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Bishop John de Grandisson Inn, Teignmouth

Very happy to agree with John_Oscar here. A friendly local pub with decent ales and a lovely atmosphere. Everything a village pub should be. Note, contrary to BITE's database, it's in Bishopsteignton not Teignmouth !

28 Jun 2015 10:33

The Bridge, Topsham

Meant ten months of course.

30 Jan 2015 10:52

The Bridge, Topsham

No-one has commented for teh months so I thought I'd just say - the Bridge goes on, as unchanged as ever. Just note the very old-style opening hours.

30 Jan 2015 10:51

The Anchor, Seatown

Well, a lot of money seems to have been spent here but I'm not quite sure what on - maybe accommodation upstairs ? (And n.b. the loos are now upstairs too, except the disabled.) The bars are still quite small, not that it matters when you can sit outside, as we did last Sunday midday. And otherwise the pub seems still pretty good. Decent menu with gluten-free options on offer.

30 Jan 2015 10:48

The Farmhouse Tavern, Torquay

Pleasant enough roadhouse-type. Function room(s) at back, apparently. Only one real ale on (Doom Bar atm). Food OK. Good size car park. Quite handy for Torbay Hospital (before or after). Beware, doesn't open weekend lunchtimes.

N.b. I've told them about the wrong photo but no action yet !

18 Oct 2014 10:54

The Silly Goose, Dawlish Warren

Do not go by the map, or postcode, on here. It's 0PQ not 0QP.

4 Oct 2014 10:35

Keel Row Lloyds No 1, Newcastle

Pretty good as 'Spoons go. Reasonable selection of beers, and very good breakfast. Service in this one not quite as bad as they usually are (maybe 'cos it wasn't full of the baying hordes).

23 Jun 2014 08:00

Jolly Fisherman, Craster

We've enjopyed previous visits to this one but were disappointed this time. Three ales on but none in particularly good nick (not even the Tim Taylor's). Didn't try the food.

23 Jun 2014 07:57

Grey's Inn, Embleton

Most impressed. As others have said, offers 4-5 local real ales, well kept and served. Didn't try the food. Will certainly come here again when next in N'land.

23 Jun 2014 07:55

The Ferry Inn, Stromness

Yes, probably the best on Orkney. Decent choice of local ales, though pricey (why, the beer's brewed on the island, isn't it ?). Must have been cleaned up since Snarling_Mallard's and undeaded's visits.

23 Jun 2014 07:48

The Flattie Bar, Stromness

Yes, better than it looks from the outside. At least one reasonable ale (though stronger than I usually take).

23 Jun 2014 07:45

The Plough, Rosemarkie

Got the impression this place has gone downhill since our last visit 3-4 years ago. Only one real ale on, and that was off the following day. Disappointing.

23 Jun 2014 07:42

The Tigers Head, Norley

Don't know about eating here, but, as a pub for a pint or three, this place is excellent. An oasis, long may it continue.

23 Jun 2014 07:28

Charles XII, Heslington

This time I preferred the Deramore. The Charles XII's beer range was much more limited, and the service slow (not the staff's fault, there just weren't enough of them). And afaik you still have to pay to park in their car park.

17 Apr 2014 16:31

The Deramore Arms, Heslington

Here for my annual visit to York University, dropped into the Heslington pubs of course. This time, for the first time ever, I preferred the Deramore; it has really come up. Very good beer range, and the menus are good with a well thought-out variety of home-prepared food, not at all your average pub fodder. Well done.

17 Apr 2014 16:28

The Exeter Inn, Dawlish

The owners (Heavitree) have put in a planning application to convert it to three residential units. That seems to be the end of another Dawlish pub.

26 Feb 2014 09:02

The Elizabethan Inn, Luton

Just noticed no-one has reviewed this place for six years.
Very much a food pub, and the food is good. Prices ? well it depends on what you're used to but you're probably looking at £15-20 per head. But it is all genuinely home-cooked from good ingredients.
They will, when someone manages to get to the bar, serve you a pint, and the beer is OK (I usually have Otter Bitter and that's fine); and they have a very nice beer garden out front.
There are very few pubs left in this area and I hope this one thrives.

14 Dec 2013 16:11

Brass Monkey, Teignmouth

I've been in many worse than this. Beer (St Austell) always OK when I've been in. If you're looking for somewhere not too far from the station (or bus stop) then try this one. Note it opens at 11 a.m.

14 Dec 2013 15:57

Bishop John de Grandisson Inn, Teignmouth

Up for sale I believe.

14 Dec 2013 15:54

Vigilance, Brixham

Agree with the last two posters: not at all bad as 'spoons go.
Decent pint of Bays, and a good one of Jail Ale.
Service much better than most.
Will certainly go again (unfortunately the wife likes 'spoons).

14 Dec 2013 15:46

The Swan Inn, Dawlish

No-one has reviewed the Swan for two years so I though I should bump it.
It is still the best pub in Dawlish. Dropped in for a stress-reliever on Thursday night about 10, smashing atmosphere, easy conversation going on all round, beer still good. This place always seems to me like a country pub dropped into a town (have I said that before ?). Only downside is, it doesn't open till 16:00 Mon-Fri.

24 Nov 2013 15:25

The City Gate Hotel, Exeter

Good place if you like Youngs (as I do), though the beer is a bit on the cold side. Nice quiet atmosphere in Exeter city centre, with a big garden just under the old city walls. Didn't try the food but the menu looks good value. Tiny criticism that won't affect most people: the bar doubles as the hotel reception area so, if there is only one person on, and someone wants to check in, you don't get served at the bar until ... [yawn] ...

24 Nov 2013 15:20

The White Rose, Mumbles

Yes, this place does not improve. Guess they don't think they need to, there always seem to be plenty of punters in there, Lord knows why. (The only thing I can say about it is that afaik this is the only pub open before midday in Mumbles).

17 Nov 2013 10:22

The Village Inn, Mumbles

Not sure, the sign says For Sale / To Let but also "business not affected" !
Don't know what that all means.

17 Nov 2013 10:20

The Pilot, Mumbles

Tried this place for the first time last Tuesday. Right, it is great to find it has re-opened and now houses a micro-brewery. Pity, the Mumbles Mile went off at opening time (don't they check before they open ?) so had the Mumbles Gold instead, perfectly acceptable. Very good place, and certainly the one to head for on the sea-front. Just lacked a little atmosphere to my mind, but I expect that will come. Recommended.

17 Nov 2013 10:17

The Park Inn, Mumbles

Tried this pub for the first time last Sunday midday. Was impressed immediately: it just gives the appearance of being an extremely well-run pub. The lady behind the bar (I presume the landlady) was welcoming and pleasant, and allowed us to try a couple of beers before settling on a couple to drink. Excellent they were too (from the Cottage Brewery in Wiltshire, seems a pity not to be drinking a Welsh ale in Wales but ...). The only thing that surprised us was to be the only ones in there for the hour we were there: she said they start to come in around half past two. Will definitely head for this pub again next time in Mumbles (tried the Pilot too but the Park is in a class of its own). Beware, it doesn't open till 16:00 Mon-Thur.

17 Nov 2013 10:13

The Ship and Pilot, Ilfracombe

Like @beerface, we were lured in by the recommendations from CAMRA (big signs outside talking about CAMRA Pub of the Year etc). A bit disappointed, really. Not very comfortable inside, and although there was a good choice of beer, what we had was nothing special. Perhaps we'd been spoiled by having really superb beer recently at two other Devon pubs - (OK, if you're interested, the Chichester Arms at Mortehoe and the Green Dragon at Stoke Fleming).

17 Oct 2013 11:19

The Chichester Arms, Mortehoe

Very good: one of the best pints we've had this year (we tried Dartmoor and Proper Job). Very pleasant sitting out at the front watching the world go by. We didn't bother with the other two pubs in Mortehoe, didn't need to.

17 Oct 2013 11:14

The Green Dragon Inn, Stoke Fleming

Lovely old building, tables out front and a garden at the back, superb beer beautifully kept (we tried Dartmoor and Otter) - what, as they say, is not to like ? Just wish it stayed open all day, but there you are, it's in a village.

17 Oct 2013 11:12

Old Castle Inn, Salisbury

Agree with the reviews below.

20 Sep 2013 17:55

The Bell, Salisbury

Apparently closed and up for sale.

20 Sep 2013 17:53

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Don't know why I haven't rated this pub before cos it was always our top favourite in Seaford when we were pretty regular, about 30-35 years ago. Now ? Yes, it has ten real ales and the three we tried were in pretty good nick. Generally agree with Sussexcrawler, it just doesn't have anything like the atmosphere it used to. Still definitely worth a visit though, may still be the best in Seaford ... ???

20 Sep 2013 17:47

The Old Boot, Seaford

Not very impressed this time. First time, only Harvey's Sussex on, not in great nick. Tried again next day (cos it was the only one open at 11): they had put another beer on and the Harvey's was better.

20 Sep 2013 17:42

The Five Bells Inn, Whitchurch Canonicorum

Went again Sunday lunchtime (Sept 8): again no-one eating though menu looks fine. Beer in good nick, good welcome, quite a few locals in, hope this pub thrives 'cos it deserves to.

20 Sep 2013 17:39

The Anchor, Seatown

Be warned, this pub will be closed from end Sept until 2014 for 'refurbishment'.

20 Sep 2013 17:36

Kings Arms Hotel, Otterton

Tried again Saturday, and happy to say this pub is back on form. Staff welcoming, Otter beer excellent (both Ale and Bitter). Didn't try the food. (They still don't serve food in the garden.)

2 Sep 2013 13:52

The Cobb Arms, Lyme Regis

Popped in for a pint on Saturday lunchtime. Both the Palmers' Best and the Copper were excellent and, unusally for August, served at the right temperature. No problems with the service.

28 Aug 2013 08:51

The Turf Locks Hotel, Exminster

Just a word of warning: though this pub opens at 11:00, apparently their licence doesn't allow the sale of alcohol till noon on Sundays ! Not welcome after a long walk/cycle to get here on a hot day (he said in his best Victor Meldrew voice).

13 Aug 2013 09:00

The Plough Inn, Taunton

Tried this pub yesterday, agree with the latest comments. Good little place with good range of ales (I've given up cider, it rots yer brain you know). Only trouble is, in this warm weather, you've no chance of keeping your beers in decent nick when they're all kept at street level behind the bar. Best use this place in cooler weather, I reckon, and I would certainly go again.

3 Aug 2013 07:28

The Woodborough, Winscombe

Met friends for lunch yesterday and found it v.good. Butcombe in excellent nick, food came up as ordered and quickly. Good welcome and atmosphere. This is a 'middle of the road' pub doing well in an area where others are not: they're doing something right !

12 Apr 2013 16:08

The Dolphin, Plymouth

Tried this pub for the first time on Saturday ('cos it was open before 12) and enjoyed it. Two open fires going strong (we need them this April), and at least half a dozen West Country real ales. The Cornish Coaster was in beautiful nick. The Dolphin figured largely in Beryl Cook's paintings, some of which are on the wall here. My wife left/lost her purse in here, and they looked after it very well till we got back on Sunday, well done everyone there. Hope to go again !

8 Apr 2013 07:10

The Hole in The Wall, Dawlish

Not a pub now.

14 Feb 2013 09:55

Ferret and Radiator, Dawlish

Definitely gone.

14 Feb 2013 09:54

The Exeter Inn, Dawlish

Closed at the moment.

14 Feb 2013 09:54

The Top House, The Lizard

Visited last Sunday lunchtime for a pint. Apparently new landlord, made a good effort to be welcoming despite "reserved" signs on almost all the tables. Good open fire. St Austell beer good.

10 Oct 2012 08:41

The Old Inn, Mullion

Visited Saturday lunchtime, very pleasant. St Austell beers (I had Dartmoor) seemed fine. Proper pub, this, not like the Mounts Bay down the road. Recommended, though don't know about food.

10 Oct 2012 08:39

The Mounts Bay, Mullion

Tried this place lunchtime last Friday (1st pub we came to walking up from the Cove). Agree with Ramone re the 'feel' of the place - it is a hotel I believe, and feels like it. Three real ales on, all in moderate condition.

10 Oct 2012 08:37

Ship Inn, Portloe

Went in at lunchtime last Wednesday: good welcome, and very decent beer. Food OK though a bit high-priced (what do you expect in a location like this ?). Weather not good enough to sit outside but the garden setting is very attractive. Recommended.

10 Oct 2012 08:34

New Inn, Veryan

Went in hoping to get some lunch: reasonable welcome, and decent beer. The menu looked mass-catering and overpriced to me, so hopped on a bus to Portloe instead.

10 Oct 2012 08:31

The Five Bells Inn, Whitchurch Canonicorum

We used to camp here a lot (about 20 years ago) and went again Sep 16 for old times' sake. Good welcome, and very pleasant as always. Surprised to find no-one eating there (on a Sunday lunchtime ?). Decent pints of Palmers Copper and IPA, but the Dorset Gold was off.

19 Sep 2012 11:10

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

We used this pub a lot about 30-35 years ago, and to be honest it hasn't changed much in that time. Went again Sep 8th (didn't eat there though) and felt at home again straightaway. Surprisingly, on a beautiful sunny Saturday lunchtime, it didn't get overcrowded (maybe the food prices are a bit high ?). One of the best country pubs in England imho. N.b. it opens at 11 (12 on Sundays) so get there early !

19 Sep 2012 10:54

The Old Boot, Seaford

Perhaps we were just lucky, but the Harveys Sussex Best was perfectly OK when we tried it (7 Sep). Can't comment on the food.

19 Sep 2012 10:48

Laffinn Pig, Dawlish

Now named the "Gresham House Inn".

29 Apr 2012 16:56

The Bridge, Topsham

Sorry you were so unlucky montie49. I have been going to this pub regularly since 1974 and have only once ever had a pint that wasn't quite right.

14 Mar 2012 09:12

Try Dowr, Truro

Unlike the last reviewer, I found the service was good, for a Wetherspoons, but that still isn't saying much. Beer choice a little strange (seemed to be mostly from Scotland ... why ?) but food OK, and came when they said it would.

17 Oct 2011 14:19

The Old Albion, Crantock

Now under new management, a couple new to Cornwall apparently: she seems to have some idea. Place seemed OK but very gloomy indoors, and service a bit haphazard. Beer acceptable. Give it a few weeks and it might buck up.

17 Oct 2011 14:16

The Railway Inn, Dawlish

Went yesterday for a spot of lunch. Mixed experience. The Otter beers (Ale and Bitter) were excellent. The sausages and chips were good value for the money. The landlady was pleasant and welcoming. But some of the clientele were not - drunk and foul-mouthed (at lunchtime ??). Wouldn't take anyone in there, which is a pity because this pub has improved a lot over the last ten years.

7 Aug 2011 10:03

St. Buryan Inn, Penzance

Hm. First things first, the beer (we tried Tribute and Betty Stog's) was excellent, and served at the correct temperature. Food, can't say, we didn't eat there. Atmosphere a bit strange: the "lounge" was all laid out for diners (though there was nobody in) so we couldn't sit in there; and the "bar" is not comfortable, a bit grim really (and I normally like plain country pubs, like Devon Gentry says). Staff preferred chatting to their mates to serving others. We sat in the "garden", which is just the back yard. All OK I suppose, but we won't be hurrying back.

N.b. this pub is not in Penzance, nor anywhere near it ! But it is on bus routes from there (300, 501 and 504).

28 Jul 2011 09:22

The Star Inn, St Just

The Star just doesn't change. Been going there for nearly 20 years now, and it is still superb. Note you can still take your own food in here (ask, of course, it's only polite). The best pub I know in Cornwall, and one of the best anywhere.

28 Jul 2011 09:09

The Wellington Hotel, St Just

Agree with all of gwiwer's comments (after six years !). Sorry paulhrh123 had a bad experience, we found the landlady pleasant and welcoming.

28 Jul 2011 09:07

Cable Station Inn, Porthcurno

Yes, definitely worth a visit. Pleasant interior (modern furniture but none the worse for that), decent-size garden, and three real ales on (I only tried one, Skinners' Ginger Tosser, and that was in good nick). Porthcurno is a much better place for having this boozer.

28 Jul 2011 09:03

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh

In for lunch last Sunday: place empty (unlike most places in the city centre) but we couldn't see why. Very good, enjoyed it, food a bit pricy but what do you expect ? Good selection of beers, as said by previous reviewer.

27 May 2011 09:38

The Village Inn, Arrochar

Visited 20th May, four real ales on but when the best of them is Deuchars IPA you know you're not in for a great time. Bar gloomy, and only one table has a view out of the window. An oasis in a beer desert but not worth a special trip.

27 May 2011 09:33

Ben Arthurs Bothy, Arrochar

The view across the loch is fantastic. Can't think of anything else good to say about this place, but then I'm prejudiced against anywhere that has no proper beer.

27 May 2011 09:29

The Boardroom, Carlisle

Wife and I stopped in on a Friday lunchtime earlier this month. Pub almost empty, couldn't see why 'cos it seemed fine to us. Decent beer, and what we ate (chicken) was perfectly OK. Service fine (of course, there was hardly anyone else there).

27 May 2011 09:25

Kings Arms Hotel, Otterton

Took some friends for lunch on Saturday (April 16) and we were disappointed, for the first time in many years of visiting this pub. Staff/management rude and unhelpful, beer (Otter Bitter) not in good nick at all, though not bad enough to send back, and food did not turn up as said on the menu. We will try this place again, but only once. (N.b. they no longer serve food in the garden.)

19 Apr 2011 09:13

Charles XII, Heslington

Pretty good range of real ales including the ridiculously cheap (1.68) EPA. Pleasant and friendly staff, and comfortable in and out.

12 Apr 2011 16:28

The Plough Inn, Ipplepen

Now closed and converted into flats.

23 Mar 2011 15:06

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Ignore my comment dated 26 Jan 2011 07:04: I attached it to the wrong pub ! I've asked BITE to remove it but it hasn't happened yet.

21 Feb 2011 14:05

The Hole in the Wall, Torquay

Only tried one of the seven (I think) real ales, and that (Otter Bitter) was excellent. Can't agree the place is friendly, though, hardly got a glance yet alone a smile from behind the bar. Maybe it's just me ...

21 Feb 2011 14:00

Ferret and Radiator, Dawlish

Now in for planning permission for conversion to flats. Farewell Ferret.

26 Jan 2011 07:19

The Prince of Wales, Falmouth

In for a bit of shelter and a quick bite, wet Sunday lunchtime (Jan 16th). Good atmosphere, landlord and landlady very pleasant, roaring fire. Good choice of beers: both Tribute and Proper Job in excellent condition. Had a combo to share, which was just the job. Would certainly go again.

26 Jan 2011 07:13

The Fort Inn, Newquay

OK, good enough atmosphere, nice views, service fine. Tribute in pretty good nick.

26 Jan 2011 07:09

The Red Lion, Newquay

Very pleasant for a quick couple of pints late Saturday afternoon (Jan 15th). Good atmosphere (I agree entirely with jamietravel on this), great views across the bay (and of the surfers), friendly and quick service - and the beer was good. Of the four (I think) real ales on, Doom Bar and Cornish Knocker were both in top condition and served beautifully. Would like to know why this pub isn't in the GBG.

26 Jan 2011 07:08

The Fort Inn, Newquay

Very pleasant for a quick couple of pints late Saturday afternoon (Jan 15th). Good atmosphere, great views across the bay (and of the surfers), friendly and quick service - and the beer was good. Of the four (I think) real ales on, Doom Bar and Cornish Knocker were both in top condition and served beautifully. Would like to know why this pub isn't in the GBG.

26 Jan 2011 07:04

The Swan, Noss Mayo

Agree with apreynolds. This is the place to go for a pint or three in Noss Mayo. Not that the Ship's beer is bad, but it isn't a pub, really.

30 Nov 2010 15:49

Ferret and Radiator, Dawlish

Closed, up for sale, and has been for some weeks.

30 Nov 2010 15:40

The Steam Packet, Topsham

Now re-opened as a "licensed cafe bar" called ROUTE 2. Haven't tried it but they still claim to do Doom Bar.

30 Nov 2010 15:39

The East Dart Hotel, Yelverton

Previous reviewers have been unlucky (I hope) - we've always been made welcome and had good food produced in good time. Huntin' shootin' sort of place. Large wood burner with one table right in front of it - sit there and roast or anywhere else and freeze. Couple of real ales including their own brand (don't know who brews it but it may be Dartmoor at Princetown), usually in good nick but not always, try it first. Dogs allowed.

6 Mar 2010 07:11

The Tally Ho Inn, Totnes

Nice old building just opposite the church. One long bar and a medium-size beer garden / smoking area. Good welcome from management and staff. Like a lot of village pubs, doubles as locals' local and posh eatery, mainly the second. Menu looks good and varied; the only time I've tried it was fine. One real ale on in winter (Teignworthy Reel in v.g. condition when I've been in), may be more in summer. Dogs allowed but there is a pub cat so they must be on lead (and so they should).

6 Mar 2010 07:06

The Plough Inn, Ipplepen

Has been closed for at least six months and freehold up for sale. Looks very ominous.

6 Mar 2010 07:00

Wellington Inn, Ipplepen

Now the only pub in Ipplepen. Huge place with two bars and a dining / function area. Real fire between the two bars in winter. Top-class welcome every time I've been in (only half a dozen times so far). 1/2 beers on gravity, usually Otter. Food looks OK but I haven't tried it. Hope they do better than what I've seen, almost empty every time but I've only been in on winter weekday lunchtimes.
N.b. bus stop right outside (177 Newton Abbot - Totnes).

6 Mar 2010 06:58

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