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Comments by mozzzzzz

The Black Bull, Cockermouth

Laddy sports pub without a particularly friendly atmosphere. No real ales.

12 Aug 2022 17:57

Horse and Farrier Inn, Threlkeld

Maybe we were unlucky, but this superbly-located pub just couldn't cope when we visited. Think the beer was OK, but my main memory is waiting an hour for mundane food and the pub getting the order slightly wrong. Will give it another go some time, though.

12 Aug 2022 17:53

The Bitter End, Cockermouth

Excellent range of ales, and very good food (vegetarian friend was happy) .... but feels a bit more like a bistro than a pub.

12 Aug 2022 17:50

The Bush, Cockermouth

Staff couldn't be friendlier, pub was cheerful, range of beers decent and food OK ... but it was a shame they stopped serving food pretty early.

12 Aug 2022 17:47

The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Atmospheric and historic interior, but a must-visit for its sensational view over the Thames. Good service when I visited.

27 Jan 2022 19:00

The Howard Arms, Ilmington

Manages the trick of having a lively and convivial bar area - packed both nights we were there - as well as running an excellent restaurant and top-notch hotel. Highly recommended.

27 Jan 2022 18:52

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

A tiny pub with the smallest bar space I have ever seen. A great experience: like having a drink in someone's front room. Worth combining with a visit to the very nearby White Horse

23 Oct 2021 11:14

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Essential for a visit to see how pubs once were...tiny, cramped and oozing with atmosphere. Very friendly welcome.

5 Oct 2021 18:43

The Three Mariners, Trimley St Mary

They have made an impressive effort to overhaul this pub and turn it into a friendly foody place. Our meal there was rather chaotic, but hopefully that was just a bad night for them. Will try it again

16 Oct 2020 11:49

Belushi's, Shepherds Bush

Not really a pub - more a rough and ready US or Australian-style 'get it down your necks' sports bar.

28 Aug 2019 19:32

Ye Olde Black Bull, Stratford

One of the better pubs on Broadway with knowledgeable staff and a decent lay-out inside. Very busy on matchdays.

3 Jan 2019 17:45

The George, Dorchester on Thames

Reasonable hotel-bar felt slightly lacking in character. But ... can highly recommend the George for a hotel stay.

29 Jul 2018 16:44

The Half Moon, Walton

Very enjoyable pint here in relaxed traditional surroundings. Good range of Adnams. V recommended.

29 Jul 2018 16:37

The King Edward VII, Stratford

One of the better pubs in the Stratford area. A bit careworn in parts of its rambling layout, but plenty of character.

15 May 2017 14:48

Crate, Hackney Wick

Posey hipster bar. Not a proper pub.

15 May 2017 14:45

The Cart And Horses, Stratford

Very enjoyable visit to friendly pub with mixture of football fans and locals. Quite a bit of Iron Maiden memorabilia too ... Recommended.

15 May 2017 14:43

The Elephant and Castle, Kensington

Very likeable Victorian pub with bags of charm - one of the best in the Kensington High Street area.

20 Mar 2017 15:50

The Prospect Inn, Exeter

Completely disagree with previous post ... extremely welcoming staff and atmosphere. Great location and tasty food.

20 Mar 2017 15:41

The Black Horse, Exeter

Very raucous when we visited --- slightly lairy atmosphere.

20 Mar 2017 15:39

Oddfellows Arms, Exeter

Decent food, but a bit too gastro-y for my taste. Didn't like the downstairs layout and odd jumble of furniture that much.

20 Mar 2017 15:38

The Rusty Bike, Exeter

Have heard a rumour that this first-rate pub is closing. Sad if true: excellent beer, good food, friendly staff and a great atmosphere

20 Mar 2017 15:35

The White Elephant, Diss

Could be a good locals' pub ... if it had any locals. Only two people there when we visited on a Friday night and half of it not open. Shame as it could be quite cosy and friendly.

21 Nov 2016 12:50

The Lamb Inn, Great Rissington

More of a hotel/restaurant with a bar than a pub with rooms, but what a lovely place. We had two really enjoyable days here - food is excellent, range of beers fair.

18 Jul 2016 11:48

The Mousetrap Inn, Bourton on the Water

Enjoyed our swift visit here - welcome relief from the touristy honeypot of Bourton -on-the-water. Cosy interior, good range of beers

18 Jul 2016 11:45

Counting House, Freemans Park

Respectable place for after-match pint (or I suppose as an alternative to shopping in the retail park)...Good conversion of a rather fine Victorian building. Fair range of beers, reasonably well kept

18 Apr 2016 12:40

The Britannia, Kensington

One of the better pubs in the area, although the refurb has made it feel a bit gloomy. Quite roomy, so suitable for leaving-dos and office drinks...tends to be busy on Friday nights

27 Jan 2016 10:43

The White Hart, Waterloo

Prefer the Kings Arms or the Hole in the Wall: it feels like the refurbishments of this place have taken away some of its character. Still, a good choice of beers

27 Jan 2016 10:38

The Strutton Arms, Westminster

OK for watching football and a warm atmosphere......but better pubs in the vicinity

1 Jan 2016 10:42

The Brockweir Country Inn, Brockweir

A proper country pub with really friendly staff, good local beers and an excellent menu. We were only in the area for two nights, but liked the place so much we went three times!

1 Jan 2016 10:37

The Princess of Wales, Stratford

Only one old fella nursing a half when we visited on a Tuesday night - barmaid looked a bit startled to see us! Very large pub with pool table, it might be given a new lease of life when West Ham move into the Olympic stadium.

5 Aug 2015 12:03

The Builders Arms, Stratford

Rough and ready East End pub with limited range of beers but lots of machines!

5 Aug 2015 12:01

Tap East, Stratford

Ten out of ten, obviously, for the stunning range of beers available, but only one or two out of ten for the experience of drinking in a corner carved out of a massive shopping centre. Not cheap, either.

5 Aug 2015 12:00

Clarendon Hotel, Wolverhampton

Friendly, lively pub, had a decent couple of drinks here ... only downside was the loooooooong wait (admittedly it was before a Wolves game)

19 Jun 2015 18:55

The Greyhound, Whitchurch on Thames

Have been here a couple of times and really recommend it. Atmospheric pub with nice interior and friendly owner/barman. Food very enjoyable.

2 Mar 2015 14:46

Eastgate, Chichester

Had a very enjoyable swift drink here during recent visit. A friendly welcome and a warm atmosphere (literally!) in this locals' pub. Also rather liked the unspoilt decor.

19 Dec 2014 18:22

The Ivy House, Stradbroke

Quite liked this pub, although it felt a bit like a restaurant with a bar. Feels like it's been recently refurbished and is a bit bright and lacking in atmosphere. Friendly welcome/staff

17 Nov 2014 15:42

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

Don't be fooled by the fancy decor...this is a typical pack-em-in, maximise-the-profits Wetherspoons pub. A noisy barn of a place with large numbers of 'exuberant' City boys.

17 Nov 2014 15:40

Sportsters, Edinburgh

It's never, ever going to win an award for a relaxing drinking experience, but I enjoyed my football-watching evening here. Excellent service.

14 Oct 2014 16:14

The Iona, Londonderry

Had a great night here many years ago...highly recommended if it's half as friendly now as it was then.

14 Oct 2014 16:08

Harbourmaster, Aberaeron

Once upon a time a pub, but now a highly-quality (slightly chi-chi) hotel with a bar attached. Loud and lacking intimacy, there are better pubs elsewhere in town. Fantastic harbourside setting, though.

10 Sep 2014 14:54

The Ship and Castle, Aberystwyth

Terrific back-street pub that seems to attract a friendly mixture of locals and students. Good range of beers, comprehensive juke-box and nice staff. Highly recommended.

10 Sep 2014 14:54

The Watermans Arms, Brentford

One of several excellent locals in the area (e.g. the Brewery Tap and the Royal Horseguardman) that make Brentford excellent for a crawl. Cosy pub with friendly staff and a tiny beer garden for the summer. Hope it never gets 'modernised'!

25 Jun 2014 11:32

The Queens, Upton Park

Woops!... that was meant to be my review of the Boleyn. The stuff about being raucous and avoiding in away colours stands

15 Jun 2014 18:15

The Queens, Upton Park

If this pub, with its stained glass and Victorian fittings, was in Highbury or Chelsea or somewhere, it'd be a trendy-ish gastro joint. Instead it's a very reliable, albeit raucous, place to get a swift pint on match days (lots of staff on duty), but probably best avoided if you're in away colours.

15 Jun 2014 18:13

The Bell and Crown, Chiswick

Gains an extra point for its location on the river, its seems to split 50/50 between drinkers and diners. Food is good, service reasonable; not exactly cosy but it's enjoyable.

15 Jun 2014 18:07

The Victoria Inn, Felixstowe

Sadly still boarded up. Someone please buy this place...

9 Jun 2014 11:32

The Ferry Boat Inn, Felixstowe

Can't understand why this pub doesn't have a higher rating. Have been here many times...Great location near the water, atmospheric old-style interior, service pretty good. The food isn't cheap but it's pretty good. Can get very busy in the summer - but surely that tells you it's doing something right?

9 Jun 2014 11:31

Fox and Hounds, Whitchurch

Very popular local pub packed with drinkers of all ages when we went. I felt its slightly identikit interior was a slight disappointment; the food was fair.

25 May 2014 23:34

The Twelve Pins, Finsbury Park

Enjoyed my trip here for a birthday party. Nice, traditional London pub that hasn't been messed up in a make-over (although friends said the bitter wasn't great).

25 May 2014 23:27

The White Horse Inn, Priors Dean

Well worth the effort finding this pub! Its bar feels as if it hasn't changed for a couple of centuries. Good selection of beers, although we found the food rather uninspired. Will be back once I've dug out my maps again.

9 Apr 2014 14:45

The Thatchers Needle, Diss

Positive point is that this is a newly-opened pub! On the negative side, it's a short-on-atmosphere Harvesters-type place with the emphasis on food rather than drink. OK, I guess, for a family meal, but uninspiring for a drink.

9 Apr 2014 14:37

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

Friendly one-bar pub that seems like it hasn’t changed for decades. Highly recommended escape from the brash nightspots of Richmond. Excellent Indian restaurant a couple of doors down.

9 Apr 2014 14:32

The Brewery Tap, Brentford

Very hidden away (have only just discovered it 10 years despite living a few miles away), this unpretentious local is friendly and comfortable and one of several excellent Brentford pubs. Quirky art on the walls, pool table.

9 Apr 2014 14:29

The Earl of Wakefield, East Ham

Now boarded up, was a pretty bleak place

22 Jan 2014 11:30

The Boleyn Tavern, Upton Park

Architecturally gorgeous pub, with cut glass and wood features, it would be very fashionable were it in a trendy corner of north or west London. Sadly it's very faded and presumably relies on match days to keep going. Has one real ale (although it had finished on my most recent visit). Plenty of staff on match days, so queues not too bad.

22 Jan 2014 11:27

The Southwark Tavern, London Bridge

Really raucous and standing room only when we visited. Fine if you like this sort of thing: I don't.

8 Dec 2013 19:35

The Shakespeare, Victoria

Think the reviews on the site have been a bit harsh. Sure it's never going to win a following as a cosy local, but it is opposite victoria station and in the heart of touristland! Buzzing when we went in, and the staff were friendly and efficient.

8 Dec 2013 19:29

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Dropped in on a quiet December night to find this welcoming pub ticking over nicely. It manages to combine a bar (complete with fire) with restaurant and keep its atmosphere. A special mention for excellent bar staff who went the extra mile.

8 Dec 2013 19:24

The Hole in the Wall, Colchester

Rather enjoyed my fleeting visit to this atmospheric pub built into the remnants of Colchester's Roman wall. Rambling interior, good selection of beers and friendly locals. Was invited to a game of pool; shame I couldn't take up the offer as I would have loved to while away a couple of hours here.

19 Nov 2013 18:25

Katzenjammers Bierkeller and Restaurant, Southwark

Lots of noisy City boy types trying to capture the bierkeller vibe. It was fun for a few minutes and then my head hurt. Less fun was the £19 I was charged for two steins of admittedly excellent lager. Doubt I’ll be back.

19 Nov 2013 18:22

The Master Mariner, Brighton

OK modern pub lacking in atmosphere, but with very welcoming staff. Not sure why you'd go there when there's a plethora of excellent pubs up the road in Brighton.

9 Oct 2013 11:31

The Ben Nevis, Glasgow

Enjoyed our quick visit to this one-room bar. Friendly mixture of drinkers and nicely-kept beer.

9 Oct 2013 11:27

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Go there every now and then after gigs at the Academy. Perfectly acceptable: friendly staff and good mix of clientele.

14 Aug 2013 18:54

The Beehive, Brixton

Typical Wetherspoons pack-em-in pub with little atmosphere.

14 Aug 2013 18:50

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

A very welcome trip back in time to a pub that seems little changed from the 60s and 70s, with an old-style (and atmospheric) two-bar layout. Good mixture of locals, office workers and young tourists.

14 Aug 2013 18:41

The Crown and Cushion, Waterloo

Had walked past many times, without going in. When I finally did, I found an excellent local that has avoided the refurbishments/rebranding of so many pubs in central London. Bit of an Irish feel: decorated with ephemera from the Emerald Isle. Now regret not popping in years ago.

14 Aug 2013 18:39

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

My venue of choice for a post-gig drink after a visit to the Forum almost next door. Proper old London pub with proper old London landlord. Excellent unspoilt interior and a nice mixture of punters.

21 Mar 2013 19:07

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Can't believe I have never been here before! Cute compact London-style pub down an alley. Friendly atmosphere and not too touristy considering its location.

21 Mar 2013 19:04

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Enjoyed our visit here, although it was heaving (mainly office-workers, also a fair sprinkling of tourists). Lovely original Victorian interior with a couple of snugs and efficient service.

21 Mar 2013 19:01

The Kings Head, Teddington

This is a superb (and very good value) restaurant, and although there are drinking sections, not really a pub in the conventional sense...

11 Mar 2013 16:38

The Bull, Bridport

Lovely hotel with good food and friendly staff. Decent bar (although limited choice) but not really a pub experience.

5 Dec 2012 11:52

The Living Room, Islington

Now a bar/gastropub called the Wenlock & Essex - gaudy interior, loud, aimed at well-heeled under-30s. Knows its Islington clientele!

16 Nov 2012 13:39

Cock and Dolphin, Kendal

What a shame. Have v. fond memories of the C+D

9 Nov 2012 17:18

The GlassHouse, New Malden

Nice enough pub with modernish interior, but you wouldn't want to settle in for the night - a bit lacking in ambience.

6 Nov 2012 12:27

The Old Ship, Richmond

Excellent pub, well located for break from shopping, before or after the cinema. Rambling interior with plenty of character. Much prefer it to the heaving places a few yards away on the river.

22 Oct 2012 12:04

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

Classic London pub that time forgot and all the better for it. One big bar and everyone mingling well. Recommended

22 Oct 2012 11:59

The Bucks Head, Thwaite

All credit to the owners for trying to get this place off the ground. Has been very stylishly refurbished, but a bit TOO stylish, it feels a bit stark and bright inside, hardly a cosy atmosphere. But plus points in friendly staff and good beer. Menu also looks imaginative

22 Oct 2012 11:57

The Sawyers Arms, Deansgate

Late Victorian pub with gorgeous interior closing on 7.10.12 for a refit. V friendly staff, big screens for watching sport, clearly being run down a bit when we visited, look forward to visiting when it reopens.

5 Oct 2012 11:40

The Nags Head, Islington

Use this place before (and after) concerts at the Islington Academy round the corner - it has more character than the usual chain pub places

12 Sep 2012 18:08

The Angel, Angel, Islington

Usual slightly bland Wetherspoons - plenty of other better places nearby

12 Sep 2012 18:06

The Rising Sun, Reading

Remember this when it was a metal/rockers pub. Now a gay pub, it's still a bit rough and ready but with friendly staff. Dead when we visited one lunchtime but imagine it gets packed of an evening

10 Sep 2012 12:01

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Nice enough, inevitably rather touristy, pub ... lots of better ones nearby, though - (eg the Harp and the Salisbury)

10 Sep 2012 11:54

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

Boarded up. heartbreaking.

23 Jul 2012 15:31

The Crossroads, Shepperton

Being knocked down for old folks' flats

23 Jul 2012 15:31

The Rising Sun, Isleworth

Interior not as nice as exterior. Slightly unfriendly atmosphere.

23 Apr 2012 14:34

The Oak and Yaffle, Ashley

Boarded up and car park roped off - look like it's about to be knocked down. Surprised it managed to cling on so long.

23 Apr 2012 14:28

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

More of a tourist honeypot than a pub in the conventional sense....but you can't knock its fantastic position on the beach.

11 Apr 2012 14:00

The Silkstone Inn, Barnsley

Typical dreary Wetherspoons with no character. What's worse, my friend couldn't finish his pint.

10 Apr 2012 11:49

The Ypres Castle Inn, Rye

Terrific location (is this the only pub garden in Rye?) and pleasingly unspoilt inside. Cosy and unpretentious.

17 Jan 2012 11:14

The Ship Inn, Rye

All credit to the owners of the fantastically-situated Ship for trying to do something different with their characterful (beams and wooden floors, rambling interior) pub. The day�s papers are in plentiful supply � and there are lots of board games to while away dark evenings.

17 Jan 2012 11:13

Mermaid Inn, Rye

This is a very good (pricey) hotel with a legendary bar with an open fire. It�s worth visiting, but often packed � and not really a pub experience.

17 Jan 2012 10:59

The Queens Head, Rye

Really enjoyed our recent visit to this slightly quirky local. The excellent barman couldn�t have been more friendly and helpful. We went into the side bar to watch a live band: good sound quality.

17 Jan 2012 10:57

The Famous Cock Tavern, Islington

Passable, busy pub that packs �em in (handy for a drink if going to the Highbury Garage). Good service even at times of maximum pressure.

25 Nov 2011 10:54

The Griffin, Brentford

Characterful, well-kept Fullers pub that�s a very friendly place to drink before/after a game. I can imagine it would be a great local.

25 Nov 2011 10:51

Dover Castle, Borough

Despite the exterior, not really a pub � a single large room with sofas around the wall. Young studenty/backpacking clientele. Live music with an open mic.

25 Nov 2011 10:49

The Green, Shepherds Bush

OK chain pub, v busy when i visited after a gig at the empire; much more characterful places a few hundred yards away down the Goldhawk Road

12 Oct 2011 18:32

The Angel and Crown, Richmond

Pleasantly unspoilt place in a side alley; good interior with cosy nooks and crannies. Best avoided on rugby match days (like all of Richmond), I guess. Excellent secondhand bookshop a few doors away.

12 Oct 2011 18:22

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Gorgeous interior, as everyone should be visited if you're within 20 miles. Perhaps a bit intimidating (and full of beer tourists) to be cosy?

12 Oct 2011 18:18

The Angel and Crown, Leicester Square

Nicely-kept pub with friendly staff. Haven't had a problem getting a seat in the heaving West End.

4 May 2011 12:09

The Lyric, Soho

Bare interior means it�s not really a tempting place to linger, but a good stop on the way to the Glasshouse Stores. And at least it�s a proper pub.

4 May 2011 12:05

The Angel On The Bridge, Henley-On-Thames

Stunning position on the Thames and much-photographed exterior, but I found it a bit disappointing inside, not knowing if it�s a pub or restaurant and strange mixture of d�cor.

3 May 2011 15:26

The Flower Pot, Aston

Charming pub in excellent location close to the river. Front bar is very cosy � full of knick-knacks, pictures and so on. Very good menu, with lots of space in the garden if sunny. Highly recommended.

3 May 2011 15:26

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Sweet mews pub that you wouldn�t find anywhere but London. Friendly ambience and doesn�t make too much of its history (Great Train Robbers etc). But loses a point for refusing to serve food at 9.03 (last orders 9.00)

29 Nov 2010 22:35

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Quirky pub untouched by time � tiny but on three levels, stuffed with memorabilia, found the staff friendly and the beer good. Well work tracking down (not easy to find)

29 Nov 2010 22:27

The Old Nag's Head, Manchester

Interesting old fashioned pub with nice quirky lay-out and decent range of beers. Pretty quiet when we went; staff lacked a bit of charm

18 Oct 2010 19:20

The Tap and Spile, Birmingham

Enjoyably old-fashioned pub tucked away from the booze barns of Broad Street. Nice setting by the canal, and decent beer, but service a bit variable,

18 Oct 2010 19:07

The Live and Let Live, Forest Gate

Weird pub clinging on the in the East End. It�s like an old-boozer that they decided to turn into a nightspot, but failed to finish the transformation. Big screen in the front bar, large second bar at the back.

13 Sep 2010 10:52

Sun Inn, Bassenthwaite

Thoroughly enjoyed our visit here �a welcome unspoilt pub with good atmosphere. Good range of drinks and food. Service was friendly and fast.

13 Sep 2010 10:49

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Novel place - two bars divided by a footpath! Quite characterful with a few nooks and crannies. Decent beer.

29 Jun 2010 13:56

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

Hesitate to recommend this little gem ... want to keep it for myself! Tiny little pub that seems unchanged for decades; very friendly and great mix of regulars.

29 Jun 2010 13:54

The Rock Point Inn, Lyme Regis

Has been smartened up inside since my last visit. Has huge windows through which to enjoy the view over Lyme Bay. Much less touristy than you�d expect from its stunning location: very much a locals� pub.

14 Jun 2010 11:59

The Royal Lion Hotel, Lyme Regis

Lovely building, and interior, in a prime spot on Lyme�s high street. It�s a shame then that it�s a bit disorganised � often not enough staff and beers off. But worth a stop on a Lyme crawl.

14 Jun 2010 11:58

The Lemon Tree, Covent Garden

Found this place a bit of a disappointment - nice exterior, but the recent refit has made it into a rather bland pub/bar hybrid. Much prefer the Harp around the corner. No faulting the beer, though.

14 May 2010 11:54

The Durell, Fulham

Dull pub/barn hybrid which struggles to cope with large crowds. Good beer, but loses points for slightly offhand, harrassed service/

4 May 2010 11:09

The Duke of Cornwall, Hammersmith

Think it rather relies on its proximity to hammersmith odeon (as it's properly known), but worth visiting as an alternative to its pricey bars. not a great deal of atmosphere - bright, wooden floors, sofas.

25 Mar 2010 13:09

Prince Of Wales, Covent Garden

Big, bland place aimed at visitors, rather than londoners.

25 Mar 2010 13:06

The Coach and Horses, Covent Garden

Acceptable proper (but slightly uninspired) pub that doesn't make too much effort to reel in tourists. very friendly bar staff. well worth a stop.

25 Mar 2010 13:04

The Bunch of Grapes, London Bridge

Well-run and popular Young pub, but for me it lacks a bit of character: it's neither cosy nor rocking! Wouldn't want to stay the whole evening there. Good for a quick pint before a train out of London Bridge.

28 Jan 2010 10:42

The Crown Hotel, Marnhull

Delighted to report that the Crown achieves a rare double - it's a lovely pub AND an excellent hotel. The new owners have done a fantastic job.
Very historic, atmospheric interior (open fire, flagstones etc) - and the rooms have been really well done up. Friendly, and knowledgable, staff. The food is v, good as well. We had a great break there before Christmas and will definitely be back.

27 Jan 2010 12:52

The Opera Tavern, Covent Garden

Characterful old-style London pub still looks as it probably did 50 years ago. Decent beer range. Very quiet when we visited

13 Nov 2009 15:39

The Opera Tavern, Covent Garden

Characterful old-style London pub still looks as it probably did 50 years ago. Decent beer range. Very quiet when we visited

13 Nov 2009 15:39

The Smugglers, Brighton

Reasonable place to watch sport on big screens - comfortable seats and friendly bar staff. Food OK.

13 Nov 2009 15:37

Spade Oak, Bourne End

Wanted to like this pub more ... great location by the river and nice building BUT inside it felt like a by-the-numbers gastropub, more a restaurant than a boozer. friendly staff.

15 Jul 2009 12:52

The Albany, Great Portland Street

..i mean 'relaxing drink'!

15 Jul 2009 12:50

The Albany, Great Portland Street

raucous pub with great collection of beer and so-so food...not the place for a relaxing place

15 Jul 2009 12:49

The Magpie and Crown, Brentford

never mind the dingy interior (and exterior), the range of beer is superb - including excellent lagers - and the landlord very friendly. one of brentford's best pubs.

15 Jun 2009 16:17

The Roebuck, Richmond Hill

Nothing special inside, but v. well kept beer and one of the best views from any london pub from the seats opposite the door. recommended.

15 Jun 2009 16:15

Pickwicks Wine Bar, Chiswick

Despite the name, more like a pub! well worth a visit as a change from the more manicured drinking places in the area.

20 Apr 2009 13:24

Utobeer, Borough Market

Not normally my sort of place (a bit bright and soulless) but u cant argue with the range of continental beers.....well worth a stop in a wheatsheaf/george/market porter crawl.

20 Apr 2009 13:21

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

deserves its legendary status and interesting warren of a building with a great smoky smell. friendly staff and reasonable beer.

20 Apr 2009 13:19

The Tipperary, Fleet Street

Great to find this unspoilt, friendly and relaxed place in the heart of london. long may it stay that way...

20 Apr 2009 13:18

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

It's in a great location and boasts nine real ales (including delicious lager) but .... it feels rather care-worn, at least in the winter. A lot of the food was off and the barman spent a good 5 mins chatting on the phone before serving us.

20 Jan 2009 12:47

The Blackfriar, Blackfriars

Stunning Art Nouveau interior - amazing to think it was nearly bulldozed in the 60s! Busy with City boys.

20 Jan 2009 12:43

The Cockpit, Blackfriars

Lovely "local" pub - a real find in this part of the City. Interesting building inside and out, good beer, friendly bar staff

20 Jan 2009 12:40

The Shepherd and Flock, Shepherds Bush

Unspoilt street-corner local, cosy interior, well worth a visit for a quiet pint. nice barmaid.

11 Dec 2008 14:45

The Horse and Groom, Wareham

Rumbustuous local with big screen in front bar, but plenty of room elsewhere ... friendly landlord

11 Dec 2008 14:42

The Greyhound, Diss

OK bar at the front and a raucous one at the back...not very relaxing!

27 Oct 2008 13:22

The Swan, Brome

unpretentious boozer that feels likely it hasnt been done up for years. my pint was a bit grim, though

27 Oct 2008 13:21

Ye Olde White Harte, Hull

terrific pub half hidden down an alleyway with a lovely interior and great range of beers. friendly, warm and comfortable, full of nooks and crannies.

27 Oct 2008 13:19

The Rising Sun, Smithfield

nice interior, friendly staff, good range of beer and not too touristy. food mundane, though

27 Oct 2008 13:18

The Horniman at Hays, Southwark

better than i expected considering the inevitably touristy location! fast friendly service and i love the mock-victorian gin palace interior.

10 Oct 2008 16:57

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

wide selection of beers (adnams) and great location ... BUT ... it's not really a pub! more like a trendy eating house with drinking around the edges.bright, light and cavernous with no real atmosphere

10 Oct 2008 16:55

The Bridge House, Tower Bridge

wide selection of beers (adnams) and great location ... BUT ... it's not really a pub! more like a trendy eating house with drinking around the edges.bright, light and cavernous with no real atmosphere

10 Oct 2008 16:55

The Old Kings Head, Borough

perfectly decent unpretentious boozer - delighted it hasn't be tarted up.

28 Sep 2008 19:11

The Cottage, Fulham

a bit sedate, but this suburban pub is bright and friendly - good place for a pre-match drink (away fans served!)

28 Sep 2008 19:07

Millers Well, East Ham

good beer, altho service a bit variable on WH match days. better than average for a wetherspoons

2 Sep 2008 18:53

The Castle, Plaistow

pretty characterless, but you can normally get a seat there after WHU games.

2 Sep 2008 18:50

O'Neills, Shepherds Bush

characterless big barn of a place, probably worth a swift pint after a gig at the empire, but better venues down the goldhawk rd

21 Jul 2008 14:34

The Turks Head, St Margarets

perfectly reasonable pub - interesting lay-out and friendly atmosphere

21 Jul 2008 14:33

The Lass O'Richmond Hill, Richmond

does well combining restaurant with a pub atmosphere: cosy in the winter, decent menu and beer

17 Jun 2008 12:13

The Intrepid Fox, St Giles

Great raucous pub if you're a rock fan heading to a gig at the astoria/mean fiddler. you'll hate it if you prefer arcade fire to ac/dc

17 Jun 2008 12:12

The North Pole, Canary Wharf

An amazing find amid the concrete and glass of canary wharf - a proper pub with friendly staff! long may it prosper...

21 May 2008 18:21

The Princess Louise, Holborn

Congrats on the superb refurbishment of this gorgeous victorian pub - amazing to think it nearly got knocked down in the 60s! stunning glasswork and wooden partitions. even the gents is worth a visit!

21 May 2008 18:17

The Inn At Kew, Kew

the owners have made a real effort with this place but - for me - it doesnt really work. don't like the bizarre mishmash of furniture or side cubicles.

16 Apr 2008 12:04

The Salisbury, Leicester Square

gorgeous is the only word for this pub, with its stunning glasswork and horseshoe-shaped bar. real ale too.

16 Apr 2008 12:02

The Green Man and French Horn, Covent Garden

You should get a seat when other places nearby are heaving. real ales, but a bit non-descript.

16 Apr 2008 12:00

The Coal Hole, Strand

Really spectacular, quirky interior - please dont let it change! Can be hard to find a seat because of its location on the strand

7 Apr 2008 12:04

The Prince, Shepherds Bush

QPR/Irish pub, more rough and ready than it looks from the outside. bar staff a little sullen

7 Apr 2008 12:01

The Bear and Ragged Staff, Crayford

OK for watching football (loads of good-quality screens), but wouldnt want to hang about otherwise: a raucous, slightly rough, barn of a place.

24 Mar 2008 11:14

The White Horse, Edmonton

much much better than it looks from the outside: cosy and comfortable inside, with cluttered walls and big screen TVs. went 'undercover' on a match day and found it friendly and surprisingly unpacked.

24 Mar 2008 11:09

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

proper pub - well worth searching for in the middle of nowhere, even if you're not a real ale drinker

8 Feb 2008 13:06

The Mill at Gordleton, Sway

more a bar attached to a superb, reasonably priced, restaurant. not really a pub experience.

8 Feb 2008 13:03

The Royal Oak, Borough

one of the best pubs in london: fabulous interior and good atmophere.

1 Feb 2008 18:39

The Wheatsheaf, Borough

This is probably heresy with some, but i prefer this pub to the 'market porter' - a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, good selection of beer and you can normally get a seat.

1 Feb 2008 18:36

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

not a pub. it's a warehouse that serves pricey beer. perverse to drink here when there are so many decent pubs in the vicinity.

1 Feb 2008 18:32

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Well worth a visit because of its stunning position on the river. Cosy downstairs bar and a slightly blander restaurant upstairs.

4 Jan 2008 16:13

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Good back street boozer that has been tastefully done up without losing its atmosphere. Wide range of beer. Deservedly popular with locals.

4 Jan 2008 16:10

The George and Dragon, Ilfracombe

recommended - good selection of food, nice bar lay-out with low beams, friendly staff.

16 Dec 2007 19:29

The Rising Sun, Lynmouth

lovely atmospheric bar (attached to an excellent hotel, most rooms have sea views) where locals and tourists mix happily. good selection of bar food.

16 Dec 2007 19:26

The Britannia, Richmond

Reputedly one of Richmond's oldest pubs, and in a great location, so it should be a lot better. friendly enough, but a bit careworn.

8 Nov 2007 13:00

The Red Lion, St James

standing room only in this lovely pub with a gorgeous interior - fantastic glasswork - and a good range of real ale.

8 Nov 2007 12:57

O'Riordans, Brentford

popular locals pub (a free house) with warm and cosy atmosphere and frienldy bar staff. good for watching football - big room at the back and big selection of channels.

28 Oct 2007 12:05

The Royal Oak, Erdington

Used to drink here when i lived in erdington - great guinness. if it's anything like as good as it was then, it's the best pub in the area.

28 Oct 2007 12:00

The Royal Sovereign, Brighton

plenty of character, friendly staff, good beer

3 Oct 2007 15:23

Yates Wine Lodge, Blackpool

not really a pub, more a barn that serves as much beer as possible as fast as possible. not relaxing.

3 Oct 2007 15:20

The Albert, St James's

beautiful fittings in this pub and it should have bags of atmosphere. dunno why, but it doesn't. too many tourists?

7 Sep 2007 17:58

The Speaker, Westminster

friendly place that lives up to its boast that it is a "proper pub" - ie no juke box, fruit machines etc. good range of beers.

7 Sep 2007 17:56

Gloucester Arms, Knightsbridge

big, unpretentious pack-'em-in and serve-'em-quick place.

14 Aug 2007 17:48

The Black Lion, Plaistow

probably the best pub in the vicinity of upton park - historic and good range of beers. not exactly an undiscovered gem, though, it gets rammed on match days even though it's 3/4 mile away from the ground.

14 Aug 2007 17:46

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

good points - wide range of beer, interesting decor; bad point - v v studenty clientele

18 Jul 2007 11:57

The Harp, Covent Garden

delightful spot with good range of beers; lovely downstairs bar (although the one upstairs is a bit bland). try the sausage sandwiches.

18 Jul 2007 11:56

The Hand and Racquet, Covent Garden

rare old-fashioned pub off leicester square, has lots of character although it's a bit care-worn. reasonable beer, friendly staff

18 Jul 2007 11:54

The Star and Garter, Soho

traditional homely place, a welcome respite from the flashy drinking holes in the area. downstairs (fantastic mirror!) often busy; upstairs quieter and comfortable.

28 Jun 2007 11:16

Masons Arms, Branscombe

gorgeous, apparently unspoilt pub, about quarter of a mile from the sea. good range of real ales and a wide range of (rather expensive) food.
went there about 5 yrs ago to find rather unfriendly staff; all changed on a return visit this month. recommended.

27 Jun 2007 20:24

The Corner Store, Covent Garden

a 'vertical drinking establishment' rather than a pub. zero atmosphere, altho staff are friendly enough.

23 Apr 2007 14:29

The White Cross, Richmond

with its lovely building and great riverside position, this was probably a good pub 50 years ago....these days it's often a heritage version of a chain pub, churning out hundreds of pints and other words, it's lost much of its original charm. best to avoid at weekends and warm evenings and to try the watermans round the corner.

18 Apr 2007 11:10

The Monsal Head Hotel, Monsal Head

unparalled setting at the head of monsal dale. excellent, good value, food (same menu as in next door hotel but more fun in the pub!) and a good selection of beers, altho several seemed to be off when we visited.

5 Apr 2007 13:48

The Bulls Head, Ashford in the Water

friendly unspolit country pub with cheerful mixture of locals and good quality if a touch on the pricey side

5 Apr 2007 13:45

The Beehive, Brentford

decent locals' pub; friendly atmosphere. dunno how it'll cope with the smoking ban!

18 Mar 2007 23:09

The New Inn, Brentford

one of the best pubs in brentford, much bigger than it looks with rambling, cosy lay-out inside. friendly staff. pooltable.

18 Mar 2007 23:06

The Leicester Arms, Piccadilly Circus

doing something right - it's always been pretty busy (and smoky) when i've been there; service is good, beer average, not quite sure why anyone would drink there in preference to the glasshouse stores

15 Mar 2007 16:25

The Watermans Arms, Richmond

the last proper pub in central richmond? great atmosphere and you can normally get a seat. ideal for drinks after a trip to the richmond filmhouse

14 Mar 2007 11:45

Pennycomequick Hotel, Plymouth

about 15 mins' walk from home park if you're there for a game. standard pub with pool and darts and a weird mixture of furniture in the back room. friendly staff.

14 Mar 2007 11:38

The Woodlands Tavern, Isleworth

top notch place, with superb guinness ... friendly atmosphere, good pool table and plenty of choice on the juke box.

13 Feb 2007 17:27

The Six Bells, Brentford

old fashioned local - and none the worse for that. v friendly bar staff. has some good live music - saw cry wolf there the other sunday.

13 Feb 2007 17:21

The Duke of York, Richmond

never the greatest hostelry, but at least it was a PROPER pub in the town centre .... can't believe how they're being driven out by bland, corporate bars.

7 Nov 2006 16:04

The Railway, Kew Gardens

good choice of beer (including lovely white beer) but average food in a perfectly acceptable hostelry....perhaps best avoided when there's a big rugby match on.

7 Nov 2006 15:59

The Rose and Crown, Stanton

elegant building a bit less distinguished inside, with reasonable beer but so-so food.

30 Oct 2006 11:15

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

warning - if you go here for a quick pint before catching the train you could end up staying all evening! great choice of beers....a proper pub!

27 Oct 2006 17:24

St Stephens Tavern, Westminster

the nearest you can get to drinking in the house of commons without being there! beautifully refurbished pugin-style interior. it inevitably gets inundated by tourists. nice quieter bar upstairs.

12 Oct 2006 19:22

The Boot Inn, Eskdale

Friendly Robinson's pub in a stunning setting. Good beer garden for the summer and cosy bars for other times of the year. Has satellite TV - worth knowing in this neck of the woods!

12 Oct 2006 19:13

The Jolly Gardeners, Mortlake

friendly local Young's pub where i spent a very enjoyable afternoon watching of the better stops on a mortlake crawl including the ship, the tapestry and the railway. apparently there is music some nights.

11 Oct 2006 15:11

The Three Wishes, Winchmore Hill

ok for a quiet drink - but i do mean quiet, more often it's somnolent, with an elderly clientele. very good value prices though

11 Oct 2006 15:06

The Harbour Inn, Lyme Regis

expensive food, but well worth it, with good selection of seafood and, if you're lucky, great views over the harbour. gets very busy on saturdays, so probably best to avoid if you just want a quiet drink.

10 Oct 2006 19:10

The Nags Head, Lyme Regis

Well worth the struggle uphill from the seafront for a good pint in friendly surroundings - you won't find fossilhunters here! pub a bit careworn but that somehow adds to the charm. live music on some saturdays.

10 Oct 2006 19:07

The Glasshouse Stores, Piccadilly Circus

the tardis - a small entrance leading to loads of bar space. comfortably (in more ways than one) the best pub in soho, although it's getting busier as more people discover it. the beer is very very good value for the area.

9 Oct 2006 20:06

The Jack Horner, Tottenham Court Road

this pub's not at all bad; it's never too crowded and you can usually get a seat. predictably a bit studenty but relatively tourist-free. reasonable beer selection.

9 Oct 2006 20:03

The Montagu Pyke, Charing Cross Road

baffling to me why anyone would want to drink in this raucous barn, apart from reasonable (for the west end) prices and a useful loo upstairs if you're in the charing cross road area.

6 Oct 2006 17:54

The Royal George, Charing Cross Road

one of the better pubs in the area - good mix of drinkers in a quirky bar. excellent lager selection, although it had no bitter on my last visit.

6 Oct 2006 17:51

The King Street Run, Cambridge

a bit unkempt considering it's had a number of facelifts - but the bar staff are friendly and the juke box outstanding.

4 Oct 2006 12:54

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

providing it's not overrun with students, this is a top-notch place to drink. historic, unspoilt, lots of nooks and crannies, good selection of beers.

4 Oct 2006 12:52

The Doric Arch, Euston

OK, OK, so it's got a great range of (well-kept) real ales but it's like drinking in a series of shoeboxes decorated with railway memorabilia.

15 Sep 2006 11:24

The Freemasons Arms, Covent Garden

top Orangeboom, one of the few good places to watch football on big screeen, food mundane but served fast.

15 Sep 2006 11:19

The Volunteer Inn, Lyme Regis

Top of the hill in Lyme Regis - and also the town's top pub! Great, friendly, atmosphere, excellent Guinness. A well-known rock singer is seen there regularly! Food not bad.

14 Sep 2006 17:49

The Coach and Horses, Kew

Good hotel, with comfortable accommodation. Bit more ordinary as a pub - cluttered inside, very overpriced food.

14 Sep 2006 11:25

Princess Royal, Brentford

cavernous place which presuambly gets packed on match days, otherwise quiet. friendly enough but nothing special.

14 Sep 2006 11:23

The Dolphin, Kings Cross

i want to speak up for the dolphin too. relaxing friendly local pub with decent beer - so good to find a place like this in central london.

12 Sep 2006 11:27

The Unicorn, Ambleside

v v friendly pub, with good mixture of locals and hikers. good music some nights

12 Sep 2006 11:20

The Pilot Boat Inn, Lyme Regis

good choice of food, fast service, child friendly - as much a cafe/restaurant as a boozer

11 Sep 2006 12:16

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

super little (and i mean little) pub, great if you can find some space. dizzying climb to the loo!

11 Sep 2006 12:08

The Two Chairmen, St James's

one of my favourite pubs in the area - bar staff are friendly and well laid-out inside. v v smoky at times although that will presumably change.

11 Sep 2006 12:07

The Westminster Arms, Westminster

not quite sure why it's got such positive feedback, apart from reasonable beer selection, as it's lacking in character. food downstairs is OK.

11 Sep 2006 12:05

The Marquis of Granby, Westminster

worth a pint, but a bit characterless for longer. upstairs room can be hired and is reasonable venue for parties/leaving dos

11 Sep 2006 12:03

The Kings Head, Brockdish

not exactly a sparkling atmosphere! decent pool table though

10 Sep 2006 13:43

The Kirkstone Pass Inn, Kirkstone Pass

sweet old pub in sensational setting; presume it gets overrun at weekends/summer. good food selection.

10 Sep 2006 13:36

The Central, Upton Park

typical london pub, the big gloomy room round the back is probably the best for getting served on match days.

10 Sep 2006 13:29

The Duke of Edinburgh, Upton Park

bit of a barn and, although it gets packed on match days, the service is normally pretty fast. world's smallest beer 'garden' out the back.

10 Sep 2006 13:26

The Maypole, Cambridge

well kept beer, superb cocktails, vv friendly management. so much better than most pubs in cambridge.

10 Sep 2006 13:06

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Have had some good evenings here - food is good and service generally reasonable. it might be mock Tudor, but i like the layout with its hidden corners. can get a bit overwhelmed at weekends

8 Sep 2006 19:41

The Langstrath Country Inn, Stonethwaite

probably better for eating than drinking - the food is excellent. fantastic setting; the hotel rooms are basic but comfortable

8 Sep 2006 19:28

The Orange Tree, Winchmore Hill

Great beer, friendly crowd, untouched by chain pub naffness. Pool table and big screen for matches.

8 Sep 2006 19:24

The Express Tavern, Kew Bridge

proper pub - good beer, great atmosphere; one of the best in brentford and better than those of the other side of kew bridge

8 Sep 2006 19:10

The Blue Anchor, Richmond

farewell to what was the best pub in richmond

8 Sep 2006 19:05

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