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Comments by dougdeep

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

Great pub. Well worth checking out. Good beer and a warm welcome. It is a nice place to be in a good location near the river.

27 Jun 2022 14:20

The Triangle Tavern, Lowestoft

A fine example of a traditional real ale pub. The Green Jack ales are very well kept and the pub has a friendly welcoming atmosphere. It was My 1st visit yesterday but I will definitely be back on my next trip to Lowestoft. I will have to try one of the music Fridays!!

10 Mar 2022 09:56

The Red Lion, Eaton

Not much more than a restaurant masquerading as a pub really. Expensive, elitist pretentious and unfriendly.. Not a proper boozer. Not for me. AVOID!! 2 out of 10

5 Dec 2021 11:17

The Lord Nelson, Southwold

Easily the best pub in Southwold and amongst my favourites for the whole of the UK. Nice to find a place not dominated by the "dining experience". If you like Adnams ales you will love this traditional cosy boozer. Only cons are the typical Southwold steep prices and the beer range being limited to Adnams.

22 Nov 2021 13:19

The Black Horse, Norwich

I like it. I like it a lot! Friendly and cosy with a welcoming atmosphere, The Black Horse seems to be quite busy these days I'm glad to say. Ales are well kept. I will have to sample the grub next time I go in. Check it out

24 Jan 2018 11:32

Bell Hotel, Norwich

I Still like this pub for it's good cheap beer and grub, and the fact it's nearly always busy. I have to say I am very slightly disappointed with the refurbishment work as in some ways the place doesn't to be seem too much bigger; despite the fact that more of the old Bell Hotel building has now been opened up for use by JD Wetherspoon. The reason for this is that fair sized chunks of the original seating/dining areas have been reduced in size by the improved toilets (upstairs and downstairs) and longer bars. Maybe the place is just busier than it used to be!
Regardless of my minor criticisms the Bell Hotel is well worth a visit if you are in Norwich city centre at anytime.

24 Jan 2018 11:24

The St. John's Head, Great Yarmouth

Excellent pub - one of my favourite places to enjoy a nice pint or two when in Yarmouth. The prices are very gentle on the wallet and, as another reviewer pointed out, they have a jukebox with some fine music on it, too. Why pay £4 or more for a crappy pint of lager in some soulless joint elsewhere?

24 Oct 2016 15:56

The Victoria, Bayswater

Superb traditional boozer with well kept ales. Haven't been in for some time but I shall have to take the time to quaff a few lovely Fullers beers here on my next visit to the smoke. If I lived nearby it would be very hard for me to leave this place once I had entered the doors and sat down to sup some splendid samples of Fullers excellent offerings.

26 May 2016 15:00

The Fat Cat, Norwich

The Fat Cat has to be one of the best pubs in the world let alone in the UK. As more than one reviewer has mentioned, it is astonishing that its rating is only 7.6 - which just goes to show how reliable these ratings are (note to self: Always take internet user ratings with a pinch of salt and don't let it deter me from giving a pub/hotel/b and b/restaurant etc a go to make up my own mind. This pub has a fabulous range of beers only surpassed by large CAMRA beer festivals, and it is friendly and welcoming as well. My rating is 9 out of 10 (I never give maximum marks to anything).

5 Jan 2016 10:14

Troll Cart, Great Yarmouth

Nothing wrong with this pub at all. If I'm in Yarmouth for the day I usually pop into the Troll Cart for a couple of swift halves.

10 Nov 2015 14:59

The Red Lion, Thetford

A fine example of a Wetherspoon's pub. A good choice of well kept ales at very pocket friendly prices, and friendly staff too. This might be the best Wetherspoon's pub in Norfolk - an excellent refurb/conversion job has been done.

10 Nov 2015 11:00

The Star Inn, Lessingham

Excellent rural village pub. Well worth seeking out for the friendly atmosphere and a decent choice of ales.

5 Nov 2015 16:47

Manor House, Royston

Good to hear that Norwich City fans are getting out and about. OTBC! I pooped into the Manor House yesterday and was quite impressed with what I found. I sampled a pint of Hobgoblin Gold and a pint of Woodforde's Once Bittern. Both were in fine condition and I was sorely tempted to sample more, but I had to be making tracks unfortunately. I shall return.

8 Oct 2015 14:32

The Temeraire, Saffron Walden

Visited this 'spoons on the high street yesterday afternoon/early evening. It was a Monday and so it was pleasantly quiet and relaxed, and v easy to get served, so thankfully I had no issues with service unlike other reviewers. I have to say I like this pub very much and If I lived in Saffron Walden or nearby, you would often find me with a pint of ale in my hand propping up the bar. This is a proper decent pub where I'm sure families would feel safe and comfortable.

22 Sep 2015 12:18

The George Hotel, Whittlesey

Visited yesterday. I liked it. I liked it a lot. Cosy and friendly, and not really one of those typical of- the-production-line Wetherspoons. If I lived in Whittlesey I would definititely pop in quite frequently. My one minor gripe is that the range of ales could be a bit more extensive,. but that is true of many pubs. Good effort from 'spoons!

10 Sep 2015 12:16

The Velvet Coaster, Blackpool

What a monster of a pub, possibly the biggest in the UK and very impressive too. Well kept cheap beer and reasonably efficient service too. Certainly worth a visit but it is quite different to your traditional English pub.

8 Sep 2015 14:42

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

Only had one pint in here, we were on a bit of a pub crawl, but I have to say I liked this pub very much. Some places seem to have the right vibe about them and this one did. I shall return next time I am on hols in Blackpool. Oh yes indeedy!

8 Sep 2015 14:38

Albert and The Lion, Blackpool

Only had one pint in here, we were on a bit of a pub crawl, but I have to say I liked this pub very much. Some places seem to have the right vibe about them and this one did. I shall return next time I am on hols in Blackpool. Oh yes indeedy!

8 Sep 2015 14:37

The Wheatsheaf, Wisbech

Nice and calm and peaceful when I called in for a couple of beers last night. It is an ok pub as far as I'm concerned. I was pleasantly surprised to find that their cheapest ale, Ruddles County, was only £1.49p and Greene King Abbot only £1.99p - a couple of bargains nowadays. I shall return.

3 Jul 2015 11:26

The Cherry Tree, Wicklewood

Great traditional village pub with lovely Buffy's beers kept in excellent condition. A warm friendly welcome to all from the staff too. There is a good music jam session on Tuesdays, once a fortnight. Check it out.

9 Jun 2015 15:31

The Sole Bay Inn, Southwold

The Sole Bay Inn is good enough for me, one of the best pubs in Suffolk. The beer? Perfect. You won't find a better pint of Adnams anywhere, which is as it should be. Those casks don't have to travel far, do they.

9 Apr 2015 11:18

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

Still going strong, still as good as ever. There is something I find hard to define about what I see as the ideal English pub (George Orwell made a pretty god stab at summing up his idea of the perfect pub in his essay The Moon Under Water), but this booozer pretty much ticks most of the boxes for my choice.

21 Jan 2015 13:10

The Prince Regent, Cambridge

I don't live in Cambridge but I do visit this lovely city quite often. I usually pop into the Regent on most trips and have to say I quite like the pub. As is normally the case with JDW pubs, the Regent has a good choice of well kept real ales, and the food can be relied on to past muster at a reasonable price. I have been fortunate enough to avoid the chav brigade thank goodness. Pissed up pond life can spoil an otherwise pleasant experience. Best pub in Cambridge has to be the Flying Pig, though.

17 Dec 2014 13:43

The York Tavern, Norwich

Great pub. Sadly, it is currently shut until further notice. Allegedly due to the unreasonable stance of the pub company which owns it. Let's hope this is not yet another case of a lovely traditional pub being lost to its community because of the machinations of big business. Shameful!

12 Nov 2014 13:48

The White Horse Inn, Neatishead

Visited the White Horse for the first time on Friday night. It's a very nice cosy pub with a decent selection of well kept beers. It is well worth a look and I shall be back for another pint or two before too long.

4 Nov 2014 13:58

The Marquee, Norwich

I forgot to mention that this pub is now called The Owl Sanctuary. It's rather a naff name in my humble opinion.

24 Oct 2014 11:49

The Marquee, Norwich

Great little boozer with a regular line-up of bands that play in the back room. They have 2 or 3 real ales on, which are in good condition and reasonably priced. Good juke box too.

24 Oct 2014 11:48

The Miles Thompson, Kendal

A decent example of a Spoons pub. Not a bad place to pass a pleasant hour or three, sampling various well kept ales at the usual great value for money prices. Why bust your wallet elsewhere?

23 Oct 2014 10:12

Limes Free House, Fakenham

An excellent example of a 'Spoons public house. It's comfortable, spacious and welcoming. I sampled some well kept ales on the day I went in. Have only visited once but I shall give it another look very soon.

26 Jun 2014 12:20

The Beehive, Norwich

This is a lovely pub, a home from home and well worth the trek from Norwich city centre. Friendly staff and a decent selection of ales served in tip-top condition. Unmissable.

22 May 2014 16:09

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

This pub is still holding up very well with superb ales and good wholesome value for money grub. They obviously believe in the maxim of if it ain't broke don't fix it, as nothing has been changed to the detriment of the hostelry in the last 20 years or so. Well done to the management. Well worth a visit for lovers of traditional pubs and ale.

22 May 2014 16:04

The Old Bell, Saham Toney

This is a lovely traditional village boozer, with well kept ales and a warm and friendly welcome to all. It was packed on the Sunday that I visited and I am going back on a Saturday night in June when they have a band on. Somebody told me the music sessions are very well attended and a bloody good craic!

PS It has brought on an extreme thirst writing this and thinking about a nice pint of Buffy's, Adnams, Wolf or whatever. Cheers!

22 May 2014 15:56

Gatehouse, Norwich

I know the feeling, indianna58. I also shall not return to this pub, which deserves a decent tenant, while this rude, arrogant midget continues to hold the licence. Could be a great pub with a friendly person running it. This vertically-challenged creature will not be getting one more penny of my money.

8 Jan 2014 14:18

The Chequers, Feltwell

This is a lovely traditional real ale pub. Ales were in excellent condition and the pub had a nice cosy, friendly and welcoming atmosphere to it. I went in on a Saturday night and everybody seemed to be having a good time. Well done to the management.

4 Sep 2013 11:58

The Dog Inn, Ludham

Lovely cosy pub set in the heart of the Norfolk Broads. They have some nice real ales on and extend a warm, friendly welcome to customers. I shall have to take my tent one weekend so that I can sample a few jars without worrying about driving.

13 Aug 2013 14:42

Sir Garnet Wolseley, Norwich

This pub is now run by the people who also have the nearby Birdcage pub (on Pottergate) and they have done a very good job in getting it up and going again. It is now a very pleasant and welcoming hostelry with some well kept real ales and appears to be thriving - long may it continue. It is set in an ideal location overlooking City Hall and the market. I shall be putting in a regular appearance.

13 Aug 2013 14:08

The Golden Star, Norwich

Great pub. Good beer in a lovely cosy atmosphere. Must be in the Norwich top ten of boozers.

20 May 2013 17:38

The Heath House, Norwich

Excellent, welcoming pub. Malcolm the landlord is a bit of a character with a great quirky sense of humour. Pop in some time. You can be sure of a warm welcome from the landlord and his friendly regulars. He has some good lively Saturday night sessions with live music too. Be there or be square!

20 May 2013 17:34

Mariners Compass, Gorleston

Excellent pub which was very busy on the Saturday night on which I called in. Good to see pubs in full swing with all ages enjoying themselves, instead of two sad old gits and a cat propping up the bar.

19 Apr 2013 12:10

Kings Head Hotel, Beccles

For HOTELRIES read HOSTELRIES in my review. Terrible typos annoy me no end!

19 Apr 2013 12:02

The Globe Hotel, Kings Lynn

This is a very good Spoons house, but then again maybe I'm biased as a bit of a fan of this budget pub chain. Whenever I visit a new town I always check out the Spoons, but I also love to drink in a town's traditional real ale selling trad boozers too. Anyway 8 out of 10 for the Globe.

19 Apr 2013 11:54

Kings Head Hotel, Beccles

Spoons have done an excellent refurb on this lovely old hotel - one of their better hotelries in my opinion. I could while away most of the day in here! I just hope Spoons very keen pricing doesn't have too harmful an effect on the trade of other pubs in this lovely old town, though. It would be nice to think that Spoons and other pubs could all coexist with no problems. (Fingers crossed).

18 Apr 2013 16:34

Locks Inn, Geldeston

What could be better on a hot summer's day than to sit outside in this idyllic spot and get quietly Brahms and Listz? (provided you have a non-drinking driver with you, of course!). Perfection!

18 Apr 2013 16:27

Bear and Bells, Beccles

Yes, a lovely pub indeed. I have to agree with the poster who said that the furniture left something to be desired, though. What's wrong with trad wood tables, chairs and benches etc? Couldn't fault the friendly welcome and well kept beer and ss I shall return!

18 Apr 2013 16:23

The Golden Dog, Shipdham

This is a fabulous pub in the lovely peaceful village of Shipdham, which is very close to Dereham in the heart of Norfolk. The landlord has made a great effort with his extensive renovation work to the pub, creating a nice traditional, warm and welcoming rural hostelry. It's the only remaining pub in a large village that once had FOUR, and it deserves to be well supported.
I went along last Friday evening and saw (and heard) an excellent 4 piece 60's pop/rock band called Polaris. They were very tight (not drunk, tight!) and entertained their audience, who called for several encores. I'm hoping the landlord will ask them back again later this year.
Anyway give this pub a look - you won't be disappointed.

4 Feb 2013 12:03

Champion, Norwich

Lovely cosy and welcoming little boozer. Sadly I feel, like many UK pubs, it is in need of a few more customers if it is to avoid closure. I very much hope I'm wrong in this conclusion.

19 Sep 2012 11:04

The Strawberry, Newcastle

Brilliant pub. Good beer and good grub. The food was wholesome, plentiful and provided at a bargain price. What not to like?

19 Sep 2012 10:59

The Prince Regent, Great Yarmouth

Very pleasantly surprised by this pub. The new management should be congratulated in their efforts to get this pub back to its best. Friendly, helpful staff and reasonably priced drinks. I went in on one of their Friday music nights (in fact, I think they possibly have music on every night of the week!). I saw a great band called Polaris who went down well with the sizable crowd in on the night. I shall be returning for more music and beers.

23 Jul 2012 11:48

The Cardinals Hat, Harleston

Great pub, particularly on lively Saturday nights when they have bands on. Good beer, good atmosphere and a good knees-up - what more could you wish for!

8 Jun 2012 14:26

The Blueberry, Norwich

Where have all the live bands gone?

Bring back the excellent live music!

8 Jun 2012 14:17

The Mischief, Norwich

Very nice welcoming and friendly pub, situated in a lovely area of Norwich. It's ideal for a mini pub crawl - with several decent/excellent boozers in the Tombland, Wensum Street and Magdalen Street vicinity. My only criticism of this pub is the real ale choice, which is a bit limited; but I guess they're looking to appeal to the younger student type of punter more than anything, and that sort of customer is more than happy with lagers and shots etc.

8 Jun 2012 14:14

The Prince Regent, Great Yarmouth

Yes, nothing wrong with this pub as far as I'm concerned. I like to go in on live music nights. It's good to see the new tenants make a great effort to build this pub up again. Give it a try.

26 Apr 2012 10:35

The Flying Pig, Cambridge

This is a superb pub; lovely and cosy and welcoming and just the right size - not too big nor too small. They always keep the ales in tip top condition and have a reasonable choice of beers. This has to be in my top ten of British pubs. I could easily spend all day in here, and then emerge several sheets to the wind. What an AWFUL thought! 10 out of 10.

8 Dec 2011 14:33

Gardeners Arms, Norwich

This pub is a bit overrated really.

3 Nov 2011 11:30

The Ten Bells, Norwich

I'm not at all impressed with the refurb job, awful furniture and dreadful decor. I have been in only once since the pub reopened. What a shame. Some inspired interior designers could have done much better!

3 Nov 2011 11:21

The Lord Nelson, Reedham

Lovely riverside watering hole. Weather was a perfect, late summer's evening when I visited. Musical entertainment was provided by a great band called Polaris who played sixties music in the marquee acroos the road from the pub.
I shall be back, availing myself of the convenient and regular train service.

3 Sep 2011 14:21

The Cock, Dereham

Lovely cosy little pub.

18 May 2011 13:17

The Railway, North Elmham

Recently take over by Bryan and Barbara who used to run Churchill's Club in Dereham. They're doing a great job now at this lovely rural hostelry, which serves good food and a good range of real ales and other drinks. A superb boozer.

18 May 2011 13:15

The Grey Friar, Preston

This is a very good JD house. The beers were in excellent condition, and the pub was one of those hostelries where you feel at home. I could happily sup all night in here!

22 Jan 2011 14:48

Woodrow Wilsons, Carlisle

This is an excellent 'Spoons. The staff were helpful and friendly, and I was even asked if I was a member of Camra, which would have given me a discount off any pint of ale. The ales I tried were in good condition and very reasonably priced. Next time I visit Carlisle I shall be back. 8 out of 10.

22 Jan 2011 14:44

Gatehouse, Norwich

The Victorian Garden Gnome (brilliant description, babbs) was on good form on a recent evening visit I made to this pub. He actually chuckled a couple of times! Something must have tickled his fancy, although I know not what. Anyway he does keep a good pint or three, which are all very reasonably priced, and so I shall return at some point.

21 Jan 2011 16:35

The Kings Head, Brockdish

A lovely pub with some nice ales. The music nights with live bands are well worth checking out too.

21 Jan 2011 16:29

The Greyhound, Ipswich

Excellent food and ales. One of the best pubs in Ipswich - not surprising that it is included in Camra's Good Beer Guide every year.

21 Jan 2011 16:24

The Spread Eagle, Ipswich

Great little pub with some well-kept ales. They have some great music too. If you get the chance The Camel Foot Raiders are a must-see/listening experience - one of the very best local bands I have ever heard.

21 Jan 2011 16:20

The Dove, Ipswich

One of the best pubs in the world. Lovely beers and a cosy atmosphere. It could easily be my second home. Be wary of spending too much time here, though; you'll drink far more than is good for you!!

21 Jan 2011 16:13

The Fat Cat, Ipswich

A good pub but not as good as the Norwich version.

21 Jan 2011 16:09

The Regal, Cambridge

What a surprise, bad reviews of a Wetherspoon's pub! Anyway, I have no idea if the horror stories on here are exaggerated or not, but I can only say my experiences - on day trips by train - have been quite different. The food has always been good - the usual Spoons fare, of course - and the beers have been excellent, and nice and cheap. The atmosphere has been relaxed and calm, and I have no hesitation about returning to this huge pub. I must admit I have never been in the pub after 8 or 9pm, though. Maybe that's when the nightmares begin!

21 Jan 2011 16:05

The Rose, Norwich

The management are making a real effort to improve things in this pub. I went to a quiz night last night which was rather good (we had the chance to win nearly 100 pounds on the snowball question!). They had some lovely "bears" on (Norfolk pronunciation of "beers", and the name of their fine selection of micro brews - their brewery is called The Norwich Bear Company). Friendly pub, good ales - give it a try!

19 Jan 2011 11:24

Eaton Cottage, Norwich

Probably one of the best pubs in the world (I only exaggerate a little bit). Seriously though, it's a great pub serving well kept real ales, and I wish I lived a bit nearer so that I could call it my local.

7 Dec 2010 15:26

Woolpack Inn, Norwich

The Woolpack has been quite a lot more busy since it reopened. They do some very reasonably priced, good quality meals now - I think this has helped to tempt the customers through the door. They have JD Wetherspoon-style curry and grill nights. Haven't tried a grill deal, but I can recommend the curries - they're very tasty! A chicken jalfrezi, naan bread, rice and a pint will only set you back 5.59p on the Thursday curry night. Give this pub a try, you won't be disappointed.

7 Dec 2010 15:21

The Whiffler, Norwich

A decent enough 'Spoons, but it's a bit too far from the city centre to make it a regular haunt for me. Well kept ales and the usual Wetherspoon cheap and cheerful menu. Not bad at all.

6 Dec 2010 11:44

The George, East Dereham

Quite a cosy bar, but it suffers from the Dereham problem of wildly inflated drinks prices. Hopefully when 'Spoons finally open in town it will shake some of the pricing structure up a bit. It will be interesting to see how many people will still want to pay 3 plus for a pint when they can obtain the same product for around 2 at The Phoenix (or whatever name Wetherspoons give it).

6 Dec 2010 11:37

The Leopard, Norwich

This is a great little pub with a warm, friendly welcome to all. If I lived a bit nearer I would make this my local.

6 Dec 2010 11:30

Angel, Swanton Morley

What a superb boozer. Peter's (friendly landlord) beer festivals are proving to be very popular with the great selection of ales he has on. The pub gets packed with enthusiastic ale drinkers, who evidently have a whale of a time in this nice, homely old village pub near Dereham.

As rg27 mentioned, there's music on at the weekends of the beer festivals. I also saw Polaris and enjoyed them immensely with their sixties music and rock and roll. They seemed to be enjoying themselves too, which is always a good sign.

Anyway, I can thoroughly recommend The Angel - check it out sometime. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

25 Nov 2010 15:17

The Duke of Connaught, Norwich

Great, friendly little local pub. Paul, the landlord, will always give you a warm welcome. He has some nice Winters brewery ales too. Give him a look some time, you won't regret it.

25 Nov 2010 11:44

The Cottage Freehouse, Norwich

This is a lovely little hostelry with a warm welcome to all from Clive and Sally and their "bear" (the big black German Shepherd mentioned elsewhere). They have a good selection of well kept real ales and some lively music nights. What more could you wish for? Give it a try sometime - if you haven't already.

15 Sep 2010 13:19

The Playhouse, Norwich

Excellent theatre bar - a real home from home. I could stay here until the room starts spinning from an over indulgence of real ale, but we usually move on as there are so many good pubs to visit on a night out in Norwich.

7 Dec 2009 18:30

The Grey Friar, Preston

An excellent Wetherspoons pub, with a good selection of well kept real ales. Could have spent all day in here with no problem, but I was a visitor to Preston and so I thought I had better have a bit of a look around the town as well. Recommended.

3 Nov 2009 18:13

Swan and Railway, Wigan

Lovely pub with well kept ales. I was on holiday nearby when I visited Wigan. I very much liked the town in general and particularly some of its pubs. This has to be one of my favourite pubs in England, and I've supped in a few. Give it a look - you shouldn't be disappointed.

3 Nov 2009 18:07

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Sorry, I didn't mean to post my review in triplicate. My damned computer is playing up!

15 Oct 2009 11:59

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Lovely cosy, friendly corner local, although there is a warm welcome extended to all customers. Good food, good ale - need I say more?

15 Oct 2009 11:58

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Lovely cosy, friendly corner local, although there is a warm welcome extended to all customers. Good food, good ale - need I say more?

15 Oct 2009 11:58

The Alexandra Tavern, Norwich

Lovely cosy, friendly corner local, although there is a warm welcome extended to all customers. Good food, good ale - need I say more?

15 Oct 2009 11:58

The Steam Packet, Norwich

The Steam Packet has recently reopened (2009) after extensive (and expensive, probably) refurbishment work. They've done a good job in the improvements and it's a nice cosy little boozer once more, with some nice real ales. I think there is supposed to be a restaurant upstairs but I'm not sure if it is open yet. I can thoroughly recommend giving the pub a look.

15 Oct 2009 11:53

The Trowel and Hammer, Norwich

No smell when I called in yesterday. This is a good homely, friendly local with good food and good ale. They have some fun music nights on Fridays and Saturdays which are well worth a look, too. Ignore the previous whingeing, moaning reports here and call in sometime. You won't be disappointed.

14 Oct 2009 10:02

Queen of the Iceni, Norwich

I must be biased as a bit of a 'Spoons fan, but I have to say I like this pub. I wonder how many people, who seem to get some kind of kick out of criticising JD pubs, secretly spend most of their drinking time in them. It's simple, if you don't like them go elsewhere.

14 Oct 2009 09:57

The White Lion, Norwich

Good pub with a good selection of ales. I haven't been for a while but I hope to give it a look this weekend.

14 Oct 2009 09:50

The Fat Cat, Norwich

The Fat Cat is holding up well, although in my opinion it has a close rival for excellence in all things beer in Norwich now, the lovely King's Head on Magdalen Street. If you love beer and good conversation in a cosy boozer, you could do worse than to walk out of the city on Dereham Road, then turn right into Nelson Street and the after a few more steps you will find the home of real ale. You know it makes sense!

14 Oct 2009 09:41

Glasshouse, Norwich

I must say, I don't recognise the Glasshouse from the many jaundiced reviews posted here. Having said that, I wouldn't consider visiting the pub at its busiest times anyway. It stands to reason that there will be lengthy queues of customers waiting to be served at such times. I do feel some people love to come over all superior and elitist when the name Wetherspoons is mentioned. If you don't like them; why visit them? Leave more room at the bar for people like me, who appreciate a well kept pint of real ale at a bargain price.

21 Oct 2008 18:28

The Auctioneer, Blackpool

I enjoyed my sessions here whilst on holiday in July this year. I didn't notice any undesirables on my 4 or 5 evening visits to this pub. The food was the usual Wetherspoon's value for money offerings and the real ales were excellent - what more could a man need?

26 Sep 2008 18:56

The Union Rooms, Newcastle

I was on holiday in the region when I visited this pub. I have to say it's one of the best, if not the best, Wetherspoons I have drank in. Unlike some of their conversions it feels like a real pub and has that comfortable, homely feel every good hostelry should have. I could easily spend all day in here and sup a few. Excellent - I'll be back!

31 May 2007 13:01

The Greyhound, Ipswich

Excellent food and beer make this pub well worth a visit.

26 Apr 2007 14:38

Woolpack Inn, Norwich

Not a bad pub, but it's not as good as it used to be back in the seventies and eighties. At one time this was one of the busiest pubs in Norwich and would be packed out at weekends with the pre-nightclub crowd. Now it's generally a lot quieter, but worth a visit nevertheless. They stock a small range of real ale as well as the usual lagers, shorts etc.

26 Apr 2007 14:34

The Red Lion, Norwich

This used to be one of my Favourite pubs in Norwich, and not many years ago, it was packed out on most nights of the week. Whatever went wrong? Why did it close? Please, please, please! somebody reopen it! Not as some plush glitzy winebar, though. No, bring back a lively, traditional pub.

26 Apr 2007 14:24

The Kings Arms, Norwich

This is a lovely traditional style pub with no fuit machines and no jukebox. It does, however, show Skysports, but never in an intrusive way. It always serves a good range of real ale kept in excellent condition. The staff are friendly and welcoming as well, and the pub has a nice cosy atmosphere about it, so what more could you wish for in a pub?

26 Apr 2007 14:17

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Without doubt the best pub in Norwich for real ale. They usually have something like 26 ales available, either on handpump or straight from the cask, at all times. The pub also has a pleasant, friendly relaxed atmosphere about it and I have never had the misfortune to see any yobboes in here on my frequent visits. A real ale paradise!

3 Mar 2007 11:42

The Kings Head, Norwich

A first class purveyor of traditional ales. I have always found the beer to be in excellent condition. My only minor gripe is that possibly the choice of beer is slightly limited. I prefer to sample beers from all over the UK, rather than just East Anglia.

2 Mar 2007 17:12

Bell Hotel, Norwich

An ok Wetherspoons. My opinion varies on this pub according to the time of day and the customers present. It occasionally attracts loud-mouthed louts and when it does I don't hang around for the fights to start. When all is peaceful and the ales are good it is not a bad boozer though.

2 Mar 2007 16:58

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