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The James Young, Bathgate

Everything cleared out of the premises. Does not look like is will reopen after lockdown.

15 Jun 2020 19:05

The James Young, Bathgate

Closed as a "Spoons" about three years ago or so.

1 May 2020 22:04

The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer, Bristol

Hope the wine does not taste of sour grapes.

31 Jan 2020 22:06

The Football and Cricketers Arms, Linlithgow

Renemed again. Back to The Football and Cricketers.

5 Jun 2019 17:03

The Snooty Fox, Three Bridges

Have to laugh at some of the reviewers here. Particularly the last one. What can you know about a pub if you are only in for a half and you disappear for a train. I think some reviewers should take a look at themselves and realise that pubs are not for the guys ticking of boxes they are for the locals / community.. I have been here and it has good beer. Maybe not to Snarlings liking but still well presented and friendly staff and more importantly customers.

7 May 2019 00:04

DesVins Cafe and Wine Bar, St Pancras International Station

Cheap and cheerful on my recent visit. Prices a good quid cheaper then nearby establishments. Staff were helpful, knew how to pour a pint and the service was slick. The ale my friends had was in good nick. I had bottled beer who can complain about that. It seems as if it is a place where most people come in for one drink and move, for train or whatever, but we did get talking to an Irishman who is a regular who visits once a week for a quiet drink. I asked him how he gets a quiet drink here as the place is busy. His reply was " Nobody bothers you here, a few cheap drinks then a quick tube home. What's not to like". For a station pub this place is far far better than The Parcel Yard over the road in Kings Cross station.

13 Mar 2019 17:56

Wetherspoons, Leeds

In here three weeks ago. had an hour waiting for my train. Beers were good and a nice selection of a few that I had not tasted before . Managed two before my train. Staff were efficient and friendly for a station pub. Normally I would not comment on a previous reviewer but I have noticed on this forum that there is a significant bias against Spoons pubs. Probably a class thing as I hear so many comments about Elderly Warmers or the Non Workables in other Spoons pubs.
Well this is one of the best Station pubs of any owners. Good bee,r Good service and Good prices. What's more to like.

31 Jan 2019 22:48

The Bright Helm, Brighton

Never been in at 5pm on a June Summer evening but I have been in before 12 AM and before 4 PM. And the same applies. Never enough staff, slow service and young persons not really sure what they are doing. Having said that there was 6 real ales on when i visited.. They all looked good..
I was the designated driver so cannot comment . However two beer drinkers and two lager drinkers did not complain.

29 Jan 2019 00:10

Yates's, Brighton

Not the best pub in the area. Went in with my son to have a quick drink. The selection of ales was pretty poor. Son bought me a lager and we sat down. After a few minuets son asked young barman if he could put the Horse Racing on that was advertised outside. Barman said he will ask the manager as he is not allowed to change the channels. After 40 minutes we left and they still did not change the channel. I heard they only show pay TV and not the Council TV that I wanted. ITV 1.

Lager was ok though.

29 Jan 2019 00:00

The Keys Bar, St Andrews

Old fashioned pub frequented by friendly locals and many tourists during the season. Bar staff efficient and also friendly. Beer selection good although limited ales. Plenty of different whiskies in the gantry if you are interested. Always worth a visit when I'm in town. What a small local boozer should be like.

23 Jan 2019 17:17

Nobles, Leith

Used to be a great rough and ready pub with a circular bar. The kind of place where everyone stood at the bar and spoke to each other even when it was busy. Now it is a glorified tourist trap. Mainly selling meals and beer as a sideline. Can get busyish but more the type of place that unless you are eating you will just have one drink and move on. Two real ales on when I visited but can't remember what they were as I was the designated driver. The pepsi was nice though.

9 Jan 2019 22:15

The Cameo Bar, Leith

Still a decent pub that can get very busy at the weekends or on a summers night. Two bars one as you go inside and another up a small fight of stairs. Beers mainly aimed at the lager market but there is usually at least two or three ales on. Staff mainly under 25 or foreign but pleasant and mostly efficient even when busy. It is still an up and coming area for students and tourists so expect to pay double the local Wetherspoons. Great place for a passing drink but not a session.

9 Jan 2019 22:02

The Christopher Creeke , Bournemouth

The last time I was in I saw a few rich folk as well. Just thought I would mention that in case people got the wrong idea about the clientele here.

22 Dec 2018 23:53

The Melville Lounge Bar, Edinburgh

Still a decent bar full of tourists and professionals having a drink after work. Not been here for a number of years but it has not changed much. Still a long walk to the downstairs toilets. Beer prices reasonable for this part of the city.. Mainly keg variety but there was a couple of ales. Food looked popular particularly with the tourists. Plenty of seats, staff were fairly friendly. Far better pub than next door.

21 Nov 2018 12:25

Bert's Bar, Edinburgh

Not visited here for a number of years and it will be another good few before I return. Used to be a clean local pub selling quality real ale now a wine / craft ale bar aimed mainly at very well paid professionals and tourists. We bought two craft ales and a red wine. Apart from needing to rush out to get a bank loan to pay for the round I had to change my pint as it was like vinegar. Admittedly the lady changed it quickly but without any apology or explanation. The replacement was better but only average. The place has no atmosphere anymore and reminded me of someone's kitchen.
After we were finished we went to the pub next door which was about a third cheaper for the same 3 drinks.

21 Nov 2018 12:18

Grand Central, Brighton

Expensive pub near the entrance to the station. Had a pint of London Pride which was only just acceptable. Not much choice if you are a beer drinker. Staff looked very serious and unfriendly. Not a place I would rush back to.

12 Nov 2018 13:47

The Railway Bell, Brighton

Friendly pub close to the station. It can get a bit busy when there is something on in Brighton or on a Saturday night. Beers decent staff pleasant, a bit pricey but I suppose that is to be expected due to location.

12 Nov 2018 13:42

The Duke of Wellington, Brighton

Small local pub with friendly staff and customers. Not a great selection of beers but my pint went down a treat, as did the next. Food menu limited but was proving popular. Staff happy to put on any sport you want on the TV's. Prices were not too bad either for the area. One of the better Brighton pubs. Stairs to the toilet knocked a couple of points off for me.

12 Nov 2018 13:36

The West Quay, Brighton

Thursday morning had brunch here. Service was perfect. Happy helpful staff. Two large breakfasts arrived quickly and well cooked and presented. Had water and Pepsi with meal. An after brunch was required and the two half pints of ales were very well kept. No complaints will be back.

20 Sep 2018 22:13

Roseleaf, Edinburgh

30 Years ago this was a dossers pub but now a trendy yuppy pub. The area has been changed due to new housing. Good on them if it lasts. Beer decent, prices are inflationary people seem to want to eat. Staff helpful if unfriendly. Not a place I would want to visit again.

20 Sep 2018 22:05

Junction Bridge Bar, Edinburgh

Shame. It was a weird and wonderfull bar but the bar lady when I was young kept it in good order. No real ales from my recollection but the keg beers were very well kept.

20 Sep 2018 21:57

Carron Works, Falkirk

Back again after a few years. Now a well run friendly place. Helpful locals.Food on around 7/10. Several real ales on. All around £1.99 to £2.49 a pint. Festival coming up that says 25 real ales and 5 real ciders will be on for £1.99 to £2.29 a pint.. As a place in the afternoon no problem.Worth a visit. At night no idea.

18 Sep 2018 22:23

The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

Another visit with time to kill before my train. Bar staff still unwelcoming. Just a poorly paid job to them. Never seem to see the same people twice. Anyway the beer was reasonable if expensive. Three different ales tasted on my visit.
Seating area was taken up by several people who let their baggage use the seats. One guy had a table with 4 seats and it was just him with three bags on the seats. A crowd of elderly Geordies asked him twice if anyone was using the luggage seats. I think he got the message and put his luggage on the floor. One of the barmaids commented about "that sort of thing happens a lot but people are too frightened to complain". Not a great pub but one to see the world go by.

26 Aug 2018 23:42

The Cornubia, Bristol

During my recent visit to Bristol I visited here twice. Admittedly both visits were just for a quick pint but I found the beer good and staff and customers friendly. Please ignore some of the previous stupid comments and come and enjoy a proper decent pub.

8 Jul 2018 14:12

Lauders, Glasgow

Another visit to Glasgow and another visit here. Pretty busy on a Monday afternoon just after the lunchtime rush. Good friendly service as always. Prices have gone up since my last visit but I suppose still reasonable for a City Centre bar. Locals friendly if you want a chat but won't bother you if you want to be alone. Certainly a good Glasgow bar. Oh the beers. I tried a few and they were all good.

18 Jun 2018 20:35

The Merchant, Glasgow

Once bitten might shy. Been there done it won't go back. Staff have no idea how to serve a pint or how customer service really works. Unless, of course, you are a beautiful looking early 20's male or female. Drink not too expensive for the city centre but the beers are not well kept and, on my visit, the spirit was not what the lady in our company asked for. Must have been Smognoff not Smirnoff. Better places nearby.

18 Jun 2018 01:27

The Iron Horse, Glasgow

Hard to believe that I am the first person to review this pub. Decent friendly locals. Proper pub. Only one real ale on when I visited but the lager was very good. We were there in the afternoon and early evening and the clientele was pretty varied but absolutely no hassle. As an old fashioned boozer 6/10

18 Jun 2018 01:15

Maltman, Glasgow

Quiet on my visit. I think most people had just lest for a nearby concert as the tables needed cleaned. I must admit they were shortly after we arrived. A fair selection of beers and wines with a couple of real ales on. Biggish place with plenty of seating although maybe not before the concert started. Service was quick and friendly and one beer do well was quickly ushered from the door. Not the best pub in Glasgow but by no means the worst. Have to give it 5/10 as the prices are, shallow we say, not representative of the area.

18 Jun 2018 01:07

The Moon Under Water, Watford

To randolf. Do you never go to an airport?

8 May 2018 16:53

Maidenhead Conservative Club, Maidenhead

If a pub is not on BITE be sensible enough to start it. Easy to do.

DON'T review one pub on top of another. Only a brain dead idiot would do than.

25 Jun 2017 13:15

The Exhibition, York

Visited here twice over two nights. Beer was excellent and the food was also pretty good. Very friendly staff and a nice clean pub. I enjoyed my visits.

12 Apr 2017 16:39

The Old White Swan, York

Several real ales on during my visit unfortunately the young lady serving lacked the skill to pour a proper or a full pint. Premises were a bit dull and dingy but I bought a second round to see if things would improve. It didn't. Not one of the cheaper bars in York either. Seems to be mostly catering for the tourist trade. Certainly will not be rushing back.

12 Apr 2017 16:35

The Kings Arms, York

No complaints from me. Tourist trap pub with no real ales but nice friendly staff and at £2 a pint why complain. The Old Brewery Bitter was perfectly acceptable and I got a nice seat in the sun by the water.

12 Apr 2017 16:27

Ye Olde Windsor Castle, Bookham

There is no Moosehead sold in this pub as it only tries to cater for those customers with a discerning palate.

27 Mar 2017 13:44

The Auld Hole in the Wall, Linlithgow

Closed for good as the Auld Hole. Seems to being renovated as a fancy wine / cocktail bar. called 18 something or other.

Wonder how long it will last. Summer maybe, winter no way.

25 Mar 2017 19:00

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

This pub is made by the really attentive staff who know their business and offer a real service.
Small pub that has a charming friendly atmosphere. A busy bar that attracts all ages and they are a very decent crowd.
A good range of beers but I stuck to the Seafarers on my visit as it was served spot on. One of the best proper pubs I have been to for awhile.

Did not try the food but it looked good and popular.

21 Feb 2017 21:16

The Booking Office, Edinburgh

Good selection of real ales lagers and ciders. Just very slow and bad service, poorly trained staff. If that improves this could be a decent place.

8 Feb 2017 22:36

Mathers, Edinburgh

A decent proper pub serving good ale at reasonable, for Edinburgh, prices. The clientele is mainly men from all walks of life depending upon the time and day. Friendly with a good atmosphere. Thankfully it has not been tarted up over the years so it still has the interior of a bygone era. Don't be put off by the supposed lowlifes mentioned in the previous review as it is well worth a visit if you are in the area.

12 Dec 2016 23:52

The Huxley, Edinburgh

Fancy tourist trap bistro style pub that is waiter/ess service only. You can die of thirst here whilst you are waiting. We got up and left after ten minutes. A couple of fancy lagers on tap and a few expensive craft beers but mainly a wine and spirit type of place. Oh and standing at the bar is not allowed. You need to be seated to have any hope of being served.

12 Dec 2016 23:40

The Almond Bank, Livingston

Now closed

1 Dec 2016 15:10

The Hope, Carshalton

Never been to The Hope and have never even been near to Carshalton. However on this website this pub has the best advertising you could ever hope for. Haters and Defenders.

There are not many pubs that have 4 or 5 reviews a week.

I think I will need to give it a visit and give a hopefully unbiased report of this pub.

Maybe even meet some of the reviewers.

20 Oct 2016 23:13

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Old favourite of mine while visiting Edinburgh. This place used to be a regular Friday lunchtime pint or two for me in the late 80's. It has not changed much apart the nicotine stains it had back then. Beers are still good and fairly handy for the station.

Still popular with office workers, tourists and Rose Street pub crawls.

Food can be expensive but it looks and tastes very good. You get what you pay for.

Only criticism is that the service can be pretty hit or miss depending on who serves you.

14 Oct 2016 16:57

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

In for a drink and a meal yesterday. Around 1.30 and only half full. More people standing at the bar trying to get served than there was seated. Servers being very slow.

Several real ales on as it was during their ale festival. Many people were seen trying the three small glasses for the price of a pint.

It was curry Thursday. I wanted a Beef Curry but in the hour and a half since they had started to serve lunches they had run out of Beef. Not a good start.

However once we eventually got served the experience improved. Lovely premises and a nice cross section of customers with both the beer and food being good.

Long walk to the toilets though.

14 Oct 2016 16:47

Millers Pond, Sholing

Never been here but eck seems to love it. Visits it regularly to give it a bad review.. If you don't like a place you don't go back. He does.

27 Aug 2016 23:02

The Football and Cricketers Arms, Linlithgow

Been renovated and renamed as The Linlithgow Tap

26 Aug 2016 17:46

The Lithgae Arms, Linlithgow

Reopened as Kelpies

26 Aug 2016 17:43

The Kirklands, Kirkliston

Closed for good. Childrens nursery now.

26 Aug 2016 17:42

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Went there last Monday so it was not a sports day and that afternoon it was not very busy. Several real ales on but I was the designated driver so it was coke for me. The beers that the rest of the party had seemed to be well kept however. Food was very good and well presented served by reasonably helpful staff if a little unfriendly. Upstairs walk to the toilets as usual with Spoons pubs but they were clean. All I can say is that on non sports days this is a decent pub serving good food and ales.

18 Aug 2016 09:49

The Auld Mill Inn, Galashiels

Small bar on a corner. Typical old style mans bar. TV on for the horses and 70's music in the background. No real ales that I could see but a decent selection of keg beers that looked and tasted ok. Typical prices for the area. A few seats outside which I think is for the smokers but on a sunny day they are well used by anyone. Not the kind of place that you would take your maiden aunt to as there was a great amount of swearing during my visit but it was in good humour and the premises was well run.

22 Jul 2016 22:57

Hunters Hall, Galashiels

Decent pub which had three real ales on that I could see. Don't know how well they were kept as I was on the soft drinks. Prices were pretty cheap for the area. Had the lunchtime curry. Big portions and well served. Staff were pleasant and efficient. Small beer garden out back which seems to be the domain of the smokers. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. Only drawback I could see was the typical JDW long walk to the upstairs toilets.

22 Jul 2016 22:49

Robertson's 37 Bar, Edinburgh

Decent bar in the City Centre if not the friendliest of staff. I'm pretty sure the staff are allowed to speak to customers but during my visit last evening the barman on my two trips to the bar never once opened his mouth. Not even to say, "what would you like?" or "thank you".
Still the clientele were friendly and chatty which made up for the bad manners of the staff.
No real ales on but the keg beers were good and well kept. One of the cheaper bars in the area. Downstairs toilets though.

16 Jul 2016 14:01

The Parcel Yard, Kings Cross

Decent pub for a train station. Expensive but the beers are well drinkable. I have been here recently when it has been quiet and very busy but the service was the same both times, quick without being friendly. Plenty of spaces where you can easily sit on your own with bothering anyone. Definitely one of the better station pubs I have been in.

22 Apr 2016 11:11

Sir John Moore, Glasgow

Decent pub spoilt by the staff. No Hello please or thank you and they don't even tell you the cost of your purchase. In fact, you only know that they can speak is because they are constantly chatting amongst themselves.

Apart from the staff this is a reasonable boozer with several changing real ales and decent pub grub.

31 Mar 2016 13:25

Lauders, Glasgow

Friendly staff and service. Pub seems to be busy from early morning until late at night. Clientele ranges from students to pensioners and everything in-between. The toilets used to be called Lady's and Laddies but Laddies is now Gents as too many Women were mistakenly visiting the wrong toilets. The Kitchen staff must be working none stop as food was being served constantly. Several keg beers and ciders on plus 3 real ales normally but only two on during my visit Stewarts 80 shilling and Deauchar IPA. The Deuchars was spot on. Prices very good for a city centre pub and you can understand how they can keep the prices low by the amount to trade they get.

Well worth a visit if you are in the area.

31 Mar 2016 13:16

Yates's, Cheltenham

Visited after Cheltenham races. We arrived about 6.30 and it was quiet with only about 25/30 people in. Two hours later with over 100 people in full of chavs and drunken women. Several bouncers on inside and out. It got a bit round so we left. Beers were well kept and not too expensive. Staff were helpful and attentive. More a lager pub than real ale but not the worst pub in the area.

19 Mar 2016 16:12

Harry Cook Freehouse, Cheltenham

Nice pub friendly staff and decent service. Couple of real ales on but everything is a bit expensive. A place for a passing drink not a session.

19 Mar 2016 16:01

The Ship Inn, North Berwick

Arrived here for a quick pint and was pleasantly greeted by the bar staff. Very friendly. Several people eating what looked good quality food. 3 or 4 standing at the bar. The decor is pretty dark but the premises had a nice relaxed feel. Four real ales on. Peatland IPA Dark Island, Jarl and Schiehallion plus several beers, ciders and lagers on tap. Dark Island was on top form. Toilets small and old but spotless.

Next time I am in the area I will make sure I visit again.

11 Mar 2016 14:30

Grosvenor, Edinburgh

Quick drink after the theatre. We were met by a friendly young barman who knew his trade. Service with a smile. A couple of real ales and a big selection of sprits. Never tried an Ale as after a bit of a session just wanted a rum. Prices were reasonable and the manageress thanked us for our visit on leaving. Nice place.

24 Feb 2016 00:36

Indigo Yard, Edinburgh

Doom bar and Deuchars was the only real ales on. Several craft beers Blue Moon and Tree Tops being on form. Had a Budvar to finish and it was disappointing, a bit flat. Nice place and reasonably friendly bar staff plus clientele early evening on a Tuesday was very mixed. Suits arriving just as I left.

Edinburgh prices can be a bit high but £4.90 for Budvar or Deuchars is a bit over the top as was £6 for a glass of cheap wine. Will leave this place to the "on my phone every second brigade".

23 Feb 2016 23:56

Alexander Graham Bell, Edinburgh

Busy pub from opening time until closing. People leaving all the time though so you shouldn't wait too long for seats. Not a typical Wetherspoons as there is no long walk and only 10 steps to the toilets. Several real ales on tap but I stuck with the Deuchars as I was on a session.
One problem is the bar area. It is a longish bar but there is a pillar near the middle therefore not much room to move up and down the bar when it is busy. Staff are usually pretty good at serving in the correct order but not always which can be very frustrating.

The food is pretty decent but the price of drinks are high. Not a typical cheap Wetherspoons.

5 Jan 2016 13:44

Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed

Went in last week. Weather was bad so a few beers was called for. Four real ales on tap. Plus a couple of American Ales one on tap. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed my time here having had three pints and a plate of nachos. Staff harassed but friendly, as were some locals, but the in buggy brigade were there with the obligatory grandparents but no wedding bands and screaming kids. This was late afternoon no idea what the evenings would be like.

22 Oct 2015 23:07

The Lithgae Arms, Linlithgow

Looks like it is being renovated.

Maybe to open sometime soon.??

12 Oct 2015 00:52

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Decent pub and manager/owner seems a nice guy who wants to please the customers. I have only been on very busy days so this review may not be relevant on quiet mornings/afternoons however staff could do with a bit of training on who to serve next.Manager/Owner on the ball however.
Nice outside area. A few real ales on tap. The two we tasted were good and enjoyable. Food good as well but expensive but not much alternative.

No complaints about the pub. The chavs , in the beer garden, who want to tell you about their fancy new cars. Well that's another story.

12 Oct 2015 00:48

The White Swan, Twickenham

Small pub with a couple of rooms. Very busy on summer weekends especially when the sun is out. Food ok but pricy but you get what you pay for.
Beers well kept. Londons Pride was V good and two other real ales on tap. My son said lager was perfect.
Staff do there best in serving when it is busy however they do and it was very noticeable on my three visits within 6 weeks that they serve locals before guests/tourists by a long way.
Untrained staff or just looking after the regulars??

12 Oct 2015 00:35

County Hotel, Peebles

Large bar with plenty nooks and crannies to allow you steer clear of the other customers. Very friendly and helpful staff. Food was ok as well. Four ales on when I visited yesterday. Deuchars, Abbot, Timothy Taylor Landlord and 1 other that I can't remember. Around £3 a pint. Some craft beers on sale as well. Plenty TV's if you want to watch sport but you can find somewhere here to avoid them if you wish. Dog friendly.

23 Sep 2015 13:58

O'Neills, Euston Road

One or two real ales on tap which were in good condition. Plenty ciders and lagers.
Nice bar with reasonable staff.
Eaten here twice but never again. Watery mash and uncooked pastry being the main problems but there were others. Maybe we just picked two off days.

Decent place for a drink whilst waiting on a train but no for a session.

5 Jul 2015 12:58

The Rule, St Andrews

Big long pub plenty of seats well spread about so you don't feel you are sitting on top of someone else. Fairly new with Pleasant staff.

Three real Ales when I was in Pentland IP[A being the best but there also was three local craft beers with two being very good. Can't remember their names though. Tennents lager and Magners cider also on draught.

No long walk to the toilets either.

Decent pub. Recommended.

28 Jun 2015 21:13

George IV, Chiswick

Decent friendly staff on my visit. London Pride was a bit flat but I enjoyed it. Few other Ales and my son said the Fosters was good.

Seats outside enable you to watch the world go by.

Varied clientele.

24 Jun 2015 00:25

The Old Pack Horse, Chiswick

A couple of real ales and plenty lagers plus one cider.

Jobsworth staff who you can see would rather not be there.

Trying to be a Wetherspoons but cannot reach that high in any manner shape or form.

Expensive so not a place for a session, if you can find a decent beer to drink.

24 Jun 2015 00:19

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Local pub with friendly customers and unfriendly bar staff who give the impression they are doing you a favour when they eventually stop chatting to their friends to serve you.
London Pride went off after one pint but the Doombar was in good nick.

23 Jun 2015 13:08

Wellington Bar, Falkirk

Proper mans pub. Circular bar that is well used by the locals. A couple of real ales and an old favourite or two in the keg line. If you want a pint to watch the horse racing this is the place to go.

Efficient service without being friendly, unless you are a regular. Clientele ranges from early 20's to very old OAP's.

Decent honest boozer. What you see is what you get.

6 Jun 2015 17:57

Goose On Newmarket, Falkirk

Cheapest pub in town with a very choice clientele . Always busy but it is a lager and cider pub. Only one real ale on during my recent visit.

Ok for a quick pint but not a session.

6 Jun 2015 17:50

Carron Works, Falkirk

Four real ales on when I was in recently and the barman said there were going to be an additional local produced ale on regularly.

Unfortunately the new management are not on the ball so the place has developed into a bit of a tip and lessons on how to pour a pint would not go amiss.

6 Jun 2015 17:46

All Bar One, Richmond

Poor selection of Beers and Lager. Two off on the day we visited. It seems they have a different menu for different days of the week. We went on a Sunday. The waitress was lovely and helpful but when we found that 3 out of 5 meals we wanted to select were off finish our drinks and leave.

I will give it a couple of points for where it is situated and two for service but for the ales food and ambience nothing.

Far better pubs in the area than this.

19 May 2015 17:46

The Lithgae Arms, Linlithgow

Now closed and has been for some time.

18 May 2015 14:43

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Good local pub at attracts plenty of passersby and tourists. Good selection of real ales plus the usual lagers ciders and soft drinks. Food good and plenty of it if a little bit pricy. On a sunny day the outside area can get very busy which overlooks the river.

Good place for a passing drink but not for a serious session.

8 May 2015 14:10

The Castle, Old Isleworth

New owners since the start of the year who apparently stay on the premises. The premises are open as normal without serving food as the kitchens are currently being renovated and extended. Still two decent ales plus a guest beer or two plus the usual lagers and ciders.

Staff friendly and so are the locals but if you want to be alone there are plenty of quiet corners. Bt Sports and Sky shown and plenty of outside tables. A good local pub.

8 May 2015 13:55

Corryvreckan, Oban

Nice place that can get very busy at meal times, despite the size. Young friendly staff who appear to enjoy their job. Several real ales on show including a couple of local craft ales at reasonable prices.
One plus point for a Weatherspoon's there is no half hour walk or several flights of stairs to get to the toilets.

12 Mar 2015 13:23

Coasters, Oban

Small friendly bar which serves up great food at reasonable prices. Great views out over the sea. Several Tv's so if you are a sports fan you will never miss anything. Only one cask ale on when I visited. Belhaven but lots of decent bottled beers.

12 Mar 2015 13:18

The Elm Bar, Edinburgh

Still going strong. Serves a decent pint at reasonable prices. Friendly staff and good atmosphere. Plenty TV's to watch sport and the GG's. Outside area in summer can be a bit of a suntrap.

10 Dec 2010 22:31

The Kings Wark, Leith

Excellent pub nowadays. The beer is good. Decent staff and service. Sunday newspapers aplenty. The place has won several awards for its food. Therefore it can be difficult to get a seat sometimes as this place is popular.

9 Jun 2010 05:59

The Waterline, Leith

Over priced bar with staff who cannot pull a pint. Mainly used by those who like to sit outside so, as you can imagine, it is a quiet pub in the winter.

Never tried the food so cannot comment.

9 Jun 2010 05:54

The Anchor Inn, Edinburgh

Not a place sane people would want to visit.

9 Jun 2010 05:47

The Old Post Office, Linlithgow

I don't think I can say much more than the previous reviewer regarding the type of pub this is. However there is a few points intended customers of this place should be aware of.

Toilets. Clean and tidy but they are up a steep fight of stairs and a long way away from the bar area. Which means the disabled toilets are used by everyone who does not fancy the "hike".

Service. The bar staff are all pretty good but if they are making coffees for the diners expect to wait a while to get served. particularly when the place is busy.

Be careful and watchful of what you have purchased especially if you are dining and ringing up a tab. In the 3 times I have done that the bill has been wrong. I have noticed other customers have had similar problems.

31 May 2010 20:42

The Auld Hole in the Wall, Linlithgow

Under new management and therefore the place is slowly decending back to what it was like 3 years ago. Poor staff who prefer to talk to their mates rather than serve customers. New clientele leave alot to be desired.

The beer is still pretty good but if you want food check beforehand whether there is any available. Despite advertising"all day food" the day I went in they stopped serving at 4.30pm despite customers asking for food.

26 May 2010 11:15

The Swan Tavern, Linlithgow

Decent old fashioned pub with friendly staff and chatty customers. The pub could do with a bit of money spent on it but it is clean and well run.

There is a big beer garden at the back which is a real sun trap, with plenty of tables.

The beer is good and well kept, particularly the Guinness. For non Ale drinkers the lager, Tennents, is about the best in town.

26 May 2010 11:04

Ryries Bar, Edinburgh

Been visiting this pub for almost 20 years and in that time I have not had any complaints. Apart form the odd occasion when the beer I wanted was sold out.

It went under a bit of a renovation about 6 months ago. They changed the bar area and brought in a couple of stand beside tables. Nothing too drastic like tidying up the toilets.

Anyway the place has totally changed in staff, atmosphere and service. Whoever now owns this place must be using it for staff training as they have a big problem pouring a pint, serving customers before their mates, understanding English or Scottish.

When it returns to the way it used to be I will return.

PS Make sure you check your change. Two complaints from different customers whilst I had 2 pints says something.

3 May 2010 21:38

Conan Doyle, Edinburgh

When I visit Edinburgh I try to get around a few pubs in this area. Over the years this has been a decent pub with reasonable beer and pub food.

No longer. This place is going downhill fast. Last week Friends and myself arrived for a meal around 3pm. There were several free tables but they were all uncleared. We cleared one ourselves and sat down. After several minutes we managed to ask a waitress to please wipe the table. Only to be told "you will need to wait". At that point we should have got up and left but we stayed. Regretfully.

The food was very poor. Frozen chips undercooked and green. The selection of "todays seasonal veg" was half a plate of brocalli. Suet Ale pie needed a pickaxe to get into it. We waited almost 5 minutes standing at the bar trying to pay the bill whilst the manager and the barmaid chated to each other.

As for the beer, my sons Deuchars was flat and my cider had a head on it bigger than Alec Salmond.

Avoid this place.

3 May 2010 21:19

The Crown Arms, Linlithgow

And how does it get regulars?? New customers. Seems obvious to me.

Treat all customers well. Sane or not. Then the pub will survive.


16 Oct 2009 22:50

Justice Mill, Aberdeen

Avoid on Friday/ Saturday nights and a Sunday if it is a Monday holiday, as it gets noisy crowded and almost impossible to get served.

At other times this can be a decent boozer, although you may have to avoid the screaming kids at the back family area.

Usually a selection of real ales and continental bottles on sale. Food service usually pretty good and quick.

No a great pub but not bad for a chain with a different clientel each day of the week.

22 Jun 2009 19:40

The Standing Order, Edinburgh

I think some people are on a windup here. This is one of the busiest pubs in Edinburgh from shortly after it opens until late at night. Trying to get served is a nightmare and when you need to visit the loo be prepared for a long long walk.

To be fare it is a lovely building with plenty of real ale choice Food, for a Wetherspoons, is well prepared and normally you do not have to wait too long.

The big negative is, as has been said before, getting served.

10 Jun 2009 18:26

The Northern Bar, Aberdeen

Good bar staff. Decent cheap beer. Was there last sunday for the first time and will go back.

Sunday papers to read and the music was good.

9 Jun 2009 13:50

The Twirl Of Hay, Boughton Heath

I have stayed in the Premier Travel Inn next door to this place many times. After a few bad experiences I try to avoid this place totally. The first was a Moroccan Lamb that was just one big bone, no meat. Another time there was a 30 minute delay between my meal and my partners, by that time we decided to leave. Excuse was "there was an accident". I did not ask further as I was only paying for the meal we received.

Microwaved food and poor service in the restaurant and the bar area is as bad if not worse. There is only ever one person on the bar area and they tend to service the restaurant customers first so you could wait a long long time to be served.

As previously mentioned it is expensive.

Used mainly people staying at the Travel Inn who do not return after their first visit.

19 May 2009 17:02

Foot Of The Walk, Leith

One of the better Wetherspoons I have been in. Used by mainly locals who, as already mentioned, queue to the right of the bar. The bar staff hate it but it stop all argument and those unfamiliar soon understand what is going on.

Service from my experience is good. Most of the staff are helpful and friendly. This was an old cinema and then bingo but unusually for this type of Wetherspoons the toilets are on the same floor and near the bar.

At the present time there are three Wetherspoons in Edinburgh and this is by far the cheapest. A pint of Deuchars currently sells for 1.45. A 1 cheaper than the others.

Decent friendly bar with a good atmosphere.

18 Dec 2008 20:20

Counting House, Glasgow

Handy city centre pub. Used by all walks of life. Thursdays seems to be Ladies who lunch/bevy.

Fairly cheap for Glasgow but if you want quick service forget it.

Watch out for the drunks at night.

18 Dec 2008 20:11

Carron Works, Falkirk

Have only been here in the afternoon so cannot comment on what it is like at night.

However always a good selection of beers local (Scottish) and English. This was an old cinema and like most Wetherspoons you have a long walk to the toilet.

The new manager has helped to improve the service and keep out the worst of the rifraff.
Food service very good.

Not the cheapest pub in the area so that helps. Well worth a visit.

18 Dec 2008 20:06

Roseburn Bar, Edinburgh

In here last night and had a great time. Still great staff and beer. just don't expect a quiet pint when the rugby is on nearby.

19 Mar 2008 17:40

The Captains Bar, Edinburgh

Total dump. Full of drunks who never shave. Beer crap. Type of place the regulars play "spot the tourist".

19 Mar 2008 17:37

Platform 3, Linlithgow

This is a charming little pub. The type of place full of regulars sitting around the small bar which can make it difficult to get served. I agree with the previous reviewer that the bar staff can vary from very good to poor. The beer is usually good.

19 Mar 2008 17:33

The Gordon Arms, Edinburgh

Mainly a man's pub of the old style but this is a nice pub to enjoy a few beers in the centre of Edinburgh's shopping district.

11 Oct 2007 20:41

The Auld Hole in the Wall, Linlithgow

I now agree with the last reviewer. This summer this place was refurbished with new staff. Man what a change!!! Good atmosphere, friendly staff and excellent food. What a change.

Oh and the pint is one of the best in town.

11 Oct 2007 20:38

The Ship Inn, Melrose

This is a lovely smallish pub spoilt by the food staff. It has a beer garden out the back and serves a selection of real ales plus lagers and cider.

During a recent visit the kitchen staff were constantly bitching about the customers despite many of those customers being within earshot.

A good pub if you have a thick skin.

11 Oct 2007 20:33

Roseburn Bar, Edinburgh

Excellent pub. This is what a local boozer should be like. Large airy bar, attentive staff and good beer. Definitely worth a visit.

29 May 2007 19:14

The Crown Arms, Linlithgow

Nice small local pub with a good selection of beers at very reasonable prices. The pub could do with a spruce up but it is clean and tidy. Another good point is that most of the pub is a blind spot for a mobile phone signal so you can have a quiet pint without listening to other peoples phone conversations. The licencee is a friendly guy but if it is conversation you want "forget it". 99% of the locals will ignore you, even if you visit often. Finally be patient waiting for your pint. The main barman will eventually serve you but only after he has seen to his friends, cleaned the glasses and then if there is nothing else to do you will be served very grudgingly.

29 May 2007 18:56

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