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The White Horse, Banbury

Now taken over by Everards and leased to White Horse Brewery. Renamed White Horse at Banbury Cross.

3 Mar 2012 10:22

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Mike; We were told to find a table and the waitress would take our order.
Never mind, history now. I note it has been removed from the GBG though, not really surprised after our visit.

3 Oct 2010 12:21

The Peacock, Oxhill

Had an excellent meal here on Saturday, a lovely choice and really well cooked. It's a warm and welcoming pub with a reasonable range of R.A's, I had a Wye Valley Butty Bach and T.T Golden both in decent condition. Thoroughly recommended, although the car park reminds me of a wet weekend at Glastonbury.

3 Oct 2010 12:15

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

How disappointing, by all accounts this was previously a very decent pub with good food, not now unfortunately. I visited over 2 days and on both occasions was served dull, lifeless beers. We waited for food, but no one came to take our order, which was disappointing because we ended up at the awful Pinocchio's just down the road, another story. I wouldn't recommend this after our short stay.

10 Sep 2010 23:07

The Bell Inn, Watchet

I went in here after visiting The Star and I was much happier, friendlier, more down to earth and better kept beer. The whole place felt more like a proper pub, certainly the best pub in Watchet that I visited.

10 Sep 2010 23:00

The Star Inn, Watchet

This seems to have received some mixed reviews and I can see why, I'm a bit confused about it too. Very foody and not just your lunchtime sarnies either, they cater for the full blown meal or nothing. All the tables indoors were being used for food so we ventured out the front, which is a pleasant area, though the benches are a bit rickety. My beer was a touch on the dubious side. I wasn't really that impressed with the pub all in all.

10 Sep 2010 22:56

Esplanade Club, Watchet

Came across this quite by accident after alighting from the Steam Railway. Great place to have a beer in the marina area, there also seemed to be a flea market going on at the same time. I had a pint of Butcombe which was ok, but there was a certain lack of choice. Still a pleasant place to while away some time for the return train.

10 Sep 2010 22:51

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

A pleasant walk along the sea wall brings you to this nicely situated pub by the Marina. The beer range is somewhat limited, but it was the best pint of Exmoor Gold of the night, if that helps. It has been added to the 2011 GBG aparently. Inside is an interesting mix of seafaring and local information momentos. Nicely buzzing on a Thursday night with drinkers and diners, the Smoked Mackeral was excellent. I liked this pub and would like it more with a better beer selection.

10 Sep 2010 08:46

The Quay, Minehead

Reasonable pub with a small range of Cornish themed beers plus the Exmoor Gold. Open and friendly and nicely situated on the front. The beer was in good form. Certainly worth a look.

10 Sep 2010 08:40

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

As Wetherspoons go this is certainly one of the better versions, big comfortable lounge like rooms, clean (which is a pleasant change) and only one 'coming soon' on the bar. Obviously being a Spoons you get the familiar Marston range across most of the pumps with just 2 guests. The outside has a pleasant seating area, if you don't mind the occasional faceful of someone elses smoke. The beer was too cold and one was a little on the edge and it took a while to get served, but otherwise pretty good.

10 Sep 2010 08:36

The Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

Another visit to Southwold and another new pub for us, but this we thought was the best of those that we had visited. Busy, but still time for courtiousness, decent Adnams and seemingly the full range. Good stuff.

29 Aug 2010 18:33

The Belgian Monk, Norwich

The first time on any visit to Norwich that we have found this one open. A big beer list but not that many available, I asked for 3 before we found one that was available.. It did seem that the girls behind the bar were more interested in chatting about their boyfriends rather than serving. if you are going to do a Belgian style pub, then you have to the service that goes with it.

29 Aug 2010 18:28

The Reindeer Pub & Kitchen, Norwich

We were quite disappointed on this visit, the beer range has diminished and the beers we had were not in great nick unfortunately. A quick one and move on.

29 Aug 2010 18:24

The Fat Cat, Norwich

There is little more I can add to the previous comments. Top notch, full of interest, always great to visit, this was my 4th time. We always seem to get chatting to someone. Great place.

29 Aug 2010 18:21

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Decent back street local, quite spacious inside. Friendly & welcoming, serves mostly the local Chalk Hill beers, which are well worth trying. Suffers in comparison to the nearby Fat Cat, but worth a look in its own right.

29 Aug 2010 18:17

The New Entertainer, Gorleston

A wonderful building inside and out, full of charm and interest. A good range of beers served by a very knowledgeable Landlord. Comfortable and fascinating. This really is worth a trip.

29 Aug 2010 18:11

Mariners Compass, Gorleston

This has the feel of a modern estate type pub from the outside, but it's much better than that. Good range of beers and a good quality too. Comfortable and a friendly chatty barmaid. The Cheese & Onion rolls were a little tasteless, but otherwise we enjoyed our stay.

29 Aug 2010 18:07

The St. John's Head, Great Yarmouth

Very quiet on my visit but still friendly enough. The beers were a little edgy on the quality front, but still drinkable. I thought the meter for the outdoor heater was funny. Worth a look in if you are in the dockside area.

29 Aug 2010 18:02

Red Herring, Great Yarmouth

Very unfriendly unfortunately, not sure why.

29 Aug 2010 17:57

Mariners Tavern, Great Yarmouth

Visited on a wet Wednesday afternoon and enjoyed a very pleasant time in there. Plenty of Ales available, looked like 7 or 8 and the beers I had were all in good nick. Chatty locals, friendly barstaff, it was certainly the best pub I went in to in Gt Yarmouth.

29 Aug 2010 17:52

The Red Lion, Southwold

Went in to here straight after the Lord Nelson just round the corner and had the best beer of the day, really well kept. Found a seat easily enough, it doesn't seem to get as packed as the Nelson. The front bar area, though busy is a nice place to be, comfortable and friendly, but I started to notice all the warning boards on the walls, dogs on leads, food ordered from a particular place and kids banished to the back, that sort of thing, thought I was back in the Forces. I had a look at the back, there seemed to be a shed arrangement on the way to the loo which I presume to be the kids room as the garden seemed to be a big smokeathon. The people I shared a table with had meals which looked great. Decent place to go apart from the constant written instructions.

25 Aug 2010 09:17

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

This had to be a must visit from previous reviews and yes, all the essentials are there for a very good pub. This is sea side heaven, it's really busy at all times aparently, and this was no exception, great place for people watching and seeing how the day trippers and locals interact. The red faced Landlord seemed really cheesed off with the buggy procession that came through. Back in the day I don't remember even 1 buggy being pushed through a pub, but I notice that these have become monsters these days and there must have been seven of them one after the other and the buggies are the size of small cars, people eh? Mine was a curiously dubious pint of Adnams The Bitter considering the proximity of the Brewery, but apart from this it is a great place to be, particularly after walking from Kessingland via beach and cliff

25 Aug 2010 09:06

The Ship, Reedham

Nipped in as a bit of a break from the Festival down the road and was immediately taken with how quiet and respectable it is trying to be, I thought that it was a hotel, where you get the deathly hush, it felt that way, as though you have to whisper your beer order. The beer I had, a Sharps Honey Spice Ale was decent enough, the rest of the pulls seem to be devoted to Adnams, the Wife's Broadside was borderline. We adjourned to the very pleasant garden, watching the swing bridge, we can't build like that any more. A wonder through the rest of the pub revealed a fully laid up Restaurant area but no Diners, all very comfortable all very unused. A pretty place indeed, but pretty quiet too.

24 Aug 2010 09:07

The Lord Nelson, Reedham

Had a good time here on a mixed up Summers day at their Beer Festival, heat then squally showers had us sitting outside then rushing for cover. The festival is great and you can hang out around the front, chatting away, which is good because inside, it can only be described as scruffy and disorganised. This is not to run it down, it's probably part of it's charm. What is not so great is the food, this is of the Microwave school of cooking, probably the worst Pub food I have had in years and believe me I have had some dodgy ones. Back to the outside though and it is a happy place, mock tudor with a beaten up marquee across the, thankfully, quiet road and the river moorings. I liked my time there but wouldn't eat again.

24 Aug 2010 08:59

The Green Dragon, Bungay

A real boozer of a pub with it's own Brewery. The beer is particularly well kept, particularly the Bridge Street Bitter, not too many people in on a Sunday afternoon and shuts after 3pm but a good place to visit. The patio garden was very pleasant.

22 Aug 2010 16:51

Artichoke, Bungay

Ticks many of the boxes you want to find in a pub. Well kept beer? yes, good and interesting range? Yes, Good Food? Yes. Lovely and well extended building, comfortable, busy, popular and friendly. No faults really. If you are in the area it's a must visit.

22 Aug 2010 16:46

Norman Warrior, Lowestoft

Pub on the edge of town, not easy to get to. It is quite large and seems to be a pub of two halves. There is a downt to earth locals bar and the other side can best be called a diner, there is also a pleasantish outside area although a little overrun by kids. The beer range is a bit steady standard with no real treats, but it is well kept and drinkable. We both ate a tasty meal and the food side seems to be very popular. Def worth a look.

21 Aug 2010 20:58

The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft

Excellent boozer just outside of the main shopping area, traditional and very friendly. There was a Beer Fest on when I visited so there was a decent crowd in on a Saturday afternoon. The building was larger than it looked from the outside and it was certainly comfortable. No food, just a great place to be.

21 Aug 2010 20:53

The Lamplighters, Stratford Upon Avon

Popped in here on the way back to the Railway Station. Initially we attracted the locals attention as it is very much a locals pub. Once in you are confronted with a choice of 3 beers, all from the Marstons stable, it's been a while since I had plumped for a Banks' Mild/Original so I went for that, not a beer that's improved any. the pub is comfortable enough, no airs or graces, a decent boozer, which seems rare in Stratford. Nothing wrong at all with it.

14 Aug 2010 09:37

The New Bulls Head, Stratford Upon Avon

This has indeed the feel of a lounge bar as ROBCamra describes so well below and caters mostly for locals along with those from nearby hotels. The atmosphere is a little subdued, probably because it's so spread out. We had the TT Landlord, which was so-so. Not the most exciting place to visit, but reasonable enough, a visit and go sort of place.

14 Aug 2010 09:31

The Windmill, Stratford Upon Avon

For us, quite simply this is the best pub in Stratford. There is a good mix of diners and drinkers with a roomy standing area around the bar, there is also a great patio area, which is very popular. The beer range isn't the greatest, but the Purity Gold was the best beer of the night. The girls behind the bar were great fun, although very busy they made you feel at home, sorry about the photo's girls. The food looks good, the ambiance is good, it does everything well.

14 Aug 2010 09:24

The Golden Bee, Stratford Upon Avon

Visited for the 2nd time last night and although it's one of the better Spoons on the circuit, it does exhibit many of the Spoons shortcomings. Beers coming soon, those that were available were not in great condition, in fact the worst of the night. The pub was quite full with the compulsory Hen Party (deely boppers and L plates in place), pre clubbing bingers and diners looking for price over promise. It's a Spoons, you know what you are going to get.

14 Aug 2010 09:16

The Bear, Stratford

This was tricky to find on this site, obviously should be under Stratford upon Avon. Not just tricky on the site, tricky to get in to for the newbie as well, it looks like you are entering a brasserie, through a revolving door, but immediately turn left. Inside, there is a large bar with a good array of hand pumps and very willing bar staff. The actual range of beers was a little staid in our opinion, if we were to have a free house with an unlimited choice, there would at least be a couple of exciting, unusual beers. However; this is not the case in here, I had a perfectly acceptable Hobson's Mild, but I would like to have chosen something much more interesting. This follows in to the pub, it's a hotel lounge really with a couple of tellies, last night showing Golf (yawn). It was quite full with drinkers and it is quite comfy, but it, along with the beer range, is fairly dull.

14 Aug 2010 09:05

The Old Thatch Tavern, Stratford Upon Avon

Went in last night, the 1st port of call on our Stratford crawl. There were initially 3 beers on but one disappeared quickly. I had the UBU, which as normal was quite tasty. The big reservation I have about the Pub is that space is certainly at a premium, a good 50% is given over to Diners, plus virtually every other area was being used for eating, great for the pub but we found ourselves constantly being moved around and you have to weave around the tables to get to the loo. So not the most comfortable or friendly place, although the young lad behind the bar was chatty enough, more a quick visit and off.

14 Aug 2010 08:51

The Punch Bowl, Warwick

Top notch local, great atmosphere and excellent Landlord. Just on the edge of the main part of town, but on taking the short cut from the station across the park it's the first pub you come to. They sell Oakwell beers at a price not seen anywhere else in Warwick, apart from the awful Spoons, often they have the latest seasonal. The pub feels relatively new and opened out, but in fact it's very old. The food looks good, but untried by us. Decent outside seating area at the front.

10 Jul 2010 13:44

The Rake, London Bridge

We have visited this Pub many times, can't believe I've never written it up before. Always worth a look although it's a bit like a Tardis without the bit where it gets bigger, unless you include the garden. It regularly serves us the best beer of our London trip day, yesterday it was a dark Star Sussex Extra Stout, marvelous. Yes it's pricey and yes it doesn't seem to have the same banter you get in The Market Porter, but it does beer really well.

27 Jun 2010 13:15

The Mudlark, London Bridge

Touristy pub close to the bridge, one that we'd walked past before, but with a bit more time on our hands decided to pop in. Pricey and our Adnams was a bit touch and go. However it was packed so they must have something going for them, right place I suppose, but I don't think we would bother in the future.

27 Jun 2010 13:10

The Brew Wharf, London Bridge

Added this to our normal list of pubs around Borough Market as the beer range tends to be interesting, which it was. The pub / Restaurant is a bit austere though and a little unwelcoming for our liking. So its more like get the beer, knock it back and move on, perhaps having to manouvre around folk sitting on the steps and floor doesn't help.

27 Jun 2010 13:06

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

So I look for the best pub around Liverpool St Station to fit our needs, check the opening times for a Saturday on their own website (Nicholsons) and arrive there in plenty of time, a full hour and a half before their stated closing time. Open the doors and walk in, a bit empty, but walk up to the bar, no-one around. Eventually a girl appears from the back and says we're shut, I explain the website closing time, but She was not to be budged. Now I know this part of town has it's own way of doing things, but we thought that this was a bit off, couldn't even get to the loos. I will mark it on the basis that it p****d us all right off and Nicholsons should get it's house, pubs, website in order.

27 Jun 2010 12:55

The Oxford, Kentish Town

Last in our mini Kentish Town tour. It is an opened up barn of a building with a long bar and a seemingly Cornish theme to the beer range, fairly standard ones. All the tv's were on ruining any possible atmosphere that could have been built up. A bit characterless and charmless for us, handy for the buses back to town though.

27 Jun 2010 12:37

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

The 4th pub in our mini Kentish Town crawl and we had been looking forward to it. The Staff were friendly and helpful and the pub has a lived in, comfortable feel to it, unfortunately one of our beers was well past it's best. Now although it was changed with no issues, not everyone is comfortable about returning beer and asking for something better, this was in such a state it should have been picked up well before we got to it. Other than this the pub is fine and dandy, not the best in the area but one to re visit.

27 Jun 2010 12:30

The Junction Tavern, Kentish Town

Visited on a Saturday afternoon and initially we though it was shut, we tried the door on Fortress rd, locked, then on the corner, locked, no one to be seen, luckily we persevered and tried the 3rd door, success, a note outside the pub would be helpful perhaps. Once inside there is a lovely feeling of space, with mirrors and a high bar. There were 4 Real Ales on, I tried a couple of Sambrooks, which were fine. Although it was cooler inside the pub, we ventured out to the patio where it was buzzing with drinkers and diners. A very pleasant area, although the conservatory was empty because it was roasting. All in all I recommend this pub, definitely worth a look.

27 Jun 2010 12:20

The Dartmouth Arms, Dartmouth Park

After taking in the views off Parliament Hill on a baking day, we popped into this Pub for a much needed refresher and we were very impressed with it. Obviously it is chasing the foodie market, but the beers we had were most acceptable, there were 2 Westerham beers on at the time along with some standard beers. Friendly, comfortable, the decor is odd but not displeasing. It's situated in a pleasant area and is well worth a visit.

27 Jun 2010 11:39

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Arrived by bus which drops you right outside the front door, 3 steps and you are in. This Pub has a stripped back feel, back to basics and that's what makes it so good. There was a great range of beer on our visit, didn't try the ciders, but the ales i tried were from Williams Bros, Red Squirrel, Tring and Brentwood. The service was excellent, discussing the beers, sorting out a taster or two. We had just had a big breakfast, so we didn't try the bar snacks. I have to comment on how quiet it was on a Saturday lunchtime, at time there were just the 4 of us, but that did enable us to get the copper topped table in the big window and spend a very relaxed time in there. This is a Pub that we will revisit as regularly as we can, it covers all the essentials, loved it.

27 Jun 2010 11:32

The Royal Oak, Oxford

Visited last night on one of our Oxford visits. Fascinating pub with lots of adjoining rooms, plenty of customers giving it a good atmosphere and a good outside patio area. The beers are of the safe variety, I had a Wells/Youngs Waggledance, not the beer it used to be! But the pub itself is comfortable and friendly, a pleasant young girl behind the bar put up with our banter and gave as good as She got. A definite re visit required.

12 Jun 2010 10:07

Kings Arms, Wareham

Visited on a Bank Holiday Saturday evening, quite quiet really. There are 3 Real Ales on, a couple of Ringwoods and London Pride. The building itself is great with plenty of little rooms, interesting nic-nacs to keep you occupied and a feel of history. Had to wait a little while to be served, but not a problem in this sort of place. A step back in time and worth a visit.

30 May 2010 13:53

The Kings Arms, Stoborough

We couldn't believe our luck when we saw that there was a Bank Holiday Beer Festival on, 20 Real Ales the poster in the road promised, as it is in the GBG we were visiting anyway. The pub itself seems clean and tidy, the diners seemed happy enough and there was a drinking area for us non diners who ventured in to avoid the cold Bank Holiday weather. The beer though was dreadful, why on earth would you pay good money for all these casks and then sell it like this. I tried 3 different beers and they were all cloudy and completely unsettled. I was told that they were put up on Thursday, yeah right. I can see no excuse for the bad planning, ok the big day is meant to be Sunday, but these will be just as bad. Left in a huff as they weren't cheap.

29 May 2010 17:02

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

A pub that try's very hard to get things right, it's in a holiday area, apart from the firing ranges, and is very family orientated. There is plenty of variety in the rooms, we chose what we thought was the bar. Being lunchtime the emphasis was on food, which we didn't have. The beer was mostly local ales, 6 in quantity and my Dorset Piddle was ok if unexciting. The pub was full and friendly and very happy bar staff, keen to help on beer and cider choice, I had a cider for my 2nd drink. However we were suddenly overrun by a massive gang, group of children and unruly parents, plural but only of the male variety, dont you love it when the estranged Fathers get to take away the kids for a weekend and ruin other peoples enjoyment. So a decent pub, but you certainly are forced to share it, we left at this point.

29 May 2010 16:52

Spotted Cow, Poole

Brilliant in a bad way, or so bad it's good perhaps. I've visited some bad Spoons (as well as good) in an attempt to unload the CAMRA coupons, but this is a classic. Firstly the beer, rubbish and uninspiring, then the Staff, snap. Now the best bit, we witnessed probably the most amazing thing I have ever seen in a Spoons. There was a fully blown Wedding Reception going on in the back, the Bride & Groom were at the head of a group of tables gathered together at the back end of the pub and the cake was in front of them. There were urchins dashing around as they always do at receptions and the food was being micro waved by the Staff, seemingly at their usual pace. Not wanting to intrude, we moved upstairs, but really I wanted to stay on for the speeches, the lager seemed to be going down well, although perhaps 10 pints of wifebeater might be an inappropriate order. Good luck to them in the future and I hope their lot improves. Priceless.

29 May 2010 10:33

The Poole Arms, Poole

Visited on a Friday afternoon and there was a good little buzz going on in here, Ringwood beers but never mind, the Bitter was fine. Lots of wood and a certain nautical charm, the menu looks great but we had already eaten in the disappointing Angel unfortunately. I liked the feel of this place despite it's touristy area, although the Japanese couple giving a boat owner a hard time was a bit off putting, nothing to do with the pub though, just the Japanese not having any manners. The mens toilets are a treat ;-))

29 May 2010 10:22

The Angel, Poole

I read somewhere that the food was good in here so decided to visit and eat, let me tell you that it is not, everything is pre packed and frozen and heated by a micro wave technician. The dull Ringwood beers do not add any sheen to the experience. The pub was lively however due to the weddings being undertaken next door. Opened out pub with island bar. Won't re visit.

29 May 2010 10:13

The Lord Wimborne, Poole

Oh dear, what a place. There was a big Friday lunchtime crowd in which wasn't reflected in the level of staff so there was a big wait. All the beers were of the dull standard Spoons type, no specials and the only locals were the Marstons Ringwood that you can get anywhere in town, total lack of imagination and the quality was particularly bad, I managed to get one changed but then gave up when another was bad. Disaster area.

29 May 2010 10:08

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

This was a target pub all week unsurprisingly and we approached it via a walk from Corfe along the Purbeck way across the downs, and yes - The Steps, down to Harry's Rocks and around to Studland, so we were well up for a beer and we were not let down. There was a good range of beers including their own Brewery and guests from Titanic etc. The welcome was pleasant and helpful and the beer garden has to be one of the best in the country with its views, even the Jackdaws! The beer was well kept and tasty. The only downer was on trying to get any info from the Brewer about his beers, maybe I caught him on a bad day. The Pub is great though.

29 May 2010 10:02

The Castle Inn, Corfe Castle

Often it is worth walking just 5 mins from a touristy hotspot to get more of a feel for a place and this proves the theory well. There is a good locals feel about the pub, with very pleasant beers on tap, the Jurrasic was very decent. The beer was poured correctly, unlike down the road and the atmosphere was pleasant. We sat in the garden which has hens running around, all very rural and a great view of the downs. Good stuff.

29 May 2010 09:52

The Greyhound, Corfe Castle

Fairly standard touristy pub, their catchline is - The most photographed pub in the country. Well prove it then, but it is a bit of a put off in my view. The lazy barman pulled both pints at the same time, just banging away at the pumps with each hand rather than easing it into the glasses, very poor, and then didn't know anything about the Festival they were holding at the weekend when asked. The garden is a treat though seating you right next to the Castle. Not great impressions about the pub though unfortunately and where we would have been nailed on for the Festival, now we won't bother.

29 May 2010 09:42

The Brewhouse, Poole

It all looks to be a bit down at heel and it has a well used feel, mostly a local mans place with an older clientel. The beer from Milk Street brewery makes it well worth visiting though, fresh and reasonably priced. Not a place I would take the wife for a meal, in fact, I'm not sure if they do food, but for a decent drinking gaff it fits the bill well. Everyone was keen for you to enjoy the experience and I did.

26 May 2010 09:16

The King's Head, Poole

Popped in for a beer and pastie, Hall & Woodhouse beers, just 2 on. The barman was chatty and pleasant and the garden is a bit of a haven. The pastie was ropey though.
Average sort of place.

26 May 2010 09:10

The Portsmouth Hoy, Poole

Stopped for a welcome pint on a hot day, chose this on the Quay due to BITE. Quite reasonable really, quiet and calm inside with a few benches out the front. The beer was adequate from the Badger range. The pub goes back a long way and a trip to the toilets needs a map and compass, but all in all quite an enjoyable place to stop and watch the world go by.

26 May 2010 09:06

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Visited on a blazing hot Monday lunchtime after a major walk via St Aldhems Head and we were well up for a few pints. The garden was fairly busy, strange that no sun umbrellas are offered at the tables, there was a fair amount of roasting going on. Inside is a haven of peace & quiet. Beautiful panelling and fixtures with a wealth of history, cool and inviting. The beer is direct from the cask and a blackboard full of ciders, cider heaven. Someone had a Pastie near us which seemed pretty decent. I can imagine the chaos on a Bank Holiday weekend in here, but on our visit it was all very civilised and at an easy pace. Lovely place.

26 May 2010 09:00

The Anchor Inn, Swanage

Opened out shambling sort of place, very quiet when we visited, where everywhere else was busy. Just a rather dull Ringwood Bitter on, I know, thats how its meant to be!. I didn't really take to the place, it was as though no one wanted to be in there. Hard to describe really. Seems to serve a big plateful of food though, judging by the one other occupied table.

26 May 2010 08:53

The Red Lion, Swanage

Rambling type pub with nooks and cranny's and loads of space out the back on sunny days. The cider is the thing here, loads to choose from and a very helpful Landlady to help you choose the best for you, it's best to ask. I found it to be a little touristy, but then again thats what I was too. I never like the shouting of food orders, NUMBER 45 WHERE IS NUMBER 45, when you are relaxing, very off putting, other than that a lovely place well worth a visit. The Sandwiches are good too.

26 May 2010 08:46

White Swan Inn, Swanage

Went into this pub on a Sunday lunchtime on a really hot day. Reasonably busy but plenty of staff. Everyone was quite chatty despite unfortunate theft incident while we were there. The Dorset Piddle beer was decent and there was another R.A on at the time. Opened out and a little spartan, there is a small restaurant area. Not bad.

26 May 2010 08:40

The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers

We visited for a meal on the recommendations of the last 3 ratings and we were certainly glad we did. The Isle of Purbeck beers were in excellent condition, the regulars were a jolly lot and the food turned out to be excellent. The standard menu is a little pubby, but the specials proved to be absolutely marvellous. The Mussells with chorizo being a particular highlight. Loved the whole experience. This proves to me that BITE is proving to be more accurate than any other pub guide.

22 May 2010 21:42

The Black Bear Hotel, Wareham

Visited on a Saturday afternoon on a baking hot day and this proved to be an excellent, cool watering hole. The Ringwood Bitter proved to be average, but thats the beer. Also on were Ringwood Thumper and Wychwood Hobgoblin. Lovely old building with a great range in Bar snacks including a great cheddar. Wood pannelling and aged furniture, we spent a lovely hour in there.

22 May 2010 21:36

The Bell Inn, Lower Heyford

Village pub close to the Railway Station (5 mins) and the canal. Late on a Friday it is all locals and it gets a fair crowd of them. There are 3 Real Ales on, last night it was White Horse Dragon Hill, Purity UBU and a rebadged for the pub beer which I reckon was White Horse Bitter. There was a good conversational buzz in there, a couple of boaties probably and a few lads readying themselves for the World Cup, in fact the pub is gearing itself up to show all the football, much to the chagrin of some saddo Jock who seemed to be supporting anyone but the place that is currently supporting him. All in all a decent village local, something that should be preserved.

22 May 2010 07:54

The Red Lion, Steeple Aston

Further up the hill from the White Lion is the Red Lion and what a difference in welcome, smiles, chat and a bit of banter around the bar. The pub was reasonably full inside and out, the food looked pretty good to me, although we were not eating. There were 3 Hook Norton Beers available, we all had the standard Hooky which was in excellent form, also available was the new SDM, so it appears they carry the seasonal beer plus the rebadged Jackpot bitter. A special mention should go to the gorgeous Barmaid, who was chatty and very pleasant, we had an extra beer in there each such was the entrancement we were in. All in all a very decent village pub doing all the right things well.

22 May 2010 07:45

The White Lion, Steeple Aston

Walked up to Steeple Aston on a lovely summers evening from Heyford Station, all in a great Friday night mood, unfortunately this was nearly knocked out of us here. On entering there was an overwhelming fishy smell, then it took quite a while to get anyone to the bar. The only beer on, on the night, was Timothy Taylor Golden Best, which was in ok nick. Tried talking to the Landlord but he was having non of it, he seemed a little tired and emotional. There were some people eating, spread through the Pub and Garden and these were the main focus for the evening, they seemed a little rushed. The garden is lovely.

22 May 2010 07:35

The Fleece Inn, Bretforton

Visited while staying nearby, I've been before and loved it, but now it seems to be tring to cash in on it's reputation. Nothing annoys me more than a pub with reserved on every table, for pity's sake, if you sell people beer, let them have somewhere to drink it. The beer is very pricey, but all the pints we had were unsettled and over fruity, indicating that they are being released too early. The food looked decent enough if a bit pretentious. Really fairly disappointed to tell the truth, which is a shame as I was showing some people how good it was. It's gone downhill since its rebuild.

2 May 2010 16:17

Horse and Groom Inn, Bourton On The Hill

A pretty decent pub near the top of the hill in this well named village. When we visited there were 3 Ales on sale - Goffs Jouster, Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbodys bitter and Battledown Cheltenham Spa. They appear to be a Free House in the correct sense. We didn't eat, but the food seemed very popular. The Garden, where we spent a good hour was pleasant enough. This is a good place to visit if you are in the area.

2 May 2010 16:04

The Black Bear, Moreton in Marsh

Called in for a meal whilst camping in Moreton and we were really pleased that we did. Yes, it is a bit of a sports bar on the right hand side with 3 tv's, but the Landlord is an ex Southampton player who won the FA Cup with them. There were 14 of us eating a meal and we couldn't have been better looked after, the food was good and hearty and the Donnington BB pretty tasty too. A great evening for us and well worth a visit.

2 May 2010 15:47

Wheatsheaf, Southwark

Visited for the first time recently and I have to say, we were pretty impressed. There was a good atmosphere in there and the beer was certainly very drinkable. The prices were similar to pubs nearby. The cellar bar feel added was great. Liked it.

27 Apr 2010 20:06

The Crosse Keys, Bank

Been in the Crosse Keys twice now and it's difficult not to get awestruck about the magnificence of the place, we tend to spend a fair amount of time looking at the architecture but every now and then you get bumped to earth by the Wetherspoonication of the place, the posters on the marble columns, the pink bar with coming soon on most of the pumps. All in all though Tim Martin's done a great job in here and I'll forgive him the rest. Great place to be.

27 Apr 2010 19:56

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Decent enough Pub in the centre of town serving particularly good pints of Chiltern beer. Quite comfortable and relaxing, but just watch out with the pieces of glass that make the tables, they are not fixed down and come off. Other than that a good place for a quiet drink if you find yourself at a loose end.

26 Apr 2010 17:58

The Hop Pole Inn, Aylesbury

Went in for the first time on Sunday afternoon and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed it. Probably 8 handpumps in action on the day, look out for the chalk board with the beers on as it's quite hard to get through the barflies. The whole place is relaxed, although some Irish guy tried to wind me up about the football on the telly, there are 2 screens showing sport. The Staff were helpful and jolly and we had a long chat with the Landlord, who knows his stuff. If you are into foreign beers ask for the beer menu. No food on the day we went in, but this was abnormal for some reason, there is normally pub food on. i Pub i would definitely return to.

26 Apr 2010 17:49

The Cross Keys, Thame

Visited for the first time on Sunday lunchtime, quite quiet in there apart from a few locals. Just one of the Thame Brewery beers on (Thame St George), hopefully they will have more of their own as they get going. A nice pleasant atmosphere in there, the lady behind the bar was very helpful, offering tasters. The beers were well kept and the whole pub is tidy, including the toilets. There were 4 other beers on. Not sure if they do food yet.

26 Apr 2010 17:41

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

We have been here several times now and yes, I would say it is the best Ale House in London. It has had a recent clean up by the looks, but it never worried us anyway, we come here for the beer and it is always top notch, a great choice is always available and I've never had one that i didn't like.
It's a great place and we would miss it badly if it was changed.

22 Mar 2010 18:00

The Narrow Boat, Islington

We have made this a regular on our tour, the beer is a bit on the safe side, but we love the canal area and sitting out on the balcony and relaxing. Yes it's a bit pricey and foodie, but as pure drinkers we have always been well received. Definitely worth a visit.

22 Mar 2010 17:55

The Charles Lamb, Angel, Islington

One of our favourite pubs in London. The beer is always in great condition, the Staff always friendly and it's always relaxing. We have never eaten there yet, but it looks good. We have made this a regular on our London pub trips and rightly so.

22 Mar 2010 17:52

The Angel, Angel, Islington

We have found ourselves in here a couple of times recently and yes it's one of the dodgier Spoons on the circuit, however there has been a reasonable range of beers available and everyone seems to keep to themselves. The Staff have on both occasions tried to overcharge us, but when you are in this part of town you have to stay on your mettle and question everything. It serves its purpose.

22 Mar 2010 17:48

Mount Hotel, Fleetwood

Called in before we went into the Beer Festival for a pint and a meal. The new Manager seemed to be keen an we were there for their first night serving food, which was reasonable enough, though my Chilli con Carne was incredibly spicy and I can certainly normally eat them on the hot side. The beers are on the safe side, but were drinkable. Reasonable.

28 Feb 2010 13:17

The Steamer, Fleetwood

I was expecting good things from this, given the write up in the GBG, however, it was more Spoons than the nearby Spoons. A big barn of a place with lots of handpulls, but only using 2 on our visit, both of which were dull. We were quite disappointed really and didn't hang around for long.

28 Feb 2010 13:12

Thomas Drummond, Fleetwood

Popped in at lunchtime on the Saturday of the Beer Festival weekend, there was a pleasant buzz with it being around half full. The beer I had was in great condition, which was pleasing, and I have certainly been in worse Spoons. If you take them for what they are then this is ok, comfortable, warm and cheap.

28 Feb 2010 13:08

The Grapes, Oxford

The Grapes has always been an interesting pub to visit for the ambiance, but has been missed out since the G.K takeover of Morrells due to the dullness of beer choice. But now the new Landlord has given his customers a decent choice of guest beers it becomes a real possibility for the Pub crawler. Lovely old pub in the theatre area with a decor that reflects this. Pleasingly comfortable.

28 Feb 2010 13:02

The Yorkshire Terrier Inn, York

A great place to while away some time. The usual York Brewery suspects plus guests, the chap in the shop seemed a bit miserable though. Probably the best of the York brewery pubs, although it's close.

18 Sep 2009 11:42

York Beer and Wine Shop, York

Popped in and picked up a dozen bottles, not perhaps the most inspiring range but I did get a few interesting beers. Parkings a problem and its a way out to haul your booty, still worth the effort to get there though.

18 Sep 2009 11:39

Ye Olde Starre Inn, York

A place to visit for its history, however just about every tourist (us included I suppose) makes a bee line for it, its all a little overwhelming and the beer could be better.

18 Sep 2009 11:36

The Three Legged Mare, York

York brewery seem to do a very good job with their pubs, this does have a cafe type atmosphere, but it is comfortable and the beers are very decent, with the usual York fare plus guests. I like the place.

18 Sep 2009 11:34

The Swan, York

When I used to work in York, we would go in after walking into town from Terry's. It was a bit of an undiscovered gem in those days and in many ways, although much busier, it retains its character. Really good beer, the best we had all week I reckon, the downside would be fighting your way to the bar when the TV is showing the football. I love the patio area, although now it seems to be very smoky out there, still a cracking pub though.

18 Sep 2009 11:31

The Punchbowl, York

Pretty disappointed with this pub, the beers were tired and dull and it seemed to be just set up to serve enormous plates of food. Not one I would go back to for the beer.

18 Sep 2009 11:27

Pivo Cafe Bar, York

We spent a pleasant hour in here, the bar was quite quiet but you could tell that it would be popular later on. The girl behind the bar knew her stuff about Belgian and American beers, however we found the Cask ales to be a little tired on this visit. Definitely worth a look

18 Sep 2009 11:24

The Maltings, York

Loved this place, there is a good comfortable atmosphere, plenty of great ales to try and the after work banter is great. I cannot believe that people can reserve tables though, not in a pub like that. The staff seem knowledgeable about the beers, apart from their own bottled versions, which are very steeply priced. Overall, probably my favourite York pub now.

18 Sep 2009 11:15

The Lendal Cellars, York

Went in to this one on recommendations from this site, however there is an overwhelming smell of stale food when entering. The building is interesting and its worth a poke about, but I prefered to sit near the door to get some fresher air, even though it was cold outside, then the barmaid shut the door which was a blow. The beer was average at best. There are much better pubs in York to see.

18 Sep 2009 11:10

The Last Drop Inn, York

I always seek out this pub in York, although it's a bit open and shop front, there is still a decent atmosphere in there. The beers are good with the normal York Brewery fare and a few interesting guests. The food at lunchtime hits the spot, I do like their toasted panini's as a bit of a filling snack. All in all, pretty good.

18 Sep 2009 11:06

The Guy Fawkes Hotel, York

Visited while on holiday in York, and this wasn't really on my list of must see's, however, I'm glad we popped in. There is a lively, but friendly atmosphere with plenty of Real Ales to try. The bar staff, whilst flirting with a bunch of guys, managed to keep everyone happy, I loved the still working gas mantles, the comfortable rooms, good stuff. This has brought the pub amongst some of the better pubs in York.

18 Sep 2009 11:01

The Golden Lion, York

This pub seems to have gone over to selling just Wentworth beers, or perhaps more accurately, mostly. There is a younger, slightly more raucous atmosphere in here, but not any problems as far as we could see. A pub before the clubs perhaps. Open and a little sparce in furniture. Reasonable and the beer is acceptable.

17 Sep 2009 09:39

The Chequers Inn, York

Dull beer and slightly snooty attitude unfortunately. It was a quick sup up and a move to somewhere more comfortable.

17 Sep 2009 09:35

Brigantes Bar and Brasserie, York

I was certainly looking forward to this bar from previous comments, it was ok, there was a good range of beers even though ours were not at their best. There were kids running around so it wasn't relaxed. I would visit again, but there are better pubs nearby.

17 Sep 2009 09:32

The Blue Bell, York

Still one of my favourite pubs in York, handy for the centre, but it avoids big groups, if only for its size. Tight and friendly bars, I like the back room with the serving hatch, the beers are listed in there. No food, but the gentle hum of conversation makes it a worthwhile place to be. I love it.

17 Sep 2009 09:28

The Ackhorne, York

Friendly pub out of the main areas of York, but still within easy walking distance. It was very quiet on our visit, but still had a decent range of Real Ales. Nice and relaxing, it would make a good local.

17 Sep 2009 09:25

The Hobgoblin, Canterbury

We found this pub to be a little run down and untidy. The beer was fair, good to see Hobgoblin still on sale, and it was comfortable, but it really could do with a tidy through. In a good spot though.

21 Jul 2009 17:42

Cafe Belge, Canterbury

We hadn't visited a Cafe Belge before, but we were pleasantly surprised with this. It is clean and comfortable if pricey, the staff efficient and helpful. Although the beer menu is quite extensive, there are few exciting rare beers there unfortunately, and we had to go through several to find a beer they actually had to sell, so the list is misleading, however still quite a decent place to go.

21 Jul 2009 17:39

The Bell and Crown, Canterbury

I thought this to be the best pub in Canterbury, the beers were in great nick and an interesting range, the atmosphere very pleasant and it was great to sit out the front. All in all, very pleasant.

21 Jul 2009 17:33

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

Wishing Angie and Rick all the best in their new venture. Those who live nearby have just got very lucky.

21 Jun 2009 12:32

The Garricks Head, Bath

We were visiting the Theatre during our holiday in Bath (The Winslow Boy with Timothy West, good stuff), so decided to have a couple in here before the show and I was duly impressed. It wasn't on my original Bath list, but the beer was good, the food looked pricey but hearty, the place was packed with theatre goers and there was a nice buzz about the place.

21 Jun 2009 11:30

The Kings Head, Bristol

Beautiful pub on the way back to the Railway Station, we managed to get a seat in the carriage, which seemed appropriate. Fascinating photos and bric a brac, seems to concentrate on Cornish beers but I couldn't get much out of the barman about the pub. Yes it is pricey, which meant it was also empty, Enterprise Inns wake up and smell the coffee, people are struggling, work on a Business plan to get people in.

21 Jun 2009 11:21

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Dashed in on a rainy afternoon, so didn't get to study the new plaque outside. This is certainly top notch, ale appreciating, territory, there is a great range of beers, the punters and owners knowledgeable and the beer was in tip top condition. Certainly the best Bristol pub I visited on the day by a considerable margin, but there certainly isn't much competition.
My one crib would be the continuous Horse racing on the dominating T.V, if a wanted to be in a bookies I would go in one. It appeared people were studying form and the betting slips were being fetched, but I suppose its a way of getting punters in so who am I to complain nyway.

21 Jun 2009 11:13

The Commercial Rooms, Bristol

Another town another Spoons, cold and badly served ale, dirty toilets and sticky carpets and tables. The girl we shared a table with was offered a plate of food, She said that she hadn't ordered anything, but they insisted. 10 minutes later, when she was picking over what left was slightly edible, the Manager came along and told her She hadn't ordered food, it was for table 19, we were on table 16! She replied that is what I said to the chap that brought it. The Manager said that she should pay for it, to which she told him that he could have it back and by the way it was horrible. Hilarious at the time and well managed by the girl.

21 Jun 2009 11:03

The White Lion, Bristol

Visited this pub after seeing the wonderful Banksy exhibition at The City Museum, not far from where you come down the hill. There was no excuse for the hot glasses that our beer was served in which ruined the beer. Wickwar range which is fine in a city and we got a seat out the front. I just wish the service had been better.

21 Jun 2009 10:55

The Globe Inn, Newton St. Loe

Closest pub to the Newton Mill Camp site, so paid a visit. How disappointing, ordered a Wickwar beer that I had had the day before and got served some Greene King tripe, that flavour gets to you straight away. We were there for food though, it seemed to be a Grannies haven which is never a great sign and the food was absolutely awful, don't whatever you do, be tempted to order the Toad in the Hole. this is amongst the worst of commercial mass catering pubs that I have ever been to. Terrible.

21 Jun 2009 10:50

The King of Wessex, Bath

As Wetherspoons go, this is a bad un, they are never great but sometimes you can get a reasonable beer, not seemingly in this one. Packed at all times of day by the looks, but that is also par for the course.

21 Jun 2009 09:29

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

We enjoyed this little pub, the beer was good, the barman friendly, they seemed to be getting the food out quickly. The window is lovely giving a great light into the pub. Good stuff.

21 Jun 2009 09:25

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

Down at heel, rambling pub on the edge of town. The clientele seemed to have a tatoo covering competition going on. Low quality beer and experience. This won�t be revisited unless it improves.

21 Jun 2009 09:21

The Star Inn, Bath

Beautiful old pub a short trot out of town, lots of nooks and crannies, very quiet though. The beer was good and the crusty roll was a battle. Go for the history of it and to have a nose around there are not many pubs like this remaining.

21 Jun 2009 09:19

The Bell, Bath

On my visit it was quite quiet, just a few stragglers at the bar, it had a run down feel but nothing bad about that, it seemed to be how they wanted it to be, a little old hippy with a bit of hoppy too. The beer was borderline, but I may have chosen a bad day. I�d go back. No problems with service though.

21 Jun 2009 09:16

The Old Green Tree, Bath

On our first visit during our weeks stay there was a young girl behind the bar that all the locals were quietly studying and thus no atmosphere, the beer was a bit dull too, luckily we revisited later in the week and the Landlord was in place, it was full and the place was alive and the beer was excellent too. What a difference a few days made. Tight and atmospheric place, a battle to get through to the toilets with the Bar Flys, perhaps they were awaiting the return of the Blonde. Enjoyable.

21 Jun 2009 09:13

The Salamander, Bath

The pub itself is worth a visit, the Bath Ales were reasonable but the atmosphere in the bar was quiet, almost library like. Good if you like to read your paper in silence, but not great if enjoy a bit of banter.

21 Jun 2009 09:07

The Raven, Bath

The best pub in Bath for me, maybe doesn�t have the range of The Royal Oak, 5 different beers repeated in both bars, but it has the atmosphere and ambiance of a city centre pub. Always seems to be busy, the pies are fantastic, the upstairs is cosy and the beer is in good nick. The one downside would be its tie to Blindmans Brewery reducing its range, otherwise great stuff.

21 Jun 2009 09:01

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

A cracking little pub in the heart of Bath on a pedestrian walkway, which allows for some outside seating. But the place to be is right by the bar. New visitors are treated well and brought into the conversation if they want to be. Small range of local beers which were in good nick, enjoyable.

21 Jun 2009 08:55

The Bird In Hand, Saltford

What to make of this one? the most boorish locals I have come across in a long time, the pub was busy, but mostly serving food, the beer range was pretty standard and dull (choice and flavourwise), but the locals were opinionated, loud and obnoxious. I know it must be a pain to have your village overrun with visitors every sunny weekend, but thats the way with lots of places, they were certainly off putting here. Not a place I would return to.

21 Jun 2009 08:44

The Ship Inn, Keynsham

This appears to be a Marstons house, I had a tasty Jennings beer on the day, the pub was fairly busy with locals, the garden seating area was neat and tidy and the staff friendly. it's worth a look while in the area.

21 Jun 2009 08:38

The Old Crown, Kelston

Visited on a hot and sunny Sunday afternoon, so had a meal in the Garden. Everything was fine, lovely old pub, well kept gardens, packed to the rafters, there was a visiting Danish Football team all having a meal too. The food is good and the beer very drinkable, though no guests available on the day.

21 Jun 2009 08:35

The Royal Oak, Bath

Visited twice during the last week and there is no doubt that it carries a great range, perhaps too much for the turnover? The bar staff are friendly and knowledgeable about their beers, the building itself has seen better days and is a little scruffy, but perhaps that is the look they are after. A great pub, worth the walk from town.

21 Jun 2009 08:30

Old Bridge Hotel, Huntingdon

Old country house hotel that used to be a bank, Comfortable chairs, pricey food and decent beer, 3 hanpulls all available today. Easy going for its type, good and relaxing.

12 Apr 2009 17:32

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Re visited again over Easter weekend and it has improved even over my previous rating 2 years ago. There were 10 Real ales, constantly updated, all in good condition and a chatty knowlegable bar staff. Now one of the truly great pubs to visit.

12 Apr 2009 17:27

Robin Hood, St Ives

Not a great pub, a town centre boozer that does food, but the Real Ale from mostly Greene King is pretty ropey. The food is of the pub grub variety.

12 Apr 2009 17:22

The Bartons Arms, Aston

Visited with Gillhalfpint and Ray on a Saturday afternoon, I had been longing to visit this for years. Dodgy area but beautiful pub, full of interesting nooks & crannies, fantstic decoration and marvellous fittings.The staircase is fantastic. I love Oakham Beers and the Inferno was not a let down, the guest beer was Brentwood Best which was a bit avergae. I'm glad I have seen it, but with nothing else close by I wonder if I will get there again.

31 Mar 2009 19:45

The Woolpack, Banbury

I can sadly confirm that The Woolpack is noe shut for the forseeable future.
A sad loss for Banbury.

5 Feb 2009 07:28

The Elephant and Castle, Bloxham

Rest in Peace Chas - You were sheer class and it was an honour to know you.

17 Dec 2008 17:41

The Royal Oak, Borough

At last, managed to get over to this pub and was glad we did, lovely local atmosphere and great beer. Great stuff.

14 Dec 2008 10:44

The Doric Arch, Euston

We hadn't visited this since the change and really there is not too much difference. Pretty reasonable choice and very comfortable, the easy chairs are great. Friendly service and in a very handy place. We will return.

14 Dec 2008 10:39

The Bree Louise, Euston

Visited on our latest London tour and I have to say we were impressed with this Pub. Now a Free House with a good range of beers, the increase to 11 in total will make it amazing. Very CAMRA friendly with money off both beer and food. A cracking pub which will become a regular visit if it keeps up this standard.

14 Dec 2008 10:34

The Nelson, Norwich

Went in to this before the F.C to try and do it justice, but not much of interest on the bar and the beer was not at its best, even after i changed it. I can see that it would make a decent local, but maybe the beer was just moving a little slowly.

23 Nov 2008 15:26

The Walnut Tree Shades, Norwich

I enjoyed this pub, not the greatest Real Ale range, but plenty of atmosphere and friendly. Lots of music memorabillia for a good afternoons read of the walls, plus cool background music. The guy behind the bar was a bit stroppy, but nothing to worry about. Laid back and relaxed and bang in the centre of town.

23 Nov 2008 15:13

The Ribs of Beef, Norwich

Quite disappointed with this one, we had a really ropey beer, which we had a big problem to change, having initially to take another from the same cask and then wait an age while the Landlady went to 'check' the cellar. Non of the beers we had that afternoon were in good nick unfortunately though the food wasn't bad. Not a pub we would return to ourselves, but it is very popular so maybe we were unlucky.

23 Nov 2008 11:26

The Kings Head, Norwich

My particular favourite pub in Norwich, good friendly banter, a fantastic range of well kept beers, comfortable, what more could you need. Probably amongst the best pubs, for beer, in the country. Loved it.

23 Nov 2008 11:19

The White Horse, Leamington Spa

Not a pub for the discerning drinker. Loud and brash. Fine for its target audience, but not for us. Each to their own.

23 Nov 2008 11:15

The Somerville Arms, Leamington Spa

Well, we only popped in here on the way back to town from the Newbold Comyn, but we are so glad we did. In our opinion the best pub we have found in Leamington. It was rammed, there was live music, there was a reasonable range, we had Adnams, which was on good form. There are plenty of places to discover within the pub, clean and tidy. A definite pub for a return.

23 Nov 2008 11:10

The Newbold Comyn Arms, Leamington Spa

We were very much looking forward to this one seeing the reviews it has had, but I don't know if we caught it on an off day, but we were largely disappointed. Only 2 beers available on a Friday night and both of those pretty standard Pubco beers, the bar was fairly empty apart from marauding kids running around. Not worth the Taxi fare to get to it from the Station in our opinion.

23 Nov 2008 10:59

Hope and Anchor, Leamington Spa

locals boozer, beer was pretty dull and not great. Not one to rush back to.

23 Nov 2008 10:55

The Cask and Bottle, Leamington Spa

Quite a friendly place with pretty standard Pubco beer range. Reasonable standard, drinkable, its worth a look if you are over that way and certainly a cut above many Leamington boozers. Knocked through and soulless though.

23 Nov 2008 10:52

The Benjamin Satchwell, Leamington Spa

A slightly better Spoons than many, but gets absolutely packed due to the lack of anything else interesting nearby. I found the quality of beer just slightly better than my closest in the chain. Otherwise pretty standard.

23 Nov 2008 10:49

The Woolpack, Banbury

Continues to provide the best range and quality of beer in Banbury. Always something new and interesting and always a warm welcome. Discounts for CAMRA members, just show your card and �2 per pint on a Tuesday night making it great value for the area.
How a pub should be.

23 Nov 2008 10:45

The Fleur de Lis, Banbury

Loud and brash Spoons, you can hardly hear yourself think on a Friday night. Pretty standard range of ales so far, no interesting guests and kept and served in the usual Spoons manner. Useful pub for the kids and serves the purpose of keeping them on Broad Street. Not great but needed.

23 Nov 2008 10:40

The Coach and Horses, Banbury

The refurbishment in here has worked very well, it does feel modern, but not over the top. Serves cask and bottled Hook Norton ales, the food is building a good reputation, it is light and airy, a much needed improvement which places it into the Banbury top 4 pubs.

23 Nov 2008 10:36

The Tilted Wig, Warwick

Not quite the pub it was from reading my previous review. The Slaughterhouse beer is ok, rebadged for the pub, but it is just getting a little worn now. Still worth a visit, but needs a tidy.

23 Nov 2008 10:32

The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel, Warwick

An obvious must do in Warwick, and not only for the Real Ale range which is the best in Warwick, but it is much more than that. We've never been bothered by Bar bores, there is always a decent crowd in there. It's a bit of a treck when visiting the town, particularly if you arrive by train, but it is worth it. Good clean and an adult crowd and the best toilets for miles.

23 Nov 2008 10:26

The Oak, Warwick

Visited this pub for the first time in a couple of years, and I must say, it has improved quite a lot. The beer range was good, I had the Ansells Mild, but there were 3 other beers available too, including cask Fullers ESB, very nice indeed.
It was fairly empty for a Friday night, probably only about 8 others in, but very hospitable with a friendly Landlord and an easy atmosphere. Close enough to the Railway Station to make it a regular starting point. Recommended.

23 Nov 2008 10:21

The New Bowling Green, Warwick

This is a great little pub with a cracking atmosphere and is now a definite must for our occasional trips to Warwick. Ok its a Chas Wells pub, so the beer is a little staid, although it did have Youngs Winter Warmer available, the one good thing about the Wells & Youngs combo, but the beer we had was in good nick. Warm and welcoming, lovely barmaids, plenty of little nooks and crannies to fit into. We like it a lot.

23 Nov 2008 10:16

Thomas Lloyd, Warwick

Visited Fri 21st Nov. Pretty typical Wetherspoons fare, most of the pumpclips showing 'Coming Soon', oh yeah we will believe that when we see it. The beers that were on that we had were of poor quality unfortunately and i was looking forward to the Meantime coffee Porter (off) and Mikkel Vikings Return (Cold and dead). Our feet stuck to the floor and the bar was dirty. Poor.

23 Nov 2008 10:10

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Beautiful old pub, worth a visit just to see the interior and always seems to have a decent pint available. A must visit for us each time we visit Liverpool and really handy for Moorfields station. Excellent.

2 Jun 2008 18:24

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

On our visit, the front bar is being done up, so we could only go in the back, which is a little drab. The beer is good though and the service happy and smiling with a decent choice. I hadn't been in here before, but will visit again, hopefully when the front is re opened.

2 Jun 2008 18:19

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Now this place is a Mecca for beer hunters, like myself, and I should have been in heaven. But again i found the quality to be less than you would expect from such a renowned place. The choice is fantastic, but I still haven't had a great visit yet.

2 Jun 2008 18:12

The White Star, Liverpool

Another of my Liverpool favourites and now Bowland Brewery beers seem to be regulars which was a bonus. Right in the middle of things in town and a good place to hang out, we prefer to go through the back rather than scrum down near the bar. It has a nice calm atmosphere.
Good stuff.

2 Jun 2008 18:09

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Ahh, I love the Baltic Fleet pub and this latest visit didn't let me down. Plenty of choice from Wapping Brewery and a happy chat to the Brewer. Each one of the beers was great, however that cannot be said for the food, both our meals were inedible.
Still, its about the pub and the beer, and this is an excellent, if a little away from the rest, place to be.

2 Jun 2008 18:05

Scarisbrick Arms, Downholland

Boarded up and shut, took us ages to find as well.

Looks unlikely that it will re open.

2 Jun 2008 18:00

The Kings Arms, Downholland

Big old boozer with decent Real Ales. Spent a happy afternoon here after a walk and enjoyed it.

2 Jun 2008 17:58

The Scotch Piper Inn, Lydiate

I wanted to love this place and I have to say that the building itself is great. However; the garden is overgrown and the beer was decidedly dodgy, I tried both. We had to wait to get served while the girl finished her fag out the front.
I imagine it could be a cracker, hopefully we just hit it on an off day.

2 Jun 2008 17:56

The Running Horses, Lydiate

Run down boozer by the canal. The current tenants appear to be trying to sell up and it shows. The grass in the kids play area is about 10 inches deep and the whole place looks a bit scruffy.
No real ale being sold so I plumped for a Tetleys kegged mild, you wouldn't think you could ruin that, but they managed it.
Not good.

2 Jun 2008 17:50

The Guest House, Southport

A brilliant pub, off the main drag enough not to get the scallies, with a great beer choice and all mine, through the week, were in great condition. Easily, for me, the best pub in Southport, despite (or because of) it not doing any food other than rolls. Three distinct drinking areas plus a 'patio' (we'll draw a veil over that!), we loved it on each of our visits. I would go back to Southport just to re visit it, not sure why it isn't in the current GBG.

2 Jun 2008 17:45

Sir Henry Segrave, Southport

Both beers I had in this Spoons and one I had in the other (Lloyds No.1) were in really poor condition. The place is filthy too.
Almost as bad as the Spoons in Banbury.

2 Jun 2008 17:39

Baron's Bar, Southport

Visited this bar several times in our week in Southport. We found many unusual beers, changing every couple of days and generally in good condition. Very popular and sometimes it was hard to get a seat, but we found that sitting with the locals always got them in to chatting mood. The outside seating was ok too, not much, but they can't block the pavement, pity they cannot put tables out on Lord Street like the other pubs. The staff were a bit temperamental though, particularly the East European girls, normally we find them to be pleasant, but not here. Overall though, the second best boozer in Southport, so a good mark from me.

2 Jun 2008 17:33

The Twelve Bells, Cirencester

My type of pub, a true Freehouse with plenty of interesting choice of beers. The pub has a lived in feel, a touch run down. The food is great, but this is most definitely not Restaurant like, drinkers and eaters have an equal chance of a table.
The Landlord has got a little too into grumpy old man character over the years, making him perhaps too unapproachable, but this is not a problem.
A great place to go for the real drinker.

5 May 2008 15:56

The Black Horse, Cirencester

Quaint from the outside but opened up bar like in the interior, losing any character it possibly had. Chain food and beer on offer. The beer was from Marstons on our visit and the food was from the Freezer.
The staff were polite and helpful, but the whole experience left me cold. Below average.

5 May 2008 15:49

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

I can't believe that I have never made the effort to get across to this pub before, its a little belter, with the emphasis on little. Tight bar area with a good range of beers including a couple of guests, the Landlord obviously has a passion for his pub and the beers, because the whole package is welcoming and friendly. We will definitely go back here, very enjoyable.

26 Apr 2008 10:28

, Digbeth

Easily my favourite pub in Brum, but I have been going in there since I were a lad. Part of my going to St Andrews ritual, a few in the Anchor then the walk to the ground. A brilliant and ever changing range of beers to try with regular festivals. The food is great value and hearty. Gets packed at times but rightly so, it is a classic.

19 Apr 2008 08:45

New Inn, Middleton Cheney

The best pub in Middleton by a country mile. On our visit there was live music, the pub was rammed and food until fairly late. There were 4 Real Ales on and our Hooky Bitter and Mauldons White Adder were in great nick. A pub to stay in, which we did, the food seems to be fairly standard but hearty and well worth trying.
A very popular and well run establishment and one that we will visit again.

19 Apr 2008 08:31

The Red Lion, Middleton Cheney

A boozer of a pub that seems to lack customers, on our visit anyway. Quite a large lounge area with a T.V that probably shows football all the time, it had Burton Albion vs Stevenage on when we were there, and a slightly more popular bar. There were 2 Real Ales on, both fairly standard. Not the most welcoming pub, but its ok.

19 Apr 2008 08:27

The Dolphin, Middleton Cheney

This is the youngsters pub in Middleton, live bands, loud music on the T.V, quite bare for seating. A Chas Wells pub with no Real Ale, there is a hand pump but it is unused. Big outdoor seating area as just about everyone smokes. A pub that knows it place and what its customers like.

19 Apr 2008 08:21

The North Star, Steventon

The second time I have been to this pub in the last 6 months. There is no doubt that the building is wonderful, the setting is perfect and the outside loo's take me back to my early drinking days, but, the beer range has dropped massively, just 1 beer on yesterday and that was not in great nick. If this wonderful pub could sort this out I'm sure it would be very popular.

6 Apr 2008 08:04

The Swan, Wantage

Visited on a Saturday afternoon, pretty quiet, but I think that the Grand National was on the telly in the back. Decent pint of Best Mates Vicars daughter served pleasantly in good condition. The Juke Box was a bit loud with only a couple of others in the bar but I enjoyed the pub in a rugged sort of way. I'd go back when I'm next in Wantage.

6 Apr 2008 07:58

The Shoulder of Mutton, Wantage

I really enjoyed this pub, a step back in time locals pub, with little nooks and crannies and a good range of well kept Real Ales. The locals enjoy a bit of banter and it was relatively full on a Saturday afternoon when compared to the other Wantage pubs we went into.
I would return to this pub with no hesitation at all. Great stuff.

6 Apr 2008 07:51

The Gardener's Arms, Oxford

Cracking little pub in Plantation Road, not to be confused with the Gardeners Arms in North Parade. Cosy and quiet with a good range of Real Ales. A really good place to sit and relax on the edge of the Jericho area.

26 Feb 2008 07:56

The Rose and Crown PH, Oxford

Lively popular pub in a relaxing part of Oxford, the beer is good, always seeming to have Hooky Old on. Enjoyable atmosphere, another pub for conversation, great beer garden.

10 Feb 2008 10:40

The Gardeners Arms, Oxford

Greene King pub in a relaxed, bohemian part of Oxford, opposite the Rose & Crown. Friendly and comfortable with conversation as the stand out noise. Good but in the end it is Greene King.

10 Feb 2008 10:36

The Butchers Arms, Fringford

Friendly village pub, out in the sticks. Part of a pubco, so the beers tend to be the standard ones, Broadside was on today. It was ok for Broadside though.
The Sunday Roast though was enormous and very pleasant. I don't think I have to eat for a week now.
All in all a pleasant country pub, well run and worth a visit.

20 Jan 2008 18:39

The White Lion, Fewcott

Top notch beer pub, the beers are constantly changing and there is always something unusual to be had.
The Landlord is a Leicester fan and regularly goes to matches, which makes him ok in my book (anyone who supports a smaller side has more passion for the game), he loves to have the Football on the TV, but you can get quiet parts of the pub.
No food, but thats ok too because the beer is king here. The garden is a true bonus in the summer.
The pub and toilets are spotless, what more could you want?

20 Jan 2008 18:34

The Bakers Arms, Bodicote

This is the locals pub in the village, a good place for Pool, darts and cards.
Although there is a beer pump for Real Ale we have never managed to get any there in our visits.
But friendly, warm and comfortable, I don't believe they do food , but I could be wrong.

20 Jan 2008 09:58

The Plough Inn, Bodicote

Was a Brewpub, now owned by Wadsworths, so tends to carry 3 or 4 of their beers. This tends to be the most popular pub in Bodicote for beer and food, it was absolutely heaving last Friday night, despite the January blues.
There is a definite split between the bar and the restaurant areas now, but I enjoy the earthier, louder bar anyway, despite the TV.
The Landlord & lady are both very friendly and are very keen to discuss the merits of the beer. pub and life in general.
A good place to be.

20 Jan 2008 09:51

The Falkland Arms, Great Tew

Visited 4th Jan. Sarah-Jane and Paul have left and temporary managers are in place until the new Landlord starts next week.
The beer was of the usual high standard and the now smokefree atmosphere is fantastic. The pub was rammed right through to closing time with a great buzz. We tend not to go too often because of the 'Green Wellie, BMW' Brigade but these were not much in evidence last night. i love the place, lets hope the new Landlord appreciates what has made it a great pub, namely good choice of beer (there were 3 guests on last night) and no piped music or anything else to interupt conversation.

5 Jan 2008 10:59

The Carpenters Arms, Marble Arch

Been in here several times now and there is always a good feel about the place. The real Ale is great with a good selection. The atmosphere is always welcoming and friendly. Just a great little boozer, quite handy for Marylebone station.

1 Jan 2008 09:39

The Masons Arms, Marylebone

Popped in on New Years eve and it seems a really pleasant place to go, just off from the main shopping areas so surprisingly it manages to keep a good atmosphere. The beer is fine, we had the Pickled partridge winter beer and it was fine. No food on due to the date though. We would certainly re visit if around the area again.

1 Jan 2008 09:35

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Handy place on arriving in London for a Brekkie with beer. Food was a bit ropey though.
However; the really nice thing was how friendly the staff are in here compared to most Spoons, it made for an enjoyable experience and the beers were at a good temperature.
We will return, and yes, there were 2 Grand union beers on.

1 Jan 2008 09:27

The George, London Bridge

We have often visited this pub on our trips to London, but I think yesterday was the last time.
It's a hell hole now unfortunately for a beautiful pub like this.
The beer was almost undrinkable, and not just because it is Greene King, expensive and the Staff really couldn't be bothered. We will leave it to the rucksack wearing tourists in future.

1 Jan 2008 09:22

The Market Porter, Borough

Very decent, if packed, pub in a terrific area of London. Excellent range of beers on at all times, always a good atmosphere.
My one and only gripe is that it's difficult to get to the bar to actually buy the stuff. Other than that, terrific.

1 Jan 2008 09:17

The Hook and Tackle, Reading

Out of the way pub, approached through an underpass. Part of the Barracuda chain and was doing a Beer Festival on our visit. It all seemed friendly enough on the day, I'm not sure that having a Festival just doing the most commonly obtained beers in England is the right way to go though. I couldn't find 1 beer in the whole list of 40. Having said this its good to see the pub trying.

21 Oct 2007 15:50

The Monks Retreat, Reading

As Wetherspoons go, this wasn't so bad on a Saturday morning. Beer too cold and flat, and I wouldn't eat there, but this one is clean and presentable and I got served quick enough.

21 Oct 2007 15:20

The Back of Beyond, Reading

Packed out Spoons with the usual suspects. It's the lairyness that gets me, an awful lot of shrieking. The beer is too cold and it takes ages to get served.

21 Oct 2007 14:55

The Allied Arms, Reading

Ah, obviously we had a different experience of this pub than previous commentators.
Both our beers (different) were poor unfortunately and the atmosphere in the pub was not welcoming. There was a couple of boorish drunks at the bar being entertained by the Barmaid.
It's always difficult when your experience is different from obviously the norm, but you have to rate as you see it.

21 Oct 2007 14:11

3Bs, Reading

A very pleasant place to visit. Carrying 4 Real Ales with good variety and really well kept. Pleasant friendly staff, not sure who selects the beers, but they do a good job.
Here's a tip, The Tappa's are to die for. Tappas for one feeds two people easily and they go brilliantly with the beer.
While you are there, take a look around the Concert Hall, superb, not far from the Abbey walk either.
The music looked interesting too.

21 Oct 2007 13:37

Nags Head, Reading

What a fantastic pub. Visited over the last 3 evenings, last night being the rugby World cup final. 12 Real Ales always on tap and from what I can tell, absolutely top notch.
Only been going since February with these owners and I wish them all good fortune for the future, because this will join the legendary pubs list at this rate.
Imaginative Wine List and Food, the whole package is great, perhaps the seating and surrounding could do with improving, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

21 Oct 2007 12:19

Sweeney and Todd, Reading

What a great little pub, or perhaps, Pie Shop / Pub. Had a few smashing pints of West Berkshire Percheron and a Steak & Ale pie, excellent.
Probably not great if you just want a drink, but overall is a friendly, happy place to be. Loved it.

21 Oct 2007 11:32

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Another great Sheffield institution, plenty of beers, though some I had were off colour. Good food too at good prices. Loved it.

4 Sep 2007 18:05

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

The best pub on my tour of Sheffield, I could have spent all day in there. Great range of beers, friendly and helpful Landlord and comfortable too, everything I needed.
One of The U.K's treasures.

4 Sep 2007 18:04

The Wig and Pen by Milestone, Sheffield

Trendy bar by the Cathedral, but oh the 2 beers I had were absolute swill, very badly kept, I had to complain about both of them, fair enough they were changed but they shouldn't be served in the first place.

4 Sep 2007 18:00

The Devonshire Cat, Sheffield

Good range of beers but in a barn of a place rather like a Wetherspoons. It's in the student part of town and took us a while to locate, but was worth it for the beer. The chatter was somewhat loud in there being mostly students, but thats fine.

4 Sep 2007 17:57

The Devonshire Arms, Pilsley

Snooty, upmarket pub with poor attitude to customers and also poorly kept beer. Wouldn't go back if they paid me.

4 Sep 2007 17:54

The Queens Arms, Bakewell

Big barn of a place with a mix of tourists and local youths. Not the comfiest of pubs, carries the Marstons range of beers (ex W&D) and has a shabby feel about the place.
The queue at the bar was phenomenal but this was Bakewell on Bank Holiday Monday.

4 Sep 2007 17:52

The Cheshire Cheese Inn, Hope

Lovely pub, quite a way outside of Hope itself, but worth looking out. old fashioned Pub feel with some decent beers and nicely comfortable.
The staff were a bit fierce on the day, I think they must have been stressed up, but this apart, very good.

4 Sep 2007 17:48

Little John Hotel, Hathersage

Exceptional range of beers and all in great nick, we had a great afternoon working our way through them. The food was good too.
Nice and cosy inside with some seating in the, packed, car park. The pub is a refuge from the bustle of the town.
Highly recommended by me anyway.

4 Sep 2007 17:42

Millstone Inn, Hathersage

Sorry for this, but I wasn't so overwhelmed by this pub. There is a range of Real Ales, but the ones I had were decidedly tired and there is a constant smell of cooked food in the air, chips, vinegar, fish, they could do with a better extraction system. Obviously popular for its location, but it sits on a very busy road.
There are better pubs nearby.

4 Sep 2007 17:38

The Devonshire Arms, Baslow

Visited recently, there were 10 of us and we were accomodated well by very friendly staff. The beer range is Greene King unfortunately and wasn't great. The food received mixed reviews, some enjoyed, some didn't, my Duck was well over done and dry, but my wifes chicken was good.
The pub is big but comfortable with alcoves to sit in. It's ok, but I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.

4 Sep 2007 17:30

Masons Arms, Headington

Friendly pub on the outskirts of Oxford, a bit of a treck to get there.
Occasionally has one of there own beer on which then tends to rush out of the pumps.
The TV screens tend to dominate with sport of all kinds, there is a decent sized garden if the weather is up to it.
No food that I could see.

19 Aug 2007 10:02

The Blinking Owl Country Inn, North Newington

A pub that should have everything, yet ends up being bad. It's difficult to explain, I just don't like any of it.

15 Jul 2007 22:31

Saye and Sele Arms, Broughton

In a small village near Banbury, on the edges of Broughton Castle, of whose family the pub gains its name. Particularly foody, the Landlord is the Chef, there is always a decent range of Real Ales too. Most tables are used for eating, drinkers tend to congregate around the bar. There is a decent patio / garden if it ever stops raining.

15 Jul 2007 22:29

The George Inn, Barford St Michael

Particularly friendly village local with 3 areas. Initial bar area with stools, then seating area to the right and a back room with a pool table. Big back garden too. Always good real ale often with a decent choice, Martin , the Landlord is keen on his beer. There is no food unless pre arranged for special occasions, but this pub is not about food, it is about beer.
Aunt Sally is played in the Summer, when we get one.
Good village local.

2 Jul 2007 07:43

Thomas Lloyd, Warwick

Typical Wetherspoons set up, just under the Lloyds badging. Understaffed, cold beer etc. Ok on a Sunday lunchtime, otherwise nothing special.

25 Jun 2007 07:45

The Old Fourpenny Shop Hotel, Warwick

We have always enjoyed the Old Fourpenny Shop for its range of beers, always in great condition and always an interesting range. For an old building the pub lacks some character, its rather sterile at the front, maybe this is the hotel aspect coming through. It's still great for the beers and a chat though.

25 Jun 2007 07:42

The Zetland Arms Hotel, Warwick

Great pub but with just average beer. The garden is terrific when it finally gets sunny. The bar area gets packed and can be difficult to get served.

24 Jun 2007 13:15

The Tilted Wig, Warwick

One of Warwicks better pubs, large and plenty of room, except when there is Football on the TV. The bar area seems to get full though. There is always a local beer on and it always seems to be in great nick. Enjoyable.

24 Jun 2007 13:11

The Rose and Crown, Warwick

I find this place a little too full of itself. It is pleasant, well situated, big, but its just not friendly. The beer is average from the well tried safe range, and is quite pricey. We do go there fairly regularly, but its never top of our list for the best that Warwick has to offer.

24 Jun 2007 13:08

Hen and Chickens, Abergevenny

Easily the best pub in Abergavenny. This is not saying a lot, but a great atmosphere and very friendly. The Brains beers are average, but the pub is the place to be.

24 Jun 2007 13:02

The Cottage Tavern, Ashorne

We managed to get the coach down to this pub, which was quite a challenge, but it was well worth it. Good range of beers, clean and welcoming and plenty of places to sit, nice outdoor seating area too.

17 Jun 2007 12:07

The Old Swan, Netherton

Cracking pub and atmosphere with a large range of Real Ale, plenty of interest throughout, check out the tiled ceiling in the front bar. The Landlord was so pleased with the atmosphere we created that he did a turn on the piano, brilliant.
The hand made pork pies are a must too.

17 Jun 2007 12:05

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

Bathams brewery tap and a real gem. I prefer the front 2 rooms to the back, but no matter this is topnotch. Excellent

17 Jun 2007 11:59

The Fountain, Lower Gornal

Good local in Lower Gornal, plenty of Real Ales available and a cheery atmosphere. There did appear to be a preponderance of rather large dogs all trying to have a go at each other. Still an excellent pub to visit.

17 Jun 2007 11:55

The Old Bulls Head, Lower Gornal

Traditional local with The Black Country Brewery attached. Usually the full range of Black Country ales available plus a few others. Friendly atmosphere but a bit of an intrusive T.V.

17 Jun 2007 11:51

The Jolly Crispin, Upper Gornal

One of my favourite pubs on our occasional visits to the Black country. The beers were a bit samey on this visit, all pale gold summer beers, it would be nice to have a bit more variety, but this is nit picking. The beers were as they should be and although the pub was quiet it was still nice to relax in the olde world atmosphere.

17 Jun 2007 11:42

The Wheatsheaf, West Bromwich

Holdens pub with 2 rooms and a central bar. Full range of Holdens beers plus the monthly seasonal. Friendly and accomodating with seemingly an older clientele. Food from 12.
A likeable place.

17 Jun 2007 11:17

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Pubs like the Turf are what drinking is all about. incredibly owned by Greene King it seems to get away with murder compared to other GK pubs I visit. The beer list is always extensive, the staff always seem to have a knowledge about the beers, which is rare these days, and despite it being busy there is always a space to be had. We managed to get food last night at 9:30pm when all the other pubs had stopped hours previously. The Turf is a great pub.

16 Jun 2007 07:57

The White Horse, Oxford

A pub that has improved over the last couple of years from a real low point. Small, tight and good atmosphere it is now a must visit, with a reasonable range of beer and a chatty barman it is very enjoyable. It can be slow to get served as they cannot get many people behind the bar, its best to be patient.

16 Jun 2007 07:51

The White Horse, Oxford

A pub that has improved over the last couple of years from a real low point. Small, tight and good atmosphere it is now a must visit, with a reasonable range of beer and a chatty barman it is very enjoyable. It can be slow to get served as they cannot get many people behind the bar, its best to be patient.

16 Jun 2007 07:51

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

The Eagle & Child has improved dramatically as a pub since it was bought from Greene King a little while ago, it has taken a time to remove the transfer ties and now it is one of the better places in Oxford to go. Owned by the same college now as The Lamb & Flag opposite, there is more atmosphere in this one. The beer range and quality is now good and despite it being a bit touristy, you can use it for just drinking. Very pleasant.

16 Jun 2007 07:45

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

A pub that is quickly going down in my estimation. The bar staff tried to rip us off last night and it took quite a while to get our money back, the beer range has become static. What was a wonderful pub is now only average and will be dropped of our future tours of Oxford. Such a shame.

16 Jun 2007 07:39

The Carpenters Arms, Walterstone

One of the countrys great treasures. This has been in a single family for generations. Vera runs a terrific establishment. Superb in every way. Breconshire beers straight from the barrel.

2 Jun 2007 19:44

The Ship Inn, Raglan

Really friendly and homely pub. Two rooms, large bar and chatty barmaid. Nice and cosy with plenty going for it.

2 Jun 2007 19:18

The Grape Vaults, Leominster

Old and beautiful pub in the heart of the town, small rooms, friendly and a treasure. A must visit in the town but only had Pedigree on during my visit.

2 Jun 2007 18:54

The Bell, Leominster

A decent friendly pub close to town. Reasonable Real Ale from the Wye Valley brewery despite being a Punch tavern. The food was of Pub meal variety and vast in quantity. A good place to try.

2 Jun 2007 18:49

The Black Horse, Leominster

Traditional and friendly pub a short walk from the centre of Leominster. The Landlord was very knowledgable about the beers and the choice is very good. Must be the premier Real Ale pub in the town. Enjoyed it.

2 Jun 2007 18:27

The Bull's Head Hotel, Brecon

Bright and traditional pub on the outskirts of Brecon. Very friendly with a good selection of Evan Evans beers. Thoroughly enjoyed the pub even though I was looking for The Black Bull, according to The GBG.
I would recommend this to anyone.

2 Jun 2007 14:28

The Cape of Good Hope, Warwick

This is now easily the best pub in Warwick, a must visit each time we travel to Warwick, although its a fair slog from town. Right on the canal with a lovely seating area outside, the beer is always great and the food hearty and filling.
I thoroughly recommend this to anyone.

13 May 2007 10:02

The Three Tuns, Alcester

Marvellous, Old fashioned pub in a pretty part of town. The old boy behind the bar was born to be a barman and everything is unhurried and calm. The beer is terrific with a good range of ever changing beers from far and wide.
Basic seating and a gentle quiet, you don't come across pubs like these very often now. Definitely worth a visit.

13 May 2007 09:56

The Turks Head, Alcester

The Turks head has a younger feel to it these days, with young barmaids and a cleared out interior. The pub was quite quiet when we were there, whilst The Holly Bush and The Three Tuns were busy which probably shows where the locals prefer. The beer was in excellent condition, no doubt about that, but the pub seems to lack a little charm.

13 May 2007 09:52

The Holly Bush, Alcester

RogerB has summed up this wonderful pub perfectly. It is a treat to wander around the rooms and into the garden, I can confirm that the refurbishments are finished and all of the character has been kept.
The beer is always excellent with a wide choice. I have never managed to eat here, but it all seems hearty and well done.
A must visit for any beer lover.

13 May 2007 09:47

The Plough, Upton Upon Severn

Busy and popular riverside pub in Upton. It was running a mini Beerfest on our visit with live music in several rooms. Friendly barstaff.

7 May 2007 15:44

The Kings Head, Upton Upon Severn

Busy riverside pub, but with little interest or love for Real Ale drinkers. Felt like we were in the way really when they wanted to sell food to the masses.

7 May 2007 15:39

Veritas Wine Bar, Banbury

Expensive, over hyped. Uncomfortable trendy wine bar. We didn't enjoy at all.

29 Apr 2007 09:33

The Woolpack, Banbury

Thought I had better give this an update.
There is now an ever changing range of real Ales in this friendly and well run pub. Run as a free house, the Landlord can choose whatever beers he likes. The food is more popular than ever, making it best to book at weekends now. The no smoking restaurant to the rear has many nooks and crannies to make private conversation a pleasure. The bar at the front is favoured by the drinkers.
Highly recommended.

29 Apr 2007 08:55

The Kings Arms Hotel, Chipping Norton

Lads and lasses lager and pool pub on the fringes of town. A pub thats needed but tricky to love as an outsider.

29 Apr 2007 08:43

The Red Lion, Chipping Norton

I have to say that I always enjoy visiting this traditional old Alehouse. Always a great pint of Hooky to be had in a single bar, old boys pub and long may they survive. Just because so many pubs chase the Youth pound doesn't mean to say that traditional old boozers like this don't have their place. Out of the way but worth the journey.

29 Apr 2007 08:38

Off The Beaten Track, Chipping Norton

This pub has been a bit of a disaster over recent years. It has had many changes of Landlord and a rather pathetic change of name, it used to be called The Oxford House.
The beer was sadly very poor on this visit.
One thing that you can say is that the pub is definitely Off the Beaten track in its loction, it must be a worry that it can remain as a pub.

29 Apr 2007 08:33

The Chequers, Chipping Norton

This Fullers pub has just undergone a change of Landlord now that Josh has retired, and from what I could tell, it appears to be run in exactly the same excellent manner. There is the full range of Fullers beers with the seasonal too, kept in very good condition, the food is always superb, but as someone else has said a little pricey, but you get what you pay for.
It is a popular, homely, friendly place and the Pub of choice in Chippy.

29 Apr 2007 08:11

The Blue Boar Inn, Chipping Norton

A much underrated pub in my opinion. Yes it is the local lads pub with TV screens dotted around, but it is big enough to cope with this with plenty of quiet corners around. There are 3 real Ales usually on, fairly standard, but in reasonable nick. It is always friendly and welcoming and comfortable. Its a reasonable pub rather being a must visit, but definitely worth a look if you are in the town.

29 Apr 2007 08:06

The New Inn, Wroxton Heath

Cold, uncomfortable and unwelcoming place with poor choice and quality of beer.
Sorry, but cannot recommend it.

26 Apr 2007 18:09

The Dun Cow, Hornton

This is a great village pub. I have visited it on many times and The Drunken Monk (you will have to ask) is a real character. Friendly licencees and always very good beer. The Real Cider is always a treat.
The pub is bigger than it first appears with 3 rooms and a lovely garden, the parking is also capacious too, but there is a narrow gap to get to it.
It has a winter and summer beer festival which are always well attended.
A thoroughly marvellous place to be.

26 Apr 2007 18:06

The Butchers Arms, Balscote

Its like being in someones living room, but being made welcome at the same time.
This pub serves great Hooky straight out of the barrel sometimes. There is a little library and the old boys corner, then the other end, the lads and the telly.
A home from home.
The garden is terrific on a sunny day.
I like the place.

26 Apr 2007 17:59

The Bishop Blaize Inn, Burdrop

Currently shut with the owners attempting to get change of use for this previously fantastic pub.
It shouldnt be allowed, shame on them.

26 Apr 2007 17:56

The Chandlers Arms, Epwell

Superb rural and rustic pub with plenty of character. It is a typical Hook Norton pub with Bitter and Old generally on and sometimes a seasonal. Step back to a more relaxed time and while away a few hours in gentle conversation and calm.
It does show the Egg Chasing Internationals though.
Gardens not up to much, but the place to be is inside.

26 Apr 2007 17:55

The Bell Inn, Banbury

This Pub has been voted North Oxfordshire CAMRA branch Pub of the Year for 2007 showing the commitment to top notch beer quality and running a great pub that goes with it.

17 Apr 2007 08:42

Hobgoblin, Oxford

Once one of the better pubs in Oxford, now a quieter backwater. The beer range is safe and steady and the feel of the place is dowdier.
Cheaper snacks at lunchtime make it worth going in to, but not a pub for the evening.

16 Apr 2007 09:05

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

A very decent and popular pub off the normal beaten track in Oxford. Plenty of room and always friendly. The beer range has become a little unchanging of late and can be variable, but it is certainly one of the better pubs in the town.

16 Apr 2007 08:54

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

The Turf is a must visit for any tour of Oxford, that being said it is very touristy and student full most of the time. The beer list has become somewhat 'safer' over recent years, but there is always something new available. Its a job to get a seat anywhere and the bar areas are packed, but it is definitely worth the effort.

16 Apr 2007 08:48

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

This is the Pub of choice for us on our regular visits to Oxford. The beer is always varied and in very good nick with plenty of choice. The food is always hearty and reasonably priced too.
It can get busy, particularly Thursday and Friday evenings, but it is definitely worth trying.
We love it.

16 Apr 2007 08:41

The Town Wall Tavern, Coventry

The last pub on a long day in Coventry, and a splendid little local it is too, well not so little really. The beer range is safe standard, I had an Adnams Bitter, but this is more than made up for by the building. The Donkey box has been mentioned before, but it is well worth a visit, there is a large room to the right and a more sporting bar to the left and I had a drink with a few Preston fans out the front, darned fine lads but destined for disappointment. A very good pub indeed, although seemingly going to be dwarfed by all the redevelopment around it.

15 Apr 2007 07:40

The Old Windmill, Coventry

It's hard to believe that a Pub like this can be found in Coventry City centre, within the inner ring. Beautiful old building with plenty of nooks and crannies, has it really been rebuilt from a bombed out site? If so they have done a remarkable job. The beer was fine although I find it disconcerting when no-one knows who the Brewery is, just the name of the beer. If I was from Cov, then this would be a regular.

15 Apr 2007 07:29

The Bear, Oxford

The Bear is a good pub without being great. Obviously well known for its tie collection, which helped to solve a tricky Morse case, it is full of character but rather average on the beer front. Small, compact, crowded and full of diners, its a good pub to visit on a circuit but not one to linger in.

11 Apr 2007 11:13

The Dykes End, Reach

A particularly attractive pub in a beautiful village, fortunately with outside seating as the interior is set for diners. The beers were pretty undistinguished in range, the village Micro brewery beer (not attached to the pub) was not on although there was a spare pump.
I should think that wet Sunday lunchtimes are manic, but very pleasant on our visit.

11 Apr 2007 11:04

The Fox, Burwell

Village local, not on the main road. Good, well kept real Ale with decent range of 5 beers. Definitely has the feel of a local boozer, but friendly enough. Plenty of seating outside if the weather is good and appears to have a Restaurant one side and an Chinese the other (didn't take a good look).
All in all a happy type of place with a good Landlord. Happy to recommend.

11 Apr 2007 11:00

The Slug and Lettuce, Cambridge

Awful, plastic pub with no proper beer. Loud and Leery. Avoid unless you are on the pull.

11 Apr 2007 10:55

The St Radegund, Cambridge

Visited this on a Saturday afternoon and although quiet, there was an agreeable feel about the place. Nicely worn in and comfortable with good beer on too, the guest was from Milton Brewery. I noticed a couple of pictures of a mate of mine on the walls too, there looks to be a bit of a folk group thing going on. All in all a tidy boozer, handy for town.

11 Apr 2007 10:49

The Live and Let Live, Cambridge

Absolute cracker in a suburb of Cambridge. The beers were the best of the weekend, we spent a whole afternoon going through them, it was like a beer festival. Less of the studenty bohemian stuff here, the locals were friendly though and the food good. Maybe a bit scruffier than other Cambridge pubs that we went to, but still the pub of the weekend for me.

11 Apr 2007 09:37

The Kingston Arms, Cambridge

Good pub in an area of great pubs, The Kingston was packed inside and out on our visit, so we had to squeeze ourselves in to the end of a bench. Lots of good Real Ale to go at, a lively conversation led atmosphere and seemingly good food. A must visit pub in Cambridge and i'm certainly glad we took a look even if it was too full to stay.

11 Apr 2007 09:32

The Free Press, Cambridge

Cambridge is blessed with many fine pubs and outwardly this, although quiet on our visit, is another. However, the beer range is very bland and not particularly well kept on this visit, tasting somwhat tired and no offer to change it. It looks great and feels like a proper pub, but the real disapointment is the beer.

11 Apr 2007 09:27

The Cambridge Blue, Cambridge

Visited this Pub over Easter and had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Plenty of interesting a well kept beers to try and a very tasty meal too. The Staff are friendly and helpfull and the pub is the perfect place for spending a few hours. The regulars are well catered for, which should be the way of things.
I will visit again when I am next that way.

11 Apr 2007 09:13

The Pear Tree Inn, Hook Norton

This genuine village pub is the unofficial Brewery Tap for Hook Norton. Always the full available range and mostly in very good nick. Combine with a trip around the Brewery or a visit to the visitor centre. Excellent atmosphere and hosts a legendary beer festival in July.

13 Jan 2007 10:32

The Deddington Arms Hotel, Deddington

Friendly hotel bar at the top end of the Market Place. Live sports shown and often very busy. Popular Restaurant. Stocks beers from Scottish & Newcastle range in good condition with the odd guest. Quite expensive.

26 Nov 2006 14:27

The Unicorn Inn, Deddington

The best value pub in Deddington, with a good atmosphere and reasonable beer. Seperate Restaurant if required and hearty food. Now the best pub in Deddington.

26 Nov 2006 14:18

The Red Lion, Deddington

The young persons pub in Deddington, but still not boisterious. Pricey food that is eaten in the public area. The furniture is odd, concrete tables indoors, all a bit 60's. It's ok.

26 Nov 2006 14:15

The Crown and Tuns, Deddington

Quite unfriendly in my experience. Reasonable Hook Norton Beers and a pleasant building on the main road through the village, but definitely a bit on the cool side to outsiders. The food is very pricey for their Pie theme, which is meat in a dish with puff pastry on top.

26 Nov 2006 14:11

The Lamplighter, St Helier

In my humble opinion, the best pub on the island. Good atmosphere, chatty Landlord and decent staff. The beer range is mostly Ringwoods, but a couple of other guests. It was good to get some decent beer in Jersey.
Smokey, yes and no food whilst we were in town, the kitchens were being refurbished, but I would return any time.
The TV's all over the place are off putting and intrusive though.

26 Aug 2006 16:02

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Mostly a very succesful food pub in the central square. Beer was a bit ropey, but hopefully that's a one off. Bit too manic and busy for me, full of children running about. Good enough but wouldn't choose to go back.

26 Aug 2006 15:58

The Watermill Inn, Ings

Simply the best pub I found in the Lake District. Plenty of choice, comfortable and Good Food. Superb.

12 Aug 2006 17:40

The Masons Arms, Strawberry Bank

Particularly busy, especially on a hot July afternoon and very difficult to park. Food orientated, we felt a little in the way just wanting to drink. I concur with the previous Hawkshead Gold comment, very nice. Expensive and touristy.

12 Aug 2006 17:38

The Manor Arms, Broughton in Furness

Superb Real Ale pub right on the town square. Always a good range of beers, many are local. The pub is very traditional, with a dark cool feel. Excellent.

12 Aug 2006 17:34

The Royal Oak, Bowness on Windermere

Imposing Pub out of the general hurly burly of Bowness. Good patio seating area plus plenty of room inside. Decent if not great Real Ale with Coniston Bluebird as a regular. Handy for a breather.

12 Aug 2006 17:31

The Red Lion, Bloxham

Once the best pub for miles, this is a sad shadow of its former self since the Fullers takeover. It now only serves a moderate London Pride where there used to be 5 or 6 beers some from Micro's. Often empty and suffers from a constant changeover of Landlords. Pitiful.

4 Mar 2006 09:52

The Joiners Arms, Bloxham

Pub at the higher end of the village close to the Church and War memorial. It has had a makeover in recent years and now has a large restaurant serving good varied food and a seperate bar. Always 2 fairly common Real Ales kept in good condition, it is comfortable and very popular.

4 Mar 2006 09:48

The Elephant and Castle, Bloxham

Classic Village local, extremely popular with a well known character as Landlord. Hook Norton Beers with the occasional guest, this is the hub of the village. The building used to be the gatehouse on the old Banbury road, now it is off the main road in a quiet area. Food only available at lunchtime, the pub has a basic public bar and a comfortable lounge with roaring fire.
One of Hook Norton Breweries finest.

4 Mar 2006 09:45

The Wine Vaults, Banbury

Loud Greene King pub, terrible beer condition and average pub fare. Blasting music at weekends. This used to be the best pub in Banbury but now it is a poor shadow of is former self when (i)Morrells destroyed it.

25 Feb 2006 09:52

The Red Lion, Adderbury

This is a pub that Greene King aquired with the purchase of Old English Taverns. It is a large roadside inn that has been turned into a Gastro pub with rooms. Normal GK beers on sale, acceptable rather than great. Large menu which is very popular locally, a place to impress the relations rather than take your mates.

25 Feb 2006 09:47

The Plough Inn, Adderbury

This pub has recently undergone a facelift and it is much improved. Chas Wells beers plus a guest. The trade seems to be improving and the beer was quite decent. Still quiet, the menu seems quite good and reasonable. Worth a visit.

25 Feb 2006 09:38

The Coach and Horses, Adderbury

This has always been the locals favourite in Adderbury, however it has seen better days. Owned by Wadsworths, the beer we had was off, they carry 6X and Henry's IPA. Small children running around at 10pm. Pool and quiz nights. Not for me.

25 Feb 2006 09:35

The Bell Inn, Adderbury

Great village pub. There is plenty of character in this Hooky pub. Excellent quality Real Ale, 4 Hooky's plus a guest, and a good range of pub food. Lots going on every night of the week. No juke box or piped music allows the conversation to flow. Cracking.

25 Feb 2006 09:31

The Paddocks, Banbury

Pub on a large housing estate, basically only used by the locals. Cheap filling food, nice and comfortable with sports teams. No Real Ale.

21 Feb 2006 07:45

The New Flyer / Ye Olde Auctioneer, Banbury

Loud and scruffy pub in he town centre. Often hosts disco's on a Friday / Sat night. No Real Ale any more. This used to be the most popular pub in town, a sad remnant of its glory remains.

21 Feb 2006 07:42

Musketeer, Banbury

Estate type pub close to the Factories. No Real Ale, but comfortable enough. OK for a lunchtime bar snack.

21 Feb 2006 07:40

The Rock of Gibraltar, Enslow

Much improved pub by the side of the Oxford Canal in the hamlet of Enslow. Now owned by a greek, the range of Real Ales has improved with 3 Cask Conditioned beers 2 of which are constantly changing. Friendly service and good looking food, Certainly worth a visit.

18 Feb 2006 22:20

Que Pasa, Banbury

Kids scene, pick up a piece of skirt pub. Pay to get in, loud music, vertical drinking and dance floor. Handy for food during the day, just not my type of place.

18 Feb 2006 09:29

The Marlborough Arms, Banbury

This pub is mostly shut these days. Its very difficult to see through the tobacco stained nets to see if there is life in there. The only Freehouse in Banbury and the Landlord wants to shut it down to sell as flats. A crying shame.

18 Feb 2006 09:25

JTs Bar and Cafe, Banbury

J.T's is a hard place to evaluate really. It sells a sometimes decent pint of Bass and often another R.A, but it is rather cliquey. Handy place to sit outside in the summer and watch the world go by, if the girls will stop screaching at each other, also good place to catch up with some football matches and drink R.A at the same time, harder than you may think in Banbury. It's passable.

18 Feb 2006 09:22

The Jolly Weavers, Banbury

Strange how things change. Once the best Real Ale pub in town, a beacon during the bad days, now no Real Stuff is sold and other pubs have taken the mantle. Keg only and lagerboy scene, strong on Football and pub sports.

18 Feb 2006 09:17

The Horse and Jockey, Banbury

Close to Banbury Cross this is a straight, no nonsense boozer. No Real Ale, although it has been tried once or twice, there are often loud 70's disco's. Somewhat bare and roughly furnished there are a couple of large dogs out the back that need to be avoided.

18 Feb 2006 09:11

The Flowing Well, Banbury

A little out of town, but handily placed close to the College, this is a steady, unobtrusive Greene King house. Just serves the one Real Ale and a barrage of lager, it is the haunt of students during the day and locals in the evening. Jolly Karaoke, quiz and sport nights. Not bad but not great either.

18 Feb 2006 09:05

Exchange, Banbury

Big converted Post Office, a large barn of a place. Typical Wetherspoons but with really, and I mean really, bad toilets. Its difficult to actually get served most of the time, but it is one place in Banbury to get the odd guest beer. The Real Ale is variable, mostly served too cold. Having said all this it would be on any Banbury crawl so it does have obvious benefits too.

17 Feb 2006 18:01

The Easington, Banbury

Out of town pub, recently knocked through into 1 large room, with alcoves. Often 4 Real ales available, mostly of safe standard brands. Good wholesome food available, this is an Ember Inn, standards do change with the latest manager though. Large garden with childrens climbing frame.

17 Feb 2006 17:56

The Duke Of Wellington, Banbury

Out of town keg only pub. Locals boozer with a rough and ready feel. Seperate Bar and Lounge. A little out of the way.

17 Feb 2006 17:52

The Coach and Horses, Banbury

Hook Norton pub in the centre of town. Genuine Irish feel with Live Music, of the country & Western ilk, often at weekends. The beer is variable, but the feel of the pub is constant. Always busy, worth a try.

17 Feb 2006 17:50

Wonder Lounge, Banbury

Grab a Granny scene, drunken louts and terrible food.

17 Feb 2006 17:46

The White Horse, Banbury

Loud music and Sports dominate this pub which is aimed entirely at the younger market. No Real Ale on my last visit. The whole thing is opened up and can be a bit feisty at times, particularly during Football matches in other parts of the country. Decent for under 25's which is fine.

17 Feb 2006 17:44

The Bowling Green Steak House Restaurant, Banbury

Pub not strictly in Oxfordshire as it is the far side of the Motorway from Banbury. Occasionally serves a single Real Ale, generally 6X or Bass, but is mostly known as a Grannies Sunday lunch pub. Cheap and wholesome English dinners makes it a popular lunchtime retreat. Extended to serve more, there is always a smell of cooking. Not the place for a quiet drink.

17 Feb 2006 07:57

The Cricketers Inn, Banbury

Hard nosed boozer in the Grimsbury area of Banbuy. Used by Building workers and local lads. No Real Ale.

17 Feb 2006 07:52

The Blarney Stone, Banbury

Previously called the Brittania, this was the boozer for the bus depot. Cask Worthington available but little else. Handy to nip in but not to stay.

16 Feb 2006 22:11

Barley Mow, Banbury

Out of town estate pub with no Real ale. Ok for lunchtime food or to meet up, but unless there are good reasons to stay its best to move on.

16 Feb 2006 22:08

The Banbury Cross, Banbury

Town cnetre Chas Wells Pub. Rarely these days serving any Real Ale, more a lads boozer for a game of cards and a smoke.Pool table and music dominate.

16 Feb 2006 22:05

The Admiral Holland, Banbury

Pub on a housing estate, 1 Real Ale occasionaly.

16 Feb 2006 17:33

The Woolpack, Banbury

Pub thats improved its image no end. Welcoming front bar with stripped out look and busy restaurant to the rear. Always sells Adnams Bitter then 1 to 2 guests depening on season.
Well run and knowledgable Landlords, this is one of our favourite pubs in the area.

16 Feb 2006 07:57

The Elephant and Castle, Banbury

Uncompromising Hard Boozer. Scruffy, run down and unwelcoming.

16 Feb 2006 07:51

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Historic, well run Hook Norton pub ideally placed in the Town Centre. The best place in Banbury to try the full rang of seasonally available Hook Norton beers with the odd guest thrown in. Always friendly and well staffed, Tony and Dot run the pub very well.
The historic Globe Room is to the rear and may have to be opened specialy in the evenings but it is well worth a look.
Interesting Food list at lunchtimes.

16 Feb 2006 07:48

The Bell Inn, Banbury

Friendly town boozer close to the Railway and Bus Stations and also the Canal. Well run and popular, this is a real local for many people. Decent changing range of Real Ales for a Punch Tavern, always in top notch condition.
Wide range of activities from darts, though pool to the local speciality Aunt Sally.

16 Feb 2006 07:36

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