip. Drank a pint of Maid Marion which was in great condition. Had a good laugh with the regulars and bar girl. Old timber wood inside adds to the oldie world feel.


11 Jul 2013 11:49

The Castle, Nottingham

First port of call in my recent visit to the city. Sadly not my cup of tea in all honesty. 3 handpumps on, Harvest Pale was in fine condition. Maybe it seemed less enticing as they had the painters & decorators in refurbishing. Geared for the eating brigade.

11 Jul 2013 11:44

The Bridge, Manchester

The same pub but with an updated profile.

Hence my original review;
"Would not go in this pretentious overpriced place if you paid me! Snobs in suits flashing their carkeys and talking bollocks to impress the gullable women. Its a shambolic shit-hole. Amen.

7 Jul 2013 21:09

Font, Manchester

Considering this place is a "student bar" I can't understand the ridiculous prices they're charging. £4.50 for a 4% real ale is quite outlandish by anyone's standards. Okay they offer discount for CAMRA members (which I am) but even still!

Place itself is quirky enough with a hippy feel. Two floors with two staircases on either side. Extensive Belgian bottle range but yet again very expensive.

26 Jun 2013 10:55

Sandbar, Manchester

Popped in here for the first time yesterday. Prices were about average for Manchester. As I entered the place I thought it was quite small, then as I searched for a place to sit, I discovered it had many rooms dotted all over. Nice relaxed atmosphere. I will definitely return.

26 Jun 2013 10:42

The Brew House, Altrincham

I keep meaning to call down to Altrincham. I will get there eventually! Apart from this place, is there anywhere else in the area "worth a try?"

4 Jun 2013 22:16

The Manchester and County, Manchester

Quite possibly one of the worst Wetherspoons in the land! Very very rarely do I venture in. Why on God's Earth would you want to frequent this place when the Waterhouse is just around the corner? By contrast it's a million miles away just as regards the premises and standard of real ale!

28 May 2013 19:36

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

I was arseholed by the time I entered here. I was too full with drinking pints all-day so opted to drink port.

Can't really say much about the place as I don't remember much in all honesty.

22 May 2013 12:44

The Boot Inn, Chester

Bit tired around the edges but it does offer quality as do many Sam Smith's houses.

Staircase to the gents was impressive.

22 May 2013 12:41

The Marlborough Arms, Chester

This place appealed from the outside with its historic appearance. But once inside it was so basic to the point of it looking like a doss house!

Only redeeming feature was the original till.


22 May 2013 12:36

The Pied Bull, Chester

First port of call on my recent trip to Chester. The city itself is like a cheaper version of York in my opinion.

The pub is to all tense and purposes is an eating establishment. Although it is cosy with nice furnishings along with a real wood burning fire.

The porter what I sampled was okay but nothing to write home about.

I suspect this is a place where you would treat your other half to a lovely meal no doubt?

22 May 2013 12:32

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Unbelievable 16th century building with tapestry adorning the walls. I was in total awe of the place which Nokegthanks rightly points out is the best pub in Chester by a country mile.

Sampled the Peerless stout which was gorgeous. The food didn't let me down neither. Fish and chips was eagerly gobbled.

The bar staff were friendly and the toilets immaculate.

Solid 9/10 for me!

22 May 2013 12:28

The Southfields, Bolton

Now a Sizzling pub chain. Fantastic value for money as alexw rightly points out. Every time I've been the handpumps haven't been available though.

15 May 2013 10:20

The Grove Inn, Huddersfield

Came here with high expectations and was not let down. Came in after trying to enter the Rat and Ratchet which was holding a private function.

Sampled Thornbridge's Jaipur which was delicious! Then sampled a porter, sadly I can't remember its name, but it was top notch.

Minor gripe being that they didn't use sprinklers although both ales had a decent head on regardless. In fact the young barman pointed out that they can use them on request which was fair enough.

I understand that not all pubs do serve food this, but I was starving and could have murdered a meal!

Enjoyed friendly banter and chat with the locals along with a mate who I went there with.

Will I return? Certainly.

9 May 2013 13:07

The Minster Inn, York

How on God's Earth can this be deemed as being number one rated pub?

The mind certainly boggles!

28 Jan 2013 18:49

The Maltings, York

@Snarling_Mallard Yes I agree that it does lack character. My comments were made with rose tinted glasses after the flirting etc.

As regards the ale I found the Black Sheep range to be in good order and very well kept.

14 Jan 2013 15:01

The Bank, Manchester

Sampled a London Porter here last night. Was in fine condition but a bit pricey...£3.10 a pint. It's OK for a couple but I couldn't spend a lot of time here. As previously mentioned in my earlier comment, the venison sausage and mash is still being served.

12 Jan 2013 21:00

The Red Deer, Sheffield

Sampled a very well kept pint of Organic Bitter by St Peters. Sat next to the coal fire which was verry warm and cosy.

Landlord lit candles which made it awkward as I sat with a mate. We drank up quickly and left.

5 Jan 2013 12:14

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield

Last port of call before returning home across the border and thank god I did.

Loads of handpumps available. I sampled a stout and a sheppy's cider which were both in fine form.

Bit pricey but in all fairness I did expect it to be.


5 Jan 2013 12:09

The Benjamin Huntsman, Sheffield

Cold and uninspiring poor effort by Wetherspoons. The beer offerings was quite paltry. A never ending draft circulated at the bottom of the stairs where I sat.

Not a good start to the days proceedings.

5 Jan 2013 12:06

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Mixed feelings about this place. The beer offerings was quite exquisite. I sampled a pint of a stout which was very tasty and very well kept. However the price was quite steep at £3.10.

The furnishings and layout makes me tend to think it's more of an eating place rather than a pub. I did sample the fish and chips which was top notch.

I was somewhat flabbergasted when paying compliments to the young bar-lady who abruptly said: It's got nothing to do with me!" Christ can you not pay compliments without feeling guilty these days?

Will I return? Probably not.

5 Jan 2013 12:03

The Bath Hotel, Sheffield

Without doubt the standout pub on my recent trip over the border.

The welcome was warm with the barmaid being more than hospitable.

By some law of synchronicity as I was talking to a friend on entering the pub we was discussing if Thornbridge brew stouts and porters. Our questions was immediately answered and by god was it good!

Vanilla Stout to be precise. It was the best pint of the day by a country mile.

The pub itself was cosy and warm with a traditional feel.

Best pub in the city.

5 Jan 2013 11:05

Dulcimer, Chorlton cum Hardy

Strange venue this one. It seems to have an identity issue. On one hand it appears to be a Spanish bar/cafe and on the other it serves nuts and real ale.

I didn't fancy any of the ales so opted for the mulled wine which went down far too easily.

A trip to the gents was like Anneka Rice as I climbed two flights of stairs.

30 Dec 2012 18:53

Electrik, Chorlton cum Hardy

I got the immediate impression as I entered the place that it was more of an eating venue. Pint of porter was more than palatable. Extensive cocktails menu on the blackboard for the more adventurous drinker.

Candles used throughout which further made me think it was a place to take the other half - rather than a gang turning up for a "session."

30 Dec 2012 18:48

The Bar, Chorlton cum Hardy

First port of call on my recent trip to bohemia. Slightly disappointed with the lack of any stouts or porters. Sampled a pint (name escapes me) which was in fine form but nothing to get too excited over.

Food menu looked enticing but I had already eaten. The gang who I was with did eat as I cast my envious eyes on their plates!

Relaxed friendly atmosphere with some good songs on the jukebox at a very reasonable sound level.

Very handy for the tram station as it's directly opposite.

30 Dec 2012 18:44

The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

Finally made it to Chorlton yesterday after being on my "to do list."

This was the last port of call which turned out to be my favourite. Sampled Chocolate Marble which was simply divine. Price wise it was as you would expect from "bohemia" expensive. £3.50 a pint!

Had a chat with the Wigan branch of CAMRA who were on a tour of the area.

Will I return? Undoubtedly and resoundingly YES.

30 Dec 2012 18:38

The City Arms, Manchester

John Bonser correctly observed after leaving BITE that it's full of w***ers.

18 Dec 2012 21:39

The City Arms, Manchester

Since when did anyone mention wealth? This website is for reviewing pubs - NOT instigating silly childish quips. I think somebody needs to get a life!

14 Dec 2012 14:16

The City Arms, Manchester

Piss off back to your southern cesspit!

14 Dec 2012 12:33

The City Arms, Manchester

As Manchester is in "The North" what did you expect?

8 Dec 2012 12:20

The Angel, Manchester

Just a general comment regarding BITE. Why have they stopped the comments from being uploaded on the home page - even on the live stream?

24 Nov 2012 20:52

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Just a general comment regarding BITE. Why have they stopped the comments from being uploaded on the home page - even on the live stream?

24 Nov 2012 20:52

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Just a general comment regarding BITE. Why have they stopped the comments from being uploaded on the home page - even on the live stream?

24 Nov 2012 20:50

The Magnet, Stockport

Just a general comment regarding BITE. Why have they stopped the comments from being uploaded on the home page - even on the live stream?

24 Nov 2012 20:48

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Just a general comment regarding BITE. Why have they stopped the comments from being uploaded on the home page - even on the live stream?

24 Nov 2012 20:48

The Salford Arms Hotel, Salford

Called in here for the first time in ages. I was pleasantly surprised as the interior had been modernised and refurbished to a high standard. It was previously likened to The Jockey on TV's Shameless. Its previous customers' pretty much similar I may add!

It is true indeed that young Tom from the Angel is working there. This is reflected in the decoration of the place. A pool table in one corner along with a jukebox offered entertainment. Diners will be pleased to hear there is a brand spanking new kitchen that can be seen from the bar. I didn't get chance to look at the menu, but if the smell was anything to go off then it should be bang on!

On my recent visit I was fortunate that they had two beers on from my favourite brewery - Saltaire! Even better was the fact that they had my favourite Saltaire stout on - Triple Chocoholic. The other being Raspberry blonde both being in fine condition. Price wise it is central Manchester with £3 a pint being the norm. I counted four handpumps - one being dormant. The other had a beer from micro brewery called Blackjack (I think).

The peculiar thing about the vault is that it is at the front of the pub depending on where you say the front is. I called in to watch a Champions League match and found it amusing that I had to press a door bell to get in. Maybe an original feature that they kept for sentimental value? Who knows?

I shall definitely return - that's for sure.


11 Nov 2012 13:23

The Marble Arch, Manchester

It shows on reflection how this place has priced out the ordinary Joe public, when regular 'Posties' are supping in the nearby Angel. It must be well over 12 months since I last frequented the Marble.

Not that I'm disrespecting the Angel- in fact it has become a firm favourite of mine in recent months. The standard of the real ales being in top notch condition with friendly staff.

The Marble Arch along with the Brewdog outlet in central Manchester, exceeds in being totally pretentious and out of touch considering the current economic climate, in my humble opinion!

27 Oct 2012 18:51

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

Closed down by pub chain Enterprise Inns last Monday October 15. All staff told by text that they're redundant by text. Enterprise Inns to reopen with new staff.

21 Oct 2012 15:28

The Salford Arms Hotel, Salford

@ Nokegthanks - It used to be a complete shit house, a few years ago. I've not stepped in since the early 00s mind.

Have you ventured in the place yet?

15 Oct 2012 11:09

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Called in last night. Can't remember what I drank as I was completely leathered! I do recall drinking a glass of port before I left. The young girl behind the bar was bloody gorgeous. Made my trip "worth while".

8 Oct 2012 22:29

The Paramount, Manchester

Called in here last night. Sampled two excellent pints of the Paramount Porter by Elland Brewery. I also sampled an exquisite pint from Saltaire Raspberry Blond - was to die for! I utilized my CAMRA vouchers and got 50p off every pint!

The consistency of the quality of the ales is always bang on, certainly on my frequent visits. Okay it's not got the quirkiness of the nearby Waterhouse, but it is still a good place for a pint or 6!!

8 Oct 2012 18:29

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Sounds like a sensible idea. Alternatively why dont you contact the moderators of BITE?

4 Oct 2012 14:02

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

@glossopowl I've had a think about this, and the only possible explanation is that you are on a shared computer. You must be logging on either at work or in a library, where others can use your pc, or that the pc remembers usernames and passwords etc.

1 Oct 2012 17:20

The Boulevard, Wigan

Was my last port of call on yesterdays outing. Sadly it only had about 6 or maybe 7 people max. Then again it was a wet and windy Wednesday evening. Sampled half of a Moorhouses' 'Boulevard' which was in very fine form.

Very handy for catching train from Wigan Wallgate station.

27 Sep 2012 18:00

John Bull Chophouse, Wigan

Called in here yesterday with a friend I used to work with. Ended up settling for a pint of Rosie cider which was very thirst quenching. Enjoyed a couple of games of pool in the upstairs room.

You can tell the building is very old with wooden beams and a worn in feel. It's just a shame that the pub is tied to the Thwaites Brewery, as I'm not their biggest fan. Another issue to point out is that the handpumps are only used at weekends too.

On the positive note the jukebox is extensive with classic rock and metal music compilations.

27 Sep 2012 17:56

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

Tried my damned hardest to drink a pint from the Tatton Brewery (Gold) which after a few mouthfuls was found to be off. It had a distinct vinegar flavour. To be fair to the landlord he changed it for a pint of "Best" again by Tatton brewery with no qualms. This turned out to be a very good light ale, full of flavour.

The pub itself does come across as being quite bohemian with black painted walls near the toilets. Unique layout of randomly placed furniture which includes very comfortable leather settees etc. It is seen mainly as a student place as the local college sits directly opposite.

I would say that the Tudor House Hotel, along with the Anvil, are by far the standout pubs in Wigan overall.


27 Sep 2012 17:51

Anvil, Wigan

Drank three pints of Pipe Dream which was superb. I can't remember who the brewery was. Sat outside under the roofed terrace watching the downpour, whilst chatting to the locals.

Like my earlier comments this place generally has a big emphasis on horse racing. Unfortunately, it also has a strong allegiance with local Wigan brewery Allgates, which personally I cannot stand.

Still one of the best pubs in the vicinity, for the quality and standards of the real ale scene.

27 Sep 2012 17:42

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

@glossopowl When registering your username it comes up if someone else already has that username. This makes me think it's highly unlikely that someone has the same username.

27 Sep 2012 16:07

Morgans, Shrewsbury

Stayed here for one night on my short visit to Shrewsbury. I was amazed at my room as it had a full working kitchen boasting a fridge, sink, hobs and a microwave! Pity that it didn't have a proper window to look out of.

No for the negatives. After spending �50 to stay I was under the impression that the breakfast would be included. Oh no sadly not! I was somewhat flabbergasted when they charged me �6.90 for a full English! If I'd have known this I would have gone to a nearby cafe or a greasy spoon or even Wetherspoons.

How they can have the sheer audacity to charge paying lodgers for breakfast is beyond me.

22 Sep 2012 19:18

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

I came in here following a recommendation from the landlord of Loggerheads. I sampled a good amount of Three Tuns Stout, brewed by Bishop's Castle and it was gorgeous!

Sadly the exterior was far better than the interior, but these are only minor gripes. Again I ended up chatting to the regulars and great craic was had!

Definitely worth a visit.

22 Sep 2012 19:11

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

What a very quirky place this is! I went in to the main bar room which was small but very comfortable. I counted 7 handpumps on the bar - I opted for the Snecklifter by Jennings Brewery which was delicious and very well kept.

Interesting chat with the locals who were very friendly. One pointing out to me the door frame to the room we was sitting in. I said the joiner must have been pissed when he built that as it was slanted! This in fact added to the overall charm of the place.

As I walked to the toilets, I soon realised that it had three other cosy rooms, all linked by a narrow corridor. I love pubs like this as I see them as hidden gems, that have not been ruined or updated.

Once the young lady behind the bar finished her shift, the landlord came in. I complimented his pub and his ales. I also just happened to mention that he was a dead-ringer for Mr Manchester himself - no other than Anthony H Wilson. The infamous Haciender nightclub owner and also the owner of Factory Records. I'm not sure if he was pleased or perturbed by my comments?

One of my favourite pubs in my short visit to Shrewsbury.

Highly recommended!

22 Sep 2012 19:02

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

Typical spoons affair with regular spoons furnishings. Pleased to report that it did offer a short relief from the average prices. �1.99 a pint to be exact! I sampled a pint of Festival Gold by a Welsh brewery called Waen. It was a light golden and hoppy and was very drinkable.

Pleasant barmaid serving behind the bar.

Worth a visit.

22 Sep 2012 17:21

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

I had a bad feeling about the place when I was walking in and my intuition proved to be correct. Had a half of OBJ by Shires and it was horrid. I walked out without finishing it.

I just thought the place was more of a restaurant rather than a pub. It seemed a little pretentious and aimed for the more up market clientele.

I would not recommend for the drink aspect however, I can't comment on the food side.

22 Sep 2012 17:14

Boat House, Shrewsbury

I came here a little worse for wear from my previous nights escapades. It was about 1pm and I settled on the idea of gently easing myself in to the drink by supping halfs. The pub itself has a very picturesque setting next to the River Severn and sits next to the suspension bridge.

Like a previous reviewer observed there was 'Shropshire Lad' by Woods brewery along with 'Darwins Origin' by local brewery Salopian. Personally I couldn't take to the Shropshire Lad, but I much preferred Darwins Origin. It had a pleasant citrus undertone to it and was refreshing.

On my particular visit they had set up a tent for their beer festival, but unfortunately it didn't start until 5pm that day. (I wished that I had gone on the Fri and come home on the Sat now.)

Bar meals along with its own pizzeria and a special deal on fish and chips on a Fri.

Worth the short walk from central Shrewsbury, although they could utilize the unused handpumps on offer.

22 Sep 2012 17:07

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

Came in here after my visit to the Admiral Benbow next door. Nice interior with wooden beams and a traditional tap room. I can't remember the name of the ale as at this point I was rather intoxicated. I had been supping Black Bush Irish Whiskey in the previous place.

However, I do remember eating some handcut chips which were lovely. It did slightly help soak up some of the latter mentioned whiskey!

I wish I had looked in to the other rooms.


22 Sep 2012 16:56

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

I had been recommended by several people in the town to visit this place. I'm glad that I did as it was my kind of pub - old fashioned, full of character and the ale was kept in good condition. I went for the Monty's Stout brewed by Ludlow Brewing Co and it was sublime.

I must admit though that where I live in Manchester, I am spoilt by the prices in and around the city. So when I was paying on average �3 a pint in Shrewsbury it did crease me.

A trip to the gents sent me on a fascinating trail though corridors and a hidden beer garden.

My only gripe about the place was that it was empty. (Maybe it was due to the time when I visited?)

Well worth a visit!

22 Sep 2012 16:50

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

This place is quite hard to judge really. Although the real ale/real cider along with the extensive belgian offerings, is top notch the furnishings are unremarkable with no outstanding features. I counted up to 8 handpumps on the bar.

A pub that's in the GBG and also offers a discount for CAMRA members. Got chatting quite easily with the locals and regulars. In fact, I had quite a good time and a laugh as the banter flowed along with the ales. I had a pint of 'Dark Side of the Moose' brewed by Ochr Dywyll Y Mws. Don't ask me to pronounce it though! It was obviously a Welsh porter/stout and was like amber nectar.

22 Sep 2012 16:42

The Kings Head, Shrewsbury

First port of call in my short recent short visit to Shrewsbury. From the outside it looked really enticing, as the old tudor style paneling promised a old worldy feel. Sadly once inside that's where it went wrong. It looks like they've modernised it to a fashion. In doing so they have taken all of its potential charm away.

As regards the beer offerings they lacked any imagination. A paltry three handpumps; two of them being Bombardier and the other a Spitfire.

Although I didn't try the food the menu looked very reasonable.

22 Sep 2012 16:32

Mr Thomas' Chop House, Manchester


Don't even consider stepping in to this vicinity!

Is it possible to give a minus rating???

16 Sep 2012 17:16

The Woodside, Manchester

Called in here this afternoon. The pub itself is pleasant enough and the chat was nice, with a regular along with the bar staff.

5 handpumps on offer, I opted for Pale Rider brewed by Kelham Brewery. This is where sadly it all went wrong. First of all I nearly suffered a heart attack, when she said "�3.80" for a single pint! That is quite expensive even in certain Manchester city centre pubs. Then again in this part of Walkden (Ellenbrook) they are probably aware, that the rich populace aren't that bothered by these matters.

Then about half way down it lost its head and went very flat. Can't really say I will be returning - not at them prices anyway.

11 Sep 2012 18:31

The Red Lion, Worsley

Called in this afternoon. After seeing one of my favourite breweries on tap (Bank Top), I waited in anticipation.

Unfortunately the beer was terrible (Gold Digger). It had a distinct vinegar flavour, that means its passed its sell by date. What made matters worse was the price at �2.80.

When you drink the same pint at the Brewery Tap, it is like a fine wine and a lot easier on the wallet at �2.20.

I will not return, that's for sure.


11 Sep 2012 18:23

The Station Hotel, Clitheroe

Personally I wasn't that impressed with this place.

Ale was very average and overly priced.

Not my cup of tea.

11 Sep 2012 12:28

Spinning Mule, Bolton

To be honest this place is in a desperate need of a revamp. It does look very tired and could benefit with a spruce up. On the positive side the consistency of the quality of their ale's is bang on.

Friendly bar staff make you feel welcome.

7 Sep 2012 16:39

Varsity, Bolton

Now called The Capitol. Only ever been in once but I did notice they had three or maybe four handpumps on.

7 Sep 2012 16:34

The Millstone, Bolton

This place has reveerted back to its original name - The Mill Stone. Called in yesterday for the first time in ages. Holt's bitter sampled was in very good condition, and as you would expect a very reasonable price. The lower bar on the Bank Street side is no longer in use due to a violent incident a few years ago.

Don't let that put you off as it seemed a nice relaxed atmosphere.

7 Sep 2012 16:31

The Mark Addy, Salford

After my initial visit a couple of years ago, I'm sad to report that I agree with nokegthanks. The beer standards have obviously declined over the years. Again it is true that the prices are high which considering the quality makes it less appealing.

I will avoid from now on.

4 Sep 2012 09:52

The York Brewery, York

After getting legless on my first night in York I was determined to do the touristy ventures. I got myself a York sight seeing bus ticket, visited the City Art Gallery, The Jorvick Centre and then finally the infamous York Brewery. Talk about cramming it in all in one day!

I did the brewery tour which was both educational and fun with the host's wittiness etc.

The bar itself was very pleasant with wooden beams overhead along with comfortable lounge style seating. Closer to the bar offered a more traditional seating area with barrels as tables. The beers sampled was as you would expect top quality and fresh.

Nice geordie lass was more than hospitable and obliging - giving me directions to the nearest pub and Pizza Express.

Definitely worth a visit even if you don't do the tour the bar itself is a cracking venue.

23 Aug 2012 12:12

The Maltings, York

A Black Sheep pub that is very close by to the train station. Oldie worldy with a worn-in feel to give the place character.

Had a half of the Black Sheep which was as expected - top notch condition.

Lovely young flirtatious girl behind the bar made my visit most memorable. I just hope she enjoyed the Pizza Express that I brought back in a box after dining there?


23 Aug 2012 11:55

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

This pub is apparently the birth place of Guy Fawkes hence the name.

4 handpumps on offer including a stout and a porter. both well kept. Friendly student bar-staff offering pleasant conversation. Got chatting with a bloke from London but was originally from Rep of Ireland.

Candles are used extensively to give the place the whole Guy Fawkes period atmosphere.

Definitely worth a visit.

23 Aug 2012 11:32

The York Arms, York

From the outside of the pub I didn't realise it was a Sam Smith's house. Typical furnishings but unfortunately the handpumps were not in use. Opted for the Extra Stout which was very palatable.

Couple of random oddballs which you do tend to find in Sam Smith's houses. To be honest this appeals to my wicked sense of humour as I imagined Bolton comic Peter Kay using them in his Phoenix Nights as characters!

Cheap but quality drinks are the main selling points especially in this part of Yorkshire. Easy to strike up conversation with the locals.


23 Aug 2012 11:26

The Hole in the Wall, York

To be fair to this place I had just come straight from the Lamb and Lion so that's a hard act to follow.

However, with Marstons never really being one of my favourite beweries this was always going to tinge my opinion.

In fact it had pretty much the same offerings as the Minster - all being light ales. Can't remember the name of the drink I had but I know I didn't finish it.

Seems more of a eating establishment rather than a drinking venue.

Very average.

23 Aug 2012 11:18

Lamb and Lion, York

This was my second pub I came across and boy am I glad I did!

4 quality ales on, I stuck to the Golden Sheep brewed by Black Sheep which was quite exquisite. Don't think I've ever had a more cleaner looking pint! It was very refreshing - amber nectar! It cost about �3 a pint which later on I gathered was the norm for York.

At first I was in the main bar area which was very comfortable with views of the gated entrance of inner York. Then as I paid a visit to the gents - that's when the place really excited me. Various corridors surrounded by a real labyrinth of cosy snugs and side rooms gave the place a uniqueness and overall charm.

Things just got even better when I ventured outside to the beer garden. Very spacious with ample seating areas. The best thing for me was that the Roman walls adorned the garden adding to the ambiance.

A good solid 10/10 for me!

Highly recommended!!

23 Aug 2012 11:11

The Minster Inn, York

After dumping my bag next door in the Coach House guest house this was my first port of call.

Bar staff seemed pleasant enough. Sadly the beer offerings wasn't really to my cup of tea. There seemed to be a big emphasis on light blonde ales.

This place is ok for a quick half.

23 Aug 2012 11:00

The New Inn, Clitheroe

Came here with a couple of friends the other month. Turned out to be the best one in Clitheroe. Ample amount of handpumps along with a real cider. Average prices. The quality of the beer was excellent.

What made the visit most pleasing was the various rooms with their oldie worldy originality. Outside drinkers were well looked after with the pub boasting a seating area at the front to watch life go by in the town. It also offered a very spacious area at the back of the pub which offered scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

Locals seemed a bit stand off (ish) at first, but seemed to open up after chatting with them etc.

20 Aug 2012 12:01

The Angel, Manchester

Called in here yesterday for the first time in ages. Last time I went it was the Beer House!

Had a really pleasant surprise as it was bustling with Friday night drinkers along with a local former radio shock jock. Can't recall the name of the beer sampled but it was more than palatable.

I shall return. Cheers.

19 Aug 2012 00:04

The Major Hotel, Ramsbottom

This was my last port of call in Rammy. Nice interior. Drank several pints of Flat Cap from Bank Top brewery. Excellent condition. Extensive menu on blackboard. Regret not trying the beer garden.

Well worth a visit.

10 Aug 2012 10:43

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Mrwetwet. I made them last comments (realalerules1983) not jon cressy! Lol I was simply aiming my comments @JonCressy

19 Jul 2012 13:25

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

@JonCressy I agree with Mrwetwet. The globe prides itself on being a vegan pub. You wouldn't expect to find beer in a temperance bar would you?

19 Jul 2012 10:20

The Ducie Bridge, Manchester

@ alexw Has it really got cask ales on in here now? Last time I went they only served bottled ales. It is indeed very handy for catching the last train from victoria.

13 Jul 2012 22:17

The Royal Oak, Ramsbottom

Clean and well kept along with very palletable ale. At first I thought it was expensive but as I went from pub to pub I realised that they are all roughly the same (Between �2.50 to �3).

12 Jul 2012 20:15

The Railway, Ramsbottom

Nearly �3 a pint for basically mediocre ale. I think this place just aims to rip off the tourists!

I was very annoyed by the shambolic attempt on the British classic of fish and chips. The sheer audacity of the chef to put just 7 chips (Not joking) on a plate is quite ludicrous and at �7.50 makes it more outlandish!

Dont let this place put you off from sampling some very good places whilst in Ramsbottom.

My advice is to avoid at all costs!

12 Jul 2012 20:09

First Chop, Ramsbottom

*Converted shop*

12 Jul 2012 20:03

First Chop, Ramsbottom

After nearly snapping my calf muscle climbing up the exceedingly steep street from the brewery; I just wished that I had started here first!

As I was conscious of the last bus I unfortunately only had time for a swift half (Thornbridge). The quality was excellent. I did however notice that is was quite expensiove even for a half!

This is the first time I have ever drank in Ramsbottom but will definitely call back again in the not too distant future for sure. It seems there is a nice circuit of real ale pubs including the before mention brewery.

As regards the pub itself, it is a small converted pub. The phrase that sums this is "Quirky and cosy". Friendly banter with the locals further added to the overall appeal to the place.

Well worth a visit.

12 Jul 2012 20:00

The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

Thank you very much Dean Lane. My brother and his wife went on the metro and informed that there are quite a few bars around chorlton. I will put it on my "to do list".


9 Jul 2012 14:13

The Old Monkey, Manchester

Like previous comments below I much preferred this place before the refurb. Back then it had true character and you felt like you was in a proper Manchester pub.

As regards the ale, its certainly drinkable but nothing to go mad about. Not one of my main priority pubs I aim for whilst in Manc for sure.

12 Jun 2012 10:21

The Ape and Apple, Manchester

Holt's bitter everytime I've been has been to a 'good' standard. Can be very quiet at certain times otherwise a decent city centre boozer. I keep meaning to try their comedy night but have yet to do so.

12 Jun 2012 10:15

The Sawyers Arms, Deansgate

I didn't bother with the real ale as the offerings were very limited. Cask John Smiths and Greene King. Ended up on Strongbow at �3.25 a throw! Ouch!

Watched match very comfortably upstairs along with friends. Pitty the upstairs bar wasn't open. Not a pub I would normally frequent but under the circumstances of watching the footie I took my chances.

Below average.

12 Jun 2012 10:10

The Millstone, Manchester

If you value you your life and sanity, you should avoid this place at all costs!

Horrendous place that should be confined to Room 101 !

4 Jun 2012 16:43

57 Thomas Street, Manchester

Where do I start?

I came here with all good intentions with the thought of Marble ales.

Gee-whiz! They�ve certainly got it drastically wrong with this venture.

Beer served straight from the barrel that you would expect from a beer festival, hence the flat and unjust appearance and taste.

The whole place just doesn't do it for me. It seem very pretentious and a gimmick that I fail to fall for.

Stick to what your beer is brewed for... Hand pulled quality ales and less of the overly priced bullshit.

Rant Over

4 Jun 2012 16:39

The Crescent, Salford

Although the young barmaid was absolutely stunning.

10 Apr 2012 11:46

The Crescent, Salford

Came here on Saturday evening for the punk festival. Music and bands were great. Shame they only had two handpumps on. Ended up on German wheatbeer Scheiderweiss if I'm not mistaken. It looks a bit shabby compared to how it used to be.

10 Apr 2012 11:43

The Black Lion Hotel, Salford

Even after Tim's concerted efforts and extensive refurb, the place unfortunately never really "took off".

Can't say I've stepped foot in the place since its re-opening. After the below comments, I'm not that desperate to do so anyway!

2 Mar 2012 17:01

Anvil, Wigan

Called in here yesterday. It turned out to be to my good fortune as they had one of my favourite stouts on pump; Chocolate and Vanilla Stout brewed by Titanic. It went down like it was milk, it was that tasty.

20 Jan 2012 15:26

The City Arms, Manchester

Cracking little pub this. Enjoyed far too many mulled wines in here the other night. Completely blotto afterwards on the train home!

17 Dec 2011 20:31

The English Lounge, Manchester

Overl priced for mediocre ale and certainly not my cup of tea.


8 Dec 2011 17:29

Micro Bar, Manchester

Not been here for ages. Last time I went I was the only one there and felt like a spare part. The rum porter does however make this place "worth a visit".

8 Dec 2011 17:27

Granby Arms, Uppermill

Had a pint of Thwaites Wainwright and it was bloody gorgious. Nothing too spectacular about the pub itself though.

30 Sep 2011 18:36

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

FuzzyDuck. I've only ever been to London once and I did enjoy it. But the same old rhetoric goes about the prices being extortionate. There are some pubs in and around the manchester district that are catching up with you guys (Marble Arch on Rochdale Road). See my comments and others on that pub.

25 Sep 2011 22:23

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

Had several pints of the extra stout yesterday and it was beautiful! The price was stunningly cheap at �1.97 a pint. Having been over to Killarney in Ireland last week it made Guinness look shit! Over priced shit especially in Ireland (4 euro in places).

Ok so I admit that this place has declined over the past few years but it is still ok upstairs quietly doing a sudoku or crossword, away from the crowd outside. It is a shame that they insist on the plastic glasses though and that they have stopped the handpumps.

23 Sep 2011 12:15

The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

Is this place worth a visit from manchester city centre? If so what are the best public transport options? Train or bus? Anyone know bus number routes etc? Is it as expensive as the Marble Arch on Rochdale Road?


6 Sep 2011 19:02

The Magnet, Stockport

Personally I can't believe the rating of this place is so low!?!? I gave it a good solid 8 myself. Last time I was in after sampling several fantastic ales I went on the Paulaner Weissbier and it was delicious!

5 Sep 2011 22:43

The Waterhouse, Manchester

Sampled a cracking pint from the Elland Brewery in here. I can't remember the name of it as I was rather intoxicated by this point. Friendly bar staff were keen and polite. One of the best spoons in MCR.

1 Sep 2011 13:45

The City Arms, Manchester

Called in here to see if the choice of ale was anymore diverse or not. Yes you've guessed it everyone of the pumps were 'blonde' or 'pale'. O.K. so not many people like dark stouts or porters but it would be nice to have the opportunity to sample them. (I much prefer darker beers than the lighter ones especially in the cold winter months).

Maybe this could be suggested to the management at some point? Overall it is a cracking pub with the small issue of being unadventurous.

1 Sep 2011 13:42

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

I feel sorry about this place now. It seems to have lost its sparkle somewhat. The prices have again been my main grumble about their average offerings (�1.65 for half!). I also noticed that the pub is up for sale!

1 Sep 2011 13:37

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

One phrase that best summs up this place is 'Pinstripe Suit Brigade'. �1.65 for just half a Howards Town ale from Glossop Derbys!! Not a place where you feel welcome if you are on your own as the crowds can be very clique.

On a more positive note the interior and its fantastic array of whiskies is phenominal! The architecture of the place is second to none with nice little side rooms offering a old worldy feel to the traditional pub.

1 Sep 2011 13:35

The Cask Bar, Castlefield

I came in here with high hopes and expectations with the name of the place suggesting a real ale paradise but was somewhat discontented with the lousy 3 handpumps on offer. O.K the one that I did sample was more than adequate (Titanic) Lifeboat.

A greater influence of Belgian and German beers are the main staple diet of this place which as expected comes at a very high cost. The people in here just reminded me very much of the 'yuppies' that delboy out of fools and horses used to call the trendy crowd.

Be warned to get your bank loan before entering!

1 Sep 2011 13:28

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

Came in here for the first time in a very long while. Christ I nearly had a heart attack when she said �3 for a pint of "bitter" from the marble brewery. Tried Harvester from the Acorn Brewery which was very pleasing on the palate. Unfortunately the same couldn't be said about "Easy Riders", it was just lacking in flavour.

This pub has won the best pub award for two consecutive years from camra. Personally speaking I think it is more of a mixed bag of overly priced ale with show offs coming in to reveal their wealth. The food however remains the strongest selling point of this establishment.

1 Sep 2011 13:17

The Gas Lamp, Manchester

Interesting little place this. Where do I start? Having only frequented this place twice I can't really distinguish if it is a goodun or more of a work in progress? Apparently there are plans to have live accoustic music on at weekends (that would be awesome!)

Cellar bar that has two separate rooms. Two or three real ale handpumps along with trappiste belgian in bottle form. A lot more cleaner than the other cellar bar in Manchester that used to be the toilets and definately more habitable.

I will have to try this place again to make a more decisive analysis.

27 Jul 2011 20:17

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Totally agree with arihall on this one. Owing to the prices I haven't frequented this place for a good 12 months now. It's such a shame because it is a diamond that should be available for everyone (not just the rich and well off). As regards the Angel I must admit that I'm not a fan. Smithfields on the other hand is a solid boozer.

12 Jul 2011 12:33

John Bull Chophouse, Wigan

Ended up missing my planned return train journey owing to this place. Like a daft bugger I ended up on the "low flyer" Famouse Grouse whiskey. Trouble was that it went down too well! Excellent jukebox. Fantastic and intriguing interior (apparently it used to be a slaughter house) you can still see the hooks where they used to hang the carcasses and meats etc.

Well worth a visit.

9 Jul 2011 18:46

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

Sampled a sublime pint of "summer madness" by the phoenix brewery last week. Good craic with the locals. My only gripe is the ridiculous price of the jukebox. (2 Songs for �1) The nice young girl serving did however state that it was the jukebox company who set the prices and that it was out of their control. Bar food served at very reasonable prices.

A solid 8 rating from myself.

9 Jul 2011 18:41

Hard Rock Cafe, Manchester

Here Here RobCamra! I totally agree with your views. The Printworks is a place that goes against everything that I love; real ale and real public houses with good atmosphere.

1 Jul 2011 19:25

Waxy O'Connors, Manchester

Dont bother. Plastic "Irish pub" at extortionate prices. Infact just avoid the Printworks completely at all costs.

The Marble Arch is just a 15-20 minute walk away and is vastly superior with its own brewery and awesome food plus interesting sloping floor.

1 Jul 2011 19:23

Royal Hotel, Farnworth

Used to be half decent especially when Atlanta Roots used to be a regular fixture. I remember getting bladdered in here one night on 5 flags lager. It always used to be like a smoking cafe in Amsterdam with the landlords lads smoking the weed openly in the vault near the pool table!

The Royal Hotel twinned with The Jockey (Shameless)

1 Jul 2011 19:15

The Bridgewater Hotel, Farnworth

Time warp. Wild west saloon minus the swinging doors!

1 Jul 2011 19:11

The Salisbury, Manchester

I used to prefer it before the modernisation refurb. Now the prices have been over inflated. I like metal and rock music so I do sometimes come in occassionally. However you do find some ignorant I know it all pricks in there.

1 Jul 2011 19:05

Brewery Tap, Bolton

Bank Top Brewery pub. Got a complete refurb from when it used to be the Carters Arms and certainly looks the busness. Alternating brews from the brewery on the 5 or 6 handpumps. Light and dark ales and porters/stouts always catered for. A guest ale from various breweries on offer along with belgian beers in bottle form. Clean establishment. Nice little vault with a dartboard. Back yard gets busy especially on warm hot sunny days (not that we get many of them! lol).

I just wish that I lived closer to this little diamond. Cheers

22 Jun 2011 16:35

The Magnet, Stockport

This place has got better with the upstairs outside decking for warm lazy afternoons. Strangely enough the inside decor is very reminicent of the new oxford in salford as they are very clinical. I can't image this place getting any dickheads in this establishment which is a compliment.

10 Jun 2011 09:27

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Rating 6.2??? Unbelievable. As previously stated I live on the other side of Manchester but consider this pub as one of the best I have ever been to. Traditional snugs, excellent beer garden (pity about the motorway traffic noise), fantastic range of dark and light ales and porters along with several ciders and above all friendly barstaff and customers.

10 Jun 2011 09:23

Moon Under Water, Wigan

Very dissapointing ale considering that it is a spoons. The overall attitude of the barstaff leaves alot to be desired. Having ordered the infamous curry club on one thursday afternoon I decided never to go there ever again. The naan bread was like cardboard and the ale was flat after two sips.


9 Jun 2011 13:12

Anvil, Wigan

This is usually my first port o call when visiting wigan on my occasional trips. About 5 good handpumps on offer along with belgian fruit (lambic) beers also on tap. A big emphasis on horse racing in this pub where 'At The Races' is permanently shown, Apart from that minor issue a good solid boozer. Cheers

9 Jun 2011 13:07

The City Arms, Manchester

ok so its a good pub. It is on the expensive side and when you consider that the waterhouse (best wetherspoons in manc by a country mile) is next door and offers supurb value for money this is a no brainer. Still worth a visit though.

4 Jun 2011 16:32

The Cheetham Arms, Bolton

Now called the Brewhouse. A selection of their own beer from the in house brewery along with moorhouses and hopstar. Clean and expensive. Food was ok. Odd and deceiving kind of layout if you ask me.

30 May 2011 20:18

The Cock Hotel, Worsley

New York Burger! Awesome! This pub gets its main custom through food sales like so many pubs nowadays to keep afloat. 2 Main meals for just �8 offers excellent value for money. Loads of large plasma screens around the pub makes thsi very busy especially when the footie is on.

9 Apr 2011 20:27

The Moses Gate Hotel, Farnworth

This used to be a very good live music pub a few years ago. Not anymore. Extortionate entrance fees plus overly priced ale. The standards of the tribute bands have sadly declined aswell.

9 Apr 2011 20:19

Barristers, Bolton

Up to 8 real ales served on a regular basis. Blonde Witch from the Moorehouses brewery is a perminent fixture. Bank Top also have regular ales served here. Its a pitty that they stopped serving the ale in a traditional old pint pot with a handle on.

Martin the piano player does excellent renditions at weekends whilst they hold open mic nights during the week. The courtyard in between barristers and the swann offers a place for the smokers.

7 Apr 2011 17:25

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Calm down its only a commercial! lol

11 Mar 2011 11:23

John Bull Chophouse, Wigan

It's a shame that they only serve the thwaites handpump ales at weekends only!

20 Feb 2011 21:35

Micro Bar, Manchester

Called in here for my first time ever on Tuesday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised at the small yet comfortable bar that goes round the small stall. I originally presumed that this bar would have been in the food hall where mcdonalds and kfc are. I'm glad that it isn't though as it would have been plagued by teens and vagabonds no doubt? Unfortunately they only had two handpumps on the go as they were expecting a delivery from Boggart Brewery. They run this diamond place. I had the Boggart Rum Porter which was truely awesome!

They also have a fantastic array of bottles of bitters, ales, stouts, porters, ciders and an extensive range of belgium and american beers!


18 Feb 2011 11:23

Bar Fringe, Manchester


16 Feb 2011 00:18

The Strawbury Duck, Entwistle

Having only been here once before it re-opened I cant really comment on the food service at present. However when I did go I found it quite charming and had a nice relaxed afternoon with friends and relatives. My only gripe being that the pub only served beer from the Cains (Liverpool) Brewery.

I must try it again seeing as it has re-opened. What real ale is available since the re-opening?

9 Feb 2011 20:38

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Here Here shorty1, Even though I live on the wrong side of Manchester I still regard this pub as my number one favourite! The range of ales and porters as well as ciders is quite outstanding! Always a warm and friendly welcome even to myself (Not a regular).

29 Jan 2011 10:35

The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

Never really been a fan of this place! Best left alone in my opinion.

10 Jan 2011 21:37

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

Beer prices are ludicrously high and sadly the quality is very inferior. Last time I called in I ordered one of my favourite drinks from 'BankTop' of Bolton which is normally always on good form. It was just horrid! I should have returned it in all honesty but just left in disgust.

10 Jan 2011 21:31

The Salisbury, Manchester

I used to drink in here about 8 years ago before the refurb and it used to be awesome! Now I'm afraid it has gone down the shitpan! We used to get hammered in here before staggering into Jillys Rockworld which has sadly closed and re opened as a bleeding Tesco Metro!

10 Jan 2011 21:24

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

Very much agreed Bigman3! The curry is awesome! Although I am a meat eater I love the food served here. It's just a pity that I live on the other side of manchester so my visits are very limited.

10 Jan 2011 21:21

Red Lion, Swinton

The food here has deteriorated somewhat rotten recently. DONT BOTHER

28 Dec 2010 22:30

The Railway Hotel, Greenfield

Nice pub with scenic views of surrounding countryside. Ideal if you have just missed your train as the station is literally just across the road! Aswell as the real ale it boasts a large selection of real cider too!

28 Dec 2010 22:26

The Alma, Bolton

The real ale in here has come on in leaps and bounds recently. I had the aptly named 'Dogs Bollox' the other week and was amazed at how good it was! A few years ago we had to put up with the bog standard and disgusting 'Burtonwood' but now the revolving guest ale and new handpumps have been an excellent inclusion. Cheers

16 Dec 2010 14:20

The Paramount, Manchester

A decent solid wetherspoons unlike the ones in Piccadilly Gardens and the one on Deansgate that are shambolic and attract "chavs". I rate this one highly with the nearby Waterhouse as my firm favourite whilst in Manchester. The Paramount Porter is simply DELICIOUS!!!

18 Nov 2010 21:41

The Vine Inn, Manchester

This pub looks good from the outside but is crap inside. Extortionate prices for mediocre real ale. My advice is "go next door to city arms or the waterhouse"

18 Nov 2010 21:35

The Marble Arch, Manchester

I totally agree that this pub is super. However, the prices are very extortionate, so much so that my visits are very rare indeed!

10 Nov 2010 22:32

The Magnet, Stockport

Excellent! If in stockport you should definately try this pub.

9 Oct 2010 16:17

The Railway, Stockport

Called in here for my first time last night, after being reccomended by several people. Was impressed by the variety of the beer on offer. Oldie worldy feel to the place with wooden beams. Next time I visit the place I think I'll go in the afternoon to fully appreciate the place.

9 Oct 2010 16:13

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

Here Here Kernott!! I've been several times and on every occasion had good service! I prefer it in winter when the coal fire is roaring!

8 Oct 2010 12:24

Vulcan Inn, North Worsley

One word best describes this place; "SHIT".

2 Oct 2010 19:03

The Egerton Arms, Salford

When I used to work at the nearby Peninsula Business Services this used to be a firm favourite both for a pub lunch and a couple before being squashed on the train home! The chicken curry half rice half chips was excellent and good value too! OK so its a Holt's pub but they do brew a cracking dark beer called 6xs in a bottle 6%!

25 Sep 2010 18:28

The Mark Addy, Salford

About 7 years ago when I used to work at the nearby Peninsula business services company behind the job centre this was an after work pub to frequent. A recent visit after 7 years and they have done a refurb by moving the bar and rearanging the seating slightly. I am pleased to report that the pint of real ale I had was top notch and served chilled. I will be back!

25 Sep 2010 18:22

The Waldorf Hotel, Manchester

Called in here one friday evening with a friend when the weather turned on us. Wish we would never have bothered! I cant remember the name of the ale I had but it was flat and utterly disgusting! My advice "STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE!!"

25 Sep 2010 18:10

The Temple, Manchester

Worth a try if your in the area. Definately a students bar but with top end prices?

19 Sep 2010 19:43

Merchants, Lancaster

This is my first port of call whilst on my occasional visits to Lancaster. Fine interior with well kept handpump ales. I had the beer battered fish and chips on my last visit and was not dissapointed! Simply stunning food! Cheers

16 Sep 2010 16:30

The Crown and Kettle, Ancoats

Not one of my favourite pubs it has to be said. The ceiling is impressive thats about it really. The ale is satisfactory nothing more. My advice "Skip this pub and go to the Bar Fringe instead"

16 Sep 2010 10:49

The New Oxford, Salford

Its excellent that this pub has had some recognition on this website by getting into the top 10 list. Highly recommended!!!!

14 Sep 2010 18:49

The Paramount, Manchester

Just recently stumbled upon this wetherspoons by accident. Decided to have the Tuesday steakclub and was NOT dissapointed. Rib Eye steak done to perfection with chips, grilled tomato and garden peas. I asked the young lady behind the bar if it was possible for me to have a guest ale instead of the usual ruddles. She happily oblidged and gave me a fabulous 'paramount porter' from the elland brewery! It really did complement my ribeye steak. RECCOMENDED!!!!!

8 Sep 2010 18:36

The Fox and Goose, Hebden Bridge

I've been here twice now and have found it a very charming place. The rooftop beer garden has scenic views of surrounding hebden bridge. The choice of real ale was varied and was kept to a good condition. Infact they were serving one of my favourite porters Acorn's "Gorlovka" 6%. Definately worth walking up the brow to get to!!

1 Sep 2010 10:35

The Stubbing Wharf, Hebden Bridge

Wow! I've only just found this place due to a friend recommending and showing me it. Oldie worldy feeling about the place that does excellent food along with 3-4 real ales. The biggest plus side for me though was the fantastic range of real ciders both on draught and in bottles. Highly recommended!

1 Sep 2010 10:30

The Bank, Manchester

I've only ever been in this pub on two occasions. My last one was very good as I had the Venison sausages and mash. This is what the pub specialises in various filled sausages. The real ale was ok but nothing to go mad about!

27 Aug 2010 18:36

The Olde Vic, Stockport

Can I have some clarification regarding this pub please? Is it open or closed down? I keep getting mixed messages with conflicting views as to it being open or shut. Thanks

27 Aug 2010 18:30

The Britannia Inn, Farnworth

I try to tell everyone to go along to the bank holiday beerfestivals. Dont be put off just because its in Farnworth!

27 Aug 2010 10:38

Bar Fringe, Manchester

I would tend to trackback on my earlier comments I have made. If you have never been here before then it is definately worth a visit!

27 Aug 2010 10:33

The Pendle Witch, Atherton

Not been in here for ages but always a very good Moorhouses variety served. Usually bursting at the seems come the bent and bongs beer bash. I personally like it more before it had its upmarket refurbishment, I thought it had more character then. Still worth a visit though

25 Aug 2010 22:25

The Magnet, Stockport

was in here on monday. Although I like it, there was hardly any people in there. Maybe the monday factor was involved? Anyway after I left I soon learned that I had simply started off in the wrong pub. If I had started in the crown then gone to the magnet I could have had the cheese night special served every monday! ah well I'll know for next time.

20 Aug 2010 11:21

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

I dont blame you kerknott1. It has gone down hill somewhat over the last 2 to 3 years unfortunately. It did used to be my first drink stop after getting off the train from man victoria.

19 Aug 2010 13:12

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Was in here last night. Good friendly banter from the locals. Really prety young girl serving behind the bar. As per usual a cracking range of ales and porters on offer. Above all one of my favourite pubs if not my NUMBER 1!!

17 Aug 2010 13:31

The Alma, Bolton

By the time I get here I'm usually shitfaced. When I've been in wetherspoons, Barristers and then man and scythe on the thatchers this is my last port of call. Normally end up on the green goblin cider. Good jukebox regular live metal bands playing. Only downside is that it can stink of raw sewage!

17 Aug 2010 13:21

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

I'm 50 50 with this pub. Its kind of off the beaten track near to the BBC studios. Unless you're in the salisbury or the thirsty scholar it would be deemed out of the way. Worth a visit nether the less in my oppinion though.

13 Aug 2010 21:17

The John Gilbert, Worsley

Your typical worsley toffs pub. Car key jangling tosspots talking absolute bullshit. I dont know what is more pretencious the pub itself or the people who frequent the place.

10 Aug 2010 21:53

The Kings Arms, Salford

The best thing about this place is the beer garden! If you have never seen it it is definately worth having a mooch. I sampled the gwatkins medium cider at a whopping 7.5 %! Excellent stuff but on the expensive side. A real hidden gem in Salfords chappel street district.

10 Aug 2010 21:40

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Started off in the angel previously the beer house. Jesus there was more life in a tramps vest! Made a hasty departure to the marble where I had two excellent pints Manchester Bitter and Chocolate Marble. Decided to have a snack 'handcut chips' delicious as per. the garlic mayo dip was lovely too. The only down turn of this place is the volume level of the jukebox. You can hardly hear it. Good job I didnt put any tunes on.

3 Aug 2010 21:01

Bar Fringe, Manchester

I would not go back here if you paid me!

1 Aug 2010 19:04

The Olde Vic, Stockport

Last time I was in Stockport this was going to be my first pub before going to The Crown and then The Magnet. Unfortunately it was shut, I hadn't realised that it probably opens at teatime. I got there for about 3.30pm.

30 Jul 2010 16:46

The Star Inn, Glossop

1st port of call after a long train journey. Good pub with lovely views of the peak ditrict on the front door.

30 Jul 2010 15:40

Norfolk Arms, Glossop

A very large Joseph Holt's pub. Very clean and well kept inside. The food menu is supported by the specials list.

30 Jul 2010 15:38

The Globe Hotel, Glossop

I would like to go here more often than I do. Even though I'm not a veggie I love the home cooked meals served in here. Excellent value for money along with their own brewery, plus a real cider handpump.

30 Jul 2010 15:36

The Swan, Bolton

I added this pub not because of the swan but because of its sister pub across the courtyard (Barristers). 8 real ales consisting of a permanent Moorhouses 'Blonde witch' along with local brewers Bank Top 'Port O Call'. Open Mic nights every thursday and the legendary Martin on the piano every Friday and Saturday. This place is never going to be the same again without the true gentleman that was Robin.

30 Jul 2010 15:30

The Dog and Partridge, Bolton

The thwaites wainwright can be on form sometimes. Inconsistancy is the main problem with the ales in here. Otherwise a decent rockers pub with stage outside for bands to play.

30 Jul 2010 15:24

The Black Lion Hotel, Salford

What a shame that this place never really took off. One less real ale place to go to. R.I.P. The Black Lion.

28 Jul 2010 10:46

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

As in my earlier post about this place I had the Hot and Spicy epicurian last night. It was again excellent for quality and value for money. �10 for a 3 course meal which included starters of ribs in a sweet chlli sauce, mains of a whole chicken breast marinated in tikka, beef chilli, lamb vindaloo and a veggie curry all served with aromatic rice. They did have a fish curry but I gave it a miss as I dont like fish. The dessert consisted of a mouth cleansing sorbet.

My luck was in aswell as they had one of my favourite stouts on 'Titanic's Vanilla and Chocolate Stout'! Excellent flavours.

21 Jul 2010 11:25

The Boulevard, Wigan

Great cellar bar. Always end up in here before catching my train from wigan wallgate ststion. Jukebox is good.

20 Jul 2010 11:14

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

The legendary Goerge gives this unique pub a warm friendly feel. Only one real ale (Tetleys) but is kept to a fine standard. I thought it was only in the fictional 'Rovers Return' where the barmaid brings you the beer but they do in here! YAMAS

20 Jul 2010 11:09

The City Arms, Manchester

Dont laugh but the tetley's cask is usually on great form in here! Always changing the guest ales meaning a great array of choice. They have recently started serving one of my favourite ciders 'Green Goblin'.

20 Jul 2010 11:04

The Buffet Bar, Stalybridge

This pub is good if the weather is warm and sunny outside so you can sit on the platform watching the wheels go round and round, I just love to watch them roll! John Lennon.

Seriously though it offers a bygone age of traditional beer along side traditional heart warming pub grub. I recommend the corned beef hash!

7 Jul 2010 13:44

Sinclairs Oyster Bar, Manchester

First of all they stopped selling the alpine lager now they have removed the handpumps! WHY?
And stop the plastic glass nonsense even whilst supping inside!

7 Jul 2010 13:38

The Smithfield Hotel, Manchester

Nice pub. Good beer and great jukebox. pool table pity its too near to the wall! but they have provided smaller cue's for this problem.

6 Jul 2010 13:34

The Crescent, Salford

A few years ago when the liverpudian and italian couple had it, it was very good. The chicken madras with half rice half chips was superb. Unfortunately the new occupiers have got rid of the old jukebox which had a wide range of rock and metal material. Also a slightly different layout with the wall seating now removed.
The real ale is either good or totally shit, there is no in between!

3 Jul 2010 16:10

The Pineapple, Stockport

I just cant understand why this pub has this status as being "good". Very very average. Not a patch on the magnet and the crown.

3 Jul 2010 15:52

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

I love the architecture of this pub. Shame it doesn't offer bar meals.

20 Jun 2010 22:19

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

I keep meaning to visit this pub at dinner time to sample the game and pheasant pie. My mouth waters just thinking of it! Always found this place a touch too expensive for the ale. Fantastic array of whisky and bourbons.

20 Jun 2010 22:16

John Bull Chophouse, Wigan

Good selection on the jukebox, Thwaites brewery on offer, stefan (regular) always intrigues me with his revelations and secrets!

20 Jun 2010 22:10

Bar Fringe, Manchester

The landlady is like a character from 'VIZ' comic! Obnoxious and down right rude. Apart from that the belgian beer and thatchers 'cheddar valley' cider makes this place 'worth a visit'. I think the landlady must have escaped from risley prison!

18 Jun 2010 12:21

The Magnet, Stockport

14 handpumps, Sheppy's cider (delicious) apparently going to start brewing their own beer in the not so distant future (Cellar Rat). Friendly locals and barstaff make this a pleasant place to chat and enjoy the real ale. Recommended.

18 Jun 2010 12:13

The Trackside, Bury

I've only ever been in this place once. It was dinnertime during the week so maybe it was the wrong time to go. The variety of ales and ciders were very good. The staff was pleasant (the girl from the kitchen gave me some cheesecake on the house!). Next time I visit I think I'll go at weekend when there are more people about.

11 Jun 2010 15:57

The New Albion Inn, Little Hulton

Before I was 'introduced and started my love affair' with real ale this was my long standing 'local'. Joe and Marie behind the bar a cracking couple of people. Mick (Johnny Logans brother) doing the Karaoke with Ivan on a Thursday and Sunday used to be packed to the rafters and an awesome night! Occasionally 'the girls' in their leathers would do a Sunday! Meow.

Saturday afternoons spent picking horses and on the fruit machine whilst eating a Carrs pastie that Joe had blitzed in the microwave are just fond memories of what used to be.

The biggest downer of this place is the prices of the beer. Get your act together.

8 Jun 2010 16:08

Stocks Hotel, Walkden

No real ale. All smoothflow bitter. Best thing about this place is 'Mad Brian' and 'Jockey Dave' shouting and balling at each other. Chinese couple behind the bar are genuine and friendly. Pity the chinese buffet never took off.

8 Jun 2010 15:59

Hen and Chickens, Bolton

This is the only place where you can drink greenalls bitter and be pleasantly surprised at how well it can taste if kept well by the bar staff! I'm not a regular but occasionally call in if I miss my bus for a quick half. The food menu always looks enticing but upto now haven't sampled any.

8 Jun 2010 15:53

The Sweet Green Tavern, Bolton

This could be an excellent real ale pub. BUT where do I start? The regulars have a shocking clique mentality! Its reminiscent of when a stranger walks into a bar in the wild west! (Everyone looks round staring at you).

The beer is always warm and always looses its head in 30 seconds flat of being poured. Its not a place I feel welcome in and as such do not frequent!

8 Jun 2010 15:48

Spinning Mule, Bolton

This has always been a meeting place before the piss up begins. Best wetherspoons for the real ale. Interesting locals frequent this pub with 'Devon Dereck' being one of them.

5 Jun 2010 18:33

B Lounge @ The Bridge, Deansgate

Would not go in this pretentious overpriced place if you paid me! Snobs in suits flashing their carkeys and talking bollocks to impress the gullable women. Its a shambolic shithole. Amen.

5 Jun 2010 18:28

The Waterhouse, Manchester

I always end up in here. The curry club is always bustling with hungry customers including myself! Without doubt the best wetherspoons in Manchester city centre. Other spoons in the centre attract 'chavs'.

5 Jun 2010 18:22

The Lion of Vienna, Bolton

Great value for money as is with all Samuel Smith's houses. The extra stout is awesome, stronger and smoother than guinness and a heck of a lot cheaper too!! Shame they got rid of the pool tables in the vault. Its also a pity there is no jukebox or even background music.

5 Jun 2010 18:18

The Howcroft Inn, Bolton

Terrible!! The beer was cloudy (Banktop) so I took it back to ask for a replacement. The lady nearly bit my head off claiming that Banktop is always cloudy!!
I have been supping banktop for 8 years and have been on numerous brewery trips and have not once had a cloudy flatcap. Her attitude stunk somewhat rotten, so much so that i will NEVER frequent that place again. When I said its not cloudy in Barristers or Wetherspoons she replied that they probably water it down. How ludicrous?

5 Jun 2010 18:14

Tudor House Hotel, Wigan

I found this by accident, as i'm not a pie eater. Glad I did as it has a good jukebox, two real ale pumps and a traditional pub grub menu. Beer garden is nice in sunny weather.

5 Jun 2010 18:00

The Crown Inn, Stockport

I am fast becomming a fan of Stockport especially this pub. It is teaming with character and charm. The old fashioned "snugs" are delightful. Its easy to talk to anyone in there. The wide range of real ale is like being a kid in a sweet shop!!

Cracking beer garden with spectacular views of the viaduct. Last time I visited I had a sandwich and chips. Tasty and reasonable prices too.

5 Jun 2010 15:54

The Man and Scythe Inn, Bolton

I've been supping in here for 9 years now. The holts bitter is best left alone as it doesn't travel well! Thatchers cider is excellent if you want a night totally intoxicated. The recent inclusion of Broadoak perry on draught is a welcome newby. Trouble is it goes down too well and is actually stronger than thatchers cider! Friday and Saturday nights can be great if you get a decent live band on.

25 May 2010 13:26

The Knott Bar, Deansgate

Fascinating little diamond is how I best describe this place! Quality real ale backed up with top notch food cooked by the ledgendary OZ.

p.s. The Hot and Spicy nights are awesome.

25 May 2010 13:19

The New Oxford, Salford

This pub is fantastic for belgium and euro beers. You cant help but get bladdered in here because the majority of their beer is 5%+! BE WARNED THOUGH TO REMORTGAGE YOUR HOUSE BEFORE ENTERING!!

25 May 2010 13:16

The Marble Arch, Manchester

This is a great pub for real ale and fine dining. The only concern I have is the price of the beer. Considering there are no transpoert costs incurred because the brewery is at the back of the pub. COME ON MARBLE ARCH, IN THIS TIME OF RECESSION SHOW SOME COMMON SENCE!!!

25 May 2010 13:13

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