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The Great Northern, St Albans

Jeezus this place is rough. This place is a potential goldmine: loads of money in St Albans; great location near road intersection(s); major new housing development across the road planned, not to mention the new art deco cinema due to open next door in c. 2014; also potentially a very attractive building. But - instead - the clientele all look like they need a good wash. Quite horrendous. Note to investors: BUY NOW!

30 Jun 2013 18:04

The Rose and Crown, St Albans

I went there recently for a frankly unimpressive Sunday lunch: the food was 'formulaic', bland and served in an uninspired way. Our part of the pub was shared with a family with bratty young kids and a dog that repeatedly sniffed round me in a quite offputting way as I was eating. There was hardly anyone in, either. What a shame as the building and location is fabulous. If you want a Sunday lunch, go to one of St Albans' many other superb pubs. Cheers.

20 Jan 2013 18:21

The Euston Flyer, Euston

I headed here earlier this week to watch England vs France in Euro 2012. Upon entering the pub (which had its big-screen all ready, St George's Cross bunting out, etc) about 45 mins pre-kick off I asked why the TVs were all showing Sky Sports News with the sound on mute and why they weren't showing BBC1 (which was broadcasting the game - the pre-match analysis was already well underway) and turn on/up the volume. After all, there were loads of England fans already in the pub and no-one wanted to watch Sky Sports News (on mute). The bargirl (who seemed eastern European) didn't understand my request - indeed the poor belle barely seemed to speak any English. After repeating my question three times she asked the manager, who said 'I'll maybe switch to the BBC in 10 mins'. Extraordinary - especially given the pub was championing its screening of the match! When the manager finally switched channels there was a loud cheer from the amassed hordes - an ironic cheer, at least partly. In positive, the lager (Carlsberg) was chilledand there were loads of staff on. In summary, two tips: 1) employ staff who speak English and have customer-service skills; 2) if you're trumpeting the screening of a sports event, do indeed screen it FFS!

14 Jun 2012 20:55

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