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Based in Wolverhampton but travel the country seeking out those rare pubs that serve cask MILD. My drinking partner Mac will only drink cask MILD, if there's nothing else I will sample the keg MILD and we both have a taste for PORTER (we prefer the flavour of MILD rather than the strength of bitter). In Wolverhampton Banks's almost has the monopoly apart from Holdens MILD in the Great Western but there's plenty of variety in nearby Walsall and Stourbridge areas. Enjoy local MILD trails in May. We always walk out of pubs that don't serve MILD and never accept the offer of bitter as an alternative, if you act likewise get in touch. Stu


Age: 74

Sex: male

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The Royal Oak, Wolverhampton

Glad to see that my campaign to see MILD in more pubs has had an affect here. Keith and Sue I salute you. On the strength of your message I popped in on the 22nd Sep to sample the MILD and a very good pint of Banks's it was too. A pub worth drinking in again, great stuff.

21 Oct 2006 00:55

Station Hotel, Oakengates

Had hoped to see a selection of MILDS in Oakengates during festival weekend, but didn't make it. Made it today though a week late I know but was even more disappointed to find the Station closed. But never mind the Crown across the road was open where I was served an excellent pint of Hobsons MILD.

8 Oct 2006 23:29

The Crown, Oakengates

A pub worth travelling to. My pint of Hobsons MILD this afternoon was first class. Will try to get over there again during the week when there will be a Stout on and by the weekend there could even be a Porter on, but whatever there will always be one of the rotating MILDS. What more can a MILD drinker ask for.

The pub was busy with a friendly bunch of folks. The gaffer was very friendly and my son, two next week, was made welcome. Don't know what earlier comments (all anonymous I notice) are all about there was a large selection of pulls for the bitter and foreign beer drinkers, but what I do know is that this will not be my only visit.

8 Oct 2006 23:14

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