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Euston Flyer, Euston

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user reviews of the Euston Flyer, Euston

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Fine, as a chainy, slightly raucous pub will ever go and they did have Dark Star Hophead on tap - a merciful break from the colourless Fullers range (that said, Hophead already seems less tasty since the brewery was taken over). There are various levels and I suppose we should be grateful for this not being a worse place.
BoehmBawerk - 14 May 2019 08:20
I must be the only BITE reader who has sipped in the Euston Flyer. Top 3 posts & 4 of the last 5. Here for the umpteenth year in a row, fresh off Eurostar from Brussels, aching for British beer after lagering & pilsenering around Germany. A pint of London Pride (4.30) was familiar if not spectacular, and the service was up to its usual friendly & efficient standard. And toilets on the same level as the bar, increasingly important as my knees get older, has put my score up a point.
Queenslander - 13 Sep 2017 22:44
Just like deja vu all over again. Me, Eurostar & the Euston Flyer. Weather this time brilliant on both sides of the channel, & the Pride pint was 4.15, 10p more than last year which I suppose is a reasonable rate of increase. All previous positive comments are still in force. This place is a good example of how a busy pub should work.
Queenslander - 30 Aug 2016 22:32
Called in here for similar reasons to last year; just off a delayed Eurostar (though this year the wet weather was here, not in France). They really know their business here; efficient & friendly, with most customers dripping wet & having English as a second language. My satisfactory pint of Pride was 4.05, 11 pence more than last year but at least no copper in the change.
Queenslander - 28 Aug 2015 23:30
Called in for a swift pint of ESB yesterday evening. The beer was in excellent conditio, but it should have been at an eye-watering £4.15 per pint, (ridiculously expensive even for a central London pub).
Aztecgoat - 12 Nov 2014 09:35
Eager for an ale after a wet week in France, and open at a civilised time (10:20 am) the Euston Flyer probably was seen through rose coloured glasses. But I couldn't fault it: cheerful staff and quite a few customers for an early hour and a nice pint of Pride at 3.94 (why not 3.95?). As I was staying in the area to catch a north bound train it became an honorary local and I returned for a satisfactory meal later in the day. Plenty of room, sport on the screens, nothing to fault.
Queenslander - 23 Aug 2014 23:22
Had a couple of hours here on Saturday evening. It's a good place to visit to watch football and meet up with supporters from other teams. I've never encountered had any serious bother!
Beers were ok but on the expensive side even for London. The Gem was fine.
Barstaff were friendly though English isn't always their first language!

outtamehead - 8 May 2013 11:09
Teh Euston Flyer is a great place to have a pint while watching footie or waiting for a train. They have the usual Fuller's selection but need to update. Had a pint of Fuller's Black Cab at another pub. Nice stout ale. Could not believe that the Flyer did not have on tap. Time to step it up and change up the taps.
CanRN - 6 Jan 2013 18:51
16th October 2012 around 2pm.

Fullers really need to get a grip of this place if they are to keep their excellent reputation for boozers. It was dark, dingy and stuffy with sticky floor and threadbare carpets; indifferent staff and no greeting despite the fact there were three staff behind the bar and just me in front of it. "Yes" was the only word I got out of the tall male who served me.

There were about 12 or so other customers in the bar as I sat at a table on the centre level. Tables around me had dirty glasses and plates on them and the only clear one I found had bits of lettuce stuck to it. Nobody attended to them whilst I was there.

My pint of ESB at £3.95 was overpriced for such tacky surroundings; it was an acceptable pint but far from the best ESB I've sampled- and I've sampled a lot!

The dreaded piped-muzak that has invaded so many pubs, combined with a persistent smell of something between roast beef and excrement emanating from the doors behind me ensured that I drunk up in 15 minutes never to return ever again.
pedantnic - 9 Nov 2012 18:36
Superb boozer good for commuters. Cornelius is a must as his contemporary Clive who has a worrying habit of going up East with Dubs & Daaaavid.
Good bar staff too!!
Mary from Marylebone.

Lindacfs44 - 10 Oct 2012 15:28
I've visited about 6 times in the last year and sampled a good range of their beer and some of the smaller meals on offer. In fact it's a place we regularly head for to see my friend off at Kings X. We like it and regularly spend up to 2 hours in here. Friday nights are heaving with commuters but I've always liked the friendly atmosphere. The food prices are, in some cases, cheaper than other Fullers pubs in the area. This is quite surprising. Also they do a good range of ales including Bengal Lancer which is not always available on draft. Also handy for the 214 bus back to L'pool St after a good night out.
ButchEgg - 7 Jul 2012 13:50
I headed here earlier this week to watch England vs France in Euro 2012. Upon entering the pub (which had its big-screen all ready, St George's Cross bunting out, etc) about 45 mins pre-kick off I asked why the TVs were all showing Sky Sports News with the sound on mute and why they weren't showing BBC1 (which was broadcasting the game - the pre-match analysis was already well underway) and turn on/up the volume. After all, there were loads of England fans already in the pub and no-one wanted to watch Sky Sports News (on mute). The bargirl (who seemed eastern European) didn't understand my request - indeed the poor belle barely seemed to speak any English. After repeating my question three times she asked the manager, who said 'I'll maybe switch to the BBC in 10 mins'. Extraordinary - especially given the pub was championing its screening of the match! When the manager finally switched channels there was a loud cheer from the amassed hordes - an ironic cheer, at least partly. In positive, the lager (Carlsberg) was chilledand there were loads of staff on. In summary, two tips: 1) employ staff who speak English and have customer-service skills; 2) if you're trumpeting the screening of a sports event, do indeed screen it FFS!
ThirstyDrinker - 14 Jun 2012 20:55
Went in after a conference round corner - pub was rammed (Euro 2012 on). There was a full selection of Fullers Ales and two Gales ales. I selected the Gales Seafarer and it was good but not as good as the Spitfire I had round the corner in the Mabels Tavern earlier in the day. I had a burger in here as well and it was good.
kernott1 - 14 Jun 2012 14:34
I made a rare visit here on Sunday night to meet up with some friends.
The beer selection was far better than your typical Fullers pub and included a couple of Gales ales. Unfortunately, for me, they were all as flat as a witches *** and totally lifeless.
My major complaint though was about the food that I was unfortunate enough to buy. I ordered the roast pork and apple sauce sandwich and expected to be served with a sandwich full of roast pork with plenty of apple sauce. What I was served with was two slices of white bread with a few scraps of pork and pork crackling and a flavouring of apple sauce. No attempt had been made to spread the filling to the edges of the sandwich. If they had done that, there would have been a gap in the middle of the sandwich. There was probably just enough roast pork and apple sauce in the sandwich to satisfy the Trades Descriptions Act, but this (now ex) customer was far from satisfied.

ajsqs - 15 May 2012 12:49
Returned to The Euston Flyer this Saturday to enjoy some more off there wonderfull food/beer before heading off to wmbeley and the big match, we waited no more than a couple of minutes and even though the bar was busy we were greeted with a smile and a are you looking forward to the match question. Great atmosphere and felt secure with bouncers keeping an eye on thigs. Two nice Chorizo burgers, I only wish Liverpool could have done so well. Till next time.
alelover28 - 9 May 2012 15:12
We visited this pub for Sunday lunch, and i must say what a treat it was!
It was a tad on the expensive side but the quality of service, food &beer made up for that. We were about to catch the train north with some time to kill when we saw this fullers pub, more by chance because of it being hidden behind some scaffolding. When we arrived we were greeted warmly handed menu's and advised to find a table before ordering so as to make sure we got a seat. We both had Roasts which were excellent and large, these were washed down with bengal lancer and front row of excellent taste. The staff were warm polite and friendly even enquireing as to where we were off to. This will now be our first & Last port of call when coming to and leaving London, Great job keep up the good work!!
alelover28 - 19 Feb 2012 16:06
This Pub is only busy cos of the location, Euston Road. Most Fullers Pubs are lovely but this is one I will never set foot in again.
I asked for a Pint of Stella and the Duty Manager served me. He picked up a Glass straight from the Drip-tray and started to fill it up. Problem was it was already half full with slops from the Drip-tray. Lucky I caught him. I would hate to think how often this goes on. This probably happens to all the poor tourists who use the Pub due to it's proximity to the Stations. God help our reputation abroad if this is what foreigners think a British Pub is like. STAY AWAY!!!!
TheFluffer - 13 Jan 2012 20:11
total mystery why this is in Camra's 2012 good beer guide, the beers are mediocre at best and easily the most expensive in the area, icing on the cake was having my glass swiped when still about a quarter full when nipping out to the loo ! A myriad of better options exist nearby for ale enthusasts.
moclips2002 - 27 Sep 2011 22:41
Well done the Flyer for barring the EDL tomorrow!
flashharry1965 - 2 Sep 2011 11:52
Planning to host the EDL tomorrow. Vote with your wallets.
flashharry1965 - 2 Sep 2011 10:53
Handy to break up the walk from the bus stop at KX to the Train at Euston Home. Cavernous, large bar, plenty of staff. Food is delivered from a 3663 truck that set off from macclesfield some time ago. Probably.
Mappiman - 9 Aug 2011 17:24
We popped in here a few times during our London visit, mostly due to the good food & also the Fullers selection. Nice big tele's to watch sport on as well...caught an Arsenal game there and it was quite a festive place! Friendly & helpful barstaff, fun patrons. though it is located on the main drag, it still has a decent charm to it.
TerryValderas - 8 Aug 2011 23:20
OK Fullers house, but it lacks any character.
TheHorsesMouth - 29 Jun 2011 13:33
Had an excellent pint of ESB the other day. Friendly service from the barstaff. Handy for watching sport on the tv too.
Note to Rob1981. Another decent pub in the area is the Bree Louise close to Euston station. A bit further to walk from King's Cross but well worth the visit.
outtamehead - 15 Apr 2011 14:18
Solid enough station pub, well kept Fullers beers and good value pub grub. If you've got an hour to kill before catching a train from King's Cross, it's either here or Mabel's Tavern around the corner.
rob1981 - 22 Mar 2011 22:09
Its not bad, but must be avoided at all costs during match day. Football mobs from around the country head for here. Ale has always been well kept and a decent enough range.
Scousefire - 13 Jan 2011 14:17
Always pop in and have a Stella when I`m around, usually match days, check for Northern mobs - they usually congregate here. Food is great, staff are friendly are courteous. Happy days
rimmer69 - 20 Nov 2010 22:49
After the shambles that is O'Neills 30 yards away (see my review) this is a well run establishment with a wide range of good beers albeit a little on the expensive side - but beggars can't be choosers when time is at a premium with your train due to leave in 45 minutes.

Sampled the Fullers ESB and I was not disappointed. Breakfasts being tucked into with relish by others when I was there at 11.20 last Friday morning.

aboukir - 2 Nov 2010 19:37
Handy for Euston or St. Pancras.

Good selection of beers, in particular honey dew, although it is at the pricer end but I suppose that's the location for you.

Friendly and quick service. Open plan is a bit souless and it's difficult to have a conversation when it gets busy.

Overall, a good experience.
lancashirelad - 24 Jun 2010 09:12
Have been in here several times now, as it is so handy for the Euston and Kings Cross stations. The large open-plan interior doesn't make for a brilliant atmosphere. Although low partitions do create individual drinking areas. Food appears popular. Multiple TVs show live sports events. Practically the full Fullers range is available - London pride, Discovery, ESB plus Gales Festival, Seafarers Ale and Hock. The prices are excessive. You pay for the location. Whilst I don't particularly dislike this place, there are better places with a greater beer selection nearby.
blue_scrumpy - 22 May 2010 16:18
Reasonable enough for a Fuller's house - though as usual the best ales on offer are the ones that they brew which aren't theirs. Had a very nice pint of Gale's Festival (though a bit beyond the mark at 3.80). The 'London Railway' theme is echoed throughout the place in there being far more standing room than seats. It's actually closer to St.Pancras than Euston and is a better bet than risking the ever variable beer quality (and prices) in the Betjemen.
anonymous - 11 May 2010 22:38
Surprisingly good for a station pub, largely due to Fullers putting on a good range and the landlord keeping the beer in excellent condition; ESB was excellent on my last visit. as previous posters have noted, it tends to be as busy as one would expect of a pub located on a mainline railway station, but the transient nature of the clientele doesn't detract too much from the fairly traditional pub atmosphere. Also not a bad place to watch football and, if I were a football fan from the west midlands or northwest, this would probably be my pub of choice for a last pint before heading home from London.
pablos13 - 7 Apr 2010 11:14
The Flyer is very popular especially when there's football on. One large screen and a couple of smaller ones so it's fairly easy to watch the action.
Have eaten in the pub several times and the food has been good each time.
Beers are mainly Fullers, good but not cheap.
Service is good. Most times I've visited there has been a small army of female staff waiting to serve me! Very friendly.
outtamehead - 23 Jan 2010 02:06
Have reviewed this before and it is ok but the prices are starting to get ridiculous.
GuideDogSaint - 18 Jan 2010 22:07
Impressed with the service at this pub -- 6pm on a Wednesday and the bar was busy but lots of pleasant bar staff lined up waiting to serve.

Beer also very good -- Seafarers', Pride, Discovery, ESB and London Porter. I had the last two, which were very good. A mark deducted, however, for the outrageous price for the porter -- even for London 3.70 is extracting the urine.
charlie_m - 14 Jan 2010 07:41
Large main road spacious pub situated on the main road and convenient for St Pancras, Kings Cross and Euston stations over the road.

A split level interior and various pillars break the large interior up nicely and help prevent what could easily become a bit of a typical high street "drinking barn".

Like the Doric Arch, it's a popular pub for football supporters and I imagine it can get a bit lively when big games are on. There's several large drop down TV's for those not going to a live game.

The pub opens early for breakfast and a good trade was evident on my Saturday morning visit.

The pub serves the full range of Fullers Beers and the London Pride - 3.25p - was in good form. The pub is listed in the 2010 GBG. A good range of foreign bottled beers is also available.

I didn't think I'd like this place - I expected it to be rather chavvy and down market - but I was reasonably impressed and, whilst I wouldn't go out of my way to revisit, I'd happily pop in again if passing through.
JohnBonser - 24 Dec 2009 08:56
Went in on a Thursday evening and it was very busy as a company had reserved large parts of the pub for a function.

I like Fullers pubs and this one is really smart. The beers were good in quality and selection and the barstaff were very pleasing on the eye.

A good place to meet being so close to main rail terminals.

Not as cheap as some, but I go out to enjoy myself, not count pennies.
willesden_seadog - 19 Dec 2009 13:43
Nearer to Kings Cross than Euston of truth be told this is a nice Fullers pub on the main Euston Rd. There was Pride, ESB, Butcombe and Seafarers on offer for the ale drinker and the atmosphere was post-office but relaxed.

Raised areas to the right and rear of the entrance make it easier for office parties to book a do and I have to say that most of the food I saw being served looked very appetising.

It's a good pub this and reminded me a bit of early day JDWs before they started attracting drunks and lowlife.

Well worth a visit if in the area.
murgatroyd - 2 Dec 2009 00:35
A nice pub, well kept beer, food made fresh and very nice, but London prices!
aandaaleclub - 9 Oct 2009 19:45
Souless Fullers pub. Beer well kept. There are better pubs in the area so I will not be returning in a hurry.
woofhound - 19 May 2009 13:55
Usual Fullers pub. You know what you're getting. Good place to meet and has always had cute barmaids.
nobbythesheep - 10 May 2009 21:27
3.45 for a pint of Hock appeared to be the standard across the central London estate. Shame that when I had it here it was tired and lacklustre - and the schizoid nature of the pub (dark interior, loud and intrusive screens) does not make for a destination.
meurglys_iv - 25 Apr 2009 12:06
Convenient drinking barn with big screens everywhere. HSB excessive at 3.30. Also the full range of Fullers beers, Butser and Batemans XB. Not my favourite sort of pub.
sussexred - 18 Mar 2009 15:21
Enjoyed a cracking couple of beers in here on Saturday morning. Stuck to the fizzy stuff myself but was assured by my mate the Discovery was top notch. Also went for the all day breakfast which, if a little pricey, was still bang on the money.

Good stuff.
GeordieDancer - 2 Mar 2009 15:22
Returned earlier last week - pleased to see HSB and the seasonal Jack Frost - both very drinkable. No proper guests though.

As mentioned elsewhere, it is more expensive than a number of surrounding outlets...but in general it's a better standard of pub.
Quinno - 15 Feb 2009 13:45
Really nice pub but by good it's expensive , oyu can get more or less the same beer for 35pence a pint cheaper in O'neils next door !
lovesapint - 4 Feb 2009 14:54
Great pub to visit before or after a train journey from St Pancras, Euston or Kings Cross. Full selection of Fullers ales that are well looked after. The food is good but rather pricey although no more so than most central London pubs.
yorkie1 - 21 Jan 2009 08:30
first visit in about a year, could be forgiven for thinking inflation is about 20% 3.50 ????? well kept ales but shame on you Fullers for fleecing your punters....
moclips2002 - 15 Jan 2009 21:00
Possibly the most expensive Fullers pub I've ever been in !!!!
W980501 - 22 Nov 2008 09:58
Went in here for the first time this week and did not have my wallet stolen but did feel a little mugged by the price of a large glass of wine for my wife, never ever have I paid so much and hopefully never will again. Needless to say we only stayed for 1 drink but it was enjoyed in pleasant surroundings on a leather sofa and with other friendly customers close by it was nice to pop in for a while for a rest from walking around.
real_ale_ade - 8 Nov 2008 18:08
The posters warning of thieves operating in the area are to be noted. My wife had her purse stolen here and the staff were about as helpful as their command of the English language. Beer is okay, food fair and priced like a London pub near a station full of transients would be. If you need a pint really badly, try O'Neills down the street and hang on to your wallet.
fr21555 - 19 Oct 2008 14:21
poshpplhater. I can't agree more, but why does my mate complain that every time he goes there without me they are all munters?

Away from that. The beers are generally top notch. Much better than Mabels around the corner.
werner_von_braun - 31 Aug 2008 04:00
Donkey heaven!
cute_donkey - 13 May 2008 15:23
Transient pub, understandable given its location. Wine was warm, and spilt by miserable bar maid when I asked for some ice. no apology came. The toilets were hideous - paper/rubbish all over them and two of them badly blocked. When I asked the petulant bar maid if they had been checked recently she just shrugged her shoulders...hopefully I will never need to go here again...
orangecounty - 4 May 2008 16:31
Popped in to waste a bit of time on the way to Kings Cross station. Its a pretty large bar but well laid out and pleasant. A very good selection of ales to choose from. A far better place to wait than the bar on the station.
CambridgeBlue - 13 Apr 2008 16:47
SO many hot girls in one place and there all foreign barmaids!!!! hurray!!!! fit!!!!
poshpplhater - 3 Apr 2008 23:53
very good bar, with very well kept ales - best pint of ESB id had all weekend! :D the barman was friendly and knowledgable, and was ovbiously the person in charge of the cellar as he was immensely proud when my husband complimented him on his pint.

we were in the bar in the morning when it was quiet, and we also didnt have any food so i cant vouch for it is at busier times, but our time there was great! :D
thesloaneranger - 10 Mar 2008 22:05
Just realised I gave this a rating without a review or else it's been deleted. Was in here over Christmas and they had both London Porter and Old Winter Ale on draught, Porter was very nice. Limited selection of foreign beer too.

Worth a look.
GuideDogSaint - 25 Feb 2008 18:07
Stopped here in Nov 2007 and service was adequate, beers fairly well kept. Not a great place though- unless you enjoy having your pocket picked.
fr21555 - 10 Feb 2008 02:29
Im starting to visit more often recently as I like Fullers Winter beers and they usually have a full compliment. On my last visit they had both the Old Winter Ale and the London Porter, both of which were excellent. If recent reviewers complaining about the food service stay away Ill not be disappointed, it should mean Ill get served a pint quicker.

Millay - 20 Jan 2008 18:22
Our food was over an hour late. the complimentary drinks we received as a result were from a dodgy tap and so we had to complain again. Staff were rude when we asked for a refund as we needed to get back to work as unfortunately we don't have the luxury of a two hour lunch break. Those of us who did receive our food were unimpressed by the deeply blackened burgers. I wouldn't recommend this place. Sorry. Better to Try the Bree Louise or The Rocket across teh road.
anonymous - 2 Nov 2007 14:39
The menu and interior actually look quite good but the fundamentally bad service makes a mockery of any effort to be classed as a good pub. After an hour of waiting for food only a third of the group had received any. No explanation was forthcoming and a complete lack of interest in customer service. Although the manager had a good time at the bar.
chrisk - 2 Nov 2007 14:30
always found the beer pretty well kept; and they seem to have a proper guest on now (dark star when i last went). however the beer is fairly expensive, and the food extremely so. 6/10
mps77 - 13 Aug 2007 13:28
still poor value for money, thumping loud music all times so you cant hear yourself think, real ales are still hit and miss
moclips2002 - 8 Jul 2007 11:56
This pub is without doubt the best in the area and the food maybe a bit on the dear side but i guess you have to pay more for a fresh gastro style menu, but if you want frozen crap you can go next door to o'neills.The ales in this pub are always very well kept and the Fullers IPA was excellent.With these well kept ales,extensive range of speciality beers,large wine menu and fresh food menu there's something here for everyone.The staff and the decor always look fab but the best bit for me is the raised area with the couches and the plasma screen.
anonymous - 2 May 2007 04:34
t he london porter was replaced by gales festival mild, i had the last pint on tuesday , they are now selling ipa. as regards recent comments wetherspoons are cheap, as for the mice i can remember when i counted 14 in the head of steam, it's the building work at st pancras which has disturbed them.
mr.toes.5_ - 19 Apr 2007 17:59
got a fright here last night - if you look carefully under the seating in the no smoking area - you will observe vermin running around. I guess if left alone they nibble away at the tv screens and give us all some peace and quiet....
anonymous - 6 Apr 2007 15:41
ales still hit and miss - too cold and flat and rip off price. Some soft drinks here are more expensive than a beer in wetherspoons.
moclips2002 - 6 Apr 2007 09:51
Pretty full of suits after work (as you'd expect on the Euston Road) but it's worth a trip. Very well kept ales and somewhere to keep in mind whenever you fancy a pint of London Porter (which I often do).
Cates - 14 Mar 2007 17:19
You know how pubs go up and down in your estimation , well after a visit the other night this one is certainly going up in mine. The range of bottled Belgian beers has been expanded and there are some interesting ones available. Fullers ESB and the excellent London Porter were also available so I was spoilt for choice. Add to this a range of lagers, an extensive wine list and a good menu and theres something for everyone.

Fullers seem to have a policy in London of trying to price the flotsam and jetsam out of their pubs and it does seem to work in an area where it is much needed. But if youre not bothered by 3.00 a pint and can pay 15 for a bottle of Pinot Grigio or Merlot without flinching then youll be fine.

Up to 8/10
Millay - 10 Mar 2007 14:58
Quite a nice place, considering the location! Good point of ESB, an excellent restorative after a long journey.
hotrods - 27 Jan 2007 09:51
Went the other night the football was on ,it was abit on the noisy side but the beer from the cottage brewery made up for it.
mr.toes.5_ - 11 Jan 2007 23:37
Large Fuller's pub, on Euston Road about half-way between Euston and King's Cross / St Pancras. Usual range of Fuller's ales on offer. Would agree with other comments about it being a tad on the expensive side, however it's a clean and tidy place in which to enjoy a pint or two.
MINTYBOOM - 3 Jan 2007 01:39
An excellent place for an ale or two, usual Fuller's range well-complemented by Archers Oyster Stout and Dark Star Hop Head yesterday.

Inside of the place looks like a Wetherspoons, but don't let that put you off. Staff are quick to serve, but a massive big screen for the football seemed to be out-of-place.

Wouldn't advise eating here though, it's too pricey for what you receive (which is essentially mass-catering Brake Bros style food).
Quinno - 24 Nov 2006 13:34
Doesn't look particularly inspiring from the outside, but is actually pretty good inside. Usual Fullers beers, and not bad food. A tad on the expensive side though. Still you could do a lot worse in this area.
Crow_Valley - 7 Nov 2006 20:57
I like this pub.I'm a frequent visitor to London and have always had good food and a good pint in here .The Staropramen was excellent.Convienient for the mainline stations.
mainman - 18 Oct 2006 10:04
Not cheap (or quiet), but the Fuller's beer is always well kept.
rpadam - 12 Oct 2006 21:35
Not been in for a while, and little has changed. This is good, as the beer was good quality before and still continues to be. The manager was also effecient in serving multiple people, ensuring very little wait time at the bar.

On the flip side, it is now gearing more towards food, with prices to match (mains being in the 7-9 range). They do look and taste good though. The same no-so-cheap pricing being reflected in the beer prices too. (most being around 3 a pint)

Worked our way through the beer range last night, with the 'guest' Archers bitter being the best (the Pride was not quite at its best). We'll be back...
zakman - 1 Sep 2006 13:22
The Euston Flyer is now open again but despite having closed for about a week little seems to have been done. The wooden floor looks like it has been polished and there may be a new carpet but other than that nothing seems to have changed. Youd think theyd spend some of the 2.95 a pint they charge on something a bit more adventurous. On a more positive note the ESB was on good form.

Millay - 22 Aug 2006 23:29
Looked ideal when i peered in through the windows the other day,..dark,.coupla fruities,...plenty of discrete seating, braying tools, or bearded fools,..Made my way to the door and realised that it was closed down for a refurb after a smash-up,..Coulda been a contender,..Toad was gutted as well,..had to adjourn to that French gaff,.L'O'Neills next door!
kmcs - 21 Aug 2006 14:14
Made a bee line for this Fullers pub early evening on 3-6-06, I had discovered it is one of the few Fullers pubs in London that serves London Porter. Bit pricey at 3 a pint but I suppose you have to expect that in London, the drink was in excellent condition but our visit would have been extra nice if it also had the Gales MILD. Very good service, very quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The layered levels and steps allover the place somehow added to the ambiance. A very good start to our London MILD trail. - 12 Jun 2006 01:04
Early Saturday evening, the MLF, with and I arrive in London and start with this pub in our search for PORTER and MILD.

We were not disappointed and a cracking pint of Fullers London Porter set us up for the start of our London MILD trail.

Quiet at this time of Sat evening, but that suited us and we enjoyed our pint in comfortable surroundings enjoying the bustle of the traffic on the Euston Road.

No doubt the courteous bouncers on the door were a portent of what to expect later if one was foolish to dally too long.

So suitable refreshed the MLF headed over the road for the Head of Steam.

nomild_walkout_mac - 5 Jun 2006 19:26
Fullers london porter best porter i haver ever tasted,
ESB also excellent also with great food,belgium seciality beers and dark star and archers guest ales the place just gets better.
8387punchandjudy - 17 May 2006 03:42
A big drinking hole with the typical transient clientele you would expect close to main line terminals in a dodgy area. Beer a bit rubbish but it sells on convenience and is always busy so I guess they don't see any need to change. Not a place for a decent conversation
dodgy - 18 Apr 2006 08:36
Disabled access (as referred to in pub details above) somewhat limited. The doors have no steps up or down from the pavement but are very heavy to push or pull from wheelchair level. The main part of the bar is at the same level, but the (very small) non-smoking area is accessible only by a flight of six stairs. Didn't see the toilets, but asked and was told they are wheelchair accessible: doors to them looked wide enough but the layout of the bar is such that a lot of people on chairs at tables would need to move to allow a wheelchair through.

As for the pub itself, it's still pretty much as I recall it from my pre-disability days, although looking slightly more tatty and now very smokey. Good range of drinks, Fullers bitters present and correct, but personally a bit nonplussed at 3.00 for a mediocre pint of Strongbow. Customers mostly office types or the odd tourist, although I noticed a couple of rat-faced, inbred looking little urchins in baseball caps near the door eyeing everybody's belongings, ideally placed for a quick getaway.

It's always been a good idea to avoid the Flyer on Saturdays during the football season, as its proximity to three mainline rail terminals means it gets infested with travelling scum and has been known to kick off more than once. In fact, the joke in other local pubs has always been that the Flyer doesn't bother with window cleaners but just waits until the next time the glaziers are needed.

Martinl - 25 Mar 2006 01:07
i have to retract my previous posting - tried 3 ales all in very poor condition, no chance to escape the flaming footable which totally dominates when its showing even though a majority of punters are taking absolutely no notice.

anonymous - 2 Mar 2006 13:54
this place just gets better - Hophead/Dark Star - ales from Dark Star brewery currently guesting here
moclips2002 - 22 Feb 2006 22:02
Spacious, little character, but worth a visit to prepare yourself for the walk through Kings x.
oldelondonmerchant - 12 Feb 2006 21:15
Didn't know they did Belgian beers, will have to look out for that! Always worth a trip, good Fullers ales. Atmosphere could be improved slightly but it's still a fine pub.
OldRogue - 5 Jan 2006 11:56
pleasantly suprised to find guest ales and some bottled belgium beer on offer here, defintately improving and better than most of the competition around here.
moclips2002 - 3 Jan 2006 12:14
i visited three pubs in euston road o 'neills,euston
flyer and the rocket and euston flyer was without doubt the best with belgium beer,fullers ales and guest ales,good food and large wine selection and with the clientle being office workers their was a very good atmosphere.
anonymous - 17 Nov 2005 22:59
Have been to this pub on many occassions when travelling out of Euston. My liking for this pub has reached the point now where I actually turn up an hour before my train to give me time for a couple of pints. An oasis in a commuter desert.
Beermeup - 20 Oct 2005 13:22
Cannot better the descriptions given below.
Just to say that have used the Flyer several times as a rendezvous when meeting up in the Kings X area and never had a bad pint of Pride or ESB.
One of our crowd (who will be nameless- you know who you are Tony) drinks the Chiswick, but we do not like to talk about him.
Gann - 20 Oct 2005 13:14
having visited this pub for the first time i found the atmosphere very good with a good range of cask ales including a excellent pint of london pride.It also has a choice of ten red and white wines and a great choice of imported belgium beers.The food was very good as my wife and i had homemade london pride steak pie and double chicken breast which was also very hot which is unusual for some pubs.
anonymous - 16 May 2005 01:29
what can i say about the world famous euston a regular of 3 years i feel able to comment fairly as i have witnessed a number of changes to the food menu and to the the moment the staff are the best i have seen! they are very friendly,courteous,professional and the girls by and large are "hot".
the food menu has taken many different guises in 3 years and at the moment every effort has been made to accomodate most palates,the dishes are pricey, but when it arrives (which is generally very prompt)i have never been disappointed.
a wide range of ales and lagers are on sale plus the usual cheap and cheerful pub wines.i must strongly suggest the stella i dont know what their secret is but its always cold clean and crisp.
jcatbl - 14 May 2005 11:00
Anyone who has made the unfortunate mistake of walking into the shambles that is Eustons O`Neils will appreciate the Flyer just for being 30 yards down the road. However, besides the plus point of simply existing, the Flyer has a nice (if slightly touristy) atmosphere, a decent drink selection and is very spacious and well maintained for a pub that is basically aiming to catch commuters. It also has nice and plentiful window seats overlooking Euston Road OK this wouldnt, despite the enticing description, make my Top Ten Views From Pub Windows chart, but there is something strangely soothing about sipping a pint quietly while watching London speed past at its usual heart-attack-inducing pace.

Its not therefore the greatest pub on the planet, but for its location and what it sets out to achieve its a decent enough watering hole 7/10

anonymous - 3 Apr 2005 21:19
Decent looking Fuller's pub with a central location. Nice interior. The standard Fuller's cask ales are always on, Timothy Taylor's Landlord was on as a guest beer when we were there, but was unfortunately served too warm (room temperature). Good food, but pricey. Kids over 14 are allowed (they asked my son's age). The American chick who served us was gorgeous!
Sigmund - 7 Mar 2005 20:43
This is a decent enough pub - quite obviously part of the Fuller's chain. Quality of the fullers beers varies from pretty good to very good. Food seems very expensive. Large Tv screens mean a big crowd of football fans whenever a game is on. Drinks prices are about average for the area.
spleen978 - 4 Feb 2005 01:22
I've tried this pub a few times, and had a mixed experience. Only tried the food once and it wasn't great. But the beer was ok and the staff were nice enough. A bit big and souless for my taste, but ok for a drink after work, and its nice and cool in the summer.
valbear - 14 Jan 2005 16:30
Not a brilliant pub, but good for a pint of ESB before the train comes. Worth avoiding when football fans travelling North have the same idea - but need to get laddish while they're at it.
tpk1 - 15 Sep 2004 15:59
Have visited it on a Monopoly crawl: it has the advantage of being nearer to King's X than most of the other pubs on Euston Road
drinker - 30 Jun 2004 10:53
Very reminiscent of the cleanliness without character of a pub chain created makeover. Nothing of note here, try head of steam instead if you can mix with railway memorobilia and goths
TipTopTommy - 30 Jun 2004 00:31
A large pub situaated on the main road opposite the British library. The pub itelf is very clean with a large screen for all those sports fans. It has a variety of lagers and beers which are all relatively inexpensive for the area.
paul - 2 Feb 2004 09:07
Good pub this although it has a feeel of a travellers stop off place, it is clean and well looked after.
pat - 22 Oct 2003 14:48
A large Fullers pub situated between Kings Cross and Euston stations opposite the British Library. Fruit machines, piped music and a big screen TV. Standard Fullers fare, Pride, ESB, Chiswick and today a light Summer Ale, Stella, Grolsh and Scrumpy Jack plus a full menu. The french doors at the front are often opened onto the main road in summer. There is plenty of seating including three raised areas, one of which contains comfortable leather armchairs and sofas which are excellent for people watching outside. A popular pub for an after work drink with friends before heading home.
Millay - 30 Jul 2003 21:36

got anything to say about this pub?

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