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Comments by Buster_M

The Old Crown Inn, Messing

My mum was born and brough up in Messing, so I thought I would take her back to the village and popped into the pub. Although the building had changed little from the 1950s, there was absolutely nowhere to sit unless you were having one of the overpriced meals - If it is locally sourced, it should be cheaper - costs far less to transport your lamb fom Essex than it does from New Zealand!. The beer I did have (Adnam's Broadside) tasted slightly off and was probably the worst pint of Broadside i have ever had. Even for a small village, there was no community spirit and seems to be full of yuppie types. A few years ago, I remember being able to read all about the village on various framed articales on the walls, however, these had all gone by my most recent visit, another move by the owners to distance the pub from the village history. It might as well rebrand itself as a restaurant because it certainly isnt a pub anymore!

2 Dec 2013 10:02

The Abbey Hotel, Battle

In my experience, probably the worst pub in Battle, Shepherd Neame - need I say more!!

5 Aug 2013 14:16

The Peacock, Goudhurst

A beautiful pub, shame it is a Shepherd Neame. Although there was a decent range of ales. I had bishops finger and Emma had a Goldings. both seemed rather fizzy

5 Aug 2013 14:12

The West End Tavern, Marden

A lovely little village pub. Not the greatest range of ales though. I had Harvey's Sussex Best. Intriguing natural well in the beer garden

5 Aug 2013 14:09

The Horseshoes, East Farleigh

A very nice pub. Good range of ales and I din;t feel uncomfortable as a mere drinker.

5 Aug 2013 14:07

Bull Inn, East Farleigh

Reasonable. Had a Harvey's Best which was nice enough

5 Aug 2013 14:06

The Victory, Barming

A nice pub, OK ales. I had the Greene King IPA. The pikey clientele were actually very welcoming. Can't complain

5 Aug 2013 14:05

The Duke of Edinburgh, Maidstone

A nice locals pub,l serving a good pint of Spitfire

5 Aug 2013 14:02

The Chequers Inn, Aylesford

A lovely pub by the river. Two guest ales on but both were warm and rather bland. Not kept very well. Maybe the landlord needs educating on hown to keep a nice ale. A lovely village deserving of a better pub.

5 Aug 2013 14:01

The Medway Inn, Wouldham

Terrible range of ales. i.e: none!... freindly locals though

5 Aug 2013 13:58

The Watermans Arms, Wouldham

Typical Shepherd Neame pub, nothing special, ales were OK. I had Spitfire. The pool table was absolutely awful though!

5 Aug 2013 13:57

The Three Crutches, Strood

A really nice building let down by the 'pub' inside. Looked more like a bad Wetherspoons inside with cheap tables and chairs all set out for food and no seating for the drinker. Nice pint of speckled hen to be had though

5 Aug 2013 13:55

The Gardeners Arms, Higham

a lovely little pub, split into two bars which harks back to the public/saloon bar set up. Good range of Shepherd Neame ales, had Bishop's Finger. Carpet was custom made with pictures of the pub sign on it, which was a nice touch. Landlord took time to have a chat, which is always a nice touch

5 Aug 2013 13:53

The Railway, Wateringbury

Only Doombar on tap, a rather unspectacular place and was disappointed

12 Jun 2013 10:33

The Victoria, East Farleigh

an uninspiring pub with only Harvey's Best on tap.

12 Jun 2013 10:32

The Cock Inn, Boughton Monchelsea

A lovely village pub with a traditional timber interior. A very nice pint of mild on tap. Oh and a beautiful fireplace.

12 Jun 2013 10:31

Plough at Langley, Langley

A really nice local pub. Building and interior was nothing special but freindly bar staff and a good range of ales. I had an XKSS from teh Cottage Brewery, was very nice

12 Jun 2013 10:30

The George Inn, Leeds

A nice village pub, nothing special in architecture or design but very freindly bar staff. Had their own brand of ale called dragonfire, which was nice enough

12 Jun 2013 10:28

The Windmill, Hollingbourne

A very pretentious place and felt uncomfortable sitting in there as a mere drinker. Had a decent range of ales, I had the British Bulldog

12 Jun 2013 10:27

The Sugar Leaves, Hollingbourne

The Sugar LOAVES is an unspectacular pub with a limited range of ales. I had Green King IPA and it was kept very well.

12 Jun 2013 10:26

The Dirty Habit, Hollingbourne

visited this place again when the landlord generously opened his doors early to allow my girlfriend to clean herself up after falling off her bike going down the massive hill which precedes the approach to the pub. Very helpful and even invited us to a party the following month. Good range of ales. I had the 6X

12 Jun 2013 10:24

The George Inn, Newnham

A beautiful pub with a lovely wooden interior. Visited as the landlord wasa about to close, but he kindly stayed open to serve us drinks. They also gave us the number for a local B&BH so we were able to phone ahead and book a room for the night. had a delightful pint (or 2) of the mild and the missus joined me in drinking what has become one of her favourite beverages in recent times. A superb pub run by a very freindly landlord. Will definitely be visiting again soon to sample the food.

12 Jun 2013 10:21

Millers Arms, Canterbury

Shepherd Neame pub. No ales available at time of visit, which is abhorrent for a pub.

12 Jun 2013 10:18

The Parrot, Canterbury

An amazing old building dating bach to the 13th Century. Brilliant interior. Greeted on entry by a history lesson on a plaque which was a good read.A good range of ales. I had the Lion Ale. A sun trap for a beer garden which was lovely on the day of our visit

12 Jun 2013 10:16

The Jolly Sailor, Canterbury

Quite a large pub with floorboards and a general woody feel to it. Cheap food on the menu. Only had Masterbrew on tap, which I am not a fan of. Had a dry fizzy cider called Somersby aswell

12 Jun 2013 10:14

The George and Dragon, Fordwich

An absolute gem! Lovely riverside location. Despite serving a wonderful looking menu with copious restaurant seating, this pub does not neglect the real ale drinker and it supplies an excellent range. They even have a very informative blackboard menu describing each ale and the distance it travelled to get to the pub! I had a delightful Adnams Broadside. They also had Aspall's on tap.

12 Jun 2013 10:09

The Rising Sun, Stourmouth

A nice old building with a modern extension and large car park. Very spacious interior. MMuch more orientated towards food than beer, and the barstaff made the fatal mistake of asking if we were eating when I ordered my drinks. I absolutley HATE that! However, they did have a good range of ales. I had Clifton ale which was very nice. Also had Weston's cider on tap. Overall, average and pretentious

12 Jun 2013 10:06

The Dog and Duck, Stourmouth

Fantastic garden with a small footbridge over a little stream in the grounds. Poor range of ales for a country pub, had an average pint of Young's Bitter

12 Jun 2013 10:03

The Three Horseshoes, Great Mongeham

Was told that this had recently been taken over and the new landlord waas very freindly. seemed a nice local village pub and was made to feel welcome. Had a pint of Pedigree, which wasn't the best and no cider on tap

24 Apr 2013 11:35

The Hare and Hounds, Northbourne

A lovely building in a nice little village. Was dead in there and wasn't made to feel overly welcome. Had a pint of Harvey's Best which was nice enough, also had Thathcer's scrumpy available which I was told was very nice by the missus!

24 Apr 2013 11:33

Red Lion Inn, Bridge

Busy on Easter Monday, had the football on a big screen again. Disappointed by the lack of range of ales. No seating for the drinker either, all restaurant seating and was even asked if we were eating by the French owner; a definite no-no in an English pub!

24 Apr 2013 11:31

The Plough and Harrow, Bridge

Paid this place a second visit recently - was a lovely experience again. Had a lovely pint od Shepherd Neame Double Stout. Also got alot of attention from a friendly Husky dog.

24 Apr 2013 11:30

The Ringlestone Inn, Ringlestone

A pub where you wouldn't expect it. A fantastic building with a beautiful interior. A nice pint of Early Bird to be ahd a Thatcher's cider also available. Roast potatoes also provided to our delight! also excellent toilets!!

24 Apr 2013 11:28

The Dirty Habit, Hollingbourne

A delightful pub, steeped in history and a good range of ales. I had a nice pint of Spring Top and they also had Aspall's cider on tap. Also had a delightful little bar snack of Breaded Brie and Fruit Chutney

24 Apr 2013 11:26

The Oak On The Green, Bearsted

Lovely interior and a good range of guest ales. I plumped for teh Oak ale which was very nice. Also had Biddenden's cider on tap. A welcoming place despite it being very busy on Easter Sunday

24 Apr 2013 11:23

The White Horse, Bearsted Green

A rather quirky yet pretentious pub, but nice enough. Had a band on on Easter Sunday. Three rather boring ales on, I plumped for the Spitfire. Also had Aspall's cider on tap.

24 Apr 2013 11:21

Bell Inn, Bearsted

A nice old building, let down by a poor range of ales. The Green King IPA was very nicely kept though. No cider on tap

24 Apr 2013 11:19

Chiltern Hundreds, Maidstone

A very nice old building. Good selection of ales, I plumped for a very nice pint of Thwaites Wainwright, also had Aspall's cider for the missus. Freindly bar staff

24 Apr 2013 11:15

The Malta Inn, Sandling

I have to say that the service was excellent. HOwever, the Hobgoblin was poor and tasted as though it had been in open cask for far too long. A nice place for cyclists and walkers with a great location alongside the Medway. Real shame it is a Beefeater

24 Apr 2013 11:12

George, Yalding

A very nice pub with a good range of ales. I had a beautiful pint of Bread of Heaven, but no ciders on tap. overall I very much enjoyed the place

4 Mar 2013 11:11

Anchor, Yalding

A bizarre place, reminding me of a continental sailing club bar. Poor selection of ales, had to plump for a Directors. albeit a nice setting adjacent to the beautiful medieval bridge

4 Mar 2013 11:08

The Man of Kent, East Peckham

A lovely old building by a small river makes for an idyllic setting. Little headroom inside adds to teh character of the place. A nice reange of ales, I had the Lancaster Bomber, however, no ciders on tap

4 Mar 2013 11:06

The Bell, Golden Green

Was busy when we visited on a Sunday afternoon and seems like a drinker's pub, which is refreshingly different within this locale, although there is a restaurant area to the rear. Poor range of ales, but the Abbot Ale was nice enough but no cider on tap. A very freindly barmaid made this a nice visit

4 Mar 2013 11:02

The Man of Kent, Tonbridge

Paid another visit on one of our cycle trips recently, Music was certainly better on this visit, and had a reasonable pint of Harvey's also Stowford's for the missus

4 Mar 2013 10:56

Fleur-de-Lis, Leigh

Paid another visit recently on one of our cycle trips. Was able to really appreciate the beautiful building in the daylight. Two real ales on tap but no cider. I went for the Grand Slam which did taste like it was towards then end of its cask life but was tolerable. Freindly bar staff and a generally nice visit, even if the fire did fill the pub with smoke!

4 Mar 2013 10:53

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

Paid another visit to this pub on a recent cycle trip. Was very busy on the Sunday afternoon we visited, with several groups coming here to eat. we, as usual, stucj to the one drink each and of the three real ales on tap, I went for the Hooky which was nice enough. Also had Thatcher's for the Missus. The toilets were a bit poncy

4 Mar 2013 10:47

The George and Dragon, Swanscombe

A real man's pub. The perfect town pub. Excellent range of ales on tap and kegs of cider. I really wish I was able to stay longer, Will certainly be visiting again. Fantastic

19 Feb 2013 22:57

Ye Olde Leather Bottle, Northfleet

A very big pub on a main road junction. No real ales on tap. poor if you like you pubs and beer

19 Feb 2013 21:59

Pelham Arms, Northfleet

A typical town pub with the regular frowning customers as you enter as a stranger. However, we were made to feel welcome eventually by freindly barstaff and customers. A nice pint of Grand Slam to be had

19 Feb 2013 21:58

The Echo, Gravesend

Only London Pride on tap which I hate, but a really freindly barmaid made us feel very welcome. A town pub so you get what you would expect from that!

18 Feb 2013 22:37

Copperfields, Higham

A beefeater style pub with a cheap yet delicious carvery on offer. Let down by a lack of real ales and the grumpiest barmaid I have ever experienced

18 Feb 2013 22:34

Bounty, Strood

Clearly an estate pub and nothing more, However despite the look of an estate pub, it served a nice pint of Gem and the barmaid, altough looking probably 20 years older that she probably is, was really nice and made us feel welcome. A very welcome stop as i was desperate for a piss! I don't think i would like to frequesnt this place on a Friday or Saturday night though

18 Feb 2013 22:32

The Foresters Arms, Wouldham

A pungent smell greets you on entry, and this makes it feel like you are entering your nan's living room!. Freindly landlord, and although no real ales or ciders on tap, I enjoyed a nice pint of Ansell's Best. Kittens running along the bar made for a different sort of entertainment and the locals were all very freindly and welcoming

18 Feb 2013 20:39

The Windmill, Burham

Had run out of half the beers they had on tap and had to settle for a bottle, yes a BOTTLE of Bombardier! Barman did not have a clue and I even had to help him decipher the card machine. The place felt more like an estate pub than a village pub

18 Feb 2013 19:53

The Lower Bell, Blue Bell Hill

paid another visit recently whilst on one of our cycle trips, Went in about midday on a Friday and they were still serving breakfasts, and the tables took on a greasy spoon like appearance. The landlord was almost as grumpy as the barmaid on our previous visit. A nice pint of red kite but no cider.

18 Feb 2013 19:51

The Black Horse, Thurnham

A wonderful pub tucked away in the beautiful Kent Downs. Amazing food at a good price and a good range of 4 ales. We stayed the night and the receptionist was very helpful in accommodating our push bikes and we arrived around 7PM but she still had a smile on her face and made us feel welcome. very helpful staff all round. I think 'benton' must have been on drugs either when he visited the pub or when he wrote the review. An excellent place to eat, drink or stay

15 Feb 2013 20:55

The Halfway House, Challock

An old coaching inn which unfortunately doesnt really have the feel of a traditional pub. However, a nice pint of Spitfire to be had and biddenden's vintage cider in bottles. Pleasant enough

13 Feb 2013 23:54

The Tickled Trout, Wye

A lovely traditional village pub with a lovely location along the riverside. A nice range of ales, i plumped for a nice pint of the Old Man. Also had thatchers for the missus.

13 Feb 2013 23:50

The Five Bells, East Brabourne

Wow! What a delightful place. Tucked away in the beautiful Kentish countryside. The pub is wonderfully decked out in a rustic manner with the occassional quirky feature such as the beer keg fireplace. An excellent range of guest and unique ales (I stumped for a lovely pint of the Brabourne stout) and they also had Biddenden's cider on tap. Attached is a wonderful little farm shop arrangement. I couldn't fault the place and I would definitely like to eat and stay here

13 Feb 2013 22:12

Red Lion Inn, Bridge

One of three pubs along Bridge High Street. Not as nice as the Plough and Harrow down the road, but very pleasant nonetheless. Had the football on a big screen which serves the sporting clientelle. Served a nice pint of Young's Best and Stowell's cider.

29 Jan 2013 19:21

The Plough and Harrow, Bridge

A delightful pub in a lovely village. Very traditional and was impressed with the 'White Star' gueat ale they had on at the time of my visit. also had Thatcher's which kept the missus happy. All in all, a really lovely pub with a quirky interior.

29 Jan 2013 19:18

The Granville, Lower Hardres

Very different for a country pub. Lovely stone tiled floor an d a relaxing atmosphere. Very food orientated and only had Masterbrew on tap, which I am not a lover of, however, it tasted fine. Also no cider available. Therefore no worth going if you like your beer

29 Jan 2013 17:46

George, Chartham

A welcoming sign on the fence stating that this pub is an official cycle stop made me feel at home before I even entered and I proceeded to chain my bike to the fence as suggested on the sign. Upon entering I wasn't disappointed. A good selection of ales on tap. I settled for Rocking Rudolph as it was only £2 a pint. The landlord even tasted a sample before serving, which increased my confidence that the ales are kept well under his stewardship. The Rudolph was certainly very nice. The old style toilets were also impressive. However, despite the comment below, this pub is a long way off being the best pub I have been to. I can only suggest that the previous reviewer has frequented few establishments. A good pub nonetheless

29 Jan 2013 17:43

The White Lion, Selling

After cycling past the previous week when it was closed, I was eager to return for a visit and it didn't disappoint. A delightful pub which although clearly priding itself on its food, serves a delightful pint of Late Red, probably the best pint of the stuff I have had when I visited. Had Thatchers on tap but wasnt available at the time of visit which was rather disappointing. Freindly barmaid and the large fireplace was very welcome on a cold winter's day

29 Jan 2013 16:14

The Queens Head, Boughton-under-Blean

This place was a breath of fresh air after experiencing a chav and pikey fest at teh White Horse down the road. Had a guest ale on called frosty glow, not to my liking but its nice to see a pub selling guest ales in addition to the mainstream ales. The other half enjoyed a nice half of Thatcher's too which went down well with her. I remember soilling the last bit of my dring across the bar, but the barmaid was kind enough to immediately resupply my glass without me requesting her to do so - certainly worth an additional point to the rating!

25 Jan 2013 14:45

The White Horse Inn, Boughton-Under-Blean

A really nice looking pub was ruined by a family of pikeys frequenting the bar when we visited. Was made to feel rather uncomfortable in their presence and my visit wasn't even appeased by good beer, having to settle for a Masterbrew as the only ale on tap and no cider available for the other half. Disappointing

25 Jan 2013 14:35

The Sondes Arms, Selling

A bizarre place and very bright for a pub, completely empty when we visited on a Monday afternoon, the landlord was sitting by the fire as we walked in and seemed a strange character. A nice pint of Southwold Bitter but no cider on tap. Reading the reviews below, I can only assume that it has recently re-opened

25 Jan 2013 12:44

The Oak, Charing

Far too bright for a pub and clearly orientated more towards the food market than beer. a very dull range of ales, and had to settle for a poorly kept masterbrew which seemed to have been kept on a low gas to improve shelf life. no cider on tap either. The toilets were also far to fancy for my liking and definitely didnt have a pub feel.

24 Jan 2013 22:36

Black Horse, Pluckley

Wow! I have been thoroughly entertained by the ding dong going on in these reviews! Just like a script from Emmerdale..... Anyway, after a Monday afternoon visit to this pub I can only report that I find this place rather pleasant with a nice pint of Spitfire served, although no cider other than the universally derided Strongbow. A lovley example of military hardware by the huge fireplace also cught my eye.. We also felt rather welcome and had a pleasant conversation with the barmaid during our visit

24 Jan 2013 22:28

The Dering Arms, Pluckley

A lovely medieval looking pub with lovely hunting decor and a nice pint of the in-house ale, Dering ale. The landlord was nice and freindly and the log fire was much appreciated during our winter cycle ride

24 Jan 2013 15:02

The White Hart, Newenden

We stayed here overnight during a long distance cycle ride. It was a lovely place to stay with quirky old rooms. The beer was great, with a very good range and variety available, Goachers and Rother Valley Level Best being a partivular highlight. The bar staff were very helpful and had a lovely evening meal. Breakfast in the morning was also very nice with the bacon being exceptionally nice!

24 Jan 2013 14:58

The Queens Head, Seddlescombe

Lovely location and a nice pub let down by a lack of a full range of ales available (Only had Harvey's best when visited, which was nice nonetheless). No sign of the pikey youths mentioned in earlier reviews and the provision of free roast potatoes on a sunday afternoon certainly gave this place an extra point in teh ratings

24 Jan 2013 14:43

The Chequers Inn, Battle

On my second visit I can report that the place had a similar feel to my last visit, however the barmaid was more freindly this time and I had a nice pint of British Bulldog

24 Jan 2013 12:10

The Senlac Inn & Restaurant, Battle

Bbecause of the bizarre name and the word 'restaurant' on the front of the building i was intially expecting a poncy gastro pub. However, upon entering I was greeted with a traditional bar area with a seperate restaurant area to the rear, which i can deal with. The landlady was more than welcoming and although the ales provided were basic (Harvey's Best and London Pride) the Harvey's was nice enough. However, the highlight of my time in this pub was my visit to the toilets, a woderfully traditional urinal which certainly upped this pub's rating by a mark

23 Jan 2013 22:48

The White Rock, Underriver

A really pleasant village pub. Lovely interior, which strangely looks older than it does on the outside. Good range of beers and even had some mulled wine on offer at a reasonable price. We visited on a Monday afternoon so was probably quieter than how it usually gets, definitely worth another visit

18 Dec 2012 18:52

Flying Dutchman, Hildenborough

This place was fine, nothing special, but nothing bad about the place, Harvey's Best was all that they had on offer but was nice enough

18 Dec 2012 18:50

Hilden Manor, Hildenborough

I knew what to expect before entering this place, a poor selection of beer and a cheap restaurant atmosphere, and that is what this place delivered. Im not complaining and the place was OK but chain beefeaters are not my cup of tea for a pub

18 Dec 2012 18:48

Ye Olde Chequers Inn, Tonbridge

Paid another visit recently, the girl behind the bar was much freindlier than the woman on our previous visit, but the pub unfortunately continues to only sell London Pride which lets the place down. Otherwise nothing drastically wrong with the place

18 Dec 2012 16:36

Wheelwright Arms, Matfield

Came across this pub on one of our cycle rides just before 12 o'clock on a monday. Despite our early arrival, the landlord kindly opened up for us so we could get a drink and warm up by the fire. A nice pint of Spitfire followed and we certainly warmed up by the fire. The landlord was a very freindly bloke from Zimbabwe and we found plenty to talk about, which is always nice when you are the only people in the pub! Seems to be quite food orientated, however, this was not too detrimental to the whole pub experience

18 Dec 2012 15:10

The Bell Hotel, Ticehurst

WOW! This place is like nowhere i have been to before. Clearly alot of money has been spent on it. Extremely quirky and original from a squirrel holding up the ceiling to French Horns as urinals. the other half and I stayed here after a days cycling and the staff were very helpful in securing our bikes round the back and our room was fantastic, well worth the £80 we paid for it. They had Harvey's Old Ale on tap and I was able to polish off several delightful pints of it before retiring for the night. One drawback was that the food, although quite lovely, was extortionate, in hindsight I think going to the indian across the road would have been a better option. However, our breakfast in the morning was superb and fuelled us up for the remainder of our cycle journey. All in all an unforgettable stay and would recommend the place to anyone wishing to stay overnight in the area.

18 Dec 2012 15:06

The White Hart, Battle

An odd but pleasant arrangement. A very nice dining area wih a fantastic view across the countryside, well worth a visit. We just had a drink in the bar area, which is rather bland yet unmistakably quaint. A couple of locals were at the bar on our visit and they were incredibly friendly and helpful as was the young barman.

18 Dec 2012 14:59

The Bull Inn, Battle

A good range of ales on tap and very welcoming staff. Clearly been modernised recently and this takes a little away from the history of the place, and it feels less warm as a result. Nevertheless I enjoyed my time here

18 Dec 2012 14:06

The Chequers Inn, Battle

Reading the reviews below, I expected this pub to be a lot worse than it actually was. It was lovely and warm inside, which was very much welcomed after a winter cycle ride. The beer was reasonable, I think I had a Spitfire, and I felt comfortable despite not being local throughout

18 Dec 2012 13:24

White Hart, Cuxton

A pleasant pub, we visited on a Friday evening and although it was well stocked with locals, the atnmosphere was still welcoming. Seems to have taken on more of a town centre pub look rather than a village pub but not a bad word to say about the place.

16 Nov 2012 16:32

The Bull Inn, Snodland

no real ale on tap, the clientelle let this nice looking pub down. was made to feel uncomfortable throughout my visit

16 Nov 2012 16:30

Monks Head, Snodland

Seems to be more of a locals pub but we were made welcome enough not to feel uncomfortable. No ale on tap so had to settle for a Boddington's and there was no cider for the other half either. Crap beer lets this place down

16 Nov 2012 16:28

The Angel Inn, Addington

I really liked this place. Very nice building bothe inside and out, they had there own guest ale on tap which was nice enough and the fire kept us warm after cycling on a cold autumn day.

16 Nov 2012 16:26

The Man of Kent, Tonbridge

Nice old and traditional building both inside and outside, let down by a poor selection of Ales, Tribute is not one of my favourites; and the music was particularly unsuited to such a nice traditional pub

16 Nov 2012 16:21

Ye Olde Chequers Inn, Tonbridge

Probably one of the nicer pubs in Tonbridge Town Centre, but that isn't really saying much! Very nice building and the interior is pleasantly traditional. Let down by having only London Pride on which was awful.

16 Nov 2012 16:19

The Humphrey Bean, Tonbridge

A rather charmless wetherspoons with no atmosphere. I can't say I expected any better or less from a wetherspoons establishment though. However, a Good selection of beers

16 Nov 2012 16:16

The Crown, Groombridge

An absolutely fantastic pub. After cycling from Lewes we decided to stay here as well as enjoy the superb range of ales and excellent food. The accommodation was quirky and perfect for our taste. The new owners were so helpful and welcoming this is one of the best pubs we have visited on our cycle rides. Another bonus was the fantastic breakfast we were cooked which filled our bellies ready to continue our cycle ride on to our destination of cuxton. Thank you for the memorable stay

16 Nov 2012 15:39

Half Moon Inn, Crowborough

After a particularly testing hill climb on the bikes, this pub was a welcome break and while the beer was nice, the interior decor was rather plain and boring. all in all a reasonable pub in a welcome location for cyclists

16 Nov 2012 15:35

The Griffin Inn, Fletching

An lovely pub in a beautiful village. A good range of well kept ales and although we didnt eat, the menu looked tremendous. Very nice interior in keeping with the look of the whole village.

16 Nov 2012 15:29

The Bull Inn, Newick

This pub is very nice, but nothing more. It is clearly more orientated towards food, although the spitfire was kept very well. Unfortunately, it is also let down by the fact that the simply superb Royal Oak is across the road, which we visited prior to the Bull. Albeit, this is a very nice pub and worth a visit if passing through Newick

16 Nov 2012 15:27

The Royal Oak, Newick

A tremendous pub which retains its traditional rural features, and maintains a drink before food focus. Harvey's ales were kept exceptionally well and the missus enjoyed an Addlestone's cider. A very freindly barman who kept us chatting throughout our visit. Definitely one of my favourite pubs in East Sussex

16 Nov 2012 15:23

The Winning Post, Plumpton Green

A lovely little pub, was the first customers on a Thursday morning but made to feel welcome, with a good Brain's guest ale on and Stowfords cider for the other half

16 Nov 2012 15:20

The Wheatsheaf, Bough Beech

Although this was the last pub on our cycle route from Ashford to Edenbridge, and by this time was feeling rather tipsy, we found this place very charming and welcoming. The ales were very well kept and there was a good selection and the Stowford's cider kept the missus happy! A beautiful exterior is almost replicated inside, and although it was expensive, I wasn't expecting it to be cheap given its location. walked in covered in twigs and mud, but no one battered an eyelid which was nice considering I was rather nervous about upsetting the more well-to-do locals.

30 Oct 2012 15:20

The Little Brown Jug, Chiddingstone Causeway

The missus certainly enjoyed this pub. She spent most of our time here reading the old books on the book shelf. Good selection of ales, and although it seems more orientated towards food, you ccan hardly blame them as most people would have to drive to get here. Overall I thought this was a lovely pub and a welcome stop off as we cycled towards Edenbridge

30 Oct 2012 15:14

Fleur-de-Lis, Leigh

This is a lovely little pub, I had a really nice guest ale called bonkers conkers and the missus was able to enjoy a decent cider on tap (not Strongbow!) Really freindly staff and although I was rather drunk by this stage (I fell off my bike shortly after) it certainly sticks in the memory

30 Oct 2012 15:10

The Castle Hotel, Tonbridge

This pub was certainly not for me. No real ales on tap so had to settle for a mediocre Guinness. The interior is cold and modern; decked out in plastic and steel sheeting. An awesome location on the river and opposite the castle, this place should be better. overall poor

30 Oct 2012 15:07

George and Dragon, Tudeley

A very nice country pub in an intriguing old building, well worth an explore. The ale was kept well and wlthough we didn't eat, the menu looked nice and reasonably priced. Very much worth a visit

30 Oct 2012 15:04

Queens Head, Five Oak Green

Clearly quite a local community pub, but was made welsome nonetheless. Had a guest ale on at the time of visit which went down well. but certainly no complaints with this pub.

30 Oct 2012 15:01

Elm Tree, Paddock Wood

A less than impressive pub with only Masterbrew available. very plain interior.

30 Oct 2012 14:58

The White Hart, Claygate

A really nice rural pub with a good selection of ales. very relaxing atmosphere

30 Oct 2012 14:54

Hawkenbury, Staplehurst

Could be a very nice country pub, but I didn't have a very nice feeling about it, I can't put my finger on it but I didn;t enjoy my time at this pub. Nice local ale though

30 Oct 2012 14:53

White Horse, Headcorn

Been here twice now during cycle trips. A nice boozer with good ales on and these are well kept. Had a very cheap and very enjoyable lunch here on the second trip. Will definitely return when next in Headcorn

30 Oct 2012 14:52

The Bell Inn, Smarden

Been here twice now during cycle trips. Very warming atmosphere in the Bar area, and the fireplace is very welcoming on cold days. Beer is kept well with a decent range for a Shepherd Neame pub. Food is extortionately expensive so decided not to eat here.

30 Oct 2012 14:50

The Rising Sun, East Malling

Been here twice now on cycle trips through East Malling. Both times I found this place incredibly welcoming. Barstaff were helkpful and cheerful and the prices are pleasing on the wallet. I had very good (and different) ale on both occassions and the other half was even impressed with the house red wine which comes in small bottles. All in all very impressed and was actually disappointed we had to leave to continue our cycle journey.

30 Oct 2012 13:29

The Kentish Quarryman, Ditton

A rather runexpected find on our cycle trip from Sheerness to West Malling. Although a large pub, it was very quiet on the sunday eveing when we visited. Poor selection of Ales, Master Brew is not one of my favourites, but tolerable nonetheless. The other half found the lager not to her taste either. Comfortable seating area by the large tele. All in all a below average pub, but would visit again next time I am in Ditton

30 Oct 2012 13:25

The Bush, Aylesford

A rather pleasant village pub. The landlady, Kim, was incredibly helpful and let us use the back to park our bicycles. Beer was fine and we even had a go on the raffle, a welcome rest on our cycle ride and a rather picturesque row of houses across the road

30 Oct 2012 13:21

The Lower Bell, Blue Bell Hill

A little disappointed with my visit to this pub in all honesty. I found the bar staff rather unwelcoming and one did not even register a smile. I also don't remember her saying anything other than grunts and nods of the head. Despite this, the Greene King beer was a pleasant change to the previous pubs we had visited during the day, also plenty of effort had gone into the halloween decorations and it was a rather impressive display

30 Oct 2012 13:19

The Bell, Bredhurst

Popped in here for a Sunday Roast. Pleasant enough pub, although table numbers on the tables instills a sense of commercialism to the place. Beer was fine. The roast was served quickly and the roast beef was huge so no complaints on that. A generally nice pub but should be careful to stay clear of comercialisation or risk losing touch with the village pub type which I truly enjoy

30 Oct 2012 13:14

The Woolpack, Iwade

Popped in here on a Sunday afternoon, was pleasantly busy and the beer was well kept, although the missus was a little disappointed by the lack of cider on tap. A generally nice village pub

30 Oct 2012 13:11

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