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Comments by dpaajones

The Star Inn, Copmere End

Food has gone up-market, which is great if you like that sort of thing, not so great if you just want a 'value' pub meal. 3 or 4 ales on, but only 1 is truly local.

9 Jul 2014 10:39

The Squirrel, Ludlow

No local ales (only the usual zzzzzz Marstons...) Basically a roadside eatery. If you want atmosphere, good food and good (& local) ale head into town.

29 Jun 2014 20:09

The Tally Ho Inn, Bouldon

Splendid. Great beer and good food. The sort of place anyone who appreciates proper English pubs should cherish and most importantly: head out to and spend some money at!

21 Jun 2014 08:46

The Burton Hotel, Kington

Kington's version of Wetherspoons. All-day boozer. But quite smart (for the town). One or two local ales on.

3 Apr 2014 23:09

The White Horse, Pulverbatch

Passed by in the car recently (didn't have time to call) and it seems to be open.

31 Mar 2014 12:45

The Bottle and Glass Inn, Picklescott

Still a good pub, popular with locals and those from further afield who know about it. A good stop-off point if exploring the hills in the area. Local ales. Opens all day Saturday and Sunday 12-7.

31 Mar 2014 12:43

Stables Inn, Craven Arms

Not much has changed since my last visit five years ago. Local ales on offer. The landlady didn't seem very enthused. Also quite loud music on at mid-day, which was a bit odd.

25 Mar 2014 14:07

The Craven Arms, Craven Arms

This place seems to be on the way down, having been given a refit some years ago, but never really attracting the required patronage. Poor ale choice on my visit today and my pint was short. Open all day every day... it's a bit like the "Wetherspoon" of this sad town (its only redeeming feature being Harry Tuffins for some bargains). Perhaps try the Stables for ale or the Stokesay for food.

21 Mar 2014 15:42

The Stokesay Castle Inn, Craven Arms

Since last visiting this large pub (or small hotel) a few years ago, it seems to have been smartened up in places (though not the gents toilets).

Two separate sides to the pub, each with their own bar. A larger area mainly for eating and another room for pool and drinking.

Had a pint of Wye Valley HPA, which at £3.20 was not good value.

All-in-all probably somewhere worth trying for a quick meal (only because there's nowhere else better in this rather depressing town) and it probably benefits from being next door to the Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre.

21 Mar 2014 15:38

The Crown Inn, Clunton

One of the best pubs in southwest Shropshire, owned by the local community for about 20 years now. Pub games. Good food. Local ales.

19 Mar 2014 08:29

The Kangaroo, Aston-on-Clun

Decent pub, named after a ship not (directly) the animal. Local ales (as you'd expect in these parts). Pool table.

19 Mar 2014 08:28

Tayleur Arms, Telford

Burnt down this morning.

Expect it to become housing then...

19 Mar 2014 08:18

The Water Poet, Gloucester

Very slow service. A typical Wetherspoon pub. The usual crowd in there well before noon slowly drinking their way towards the grave.

18 Mar 2014 10:47

The Charlton Arms, Ludlow

Some changes to the interior with the new ownership, but the beer is as before - ie well kept local ales. A popular pub and restaurant. There is a pub area and a restaurant area, and also a bit in-between which is used for both. So caters for all. And then of course there's the roof terrace when the weather's nice!

15 Mar 2014 17:35

Bateman Arms, Shobdon

Genuine country pub - no pretension here. Well worth popping into for food or drink.

5 Mar 2014 21:33

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

Good meals at reasonable prices. A proper English pub in the heart of the city. Good range of beers too.

1 Mar 2014 10:55

Kings Arms Hotel, Eccleshall

Had a good meal here. Decent pub. Was quieter than some of the other pubs in town on the night I visited.

22 Feb 2014 19:24

Royal George, Lingen

Great country pub. Ornate snuff box on bar. Decent ales. Does food too, but didn't try. This sort of place is increasingly rare: support it with your patronage.

12 Jan 2014 12:57

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Great selection of local ales and ciders. But then several other pubs in town also have a good selection too.

Avoid the temptation of ordering one of their "pies" - they're hardly pies (not in my book anyway) and it's a bit of a rip-off.

Worth popping in for drinks before moving on to (or having been) somewhere else for food. Can get busy, mostly due to its fairly small size and location.

12 Jan 2014 12:55

The Unicorn Inn, Ludlow

Quite a smart pub, though the staff don't really match the place to be honest. Out of the town centre, near the Bridge pub. Might be worth going to if you're after food too.

6 Jan 2014 19:00

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Ludlow

Nice place. Marstons ales. Was very quiet when I visited. Seems to do good food at reasonable prices. Worth popping into.

6 Jan 2014 18:58

The Old Lion, Cleobury Mortimer

Good locals' pub with 3 local ales on. Worth popping in.

6 Jan 2014 18:56

The Kings Arms Hotel, Cleobury Mortimer

Was very busy - bar staff couldn't really cope. Also didn't get a full pint.

28 Dec 2013 19:20

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

Popped in for the first time in ages - nothing much has changed. Great range of beers and other drinks. It is more a bar than a pub, but that's mainly down to its location and fairly small inside space. Nice for a pint or two of top-notch local ale. But there are other pubs in the vicinity that should be visited too!

24 Dec 2013 13:31

The Old Hand and Diamond Inn, Coedway

Lovely pub. Good food and good ales on too, mixture of local and "national". Car park. Real fire. Plenty of room inside for diners and drinkers.

What a ridiculous "review" by Corkypunt - you don't turn up to a country pub just before 11pm and expect it to be open, let alone served.

24 Dec 2013 13:29

The Bakers Arms, Orleton

Now reopened as the Baker's Arms. Extensively refurbished. 2 real ales available when I was there - both Hobsons. Gone rather upmarket with some locals playing pool, which is tucked away from the eating area. Not bad, certainly okay for eating out and taking the family out, but not really a drinking pub or one with any particular character.

14 Dec 2013 19:57

The Kremlin Inn, Ludlow

Been 5 years since my last review of this place. No change basically: still a great pub in a great location. Beer choice is good too, with Hobsons, Three Tuns and other local ales always available. Friendly landlord and landlady. Opens lunchtimes Wed-Sun, and otherwise open in the evenings. Well priced and good food. You can park either by the main road in the village's car park (great views!) or drive up the lane to the pub and park there.

12 Dec 2013 19:21

The Old Bull Ring Tavern, Ludlow

Disappointing place - no character inside with a "corporate" feel to the menu and bar. Either make a bar/restaurant/pub up-market and do it properly, or restore it to being a "proper pub" with character and warmth.

Basically, don't bother with. Try the Church for beer or Queens for food instead.

9 Dec 2013 18:54

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Decent pub with a mixture of foreign tourists getting to grips with the English pub and others enjoying the ales and other comforts. 6 or 7 real ales on, plus real cider too. A good find in central London. Long may it continue to be a proper pub!

28 Nov 2013 20:24

The Crown and Anchor, Lugwardine

They also do a "fish n chips" take-a-way service.

Food here is pretty good with a menu that includes affordable and more pricey items.

27 Nov 2013 13:46

The Crown and Anchor, Lugwardine

New landlord & lady. Open every day and serves food every day too. 3 local ales to chose from. Beer garden and car park. Situated just off the main road through the village. All-in-all an average village pub, but worth going to if passing through the area and wanting a quick meal or drink.

27 Nov 2013 13:45

The Cock of Tupsley, Hereford

Go on Google streetview and you can see the police making an arrest in the car park. Says it all.

23 Nov 2013 19:12

The Engine and Tender Inn, Broome

Closed for good.

16 Nov 2013 15:55

Sun Inn, Leintwardine

Now the only proper pub in the area, as the Lion is just a fancy restaurant. Good beer and a choice of either the old rooms at the front or the new large room at the back (where the bar is). Garden area too. Located just off the main road through Leintwardine - take the lane opposite the Lion, and it will be on your left by the fish & chips outlet (you can order food from there in the pub and eat them in one of the front rooms). Well worth seeking out.

16 Nov 2013 15:50

Lion Hotel, Leintwardine

Not really a pub. Hotel-cum-restaurant. If you want a drink head for the Sun!

16 Nov 2013 15:46

The Olde Tavern, Kington

Great pub. Great beer. Shame it doesn't have longer opening hours!

16 Nov 2013 14:51

The Oxford Arms Hotel, Kington

A proper pub, with a large bar/lounge room and a separate restaurant room. 3 real ales on offer - all local breweries. It could do with a bit of investment/a Spring clean, but it's all part of the charm..! Pool table. TV. All-in-all somewhere that was once quite typical (for a small town pub) but becoming a rarer entity these days.

16 Nov 2013 14:49

The Royal Oak Inn, Kington

Pretty decent pub on the hill as you leave the town centre heading for Wales. Not a lot to say, seems like somewhere you could have a few pints and a meal or meet up with mates. Friendly landlord. Opens lunchtimes and evenings.

16 Nov 2013 14:46

The Wine Vaults, Kington

Small pub with a small outdoor drinking area to side and rear (not really a "garden" but has tables). Brews own beer ("Arrow bitter") which was the only real ale they served when I popped in. All-in-all, it's an okay pub, but unless others nearby are closed then I wouldn't bother.

16 Nov 2013 14:44

Masonic Arms, Shrewsbury

Nicely refurbished. Good for a pint on the way to the New Meadow.

4 May 2012 15:28

The Star / Leake Pit House, West Leake

Four real ales on, but I'm afraid I don't like the way its been refurbished. Lost all its charm.

4 May 2012 15:25

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Ale selection not so good when I popped in today. Nice outside area to side/rear, below a less well known section of the town walls.

21 Dec 2011 19:56

The Dog and Pheasant, Shrewsbury

A proper pub. Very friendly locals. Worth seeking out. Not far from the station.

21 Dec 2011 19:54

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Terribly slow service on a Saturday evening, despite the pub not being particularly busy. 13 ales on. Doesn't seem to be as good as it once was..?

4 Dec 2011 19:57

The Pineapple, Stockport

Back street locals' pub with a good range of Robinsons ales. Not amazing, but worth popping into for a pint on the way to the Crown, which is just under the viaduct from the Pineapple

4 Dec 2011 19:55

The Swan In The Rushes, Loughborough

Great pub with a huge selection of beers and whiskey.

29 Nov 2011 18:10

The Bellstone, Shrewsbury

They've slowly been increasing the number of real ales served. Now up to 3. Not a pub though, but pleasant enough for lunch and a beer. Situated opposite the clock tower of the market hall.

22 Nov 2011 21:03

Lloyds in the Town, Shrewsbury

Now "Fever". You only have to look at it and know what to do.

21 Nov 2011 21:38

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

Good to see this one is back in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide! :)

21 Nov 2011 16:40

The Nell Gwynne, Covent Garden

Was very busy on the Friday night when I visited. Probably best to visit away from the usual peak times.

12 Nov 2011 21:52

The Bolt Hole, Cannon Street

No beer, but a brilliant wine bar. Underground and doesn't get as busy as you'd imagine a wine bar would get in the heart of the City, but then it is tucked away from the main streets. A bolt hole indeed.

12 Nov 2011 21:50

The Bell, Cannon Street

Small pub just off Cannon Street. Friendly and with some good ales. Worth popping into for a pint.

12 Nov 2011 21:49

The Banker, Cannon Street

Decent pub in an interesting location beneath Cannon Street station and by the Thames.

12 Nov 2011 21:48

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Can get very busy but standing "outside" in the Leadenhall Market is probably the done thing anyway.

12 Nov 2011 21:47

The Bavarian Beerhouse, Tower Hill

The review by Cristin is a plant btw. If a place needs such 'plants' they're worth avoiding.

6 Nov 2011 19:33

Dew Drop Inn, Hathern

Proper drinking / village pub on the A6 north of Loughborough. Pub dog. Worth popping in for a swift half if passing by!

26 Oct 2011 16:36

The Yew Tree Inn, All Stretton

Proper country pub with a mad landlord and many equally mad regulars. Worth popping into for a pint and some bar food. Don't bring in any hiking equipment though - townie hikers not welcome lol!

22 Oct 2011 16:39

Bull In The Barne, Shrewsbury

This pub is back open. :)

21 Oct 2011 16:54

The Albion Inn, Loughborough

Pretty ordinary locals' pub by the canal. Cheap nosh for lunchtimes. 3-4 real ales available. Nothing wrong with the place, but nothing particularly special either.

21 Sep 2011 16:39

The Keans Head, Nottingham

The range of beers in here is truly excellent. Worth popping in and giving a couple a try! Also their sandwiches are huge..

16 Sep 2011 21:57

The Moon And Bell, Loughborough

Busy on a Thursday afternoon (market on in town). Good selection of beers (it's in the Good Beer Guide) and the one I had was served well. Seems like a good Wetherspoons.

15 Sep 2011 19:13

Shaws Booksellers, Blackfriars

Pleasant bar but avoid the food. Overpriced and really rather naff!

7 Sep 2011 08:18

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Fairly ordinary pub with two entrances on either side (one on Fleet St, the other from the passage by the church behind). Can get very busy in the evenings with City boys.

7 Sep 2011 08:16

The Castle, Holborn

Excellent - a proper pub in the City (there are a few to be fair). Had the Batemans Four Seasons. Bit of banter going on at the bar too.

7 Sep 2011 08:14

The Melton Mowbray, Holborn

Decent pub on Holborn on the edge of the City of London (the pub lies on the City side of the street). A range of ales on offer.

7 Sep 2011 08:13

Ye Old Mitre, Holborn

Be sure to explore this one as there are two bars and a small beer yard (not the passage!) to the pub. Can get busy, but the service is good. Excellent beers.

7 Sep 2011 08:11

The Masque Haunt, Old Street

Had a decent breakfast here one morning. Seems like an okay Wetherspoons, though I didn't go during a busy time..

4 Sep 2011 22:34

The Anchor Inn, Sutton Bonington

Should also point out that the ales are in good condition here - CASK marque.

26 Jul 2011 11:36

The Black Horse, Littleport

Now the Swan. More a restaurant than a pub now, though there is a good selection of ales.

26 Jul 2011 11:35

The Ship Inn, Littleport

No food on Mondays! Shame really. Looks like a good pub.

26 Jul 2011 11:33

The Plough Inn, Zouch

Oh and this isn't in Zouch, it's in neighbouring Normanton.

26 Jul 2011 11:32

The Plough Inn, Zouch

Now more a restaurant, though there's still plenty of room inside and out for drinking. Beer range wasn't good though. Shame, as the food is good.

26 Jul 2011 11:31

The Rose and Crown, Zouch

Still not an incredible beer range, but the pub is overall pretty good. Nice to sit outside by the canal, away from the busy road. They do boat trips too, though not sure how often. Quirky hamlet, worth visiting if travelling through.

26 Jul 2011 11:30

The Star / Leake Pit House, West Leake

I think this has once again CLOSED.

26 Jul 2011 11:28

The Anchor Inn, Sutton Bonington

Friendly village pub with a few ales on.

26 Jul 2011 11:27

The Bridge, Birmingham New Street station

Now "The Shakespeare" - it's not bad, but no real ale of course, as that would require some effort on behalf of the management (none) and staff (temps). Better than hanging around other parts of the station when waiting for a train!

14 Jun 2011 10:22

The White Horse, Pulverbatch

Large village pub with an American Western theme. Food is reasonably priced but not amazing, with the menu concentrating on steak it seems. Two ales on, neither local. Overall, not particularly impressed. 6/10

30 May 2011 17:48

Old Coppers Malthouse, Church Stretton

Loud! on Friday and Saturday nights.

29 May 2011 23:50

Housmans, Church Stretton

Food here is rather expensive. Good for a pint of local ale though.

29 May 2011 23:49

Stiperstones Inn, Shrewsbury

Decent country pub and handy for walkers. Many rooms - have a wander around the place and find the right one for you. Food served. During spring/summer the shuttle bus (Long Mynd/Stiperstones) calls at the pub at the weekends & on bank holidays. 7/10

29 May 2011 23:48

The Betjeman Arms, St Pancras International Station

Great food, very cheerful young barmaid and the ale even came in glass tankards. Seating to the front, near Euston Road, within the main station building... or the best of all: to the rear, in the wonderful Victorian trainshed itself! 10/10

1 May 2011 13:50

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Typical West End pub. Zzzz

1 May 2011 13:48

Christophers Martini Bar, Covent Garden

Found it to be quiet - probably gets a lot busier when the theatres empty out though! Nice bar with reasonable prices and the cocktails were good. Worth seeking out.

1 May 2011 13:47

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

An excellent pub, with a community atmosphere, and welcoming to non-regulars. I was there on Royal Wedding day and they were having a good party with wedding cake on the house.

Highly recommended if in Greenwich. Located just outside the park.

1 May 2011 13:45

The Coach, Greenwich

The Coach and Horses - an interesting location, right inside the Greenwich Market. Get drink here and food at the market. Seating available outside in the market area. Worth popping to if in Greenwich.

1 May 2011 13:42

Red Herring, Bank

Rather unremarkable. Decent enough drinking place in the heart of the City, near the Guildhall. Can get busy.

1 May 2011 13:40

Ye Olde Watling, Mansion House

Pretty ordinary drinking establishment in the heart of the City. The pedestrianised streets outside it allow for quite a bit of on-street drinking, which is pleasant on a warm evening. Near Mansion House and St Paul's tube stations.

1 May 2011 13:38

The Shakespeare, Clerkenwell

Not bad really - an okay pub if you're wanting a pint or some bar food in the area. Not worth seeking out or dining at though! Near to the Barbican.

1 May 2011 13:36

Crown Inn, Newcastle on Clun

Open from 7pm only.

15 Apr 2011 21:52

The Radnor Arms, New Radnor

Very quiet on a Friday lunchtime. Good value food and decent beer. Worth going to if in the area.

15 Apr 2011 21:50

The Clive Bar and Restaurant, Bromfield

More a hotel and restaurant, but with a separate bar to the side. Good local real ales on offer. Situated by the A49 just north of Ludlow. The food is pricey but good.

2 Apr 2011 16:19

The Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester

A very popular pub which shows sports on numerous TVs inside. Got very busy (packed) today with the football and rugby on. Good beer including continental stuff. (Though I'd go at a quieter time to sample the beer properly.)

19 Mar 2011 23:16

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Beer was lacking form today. It's a shame it's a tied house (Hydes).

19 Mar 2011 23:13

The Star / Leake Pit House, West Leake

Pub now part of the Gibbs Mew chain. The Station Hotel nearby (towards Kegworth) however is up for sale as an "opportunity". I'm glad that it was the Star that was saved... for now anyway!

13 Mar 2011 18:52

Old Cottage Tavern, Burton on Trent

Decent locals' local. Intrusive CCTV though. 7/10

10 Mar 2011 15:00

The Burton Bridge Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Closes at 2:30pm during the week. Brewery round the back. Gas fire pretending to be a real one... don't like these! 7/10

10 Mar 2011 14:59

Lord Burton, Burton-Upon-Trent

Usually the staff let Wetherspoons pubs down, but when I visited the Lord Burton they were really attentive and friendly. 7/10

10 Mar 2011 14:59

The Coopers Tavern, Burton-Upon-Trent

Interesting bar room and overall a really nice pub. Loads of ales on offer. Now a Joules house. 9/10

10 Mar 2011 14:56

Devonshire Arms, Burton-Upon-Trent

Good ale and a good atmosphere. Highly recommended if you're near the station. It is tucked away from the main road. 9/10

10 Mar 2011 14:54

The Roebuck Inn, Burton-Upon-Trent

Had no problems here. The ale choice is pretty good. There is that chain pub feel though. 7/10

10 Mar 2011 14:53

The Malt Shovel, Beeston

Good beer and a fairly ordinary interior. Quiet. Very quiet...

4 Mar 2011 09:59

The Last Post, Beeston

Spacious interior. Seems to be a pretty decent Wetherspoons.

4 Mar 2011 09:58

The Rose and Crown, Zouch

Divided into bar lounge and restaurant areas and backs straight onto the Zouch Cut canal. The beer selection wasn't amazing, but will perhaps improve for the summer season. Seems like a decent pub.

25 Feb 2011 11:19

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

A really fascinating place, with difference parts open at different times. The downsides are: poor beer choice and at times far too touristy.

7 Feb 2011 18:21

The Royal Oak, Ockbrook

If you're within 20 miles of Ockbrook for whatever reason, you have no excuse not to try the Royal Oak! Wonderful place. Book for Sunday lunch though!

7 Feb 2011 18:04

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

Nice pub, which despite the proximity to all the touristy parts of the city is really a residents' pub. Pretty good ale selection. Worth seeking out if near the castle.

7 Feb 2011 17:51

The Victoria, Lincoln

Wonderful. High recommended. Decent (and good value) lunch menu too. Right by the castle.

7 Feb 2011 17:49

The Samuel Pepys, Mansion House

Open on Saturday afternoons (but not on Sundays) - was very quiet though when I popped in one Saturday recently. Still, had the balcony to myself and the beer was good. The dining area has recently been refurbished.

29 Jan 2011 12:06

The Star / Leake Pit House, West Leake

Still open. Lunches every day except Monday. Deuchers IPA on good form when I last popped in.

It's only a 20 min walk from the Sutton Bonington campus of the University of Nottingham.

21 Jan 2011 15:58

Bull In The Barne, Shrewsbury

Nice locals pub not far from Shrewsbury town centre, which is also the Salopian brewery tap house.

20 Dec 2010 21:47

The Six Bells, Bishops Castle

Had Sunday lunch here - good value at 6.95 and a good meal too.

Four of their ales on when I was there. Obviously served to a good standard.

Very enthusiastic landlord ("Big Nev") and friendly all-round.

19 Dec 2010 19:46

Cape, Nottingham

Not bad - has real ale, but is otherwise a trendy food-based bar/restaurant, with loudish music always playing and no privacy - just tables laid out in a restaurant fashion. Beer was okay and reasonably priced. There are better pubs in the area, but if you're after food + beer then maybe this is the place to go.

10 Dec 2010 17:30

Railway Hotel, Matlock

No real ale. Bit of a rowdy locals' drinking den. Okay if you want a pint of lager, a couple of loud television screens and banter.

2 Dec 2010 18:12

The Broadgate Exchange, Broadgate

Closed and re-opened under new management/ownership. Now the White Horse.

30 Nov 2010 10:57

The Star / Leake Pit House, West Leake

Nice pub situated between Sutton Bonington and West Leake. Three ales on (a mild and two IPAs) plus Stella. Lunches available on most days. Two main rooms, the bar a with fire, and a garden round the back. Sadly this pub is likely to be sold for development soon - I will be sorry to see it disappear. Could be a really decent locals pub if only it were a free house!

24 Nov 2010 18:05

The Vat and Fiddle, Nottingham

Proper boozer near the station. Comes with pub cat.

14 Nov 2010 16:26

The Keans Head, Nottingham

Funny sort of place - almost continental in appearance, but serving a good variety of beers and ales. Nice place to relax and enjoy a few drinks.

9 Nov 2010 13:48

The Dragon, Nottingham

Decent pub, in the good beer guide, with good pub food - recommend the beefburger with bacon and cheese.

9 Nov 2010 13:47

Canal House, Nottingham

Really nice place for a drink - good beer, friendly staff and an unusual place! The beer "garden" is actually the old wharfside by the main canal. Must be nice there in summer, or perhaps when the canal is frozen over! But yes, the main talking point is the canal arm that exists, running into the building's interior and there was even a narrowboat moored up inside! Brilliant.

Close by the bus and train stations too. Well worth popping in.

5 Nov 2010 17:05

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

"fun"? lol meant "full" of course!

5 Nov 2010 17:01

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, Nottingham

Man who served me (could have been the landlord) gave me a short pint and short changed me. Not amused. Place fun of tourists, including when I was there some foreigners who were astonished at the concept of ale. They ordered coffees. Why go to an English pub and order coffee? Why?! (Compared to coffee "back home" it will be rubbish!) Anyway, nice pub and the Olde Trip ale is good stuff.

5 Nov 2010 17:00

The Royal Oak, Shrewsbury

Nice exterior and interior, but no real ale. Therefore a bit naff. Why oh why can't a pub serve at least one ale on a handpump?!

30 Oct 2010 19:54

The Red Lion, Kegworth

A proper locals' drinking den with a good selection of real ales to chose from. Busy when I was there on a Sunday, perhaps too busy to get a good judgement.

24 Oct 2010 21:59

The Royal Oak, Beeston


18 Oct 2010 15:25

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

The Crown and Sugarloaf is just round the corner. Go there instead.

17 Oct 2010 23:50

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

Yup, no beer (just wine!) but a truly excellent haunt if you're after a wine n cheese session! Located not far from Embankment underground station and of course Charing Cross station. Outdoor area as well as the caverns. Great place for finding decent port.

16 Oct 2010 15:37

Crown Inn, Beeston

A sprawling pub with various nooks and crannies and with a sprawling beer range to boot.

Decent beer prices too, with some on offer at 2 a pint.

Situated near the main church in Beeston town centre. Well worth seeking out.

5 Oct 2010 19:28

The Victoria Hotel, Beeston

Oh and there's a CAMRA discount Sundays-Thursdays.

2 Oct 2010 21:51

The Victoria Hotel, Beeston

I can only imagine that the reason why this has only a 7.2 score on BITE is because of deliberate down-marking by some idiots.

Quite simply a brilliant pub. Love the red bar (food and mobile phone free). Great selection of beers, well kept. Loads of wines, whiskeys, etc, too. Haven't tried the food.

Right by Beeston railway station. In the red bar you can feel and hear the trains rumble by. Friendly customers and staff. Not sure what others are complaining about.

The Crown may have more beers, but this place has more style.

2 Oct 2010 21:49

Crown Inn, Beeston

Now the CAMRA East Midlands pub of the year!

25 Sep 2010 16:25

The Prince of Wales, Shrewsbury

Really charming suburban pub with good value lunch meals served Fri-Sun. Bowling green out the back. Plenty of real ales to chose from.

10 Sep 2010 15:42

The Bottle and Glass Inn, Picklescott

Good food, good beer and peaceful surroundings.

8 Sep 2010 16:47

The Oak Inn, Oswestry

Has an entry in the 2011 Good Beer Guide!

4 Sep 2010 11:13

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

Lots of ales to chose from, but last time I visited (a few days ago) they were nearly all "blonde" ales... so not a great choice for real ale aficionados!

27 Aug 2010 20:02

Lloyds in the Town, Shrewsbury

Sadly have read in the Shropshire Star today that this dive will be re-opened by the bar chain "Bar Fever", so more of the same, just instead as part of a national bar chain! Still, there's always Montgomery's Tower, the Armoury and the Salopian Bar all nearby.

25 Aug 2010 17:57

Lloyds in the Town, Shrewsbury


23 Aug 2010 11:48

Severn Apprentice, Shrewsbury

To be redeveloped into houses and such. Not a great loss though.

23 Aug 2010 11:47

Crown Inn, Beeston

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CAMRA pub of the year 2010!

22 Aug 2010 21:14

Albannach, Westminster

Found myself there on a Friday night. "Dire" doesn't begin to come close to what the place is like. Just avoid.

14 Aug 2010 20:45

The Crown and Sugarloaf, Bride's Lane

Really decent City pub - well worth heading for if in the area.

14 Aug 2010 20:44

Fifteen05, Monument

I believe this is now a bar/hire venue called Loose Cannon.

10 Aug 2010 15:47

The Hatchet, Mansion House

I agree with adamwalsh - the rating for this one is too high. I gave it a 6.

4 Aug 2010 13:06

The Yorkshire House, Shrewsbury

Great place. Only two real ales on, but the IPA was in good form. Lively and interesting.

24 Jul 2010 20:32

The London Stone, Cannon Street

Not a bad place, but very much out-of-place on Cannon Street in the City!!

14 Jul 2010 13:31

Montgomery's Tower, Shrewsbury

Easily one of the best Wetherspoons I've been to. Good choice of real ales, local and national (and international) varieties. Better place than the Shrewsbury Hotel just round the corner.

12 Jul 2010 20:31

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Beer continues to be in good form.

12 Jul 2010 20:26

Metropolitan Bar, Baker Street

Quite a good Wetherspoons right by the underground entrance on the main street. Large and spacious inside with a good choice of ales. No football on TV either ("World Cup Free" when I was there).

30 Jun 2010 11:39

Willow Walk, Victoria

Pretty naff. Avoid.

30 Jun 2010 11:38

The Talbot Hotel, Cleobury Mortimer

A bit naff. GK IPA only.

19 May 2010 18:50

The Kings Arms Hotel, Cleobury Mortimer

Full range of Hobsons beers available. Great pub.

19 May 2010 18:50

Bell Inn, Cleobury Mortimer

No ale.

19 May 2010 18:49

Bucks Head, Church Stretton

Large pub in the town centre, near the church and the Co-op / main car parks. Various areas to the pub, some for drinking & others for dining. Beer garden. Banks beers mostly. Not a bad establishment.

1 Apr 2010 19:35

The Unicorn Inn, Ludlow

Situated away from the town centre, but quite close to the railway station. What a great pub! The beer, the staff, the food, the rooms... all excellent. Definitely worth finding and enjoying! Had 4 real ales on when I visited, all local. 9/10 no problem. Could be 10/10 - will have to visit a few more times! :D

19 Mar 2010 11:16

Royal Oak, Cardington

Very picturesque pub and location. Has a GBG 2010 entry. 4 real ales on: the Salopian Hop Twister was very nice, as it usually is. Otherwise Bass, Hobsons and Wye Valley ales.

My main gripe is that, on a Sunday afternoon, the WHOLE pub is for diners. You really can't just pop in for a pint or two, though if you do persist you have to squat up against the bar, constantly interrupted by people ordering and paying for food. I guess at other times of the week this pub is better for non-diners, but avoid at busy times if you're not eating. (And if you are planning to eat: book a table well ahead. It'a a popular place, especially when the weather's nice.) Outdoor area for when the weather's a bit warmer.

So only a 7/10 from me, due to its dining dominance. Still, the staff were generally friendly, if always busy serving the diners.

15 Feb 2010 11:28

The Tottenham, Soho

3 real ales on (and 2 off) when I was there. Nice pub, but can get rather full (of course) and the odd foreign tourist eating fish & chips can provide amusement.

11 Feb 2010 13:58

The Bottle and Glass Inn, Picklescott

Great village pub with a nice, traditional interior. Had a pint of the Three Tuns XXX, which was a good pint.

6 Feb 2010 22:11

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Whilst still impressed by this pub and its range of local ales, I wasn't too impressed by the landlord the last time I visited. Slow service at the bar for starters. Then a rather cold service thereafter.

26 Jan 2010 16:18

Old Coppers Malthouse, Church Stretton

An okay pub with a Chinese restaurant on the side. Salopian Shropshire Gold on tap. Better than the King's Arms for sure!

18 Jan 2010 16:48

Kings Arms, Church Stretton

A pretty basic pub with no good real ale or any redeeming features. Go to the Bucks Head over the road instead.

6 Jan 2010 13:32

The Coracle Inn, Shrewsbury

It's only worth a visit in if this area of Shrewsbury as the other pubs in the area (of which there are now few, with the Corbett Arms closed, the Six Bells closed, the Harlescott demolished) are not exactly amazing themselves!

23 Dec 2009 10:54

The Malt Shovel, Telford

A very decent suburban pub on the northern edge of Telford. Good basic menu at reasonable prices. Marstons beer served very well. Friendly and attentive staff. Tidy interior with lots of interesting bits n bobs to look at. Car park. Well worth it for a quick lunch or a pint or two.

14 Dec 2009 15:14

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Friendly traditional pub in the centre of Shrewsbury. Good selection of ales. Brakspear on sometimes. Pub games in the various rooms (if you can find your way round!) with the bar at the centre of the establishment. Located on Church Street, which is just off St Mary's Street, between St Mary's and St Alkmund's churches. Only 5 minutes walk (at the most) from the railway station. Well worth a visit - probably the best "no nonsense" pub in the town centre.

26 Nov 2009 18:57

The Abbey, Shrewsbury

I have no idea why this is in the Good Beer Guide. It's a soulless pub chain pub with a couple of real ales on, but no more than what many pubs in Shropshire have. In fact when I went on a Thursday afternoon half the hand pumps were out. The clientele appeared to be almost entirely middle class retired/semi-retired folk chattering away over a glass of wine and some over-priced microwaved grub. This pub really should not be in the GBG. Unless in this part of town (not that you would) don't bother.

19 Nov 2009 16:48

Housmans, Church Stretton

"It needs some serious investment and a good landlord/lady to turn it around." - Your wish came true this year (2009)!

The Wine Vaults has been gutted and massively improved. Re-opened August 2009 as Housmans. It's still a pub, more-or-less, though with a bar/restaurant feel. Tables are not laid out for diners though, and there's still a bar with two handpumps. The local (and historic) brewery Three Tuns had possession of both pumps when I visited (and I think this is generally the case). Good food. Cheerful staff. Bright and airy inside. Worth a visit if in the town, either for food or ale.

30 Oct 2009 20:47

The New Inn, Newport

Decent enough pub with a selection of 3-4 real ales, including a few locals such as Enville and Salopian. Toilets are located in a separate building through the yard. Seems to be a popular local. Probably one of the best pubs in Newport... but that's not saying much. If you're in this town and need somewhere for a pint or two, this is probably a good bet. Located at the main car entrance to the Waitrose car park.

28 Oct 2009 10:54

The Honeysuckle, Newport

A pleasant Banks suburban pub in an old building with a nice old fire range at one end. There's a second room and bar behind, with a pool table. Banks ales on draught. Friendly landlord. Located at the back of the grammar school on Beaumaris Road.

28 Oct 2009 10:52

Shakespeare, Newport

Not a bad pub - small range of real ales and has a limited food menu. The service is friendly though.

28 Oct 2009 10:50

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

Hobsons Best Bitter on at the moment.

22 Oct 2009 13:52

Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

A decent pub, which is neither town centre nor suburban in feel. Located on the busy Frankwell thoroughfare though.

I have to say that I'm not quite sure why it's in the GBG 2010, considering the Shropshire pubs which I think ought to be in there that aren't! Had a pint of Salopian Oracle, which was okay. The choice of real ales wasn't exactly spectacular.

Friendly landlady though and as I said, a decent pub, though there is so much more (real ale wise) just over the river in the Smithfield Road/Victoria Quay area! (Montgomery's Tower, The Armoury, The Salopian..) I've given it a 7/10

21 Oct 2009 17:16

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Was served a short pint today, so not that happy with this place anymore. No mild today either!

21 Oct 2009 17:12

Golden Cross Hotel, Shrewsbury

Whilst it is essentially a restaurant these days, I've always felt welcome having just a pint there. Probably best to go when there are not many diners in. Real ale served, often from the Salopian brewery. I'd say it's worth a visit for a swift pint at a quiet hour.

17 Oct 2009 11:33

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

If you want a Wetherspoons with a wide range of real ales, just head to Lower Claremont Bank (about 100 yards away!) and pop into Montgomery's Tower there!

17 Oct 2009 11:29

Montgomery's Tower, Shrewsbury

This pub has two bars - check both as the beer range can be slightly different! Usually one or two Salopian ales are on, as well as other fairly local real ales and the usual Wetherspoons choice. A good pub overall, better than the Shrewsbury Hotel round the corner, and with The Armoury just through the back door!

17 Oct 2009 11:26

The Golden Ball, Ironbridge

Good food, good ale, at a decent pub in a reasonably quiet location. The Eton Mess was especially top notch. Some outdoor seating. I'd recommend this place for somewhere to eat/drink in the Ironbridge Gorge area.

14 Oct 2009 17:43

The Sun Inn, Craven Arms

What a pub!

Great beer, from the brewery round the back. Good food too. Plenty of room inside and a proper country/community pub feel. Copies of the Good Beer Guide from 1990 on a bookshelf.

If you go here you must try one or two of the Corvedale Brewery beers. They also sell them in bottles here.

Located on the B4368 east of Craven Arms/north of Ludlow. Best pub in the area.

8 Oct 2009 17:06

The Golden Cross Hotel, Bromsgrove

Very typical Wetherspoons pub. Nothing to say really!

30 Sep 2009 19:02

The Hop Pole Inn, Bromsgrove

Good pub, friendly staff, real ale. Probably one of the best pubs in Bromsgrove.

30 Sep 2009 19:01

The Bryn Tyrch Hotel, Capel Curig

(The only gripe I have is with the toilet facilities, at least the mens... they're a bit on the small side.)

20 Sep 2009 10:16

The Bryn Tyrch Hotel, Capel Curig

I have to agree with the previous comments - great food served here.

Also good beer, from the Great Orme brewery.

Plenty of car parking just across the road and nice views of the valley. This pub is a solid 8/10.

20 Sep 2009 10:14

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

Salopian Maori on tap at the moment.

17 Sep 2009 19:47

The Wrekin Inn, Telford

A pub which is "work in progress". Quite a good real ale selection, but was disappointed to see none from Shropshire breweries when I visited.

8 Sep 2009 19:26

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Nice pub, if a little small for its town-centre location (can get very busy and there's not enough seating, especially if the weather isn't good enough to sit outdoors). Hobsons Mild - excellent stuff. 8/10

5 Sep 2009 20:10

The Cock Hotel, Wellington

Despite initial appearances (from the road outside - it looks very ordinary) this pub is truly an excellent place. Always has 7-8 real ales on, most from the county. The staff are very friendly. Newspapers dotted about the place and generally a comfortable and welcoming feel. Reasonable prices for the beer too.

Located on the Holyhead Road (the old A5) near Wellington town centre. Also known as the Old Wrekin Tap. Very, very sound. Worthy of its CAMRA accolades and worth a 10/10 from me here.

3 Sep 2009 19:53

The Queens Head, Queens Head

Very much a food pub (really a restaurant these days) with a large car park and the inside almost entirely given over to restaurant style tables and seating. Does have real ale though: 3 Theakston ales (but no local ales) on when I was there.

Located just off the A5, between Nesscliffe and Oswestry, and also by the side of the Montgomery Canal. IMO if you're on the canal (boating, walking, fishing, whatever) you're probably better off trying the Navvy Inn at Maesbury Marsh (not open on Mondays though). At the Navvy they manage to achieve good food with being a good pub, and with local ales.

25 Aug 2009 19:35

Navigation Inn and Warehouse Restaurant, Maesbury Marsh

Located on the restored Montgomery Canal in Maesbury Marsh. Good food, served lunchtimes 12-2 Tue-Sat and on Sunday afternoons, and a full evening menu served Tue-Sat. The pub is closed on Mondays. Local real ales, including Three Tuns XXX when I was there. Nice building, picturesque surroundings
and friendly staff. 8/10

23 Aug 2009 11:11

The Kings Head, Shrewsbury

Don't know what Snaggie is on about. Clearly talking about a different pub.

21 Aug 2009 21:35

The Crown Inn, Shrewsbury

Guest ale in addition to Banks ale. Sky tv. Three rooms plus various outdoor areas by the Severn.

21 Aug 2009 21:32

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate

I don't see the attraction of this place. It's a bit, well, naff. Though it was busy when I went, but that could be because of its situation near Liverpool St station. 5/10 not my cup of tea!

16 Aug 2009 12:07

The Old Bell, Fleet Street

Was closed on the Saturday I passed.

16 Aug 2009 12:06

The Punch Tavern, Fleet Street

Not really a pub... more like a cafe/restaurant that serves beer. Food was quite good, albeit expensive. Was busy on a Saturday afternoon, so must be popular for some reason. 7/10

16 Aug 2009 12:05

The Samuel Pepys, Mansion House

Fantastic view from the balcony.

16 Aug 2009 12:03

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Third visit to this pub - went on a Saturday. Too many tourists! And the beer choice isn't great either. My rating has gone down.

16 Aug 2009 12:02

Ye Olde Cock Tavern, Fleet Street

Also visited on a Saturday and this pub was very quiet. Not a bad establishment though, but then again nothing to write home about.

16 Aug 2009 12:00

The Cittie of Yorke, Holborn

Very roomy interior with nice alcoves to drink in.

16 Aug 2009 11:59

The Coal Hole, Strand

Not sure why this pub has such a low rating on BITE. Good selection of ales and a nice interior. Small upstairs dining area (we were allowed to just drink there too). Quite busy when we were there, on a Saturday lunchtime.

16 Aug 2009 11:58

The Fox Inn, Oswestry

Great pub with good real ale and a comfortable inside. Newspapers on tables, which I approve of greatly.

25 Jun 2009 18:40

The Sun Inn, Clun

The Sun has re-opened! :D

19 Jun 2009 12:16

The Manor Inn, Glossop

When I visited there were hand pumps but no real ale!

The guy behind the bar was being a bit surly too.

5 Jun 2009 11:12

The Prince of Wales, Glossop

Nice pub, but the Pedigree was a bad pint.

5 Jun 2009 11:10

The Pen and Wig, Cardiff

Wasn't that impressed. Yes, they have lots of real ale on pump, but it's quite expensive and real ale isn't included in the food offers (grill + drink for example). Food is alright, but the portions are fairly small.

Inside (and the food menu) is like a Wetherspoons. But it's more expensive. 7/10... and that's being generous.

21 May 2009 15:11

The Cambrian, Aberdare

Friendly, locals' pub near the town centre. Pool table. Guest real ale. Bitters: Boddingtons and Flowers. Quite spacious inside.

A "proper pub" and quite busy when I visited on a weekday lunchtime. Serves some bar food and sandwiches.

Hope it survives the current difficult times. 8/10

21 May 2009 15:08

Trof The Deaf Institute, Manchester

Expensive and often crowded with students spending their hard earned student loan. Food - very expensive. Beer - lager and bottles. No draught ale!

18 May 2009 21:43

The Dickin Arms, Wem

Basic pub with a community atmosphere. Real ales, though none from Shropshire.

17 Apr 2009 17:33

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

Marvellous little pub in true Salopian countryside.

The landlady was being rushed off her feet when I called on a Friday lunchtime - the place was very busy indeed. And I'm not surprised why.

4/5 real ales, most from Shropshire. Food (bar food) served. Very basic, but that's all that's wanted. Long may the Railway be like this.

17 Apr 2009 16:26

The Inn at Grinshill, Grinshill

Very much a restaurant pub these days - the landlord did a Basil Fawlty with me when I asked for a half pint. I'm sure it's a great place to go for food, but it's not really a drinking pub any more. Still, saying that, they have four real ales. None were from Shropshire when I was there though.

17 Apr 2009 16:23

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

A great pub, with great beers and in a great location. Love the clock that runs anti-clockwise above the bar.

Hobsons and other local ales.

13 Apr 2009 14:54

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Good for real ale and real cider, but the interior character and atmosphere isn't to my liking. Regulars also seem to be treated better than visitors. 7/10

Located on Fish Street, by St Alkmund's Church, in the heart of Shrewsbury.

13 Apr 2009 14:52

The Wrens Nest, Glossop

New pub located near Tesco in the new retail/business park there.

7 Apr 2009 16:37

Flanagan's, Glossop

Formerly, The Sparrows.

7 Apr 2009 16:36

The Oakwood, Glossop

Hmm... hard to say really. I've given it a 6/10 though it depends what you're after. Not a real ale pub. Located right in the middle of Glossop, but the nearby Corner Cupboard is a better bet.

7 Apr 2009 16:35

The Crown, Glossop

A truly excellent locals pub with good - and very cheap - bitter and lager. Old fashioned rooms with coal fires. Dogs running about the place. Much merry banter.

7 Apr 2009 16:33

Surrey Arms, Glossop

An okay pub... though the Crown just over the road is much better.

7 Apr 2009 16:31

The Corner Cupboard, Glossop

Proper no-nonsense pub on the High Street in the centre of Glossop. Darts, pool table and dominoes. Beer is okay. Walls are crumbling a bit. Very popular with the locals it seems... though 99% of the patrons are men.

7 Apr 2009 16:30

Stables Inn, Craven Arms

Popular pub in the centre of Craven Arms, just round the corner from the large Craven Arms Hotel. Serves local real ale, such as Hobsons.

7 Apr 2009 16:29

Montgomery's Tower, Shrewsbury

(Previously Bar Med... Shrewsbury's second Wetherspoons, located only 100 yards or so from the other one!)

2 Apr 2009 12:38

Montgomery's Tower, Shrewsbury

Now Montgomery's Tower. 7 real ales on when I visited yesterday, including two locals. Two bars in use. Seating outside to the rear (and The Armoury is just the next building behind Montgomery's). Not a bad place at all, though probably is a different place on Friday/Saturday nights than when I went!!

(Beer was fine when I was there.)

2 Apr 2009 12:21

The Hole In The Wall, Shrewsbury

Avoid - either head towards the Welsh Bridge and go to the Armoury or Montgomery's Tower, or head towards Swan Hill and go to the Admiral Benbow or Coach & Horses.

2 Apr 2009 12:15

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

6 real ales on, including 3 locals. Friendly staff and newspapers/magazines located about the place. Show your CAMRA membership card and get a discount on ale and cider. Shame the road outside is so busy, otherwise this place would be perfect.

2 Apr 2009 12:13

Bar Med, Shrewsbury

Now Montgomery's Tower. 7 real ales on when I visited yesterday, including two locals. Two bars in use. Seating outside to the rear (and The Armoury is just the next building behind Montgomery's). Not a bad place at all, though probably is a different place on Friday/Saturday nights than when I went!!

2 Apr 2009 12:11

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

Located on Victoria Quay near the Welsh Bridge. 8 real ales on when I visited yesterday. The place has a wonderful feel, particularly when not busy. Food served.

2 Apr 2009 12:08

The Crooked House, Gornal Wood

A fairly normal Banks's pub (beer and food wise) but because of its unusual features and crookidness it is worth a visit if in the area.

(The pub lies just inside Staffordshire btw, although half of the driveway is in the West Mids county..)

29 Mar 2009 17:21

Live and Let Live, Neen Sollars

Local real ales and good pub food - quite a varied menu too. Situated in a lovely corner of Shropshire, south of Cleobury Mortimer. Car park, garden and conservatory with views. Seemed a busy place when I was there on a Sunday afternoon.

29 Mar 2009 17:19

Howard Arms, Glossop

A large, everyday kind of pub in Glossop town centre, close to the railway station and on the main road out of the town towards Sheffield.

Pool table. Outdoor seating to front (by the main road though).

28 Mar 2009 19:23

The Rising Sun, Tottenham Court Road

Real ale and good food - though the portion of chips was meagre!

27 Mar 2009 17:44

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Ludlow Gold and Boiling Well served here. Both excellent ales.

13 Mar 2009 21:15

Yates's, Manchester

A terrible place with no real ale. Avoid.

6 Mar 2009 16:50

Live and Let Live, Neen Sollars

Can I just point out that this pub - and indeed the whole village of Neen Sollars - is in the county of Shropshire and not Worcestershire!!

6 Mar 2009 16:48

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Interesting and busy small pub between the Old Monkey and the Grey Horse. Cask Tetleys.

2 Mar 2009 17:11

The Retro Bar, Manchester

Pull the place down and replace it with anything but what is there now. Absolute dive.

20 Feb 2009 12:58

The Footage, Manchester

Good place for watching sports on the many screens. Try to go straight upstairs to the bar there (if it is open). Otherwise buy drinks downstairs and take them upstairs. The balcony seats give the best view in the house. Beer wise - standard studenty sort of thing.

20 Feb 2009 12:55

The Ducie Arms, Manchester

The pub was busy when I was there but I hear that it is often quite quiet. Two or three real ales on offer, but rather expensive. I think they up the prices to keep the student numbers down. The pub is located just off Lloyd Street North near the Manchester Science Park.

20 Feb 2009 12:52

Jabez Clegg, Manchester

Six real ales on when I was there. They seem to rotate often with their guest ales, giving a good choice. Otherwise it's very studenty (if such an adjective exists) but not bad at all.

20 Feb 2009 12:48

The Vine Inn, Manchester

A good sized city centre pub with plenty of beers on offer. Next door to the City Arms. 8/10

30 Jan 2009 23:45

Queens Arms, Glossop

Phone number: 01457 862451

26 Jan 2009 18:04

The Sun Inn, Clun

Closed! The pubco are looking for new tenants though.

The White Horse is now the last remaining pub in the town of Clun.

A sad time for pub and real ale lovers in South Shropshire.

15 Jan 2009 21:41

The Plough Inn, Wistanstow

A good all-round country pub, not far from the A49 north of Craven Arms, with the Woods brewery next door (and naturally Woods ales on offer in the pub). Dining area.

11 Jan 2009 19:56

White Lion, Whittington

Okay I guess... nothing special. Spitfire was available when I was there.

9 Jan 2009 21:06

Ye Olde Boot Hotel, Whittington

Large village pub with many Robinsons ales on offer. Right opposite Whittington Castle on the A495.

9 Jan 2009 21:05

Narrow Boat Inn, Whittington

Welcoming pub by the Llangollen Canal and A495. Guest ales. Food served.

9 Jan 2009 21:04

Royal Oak Inn, Treflach

A popular and welcoming locals pub in a pleasant rural setting. Local Stonehouse brewery ales usually available - my pint was excellent. Food served. Car parking. Nice beer garden.

3 Jan 2009 18:40

Railway Inn, Shrewsbury

Railway station still in use (though it is a request stop now) and the villages of Clive and Grinshill nearby. A great spot for real ale.

1 Jan 2009 20:11

Yates's, Manchester

Beer always served in plastic beakers. Need I say more?

25 Nov 2008 23:01

Yates's, Manchester

Looks totally out of place. Absolute rubbish. Try the Grey Horse just down the road instead.

25 Nov 2008 22:58

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

A good pub in the centre of the city, near to the Town Hall and right next door to Bootle Street Police Station!

25 Nov 2008 22:56

Odder, Manchester

Gone downhill recently I find.

25 Nov 2008 22:53

Kro Piccadilly, Manchester

Expensive but good.

25 Nov 2008 22:51

Boat Inn, Telford

Nice pub in a most pleasant location by the Memorial Bridge (which spans the Severn, connecting Jackfield and Coalport). Floods rather often, so it's remarkable that it survives as a pub in this day and age! Worth a visit if in the Ironbridge Gorge part of Shropshire.

24 Nov 2008 21:11

The Belle Vue Tavern, Shrewsbury

Good pub to visit when on the way to the New Meadow football ground. Quite small inside, despite the extension, so can be busy - but on a Saturday afternoon its the place to go to get Town gossip!

25 Oct 2008 20:36

The Crown Inn, Shrewsbury

Quite a nice riverside pub in Coleham, with outdoor seating towards the river. Can get very busy as it is a popular local.

25 Oct 2008 20:34

The Hop and Friar, Shrewsbury

Large pub in the town centre, near to the English Bridge and St Julian's Friars car park.

Pretty average, though some good beers and food on offer.

25 Oct 2008 20:33

Morgans, Shrewsbury

Has been taken over and refurbished and is now a trendy wine bar. No longer a pub.

25 Oct 2008 20:28

The Old Gloveworks, Glossop

Still closed - nothing happening on site.

22 Oct 2008 22:22

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Great pub - good food, good ale and in an excellent location by the Buttercross and, obviously, the Church.

23 Aug 2008 10:42

The Kremlin Inn, Ludlow

Shropshire's highest pub.

Simply wonderful.

14 Aug 2008 10:48

White Horse Inn, Clun

Excellent local pub with pool table and darts.

Just to let people know - Clun is a town, despite its small size. And a great little town too.

11 Aug 2008 13:04

The Kilvert's Hotel, Hay on Wye

Good food, reasonably priced and the service was good too. Had a pint of the Butty and a Sunday roast lunch.

Large beer garden to the rear; restaurant room and main pub area inside. Also some tables and seating to the front. So quite a big establishment with various places to eat or drink.

11 Aug 2008 13:02

The Hand and Shears, Barbican

A proper pub in the north of the City, near the Smithfield market. Good ale, friendly staff, pleasant furnishing, quiet but not too quiet. Just right.

5 Jul 2008 13:09

The Star Inn, Glossop

An excellent pub with excellent ales.

3 May 2008 17:26

The Heathgates, Shrewsbury

Open again and improved.

3 May 2008 17:25

The Four In Hand, Didsbury

A good pub all-in-all, though the food takes rather a long time to be served.

15 Apr 2008 17:46

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Unbelievably amazing pub! Good atmosphere, good location, good beer, good food, good history, good..

12 Mar 2008 00:22

Norfolk Arms, Glossop

Oh dear, since making my last review in 2006, things have gone very downhill at the Norfolk Arms. Yes, it's nice that they sell a good variety of beers, including the wonderful bottled Holts ales. However, and this must be stressed, what they have done to what was a proper pub is simply awful. This kind of thing does not belong in the middle of Glossop. The place feels now like it could be in Manchester City Centre. They have, I feel, completely wrecked a perfectly good old pub for the sake of "progress". Well they can stuff their progress, I will only be visiting for the Holts ales and spending more time in the many better pubs nearby.

10 Mar 2008 12:21

Ye Olde Bucks Head Inn, Frankwell

Nice pub just on the edge of the town centre area in Frankwell. Local ales.

4 Apr 2007 21:34

The Bulls Head, Rodington

Cheap carvery lunches served 12-2 during the week. Good local ales too, though quite pricey. The pub was empty when I visited it though - not sure how long it will stay open for!

4 Apr 2007 21:30

Norfolk Arms, Glossop

Not sure why people have given this pub such a low rating - it's actually a perfectly reasonable public house with a good menu (improved since the new management), pool tables, dart board, plenty of seats, tables and seating areas, well priced beer at the bar... and all this in the heart of Glossop.

They continue to sell Boddingtons too - and at 1.70 a pint.

10 Dec 2006 19:59

The Corbet Arms, Uffington

The Corbet Arms is the only pub in the village of Uffington, which is to the east of Shrewsbury in Shropshire. Nice location, between Haughmond Hill and the River Severn, with bowling green and large car park at front. Not to be confused with the Corbet Arms in nearby Upton Magna.

15 May 2006 11:39

The Corbet Arms, Upton Magna

Not to be confused with the Corbet Arms in nearby Uffington!

15 May 2006 11:35

The Sun Inn, Clun

Forgot to say that it's also a good B&B.

15 May 2006 11:32

White Horse Inn, Clun

Located in the middle of the small, historic town of Clun in South-West Shropshire. Near to the castle, old bridge and town hall. A "local pub".

15 May 2006 11:31

Dun Cow, Shrewsbury

They serve all sorts of exotic meats here - swordfish, alligator, kangaroo, etc etc!!

15 May 2006 11:25

The Didsbury Inn, Didsbury

Really nice pub. Good food. 9/10 easily.

14 May 2006 22:14

The Armoury, Shrewsbury

Very very good food. Bit expensive, but you get what you pay for! 9/10

14 May 2006 15:53

The Sun Inn, Clun

Nice local in the small town of Clun.

17 Mar 2006 16:50

The Anchor Inn, Anchor

The Anchor is a small pub in the remote village of Anchor. Real ale and nice surroundings.

17 Mar 2006 16:48

The Paramount, Manchester

Good selection of real ales.

17 Mar 2006 13:57

The Coracle Inn, Shrewsbury

Nice suburban public house with large car park and beer garden.

17 Mar 2006 13:51

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