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Live in the sticks of Suffolk these days but have travelled around a bit. Can never visit too many pubs and I'll stick summat up about all of them!

Username: dodgy

Age: 53

Sex: male

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The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

It's a small pub without much cellar space and a GK tied house (and always has been). So it's no surprise that it cells mostly GK beer and that one of them is IPA, it is after all GK's best selling brew

I know it's trendy to knock GK but IPA is also as it always has been - a relatively unassuming session bitter. That it should be the main beer on offer in this most traditional pub is as it should be, IMO

22 Mar 2011 10:52

The Two Brewers, Marlow

I agree Muntjac - it's gone seriously downhill

Try the Donkey for honest grub and the recently re-opened Chequers for a bit of town life

20 Aug 2010 00:20

Bulls Head Hotel, Sheffield

Still struggling a bit. It's changed hands about 4 times in the past 18 months and it only seems to be kept going by a few diehard locals. The new landlady has her heart in the right place but I think it will keep struggling whilst Enterprise are screwing so much rent out of the tenants. Being so close to two very good and established real ale pubs doesn't help

6 Mar 2010 19:17

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