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BITE user comments - Dan137

Comments by Dan137

The George and Dragon, Hurstbourne Tarrant

Had lunch there today. Superb food at a very reasonable price. First rate pint of West Berks. Old Boy plus a nice atmosphere, friendly staff and great service. If this isn't the best pub in Hampshire, it's certainly in the top 5. 10/10

27 Nov 2014 15:06

The Old Crown, Edenbridge

We stayed there one Saturday night. The room was excellent. Clear, bright and tidy. Breakfast the next day was very good and all in all we did far better, and for less money, than we would have in a Travelodge or similar.

I can't say what it's like as a boozer as we went to a party on the Saturday night and apart from a quick pint when we arrived, didn't drink there, but as a place to stay I'd recommend it every time.

30 Jul 2014 19:03

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Gazza, I don't think it's a conspiracy. I've been drinking in the Alex since the early 1990 when Helen & Geoff ran it and have reviewed it before (see below).

It's now changed out of all recognition, I was in there today and the beers were Doombar, Ringwood and a guest I can't remember. The food we had was very good. I had hot scotch egg with runny yolk (great with a pint!) and first rate fish and chips. It's still a pub as opposed to a gastro pub and well worth a visit. For years the Prince of Wales by Farnborough North station was always reckoned the best pub in the area. I think there's now a serious challenger on the block.

30 Jul 2014 18:56

The Imperial Arms, Farnborough

Went in about half past two on Monday afternoon. Just me and the barmaid in the front bar, nobody in the back. Place was dead. London Pride and Doombar on handpump. Tables laid for meals but nobody eating.

Now seems very much like the poor relation of the Prince of Wales. Hard to imagine that this was once so busy a local that it held an annual "Impstock" festival.

23 Sep 2013 17:30

The Bear Hotel, Hungerford

Still an hotel/restaurant bar, but not as expensive as it used to be (i.e. the other boozers in Hungerford have caught up). Spartan modern interior and the only real ale was Greene King IPA, but the service was good.

22 Sep 2013 22:14

The Royal Oak, Yattendon

The Royal Oak has had a reputation for good food going back to the 1980s way before "gastro-pubs" were invented. Had lunch there today. The set lunch (3 courses) was first rate, the service was excellent and the beer - West Berks Old Boy Bitter some of the best I've had in a long time.

Two other West Berks beers were on tap, but I can't recall which ones.

It's smart and a bit up-market but it's still a pub not a gastro-pub/bar and well worth the effort of finding.

If you want to combine this with a trip to the nearby Pot Kiln at Frilsham, this is the one I'd choose to eat at.

16 Sep 2013 15:50

Rat and Parrot, Newbury

Was open for a spell under the name of the George and Pelican. Now due to re-open as a "sports bar" apparently (wow that's something new in Newbury!!). No info. as to what it will be called. Given the reputations of the Rat & Parrot and the George & Pelican, I doubt if they'll use either of those names again.

8 Sep 2013 14:42

Gordons Bar, Newbury

No. The Jack o' Newbury used to be the Catherine Wheel, This place is now swallowed up by the entrance to the cinema.

8 Sep 2013 14:34

The Lion, Newbury

Now redecorated, with a new Guv'nor and decent beer (usual Waddies range). Give it a try.

18 Jul 2013 08:42

Lord Lyon, Newbury

That should of said "5 Km". Said "miles" from force of habit.

18 Jul 2013 08:41

Lord Lyon, Newbury

About 5 miles outside town in the village of Stockcross. Don't try including this in a Newbury crawl unless you're feeling energetic.

18 Jul 2013 08:39

Nags Head, Reading

Lovely pub that is fast replacing The Alehouse (aka Hobgoblin/London Tavern) as the best pub in Reading. Lovely beer with a range that changes frequently and is always well kept. Well worth seeking out.

The idea of leaving the Nags for the Back of Beyond is ridiculous.

15 Jun 2013 19:54

The Tipsy Laird, Kingussie

Went in there while staying in the town. Had Caledonian Stag and Callie. Both well kept and reasonably priced. Food was good as was the service. TV for sport and papers too. If you want to eat, there's a separate dining area. Well worth a visit if you are in the area. Has rooms to let and a "bunkhouse" style hostel. One of the better pubs in the Highlands.

1 Jun 2013 20:49

Duke of Cambridge, Croydon

Now closed and boarded up.

22 May 2013 09:26

The Plume of Feathers, Hungerford

Nice pub, good food and beer but the service is a bit hit and miss and at lunchtimes it can be a bit slow.

1 May 2013 09:15

The Prince of Wales, Kintbury

Called in on a lunchtime. Was quiet but beer was good and service very good. Will be coming back.

1 May 2013 09:14

The Punch and Judy, Tonbridge

Went there Monday lunchtime. The beer included Tonbridge Brewry's Copperknob, Doombar and one I can't remember. Beer quality was good and the service excellent. Does no food on Mondays - chef's day off. I'm not a local but according to the guy I was with (who is) it's probably now the best pub in Tonbridge.

Very much into music in the evenings.

24 Apr 2013 09:50

The Alehouse, Reading

"one of the Top 10 pubs in Britain" - not sure about that but it's certainly in the top 20.

7 Oct 2012 09:45

The Alehouse, Reading

I agree that the change of name is part of an overall improvement in the place. Was in there yesterday, Butts in surperb condition and the whole place just seems "better" somehow. Some may complain about the prices, but this is still a great boozer.

7 Oct 2012 09:44

The Bear, Wilton

Was in here Wednesday evening. Really pleasant pub with good following of regulars. Well worth a vist and we will be coming back.

23 Sep 2012 12:30

Purple Lounge, Newbury

Correction. Guinness is 4.20 a pint. I've now tried the food which is very good. I'd try this place, particularly if you're in Newbury on business or trying to impress your date. It's got more class than any other 2 boozers in the town centre combined.

29 Jul 2012 14:26

Purple Lounge, Newbury

The Purple Lounge is no more. It had an appaling reputation as a result of the purple paint fiasco and basically punters voted with their feet.

Now re-opened as "The Newbury" (there's original for you!) it's a smart up-market aiming place with an emphasis on food - but not so much that you'd call it a gastropub.

Beer on pump is Doom Bar and Otter Bitter (nice to see Otter in town again) and the service is good and friendly.

Now the downside. It ain't cheap. Guinness was 4.40 a pint (ouch!) and bitters in proportion. Still it is a very noce pub and, for once, I don't mind paying over the odds for a pleasant place to drink. The guv'nor of the Lock Stock & Barrel could get a few lessons from this place.

20 Jul 2012 21:03

The Retreat, Reading

If Reading CAMRA let this close then what the f***king point of them!

4 Jun 2012 20:26

The Retreat, Reading

I'd sooner see Westminster Abbey knocked down that lose The Retreat!

4 Jun 2012 20:24

Nags Head, Newbury

Went in there today. Two beers, London Pride & Courage Best.

Had all the atmosphere of an aircraft hanger.

Come back Dot - all is forgiven.

4 Jun 2012 20:18

Dundas Arms, Kintbury

Now under new ownership. Part of Gordon Ramsey's empire it seems.

7 Apr 2012 08:28

The Pot Kiln, Frilsham

Great beer - 2 from West Berks Brewery plus 2 guests when we went there. The bar area is small and does a heavy bar food trade (the bar snacks are excellent). The restaurant is a bit hit and miss. On a good day it is first rate. On a not so good day you can get underbaked doughy bread and underseasoned food. The menu prices do not include service - which admittedly is very good - so you'll need to add 10%. On weekday lunchtimes the place can get full of suits talking business with laptops on the tables and taking phone calls from clients at the table (which is not what you want if you're aiming for a romantic lunch with your wife/g-friend). Going forward, would I use it as a pub ? Yes. It's a cracker but expensive (altho since it's in one of the most expensive parts of Berkshire - David Cameron and Kate Middleton territory - that's only to be expected). As a restaurant. Probably not.

5 Feb 2012 13:59

The White Hart, Hamstead Marshall

I was in there last week and had a nice pint with good service and none of the mucking about Newbury Drinker had.

21 Jan 2012 13:42

Wellesley, Waterloo

A very nice basement boozer. I had a decent pint and the service was friendly and efficient. The food looked good and some people had clearly come there to eat, not just wait for a train (which, given the number of places to eat on and around the station is quite a complment). Still need a door code for the loos.

Pity the bar at Paddington station isn't as good!

30 Oct 2011 09:29

Berkshire Tavern, Newbury

First rate Whetherspoons pub (not an expression you often hear). The beer's well kept and the food seems popular. Far better all round than the other 'spoons in town (The Diamond Tap).

30 Oct 2011 09:20

The Blue Ball, Newbury

Closed (again) with yet another application to demolish the place and turn it into housing. The local CAMRA branch are fighting this. Heaven know's why. Newbury's overun with third-rate boozers. One less won't hurt anybody.

22 Oct 2011 17:49

The Lion, Newbury

Now just a dull sport orientated pub with TV screens everywhere pumping out SkySport. Why bother.

22 Oct 2011 17:44

The Gun, Wash Common

Currently the best pub in what could be called "Greater Newbury" it still has separate saloon and public bars. TV in the public. Papers and an eating area in the saloon. The beer is good, well kept and some 20p - 30p cheaper per pint than in central Newbury. The food (which I've not tried) has a good local reputation. On a sexist note it also has the best looking barmaids of any pub in the area. Well worth seeking out.


22 Oct 2011 17:41

The Coach and Horses, Donnington

Isn't this the same pub as the one listed as the Fox & Hounds? I've never heard of a Coach & Horses in Donnington.

22 Oct 2011 17:32

The Black Swan, Abingdon

Music at full blast. Beer OK - not good just OK. Place was crowded (Sat. lunchtime) so it has a following but there are far better pubs in the town.

16 Oct 2011 10:15

The Quays, Mytchett

The ONLY way this plae could be improved is with a wrecking ball. Flattenen it and start again. Still it does keep pond life away from other pubs in the area.

1 Oct 2011 09:06

The Belmont, Sutton

Ddin't this used to be The California?

9 Sep 2011 13:22

The Moon and Sixpence, Tintern

Had a really good pint of Wye Valley Butty Bach here. I agree it can be a bit hit and miss, and it's not as good as it was a few years ago (but what is?) but it's still a good pub and the view over the river is wonderful.

4 Sep 2011 08:13

The Crown, Covent Garden

I use this place a lot and I've never found it anything other than a good basic boozer with decent beer.

29 Aug 2011 09:26

Nags Head, Newbury

Windows are full of "events" no one in their right mind would want ("Neil Diamond Tribute Night" anyone?). What has happend to the place!

28 Aug 2011 16:13

Snooty Fox, Newbury

Now starting to trade on it's past reputation. It's dirty and squalid and frankly not fun anymore.

28 Aug 2011 16:11

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Frighteningly expensive and frankly not worth it. Sunday lunctimes are always ruinied by some C-list jazz combo turning up at 2pm presumably in the strange belief the LSB is a music pub.

28 Aug 2011 16:06

The Diamond Tap, Newbury

Was in there this lunchtime. Two guys doing bar service and food orders. No sign of any tables having been cleaned in the last hour or so. The beer was cheap and that's all you could say in its favour. As always the TV was on but, thankfully turned down.

28 Aug 2011 16:01

The Sun, Carshalton

This was my local back in the 1970s & 80s. It was a great pub then & good to know it still is!

17 Aug 2011 21:54

The Whole Hog, Malmesbury

Was there for lunch today. A good range of real ale, well kept and reasonably priced. Service was good and so was the food. We will be coming back!

11 Jul 2011 20:51

The Retreat, Reading

Leave The Retreat for the BOB - day that happens Satan will ski to work!

3 Jun 2011 21:57

The Sun Inn, Reading

THE BACK OF BEYOND is that the Wetherspoons house?

3 Jun 2011 21:55

Nags Head, Newbury

The Brewery suddenly pulled the plug a while back and shut the place down overnight. It's now re-opened with a new guv'nor but the place seems bare and empty.

8 May 2011 20:23

The Rising Sun, Reading

This pub is 11 miles from Reading in the village of Woolhampton. If you try to include it in a Reading crawl you'll be in for a long walk!

11 Apr 2011 07:25

Old Wheatsheaf, Frimley Green

Further to my earlier review, I've now tried the food and highly reccomend the sausage and mash.

Nice pub.

2 Apr 2011 19:51

The Swan, Ash Vale

Now taken over by Chef & Brewer. The beer choice is dull and predictable (Doom Bar, London Pride etc. - no more TEA), the previously querky interior has had a bland corporate makeover in a horrble shade of grey/green and all the prints and ornaments removed. More serious thouh is that the number of staff seems to have been cut down. As a result, what used to be the best service in the area is now very slow. On our last visit, we walked out after 5 minutes without having been served and there were people who had been waiting longer than we had. Definitely not what it was under the prevous owner and it will take a lot of work to get back there. My firm used to take clients there for lunch. Not anymore.

2 Apr 2011 19:47

The Star Inn, Newbury

Now taken over by Vintage Inns and with a new guv'nor and sufficient staff the service has greatly improved. The beers are generally London Pride, Brians SA and Doombar and are all well kept and reasonably priced. The food is standard catering "pub grub" good of its kind but the portions are a bit stingy (except for the mixed grill which is massive!). The full carpark most evenings shows the Star is back to what it used to be 4 or 5 years ago.

20 Jan 2011 23:04

The Three Stags, Lambeth

Was in there on 10 January 2011. Good beer, smashing food, good service and good prices.

Definitely a pub I'll be coming back to.

11 Jan 2011 19:04

Uncle Henry's, Newbury

GreatlyMissed, I accept your right to say that, and if those are your views, fine but sorry, that's not the Uncle Henry's I knew.

13 Nov 2010 22:52

The Red House, Newbury

Hard to find back street boozer (go down the small side road by the Wellington Arms) which tends to close afternoons/early evenings. Strong following of regulars. Beer's OK.

13 Nov 2010 22:44

Purple Lounge, Newbury

My earlier comment was based on when it was still the Bricklayers Arms. Can be dead during the day - I've been the only punter in there some Saturday lunchtimes. Beer's OK but the Sky TV screens are too overpowering for a pub this size.

13 Nov 2010 22:41

Nags Head, Newbury

First rate pub, good beer (altho' I agree the selection is fairly standard stuff), thriving darts team and definitely a racing pub with its own racehorse owning syndicate. Closed Sunday afternoons/early evenings.

13 Nov 2010 22:37

Old Wheatsheaf, Frimley Green

Nice, friendly, quiet pub. Not one for a stag night out with the boys but great for a pint and conversation. Beer was good and I'm told the food is too (not tried it).

Don't let the Greene King sign put you off, this is a first rate pub.

9 Nov 2010 07:38

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Wasn't this called The Hop Pole once upon a time?

15 Oct 2010 22:29

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

Decent beer and good service but it can get heaving with tourists in summer and you may have to wait for a seat if you're going to eat.

28 Aug 2010 09:38

The Heald Green (Beefeater), Headle

I stay in the hotel next door when working in the area. The beer has always been good and so has the service but I admit it's a bit large and impersonal.

BTW I thought it was called the Horse & Groom?

22 Jul 2010 20:27

The Donkey Stone, Manchester Airport

Give it a miss, get the train to Heald Green (4 minutes away) & go in the Horse & Groom right by the station!

22 Jul 2010 20:23

Coopers Arms, Reading

Closed on 14 July 2010 - awaiting new owners.

15 Jul 2010 20:46

The Blagrave Arms, Reading

Closed on 14 July 2010 - awaiting new owners.

15 Jul 2010 20:46

The Bear Hotel, Devizes

Went in for lunch on Saturday. Good beer, good food and good service. Recommended.

8 Jun 2010 00:04

The Honourable Pilot, Gillingham

Stayed in the Premier Inn next door for a couple of days while working here. The food was basic catering pack stuff (except the breakfast which was really first rate) but the staff were friendly and efficient. The beer was good but since I don't know what local prices are I can't say if it was dear or not. Probably was. Not a pub for a night out with the lads since it was ful of famililes having a meal out but I've stayed in worse and I'll happily come back the next time I'm here.

7 Jun 2010 23:08

The Britton Farm House, Gillingham

Closed on 6 June 2010

7 Jun 2010 23:01

The Castle, Holborn

In answer to pubinspectors question, it's an ex-Ind Coope House. Never been a Youngs house as far as I know.

26 May 2010 23:38

The Victory Pub and Kitchen, Farnborough

Looks and feels like an hotel bar rather than a pub. A bit clinical and lacking atmosphere. The beer was good (but pricey), the service friendly and efficient and there's a free paper (Independent) if you want one. I liked it.

7 May 2010 09:41

The Ship and Shovell, Charing Cross

Guv'nor used to run the now closed and much missed Archery Tavern by Lancaster Gate tube. That was an ace boozer and so's this. Best H&W beer I've had in a long while.

20 Apr 2010 22:30

The Swan, Ash Vale

Best service for a chain foodie pub I've ever seen. The beer is good and the prices reasonable.

28 Mar 2010 19:27

The Star Inn, Newbury

This could be a really first rate pub if only it had the staff. Early evenings there is usually only one person, rushed off their feet, trying to do both the bar and wait tables.

Also, none of the bar staff are trained. On one visit, the pump ran dry and the sole bar person did not know how to change the barrel and seemingly could not find anyone who could. As a result I was given my money back! Something that has never happened to me in any pub before.

In spite of all this it seems to have a good food trade. Maybe I just hit it at the wrong time.

28 Mar 2010 19:23

The Chequers Inn, Woolmer Green

Nice friendly pub with a nice pint.

28 Mar 2010 00:34

The Saracens Head Hotel, Dunmow

It's an hotel not a pub but if you want somewhere a bit smart to entertain then this is the place. We had lunch there. The beer and service were good and so was the food but, according to my partner, the coffee was some of the worst she has ever tasted.

26 Mar 2010 19:43

The Crown Hotel, Long Melford

That should have said "...the beers aren't inspiring..." Where's the damn edit key!

26 Mar 2010 19:39

The Crown Hotel, Long Melford

Agree the beers are inspiring but they were in good nick, the service was good and the prices reasonable. I liked it.

26 Mar 2010 19:38

The Black Boy Hotel, Sudbury

Good beer, good food, nice prices. All in all, a nice pleasant pub. Had a really good lunchtime here and hope to come back.

26 Mar 2010 19:36

The Angel Hotel, Lavenham

I agree that it's more like an hotel that a pub and it relies heavily on it's food trade BUT unlike many foodie/gastro pubs those who want to drink are made welcome and there seems to be a strong body of regulars (at any rate in the early evening) who use it for the drinks alone. The Adnams I had was first rate and the service friendly and efficient.

I liked it and will be back.

Even if olde worlde buildings aren't your thing, this and the Greyhound are two good reasons to come to Lavenham.

26 Mar 2010 19:33

The Greyhound, Lavenham

Agree with Purplegoffer. Really great pint of Holdens and good service and the local were friendly. The Public Bar is probably the only "real" pub - as opposed to an hotel bar in town.

26 Mar 2010 19:30

The North Camp, North Camp

Nice place for a lunchtime pint - the beer (Adnams) was good and so was the service.

Not tried it in the evening.

20 Feb 2010 11:03

The Old Chequers, Thatcham

Best pub in Thatcham - not saying much.

14 Feb 2010 13:01

The Lion, Newbury

Good beer - well kept but a bit pricey (but that does keep the chavs out). Heavily into sport particularly rugby. This is where you go to watch ruby if there's a clash with football on TV. Friendly and efficient staff plus a pool table. Worth finding (it's down a side street off the main shopping street).

14 Feb 2010 12:52

The Fountain Head, Thornton Heath

I used to use the Fountain a lot when I lived nearby. I was really fed up to see it shut & fenced off last time i went back home. Far rather it had been the Napier Youngs got rid of!

11 Jan 2010 18:51

The Halfway Inn, Newbury

Now under new management (again). I have never known a pub to change guv'nors as frequently as this one. there seems to be a new one every nine months or so.

24 Nov 2009 21:05

Berkshire Tavern, Newbury

Now taken over by Wetherspoons apparently.

24 Nov 2009 21:01

Dundas Arms, Kintbury

Has a strong local reputation for its food and I've always had a good meal and a decent pint here. If you want somewhere cheaper but still a good pint try the Blue Ball further up the road. The Dundas has always been know for its erratic opening hours.

24 Nov 2009 20:57

Dundas Arms, Kintbury

Good food and decent beer. Not cheap but you get what you pay for.

18 Oct 2009 00:02

The Three Brewers, Wokingham

Went there early evening. Very quiet (not surprising really). Nice pint and well kept. Recommended.

23 Aug 2009 09:12

The Star Inn, Newbury

Not what it was. Beer still good and staff friendly but far too few of them for a place this size and you can wait a LONG time for a drink if the restaurant is busy. Ten minutes on one occassion - and this is not a joke, we timed it.

The Star is on the main road round the village and you'd do better to turn off into Kingsclere village itself which has 3 pubs (The Swan being the best).

15 Aug 2009 09:23

The King Charles Tavern, Newbury

Arguably the best pub in town. Good beer, good food and first rate service. Consequently, it can get packed at times.

15 Aug 2009 09:13

The Queens Hotel, Newbury

The beer is drinkable but the service can be slow (very slow on race days). Food is standard pub stuff but OK.

15 Aug 2009 09:10

The Bacon Arms, Newbury

Good beer, fast friendly service and good food.

The same group owns the Queen's Hotel in the Market Place and the Plough-on-the-Green by the Racecourse, but all round this is by far the best of the three.

15 Aug 2009 09:07

The Rose and Crown, Southwark

A really splendid pub, good beer and good service.

It went through a bad patch some years ago but it's back to being the old Rosie.

(BTW anyone still drink in there from Special Branch of the SPBW?)

15 Aug 2009 08:55

The Crown and Pepper, Croydon

Just a question - didn't this use to be the Catherine Wheel?

10 May 2009 10:20

The Imperial Arms, Farnborough

Used to use this a lot about 5 years ago and like lovepubsme I was shocked by the change. It's dead. What on earth has happened top the place. It was a lively local but now - nothing. I was the only person in the Village (front) bar and there were less than hallf a dozen in the back.
Beer was OK (not good - just OK) but I've known more cheerful atmosphere in the waiting room at my local Crematorium.

5 Apr 2009 10:05

The Harp, Covent Garden

Brilliant pub - good beer - good service.

One of my London top 5 boozers.

31 Mar 2009 19:02

Blue Boar, Hay On Wye

Living on its past reputation. It needs some real work to get it back to what it was.

29 Mar 2009 09:36

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Clean, friendly service, good food and good beer. Much, much, improved over what it was.

24 Mar 2009 08:31

Coopers Arms, Reading

I've given up trying to get a Sunday lunchtime pint here since the doors are always firmly bolted even when ever other boozer in town is open. Frankly its not worth the wait.

24 Mar 2009 08:27

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

Forgot to add - holds regular beer festivals.

24 Mar 2009 08:24

The Hole In The Wall, Shrewsbury

Awful! No atmosphere, poor beer, slow service (too few staff for a bar that size, especially one doing food orders) and NO CRISPS! Seemed popular with its regulars. Heaven knows why?

24 Mar 2009 08:21

The Green Man Inn, Fownhope

Disappointing. In something of a rush and with time for only one pint we chose this over the New Inn simply on outside appearances. I now see that was a big mistake.

Poor service, TV and music on at the same time and the beer wasn't up to much.

24 Mar 2009 08:18

The Bhurtpore Inn, Aston

I agree with Snecky. As near perfection as it's possible to find in an imperfect world!

Super beer, good food and if (like me) you're into military history and only went there because of the name, loads of fascinating stuff on the walls to look at and if you're not a leaflet explains how the pub got its unusual name.

Go there and go there soon! You will not regret it!

24 Mar 2009 08:14

The Archery Tavern, Bayswater

This is a serious loss.

29 Oct 2008 23:04

Gordons Bar, Newbury

Now shut with repossession notices in the windows.

10 Sep 2008 09:33

The Nothe Tavern, Weymouth

Went in on the last Sunday in August - every table taken with people eating Sunday lunch (must admit it looked good too). Beer first rate. Will definitely be coming back.

6 Sep 2008 20:52

The Seven Stars, Chancery Lane

Not what it was & living on its past reputation.

6 Sep 2008 20:43

The Railway Bell, Crystal Palace

The only thing my father-in-law & I agree on is that this is a smashing pub!

6 Sep 2008 20:41

The Surprise at Chelsea, Chelsea

Is this still closed?? That's a disaster it was a fabulous boozer!

6 Sep 2008 20:38

The Lamb, Bloomsbury

Great pub - great beer. One of London's finest.

6 Sep 2008 20:23

The Crown, Bloomsbury

Great pub - if it weren't for the fact that (as always) it only sells SS beers it would be perfect.

6 Sep 2008 20:22

The Star Inn, Newbury

The staff are friendly and the beer is OK. Not eaten there but those I know who have like it. If only they had some papers other than just the bloody Independent!

27 Aug 2008 19:14

The Castle, Holborn

Used to use this in the 1970s when I worked nearby (anybody else remember Gladys & Harry who ran it?)and went back recently just for a look. Excellent beer and great food. Never going to be a tourist trap & thank God for that!

27 Aug 2008 19:11

The Ham and Blackbird, Farnborough

This is an awful pub. It took over 15 minutes to get served at lunchtime with only one till working, one credit card machine and three overworked staff trying to do food and drink orders, wait tables (one had to ask where table 9 was!), clear away empties and wash up. When asked for a "dry cider" the barstaff hadn't a clue what was meant. OK, it's a Beefeater which generally means low standards and poor service but the H&B is bad even by Beefeater's standards.

27 Jun 2008 21:21

The Sherlock Holmes, Charing Cross

Go in, see the reconstruction of 221B Baker Street - then go elsewhere for a drink.

5 Jun 2008 23:32

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

Brilliant, basic boozer.

Never miss a chance to go for a pint there when I'm in London.

5 Jun 2008 23:28

The Pride of Paddington, Paddington

It's a place to go if you're waiting for a train & haven't time to go anywhere better. That's about it.

5 Jun 2008 23:19

The Royal Albert, Crystal Palace

My old local when I lived in Norwood. Never very exciting (what pub near a library is?) but it's still a decent boozer for a quiet pint.

5 Jun 2008 23:16

The Thomas Farley, Thornton Heath

Isn't this the old Wilton Arms under a new name?

5 Jun 2008 23:09

Kings Arms, Bideford

Nice friendly boozer - love the tiny "cabin" at one end of the bar - like having your own private room.

5 Jun 2008 23:02

The Berkshire Arms, Newbury

THE place for family lunch on the weekend. If you hate kids AVOID.

29 May 2008 04:16

Berkshire Tavern, Newbury

Wasn't worth going in when it was the Hatchet and the change of name hasn't altered that.

29 May 2008 04:15

The Old London Apprentice, Newbury

Definitely open. I was in there last week.

29 May 2008 04:10

The Zetland Arms Hotel, Warwick

Great pub. Good food, good beer. I've been known to detour to Warwick from the M40 just to have lunch here.

25 May 2008 10:45

Purple Lounge, Newbury

Only pub in Newbury that regularly opens 'til early mornings.

Personally, I'd rather go home to bed.

25 May 2008 10:40

The Craven Arms, Newbury

About 4 miles outside town. Nice pub with a good pint and very busy on summer evenings.

25 May 2008 10:39

The Starting Gate, Newbury

Don't be put off by the outside (typical modern "estate" pub) - it's a friendly place with decent, if slightly pricey, beer.

25 May 2008 10:37

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Now re-opened and it's been done up nicely.

John seems to have moved on.

25 May 2008 10:33

Swann Inn, Newtown

Closed for a major re-furb.

BTW this is about 10 miles from the Tally Ho which is also listed as being in Newtown - it isn't.

18 May 2008 01:25

The Ham and Blackbird, Farnborough

For such a large building it seems strangly cramped inside. Beer poor service worse. Even with the two nearest pubs (the Tumbledown & the Alex.)temporarily closed, it doesn't seem to have picked up much new trade. The punters voting with their feet?

18 May 2008 01:13

Crab and Anchor, Farnborough

It's food has a good reputation but the service can be a bit slow.

18 May 2008 01:09

The Waggon and Horses, Hartley Wintney

I don't say this is the best pub in Hampshire but it's got to be in the top 5!

18 May 2008 01:08

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Marsh Green

Good food, good beer, nice welcome.

For God's sake though, don't walk back to Edenbridge down that main road after dark!

Get a cab.

18 May 2008 01:00

Royal Oak, Southampton

Yep, this is where the urinal got pinched. Apparently its now on display in the bar.

18 May 2008 00:45

Tumbledown Dick, Farnborough

Apparently Yates have bought it (well that's the local rumour).

18 May 2008 00:40

The Old Ford, North Camp

Nice, friendly & a decent pint of Guinness.

18 May 2008 00:37

The Great Western Hotel, Basingstoke

There are equally awful pubs of the same name in Didcot & Swindon. I've come to the conclusion that no no pub called the Great Western is ever any good.

18 May 2008 00:34

The Horse Shoes, Bampton

Nice friendly pub. Lunchtime food is basic but good & decent portions.

18 May 2008 00:30

The Hogget, Hook Common

Probably the best pub in Hook. That is not saying much at all though.

18 May 2008 00:16

Snooty Fox, Newbury

Great boozer with a friendly welcome. TVs for those who want to watch sport and papers for those who don't. Every St Patrick's Day the whole pub (bar and tables included) is covered with turf. Holds annual tug-of-war contest on St. George's Day.

18 May 2008 00:12

The Lock Stock and Barrel, Newbury

Live jazz on sundays (which is great if you're a jazz fan - I'm not. Nice pub though but the service can be very slow.

19 Apr 2008 09:48

Gordons Bar, Newbury

Went in the other day for a gin & tonic. They had no tonic. That about sums the place up. As far as I can see it relies on the business lunch trade to keep going.

19 Apr 2008 09:44

The Hogget, Hook Common

Now re-opened as "Hoggets". Not been in it yet.

13 Apr 2008 09:20

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Shut for a month from 8 April for a major re-furb.

13 Apr 2008 09:19

The George and Dragon, Much Wenlock

Wonderful, friendly pub. A real gem.

17 Feb 2008 19:35

The Princess Louise, Holborn

As an example of a Victorian "gin palace" the pub is superb (especially the gents). Pity there's only Sam Smith's indifferent ales on sale tho'. Even when well kept they're nothing to write home about.

3 Feb 2008 10:59

The Newton Arms, Holborn

Great place with friendly staff and good service. When visiting london we usually always manage a beer or two here. My wife says the ladies needs re-decorating but then nowhere's perfect.

3 Feb 2008 10:55

The Mole, Monk Sherborne

I have been there 3 times at various times of the day and never found it open yet.

The sign on the door "Mole Hall" that says it's open all day should be taken with a pinch of salt.

23 Jan 2008 19:03

The Hogget, Hook Common

I am told the Dorchester is due to close "shortly" for a major re-furbishment and possibly a name change as well.

23 Jan 2008 19:00

Bowlers Arms, Wash Common

This is the bar at Falkland Cricket Club. Not sure if it's open other than on match days.

6 Jan 2008 12:00

Gordons Bar, Newbury

The reason there are no decent pubs in Newbury is that anyone with any sense drinks in the country pubs outside the town leaving the town centre to chavs and general low life.

6 Jan 2008 11:51

The Hand and Flowers, Maidenhead

Great pub. Best in town.

6 Jan 2008 11:48

The Halfway Inn, Newbury

There's not a lot of difference between the Halfway & the White Hart & frankly I wouldn't use either of them. If you want food, you'd do better to go to the Red House at Marsh Benham or Dundas Arms at Kintbury & if you want a beer, go to the Blue Ball or Prince of Wales at Kintbury.

6 Jan 2008 11:47

The Monks Retreat, Reading

Large, impersonal, no atmosphere, poor service. In short, a typical Wetherspoons pub.

6 Jan 2008 11:40

The Plume of Feathers, Hungerford

Good beer, good food. Service can be a bit slow when it gets busy at lunchtimes.

6 Jan 2008 11:35

Uncle Henry's, Newbury

Gone and not missed.

6 Jan 2008 11:27

The Retreat, Reading

Joint winner of "Best Pub in Town" with the Hobgoblin (aka London Tavern) in my view. One of the great back street boozers of Britain. Pity it's not nearer the station, and that's about its only fault.

6 Jan 2008 11:22

The Old London Apprentice, Newbury

It's open now. Don't think it was closed - just looked that way.

6 Jan 2008 11:17

The Yew Tree Inn, Highclere

It's nice enough and the service was friendly but the food was nowhere near as good as I was expecting given the MPW connection.

6 Jan 2008 11:15

The Alehouse, Reading

Probably the best pub in Reading. Only The Retreat comes anywhere near it. Beer good (those who say it's overpriced must drink in some amazingly cheap pubs!) and so's the service. Wish they'd go back to the "real" name of The London Tavern though.

6 Jan 2008 11:12

The Document House, Newbury

I like this place a lot & use it as my local. The prices are on the dear side, I admit, but the service is good and I've always enjoyed the food both the quality & the portions.

The age policy seems to be based on whether the staff know you or not. My daughter (early 20s) has no problems getting in.

6 Jan 2008 11:05

The Alexandra, Farnborough

Needs work on it I admit but still better that the alternatives in town.

16 Dec 2007 23:36

Hog's Head, Newbury

Said by some to have the slowest bar service in town.

16 Dec 2007 23:14

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