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The Mill House, Broughton

The usual chain offering. Useful as a place to go while the wife goes shopping.

26 Jun 2024 19:32

The Offas Dyke Hotel, Broughton

Bog standard estate pub. Nice staff.
Memorable for having the dirties, smelliest mens toilets I have come across for a long time.

26 Jun 2024 19:30

The Oswestrian, Oswestry

Now called The Tankard. Has had a refurb and so is clean and welcoming. Good staff and handy for the main town car park.

21 Feb 2022 04:37

Red Lion Inn, Oswestry

Good beers and food which is inexpensive. The place has seen better days and could do with some cosmetic improvements. Lots of cobwebs in the curtains.
Could be really good with some investment.

21 Feb 2022 04:30

Griffin Inn, Oswestry

Very nice old pub with good staff. Good beers and home cooked food. This place has a nice feel to it and is highly recommended.

21 Feb 2022 04:23

The Fox Inn, Oswestry

Lovely old pub with lovely fireplace. Serves Joules beers which are very good. Live music on Tuesday evenings.
All good in here.

21 Feb 2022 04:20

Boars Head, Oswestry

Tucked in between Wetherspoon's and Betfred. Recently been taken over and refurbished and is warm and welcoming and has very inexpensive drinks. You can have a punt in the bookies and watch the action on one of the many TVs.
Very friendly staff and clientele and well worth a visit.

21 Feb 2022 04:15

Bell Inn, Oswestry

Recently refurbished and specialising in craft beers and ciders. It has been done out very tastefully inside. It is warm, comfortable and welcoming.

21 Feb 2022 04:07

The Earl of March, Lavant

Visited last night. had to sit outside for covid restrictions. Lovely views towards Goodwood racecourse. Good pint of Harveys.

FOOD - Top up before you go. Miniscule portions set in the middle of massive plates.
The main course was the size of a starter.
Had to pop into the local garage to fill myself up with some chocolate bars on the way home.
Very very expensive - poor value for money.

1 May 2021 13:19

Black Horse, Sidmouth

I,'ve been here a couple of times and have been happy with the beer and the bar staff although there doesn,t seem to be a lot of interaction between the staff and the customers.

1 May 2018 15:14

Grand Central, Brighton

This is a good town centre pub. Good pre football and post football. Unusual for a busy pub, the toilets are pretty decent. Decent atmosphere and staff that can cope with a rush.

1 May 2018 15:05

The Craft Beer Co., Brighton

Craft beer is just home brew.

1 May 2018 14:58

The Cow, Brighton

Nice BAR staff and good selection of beers.

29 Apr 2018 13:52

The Shakespeare's Head, Brighton

Nice pub. Cosy.

29 Apr 2018 13:51

The Good Companions, Brighton

Flat warm beer and very very loud music. Too loud. So loud I had to get out quickly. Won,t be going back.

29 Apr 2018 13:49

The Royal Oak, Barcombe

Someone has fitted a cooler to the ceiling in the cellar and it makes an awful noise which reverbarates around the bar constantly. It is very annoying and a bit offputting. It needs to be sorted out as it is sure to keep people away.

Having said that the food is great and the beer excellent.

18 Jan 2017 13:03

The Cock Inn, Ringmer

Went for Sunday lunch. Very packed so obviously popular. Food was nice but was left a bit hungry - just one more spud please. Good pint of Harveys.
It's more of a restaurant really - we had to vacate our table once we had finished and all the tables in the very small bar were taken by diners so we had to adjourn to the nearby Royal Oak at Barcombe for a few more pints of Harveys.
There's quite a few good pubs around this area and this one is worth popping in to.

7 Nov 2016 15:01

The Oak Inn, Oswestry

Nice pub, good beer, friendly staff and locals. very clean and well worth a visit. Nothing to dislike at all.

31 Jul 2016 19:44

The Saxon Arms, Stratton

Very nice foody pub. Thatched roof and picturesque. Plenty of parking. Very popular on the evening we visited. Enjoyed the food and the ales very much and the service was excellent. Dogs were made welcome too.
Nothing to complain about at all and is well worth a visit if you are in the Dorchester area.

9 Jul 2016 15:03

The Bear, Burwash

Visited recently after playing cricket against the local team. The pub sposors the local team and we were given free bangers, mash and peas with gravy.
The beer was great and the view from the garden was very pleasing.
I was told that the landlord is a pillar of the local community, very generous and helpful to all his customers and villagers alike.
That's just what a good local should be like. Great stuff. Well worth a visit.

28 May 2016 10:13

The Countryman, Shipley

Visited this pub for the first time yesterday. I didn't know it existed. had a pint of Harvey's IPA which was very nice and steak and chips which was also good.
Very much a countryman's pub as the name suggests and well worth a visit if you are travelling along the A272.
Unspoilt pub in unspoilt surroundings.

28 May 2016 10:03

Stanmer Park, Brighton

This place is not quite as bad as it used to be. It has undergone a considerable mekeover and has a new name (5Ways). There are loads of good beers, lagers and ciders. The place is also busier and attracts a wider range of clientelle so if you pick your moments, you can relax but they still need security on weekend evenings.

The food is now pretty good and I do take my missus down there for her birthday treat.

The pub is popular again, so I really hope they keep the higher standards up.

1 Nov 2015 22:58

Dolphin Hotel, Beer

I'm very disappointed that the front bar has been turned into a restaurant. The owners have made a new lounge bar in the back of the hotel, but it does not have the same pub feel as the old bar, and in fact it would have made a lovely restaurant.

Personally, I think they have lost an asset.

Having said that, the food is plentiful and great value and the beer is always good.

1 Nov 2015 22:44

The Royal Oak, Poynings

Visited last week and blimey it is very very expensive.
The bar was full of screaming kids and their posh parents so if you are looking for somewhere to take your Dolce sunglasses and your Armani purse, and show off your ill disciplined public skool offspring, then this is just the place for you.

The bar servant tells me she would have to work for an hour to buy a bowl of soup. She's gotta be the best paid bar servant in this part of Sussex.

1 Nov 2015 22:29

Lower Lode, Forthampton

Waterside pub with big garden sloping down to the river Severn.

23 Jun 2015 20:48

The Butchers Arms, Eldersfield

This is a lovely old country pub / restauarant which serves beers off the back of the bar. Has a nice garden. Very pleasant people work there and visited by the country set.
I have been there twice and would highly recommend it.

23 Jun 2015 20:43

The New Inn, Talgarth

I visited the pub very recently and must say it was a real throwback to the 1970's. The new owner and the girl behing the bar were very nice and welcoming and the Betty Stoggs beer was in good order. However, it needs a real good clean up and a bit of investment to bring it into the 21st century. Everything seemed old, unkempt and dirty.
I would go back for a pint if I lived around the corner but certainly not a place to travel to for lunch.

23 Jun 2015 20:40

The Rose and Crown, Hay on Wye

Went in this pub recently and thought I had walked onto the the set of 'One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest'. Wierd.

17 Aug 2014 12:23

The John Harvey Tavern, Lewes

Had a pint in here today. Top place. Go there.

4 May 2014 21:05

The Preston Park Tavern, Brighton

This pub has just undergone yet another re-invention. It has now lost it's gastro pub identity and has been reincarnated as a trendy boozer which serves nice food and so called 'craft beers', also known as 'home-brew'. I visited yesterday and tried a sip of all the ales on offer and most of them tasted wrong, were insipid and warm. I had the best of the bunch and it had an aftertaste of coal.
I really don't know why these new wave trendy pub groups don't cater for all tastes and have a couple of good standards such as Harveys or London Pride to complement these no hope micro beers, which are truly horrible.
The staff said that this is what people want these days. Well I certainly don't and I would rather buy a beer which has a true pedigree and a long history, is consistent and reasonably priced. At about £4 a pint, I'd rather top up on my own home brew and finish up on lager at this pub.
Apart from that, its a nice pub and a good place to take the girlfriend, but make sure she gets topped up too as the cheapest wine is the best part of £18 a bottle.

4 May 2014 21:03

The Grenadier, Hove

I went in the Grenadier on Monday afternoon and it was packed so it must have something going for it. The food is cheap and cheerful (Harvester like) and the lager was ok (no ales today). The pub serves a large mixed estate and so it serves its purpose well. I liked it and would have no hesitation in going back there.

There are some nicer pubs nearby - try the Hangleton Manor but expect to pay three times more for your food and a lot more for your booze.

27 Nov 2013 17:56

112 Church Street, Brighton

Handy for my visit to the dome, had Harvey's which was really good. Clean surroundings and quite pleasant really. For those of you who can't remember when pubs had proper names, this used to be The Black Horse. It's a good bar, one of many in the area.

27 Nov 2013 17:48

The Hangleton Manor, Hangleton

I've been here a few times in the past couple of months and there's nothing to dislike. Good service, lovely building. The locals of Hangleton are very lucky to have it.

2 Oct 2013 17:56

The Cleveland, Brighton

The place has gone downhill generally over the past couple of years. I hate to see bar staff staring at their mobile phones all evening and this is exactly what they are doing all the time.

1 Oct 2013 00:53

The Yew Tree Inn, Chalvington

Lovely pub still, but the portion sizes are getting smaller and smaller. Sunday lunch with just 2 small spuds and 4 green beans doesn't fill me up and I've left hungry the last two visits.

1 Oct 2013 00:48

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

I had a very pleasant surprise last week when I went to this pub. It has been refurbished and the improvement is immense. It no longer has the corporate feel, but is cosy and welcoming. We had a bite to eat which was excellent and priced fairly competitively the beer was good.

There is a bar area now where you can take your dog which is so much like common sense and because of this, we will be visiting far more often as we often combine a dog walk with a pint.

Well worth a visit for the pub alone, let alone the stunning views.

6 Jun 2013 01:05

Trevor Arms, Glynde

I went to the Trevor last week. It was the first time in many years. I enjoyed the feel of the pub with lots of interesting photos, prints and a few bits and pieces. It had the feel of a quintisential(sp?) old English local however it really lacked atmosphere. A bit of background music might have helped and because it is such a big pub, a TV with a bit of sport on might have helped improve the place.

The beer was very good and we had some food which was delicious and very good value too. The views were lovely and it would definitely be worth a visit either by car or on a walk. The dogs were welcome in this pub.

There were two members of staff behind the bar and one serving the food - all male. One of the lads behind the bar had a ridiculous waxed moustache which looked really stupid.

Hopefully when I return there will be some more atmosphere and maybe a nice girl or two behind the bar.

6 Jun 2013 00:51

The Black Horse, Amberley

I'm sad to hear the Black Horse is closing. Parking is a problem and if the locals don't support their local amenities then closures like this are inevitable. I'd love to have a local like that. What a shame.

19 Apr 2013 13:10

The White Horse, Pulborough

I visited this lovely pub last weekend for the first time and I found it really nice. I had three pints of Sprinter which was spot on. The pub was full, which is always a good sign and the atmosphere was very pleasant.

We had a Sunday roast which was a bit expensive but the portions were filling and I will visit again. I would highly recommend it for locals and visitors alike.

19 Apr 2013 12:59

The Kingfisher, Colyton

The beer was badly kept, the Sunday lunch was awful and the landlord inebriated.

There were some interesting old photos of Colyton's lost pubs. This one might disappear too unless it gets a good clean up very soon.

10 Mar 2013 15:11

Ship Inn, Axmouth

I visited recently for the first time and it seemed a little overdone in the refurbishment. I don't know what it was like before, but it was certainly not a cosy country style pub, but more like a smart continental style bar/restaurant.

Having said that, we were welcomed into the bar area with two soggy dogs, so the country principals are still evident. The beer was good and the staff were pleasant.

10 Mar 2013 15:04

The Famous George, Seaton

Smack bang in the middle of the town. Paid a quick visit last week and it gives me the impression that it has seen better days. It's a bit like a 1970's pre-club bar and is in need of a refurb. The pub will have suffered from Seaton's loss of it's holiday camp and the trade that it would have brought with it, and I guess it will improve as the town gets a new identity.

The beer was ok and the old woman with the three staffies was very friendly.

10 Mar 2013 14:58

The Crown Inn, Lewes

I was enticed in by the sign outside saying 'try one of our handmade pies'. God it was awful. Microwaved to death with a dry plate of chips and peas, served by a chav in a shell suit.

It's a shame really as the pub does have atmosphere and could be a very good town centre local. The beer was good but avoid the food if you don't want to feel very sick afterwards.

10 Mar 2013 14:38

Park View, Brighton

This place continues to disappoint. I visit 4 or 5 times a year despite living just around the corner and each time I wonder why I bothered.
The service is DIRE. When are the owners going to wake up and do something about the waiting time. Even when the place is quiet the dimwits behind the bar seem to faff about with anything other than serving customers.

The beer is always good when it arrives, but the food is not the best.

13 Jun 2011 14:56

The Stand Up Inn, Lindfield

A spectacular array of real ales, so well worth a visit just for that. It has a 'bar' type atmosphere rather than a country pub, so would certainly appeal to the younger generation.
Visited after a recent cricket match and would certainly use it again when I'm in Lindfield.

13 Jun 2011 14:48

The Eight Bells, Jevington

Visited this lovely pub for the first time yesterday and we really enjoyed it. There was a good Sunday lunchtime atmosphere, the service was quick and the staff polite. Had a lovely pint of Harveys.

There were a lot of terriers in the bar as the local Jevington 'Grand National' terrier race was taking part in a nearby field. The walls are festooned in racing photos as Jevington is home to a racing stable operated by Anna Newton-Smith.

This is a proper country pub and I shall certainly be visiting again very soon. Put it on your list of pubs to visit.

13 Jun 2011 14:35

The Northern Tavern, Brighton

Feisty landlady. Salt of the earth don't mess with me type.
Old fashioned boozer - pool darts, piss-heads etc etc.

1 Jun 2011 00:23

Neptune, Hove

Good pub. A bit grubby but worth it.

1 Jun 2011 00:13

The Sussex, Hove

I like the place. It has always been the same for the past 30 years or so. A good place to meet and chat. It has always been popular. Well worth a visit.

1 Jun 2011 00:12

The Westbourne, Hove

Woody sort of place typical of a lot of street corner pub renovations. The recipe seems to work and this is no exception. Worth a visit if in Portland Road.

1 Jun 2011 00:09

The Hove Park, Hove

Popped in here recently before the greyhounds. It's gone downhill since its heydays in the mid 80's when it was the place to be seen. Badly needs a makeover.

1 Jun 2011 00:06

The Ancient Mariner, Hove

Went in here for the first time in ages recently and it has had the trendy street corner pub makeover which has worked very well here. The atmosphere was very convivial, the bar staff attentive - it was clean. Would welcome this as a local if I lived there and will certainly pop in again when I'm in the area.

1 Jun 2011 00:02

Connaught, Hove

I went there for a pre-meal drink and enjoyed the atmosphere and the drinks. No problem with the service at all and it was a busy weekend evening. It's not a locals pub, its a gastro pub and a place to meet before moving on to town. I would definitely go back when in the area but wouldn't make it my local if I lived there.

31 May 2011 23:57

The Ginger Pig, Hove

If you are planning to eat in here, either get well fed before you go or stuff a few Mars bars in your pocket. The portions are PATHETIC.

31 May 2011 23:52

The Red Lion, Hove

Nice back street pub. Typical un-modernised. Good pool table, welcoming landlord and friendly locals. Lots of competition in the area.

31 May 2011 23:49

The Snowdrop, Lewes

Went there for the first time last week and had a really good roast dinner with vegetables that tasted of the countryside - really really good. I counted 9 different veg on the plate, maybe too many but what flavour. Loads of meat but a bit light on the spuds.
Great selection of ales and ciders.
The second visit was very soon after and it is now very much on the list of top pubs.

31 May 2011 23:39

The Gardeners Arms, Portslade

Decent lads boozer.

31 May 2011 23:34

The New Inn, Appletreewick

Just come across this lovely pub. If you like a proper pub it is a must. Great local beer (Dalesman I think). Nice freshly prepared food and friendly chatty landlord.
The pub has a livery for mountain bikes, so is a must for the two-wheelers and also very welcoming to dogs and walkers.
Can't fault this in any way 10/10.

10 Apr 2011 13:57

The Racehorses, Kettlewell

Nice pub in a lovely location. Dogs ok.

10 Apr 2011 13:52

The Queens Arms, Litton

What a lovely place. The landlord and landlady are very friendly and welcoming. You will struggle to find a pub in a more remote location.
Perfect for walkers and dogs.

10 Apr 2011 13:50

The Crown Inn, Leeds

Looked nice from the outside. I had my dog with me so was refused service. strange for a country pub.

10 Apr 2011 13:47

The Dyke Tavern, Brighton

Have to put the record straight after my last comment.

I re-visited this place after it's re-fit and things couldn't be more different. It is now a clean and vibrant place where you would be happy to spend a couple of hours.

The service couldn't have been better - lots of nice young ladies behind the bar.

Should do well.

25 Jul 2010 21:46

The Ship Inn, Holy Island of Lindisfarne

Nice pub, but had to sit in the garden because I had my dog - not good for a country pub.

Having said that, the beer was very good and the staff very polite. A must if you visit the island.

25 Jul 2010 21:20

Masons Arms, Morpeth

Good pint of Deuchars.

Staff attentive and the locals were very friendly. The food was very fussy for a pub.

Would visir again.

25 Jul 2010 21:15

Hermitage Inn, Morpeth

Good local pub with a yearning to be the gourmet's choice.

Found it a bit strange being served by a waiter all done up in shirt and creased trousers, seventies long hair do. Having said that the food was excellent and there was loads of it.

Decent beer.

25 Jul 2010 21:10

The Sun Inn, Alnmouth

I was pleasantly suprised at the quality of the decor. This is almost certainly not a pub, more a gastro pub. Having said that, the food was excellent, the beer and wine very nice and they had no objection at all to my dog being tucked under the table.

Absolutlely great for anyone who wants to eat in a pubby atmosphere, but wants a bit more than pie and mash.

Staff were great.

25 Jul 2010 21:05

Forresters Arms, York

Had a very nice stay here. The bedrooms are very comfortable and the staff very attentive. There was a selection of three ales - one John Smith cask, one local brew and one summer ale.

It's a very nice quiet village but a good starting point for the Yorkshire Moors and the many local attractions including York and the many local racecourses.

I must say that the meal I had was sub-standard. Liver and bacon - the bacon was overcooked, the mash was like wallpaper paste and the veg came out a a dish which was swimming with water.

I would definitely come here again as it ticks all the boxes, but hope that the chef has moved on.

25 Jul 2010 21:00

The Thatched Inn, Hassocks

Really nice pub. Dog friendly, pool table in public bar. Very good pint of Harvey's. Couldn't ask for more in this location.

25 Jul 2010 20:47

The Battle of Trafalgar, Brighton

Great old fashioned pub with a very mixed clientelle as you would expect from a town centre pub - a few suits and lots of grubby looking gays. Handy for a pint before catching the train.

29 Sep 2009 14:16

The Cricketers Arms, Littleworth

I visited this pub last Sunday. It is a lovely little low ceiling pub with a pleasant atmosphere. I had e four pints of Hooky Gold which was very very good - luckily someone else was driving.
Strangely no-one was eating. The locals engaged in chat very readily and the staff were friendly. Nice clean toilets.
I had my first go at Aunt Sally, a local game perculiar to this area - it's played in leagues around here.
I enjoyed my brief visit and would highly recommend anyone passing by Oford to do the same.
One problem - no car park, which possibly makes it very reliant on trade from the local village.

17 Aug 2009 15:54

The Anchor, Barcombe

The last two times I have visited, this evening included, it has been pouring with rain. No problem with the weather if you can sit inside beside in the warm, but both times I had my dog. Dogs are now banned from the pub, which is a shame because this is walking country and, because of its location, ALL the passing trade is on foot, often with a dog in tow.
The pub is ideally suited to having half a restaurant and half a pub. It now has lots of restaurant / bistro type chairs and not a lot of custom.
I stood outside under the front door canopy,in heavy rain, Harveys in hand and even though the staff saw me, I was not invited to sit in the bar even though there was not another soul in the whole pub.
I wasn't too impressed with that.
Country pubs should be for people who use the countryside, not just for townies out for a drive.
You can walk to the Laughing Fish at Isfield by going over the river bridge and heading upstream to the railway bridge. Get onto the disused railway embankment and head eastwards. Follow the footpath until you reach a road, turn left and this will take you to Isfield Station - the Laughing Fish is next door.
If you have a dog you will be welcome and your dog will be given a biscuit. The food is good and there is a good atmosphere.

1 Aug 2009 20:56

The Anchor Inn, Hartfield

Visited this one last week for the third time. Always a nice pint and a good atmosphere. Well worth a visit if you are in this very beautiful part of Sussex.

21 May 2009 13:56

The Royal Oak, Brighton

This place is dressed out like a music venue with posters all over the place. London Pride and John Smith's so no great shakes on the ale side of things,T.V's and a pool area. Pretty run of the mill really. Not the sort of place I would travel far to get to, the clientelle and staff are friendly enough though.
Hasn't been colonised by the Kemp Town gay fraternity - yet.

21 May 2009 13:52

The Gun Inn, Findon

Been here a couple of times. Went there last week with two friends and had a nice pint of ale each.There was a choice of three, and two of them were Jennings. The main bar is quite cosy and has a good feel to it.
However, we had three roast beef dinners and the meat was as tough as old boots. It may be a one-off, but with lots of local competition, the food should be a lot better than that.

18 Apr 2009 21:30

The Leicester Arms, Penshurst

Visited this pub yesterday and I was a bit disappointed really. It looks fabulous from the outside, but the interior is drab and dated. This sounds strange when the building dates back to Tudor times, but it lacks imagination and is desparately in need of a spruce up.
The food was average. I had lamb chops with veg and mash - I suspect that the mash was actually Smash. There were three menu sheets on each table, which made them look a bit scruffy.
I was suprised that the bar staff left empty plates in front of us for so long because they wern't busy at all. I was also suprised that they didn't enquire as to whether wanted a pudding when they did clear them. They missed a sale because they sounded very appetising - very English, home made ice creams and stodgy puddings served with custard - yum yum.
On the positive side, the Harveys was good and the toilet was clean.
Overall it was like eating in an old peoples home no atmosphere.
It's worth a visit, but it could be an awful lot better.

3 Apr 2009 11:20

The Rising Sun, Nutbourne

What a brilliant pub. Lovely village setting, old board floor, I bet nothing has changed in decades.
Had a couple of pints of Harveys with my dog, who was made very welcome by staff, customers and the two resident terriers.

Will definitely pop in next time I'm in the area and suggest that all country pub lovers do the same.

Great stuff.

1 Apr 2009 19:15

Lectern, Brighton

Very scruffy pub. Poorly decorated, but caters for the studenty type. Had a Harveys pump, but no Harveys.

Two pool tables and lots of Tellies. Smelly trough style toilet with tiles missing, empty paper towel holder, no blow dryer - very unhygenic.

Not worth a visit.

17 Feb 2009 12:24

The Yew Tree Inn, Chalvington

This is an unspoilt little country pub standing all on its own down a little lane in Sussex. Went there after a walk and had a fantastic roast pork, which at �8.50 was good value. The Harveys was excellent and was served by a gorgeous barmaid. What could be better?

Dogs are welcome. The resident Patterdale Terrier is deaf and will help you finish off your scraps if you dont mind him.

The pub has a local clientelle as well as an eating area, so it ticks all the boxes and I wish it was my local. Definitelt a 10/10.

2 Feb 2009 14:19

Masons Arms, Branscombe

Very nice bar/restaurant with good food and beer. Serve Otter and Branscombe ales, both locally brewed.

Lovely walking area, dogs are very welcome, as are families. I would suggest booking a table though especially if you are intending to eat there in the evening.

A definite 'must try' if you are in the area.

30 Dec 2008 13:21

The Halfway House, Rose Hill

Spent a pleasant lunchtime there. It's a nice enough boozer which is a bit out of the way and on a main road, so I guess relies on passing trade.

I enjoyed my visit, so nothing to detract from it; worth a visit.

23 Dec 2008 01:16

The Old Ship, Ringmer

It's a typical main road pub. It looks quite inviting from the outside but very streriotypical restaurantish type of seating and nothing to get too exited about.
Having said that the food was okay and the beer was good, but there are pubs with better atmospheres in the area.

Worth a stop just to say you've been there.

23 Dec 2008 01:13

The Franklin Tavern, Brighton

Estate pub on the main road is a fair description, but its not too bad actually.

The landlord knows what he is doing and because it is on the main road, there is a good mix of people throughout the day. There are two pool tables and the place is clean and welcoming. The seating arrangements are such that you can have some of your own space if you need it.

If I lived in the area, I would have no problem using it now and again.

18 Dec 2008 12:39

The Engineer, Brighton

This won the racing pub of the year, so if you are a racing fan it's the place to go for a pint and a chinwag about the horses.

Apart from that, it's still a decent pub, serving decent beer. It's one of the better pubs in the London Road area and well worth a visit.

18 Dec 2008 12:25

The Cobden Arms, Brighton

This pub has got a new landlord and he is well known and respected in the area. I've just visited fopr the first time in 15 years and it is a nice traditional little pub in an area which has got lots of similar types.

There is a pool table and a dart board, and has a good feel to it.

It sells Harveys and a good selection of other alea and lagers.

Expect a good welcome from the staff. A nice local, and one for the local pub crawlers.

18 Dec 2008 12:04

The Bull Inn, Mockbridge

This is a naff sort of place. A pub that has specialised in pizzas. It wouldn't be so bad, but they serve up some right wierd mixtures. I wouldn't go there again, so can't recommend it.

8 Aug 2008 18:57

The Frankland Arms, Washington

Visited this one on the way back from the races. It was my second visit and I like the pub. The staff were smart and attentive, the bar had a good eclectic mix of people and the garden was clean and tidy.

A really good stop off point and recommended.

8 Aug 2008 18:49

The Robin Hood, Brighton

It's a studenty type bar, a bit dark. Internet facility, posters and that sort of thing. Popped in here midweek, the staff are attentive. Not much else to say really, it's pretty ordinary.

31 Jul 2008 09:43

The Garrick Inn, Stratford Upon Avon

Enjoyed a quick pint of Abbott in the front bar. The beer was very good and everyone was pleasant enough.
Had a peek at the menu and it all seemed quite reasonable. They will serve you the side dishes as nibbles if you want.
Didn't venture past the front bar, but this is a must for visitors to the town.
The dog was welcome in the front bar.

21 Jul 2008 14:02

The Dirty Duck, Stratford Upon Avon

Really nice location by the riverside looking over the recreation area. Greene King beers and guest ales,which were very nice.
This is a definite 'yes' for visitors and locals alike. Children and dogs ok.

21 Jul 2008 13:57

The George and Dragon, Shipley

This is a great little country pub which I have visited three or four times. It is very much a rural focal point and you will mix with the country boys and girls when you visit here.

The interesting thing about this pub is the grave in the front garden in which is an albino boy who was refused a burial in the local church. If you visit, you will get the full story.

A few years ago the walls were festooned with witchcraft paraphernalia, but this went with a former landlady - I bet she is cursed now.

This place is up there with the best of them and I wish I lived closer. Well worth a drive for those interested in folklore and good beer. Take your dog too.

14 Jul 2008 16:56

White Hart Inn, West Hoathly

Visited this one recently at lunch time. I didn't eat, but enjoyed a few whiskey macs before taking off with the dog.

The pub is one open area, which doesn't really work too well. We were made to feel welcome, but not much to be said about this place really. It's ok, thats all.

4 Jul 2008 10:23

The Oak Inn, Ardingly

This is a quinticential English village pub with low oak beams and an inglnook fireplace. It is a cottage style pub, which looks very inviting from the outside. It's the sort of pub that if you drive by, you will want to stop, turn round and investigate.

It has a restaurant area in a new extension, and a public bar with a pool table. The lounge bar has lots of nooks and crannies. There is a lawn out the front with tables.

There was Harvey's, which was very good and two other ales.

The whole thing seemed very nice, but somehow lacked a bit of atmosphere. I was told that sitting in the inglenook in winter is a pleasant thing to do, but it just seems to be one of those pubs where you go and need to stay quiet. I may be wrong as I visited in late afternoon when it was quiet anyway.

Not really my cup of tea, but it wopuld appeal many other I am sure.

4 Jul 2008 10:16

The Mill House, Portslade

Popped in for a few pints this weekend. It is a good locals pub - typical estate type pub. It has two bars, one with a pool table round the back.
There is a stage for live music, which is always welcome if you dont want a trek into town.

I had a few pints of ale, I cant remember what it was, but it was very good and just the right temperature.

This pub serves it's purpose as a focal point for the community, so it deserves a high rating. It's off the beaten track, but worth a visit if there is a good band on.

The chap behind the bar was very good and everything was clean and well presented.

23 Jun 2008 10:39

The Dyke Tavern, Brighton

This is a big cavernous pub, which is badly in need of a major refurbishment. It is outside of central Brighton and has a large catchment area, but is never busy.

There are two good, well kept pool tables and you can play darts and watch sport on decent TV's. However, the beer- Harvey's and Spitfire, were both terrible on my last visit and the toilets were rank. They were so smelly, the smell wafted well into the drinking area.

Not worth a visit at the moment - it may change. But my guess is that this will be a block of flats within a few years.

17 Jun 2008 07:46

The Crown Inn, Cootham

Popped in after our cricket match at nearby Parham House last week. I have visited before and I think there have been a few changes recently and for the better too.

Although it's not over inviting from the outside, the pub is quite pleasing on the inside. It caters for the foodies in a restaurant area, which is separated from a drinking area by some steps. This area retains a pubby feel and it extends into another area where you can watch sport on a nice sized TV.

My dog was welcome, which is always good for a country pub, and the beer was excellent. The girl behind the bar was great. I didn't eat, but judging by the previous comments, it is worth a visit for that too.

I like it when pubs cater for all tastes, and this one certainly does that. If you are visiting Parham House or Park for any of the days out that go on there, you would do well to pop in here for a pint and a bite to eat.

16 Jun 2008 16:51

The Norfolk Arms, Steyning

I visited this pub for the first time yesterday and found it to be a nice friendly little pub.

We sat in the garden, which is overgown and untidy, but the dog enjoyed rooting around and chased off the local cats.

Had a couple of pints of very good Harveys.

There are two bars, one currently only used at the weekends and is a sort of club house for the local rugby team. The main bar is very cosy and covered in old pictures. It is a bit of a throwback to the 1940's and very pleasant with it. The barman was chatty and it is a place where I imagine the locals enjoy lots of friendly banter.

It is an old style country village pub that has retained its character and serves excellent beer.

5 Jun 2008 10:59

Marine Bar, Sidmouth

I visited this pub one lunchtime and sat outside watching all the tourists filing by.

I had a pint of Branoc, which is brewed just down the coast at Branscombe. It was very nice and I enjoyed my brief stop.

It's a bar rather than a pub and caters well for it's target clientelle. It's minimalistic and has steel chairs and tables. Its not everyone's cup of tea, but it was a welcome pint and tasted good.

1 Jun 2008 11:12

Dolphin Hotel, Beer

A great pub in a great village.

There are two bars, one - the Long Bar - which caters for the locals. You can play pool, darts and table skittles. This bar is open all day and stays open till very late. The locals are great and you will always find someone ready to chat to you.

The lounge bar is frquented more by visitors and has a London pub sort of feel to it. Lots of pictures and deep colours. The bar is nice to look at and there are cubicle seating arrangements.

There are plenty of ales to choose from and I had BST, which was excellent.

I had a nice Sunday roast, which was huge and was all locally grown produce. At �8 it was good value.

The staff are excellent, very friendly, dogs and children welcome. It is a great pub and I wish it was my local. 10

1 Jun 2008 11:07

The Anchor Inn, Beer

Have visited this one many times and hope to visit many more times.

This pub caters for eveything. It is right on the seafront in this lovely little village and so is busy as a restaurant and a pub.

The food is excellent and is reasonably priced.

There are three bar areas and children are welcome as are dogs.

The beer is Greene King and Otter. I drank a lot of Otter, which is brewed locally and is superb.

There are some Tv's in the pub, so you can enjoy the sport, and there is a large garden area overlooking the beach. The locals and visitors seem to like this pub and you cant visit this one without getting into a conversation with someone.

Particularly pleasing was the attentiveness and attitude of the staff. They all seemed very professional and unflustered when things got busy.

This pub is right up there with the best of them. 10

1 Jun 2008 10:58

Kings Arms, Honiton

I visited this pub one wet afternoon and it seems quite an enigmatic place.
There are two restaurant areas which are very olde fashioned. The restaurant has Egon Ronay accreditations from the early 1990's, but didn't get to eat.
There is a very traditional country pub bar and a side room with a pool table.
I had a couple of pints of Branoc, which is brewed locally at Branscombe - both very nice.
Enjoyed some banter with the very friendly landlord and the locals.
This pub is at the heart of walking and riding country and is an ideal stop off. My dog was particularly welcome. I would bet that this is a great place to stay for a few days and enjoy Devon, as it is set in beautiful countryside.
One odd thing was that someone had started painting in between the timber beams on the ceiling and hadn't finished. It would also seem that whoever did it had enjoyed too many pints of ale and probably started after a good session. The beams were smeared in white paint, which was a bit unsughtly - so yes it needs a bit of tlc.
However, great beer, great landlord, great welcome and well worth a visit.

1 Jun 2008 10:49

The Harbour Inn, Axmouth

I visited this pub on a nice sunny weekend and enjoyed sitting in the garden overlooking the river Axe.
The inside was really a restaurant with a bar, and lacked the atmosphere of pub. However, it serves it's purpose as a restauarant and has bags of space for the tourists who undoubtedly flock there in the height of summer. Because it is a restaurant, be prepared to pay restaurant prices.
The pub serves Badger beer and there was also Youngs Sussex ale. I had one of the Badger beers and it was very good indeed.
I enjoyed my visit, though I suspect its a place that is best used when the sun is shining and you can enjoy the views from the garden.

1 Jun 2008 10:36

The Barley Mow, Trefonen

I visited this pub in April and what a pleasant suprise. My father was the landlord in the mid sixties, so it was interesting to see how it has changed - and what a lovely change.
The landlord is a local farmer, who bought the pub and improved its fortunes. He has made the interior 'country cosy' in the lounge and convivial in the public bar.
The pub has its own brewery - The Offas Dyke Brewery - which is in an outbuilding next to the pub. In my day it was where our pet donkey slept. There are five beers brewed, one mild, two bitters, one lager and a porter. I tried the Thirst Brew at 4.2% and this was lovely.
My friends and I had a nice Sunday lunch, which at �5.50 was very cheap. I did feel that the portions could have been bigger and it was served on cold plates, so improvement could be found there, but overall it was very nice and my friends enjoyed it too.
The pub straddles Offas Dyke near Oswestry, so it is in a good position for walkers and riders. It is situated in beautiful countryside and is well worth a visit. Highly recommended.

15 May 2008 10:46

The Royal Oak Hotel, Settle

Had a couple of pints in here on a wet windy afternoon. The pub had a pleasing atmosphere for a big pub and we enjoyed the beer. The market is just outside, so any visitors should enjoy this one. Dogs ok.

8 May 2008 12:17

The Angel Inn, Lymington

Popped in one afternoon last summer and enjoyed a lazy time lounging in the big armchairs with my missus and the dog. It was very quiet, so difficult to comment objectively. I did visit several years previously and it did seem to have lost some of its appeal. It was pleasant enough and if we are passing again, we will pop in for a comfy chair and a pint.

30 Apr 2008 11:19

The Green Man, Horsted Keynes

Handy for a drink after cricket. There is a pub across the road which has been a burnt out shell for years now, which we used to use in preference to The Green Man, and which we will probably use if it ever gets re-built, as it had more character than this pub.
Neverthless, the Green Man is a nice clean and tidy pub where the service and the beer is always pleasant enough.

30 Apr 2008 11:07

The Rose and Crown, Burwash

Always pop in here after cricket. It is usually quiet when we arrive, but you can tell that it has a great character and is an ideal place to meet friends and chat. The landlord, the beer, and the surroundings were fine and it is definitely one to visit.

29 Apr 2008 13:57

The Hatch Inn, Colemans Hatch

Been in a couple of times and the pub is a real treat. Its the sort of place to take your lady rather than a lads night out. There is a good sized seating area outside the pub and a large garden with tables for those who want to eat in the summer. The beer great and the bar staff was rather pretty last time I went. Well worth a visit.

29 Apr 2008 13:53

Sir Charles Napier, Brighton

The best pub in this area of town. Always friendly both sides of the bar. Great ales. Highly recommended to visitors to Brighton and worth a trek off the tourist trail. Lucky locals.

22 Apr 2008 13:34

The Sussex Yeoman, Brighton

Would have to disagree with the previously posted comments. I think this place has been ruined over the past few years by pandering to the trendy set. It lacks everything that most of the central pubs have in terms of atmosphere, choice, decor and beer. There are many far better places around. I wont be going back in a hurry.

22 Apr 2008 13:27

The Duke of Wellington, Brighton

This is one of many good pubs around the station and this one has a good mix of locals and commuters. It is certainly a pub where they are keen on their sport - they have a good pool table and TV's. It is a friendly pub, the atmosphere is fine and the beer is always good. Sort of pub that the locals like as a local and visitors will generally re-visit.

22 Apr 2008 13:18

Grand Central, Brighton

I've used this pub on several occassions for a quick pint after getting off a train. It's a pub which resembles many London pubs in a way - big, dark and unremarkable - but at the same time safe and useful. I guess it is the convenient position which ensures that this pub is busy, so it serves it's purpose well. Never had any complaints about the staff and the beer is fine. It's never going to live up to the reputations of the multitude of smaller, more characterful pubs, around the station. It looks inviting from the outside and it is worth a visit.

22 Apr 2008 13:09

The Royal Standard, Brighton

I've lived here for 35years and went in here for the first time this week. I think it is a smashing little pub, it's amazing how it is tucked away in a major street and very easy to walk by without even noticing it there. I would say the 'pub' is more of a bar and so might have few regulars, but it serves a purpose well and is worth a visit whilst visiting the many great pubs around the station. The big windows ensure that the pub is inviting and you know what you are getting into before you walk in - good for nervous people. I would have no qualms about returning for another pint or two.

22 Apr 2008 12:59

The Ladies Mile, Patcham

This is a lovely big 1930's pub, which has retained a fantastic art deco like interior, and it's worth a visit just for that. The beer is fine and the pub always seems to be busy as it serves a large community. A top notch local, where the clientelle can be a bit lively, but worth a visit nonetheless.

18 Apr 2008 14:38

The Long Man of Wilmington, Patcham

This pub is well run, clean, and serves very good Harvey's. The back bar is a work of art and is kept so polished it sparlkes. It is also very popular and there is a great Indian restaurant right opposite, so a few pints and a curry is a must when coming to the Wilmy. My missus loves it in here because they put flowers on the table and we can take the dog in too.
The prices are a bit high though, but if it keeps the lady happy then I'm happy too. There are two bar areas, one with a huge pool table and TV and one where you can sit and chat. It ticks all the boxes really, and if it lacks a certain bit of character, it certainly makes up for it in other ways. Well worth a visit if you want to go off the beaten track. Good for a pint before an Albion match.

18 Apr 2008 14:34

Mitre Tavern, Brighton

The first time I went in here back in about 1977, I was asked to leave because I made the mynah bird talk.
I was a bit diappointed to leave, but have been back many times since and it hasn't changed at all. It is a very pleasant back street boozer, full of character and characters. A great pint of Harvey's and one for the list. Just round the corner from the Rose Hill,so you can fit two great pubs in one afternoon.
The mynah bird has since flown to that great brewery in the sky.

18 Apr 2008 14:19

The Royal Oak, Wineham

This is a great little country pub and I would agree with all the comments including the sandwiches. I hope it doesn't change - it would be a great loss if it changed, but would welcome some food. Full of character if lacking some atmosphere. Worth a visit.

16 Apr 2008 21:06

The Walwyn Arms, Much Marcle

Good locals pub. Nice place for a drink. Nothing special really. The beer and ciders are good and the locals friendly. Worth a pint and the Westons cider factory is just around the corner as is The Slip. You can do a bit of a pub crawl in the middle of knowhere.
The local garage - just across the road looks like the one from Heartbeat. Unspoilt.

16 Apr 2008 16:14

White Horse Hotel, Rottingdean

I appreciate all the previous comments, but you are all missing what this pub is best for. You can sit outside on a hot day, soak up the rays and enjoy a nice cool pint of lager or cider. There is an uninterupted view of the sea, loads of top totty walking by and when you need to cool down you can walk straight into the sea. If this is the pub's only redeeming factor, it's worth a visit just for that.

16 Apr 2008 14:43

The Plough Inn, Rottingdean

This is a lovely pub in a great setting. I've always had a lovely pint in here and generally the service has been good. I've only eaten there once and found the food to be fine.
Some of the previous comments don't put the staff in a great light, but staff do change and the pub will still be there well after they have moved on. It is a very nice pub and well worth a visit.
It's not for the pool/darts loving types, but one to take your lady to.

16 Apr 2008 14:35

The Black Horse, Rottingdean

The pubs in Rottingdean tend to take their turns in being the most popular/busiest. This pub had its heyday in the late 80's and seems to have been a bit dull since then. It is quite dark, so needs bright staff to give the place some sparkle. Having said that, the comminty spirit is very good in the village and because there are five pubs and a member's club, it is a particularly good place for a pub crawl. The beer is always good and the food excellent value.
Worth a visit.

16 Apr 2008 14:25

The Gerrard Arms, Colyton

I popped in one lunchtime and soon got chatting to the locals. There were some good local ales - i've tasted better. Nevertheless, this is a true community pub, which caters for the locals and welcomes visitors. If you are in East Devon, it is one to visit. It is unpretentious, basic and all the more charming for it. Every village needs one like this. Dogs,walkers, and children were made welcome. Good stuff.

16 Apr 2008 14:11

Stanley Arms, Chester

Popped in here for a couple of pints and a game of pool whilst visiting the city. Really, its everything that you would want of a local's local. It's just off the city tourst spots and is well kept clean and welcoming. The staff were very friendly and the punters entered into conversation readily. The pool table was cheap (70p) a go. TV and darts. The beer was fine. I'd be very happy to have this as my local.

15 Apr 2008 11:21

The Falcon, Chester

It's a lovely old building on a busy road. It is pleasant enough without being remarkable, but worth a visit. The beer was good enough and it was clean and welcoming.

15 Apr 2008 11:16

The Albion Inn, Chester

I saw this pub while walking along the city wall and it looked most inviting and I wasn't disappointed. There are two bars - the one I was in was festooned with first world war memorabelia. I dont remember too much about the drinks available, but the bar got pleasantly busy as workers leftr their offices after their days work. No music, no games, just a nice place to relax and chat and drink. Well worth a visit.

15 Apr 2008 11:11

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

One of the many good pubs that proliferate around the station. This one is right up there with the best. Nice old bar, wooden floorboards, and great greatpint of Harveys.
Pub cricket team.
For Albion fans, an interesting display of football players from early last century. I wish it was my local.

18 Dec 2007 19:28

The Hollingbury, Brighton

Typical street corner backwater pub. No great beers, just the usual keg stuff. Nice friendly staff. Pool table. One for the locals really.

22 Nov 2007 23:34

Park View, Brighton

Couldn't agree more.

22 Nov 2007 23:30

The Crown and Anchor, Brighton

Nice pub. Nothing out of the ordinary in the decor department, but beer is good. Good watering hole for pre match drinks.
Great to see people playing board games and having a quiet pint. Pool table, food and tolerant of kids and dogs.
Good for a traditional pint if you are near Preston Park.

22 Nov 2007 23:25

The Laughing Fish, Isfield

And why not a steak.?
Still a great pub,a good landlord and landlady.
It seems that the fact that there is so much comment on this pub just goes to show how well thought of it is.
There was just as much local comment when it lost its Harveys and the pub survived that. To hell with atmosphere , get our Harveys back.

14 Nov 2007 18:30

The Duke Of Beaufort, Brighton

Good old fashioned pub with two pool tables. Shame the bar is so big, would be better with public bar and lounge, but overall an ok pub for a drink. The landlord is very good and the staff are generally welcoming. The beer could be a bit better, but there are usually a couple of ales to choose from.
Only real downside is the proliferation of Chelsea fans, so avoid when the Blues are on telly.

14 Sep 2007 19:11

Park View, Brighton

Went there last night with my missus. Large Sauvignon, pint of lager and packet of crisps �9.20p.
Say no more, there's plenty of better and cheaper pubs. A RIP OFF.

13 Sep 2007 20:08

Cheers, Weston Super Mare

Typical dingy Weston offering. Dirty and unappealing.

30 Aug 2007 21:35

The Barrel of Beer, Beer

The quieter of the three pubs in the village, but the beer was good - there are a few local brews to try - and the service came with a smile and a chat. It is clean and the food is good value. I was suprised that it didn't open all day like the other two (That was in April). It may be different in the summer. Worth a visit - it's a great village and the people are very very friendly.

30 Aug 2007 21:31

The Sussex Cricketer, Hove

Very handy for the cricket. This pub has been refurbished regularly over the years and nothing has detracted from its atmosphere. Not all pubs have to be old and quaint to have a good atmosphere and I believe this to be one such pub. It has one large modern bar with no pool or darts. It caters for people who want to meet and chat. A good pre-club meeting place. Lots of cricketers. The beer is very good and there is usually a good selection of ales and ciders. When I have visited the service has always been first class. Overall an agreeable place to go for a pint.

30 Aug 2007 21:20

The Hove Place, Hove

Handy for the cricket ground. This is a nice pub with the feel of a bar, because it is in a semi-basement. You go up to the garden, which is spacious.
It's a good place to meet friends and the beer is always good. It is always kept clean and tidy and the clientelle tend to keep themselves to themselves. Alwaya a pleasant experience going there.

30 Aug 2007 21:13

The Colonnade, Brighton

This pub has a good atmosphere with lots of theatre memorabilia on the walls. Nice old fashioned Victorian decor with lots of brass and wood. Big windows at the front so you can watch the World go by. A bit pricey, but worth it. The sort of pub you can take your girl to, or have a pint with the friends and not have the usual Saturday night bussle, although it does get fairly busy at times.

30 Aug 2007 21:07

The King and Queen, Brighton

Always seems the same but different. It's a good place to go as part of a pub crawl. The beer is generally good and the service ok. Nice building and one that you should visit if you get to Brighton.

30 Aug 2007 21:03

Shepherds Inn, Melmerby

Not all it was cracked up top be on the internet. The food was good value and the beer was fine.
However, the natives were a bit unfriendly and the place lacked atmosphere. The ceilings are too high in a converted barn extension. it's like being in an art gallery at one end and a dark restaurant at the other.
Not worth travelling too far for.

23 Aug 2007 09:01

Badger, Chesterfield

Quite a good locals pub. The natives are friendly and the staff pretty welcoming. Good pool table and a darts board, duke box.
Beer ok for up North. Always served cold and full of bubbles, but when it settles it is quite pallatable.

23 Aug 2007 08:56

The Kings Head, Lewes

Visited recently and it was ok. The beer was nice, but has lost some of its old charm. Worth popping in for a pint.

22 Aug 2007 14:37

The Swan, Lewes

Enjoyed a nice Sunday evening in the sports bar recently. Good beer, good service from the girls behind the bar. This a proper pub, well worth a visit.

22 Aug 2007 14:36

The Laughing Fish, Isfield

This is one of the best pubs in Sussex. It has always catered for country folk, fishermen, dogs, families. It has good facilities for children and the landlord and landlady go out of their way to be friendly.
It was a great shame when the Harveys disappeared a few years ago, but the general ambience of the place is enough to bring me back regularly.
However, I agree with the previous comments - the alterations have detracted from the atmosphere, which is a shame. Hopefully it wont affect the business and hopefully the locals will continue to make this a superb village pub.

22 Aug 2007 14:31

The Cock Inn, Ringmer

Its a nice place, but its not a pub. Its a country restauarant where you can get a beer. It does get very busy, so they must be doing something right, but I will wait until I get my pension book before making another visit.

22 Aug 2007 14:25

The Plough, Pyecombe

Restaurant at the back, small bar at the front. It is a nice place to eat and the menu is varied and reasonable. The service is good and yes I would go back again. However, it is not really a pub, it is a restaurant with a bar. Take the misses, she will like it.

22 Aug 2007 14:17

The Jack and Jill Inn, Clayton

Cosy, but not one which i will rush back to. The garden is a bit noisy because of the road nearby. The beer was ok and the staff were friendly - it just lacks atmosphere.

22 Aug 2007 14:15

Bull, Ditchling

Nice pub with rural feel. A bit more up market than some of its local rivals, but well worth a visit. Nice beer, nice staff, nice village and friendly natives.

22 Aug 2007 14:12

White Horse, Ditchling

The pub has just changed hands, but it is a great pub with lovely Harveys and a regular choice of other ales. The food is good value without being spectacular. One of the few pubs left with a bar billiards table. Lots of locals, dogs welcome, walkers and country people having a good time. Hopefully the new owners will continue in the same vein.

22 Aug 2007 14:10

The Greyhound, Keymer

This is a really nice pub and the sort of place I would like to visit more often. The beer is good, the food could be better, and the atmosphere is nice even when it is quiet.
However, on my recent visit the service was very slow even though there were not many people in the pub. An experienced person would improve things behind the bar.

22 Aug 2007 14:02

The Sloop Inn, Scaynes Hill

This is a real gem of a pub. Good food in the restaurant and a proper public bar for the locals. Garden and patio overlooking the Ouse. Great for fisherman, walkers, cyclists. Probably one of the best in Sussex, great location, nice ambiance, but have to mark it down for not supplying Harveys.

22 Aug 2007 13:56

The Half Moon Inn, Balcombe

Nice country pub with good beer and friendly service. Well worth stopping by for a pint and a packet of nuts.

22 Aug 2007 13:52

The Anchor, Barcombe

This pub is great on a sunny summer's day. Take the kids and go for a swim. You can hire boats to paddle up the river and kids jump off the old railway bridge. It's a fun location.
The beer is good and the food ok.
The inside of the pub is lacking in atmosphere. It is very out of the way, so no passing trade. If you know where to find it you will return time and time again for a summer beer, but evenings are very quiet.

22 Aug 2007 10:31

The Royal Oak, Barcombe

A good country pub that has everything you need. Good beer and an atmosphere to enjoy. Nice village, nice people. Worth a visit.

22 Aug 2007 10:27

The Jolly Sportsman, East Chiltington

Great setting and lovely garden for children.
Good selection of beers and ciders. Good food. Although it has quite a posh restaurant area, they still cater for walkers, dogs and countryside users, which is a credit to the owners. Too many country gasto pubs forget who the locals are and ignore their needs.
Well worth a visit.

22 Aug 2007 10:17

The Winning Post, Plumpton Green

Went in after the races. very busy and lively. Good atmosphere, nice staff, no complaints. If you are going racing, this is handy for the station. Give it a go.

22 Aug 2007 10:14

The Half Moon Inn, Plumpton

Nice enough pub, but cant believe it doesn't open all day on Plumpton race days.

22 Aug 2007 10:12

The Freshfield Inn, Brighton

Badly in need of a makeover. Strange spanish beach bar set up. Friendly enough staff and natives, but not one to take the misses out for a pleasant evening.
No frills no real ale. May well be a private house in a few years.

22 Aug 2007 10:07

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

The beer is good and the location is stunning, so worth a quick visit just for that. However, it is very very boring - no atmosphere, bland and nothing like a country pub. You would be better off watching Country File with a can of cider.

20 Aug 2007 19:43

The West Hill, Brighton

I went there only once, but had a great time. The landlady is brilliant and makes everyone feel welcome. If your are near Brighton Station and waiting for a train, walk up the hill towards the dials and give it a go.

20 Aug 2007 19:28

The Market Inn, Brighton

A great town centre pub with lots of atmosphere, friendly staff and good beer. Prime location and well worth a visit.

20 Aug 2007 19:22

The Cricketers, Brighton

This is a must. Possibly the best town centre pub in Brighton especially in the evenings. Gets busy, but lots of seats, and upstairs area and outside cobbled area with its own bar.
Well kept beers and always plenty of staff. Good for pub crawls.

20 Aug 2007 19:20

The Grenadier, Hove

An ok friendly local pub. Well used by the locals and generally a good ambiance.

20 Aug 2007 19:14

The Nevill, Hove

If you go in here, take your trunks - its a dive.

20 Aug 2007 19:12

The Devils Dyke Hotel, Brighton

This is a canteen style pub at a local beauty spot. It serves its purpose well, providing cheap and cheerful food at cheap prices for the tourists and others who visit Devils Dyke. I have always had good service and no complaints. You have to accept it for what it is - and it aint a quaint country pub.
Good for walkers, cyclists, hang gliders, horse riders and anyone else who wants a pint and a piss.

20 Aug 2007 19:11

The Shepherd and Dog, Fulking

Beautiful location and worth a visit just for that. There is very little else to recommend it at the moment, the atmosphere is non existant.

20 Aug 2007 19:01

The Royal Oak, Poynings

This is a great village pub. It has been updated fairly recently, but this has not detracted from its country atmosphere. You still get ramblers, cyclists, dogs, horse riders - all things country which is what you should find in a country pub. If you are eating, the food is a bit overpriced and a bit fussy, but the beer and the atmosphere is great. Well worth a visit.

20 Aug 2007 18:57

The Albion, Hove

Just the ticket. A lively boozer, good beer, lots of chavs and chavvesses having a good old fashioned friendly drink.

20 Aug 2007 18:34

The Preston Park Tavern, Brighton

A ladies pub. Safe and convivial, clean. It's a gastro pub on a back street corner, the beer is nice - everything is nice.
However, the food is a bit pricey. Its not pub food, so expect to pay restaurant prices.
It's worth a visit, particularly if you are arranging to meet friends. Not the sort of place to walk in and meet the lads.

19 Aug 2007 13:09

Stanmer Park, Brighton

This pub has been spoilt by the trend for making one big room out of several bars. The place is too big and there is too much of a mix of people. If this place was split up into public bar and lounge bar it would suit the needs of the community better.
Due to recent trouble you have to drink out of plastic glasses. The staff are young and inexperienced and unable to cope with the livlier drinkers. However, it is a good local amenity and hopefully it will recover from its current troubles.

19 Aug 2007 13:02

The Rose Hill Tavern, Brighton

A great little pub, just off the main street. The Harveys could be a bit better, but always served with a smile. Pool, darts and all the traditional games and a cricket team too.

19 Aug 2007 12:54

The Railway Hotel, Brighton

Very friendly pub, with pool, tv, and darts in one bar and quiet seating in the other - just like a good pub should be. Old fashioned decor - good street corner pub.
Does cheap pizzas over the bar. Drinks a little pricey and not much of a choice in the ale department. The landlord has a wierd taste in obscure music, but overall worth a visit. Right by the local railway station.

19 Aug 2007 12:52

The Roundhill Tavern, Brighton

A nice old traditional street corner pub, which is strangely lit up by candles.
A nice pint, but not the best of attitudes behind the bar. Good quiz on a Sunday.

19 Aug 2007 12:46

The Bath Arms, Brighton

This is a must for visitors to Brighton. A traditional pub that seems to have remained largely unchanges. Very busy, but good staff, good beer at reasoonable prices.

19 Aug 2007 12:22

Park View, Brighton

Has been done up in gaudy decor with African paintings. Overpriced drinks and unattentive staff. Good outside seating area. Like so many pubs, seems to cater for young trendies and dirsregards the needs of the local community. Plenty of seating and not too noisy, but could be so much better. Worth a visit though.

19 Aug 2007 12:19

The Cleveland, Brighton

A good small traditional street corner pub. Nice beer ( good Harveys) and very cheerful staff, who dont get flustered when its busy. A bit cliquey and not much space. Park opposite, so take the kids and watch them from the patio. Dogs ok.

19 Aug 2007 12:13

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