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The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers

Now up for sale, what's going to happen could be anyone's guess.

14 Jun 2015 18:08

The Fox, Corfe Castle

Rumour has it that this has closed for good.

14 Jun 2015 17:35

The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers

Rumour has it that the pub has been bought by a developer. Future looks bleak.

10 Feb 2014 10:19

The Heights, Luton

Now called the Crown.

14 Jan 2014 20:55

Park, Luton

Now appears to be the student union bar for the university.

14 Jan 2014 20:54

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

This pub is good but it could be a lot better. The beer is always consistent and the service is efficient. If you're going there for live music, this can be hit and miss, one or two of the bands they have are great but others are average.

15 Dec 2013 15:43

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Food is to Whetherspoons standard and has some interesting ales to try. Service good.

10 Dec 2013 19:57

Hart & Spool, Borehamwood

Reasonable range of real ales. Food and ale to Whetherspoons standard. Service OK, staff were friendly if a little snowed under with the lunchtime trade.

10 Dec 2013 19:53

Thomas A Becket, Northampton

Has anyone been here since 2011?

24 Nov 2013 18:15

Swan, St Albans

Now a residential house.

20 Nov 2013 22:00

The Railway, Kew Gardens

If it's not a pub, what is it now?

18 Nov 2013 19:53

The Royal Oak, Kinson

Now closed. Rumour has it, it will become a Tesco.

4 Nov 2013 19:02

Hobgoblin, Bedford

now it's a new pub/bar called 'The Standard'.

30 Oct 2013 22:16

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Beer quality has been going downhill recently, had one the other day which was off and got a replacement that was mostly foam for quite a while and wasn't to my taste. The service is indifferent, depends who you get, when I got the bad pint previously meat there was no apology. Plus they seem to be getting a lot of citrus flavoured beer in.
Can get very hot and packed when the more popular bands are on.

30 Oct 2013 21:51

Burnaby Arms, Bedford

How can this pub have a rating of 5.5? The beer is of good quality and service efficient.

21 Sep 2013 17:21

Amble Inn, Harpenden

How up for sale by the owners.

26 Jun 2013 22:51

Green Man, Clophill

Is this pub now a restaurant?

26 Jun 2013 22:49

The Fox and Hounds, Stony Stratford

This pub is is advertising live music, has it re-opened?

6 May 2013 15:57

Pheasant, Bedford

Thanks jjsint.

6 May 2013 15:43

The Blarney Stone, Bedford

Now closed - boarded up.

6 May 2013 15:39

The Golden Lion, Sydenham

Has anyone been here since 2011?

7 Apr 2013 14:39

The Railway, Radlett

This used to be a Mr Q's pub with pool table(s) etc. Was busy when I last went in the late 90's.

7 Apr 2013 12:38

Red Lion, Stevington

Closed and up for sale.

6 Apr 2013 12:59

The Three Horseshoes, Renhold

Now closed and up for sale.

6 Apr 2013 12:58

The Balloon, Bedford

Is this pub closed?

6 Apr 2013 11:42

The Gate Inn, Harrowden

If you look for photos on the net, it looks like it's closed.

6 Apr 2013 11:01

The Ship Inn, Bedford

The last time I went in had a new land lord (South African?). Has Sports on the TV and beer is average price and quality,

6 Apr 2013 10:58

The Duke of Marlborough, St Albans

Closed again.

6 Apr 2013 10:51

The Cross Keys, St Albans

There are now rumours circulating that this will re-open as a Whetherspoons, possibly with a completely new refurb.

25 Jan 2013 20:42

The Lord Aberconway, Liverpool Street

£3.70 for a pint of Thwaites Nutty Black! Barman not into pleasantries, looked around and boomed out Next and there was no thank you when giving back change suffice to say I was a little disappointed.

18 Jan 2013 19:01

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

Beer range is not as inspiring as it used to be, Doom Bar, Adnams Best, Timothy Taylor Landlord and Courage Best, most drinkable but the flavours a bit on the bland side.

22 Dec 2012 19:38

Yate's, Bedford

The transformation has taken place. It seems a lot smaller than it's previous incarnation and the bar has moved to the opposite side of the pub. The only seem to serve Guiness and John Smiths. Didn't stay for one as there were a lot people waiting an I wanted to watch the football somewhere less packed. They still show SKY Sports.

21 Oct 2012 10:35

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

Beer to the usual level of Wetherspoons, I had a pint of Adnams Ghost Ship at £1.99 which was OK.

21 Oct 2012 10:30

The Pilgrims Progress, Bedford

No longer has SKY Sports.

21 Oct 2012 10:29

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Is said to have had a refurbishment, when I went in there wasn't a great deal of difference inside. The beer and food is the usual Whetherspoons fayre. Didn't stop to buy anything as there were a lot of people waiting.

21 Oct 2012 10:28

The Green Man, Bank

The building itself looks slightly better on the inside than the horrible outside. Bar staff can be friendly but depends if it's busy and they may be rushed off their feet. Food and drink are slightly (around a pound) more than Wetherspoons pubs in other parts of the country. It has a good range of beer and the food is standard Wetherspoons fayre. The downstairs part can get very noisy with people speaking so it's best to stand upstairs.

13 Oct 2012 09:34

The Polhill Arms, Renhold

Fairly good range of beer at competitive prices. Bar staff efficient and friendly. Like the previous reviwer said, it's difficult to get to, I went there on a bike ride and it is around 3 miles away from Bedford.

30 Sep 2012 20:57

The Hamilton Hall, Liverpool Street

The usual Wetherspoons fayre food and drink but although some of the staff seemed to be a bit insincere and unfriendly unlike most other Spoon's pubs I've been in.

25 Sep 2012 19:40

Hobgoblin, Bedford

Now closed, around a year after it re-opened.

16 Sep 2012 13:53

The Horn, St Albans

Has now had it's refurbishment - looks like a music themed wine bar now. The front bar has had quiet a lot of alterations but the back bar still looks like the same. Real Ale from £3.45 (Breakspear), £3.60 (Doom Bar) to £3.85 (Black Sheep), these tasted very similar but just about drinkable. Still have the same types of bands there. It is OK, just not really the Horn that's all.

7 Sep 2012 15:13

Bright Star, Luton

Only had McMullens Country Bitter and AK but no guest ale on which was a bit disappointing. Pub hasn't changed much in years. Have tried the food but that was many moons ago so can't really comment.

5 Sep 2012 14:35

The Old Chequers, Gaddesden Row

Has had some alterations done, the bar is now on the left as you walk in through the door, they have done some work on the garden by putting some wooden furniture (chairs and tables) and small stones on the floor but sadly they have let the rest of the that has pub tables on, become a bit untidy and a little over grown, during the summer it was quite pretty. Real ale is Adnams Broadside and GK Abbott Ale. Still a good pub but good do with some improvements i.e. sorting the garden area out, which hope they do soon.

5 Sep 2012 14:24

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

soon it'll be £4.00 London prices

19 Aug 2012 12:27

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

£3.55 for an OK pint of Wadworth 6X- bit steep, soon it'll be £4.00 London prices.

19 Aug 2012 12:19

The Harpenden Arms, Harpenden

Fuller's Wild River for £3.75, nice enough beer but price is a bit steep. Can get very noisy when there's a match on, who says blokes don't talk, it was that loud you couldn't hear the commentary. Normally this pub is alright though.

19 Aug 2012 12:16

The Cherry Tree Inn, Stoke Row

According to the entry for Carol Decker (T-Pau) on Wikipedia, she was a partner in this pub in 2006, don't know if this is true or still the case.

17 Aug 2012 17:21

The Horn, St Albans

Will be re-opening soon after a refurbishment. Apparently the beer pipes have been cleaned or this space!

17 Aug 2012 09:30

The Bell, St Albans

Now a Jamie Oliver restaurant, never likely to be a pub (or wine bar) again.

16 Aug 2012 20:00

White Hart, Upper Sundon

Looks alright from the inside, limited range of real ale (Wells IPA), didn't stay or drink anything.

7 Aug 2012 20:49

Black Swan, Limbury Mead

Has anyone been here?

7 Aug 2012 20:35

Flanagan's, Hammersmith

Apparently it's now called The Egerton Family pub. Has website and Facebook page.

7 Aug 2012 13:44

Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

Has closed again, for about the 3 time in a year. Maybe the locals should look at clubbing together and making it a community owned pub.

29 Jul 2012 20:53

The George, Harpenden

Drinks are a bit on the expensive side, with not much in the way of choice when it comes to real ale.

29 Jul 2012 20:33

The George, Harpenden

The service in this place has always been slow, even in it's previous incarnation, went in there a few days ago and waited around 10-15 and went elsewhere.

29 Jul 2012 20:31

Waterend Barn, St Albans

Apparently it's no longer a Lloyds Bar, now a Whetherspoons.

29 Jul 2012 20:27

The Malta, Batford

Typical community pub, it was neither friendly or unfriendly. It has live bands on. Beer prices reasonable, although they seem to go up when the bands start. Staff were friendly and competent. Had a pint of Spitfire which was either off or on the verge of and the barmaid mentioned there might be a problem with it. Also had a pint Celebration (can't remember the brewer but it was a familiar one). which was palatable.

29 Jul 2012 17:21

Swintons, Kings Cross

Swinton's has now become Navya's, a bar/restaurant which serves Malaysian food.

29 Jul 2012 17:05

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Decor is a vast improvement on previous tenant landlord(s). Service in prompt.

25 Jul 2012 22:02

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Beer circa £3.30 a pint, which is about average for Harpenden, the quality is OK, had pint and a half of Side Pocket For A Toad.

25 Jul 2012 22:01

The Hare and Hounds, Padiham

Supposedly up for sale with developers looking at it - not a good sign.

23 Jul 2012 08:46

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Not the best real ale pub in St. Albans. Took back a pint and was told it was badly produced! even though it smelt vinegary and tasted as bad. Some beers are drinkable but there are better ale pubs in St. Albans.

23 Jul 2012 00:51

The Black Horse Hotel, Giggleswick

As a previous reviewer said the pub has a fair choice for real ale (better than some in the Settle/Giggleswick area). The reason for not accepting dogs in the pub might be because the landlord/landlady has one themselves.

19 Jul 2012 19:45

Kings Arms, Langton Matravers

Beer is of good quality but range is uninspiring (Courage Directors, Ringwood Fortyniner and Ringwood Best). Food was OK, the lasagne is obviously microwaved and might be cooked elsewhere. One of the party found a piece or rubber (probably from the lid of a bottle) in their lasagne and we told the staff who unreservedly apologised and said they would take it off the bill. Staff we mostly courteous. We have been coming here off and on for around 20-30 years. The current landlady has just arrive so will give it another chance.

15 Jul 2012 13:16

The Quay, Wareham

Has anyone been here since 2008? Went nearby a couple of days ago but didn't go in as there was no time but did look quite busy so couldn't be that bad.

15 Jul 2012 12:07

The Marquis of Granby, Harpenden

A very charming pub inside, with the outside painted yellow (not my taste). Can get fairly busy but the current landlord doesn't make enough of effort to attract new customers and isn't that friendly. Above average choice of real ale.

8 Jul 2012 16:52

Crown and Sceptre, Hemel Hempstead

Compared with the nearby Old Chequers this has a better choice of real ale but it doesn't seem to be as welcoming as the Chequers. I will try to go again and get to know it better but at the moment there's not enough of a pull to get there as there are plenty of same level or better pubs nearer to where I live.

1 Jul 2012 15:58

Doggetts Coat and Badge, Southwark

Totally agree with previous reviewer, the drinks are very expensive (£6.10 for pint of ale and half a diet coke is ridiculous). Some of the bar staff aren't overly friendly but I must say that the bar man/waiter upstairs was complete opposite, he made time to talk to our party and bent over backwards to help. Food was nice, if slightly more expensive than a lot of pubs.

26 Jun 2012 11:58

The Old Chequers, Gaddesden Row

What the previous has said is true.

20 Jun 2012 19:50

The British Grenadier, Colchester

Is this the pub that there are rumours about closure?

7 Jun 2012 15:19

The Cross Keys, St Albans

A large proportion of pubs in St. Albans sell real ale. The staff almost always friendly. Had a better selection of real ale than the Water End Barn, although this has improved. Food standard Whetherspoons fare. The only gripe is that it is quite a dark place, due to dark furniture and lighting.

7 Jun 2012 15:15

The Duke of Marlborough, St Albans

Rumours around that this is closing down. Decent beer and some good bands. Clientèle mostly friendly. Never found any dirty glasses and most pub toilets smell.

7 Jun 2012 15:03

Yate's, Bedford

In the process of becoming a Yates'.

15 May 2012 14:27

The Blarney Stone, Bedford

Has anyone been here since 2008?

26 Apr 2012 22:03

The Farmers Boy, Kensworth

Beer was good. Food looked OK although I didn't try any. Bar staff were friendly and landlady has got quite a dry sense of humour.

23 Apr 2012 22:25

Amble Inn, Harpenden

Had three ales on which were Jenning Cumberland, Doom Bar and St Austell Tribute.

9 Apr 2012 14:37

Amble Inn, Harpenden

Food tasty, if a little over priced for what you get. Real ale is above average. Service was good.

9 Apr 2012 14:35

The Paddington, Bedford

Never been inside. Has a for sale sign outside which doesn't bode well.

23 Mar 2012 15:56

Flints, Great Yarmouth

Bit rough around the edges, could do with some tlc. Beer range average and quality is OK. Bit of a locals pub, not too intimidating. Has SKY Sports and a pool table. If I lived in Great Yarmouth I wouldn't make it a local.

23 Mar 2012 15:53

Rose and Crown, Brockenhurst

Now re-opened (as of 05/03/12). Tasty food (Ringwood Ale & Steak Pie). Decent beer. Very friendly service. Tasteful decor.

5 Mar 2012 22:21

The Bell Inn, Devizes

This pub has featured on the TV show Relocation Relocation.

28 Feb 2012 19:46

The Bell Inn, Devizes

Has anyone been here is 2008?

28 Feb 2012 19:45

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

£5.95 for an 'Angus Steak Beefburger', the salad and chips were tasty but the burger wasn't far off a certain well known frozen variety although it was cooked properly.

26 Feb 2012 15:26

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

Has anyone eaten here?

23 Feb 2012 17:40

Yate's, Bedford

Bar staff friendly. Beer & food good value and reasonable (Chicken Balti and a Guiness for £5.95). Downstairs decor OK but scruffy in parts. Gents toilet had no soap and a couple of sinks were badly damaged.

20 Feb 2012 11:47

Bedford Lounge, Bedford

Is now a Tesco.

18 Feb 2012 13:29

The Gibraltar Castle, Batford

Nice pub brought down by expensive beer (London Pride @ £3.60!) and slow, sometimes brusque service. The had London Pride, Bengal Lancer (at £3.00, was a nice pint), Fullers ESB and a guest ale (Black dog?).

4 Feb 2012 14:07

Silver Cup, Harpenden

Beer OK, they had 3 ales on, of which I had a pint of Young's. Food wasOK but portions were a little on the small side. Service was OK.

27 Jan 2012 14:06

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

How can this pub only have a rating of 6.1??

27 Jan 2012 14:01

Gallon Pot, Great Yarmouth

Very friendly (seemed genuine) service. 4 Real ales on, of which I tried one which was Woodford's Wherry and this was well kept and very reasonable (£2.50). Decor old fashioned but not that dated and pub was clean.

27 Jan 2012 13:47

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

With reference to previous comments, the Cross Keys and Carpenters Arms do a good range of Real Ale, with other pubs starting to get into the market, with varying results.

14 Jan 2012 13:58

Pheasant, Bedford

Has anyone been here since 2005??

30 Dec 2011 16:29

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Supposedly re-opened with new landlord/landlady.

21 Dec 2011 18:58

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

Service is nearly always prompt. The beer (real ale) is OK but prices a little bit on the high side. Always busy at weekend and mostly friendly and I've never heard of any trouble taking place.

20 Nov 2011 17:36

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Following on from the previous poster, it was also closed on a Saturday night, with curtains drawn and a hired van outside so the signs aren't looking too good. A few years ago (around 3/4) there were a couple who ran it specialised in Real Ale and food and we need someone in there like that. I remember around 15 years ago it was busy pretty much every weekend.

20 Nov 2011 17:31

Fleur De Lys, Bedford

Now an Indian restaurant apparently.

17 Nov 2011 19:45

The Robert Peel, Watford

Now partly/completely demolished...nuff said!!

14 Nov 2011 19:53

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

New landlord/owner now in place who are friendly and beer is reasonable.

11 Nov 2011 08:56

Three Horseshoes, Harpenden

Apparently it has now re-opened after being shut for about a year or so. Only been once about 10 years ago so can't comment on food or drink.

31 Oct 2011 19:54

The Rose and Crown, Harpenden

Closed and there are plans afoot to demolish and build flats on the site. When it was a pub it never was particularly popular so it disappearing will not be a complete surprise, it's now looking sad and forlorn and has weeds growing in the car park.

31 Oct 2011 19:51

Harts Head Hotel, Giggleswick

Reasonable beer and service. Have not tried the food but the prices looked decent value

3 Oct 2011 22:45

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

Had a pint of Black Sheep which wasn't the best in the world, it was tasteless and a bit watery.

24 Sep 2011 13:56

White Horse, Harpenden

Totally agree with what the previous rater said. The 'Purity' beer is of good quality. Atmosphere is good. The front bar is a bit on the small side but is well furnished.

18 Sep 2011 18:12

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

On latest visit the beer was of pretty poor quality, the Greene King IPA is virtually tasteless and the John Smiths Smooth tasted vinegary. Apart from that the atmosphere in the pub is improving and they get some good quality cover bands coming in. 3 out of 10 for the beer and 7 out of 10 for everything else.

18 Sep 2011 18:09

The Rose and Crown, Harpenden

Sadly this place looks closed.

16 Sep 2011 19:40

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

Decent beer. Fast, efficient and very friendly service. Beer price a bit on the higher but well worth stopping for a couple of pints.

11 Sep 2011 13:20

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

The new owner/landlady is now in. Although the signs are looking promising, if you're a Real Ale drinker then you might be disappointed as, when I went they only had Greene King IPA on, unless you count John Smiths Smooth (not a fave) and Guiness, which I don't. The Guiness was reasonable and the service was ok.
Will visit again and see how things progress.

2 Sep 2011 19:12

The Horn, St Albans

Now simply called the Horn. Beer is disappointing. Service is ok, but depends on how busy it is and who is serving.

22 Aug 2011 17:46

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Apparently the new owners/landlord/landlady are now in place. Will leave a review when I go there.

22 Aug 2011 17:42

The Old Sun, Harlington

Good beer. Friendly and efficent service.

14 Aug 2011 17:21

Amble Inn, Harpenden

Has anyone been here since Christmas Day 2010?

21 Jul 2011 15:56

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Friendly and efficient service. Beer is but nothing special. Can get crowded and feel cramped, especially when they have bands on and occasionally has a strong chlorene/bleachy smell.

8 Jul 2011 18:49

Hobgoblin, Bedford

Apparently this pub has re-opened, although I've not been there yet.

3 Jul 2011 09:07

The Engineer, Harpenden

Wide range of beer, which is of good quality. Prompt and efficent service.
The only bad things with this pub was the price of the beer (£3.35 for Doombar and Side Pocket) and also sometimes they have two different sports showing on the big screens and the jukebox/music playing in the back ground. The last time I went in there was before the refurb and although it wasn't in dire need of being doing up, now it is been tastefully done and no too gastropub-y.

22 May 2011 19:50

Esquires Club, Bedford

The new owner have spent time and money sprucing it up. Staff are friendly. Rumour has it that the new owners have put in new pipes but haven't been enough times since the take over to comment about beer quality. They have some great local, national and international bands in the free "Danny's Bar" part.

30 Apr 2011 14:48

The Swan, Wheathampstead

With 20 plus pubs in Wheathampstead over the centuries, this is only one left now The Nelson has been turned into an Italian restaurant and The Bull is a steakhouse.

16 Apr 2011 17:28

The Ancient Ram Inn, Stroud

Is this still a pub? If so do you serve spirits?

8 Apr 2011 20:26

The Flower Pot, Bedford

Good atmosphere, even if there wasn't that many people. Prompt and friendly service. Shame that there were no real ales on (all the taps were turned round), eventhough this pub is supposed to known for their real ales, this was disappointing.

23 Mar 2011 19:41

Foresters Arms, Bedford

Prompt and friendly service. Limited range of real ale (Courage Directors and Wells Eagle Smooth, were on). Has two bars, one has a big screen showing music videos and possibly sports and the other is on the other side of the bar, which I am yet to venture into. If walk past 'the main' entrance, and look in the pub door, it seems deadly quiet, which could put people off but if you have to actually walk in you can see where most of the customers are.

15 Jan 2011 14:27

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

With reference to what a previous said about the use of digital cameras/phones, was in the venue last night and there were a lot of people using this and none of them were confiscated.

12 Dec 2010 17:19

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

Good sized pub. Above average acoustics. This should be classed as a live music venue rather than a pub. Service was slow, eventhough there were hardly any customers. Lager is of reasonable quality but Guiness. They have a some reasonably well known (if you know the genre) prog rock band. Is in what some might class as a grimm park of town.

12 Dec 2010 16:35

The Bedford Arms, Bedford

Popped in for a quick pint. Beer was of reasonable quality and atmosphere seems relaxed.

21 Sep 2010 22:04

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Good beer, service is friendly but occasionally you get people pushing in (which happens in a lot of pubs). Can get very busy when they have a live band on and it can feel and smell a bit like at swimming pool at times, i.e. get quite humid and the smell is a bit similar to chlorine.

20 Aug 2010 17:08

The Griffin, Whetstone

Found no hint of the stroppy bar staff that has been mentioned. Good atmosphere, mixed clientelle which was a mixture of lads watching the football, couples and groups of ladies on a night out. Would come here again if in the area. Drinks are average London prices.

15 Aug 2010 14:32

The Griffin, Whetstone

Found no hint of the stroppy bar staff that has been mentioned. Good atmosphere, mixed clientelle which was a mixture of lads watching the football, couples and groups of ladies on a night out. Would come here again if in the area. Drinks are average London prices.

15 Aug 2010 14:32

The Old Cock Inn, Harpenden

Has had a major-ish refit recently which makes it look more light and airy> Service is ok. Beer is circa £3 a pint. It is more concentrated on being a restaurant than a pub, with the occasional live band on.

9 Aug 2010 22:15

The Worlds End, Camden

Extremely busy, service was efficent BUT a major downside is the price of the drinks, around £3.98 for a pint of Lowenbrau is simply RIDICULOUS!!!! Alternative/Rock music plays. Not the best atmosphere.

1 Aug 2010 11:31

Five Bells, Cople

Staff and clientelle very friendly. Beer of decent quality. Landlord/owner makes and effort to put events on and make customers feel welcome. Food was OK and your typical pub grub.

29 Jun 2010 19:17

Bedford Lounge, Bedford

Is it true that this is now or going to be Tesco store?

26 May 2010 16:53

The Hollybush, Redbourn

Reasonable range of beer, mostly lager about 3 bitters. Friendly service. Locals pub.

24 May 2010 21:49

The Hollybush, Redbourn

Does anyone know if this pub shows sport on TV?

24 May 2010 21:47

The Chequers, Hendon

Service was mostly friendly. Good atmosphere, most people were in a good mood and were friendly, it was a charity night, don't know what it's like normally. Beer was reasonably cheap if the range was a bit uninspiring, I had a pint of Duechars which wasn't of overly great quality. 6.5 out of 10.

9 May 2010 10:46

The Old Cock Inn, Harpenden

Has had bit of a refurbishment. Decent range of which was around £2.90 to £3 mark which was of reasonable quality and service was ok but could be a bit faster. Went there on a Saturday night and they had a band on but it there were a few very drunk people in there, I know that's what pubs are for but one was dancing around and fell backwards towards the band.

4 May 2010 20:10

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

Definitely worth a visit. Decent range of beers and lagers. Food was good value for money and was tasty. The current owners/landlord seem to be making an effort. Good size garden wih plenty of countryside around for walks.

27 Apr 2010 14:17

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

On the weekend of Sat (24th) and Sunday (25th) they have a charity music even which is raising money towards the purchase of the re-opening of the former Odeon in St. Albans.

24 Apr 2010 22:32

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

New owner/landlord. Hate to say this this pub seems to have gone downhill, the bar staff seem inexperienced and the furniture seems out of place and the paintwork needs a lot of attention and also the quality of beer is dubious. Hope they manage to do what necessary to turn this round or this might be another one that bites the dust.

24 Apr 2010 15:55

The Cross Keys, Bedford

Has reopened - according to the new website anyway.

18 Apr 2010 12:56

Yate's, Bedford

Big screen showing sports.

18 Apr 2010 11:34

Yate's, Bedford

Quite quiet on the Saturday night I went in whilst waiting for a friend to arrive. Prompt and friendly service. Resonably price beer (£1.90 for a pint of Bombadier). Music was loud chart music. Decor of wooden tables/floors and sofas.

18 Apr 2010 11:34

Hobgoblin, Bedford

Has this place closed down or is it having a refurbishment?

18 Apr 2010 11:30

Merlins Cave, Chalfont St Giles

Friendly/prompt service. Good food. Reasonable beer (had Eagle IPA). Good size beer garden/decking.

6 Apr 2010 16:56

The Magpie, Harrold

This pub is around 9 miles from Bedford train station. This distance listed in inaccurate.

5 Apr 2010 10:52

The Engine & Tender, Bedford

The Polish bar has now closed. Don't know if it has or will reopen as a pub again.

27 Feb 2010 17:10

The Old Cock Inn, Harpenden

Completely different, if it ever was gloomy, it definitely isn't now. The current owner/landlord and have made a lot of effort on the decor and the range of beer has improved.

27 Feb 2010 16:55

The Oval Tavern, Croydon

Wide range of beer. Friendly atmosphere, people seem to go there to enjoy the live music that's put on. Good quality ales.

15 Feb 2010 10:48

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

OK beer, food is a bit hit and miss, which is obviously microwaved. I had a Pork Roast dinner which tasted of parafin.

28 Dec 2009 17:26

The Ship Inn, Bedford

Reasonably good beer and service. Bit of a locals pub although didn't seem that intimidating.

14 Dec 2009 20:23

Esquires Club, Bedford

There is a family type atmosphere, you often see the same people, but it can be too quiet at times, even when there are decent bands on. Maybe it's because times are hard or maybe it's too expensive at times...who knows?? Beer (Carlsberg) upstairs was poor, I felt unwell the day after. This place deserves to be a success and the people appear to be passionate about it but it needs a new injection of something.

23 Sep 2009 14:12

The Royal Oak, Bethnal Green

Apparently Barbra Windsor's Grandfather used to drink in here!!

23 Sep 2009 12:30

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Has new owners allegedly

20 Sep 2009 14:58

Esquires Club, Bedford

Friendly atmosphere (although it can be very quiet at times). Decent bands. Good service. The beer can be a bit hit and miss epecially upstairs.

20 Sep 2009 12:55

The White Lion, St Albans

Great range of beer which is of very good quality. Service was slow, which was partly to do it being a Beer Festival and partly the staff.

3 Sep 2009 20:49

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Apparently it is closed down because they couldn't afford to pay the bills...allegedly.

23 Aug 2009 17:27

Amble Inn, Harpenden

Good range of beer, we were hoping to use some vouchers we had but shame they only had half of what we wanted. Beer of decent quality. Service was reasonable. Not much of an atmosphere (we went on a sunday afternoon).

23 Aug 2009 17:26

Hennessey's, Kingsbury

Not bad, bit of a locals pub. If you're a regular there's probably a good atmosphere but if you aren't it could be a bit intimidating.

16 Aug 2009 10:53

Pre, St Albans

Has anyone been here more recently?? Heard it's very popular, despite the awful reviews.

1 Aug 2009 15:40

O'Neills, St Albans

Beer is of varying quality. Atmosphere is so-so, can get rowdy at times. Service is so-so, depends who's serving and how busy it is.

1 Aug 2009 15:35

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Good range of beers, of varied quality. Reasonable service. Shows sports. Quite busy.

1 Aug 2009 10:48

The Bankers Draft, Bedford

Decent range of beer of reasonable quality. Food was palatable of a bit dry, myself and a mate had pasta meals which were seemingly reheated in the microwave. Will probably go a again but in no rush to.

25 Jul 2009 11:55

The Swan, Wheathampstead

New owners/landlord. Beer was of decent quality and food was tasty and good value.

25 Jul 2009 11:50

The Balloon, Bedford

Has this place closed down??

18 Jul 2009 17:32

Eddie's Bar, Luton

There was a fire apparently.

16 Jul 2009 16:22

The Cross Keys, Bedford

Has this re-opened??

14 Jul 2009 16:48

The Garibaldi, St Albans

The new landlord seem to be trying really hard to get the punters in. Good range of beer. Service is pretty good also.

4 Jul 2009 16:56

Tavistock Pub & Carvery, Bedford

Is this place closed for refurbishment or closing down? Went passed on a sunday afternoon and looked like there was work being done.

23 Jun 2009 13:14

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

Surprisingly cheap!

22 Jun 2009 10:54

The Wellington Arms, Bedford

Amazing range of Ales and other liquors of good quality. Service was good. Few locals, some seemed friendly, others not so, no trouble seen.

22 Jun 2009 10:53

The Skew Bridge, Harpenden

Service was ok. Beer is of good quality. Food quality has slightly diminshed.

17 Jun 2009 08:59

The Six Bells, St Albans

Went on a day when there was a barbeque and live bands, which was good.
Service was reasonable although they didn't know who was in the queue. Beer was above average in quality and price.

14 Jun 2009 21:17

The Peacock, St Albans

Review of Ryan's Bar.....
Appears to have a friendly clientelle. Good atmosphere. Nicely decorated. No bitter or ale, which is a shame. Will probably go back at some point.

7 Jun 2009 11:15

The Mermaid, St Albans

Great range of beer. Service was so-so. Not the friendliest of places but no trouble either. Will probably go back sometime but in no rush to.

7 Jun 2009 11:10

Camp, St Albans

This is a pub for local people. No trouble seen but you could sense the potential, a friend overheard a conversation between regulars about them and myself. Service was good and the beer was ok. Not in a hurry to go back though.

7 Jun 2009 11:06

Esquires Club, Bedford

Good atmosphere, friendly staff, beer is mostly ok. You get to see some great bands...what more can you want!!

1 Jun 2009 19:28

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

Quite a good atmosphere. Starting selling more Real Ale, from Cornwall and Oxford. Staff efficent if not particularly friendly.

31 May 2009 11:06

The Lytton Arms, Knebworth

Great range of ales, most of which where £2.85 or over. Service seemed disinterested. Food was edible, although one of our party's salads was quite small portions.

24 May 2009 09:42

The Watermans Arms, Richmond

Pleasant interior and exterior. Service is ok.Does reasonably priced food although I didn't get a chance to try it. Drinks are adequate if a bit expensive, although this is typical to the area.

5 May 2009 11:40

O'Neills, Richmond

Decent beer and reasonable service. Food was adequate but was probably reheated in a microwave which made it far too hot.

5 May 2009 11:30

The Kings Arms, Bedford

Decent enough beer and a reasonable enough atmosphere. The have a music quiz on a sunday night which seems quite popular.

27 Apr 2009 11:35

Yate's, Bedford

Is this place still open? Was closed on a sunday evening.

27 Apr 2009 11:32

The Grafton Arms, Kentish Town

Decent beer albeit over priced, reasonable service, clientelle friendly.

26 Apr 2009 00:57

The Greyhound, Aldbury

Have to agree with the previous posting. Beer and food is very good but the service could be improved a bit.

11 Apr 2009 17:54

The Gordon Arms, Bedford

Has anyone suggested Esquires?

7 Apr 2009 14:10

The White Hart and Cellar Bar, Ampthill

Does anyone know if this place now called 'The Stables'?

3 Apr 2009 12:45

The Bear, Bedford

Have to agree with previous rater, service was very good and the punters seemed very laid back.

23 Mar 2009 09:59

The Gordon Arms, Bedford

Good pub, reasonable beer and venue.

23 Mar 2009 09:56

The Carpenters Arms, Harpenden

Does anyone know if the 'Three Horseshoes' in East Common has reopened? Thanks.

8 Mar 2009 11:12

The Ship, Bedford

Great pub, decent beer and live music, what more can you ask for??

5 Mar 2009 21:46

The Hare and Hounds, St Albans

Potentially a great pub but service could have been better even when there was hardly anyone waiting and the beer made me feel a bit unwell also there were a lot of glasses and dirty dinner plates, but it was a very busy period as there was big football football on. Will give it another chance.

2 Mar 2009 14:26

The Royal Oak, Roxton

Hi, why has this pub got such a bad rating? Anyone know??

1 Mar 2009 13:39

Hogs Head, St Albans

Whereabouts is this? Didn't know it existed???

1 Mar 2009 10:20

The Bull and Gate, Kentish Town

Is it true this place is up for sale? Reasonable service and beer. Interior decor is ok, outside could be improved.

9 Feb 2009 13:06

White Hart Hotel, St Albans

Service ok, beer is reasonable. Could do with a bit more atmosphere though.

19 Oct 2008 00:23

The Robin Hood, St Albans

Service can be slow, beer is overpriced, not much atmosphere. Not bad for a couple of pints but not all night,

19 Oct 2008 00:20

The Horn, St Albans

There is plenty of competiton from other pubs in the area, that don't charge entry fee to see half decent bands, covers or otherwise.

19 Oct 2008 00:17

The White Hart, Flitton

Went in on a sunday lunchtime, very quiet for some reason. Found service was good and food reason. May go again.

19 Oct 2008 00:10

The Rose and Crown, Harpenden

Closed at the moment, seems to be re-opening as an Indian (or other) restaurant?

10 Oct 2008 19:48

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

Fairly decent beer and venue. Service is OK. Went on monday night, they had a quite good singer from New Zealand and a Jazz/Blues musician.

19 Aug 2008 10:33

The George, Harpenden

From one extreme to another, before the refit, the place was nearly always busy but there was often a troublesome element and the service was slow. Now there is hardly any atmosphere and the serice is still quite slow. The food is quite good although when I was there I had a pint of from what I think was London Pride bitter which was awful, tasted watered down, both a friend and I had a pint and both felt ill the day after. Try the Harpenden Arms or the Inn on the Green nearby.

12 Aug 2008 17:13

The Monarch, Chalk Farm

Semi decent range of drinks, decent size for live music. Fairly good atmosphere. I went on sunday especially to see a band called Metalworks, although they were advertised to come on at 8 o clock but after the pub had a guest band on, our band was ready to come on til about ten o clock and my friend and I had to leave before they started. Shame

12 Aug 2008 15:59

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St. Lawrence

As with previous review, the service leaves a lot to be desired, as does the beer. This place has a lot of potential, shame the current owners don't seem to appreciate. 8 out of 10 for venue and 4 out of service/drinks.

28 Jul 2008 16:21

Bramingham, Bramingham Park

Very good quality and welcoming service, prices competitive. Interior is well thought of although beer garden is fairly small. Good example of an estate pub, we went on a sunday lunchtime so unsure about what it is like other times of week. Was fairly busy.

13 Jul 2008 18:33

The Water Rats, St Pancras

Potentially a great venue. Entry system wasn't ideal, people with tickets had to wait with the ones without. Staff were mostly friendly. Stage area was vast and was very crammed as there were 3 or 4 top bands on (not necessarily a band thing as it shows it's popular) and I agree with a previous reviewer in that it was extremely hot at times. Range if beers was average and didn't taste great. Entry cost was good value for money as there were TOP bands on.
Venue 6/10 and bands 9/10.

16 Mar 2008 20:37

The Mermaid, St Albans

Exterior well kept. Interior is dull and uncared for, plus there was a funny smell when we walked in. Good range of beer, didn't try that many as we didn't stay there too long. Good quick and friendly service eventhough it was a quite busy saturday night.

23 Feb 2008 17:10

The Gatehouse, Highgate

Agree mostly with previous reviewers. Good range of beers (both bitters and lagers) and wines. Food was ok, received fairly quickly for a VERY busy saturday night but they had run out of Rice (how??) and Garlic bread was over cooked.

27 Jan 2008 11:17

The Oddfellows Arms, Toddington

Has anyone been to The Angel in Toddington?

13 Jan 2008 16:33

Brooks, Radlett

Does anyone know if the 'Cat and Fiddle" is still in Radlett?

3 Jun 2006 10:36

The Plough and Harrow, Harpenden

Staff try hard, needs a bit more atmosphere, clientelle seem to come here more for the drink than the live music, is that such a bad thing?

26 Apr 2006 09:49

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