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Pauline's Manor Shades, Gravesend

Nice rowdy place if thats your kind of thing

24 Mar 2010 14:38

The Dolphin Inn, Broadstairs

The ultimate fight pub in Broadstairs, hardened drinkers only enter here

24 Mar 2010 14:37

The Pier Hotel, Upnor

Superb friendly pub with excellent food

24 Mar 2010 14:36

The Five Bells, Hoo

If you like a nice intimidating atmosphere and gangs hanging around outside the pub singing and harrasing passers by this is your place

24 Mar 2010 14:34

Ye Olde Leather Bottle, Northfleet

An OK pub. One of the better ones in Northfleet.

17 Jan 2010 20:27

The Rose, Northfleet

Pleasant enough pub but often frequented by hardened drinkers.

17 Jan 2010 20:26

The Plough, Northfleet

Set to the back drop of a huge council estate this is one best avoided. Reputation locally for violence and frequented by football fans

17 Jan 2010 20:25

The Edinburgh Castle, Northfleet

A tough, rough local where hardened drinkers hang out. Avoid if possible

17 Jan 2010 20:24

The Earl Grey, Northfleet

Nice little local off the main road in Northfleet. A cut above the other pubs locally

17 Jan 2010 20:23

The Elephants Head, Northfleet

Best avoided as very initimidating with groups of chavs in every corner of the pub and is well known locally for all the wrong reasons. Beer limited.

17 Jan 2010 20:23

Dover Castle, Northfleet

Set in the heart of a council estate this pub is quiet during the week and a friendly welcome can be assured. However when entertainment arrives, then the pub becomes totally different. Reasonable range of beers.

17 Jan 2010 20:22

The Coopers Arms, Northfleet

Now shut

17 Jan 2010 20:20

Coach and Horses, Northfleet

Quite a few people usually hand around the outside of this pub which can be very intimidating most of the time

17 Jan 2010 20:20

Campbell Arms, Northfleet

Nice little urban pub. Quiet most of the time. Good friendly welcome

17 Jan 2010 20:19

The Windmill, Gravesend

Excellent pub. Best in Gravesend, Friendly well kept beers, nice beer garden in summer and welcoming bar staff. Good stuff

17 Jan 2010 20:17

The Wheatsheaf, Gravesend

A well ordered pub on a busy corner of the town. Can be noisy at weekends but during the week has the feel of a local town pub.

17 Jan 2010 20:16

The Waterloo, Gravesend

Really tasteful and understated pub in the suburbs around the town centre. Friendly bar staff add to the sense of fun in this pub

17 Jan 2010 20:14

The Trocadero, Gravesend

One of the town centre pubs. Deserted during the day and at night dark and intimidating. One best visited at the end of a pub crawl

17 Jan 2010 20:13

The Somerset Arms, Gravesend

This is a real one to avoid. Terrible reputation. Poor quality beer and food, several fights have taken place there recently.

17 Jan 2010 20:09

Robert Pocock, Gravesend

Can be very intimidating with gangs of hardened drinkers sitting out in the streets singing. Food is not bad, but avoid real ales here

17 Jan 2010 20:08

The Red Lion, Gravesend

Really noisy and intimidating. Best avoided at weekends and nightime

17 Jan 2010 20:07

D:Ream Bar, Gravesend

Now closed

17 Jan 2010 20:07

The Railway Bell, Gravesend

Very well run pub and appealing interior and exterior. Friendly bar staff and good food and beer

17 Jan 2010 20:06

The Pembroke, Gravesend

Very well run pub. Can kick off at the weekend but usually dealt with quickly. Good staff and reasonable prices

17 Jan 2010 20:05

The Peacock, Gravesend

Difficult to find local and one to avoid as very dark.

17 Jan 2010 20:03

The Milton Ale Shades, Gravesend

Excellent Guiness and another one of the better local urban pubs. Friendly atmosphere

17 Jan 2010 20:02

The Millers Cottage, Gravesend

One of the better urban pubs. Friendly atmosphere as used by locals. Good beer of reasonable price

17 Jan 2010 20:01

The Market Tavern, Gravesend

Can be a bit dodgy during the day here. Hardened drinkers use this and the Kings Head around the corner

17 Jan 2010 20:00

The Kings Head, Gravesend

Full of hardened drinkers. Can be intimidating at weekends and noisy at best of times

17 Jan 2010 19:59

Gravesend Boat, Gravesend

Good pub set in reasonable urban surrounding.

17 Jan 2010 19:58

The Grapes, Gravesend

One of the best run pubs in Gravesend. Very friendly atmosphere and good bar staff. Good selection of ales and never any trouble

17 Jan 2010 19:58

The Jolly Drayman, Gravesend

Quiet little pub set in busy town surroundings. Beer of reasonable quality. Large amounts of graffiti in locale bring tone down however

17 Jan 2010 19:57

The George Inn, Gravesend

Extremely loud music ruins the ambience of this pub. Beer no of the highest quality and full of hardened drinkers and down and outs from the huge estate. A personal shop opposite does not help matters

17 Jan 2010 19:56

The Echo, Gravesend

Friendly enough pub set on busy main road

17 Jan 2010 19:55

George, Gravesend

Fine food served at this gastro pub. Excellent friendly staff make this one of the better pubs in the area

17 Jan 2010 19:54

Darnley Arms, Gravesend

Quiet pub which is not for outsiders. Can be intimidating at weekends

17 Jan 2010 19:54

The Crown and Thistle, Gravesend

Small little pub which is well known amongst real ale affionados.

17 Jan 2010 19:53

Canal Tavern, Gravesend

Reasonable and quiet local by the Canal Basin

17 Jan 2010 19:52

The Call Boy, Gravesend

Now Liquorice. No real ale and now a sports bar.

17 Jan 2010 19:52

Copperfields, Higham

Really good quality food and beer. Used to have a beer garden although this went some time ago.

17 Jan 2010 19:51

The Gardeners Arms, Higham

Can be expensive. Excellent beer though

17 Jan 2010 19:50

The Railway Tavern, Higham

A fine pub which has recently changed hands. Good beer but limited food. Quiz nights one a month

17 Jan 2010 19:50

The Sir John Falstaff, Higham

A reasonable pub, well kept and good quality beer although can be a little unwelcoming

17 Jan 2010 19:49

Bell Inn, Shepherdswell

An OK pub good beer, although the food can be poor. Friendly enough staff and landlady

17 Jan 2010 18:54

The Bricklayers Arms, Dover

Rough village centre pub..full of chavs

17 Jan 2010 18:53

The Aviator, Sheerness

Difficult place to get too. Poor Quiz on a Monday with irritating quiz master. Bar staff can vary in quality

17 Jan 2010 18:51

The Sun, Faversham

Enjoyable pub and friendly atmosphere excellent beer too

17 Jan 2010 18:50

Leading Light, Faversham

Really good pub (especially for a chain pub) good food too

17 Jan 2010 18:49

The Bear Inn, Faversham

Fine multi roomed bar and a good selection of beer

17 Jan 2010 18:48

Hare and Hounds, Ramsgate

Not bad, though the beer could be better

17 Jan 2010 18:47

The Racing Greyhound, Ramsgate


17 Jan 2010 18:40

The Red Lion, Ramsgate

Interesting place, noisy and intimidating yet reasonalby good beer

17 Jan 2010 18:40

Bedford Inn, Ramsgate

Noisy and poor quality beer

17 Jan 2010 18:38

The Artillery Arms, Ramsgate

Good pub.always friendly and well worth a visit if your are in the area

17 Jan 2010 18:37

Wrotham Arms, Broadstairs

Can be intimidating place. Noisy and poor quality beer

17 Jan 2010 18:35

The Tartar Frigate, Broadstairs

Great food although a little expensive..... good beer and a friendly welcoming atmopshere

17 Jan 2010 18:34

Prince Albert, Broadstairs

Very intimidating. one to be avoided

17 Jan 2010 18:33

Neptunes Hall, Broadstairs

The best pub in Broadstairs always great beer and many a happy night spent in there

17 Jan 2010 18:33

The Lord Nelson, Broadstairs

A great locals pub, friendly atmosphere inside and the quiz night is recommended all in all a nice pub

17 Jan 2010 18:32

The Charles Dickens, Broadstairs

Noisy to say the least. The beer is OK and yet the atmosphere can be a little intimidating

17 Jan 2010 18:30

Captain Digby, Broadstairs

Great location and good food. The service could be better however the real choker is the car parking which you could be charged for if you are not careful

17 Jan 2010 18:29

The Bradstow Mill, Broadstairs

Quite lively but expensive

17 Jan 2010 18:28

The Duke Of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable

Popular with the day trippers, the beer is fine and the food OK

17 Jan 2010 18:27

Saxon Shore, Herne Bay

Full of noisy kids and chavs.. poor selection of food and poor beer

17 Jan 2010 18:26

The Malta Inn, Sandling

Great location but noisy and expensive. Can get chavy too

17 Jan 2010 18:24

The Red Lion, Lenham

Good free house

17 Jan 2010 18:24

The Cock Horse Inn, Detling

Excellent pub. Visit as much as possible and the landlord is always very friendly. Quiz every Thursday night, with differing quizmasters. Always a fair range of beers.

17 Jan 2010 18:23

The Walnut Tree, Maidstone

An excellent friendly local pub

17 Jan 2010 18:21

Society Rooms, Maidstone

I don't mind this pub. The bar staff are reasonably friendly and the food is OK, The beer is excellent and the atmosphere is good too. Can a little loud however

17 Jan 2010 18:20

The River Bar and Grill, Maidstone

Awful pub. Full of local hardened drinkers. One best avoided

17 Jan 2010 18:18

The Old House at Home, Maidstone

A fairly intimidating local and not one for the outsiders.

17 Jan 2010 18:17

The Muggleton Inn, Maidstone

This is an OK pub during the day, but it has the potential to kick off at night. Reasonably priced beer

17 Jan 2010 18:16

The Hare and Hounds, Maidstone

A real rough place.. best avoided

17 Jan 2010 18:15

The Druids Arms, Maidstone

Good pub. Friendly bar staff and good beer. High class clientele

17 Jan 2010 18:14

Chiltern Hundreds, Maidstone

Friendly pub and good bar staff. OK selection of beers and lagers and the food is fine

17 Jan 2010 18:13

The Chicago Rock Cafe, Maidstone

Full of chavs and noisy to boot

17 Jan 2010 18:12

The Rose and Crown, Hartlip

Have not visied since the change of management. Previous landlady was off putting to say least. No complaints about the beer.

17 Jan 2010 18:11

The Maypole, Borden

Good friendly village pub. Always welcoming atmospehere. One to visit.

17 Jan 2010 18:10

The Ypres Tavern, Sittingbourne

Decent enough pub... better than some in the town centre. Good Spitfire served

17 Jan 2010 18:09

Summoner, Sittingbourne

Real rough one this. Full of hardened drinkers. Avoid on a Saturday night

17 Jan 2010 18:08

The Red Lion, Sittingbourne

Strange little pub. Quiet and serves good beer but poor food

17 Jan 2010 18:07

The Bull, Sittingbourne

The best pub in the town centre of Sittingbourne. Good Beer and great food. Friendly crowd in there too.

17 Jan 2010 18:06

The Billet, Sittingbourne

Lurid refit recently and seems to attract the more undesirable crowd nowadays

17 Jan 2010 18:05

The Three Mariners, Rainham

Not a bad little pub. Welcoming and a good selection of beers. Warm and comfortable during the winter

17 Jan 2010 18:02

The Railway, Rainham

Scruffy and run down.... seedy and full of louts who I think have been barred from just about everywhere else

17 Jan 2010 18:02

Manor Farm, Rainham

More a gastro pub and not a very good one

17 Jan 2010 18:01

The Green Lion, Rainham

Dirty run down pub, poor beer and one to avoid

17 Jan 2010 18:00

The Dewdrop, Rainham

Not so bad as its reputation appears to have, friendly enough and reasonably priced beer

17 Jan 2010 17:59

The Angel, Rainham

Fine real ale pub, friendly welcoming pub and good bar staff.

17 Jan 2010 17:56

The Westcourt Arms, Gillingham

An underated pub which serves reasonable beer

17 Jan 2010 17:54

The United Services, Gillingham

A much underated and friendly pub. Excellent range of beers and welcoming atmosphere

17 Jan 2010 17:49

The Star, Gillingham

Good pub.. lots of range of beers, a little noisy at the weekend however

17 Jan 2010 17:48

The Spyglass and Kettle, Gillingham

Great food and friendly welcome.

17 Jan 2010 17:47

The Southern Belle, Gillingham

There is plenty of potential trouble at this corner pub. Intimidating atmopshere coupled with a run down appearance mean this is one for the hardened regulars only

17 Jan 2010 17:46

The Prince Of Guinea, Gillingham

Chas and Dave played this venue on new years day 2008. Beer is OK and staff friendly enough

17 Jan 2010 17:40

The Monarch, Gillingham

If you are looking for trouble then this is the place for you. I pass this place every morning around 9am and there are always a large collection of hardened drinkers hanging around outside having a fag and therefore being extremely intimidating. I have ventured into the place once and witnessed a fight. A poor range of beers and an intimidating atmosphere made this an extremely unappealing place. Avoid at all costs.

17 Jan 2010 17:39

Marquis of Lorne, Gillingham

Only one ale, and lively atmosphere.

17 Jan 2010 17:35

The Hop and Vine, Gillingham

Excellent Cask beers and friendly atmosphere

17 Jan 2010 17:34

The Fleur De Lis, Gillingham

A rough and noisy pub. Cream walls and a hostile atmosphere are not the most appealing of features in a pub

17 Jan 2010 17:33

The Falcon Inn, Gillingham

Small family run pub. Bar Staff friendly but limited cask ales

17 Jan 2010 17:31

The Dog and Bone, Gillingham

Cheap and cheerful. Nice rear to the beer garden.

17 Jan 2010 17:30

The Canterbury Tales, Gillingham

Not a bad little pub actually. Good range of casks and well kept. Friendly bar staff and good atmosphere

17 Jan 2010 17:30

The Britton Farm House, Gillingham

A underrated pub especially during the day. Reasonably good food allowed for a pleasant lunch time

17 Jan 2010 17:28

The Britannia, Gillingham

A real rough place. Entertainment regularly heckled.

17 Jan 2010 17:27

The Black Lion, Gillingham

The Best pub in Gillingham.. friendly bar staff and good selection of lagers. Nice Beer garden at the rear too.

17 Jan 2010 17:26

The Beacon Court Tavern, Gillingham

One of the best pubs in Gillingham. Great music and very good beer. Friendly welcoming atmosphere too.

17 Jan 2010 17:24

Little Crown, Chatham

Always a lively affair and a surprisingly friendly crowd to outsiders

17 Jan 2010 17:19

Tiger Moth, Chatham

One of the newer pubs and it still maintains novelty value for some. The beer is OK and the service is solid

17 Jan 2010 17:17

The White Lion, Chatham

A terrible pub with a terrible reputation. Only been in there once and witnessed a fight. Left in a hurry

17 Jan 2010 17:16

Wagon At Hale, Chatham

One of the worst pubs in Medway. Full of chavs on quiz nights and the musicians are regularly heckled. Poor selection of beers make the situation worse

17 Jan 2010 17:14

Von Alten, Chatham

Now closed

17 Jan 2010 17:13

The Tap 'n' Tin, Chatham

A great music venue and the beer is of a reasonable standard

17 Jan 2010 17:13

Ship and Trades, Chatham

A complete lack of atmosphere and you can never get anywhere to sit

17 Jan 2010 17:12

The Prince of Wales, Chatham

The bar staff here are excellent and polite, not too much trouble in there and there is a good range of beers.

17 Jan 2010 17:11

Old Post Office, Chatham

The toilets are foul, yet the beer is OK, and is nice and quiet during the day, however can kick off in the evening

17 Jan 2010 17:10

The Old Lord Raglan, Chatham

Not bad for its location

17 Jan 2010 17:09

The Old Ash Tree, Chatham

A nice large pub with a good range of beers. Can be a little busy at times and loud but well worth a visit

17 Jan 2010 17:08

O'Connells Bar, Chatham

A real one to avoid this, known for trouble locally

17 Jan 2010 17:07

The Jolly Caukers, Chatham

Usually full of local drinkers during the day, a visitor will find this intimidating. However scratch below the surface you will find a freindly welcome from the bar acquired taste

17 Jan 2010 17:07

The Command House, Chatham

A great outdoor venue and excellent beer. Highly recommended

17 Jan 2010 17:05

Churchills, Chatham

Totally deserted during the day and full of bouncers at the weekend not for the faint hearted

17 Jan 2010 17:04

The Botswain and Call, Chatham

Closed now a plumbing centre

17 Jan 2010 17:02

The Alexandra Hotel, Chatham

A friendly pub which serves a good pint

17 Jan 2010 17:01

The George, Rochester

Good Spitfire, however unfriendly atmosphere if not a local.

17 Jan 2010 17:00

The British Pilot, Allhallows

A really good local for the good people of Allhallows. Nice cask ales and good food. Visit if you are out that way

17 Jan 2010 16:59

The Ship Inn, Rochester

Another real down and out pub. Set on a really noisy road and poor quality beer

17 Jan 2010 16:58

The Rising Sun, Rochester

Another rough pub on just off Star Hill. Having played Darts there many years ago I know it can be intimidating for locals

17 Jan 2010 16:57

The Queen Charlotte, Rochester

This is a pub to AVOID on a Friday night. Full of drunks and blokes looking for trouble. However during the day and on weekday evenings is a reasonably pleasant experience to visit

17 Jan 2010 16:56

The North Foreland, Rochester

A really rough pub in terms of clientele which has under gone a refurb recently. This has not improved matters

17 Jan 2010 16:55

The Nags Head, Rochester

A good little pub although seating an be limited. Beer is of high quality

17 Jan 2010 16:53

The Huntsman, Rochester

An actually underrated pub. Friendly and accomodating bar staff, good quizzes and good food. Better than the pubs around there.

17 Jan 2010 14:09

Golden Lion, Rochester

Dodgy food and noisy

17 Jan 2010 14:08

Expectations, Rochester

This is one of the more pleasant pubs in Rochester, especially over the weekend.Beer is good and bar staff friendly

17 Jan 2010 14:08

Eagle Tavern, Rochester

Great Music venue, however can get rowdy at weekends

17 Jan 2010 14:06

The Crown, Rochester

Formally the Norman Conquest. Rowdy at Weekends and best avoided

17 Jan 2010 14:06

City Wall Wine Bar, Rochester

A real Chav hotspot at the weekends, who warm up for the Casino Rooms by plying themselves in the City Wall. During the weekdays is usually desserted.

17 Jan 2010 14:05

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

A strange little place situated on a dingy part of the high street. Well worth going inside however as friendly and welcoming

17 Jan 2010 14:03

The Stag, Wainscott

Exterior looks rough, especially in summer with groups of tattooed males drinking Fosters Ice outside. Bit better inside .

17 Jan 2010 14:01

The Tug and Shovel, Strood

Was OK when open. Now boarded up.

17 Jan 2010 14:00

The Three Gardeners, Strood

This pub is boarded up and a target for arsonists

17 Jan 2010 13:59

The Steam Packet, Strood

Quiet and tired local, situated in run down area of Strood.

17 Jan 2010 13:58

Sans Pareil, Strood

Not a bad pub, improving reputation locally and has local quiz nights

17 Jan 2010 13:57

The Royal Oak, Strood

OK during the week, best avoided at weekends

17 Jan 2010 13:56

The Prince Of Wales, Strood

This pub is best avoided. Sitting on a busy main road it is full of hardened drinkers and the beer is of poor quality

17 Jan 2010 13:55

Jubilee, Strood

Very bad reputation due to locality. However not so bad on closer inspection. Beer is OK and plenty of car parking space.

17 Jan 2010 13:54

The Horseshoe, Strood

Has just shut down

17 Jan 2010 13:52

The Crispin and Crispianus, Strood

Rather dingy looking from the outside and very disappointing inside. OK beer but little said of the food

17 Jan 2010 13:51

The Coach and Horses, Strood

Nice Victorian era pub. Ocasional Quiz night, OK for a rainy day.

17 Jan 2010 13:50

The Cecil Arms, Strood

One of the hidden 'gems' of Medway. Friendly bar staff and great beer. Look out for a exhibition darts night which happens farely regularly and has in the past featured BDO legen Bobby George.

17 Jan 2010 13:49

The Bulls Head, Strood

This pub has been open and shut regularly, when open then was not the bst

17 Jan 2010 13:47

Bounty, Strood

Played Darts there many years ago and popped back in again recently. Not as bad as some have made out and improving quality of beer served.

17 Jan 2010 13:46

The Bell, Strood

This has recently become a sports bar. Very noisy road outside. Two Large rooms inside

17 Jan 2010 13:45

The Alma, Strood

One of Shepherd Neames pubs. A little hostile in atmosphere here.

17 Jan 2010 13:44

The Fenn Bell Inn, Fenn Street

An OK pub, locals reasonably friendly, but a bit out of the way. Good beer though served

17 Jan 2010 13:43

The Horseshoe and Castle, Cooling

A proper quiet pub set in a beautiful setting overlooking the marshes and good beer too

17 Jan 2010 13:41

Red Dog, High Halstow

A fine local and always good food there

17 Jan 2010 13:40

The Hogarth Inn, Isle of Grain

An interesting Historical pub (as the name suggests) the beer is of good quality

17 Jan 2010 13:39

Six Bells, Cliffe

This is an OK pub, however because of locality tends to have lots of youngsters in there whenever I have been in there. Good Beer though

17 Jan 2010 13:38

Stone Horse, Higham

An out of the way and relaxed pub. Bar Staff always welcoming and excellent food.

17 Jan 2010 13:37

The Tudor Rose, Upper Upnor

Great local. Always serves excellent beer and friendly service.Monday every two weeks provides an informal and free fun quiz. Great pub

17 Jan 2010 13:35

Kings Arms, Upper Upnor

Winning the CAMRA award for best beer in Medway was a bit of a smoke screen as the main appeal of this pub for locals is the excellent food that is served. Only usually heeving when a party is in full swing it is a nice quiet drinker on a Friday night. However some of the ales are not of the highest quality

17 Jan 2010 13:30

Windmill, Hoo

This is the best pub in Hoo by far. A friendly atmosphere and a solid group of regulars make this a nice place for a quiet drink. Good beer and excellent food make it a must out on the Peninsula

17 Jan 2010 13:27

Chequers Inn, Hoo

The Chequers is a strange pub, as during the day is extremely friendly and welcoming and the beer is of good quality, however on evenings such as Quiz nights turns into a rather hostile place with large groups of drinkers making a noise and ruining the ambience

17 Jan 2010 13:19

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