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The Royal Oak, Wolverhampton

Glad to see that my campaign to see MILD in more pubs has had an affect here. Keith and Sue I salute you. On the strength of your message I popped in on the 22nd Sep to sample the MILD and a very good pint of Banks's it was too. A pub worth drinking in again, great stuff.

21 Oct 2006 00:55

Station Hotel, Oakengates

Had hoped to see a selection of MILDS in Oakengates during festival weekend, but didn't make it. Made it today though a week late I know but was even more disappointed to find the Station closed. But never mind the Crown across the road was open where I was served an excellent pint of Hobsons MILD.

8 Oct 2006 23:29

The Crown, Oakengates

A pub worth travelling to. My pint of Hobsons MILD this afternoon was first class. Will try to get over there again during the week when there will be a Stout on and by the weekend there could even be a Porter on, but whatever there will always be one of the rotating MILDS. What more can a MILD drinker ask for.

The pub was busy with a friendly bunch of folks. The gaffer was very friendly and my son, two next week, was made welcome. Don't know what earlier comments (all anonymous I notice) are all about there was a large selection of pulls for the bitter and foreign beer drinkers, but what I do know is that this will not be my only visit.

8 Oct 2006 23:14

The Golden Eagle, Wolverhampton

Never been in this pub before, definitely been missing out. The Banks's MILD on hand pull is very well kept, hats off to the pipe cleaner.

Excellent party venue, last nights was an eye opener with old faces appearing from thirty to fourty odd year ago. Sue's rock disco was brilliant as always, she had everyone up dancing until well after 3am.

The locals and bar staff were a very friendly bunch. A good pub.

1 Oct 2006 13:20

Mill Inn, Aberystwyth

Cosy little place, Brains SA but no MILD so didn't stay for a drink. Moved on instead to the Lord Beeching where they do serve a pint of MILD.

19 Sep 2006 01:18

The Wheel, Codsall

Never managed to get a drink in this place. I did try once some twenty odd year ago. Trouble was the place was heaving I was at the bar and they were serving locals from three deep behind me. Some folks will put up with this but not me, so even though they were serving MILD I walked out and went elsewhere never to return.

Thankfully the place was demolished quite a few years ago and has been replaced by several very nice houses, inhabited by very nice and respectable people.

16 Sep 2006 00:39

Black Boy Hotel, Newtown

This is where the respectable people go for a drink. Has a calm sort of atmosphere but yet another Newtown pub that does not cater for the MILD drinker. If there's no MILD I walk out.

15 Sep 2006 01:02

The Pheasant Inn, Newtown

Looked a promising place for a pint of MILD, but no such luck. An interesting looking bunch of real ale drinkers were having a rowdy time on my visit a few weeks back. Didn't stop, carried on to the "Wagon & Horses" where I was served an excellent pint of Banks's MILD; the only cask MILD in Newtown.

15 Sep 2006 00:55

The Lion Hotel, Newtown

You don't go here for a quiet drink, wrong type of music played far too loud. Wrong type of customers wrong type of beer, you guessed it no MILD.

15 Sep 2006 00:45

The Grapes, Newtown

Didn't like this pub, a very dodgy atmosphere, the wrong type of modern interior and no MILD. The worst pub in Newtown.

15 Sep 2006 00:41

The Elephant and Castle, Newtown

Looked OK but there was no MILD so carried on to the "Buck" a much more interesting pub.

15 Sep 2006 00:36

The Buck Inn, Newtown

On my visit a few weeks back a group was setting up. This is my type of pub, definitely the best pub in Newtown for a lively atmosphere. This place has the right mix of youngsters, goths, new age hippies, bikers and rock chicks. Hoodies and other trendy types would appear to steer clear of this place.

I would have loved to have stopped for a drink but there is no MILD here or any where else in the center of Newtown so I carried on, on my way to Aberystwyth.

On reflection this is the best pub on the Wolverhampton to Aberystwyth route, will have to call in again to check out the bottled stuff.

15 Sep 2006 00:30

The Bell Hotel, Newtown

Nice friendly atmosphere, but no MILD so didn't drink here.

15 Sep 2006 00:08

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

This is an excellent pub that always has a MILD. On Saturday it was Sadlers MILD, on previous occassions I've had Bathams, Hobsons and various other MILDS. This is a much better pub than the watering hole at the other end of the line at Kidderminster station where they very rarely have a MILD on.

12 Sep 2006 00:03

The White Hart Inn, Ufton

Found a decent pint of Theakston cask MILD on hand pull here. Quite a relief after popping into 4 of Harbury's pubs only to discover that there is no MILD in Harbury.

Here at the White Hart there were plenty of diners enjoying Sunday lunch. Besides the MILD there were a couple of guest bitters. Sunday papers were available for a free read, drinking here was quite a cosy experience. The massive view view from the beer garden is worth stopping for. First time visitors may be a little baffled at how to get to the car park which is round the back of the church next door.

Only down point was the price of a pint of MILD - 2.40 is a bit over the top. But I suppose Black Country folk are spoiled as MILD is often only 1.65 a pint in Bathams pubs and as low as 1.39 in Wetherspoons pubs.

10 Sep 2006 23:41

The Shakespeare, Harbury

A good selection of real ales were available for the bitter drinker, customers and staff appeared friendly. I liked this pub would have loved to stay for a pint but when theres no MILD I always walk out.

No pubs in Harbury have MILD but just down the road at Ufton the "White Hart" had a very good pint of Theakston cask MILD.

10 Sep 2006 23:20

The Dog Inn, Harbury

Called in 4 of Harbury's pubs looking for a pint of MILD. Theres no MILD in Harbury had to go to the "White Hart" at Ufton where I was served a good pint of Theakston cask MILD.

The "Gamecock" appeared to be the best pub in Harbury. The "Dog Inn" was not where I would want to drink, I was unimpressed with the array of typical chemical pulls or its hollow atmosphere. Nilpwa.

10 Sep 2006 23:12

The Railway Tavern, Newtown

Pub with a real ale atmosphere. M&B MILD, Bass, Worthington and Archers Special were on offer a few weeks back. Besides the "Wagon and Horses", this is the only other pub in Newtown with any MILD.

26 Aug 2006 03:08

The Queens Head, Newtown

Couldn't understand this place it appeared to be having some sort of lock-in at dinner time, so didn't get chance to see what beers were on offer.

26 Aug 2006 03:02

The Cambrian Vaults, Newtown

Looked an OK type of place but there was no MILD so kept on walking out of town until I found the "Wagon and Horses" the only pub in Newtown with cask MILD.

26 Aug 2006 02:58

The Waggon and Horses, Newtown

This is the only pub worth bothering with in Newtown. The only pub with cask MILD, being a stranger in town it took some finding but well worth the trouble for a well kept pint of Banks's cask MILD on hand pull.

Everyone was really friendly and talkative, the landlord certainly knows his stuff. Haven't tried it yet but the food is highly recommended. Other beers on offer on my visit a few weeks back were Marstons Bitter and Ormes Best. The pub also features a beer garden and a large pool room.

26 Aug 2006 02:52

The Exchange, Newtown

WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT? a pint of MILD!!! None here or anywhere else in the town centre. Had to travel out a bit before finding Banks's cask MILD at the "Wagon and Horses".

26 Aug 2006 02:33

The Victoria Vaults, Newtown

Trawled most pubs in Newtown to find theres no MILD here or anywhere else other than at the "Wagon and Horses".

26 Aug 2006 02:27

The Court Royal Hotel, Aberystwyth

They serve Brains Smooth Bitter in here but there is no MILD so only had a glance at the rather posh interior and then walked straight out and crossed the road to eat and drink in the "Weston Vaults".

26 Aug 2006 02:12

Lord Beechings, Aberystwyth

Difficult to find MILD in Aberystwyth but here we have Brains Smooth Dark MILD for 1.70 a pint, not bad at all. The place re-opened after modernisation in February and now has a modern clean looking interior. The big windows are ideal for street watching while supping your beer. Theres a concreted over beer garden out the back. On my visit new wave chill out music was being played.

26 Aug 2006 01:58

The Vale of Rheidol, Aberystwyth

Looks like the sort of place to have MILD but none here so walked out. Fortunately just a few yards down the road is the "Lord Beeching" where they serve Brains dark MILD.

26 Aug 2006 01:19

Yr Hen Orsaf, Aberystwyth

When I asked for a pint of MILD I was told no one drinks MILD in Aber. True that not all pubs sell MILD in Aber but just across the road a decent pint of Brains Dark MILD can be had for 1.70 in the "Lord Beeching".

Other than that this poor example of a wetherspoons pub has one plus point it is a convenient toilet.

20 Jul 2006 03:55

Yr Hen Llew Du, Aberystwyth

Lots of fancy beer taps but not one dispensing MILD.

20 Jul 2006 03:47

The Weston Vaults, Aberystwyth

Not a bad little pub serving Banks's cask MILD on handpull at 2.10 a pint. Tried one of their toasted sandwiches and at 1.95 I had no complaints. On my visit on Sunday afternoon the place was almost deserted, so the smallness of the pub was very quaint. At a busier time it may well be something else.

20 Jul 2006 03:44

Varsity, Aberystwyth

An oversized kitchen with no MILD.

20 Jul 2006 03:37

The Ship and Castle, Aberystwyth

Last weekend the Barmaid at the "Angel" sent me here but they had run out of Brains Dark MILD. Never mind the "Fountain" is not too far away just over the bridge where I went next for a few drinks of their excellent Brains Dark MILD on handpull.

20 Jul 2006 03:35

Scholars, Aberystwyth

A Brains pub that does not serve the Dark MILD. It appears to have an interesting interior but didn't stay, moved on to the "Bar Essential" where Brains Dark MILD is only 1.70 a pint.

20 Jul 2006 03:28

Rummers, Aberystwyth

No MILD here but it does have four real ales on offer. Background music was a pleasant blues rock CD. The outdoor courtyard with view of the river is a good point.

20 Jul 2006 03:22

The Pier Hotel, Aberystwyth

Yet another pub selling expensive MILD - 2.20 a pint. At least it's on handpull and a well kept Banks's Original MILD, Banks's Bitter is also on handpull, 4 other taps dispense a variety of chemical lagers.
Comfortable seating area by bar with a pool room out back.

20 Jul 2006 03:17

The Nags Head, Aberystwyth

Drank in here a few times now, always has an excellent pint of cask Banks's Original MILD on handpull. They also serve the keg version, presumably for when the cask ale runs out. Took the kids here on one occassion and they were welcome to sit with us out in the back garden/yard.

20 Jul 2006 03:09

The Inn on the Pier, Aberystwyth

Wrong sort of people drinking in here so not likely to be any MILD. Sure enough no MILD so walked back out. Pier location is worth a few points but nought for the beer.

20 Jul 2006 03:02

The Coopers Hotel (Y Cwps), Aberystwyth

A Felinfoel pub with no MILD, a pity really could only find Felinfoel MILD locally at the "Welsh Black" in the village of Bow Street.

20 Jul 2006 02:56

The Castle Hotel, Aberystwyth

Brains Dark Keg MILD is very steep at 2.30 a pint, better off drinking the same stuff in the "Lord Beeching" where a pint is only 1.70 or "The Fountain" where the genuine cask product can be had during happy for 1.80.

Conversation in the Castle is very loud and so creating a quite off putting cacophany.

20 Jul 2006 02:50

The Cambrian Hotel, Aberystwyth

Strolled into here early on Sunday evening, no MILD so walked straight out and into the "Lord Beeching" almost next door where I had a refreshing pint of Brains Dark MILD.

20 Jul 2006 02:38

The Black Lion, Llanbadarn

Took the family here for Sunday lunch a couple of year ago. All was very nice, Banks's MILD was good, food was pretty average and a bit slow in coming the dining area was a little lacking in something couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I was much happier sitting out front with a pint watching the world go by. Staff and customers were very friendly.

20 Jul 2006 02:31

The Angel Inn, Aberystwyth

Popped in at the weekend hoping for a pint of MILD. There was no MILD but Hancocks HB is worthy of note. The bar staff were very friendly and pointed me in the direction of the "Ship & Castle" for a pint of Brains MILD.

20 Jul 2006 02:19

The Academy, Aberystwyth

This place was recommended to me for the quality of food. Well a bad mistake, service was very slow on our visit last year. The food was an overpriced small portion and the place lacked atmosphere of any sort. And even worse than all that, there was no MILD.

20 Jul 2006 02:12

The Tynllidiart Arms, Capel Bangor

Went sailing past this pub last summer, then went back, it looked just the place to have MILD. They brew their own beer here but don't brew a MILD. A pity really, it has a nice cosy feel about the place.

14 Jul 2006 01:25

The Dog and Gun, Tettenhall

A trendy poseurs pub back in the 80s used by a good crowd of youngsters. Always had MILD then but the MILD drinker is no longer catered for.

Located in a picturesque setting just over the road from the infamous "Tettenhall Pool" but as this is a Banks's pub with no MILD I'll only give it one point and thats for nostalgia.

12 Jul 2006 02:35

The Tap and Spile, Wolverhampton

Loadsa real ales including "Stairway to Heaven", "Broadside", "London Pride", "Banks's" & Boddingtons Bitters as well as "Old Rosie" scrumpy, Guinness and the usual chilled Lagers all priced between 1.60 & 2.10.

This is a brilliant old style pub, one of the best in Wolverhampton pity its let down with the MILD which is only Banks's smooth. At 1.70 a pint you can't complain especially when compared to the Saracens Head in Dudley where only last night I was ripped off for 2.55 for a pint of Hansons MILD.

11 Jul 2006 00:35

Ye Olde Foundry, Dudley

A brilliant biker pub playing a good selection of rock music and definitely the best rock pub in the area since they closed/changed the Springhill.

The beers pretty basic but the Theakston MILD made a refreshing change from the usual Banks's MILD sold at all other nearby pubs. A recent change to Banks's smooth keg MILD was a backward move.

10 Jul 2006 01:15

The Shrewsbury Arms, Dudley

Hoped to get a reasonably priced pint of Holdens MILD in here tonight but it was closed. So went to the nearby Saracens Head and was shocked to have to pay 2.55 for a pint of Hansons MILD, the most expensive MILD in the World.

Is the Shrewsbury Arms always closed on Sundays????

10 Jul 2006 01:02

The King and Castle, Kidderminster

On my last visit had a pint of MILD from the Enville Brewery. Tonight I was told they were no longer selling MILD. They reckon it doesn't sell here, strange really, theres always a MILD at the other end of the line so in future I'll be heading for Bridgnorth.

9 Jul 2006 01:10

The Prince of Wales, Shrewsbury

A pub with rotating MILDS is a dream come true. They come from Ansells, Hanby, Hobsons or Salopian breweries. As well as the cask MILDS it also has Banks's smooth pour keg MILD. A full range of other real ales are also on tap. I drank Ansells hanpulled MILD at 1.90 a pint on my visit today as well as a delicious and reasonably priced homemade lasagne, to a mellow background of soft rock.

This pub is truly amazing, very difficult to find but a brilliant place for starting out on a tour of Shrewsbury. Out the back is a seating area looking onto the bowling green. The landlady and barmaid made us feel at home and offered unbeatable service.

Parking is a problem, but I have the answer. I turned off the A458 Old Potts Road into Scott Street and parked up. It took just a couple of minutes to walk across the railway line by the footbridge.

To reach the High Street shops from the pub only took 10 or 15 minutes by way of the Greyfriars Footbridge over the river. Real Ale drinkers visiting Shrewsbury should all head for this pub, a true gem.

9 Jul 2006 00:53

The Navigation Inn, Kingswinford

A good pint of Theakston MILD is served here. Sunday lunch is massive and tastily memorable. Dogs are welcome so a good stopping off place if walking the canal or the nearby Highgate Common.

8 Jul 2006 00:28

The Round Oak Inn, Wombourne

Pub full of youngsters these days so tends to be quite lively. Good location on the canal with nice beer garden good for the kids. Serves Banks's MILD.

8 Jul 2006 00:14

The Rock Hotel, Tettenhall

This used to be a brilliant pub for a late drink. On my last visit the MILD had gone so it don't get many points from me.

8 Jul 2006 00:08

The Holly Bush, Penn

Big pub with rear function room, serves Banks,s MILD. Good priced food.

8 Jul 2006 00:05

The Fieldhouse Inn, Wightwick

I like this pub, it's a convenient walk down an alley from Perton. Much better than the boy racer poser venue down the hill at the Mermaid. The building, room layout and garden are all very good.

I don't drink here because there's no MILD. C'mon Dawn get some MILD in.

5 Jul 2006 15:38

The Wheatsheaf, Wolverhampton

The towns best pint of Banks's cask MILD can be found here.

5 Jul 2006 15:31

The Fox Hotel, Wolverhampton

Serves a nice pint of Banks's cask MILD. Being a hotel the clientele are extremely varied but there is a mainstay of locals.

5 Jul 2006 15:28

The New Inn, Wolverhampton

The handpulls serve Banks's MILD and bitter and at 1.80 a pint the MILD is about the cheapest in the town/city apart from the Wetherspoons where it is 1.39.

The bar is a big room and the lounge is massive. The pub opens early at 10am which is useful to know. Beers are well kept.

5 Jul 2006 15:24

The Plough and Harrow, Wolverhampton

The only real ale in this pub is the Banks's handpulled cask MILD quite reasonable at 1.90 a pint. The bitters are kegs on fancy pulls alongside the lagers.

This and the Fox Hotel round the corner are the best pubs this end of town for the MILD drinker. Service is good and the round tables in the bar confirm this is a proper pub. A small eating area is available in a curtained off no smoking area.

5 Jul 2006 15:15

The White Hart, Wolverhampton

This pub stands in the midst of extensive demolition work but the landlord confirmed the pub is safe from the bulldozers.

Used to drink in here years ago when the pub was used by the Hells Angels. These days it's a gay bar with pictures on the wall to confirm this notion. Background music was played at a reasonably low volume. The menu showed the food to be cheap most main meals are 2.50 to 3.50 unfortunately Banks's smooth pour keg MILD is expensive at 2.20 a pint.

The Plough and Harrow across the road is a better bet for the likes of me where Banks's cask MILD is cheaper at 1.90 a pint.

5 Jul 2006 15:04

The Greyhound, Wolverhampton

The most expensive pint of MILD in the whole wide World is here in Wolverhampton, I just cannot believe it 2.40 for a pint of Banks's smooth pour keg MILD.

At night this is a nite club open till 2am, there are TV screens and strobe machines and is used mainly by the gay community.

At lunch time yesterday the place was infested with legalites, a nice touch was the removal of the back wall which opens into a semi-open courtyard. Too expensive for me will go elsewhere in the future.

5 Jul 2006 13:37

The Firs, Castlecroft

Banks's cask Original MILD at 1.81 is a good deal here. This is probably the best local pub this side of the town/city. Drinking and eating in the lounge is always a pleasant experience. The interior with its low ceiling and exposed beams gives a cosy atmosphere. The food is very good and special offers make it not over priced.

The pub is close to the railway walk so is a convenient stopping off place for those walking or cycling the track either south through Wombourne or north through Tettenhall where it links with the canal system for continuing in a variety of directions.

The outdoor seating area is just the ticket for dog walkers and the friendly bar staff are only too pleased to offer bowls of water for our canine friends.

4 Jul 2006 01:15

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

The busiest pub on our Delph run tonight. Excellent pint of Bathams MILD. Sat out in the back courtyard for a change, this is a brilliant pub with several very different drinking areas. In tonights heat a fair few customers were standing out the front.

Returned later after drinking in the "Tenth Lock", skipping the smooth pour in the "Dock & Iron" and ogling the barmaid in the "Black Horse". All in all a very good night out on the Delph, just need to start out earlier next time.

3 Jul 2006 02:59

The Corn Exchange, Brierley Hill

Around 9pm tonight this place was deserted apart from a few folks sat outside. No MILD just lots of shiney chrome pulls so made a hasty exit towards the Bull & Bladder the busiest pub on our Delph run tonight.

3 Jul 2006 02:40

The Dock and Iron, Brierley Hill

This pub next in line from the "Tenth Lock" on the Delph run certainly looks the part. But the lack of customers was a sign of there being something wrong. There was no one inside and just a few folks sat outside.

No real ale, the Banks's keg smooth pour MILD served here cannot compete with Bathams MILD two pubs down or Banks's cask Original one pub back the other way. And then theres the gorgeous barmaid at the Black Horse next door, no competition at all.

3 Jul 2006 02:32

The Tenth Lock, Brierley Hill

The Banks's cask MILD is a bit pricey at 1.99 a pint and the drivers lemonade is extortionate at 1.73 a pint. Other than that this pub recommended to me by my 26 year old son is overall the best on the Delph run.

It has everything, a picturesque location with tables alongside the canal, bouncy castle for the kids in a secure fenced off area and a quieter outside area at the front of the pub. Inside is spacious with balustraded drinking areas on differing levels. A good mix of customers, families with kids, teanagers, couples, thitysomethings and even a few old fogies like me.

Pleasant enough bar staff, perhaps the management should consider hijacking the gorgeous barmaid from the nearby Black Horse for a 10/10 from me, she really wanted to sell me a pint of MILD but they ain't got any in the Black Horse.

8/10 until you get the barmaid.

3 Jul 2006 02:20

Black Horse, Brierley Hill

On a Delph run tonight and hoped to get a Chestnut MILD but the gorgeous barmaid told me they no longer have MILD. Could of stayed for a Guinness I suppose but the call of Bathams MILD at the Bull & Bladder next door was too overpowering.

Anyway 5 points for the barmaid but none for the beer.

3 Jul 2006 01:49

Bentlands, Codsall

Quite a few pubs are asking over 2 for a pint of Banks's MILD, at least here it is the handpulled cask version.

On my visit today nearly everyone there was ordering food, it looked very appetising and good sized portions. A good few diners were eating outside in the large garden.

The pub looks very posh and it certainly is in the restaurant area. The bar at the far end, which was empty this afternoon, looks pretty normal though.

1 Jul 2006 23:18

The Good Intent, Upper Gornal

My son moved in a few doors down from this pub. His moving coincided with this pub closing down. Since then it has re-opened so went in to check it out. A cosy little place, friendly staff. Let down by serving Banks's smooth pour MILD something of a disapointment really, but never mind the Jolly Crispin is only just down the alley way.

1 Jul 2006 15:29

The Trap, Barrow upon Soar

This time last year this pub was serving a well kept Ansells cask MILD. It was in fact the only pub in Barrow upon Soar with MILD of any description. This year went for some more but it had been taken off. So the original 9/10 will now be a dismal 0/10.

But never mind not quite the end of the world, we eventually found Ansells cask MILD not too far away at The Railway in Sileby.

1 Jul 2006 15:21

The Old Lion, Cleobury Mortimer

The only pub in Cleobury Mortimer to serve locally brewed Hobsons MILD.

This is a very pleasant pub with an out the front seating area. Not open all day so useful to ring first for opening hours.

1 Jul 2006 15:11

Malthouse, Willenhall

Wanted a late drink in Willenhall last night, this place was a dead cert at least it was open till 1am I believe. Told in a very surly way they don't sell MILD.

A Wetherspoons without MILD, a disgrace. The choice then was other nearby Wetherspoons pubs, either the Bell Wether at Wednesbury for Highgate MILD or the Royal Tiger at Wednesfield for Banks's MILD, chose the latter as it was nearer to home.

The Malthouse with its wet and sticky seats is yet another pub knocked off the drinking list.

1 Jul 2006 14:26

Ye Olde White Harte, Kinver

Open at lunch time for reasonable food offers, 2 for 1 etc. Three real ale bitters but the MILD is only Banks's keg smooth pour. The emphasis here is restaurant rather than pub. Pleasant interior with outdoor seating, good for watching village life going past.

1 Jul 2006 14:12

The Royal Exchange, Kinver

The only cask MILD to be found in Kinver. Banks's original MILD so will suit a lot of people.

1 Jul 2006 03:14

The Vine Inn, Kinver

Heard this pub sometimes has MILD. On my recent visit it had a MILD. Several cask ales are also available. Popular place for food so presume it must be good.

The pub is in a picturesque setting with a massive garden running alongside the canal.

1 Jul 2006 03:09

The Cross Inn, Kinver

This pub dates back to 1776. Hansons keg MILD is only 1.70 a pint.

A pleasant little pub and the dog can visit too. Next door is an amazing half timbered listed building. It is a privte house but worth a photo.

1 Jul 2006 03:01

The Crown and Anchor, Kinver

A weekend pub only. Looking through the window could see Greene King keg MILD and a few real ale pulls. Guess it's a fun pub to drink in, but who knows.

1 Jul 2006 02:52

The Royal George, Willenhall

Crawled into here during our Walsall MILD trail pub crawl in May while on our way to the Falcon for a pint of Ma Pardoes dark MILD. The expectant atmosphere and the very cheap Highgate MILD (I think it was Highgate) make this an interesting pub to visit.

29 Jun 2006 02:40

Bradmore Arms, Wolverhampton

Foods OK I suppose and the kids like it. Myself, don't bother with the place since they stopped having MILD.

Not far away are a few much better pubs, the Swan at Compton has cask MILD, the Merry Hill, the Firs, the Swan at Tettenhall and the Hollybushes at Ebstree and on the Penn Road all have MILD and do better or cheaper food.

29 Jun 2006 02:19

The Boycott Arms, Upper Ludstone

This pub halfway to Bridgnorth serves one of the most expensive pints of MILD in the area. Used to be a proper pub but now it is more an expensive restaurant than a pub. Since they built the Boycott bypass the front garden has become a nice relaxing place to sit out free from the constant flow of traffic.

With Banks's cask Original at 2.20 a pint I'll be boycotting this place in the future. Suppose such high prices keep the rif-raf out for the benefit of the upper-crust.

28 Jun 2006 16:06

The Pigot Arms, Pattingham

This OK yaas pub is usually very busy at night. It has a fairly good layout, standing areas are a little tight so difficult to move around. I used to drink here back in the 70s, 80s and 90s then they got rid of the MILD so drank round the corner in the Crown. Called in again today still no MILD just Tiger, Pedigree and Banks's cask Bitters on handpull. Didn't stop, carried on to the Boycott Arms.

28 Jun 2006 15:47

The Fox Inn at Shipley, Shipley

Always been a pub for the rich elite as far as I can remember going back to the 50s and 60s. The pub has changed beyond recognition since those days. Even so in my oopinion it has been tastefully altered to reflect a modern traditional posh pub. Families are welcome here and the children can play on slides and climbing frames safely in a secure fenced off area. This is overlooked by an outdoor seating area from where the parents can keep an eye on the kids and be entertained by outdoor speakers playing low-fi music.

Everything is expensive here the Banks's smooth pour MILD is 2.14 a pint, other ales are cask Pedigree and Bitter. The large portions of food are equally priced to impress. This is a nice relaxing pub especially so when sitting at the windows just watching the traffic go by.

28 Jun 2006 15:38

The Swan Inn, Sedgley

Checked out this place on the 11th May to discover all of the drinks were extra cold, even my pint of Banks's smooth pour MILD was over chilled.

The place seemed small and large at the same time, perhaps its to do with the interior pillars, at least they add character to the place. Background pop was at a reasonably quiet level. Outside there's a bit of a garden. Not a bad pub pity about the over chilled MILD.

28 Jun 2006 02:20

The White Horse, Sedgley

On my visit here on the 11th May there were two MILDS here, Banks's Original cask and Hansons, both on electric switch. A cosy old fashioned pub with unobtrusive and pleasant background music. At 1.88 & 1.83 respectively the prices weren't too bad for a town centre pub.

28 Jun 2006 02:09

The Swan Inn, Aston Munslow

From just looking at this pub you know that it is haunted. This place is ancient and besides all this its got Hobsons MILD, amazing. It is one of four interesting pubs on this road from Bridgnorth to Craven Arms any one or even all of them are well worth a visit.

28 Jun 2006 01:57

The Starving Rascal, Stourbridge

This pub used to be called the Dudley Arms and takes its new name from its resident ghost.

As I opened the door a dog ran in the pub, everyone in there thought I must know the dog. This hilarious episode came to an end when the lady owner turned up, a lot of fun. The MILD is Banks's smooth pour.

28 Jun 2006 01:39

The Swan, Stourbridge

This pub has no MILD so had to walk straight out. A pity really, the locals were very friendly and talkative as soon as I stood at the bar. No matter how nice the pub is I was there for the beer, no MILD for me so had to leave. Didn't have to go far just round the corner was the Robin Hood with Titanic MILD, one of its regular guest MILDS.

28 Jun 2006 01:29

The Birch Tree, Amblecote

Tucked away on a bend this pleasant little pub enjoys quite a picturesque location. The interior has an appealing feel about it. Banks's Original MILD on handpull is a rarity in these parts, most pubs have the keg Smooth Flow stuff. Probably worth checking out the food here, will visit again.

28 Jun 2006 01:20

The Bell Inn, Brierley Hill

Nice little pub retaining its traditional style. Little bit boring and very quiet on a Sunday lunch time. Average range of beers, pity the Ansells MILD isn't a cask ale. Another pub worth a visit on a "Delph Run". Can't believe there would be that many drinkers having a session in here with the Bull & Bladder just down the road.

28 Jun 2006 01:11

The Dudley Arms, Himley

Watched the start of the England v Ecuador game here. The bitter is a Banks's cask ale and the MILD is a well kept Banks's smooth keg. Had a carvery here not so long back, it was excellent food and fairly priced.

Lots of different areas each with its own feel. A couple of outside areas are pleasant for soaking up the sun. Bar staff are friendly and chatty. Out the back is a big function room. A pub that has it all except a better MILD.

27 Jun 2006 00:52

The Woodman, Claverley

This was the place to go back in the 80s. On my more recent visit they no longer catered for the MILD drinker, so walked straight out, a pity as the pub still has a nice feel about it.

27 Jun 2006 00:29

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Our Birmingham mini MILD trail included this Joint as we expected to get either a London Porter or a Gales Festival MILD. Both have now been taken off in favour of yet another bitter, worse than that the Wellington was jam packed to overflowing so finished off our Wellington MILDS in the Joints adjoining courtyard before going in. We were spoken to very rudely for doing so. Not a good advert so our previous high score has now been knocked way down.

26 Jun 2006 15:25

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

Finished off our Birmingham mini MILD trail by jumping off the tram in Bilston to see what was on offer here. No MILD this time but they had Eastwood & Sanders 1872 6.5% Porter. 2.50 a pint so only had a half, I thought it was the cut that flowed through Bilston not the bloody Thames.

25 Jun 2006 23:00

The Lamp Tavern, Birmingham

It's thanks to reading Ladnewton's reviews of London pubs on our recent London MILD trail that I stumbled across his review of this amazing little pub. Quickly made up our own Birmingham mini MILD trail which began at The Wellington beer festival with 5 MILDS brought us here, took us on to the nearby Anchor then back to the Wellington.

Church End Gravedigger 3.8% MILD, I love it, it has its own very distinctive flavour. The pub has a very homely feel about it with proper round pub tables. Everyone should come here to sample the "old friend" style of friendly atmosphere. Its little more than a 10 minute walk through Chinatown and well worth the effort.

Besides the regular MILD there are several regular drinks for the bitter drinker - Stanway Stanney Bitter, Everards Tiger, Greene King IPA, Nottingham Brewery Extra Pale Ale. The guest yesterday was Humpty Dumpty Brief Encounter and this will be followed by Ridleys Prospect Golden Ale. And then there's Stowford Press Cider.

Will certainly be visiting again.

25 Jun 2006 22:46

The Old Fox, Birmingham

Ventured into here on our Birmingham mini MILD trail yesterday. Looked very promising with 5 real ale handpulls but all were bitters, why isn't one a MILD. No good to us MILD drinkers so carried on towards the nearby Lamp Tavern with their Church End Gravedigger MILD and The Anchor for Hobsons and Beiging MILDS.

25 Jun 2006 21:09

The Crown, Birmingham

Looks promising for a pint of MILD. This is a proper looking pub unfortunately the MILD is only M&B keg. With the promise of Gravedigger MILD at the Lamp Tavern and Hobsons MILD at The Anchor plus a couple of guests on our mini Birmingham MILD trail decided to give it a miss this time.

25 Jun 2006 21:00

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

Pleasant exterior, looks the sort of place to have MILD but no chance. Three cask bitters and the usual display of chemical kegs. Quite a nice pub for the bitter drinker but not for us so carried on with our Birmingham mini MILD trail which we started at the Wellington heading through Chinatown to the Lamp Tavern and Anchor in Digbeth then back to the Old Joint Stock.

25 Jun 2006 20:51

The Windsor Castle Inn, Lye

What a find, the brewery tap for Sadler's "Incomparable" Ales. Sadler's MILD is an exquisite 4% drink and at 1.90 a pint a bargain when compared to the 2 or more expected for Banks's smooth keg MILD these days. Took my 20 month old son Harry in here during the England v Ecuador game. Kids not alowed in the bar but we still had a good view of the big screen from one of the restaurant rooms.

MILD can suffer in a lot of pubs it being not so popular so can be kept on too long and often goes well past its best, not so here the MILD was extremely well kept; and Harry loved the bubbles off the top.

The full range of Sadler's Ales were on offer Jacks Ale, Worcester Sorcery, 1900 Original Bitter, Thin Ice and IPA giving the bitter drinker plenty of choice. All were on handpull and so was the the "Guest Ale" a Bazens bitter. Sometimes there are 2 guests on.

The place had a very relaxed feel with a somewhat unusual appearance. Half timbered building with a modern style of traditional interior. Sadler's Ales have a history worth knowing about, bitter and MILD was brewed from 1900 to 1927 then brewing historically began again during the Winter of 2004 with the Sadler grandkids involved.

The newly opened Windsor Castle Inn is definitely worth another visit, might try the food next time. Watch where you park you are likely to get clamped on the Balti car park next door.

25 Jun 2006 20:31

The New Talbot, Brierly HIll

Sometime ago it was Theakstons keg MILD, on my visit a month ago it was Everards keg MILD, very rare round this way. This is a nice friendly pub with a very good feel about it. The best thing though is the Sunday roast, ain't tried it yet but it is massive. A good starting point for a Delph run.

24 Jun 2006 03:15

The Church Tavern, Quarry Bank

Called in here a couple of years ago for a nice thick pint of Brains Dark MILD, a rare drink in these parts. On my last visit on Sunday 28th May this had been traded for Banks's Smooth. Bad move.

24 Jun 2006 02:52

The Stag Inn, Bloxwich

Went in here on the Walsall MILD trail two years ago. A brilliant pub, two MILDS, excellent restaurant area, nice big garden for the kids to run around in. The gaffer was moving on. Soon after that the place was reduced to rubble, now it's a load of houses.

24 Jun 2006 02:39

The Station Inn, Hagley

Had a good time here on New Years Eve three years ago and four years ago no ticket needed. Can't remember which MILD I drank but the atmosphere was brilliant. Barbecued food was very good. Last time I went down a ticket was needed so had to go elsewhere, very dissapointing.

24 Jun 2006 02:29

The White House, Coseley

Everards keg MILD ain't much to write home about, the bitter drinker would be more impressed, the pub itself was a bit ordinary. The CHINese taKe awaY across the road serves rather bland food. Better off drinking and eating in Bilston.

24 Jun 2006 02:19

The Roebuck Inn, Brierley Hill

Was hoping to find Ansells cask MILD but it was only a keg. The pub had a pleasant type of interior but decided to move on to the Birch Tree just down the road for a pint of Banks's cask MILD.

24 Jun 2006 02:11

The Little Pig, Amblecote

The regular MILD is Hansons keg not bad at 1.70 a pint. A guest bitter was on on my visit yesterday, sometimes have a guest MILD, some months ago it was Batemans. The pub lacks any soul, perhaps it's different at busy times. Some renovation work going on at the moment, it needs it, seats torn and generally pretty tatty.

24 Jun 2006 01:57

The Glass Cutters Arms, Wordsley

A cosy little backstreet pub serving an excellently kept Theakston keg MILD. Not the best beer in the world but a good pub for a nice quiet drink.

24 Jun 2006 01:42

The Black Bear, Lower Gornal

Shepherd Neame MILD is very rare round these parts, although only a keg was not too bad. Bitter drinkers do better here with 4 ever-changing guest ales. I love this pub, originally an 18th century farmhouse so has a lot of character and the right sort of customers. Gets a mention in the "Dudley Real Ale Trail Guide". A useful stopping off place when strolling between the Britannia (Bathams MILD) and the Old Bulls Head (Pig on the wall MILD).

24 Jun 2006 01:24

Black Horse, Brierley Hill

An unusually tasty Chestnut keg MILD was on when I visited last year. The pub had a good feel about it and is worth a visit on a Delph run. Trouble is you're likely to get stuck when you get to the Bull & Bladder the brewery tap for Bathams MILD.

24 Jun 2006 01:08

The Britannia Inn, Wollaston

Popped in yesterday expecting to see M&B MILD but they have made a sideways move to Banks's keg MILD, rather pricey at 2 a pint. This pub has a very homely feel about it, bar staff very friendly. It has a pleasant restaurant area and took the family out for Sunday lunch sometime last year, the roast was very good.

This place is recommended for food, but just down the road is the Unicorn with Bathams MILD and the Princess with exquisite Banks's cask MILD and not too far away is the Robin Hood with there ever changing guest MILDS so would not go to the Britannia just for the beer. And for live entertainment Katie Fitzgeralds is just round the corner.

24 Jun 2006 00:52

The Old China Hand, Clerkenwell

I cannot believe that this snack bar is number two pub in the country. This makes a nonsense of the whole site. On my visit the service was the worst I have ever experienced in any pub in the whole country, there was no one waiting to be served other than us but we were totally ignored for around 5 minutes. Because we slated the place as crap we then had to endure hostile postings and were branded as racists.
I am highly suspicious of the clientele voting for this joint. Besides that, a pub does not deserve a top position unless it serves all styles of beer.
If you want foreign beers you should visit Katie Fitzgeralds in Wollaston, Stourbridge. This pub with regular live bands, amazing atmosphere, instant service, ever changing guest beers from around the World, Ansells MILD and a history worth knowing about is a million times better than the Old China Hand. I just cannot believe it.

20 Jun 2006 02:26

The Gigsmill Inn, Stourbridge

Average Banks's cask MILD. Whats more the drivers lemonade cost more than the beer, a total rip off. Food adverts looked very reasonable if eaten before 6pm. Dead pan pub quiz deadened the atmosphere. Football screens and flags all over the place, very few in to watch it on my visit tonight. Thing is why drink Banks's MILD here when a truely exceptional pint of Banks,s Original cask MILD and a much much livelier atmosphere can be found at "The Princess" just down the road in Wollaston.

19 Jun 2006 00:40

The Unicorn, Wollaston

Bathams MILD is always a sure thing as are all Bathams pubs. This is a real pub, dogs asleep at your feet, real people drinking real ale, properly priced beer and the drivers lemonade only half the price of the beer. Why can't more pubs be like the Unicorn. And whats more it has a good sized gated garden with shades, ideal to let the kids run loose. This was my first visit tonight, I was impressed.

19 Jun 2006 00:14

Fox and Grapes, Pensnett

Went past this attractive looking Bathams pub on Friday lunch time, just had to stop for a pint of MILD. The Bathams MILD was perfect. Thought I would sit outside with my young son but the garden had no shade from the scorching sun. Inside, the pub was quiet with a good layout. This is a real boozer, worth another visit.

18 Jun 2006 18:18

The Codsall Station, Codsall

Good selection of real ales, Holdens MILD and a pair of cracking barmaids make this a must place to visit. Lots of railway memorabilia and occassional trains wizzing past add to the novelty. Fairly busy with an outdoor area for the kids.

17 Jun 2006 23:50

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

Would have loved to sample the Titanic MILD today but we were looking for food. No food here but were sent to the Coach & Horses. Thats what I like about a pub, good advice given in a friendly way even though no pints will be poured for me today. Next time in Shrewsbury will certainly be drinking here.

17 Jun 2006 23:24

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

Poked my head in and noticed the Golden Nut MILD (3.4%) from the Three Tuns Brewery in Bishops Castle, so decided this would be the place to eat today. Had a look at the events at the Quarry, my young son was impressed with the "Rollers" (traction engines) then returned to the pub to celebrate my daughters 18th birthday with a meal.
The MILD was in excellent condition, the service was top notch and extremely friendly. The food was good but a little expensive (I always feel pub food should be much cheaper than in a restaurant). We ate in the dining area which was very quiet, the bar appeared to have more of an exciting atmosphere. The place looks steeped in history and full of Olde Worlde charm, a pub worth finding out about.

17 Jun 2006 23:13

The Wenlock Arms, Hoxton

Our London MILD trail culminated in a brilliant night at the Wenlock with several pints of Dark Star MILD for May. Having started out at the Head of Steam with Batemans Dark MILD we found no ther MILD in between.

The live band at the Wenlock, FUBS (Fabulous Unrehearsed Brothers) created a brilliant atmosphere. The barstaff were unbelievably helpful and friendly. Had a pleasant chat with the Landlord and we were later joined by Annette who came across as a very pleasant person.

We had been warned that Londoners were very hostile towards strangers but we found none of this here or even in any of the other pubs we had walked into and straight out again when we found they had no MILD.

Would have loved to have stayed untill kicking out time and tried Mollys Chocolate Stout from the College Green Brewery but had to leave just before 11pm to get some food. A great end to our two pub London MILD trail.

12 Jun 2006 02:32

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

The usefulness of beerintheevening proved itself again. Thanks to Timkholman who mentioned Grand Union MILD (3.5%) & Oscar Wilde MILD (3.7%) being available made a detour via St Albans on Sunday 4th June. Iceni Maris Otter MILD (3.8%) was on tap, an excellent drink. Conversation about MILD led to the production of an amazing list of the DARK drinks in the cellar waiting to go on.

Highwood Dark MILD (3.5%)
Red Squirrel Dark Ruby MILD (3.7%)
Dark Star MILD (3.6%)
Naylors Sparkeys Monday MILD (3.4%)
Buntingford Parmetters MILD (3.7%)
Cains Creamy Stout (4.2%)
Clarks Black Gold (4.0%)
Great Oakley Delapre Dark (4.6%)
Ulverstone Laughing Gravy (4.0%)
& at the top of the list was Northumberland McRorys Irish Stout (4.8%) which had already gone.

With this selection just had to upgrade my previous rating. At the time of our visit early evening it was very quiet. Unlike my previous visit when it was definitely buzzing.

12 Jun 2006 02:02

The Doric Arch, Euston

Thanks to reviews on Beerintheevening and a follow up phonecall, discovered that there was going to be MILD here. We were not dissapointed, had a few pints of well kept Batemans Dark MILD (2.50 a pint). Had a lengthy chat with the barman about the availability of MILD in London, confirming its scarcity. I like this pub, ideal place for train spotters, the coach compartment seats are a novelty. Excellent model of 9F 92004 and other railway memorabilia are of interest. Very few in early evening so pretty quiet. Friendly atmosphere, the old guys on the table next to us were supping bitters and were quite dissapointed when they realised they had missed out on the MILD. Perhaps the MILD pull should be bar centre rather than hidden away down the far end.

12 Jun 2006 01:26

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Made a bee line for this Fullers pub early evening on 3-6-06, I had discovered it is one of the few Fullers pubs in London that serves London Porter. Bit pricey at 3 a pint but I suppose you have to expect that in London, the drink was in excellent condition but our visit would have been extra nice if it also had the Gales MILD. Very good service, very quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The layered levels and steps allover the place somehow added to the ambiance. A very good start to our London MILD trail.

12 Jun 2006 01:04

The Hollybush, Trysull

Very busy at lunchtime today, the food must be good. Real ales are served, staff very friendly, the MILD is Ansells keg. Smaller room at the back looked quieter. Good sized outside area with big views and all manner of climbing frames for the kids. All in all a nice friendly atmosphere in a pleasant countryside setting.

10 Jun 2006 02:04

The Fountain, Aberystwyth

I like this pub, the layered levels and sizzling food give it a pleasant atmosphere. Besides that it's the only place in Aberystwyth where you can get a cask MILD other than some of the Banks's houses. Next time I visit the caravan at Clarach Bay I will be trecking it over to this pub to sample the food and a few pints of the Brains MILD.

8 Jun 2006 01:32

The Merry Hill, Wolverhampton

The latest in a long line of refurbishments and another new gaffer appears to have eliminated this pubs bad reputation. The food looked good on my visit this afternoon. Mild was only Banks's keg smooth pour but at least it is well kept and at 1.55 a pint I didn't feel I had been ripped off unlike at the Greyhound at Lower Penn where they charge 2.10 for the same stuff. Being the nearest pub to home this place should be my local but I would rather travel out to the Robin Hood at Amblecote for one of their ever changing guest cask MILDS or the Old Bulls Head at Lower Gornal for their Pig on the Wall cask MILD and excellent weekend entertainment.

8 Jun 2006 01:11

The Greyhound, Lower Penn

Been in this pub loads of times over the years. Visited again today the cosy homelyness of the place has gone. Thanks to the fairly recent refurbishment and extension it's now more like a posh church hall. Had a pint of Banks's smooth pour MILD but at 2.10 a pint (London prices) I felt ripped off. The same Banks's keg smooth pour MILD costs 1.55 a pint just down the road at the Merryhill where at least their refurbishment is an improvement.

8 Jun 2006 00:31

The Peasant, Clerkenwell

Had hoped to nip into this pub to see if they had any MILD or any other dark drink but a crowd of football rowdies were sitting outside making a lot of noise so decided to give it a miss. Didn't look like the sort of place to have any of the dark stuff anyway. Besides, not far to the "Wenlock" from here.

6 Jun 2006 05:24

The Britannia, Clerkenwell

The highlight of our treck from the "Head of Steam" to the "Wenlock". Not much of a MILD trail. No MILD at the "Britannia" but the little blonde barmaid was gorgeous. She didn't even know what MILD was but why should she they don't sell MILD in this pub. Anyway 3 points for the barmaid she gave me her immediate attention, excellent service, unfortunately didn't buy a drink so nothing for the beer or the Landlord. Get some MILD and we will be back.

6 Jun 2006 05:16

The Old China Hand, Clerkenwell

Having drank MILD in the "Head of Steam" made a detour to this place hoping to find an unusual Porter while on our way to the "Wenlock" for a definite pint of MILD. Left my drinking partner nomild-walkout-mac at the bar while I used the bog. Back to the bar Mac still hadn't been served. The bar staff were too busy chatting to notice that we were there. Eventually attracted someones attention but could not make them understand what MILD or any other dark drink is, tried to sell us chemicals, will not go anywhere near this place again. Crap place crap service.

6 Jun 2006 05:02

The Calthorpe Arms, Holborn

Looks like a real pub, straight up to the bar and given immediate attention, only to be dissapointed, yet another pub that does not cater for the MILD drinker. A point for the bar staff but thats your lot. No MILD so we don't drink here. Nevermind it's not much further to the Wenlock.

6 Jun 2006 04:37

The Rocket, Euston

Students ain't what they used to be. Look like a load of trendies these days. The place was fairly busy, no decent beer what so ever, just chemical rubbish. Why does anybody drink this stuff when just across the road you can get London Porter at the "Euston Flyer" and a variety of real ales at the "Head of Steam" including MILD. No MILD at "The Rocket" so shot straight through.

6 Jun 2006 04:28

The Royal George, Euston

Strolled into this place early on Saturday evening, fairly busy with trendy types all supping there bitters and lagers. There was no MILD here or any other sort of dark drink so strolled straight through and headed for the Euston Flyer. A much better pub serving Fullers London Porter~exquisite.

6 Jun 2006 04:17

The Compass, Islington

Found cheap food across the road, eat as much as you like for 2.95. Then poked my nose in this place hoping to find some sort of "dark drink", fancy taps with shiney chrome nameplates no chance of anything dark in here, that is apart from the atmosphere thick with the stench of weed. No MILD or any other style of real ale so walked out.

6 Jun 2006 04:02

The Whittington Inn, Whittington

An amazing building dating back to 1310, steeped in history with a ghost on the loose. Last month took the whole family here for a very enjoyable Sunday lunch. Banks's MILD on handpull was average. Last night my son took me down there for a session on the Banks's Chocolate MILD, it was strange to see such a big pub with just a handfull of customers. Unfortunately the drink I was served was a pint of vinegar. Exchanged this for Banks's Original MILD but only given a half pint as I'd drank some of the Chocolate/vinegar MILD. Poor show old bean. Took our custom to The Robin Hood in Amblecote for a few pints of well kept Titanic MILD.

30 May 2006 16:23

The Horse and Trumpet, Sileby

No MILD in Barrow upon Soar, no MILD here just Pedigree but no one to drink it when I poked my nose in here last Saturday afternoon. A wild-goose-chase bought us here via The Trap, The Hunting Lodge, The Navigation and The Malthouse. Eventually found Ansells MILD on handpull and a few other possibilities in The Railway Inn just round the corner.

30 May 2006 15:55

The Railway Inn, Sileby

MILD at last, Ansells on handpull, mentioned the scarcety of MILD in the area and was told it was only on for "one" of his regulars who travels over from Quorn. We had a chat with him and thanked him for drinking MILD. This is a real pub with a bit of a crazy atmosphere, a local chick was looking for the ride and anyone would do as long as they gave it her up the backside as well as all other orifices. Yes a friendly if somewhat wild atmosphere, could have been a bit too friendly, never-the-less a very interesting pub the best one for miles around.

30 May 2006 15:38

The Hunting Lodge, Barrow upon Soar

The busiest pub in the area, looked quite lively. No MILD but were helpful in sending me in the right direction. Eventually found Ansells MILD in The Railway Inn in Sileby.

30 May 2006 15:16

The Navigation Inn, Barrow upon Soar

No MILD here but it looked a lovely cosy little place with a few real ales on handpull. The pub has a very attractive exterior in a nice out of the way location. Were very helpful in my search for MILD even though I was not buying a drink.

30 May 2006 15:10

The Hammer and Pincers, Barrow upon Soar

Been visiting this area for a few years now, could find no MILD so suffered the Bass in here. It's a nice pleasant pub very cosy, good atmosphere. Last year found Ansells MILD down the road in The Trap, very dissapointingly gone this year so travelled down to Sileby for Ansells MILD in The Railway Inn, a very different type of pub. So won't be drinking in the Hammer & Pincers again or The Trap unless they get a MILD on.

30 May 2006 15:04

The Malthouse, Sileby

Ventured into here on Saturday, no MILD so walked out. The pub looked OK, typical small town affair, hardly anyone in noticed they had draught Bass. Found Ansells MILD round the corner in The Railway Inn a much busier and more interesting pub.

30 May 2006 14:50

The Robin Hood, Stourbridge

The bees knees, at last my search for MILD in the Stourbridge area has come up trumps. Ever changing guests including a MILD. Never been in before, just popped in on the off chance lunch time today and was astounded to see Titanic MILD on handpull.
Just the uplift I needed after walking out of two pubs round the corner on Brettell Lane, The Swan with no MILD and the Starving Rascal which let its self down with Banks's Smooth Pour.
Got talking to the gaffer in the Robin Hood, only been there 10 months and after the success of the MILDS for the "MILD in May" season is intending to continue with ever changing guest MILDS from now on. In the last few weeks he's had Dark Star MILD, Holdens MILD and another thats slipped my mind. By my second drink I was talking to locals who decided to try the Titanic MILD. An unbelievably friendly pub, Sunday roasts looked excellent. Returned later with my drinking partner "nomild-walkout-mac" for another couple of pints of Titanic MILD, Mac was suitably impressed. The other drinks available on handpull included Bathams Bitter, Loddon Hullabaloo, Frankton Bagby - May The Force Be With You, Shropshire Gold Barley Ale, Atlas Nimbus Pale Ale and Aspall Suffolk Cyder. An excellent pub with a really happy atmosphere.

29 May 2006 01:11

The Stumble Inn, Bridgtown

One of twelve pubs on this years Walsall Wild about MILD Trail. Went there lunch time on bank holiday Monday, the 1st May the start of the "MILD in MAY" season. Shut!!! Went there again today, looks an interesting place the band was setting up customers were lining up, a fair selection of handpulls, one unmarked, must be the MILD. We had Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby and one from Lancaster but there's none left. No MILD on a MILD trail?**?**?!! The pubs an IMPOSTER. No MILD grab your sticker and walkout.

27 May 2006 22:35

The Crystal Palace, York

Nice and quiet just out of town pub with cheap Sam Smiths MILD, served a bit too cold but it's OK once stood for a while. Made a change from the more hectic "Hansom Cab" but now we have discovered Yorks only cask MILD, Tetleys in the "Blue Bell", doubt whether we will drink in here again.

24 May 2006 15:06

The Hansom Cab, York

Been using this place every Easter weekend for a few years now for the cheap Sam Smiths MILD. Gets busy at times with lots of folks passing through so always manage to get a seat. A good friendly atmosphere, met a few interesting characters in here. Moved on to the "Blue Bell" now for the Tetleys MILD the only cask MILD in York.

24 May 2006 14:37

The Park Tavern, Kingswinford

They had Gales Festival MILD on last week a real rareity, but by the time I got there it had all gone. Typical! At least the Ansells MILD is back on again after a fairly long spell without MILD. A nice cosy type of pub. Staff were friendly and chatty.

22 May 2006 13:06

The Prince, Walsall

Opposite the Cuckoo & Bell another pub with Banks's MILD, cask on electric pump here. There are so many other pubs with handpulls in Walsall so didn't stop to try the beer. Looked like an OK place, quite busy for so early on a Saturday evening.

22 May 2006 12:53

The Cuckoo and Bell, Walsall

Banks's smooth pour MILD can be better than nothing but in Walsall there's so much of the real stuff about it ain't worth touching this stuff. Other than that the pub looked like an OK type of place, hard to judge so early on a Saturday evening.

22 May 2006 12:42

The Fallings Heath Tavern, Darlaston

One of 12 pubs on this years Walsall MILD TRAIL. The Ansells MILD served here last week appeared too light for Ansells so not the best pint around. A big pub with lots of space but hardly anyone in, perhaps it's busier at the weekend.

21 May 2006 23:42

The Duke of Cambridge, Shortheath

One of 12 pubs on this years Walsall MILD TRAIL. A very well kept pint of Highgate Dark MILD was pulled on my visit last week. The display cases full of model lorries are of interest here. The pub has a very friendly atmosphere. The two small rooms at the front are nice and cosy, at the back is an enormous room but I've never seen anyone using it.

21 May 2006 23:27

White Lion, Walsall

In at the Shallow end then down to the Deep end for a pint of Highgate Dark MILD. The floor in this place is amazing the slope is as steep as in the baths, hence Deep & Shallow ends. Very friendly place even the lager & bitter drinkers are sociable with us MILD liberation front activists. One of the 12 pubs on this years Walsall MILD TRAIL. Last night was pulled an excellent pint of Highgate Dark MILD which was on a par with the Ansells MILD they had not so long back.

21 May 2006 22:55

The Rose and Crown, Walsall

One of the dozen pubs on this years Walsall MILD TRAIL. If you ask for MILD you are likely to get Banks's Original MILD, so be sure to ask for "PIG on the WALL". This MILD brewed in Gornal is excellent and extremely well kept here at the Rose & Crown. This is a proper pub with very pleasant staff and well worth a visit just for a few pints of PIG.

21 May 2006 22:39

Royal Tiger, Wednesfield

Always has Banks's MILD on handpull, thing is why drink it here when you've got the Boat a few doors away and the Pyle Cock just round the corner. Sometimes has a guest MILD worth trying. Pub is always crowded and loud by the door but theres usually comfortable seating available through to the back in a quieter atmosphere.

21 May 2006 21:54

The Goldthorn Pub, Wolverhampton

When I visited this place a few months back advertising suggested it would have Highgate Dark MILD, but it only has Banks's MILD. This bingo hall trying to be a pub has a very cold atmosphere. A typical holiday club nightmare, but even worse it's on the Dudley Road at Fighting Cocks.

20 May 2006 12:23

The Plough Inn, Trysull

Serves an average pint of Banks's MILD. Plays music far too loud, when the music is off it's a really pleasant pub for a quiet drink. Beer garden is popular on sunny days.

20 May 2006 12:03

The Bell Inn, Trysull

Never any MILD here, bit puzzling really as it sponsors a MILD at the Wolverhampton beer festival. The pubs different areas all have their own distinct friendly atmospheres. Lunchtimes is used as a base by groups of walkers.

20 May 2006 11:58

The Farriers Arms, St Albans

Things are looking up in St Albans, two pubs with McMullens AK MILD, here it's on all year round and at the Blue Anchor where I'm not so sure if it's always available. In both places it's labelled up as a bitter so the locals will drink it, too snobish to knowingly drink MILD down this way. Pleasant old fashioned pub with a good atmosphere. Found parking just past the park, had to watch out for dodgy characters hanging around the back streets.

20 May 2006 09:30

The Giffard Arms, Wolverhampton

Used to drink here back in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Always been a good pub for soft and hard rock. Frequented by bikers and rockers a good friendly place. About 10 year ago was refused entry for having torn jeans, so refused to spend any money here for the next ten years. Decided to try it again a few weeks back the place is still dark and atmospheric but now frequented by goths as well as the usual suspects. The beer's worse than ever, my pint of Highgate dark MILD was warm and flat, might as well stay away for another 10 years.

19 May 2006 11:23

The Royal Oak, Wantage

Stayed in Abingdon recently but couldn't find a decent pub there so drove out to Wantage for a couple of pints of West Berkshire Maggs Magnificent Mild. Well worth the trouble, an excellently kept drink. Our visit was early in the evening so there weren't many in. An interesting pub with two rooms that appear to have completely different characteristics.

19 May 2006 10:39

The Plough Inn, Appleton

There's no MILD in Abingdon so had to travel out here for the nearest MILD. Greene King XX MILD it's a bit bland and flavourless, especially after drinking Hook Norton dark MILD. Nice enough pub with little hideaway areas and steps scattered around. A good place for a nice quiet drink.

19 May 2006 10:30

The Pear Tree Inn, Hook Norton

Made a worthwhile detour for the Hook Norton Dark MILD while on our way to Abingdon a few weeks back. This out of the way pub is excellent full of character and olde world charm, with a gaffer who knows his stuff. Had a good conversation about the scarcity of MILD in Oxfordshire. Plenty of Hook Norton dark MILD in Banbury, none in Kidlington or Abingdon, Greene King XX MILD in Appleton and out to Wantage for Maggs Magnificent MILD. Is there any MILD in Oxford?

19 May 2006 10:21

Blue Anchor, St Albans

The only pub in St Albans with MILD on all year round. McMullens AK MILD a light MILD its one of the most popular drinks in the pub but only because it's labelled up as a bitter, otherwise the beer snobs down this way wouldn't drink it if they knew it was a MILD. The pub is a friendly and cosy place; impossible to park nearby - walkers need to be aware of a few very dodgy characters hanging around in nearby streets.

19 May 2006 01:35

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

It's the same old story, ask for a pint of MILD, there isn't any, we had some last week it was very popular. It's the same at beer festivals the first ones to go are the MILDS. So why are there so many pubs around that do not cater for the MILD drinker? Let it be said this is a good pub was offered samples of loads of wierdly named drinks, so many didn't need to buy anything. Visit St Albans once a year in January, hopefully MILD will be a regular drink next time.

19 May 2006 01:17

The Great Northern, St Albans

Been visiting St Albans in January for several years now. The only MILD found was McMullens AK a light MILD; because it's labelled as a bitter it's one of the most popular drinks in the Blue Anchor - if they knew it was MILD St Albans locals wouldn't drink it, snobbery or what! The best alternative to MILD and the only time I drink bitter is the Great Northern bitter served here at the Great Northern. And at around 1.50 a pint deffinitely the cheapest around. A good friendly pub always worth a visit.

19 May 2006 00:54

Berkeley Arms, Tewkesbury

Probably the best pub in Tewkesbury for its selection of ales, I'll give them a ring next time I'm visiting the area to see if they have a MILD otherwise I'll go to another town. Mild in May doesn't mean a thing down here so on the 3rd May no MILD had to walk out.

17 May 2006 02:42

The Nottingham Arms, Tewkesbury

A pub that appears to have loads of history, unfortunately MILD is also history so walked straight out.

17 May 2006 02:33

The Anchor, Tewkesbury

Yet another Tewkesbury pub that doesn't cater for the MILD drinker.

17 May 2006 02:30

Montells, Tewkesbury

No MILD walkout.

17 May 2006 02:27

Ye Olde Black Bear, Tewkesbury

On Wednesday 3rd May caught the river boat from Upton upon Severn to Tewkesbury. Trawled the High Street for a pub selling MILD. Not one; the best bet was the Berkeley that sometimes has a guest MILD. Ended up in Ye Olde Black Bear because of the beer garden overlooking the river and ye olde worlde charm. The barmaid who pulled my pints of Guinness was friendly and talkative. A list of some 40 or 50 real ales to be appearing over the next few weeks included only one MILD, Marstons Merry Monk. Food was a long time coming, had to make a mad dash to catch the boat back.

17 May 2006 02:23

The Swan Inn, Compton

Awards have been won for the quality of the Banks's MILD here. This is a proper drinking mans pub, the bar area is littered with allsorts of curios
the posh bit is nice and cosy. Sat out the back here on many a fine day watching the shoppers go by.

16 May 2006 15:25

The Swan, Tettenhall

A well kept pint of Ansells MILD can be had here. Good quality cheep food is available during the week. Pub has an olde world pleasant atmosphere. Bar staff very friendly.

16 May 2006 15:16

The Old Cat, Wordsley

One of the few pubs in the area brave enough to try Banks's Chocolate MILD. This handpulled cask MILD is exquisite, Banks's should brew this all year round instead of their terrible smooth pour mild. The standard Banks's Original MILD was on an electric pump. The two part lounge at the Old Cat is a very cosy affair. The barmaid was knowledgeable and friendly. A place to relax.

16 May 2006 02:29

The Princess, Wollaston

Not a big fan of Banks's Original MILD but here it is truely exceptional. The best Banks's cask MILD on a handpull I've ever tasted. On Saturday night the pub was buzzing, even so managed to get served as soon as I stood at the bar. The place seems to be frequented by mainly older youngsters in groups including couples thus creating a friendly atmosphere.

16 May 2006 02:10

New Inn, Stourbridge

A pity I had to walk out of this place last night. Nice enough pub tucked away just off South Road the main road passing through Norton in Stourbridges leafy suburbia. There didn't appear to be anyone drinking here unless they were all in the front room. No longer serving MILD, yes the Ansells MILD has gone a bad mistake. No MILD walkout.

14 May 2006 19:59

The Bell Wether, Wednesbury

Took the whole family here this afternoon. Sunday roasts were ordered and arrived before I had chance to drink my pint of Banks's Chocoloate MILD. At 1.49 this hand pulled pint was unbelievable value. There was a pleasant family atmosphere, a very peaceful time was had. The food was excellent, plenty of it nice and tasty and at 18.45 for the five of us including 4 drinks a real bargain. Toilets were clean and smelled fresh. Good friendly service.

14 May 2006 19:43

Moon Under Water, Wolverhampton

Beer festival on at the moment with guest beers at 1.49 deffinitely the cheapest in town. No guest MILD today but there will be a MILD next week. Had a pint of the regular Highgate Dark MILD, quality can vary in this pub but today it was an excellent pint. Like all Wetherspoon pubs it attracts a few strange looking characters but today everyone looked super chilled. Must be the blazing sun-shine. Supped my MILD while deep in thought about the sparcity of MILD in Wolverhampton, having just been in the Posada and the Goose, both no MILD; no MILD walkout.

13 May 2006 00:34

Goose In The City, Wolverhampton

Friday lunch time strolled into the Posada expecting to get a pint of MILD what with it being the CAMRA meeting place and MILD in MAY season but no, no MILD walk out straight into the Goose. This place reminded me of visiting time at an old peoples home, anyway upto the bar loads of different lagers and ales but where are they hiding the MILD. Yet another pub that discriminates against the MILD drinker; no MILD walkout! So off I went to the Moon Under Water for a refreshing drink of Highgate Dark MILD.

13 May 2006 00:16

Pyle Cock Inn, Wednesfield

A good old fashioned pub with a friendly bunch of customers, useful that it is open till 11.30PM on Fridays I work till 11PM. Serves a well kept pint of Banks's (original) MILD. Last week it had Banks's Chocolate MILD brewed specially for "MILD in May" if only this rich dark MILD was available all year round it would be so heavenly.

10 May 2006 02:06

The Royal Oak, Wolverhampton

Back in the 1980s this pub was the home of amazingly cheap dinners and a pint of MILD for a 1. Every lunch time the place was packed. That came to an end but the pub was still a popular drinking hole. But what's happened now? They've traded the Banks's cask MILD for Banks's fizzy keg smooth pour. What a mistake.

10 May 2006 00:58

Chindit, Wolverhampton

Visited this box-like pub a couple of years ago, they had no MILD so did not return until the recent beer festival. Out of 30 odd beers there's sure to be a MILD or PORTER but no this pub does not cater for the MILD drinker. I will not be putting myself out again. No MILD walk out.

10 May 2006 00:44

The Crooked House, Gornal Wood

Previous reviews say it all for this amazing pub. Unfortunately since they got rid of the MILD they now only cater for the tourists who will drink anything. So no MILD walk out, low score.

9 May 2006 11:11

Bar Essential, Aberystwyth

The best pub by far in the centre of town. Brains keg MILD is surprisingly good and so is the cheap food. A good atmosphere love the big wide open windows; upstairs the unusual balcony area evokes a relaxing sensation. Children are welcome which is a rareity in Aberystwyth.

9 May 2006 01:54

Downies Vaults, Aberystwyth

When passing through Aberystwyth always stopped off here for a pint of Banks's MILD. On my last visit I noticed the banner across the front of the pub welcoming families. Our family consisting of two children their mother and myself entered but were told the children were not allowed in. When I asked about the banner I was very rudely given some cock and bull story about a 50 year old law that allows him to refuse entry. I now drink Brains MILD in Bar Essential.

9 May 2006 01:40

The Wellington, Birmingham

First time I visited the Wellington there was a beer festival on with an unbelievable 4 or 5 MILDS. Lucky to find that many MILDS in one town never mind one pub. Got talking to a few like minded folk.

My next visit was on Carl Chinns pub crawl. Had the regular "PIG on the WALL" MILD a really well kept pint nice and smooth, tasted better than in the Old Bulls Head where its brewed. This was followed by a pint of "Half Pint" from Leicester. I was then shown the back door and led into the back door of the Old Joint Stock, no MILD but the PORTER is amazing.

9 May 2006 00:56

The Shakespeare, Birmingham

Followed Carl Chinn into this excellent looking pub, unfortunately I had to walk straight out again, no MILD. There are too many pubs dropping MILD these days so can't give it a very high score unlike the next pub on Carls pub crawl the Wellington where there were two MILDS.

9 May 2006 00:36

The Prince of Wales, Birmingham

Carl Chinns recent pub crawl started here. Had an excellent pint of hand pulled Ansells MILD. A really pleasant pub and a very good atmosphere. Commented on Carls choice of beer, a pint of MILD, and was then invited to follow his party to the next pub, the Shakespeare, yuk no MILD.

9 May 2006 00:26

Mount Pleasant, Sedgley

Locally known as the Stump and mentioned in the Dudley Real Ale Trail guide. On my visit it had a rare variety of local real ales but they never have a MILD. Otherwise a nice pub.

8 May 2006 16:29

The Jolly Crispin, Upper Gornal

On my visit some months ago there was a good range of real ales on hand pull, all except the MILD which was an unusually tasty keg MANNS CHESTNUT MILD. Apparently occassionally have a guest MILD so will have to visit again especially as my son has now moved just round the corner. A pleasant interior with a comforting atmosphere.

8 May 2006 16:21

The Royal Oak, Tettenhall Wood

On Sunday afternoon had a much welcomed pint of Cask BANKS'S MILD pulled by Fred, she's always a pleasure to meet. Very cosy pub, with a good sized garden.

8 May 2006 16:09

The Beacon Hotel, Dudley

Sarah Hughes DARK RUBY MILD at 6% is a MILD you just have to try. Brewed here and rarely available anywhere else. A real pub well worth a visit.

8 May 2006 16:00

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

Followed Carl Chinn on his recent pub crawl into this place from the back door of the Wellington. Very impressive and palacial interior. No MILD here but the draught Fullers London Porter was an excellent alternative. Thanks to Carl for introducing me to this pub a brilliant find I would never have thought of entering otherwise. It adds another dimension to the variety of MILDS on offer at the Wellington.

8 May 2006 15:50

The Old Swan, Netherton

A proper Black Country Pub, very busy. Ma Pardoes DARK SWAN MILD is one of the best drinks you can get. It's brewed here and only occassionally goes out elsewhere as a guest. The only other place to get this very rare MILD as a regular is at the Falcon in Willenhall.

8 May 2006 15:36

Clifton, Sedgley

A typical Wetherspoons pub, very busy with a mixed selection of drinkers and eaters. The hand pulled HIGHGATE MILD 1.75 a pint was as good as anywhere. Will visit again to sample guest MILDS, 11th to 21st May 2006. Foods pretty good too.

8 May 2006 15:24

Katie Fitzgeralds, Wollaston

Musically minded young people all having a good time, didn't notice any Chavs. Live band playing downstairs. Keg BASS MILD compensated for by the excellent atmosphere. Will definitely visit again.

8 May 2006 15:14

The Vine (Bull & Bladder), Brierley Hill

A proper pub full of proper people all there for the beer. BATHAMS MILD is brewed here and is an excellent pint. Been a few weeks since my last visit but will be calling in again, that is as soon as I have completed the "MILD in MAY" - "Walsall MILD Trail".

8 May 2006 14:51

The Fountain, Lower Gornal

A large selection of real ales unfortunately never has any MILD (hence low rating) so had to carry on down the hill to the OLD BULLS HEAD for an excellent pint of of PIG on the WALL MILD.

8 May 2006 14:38

The Britannia, Upper Gornal

How a pub should be. Cozy little rooms, pleasant staff and customers, all there for the beer. The beer is well kept just the right temperature. And what did I order, it had to be an excellent really smooth pint of BATHAMS MILD.

8 May 2006 14:31

The Old Bulls Head, Lower Gornal

Home of "PIG on the WALL" MILD an excellent drink. Good atmosphere everyone very friendly and talkative. Seen a couple of live acts here, very good, music played at a sensible volume, no need to shout to be heard. Good old fashioned place. Two minutes walk from the "Fountain" a pub that never has MILD.

8 May 2006 13:35

The Posada, Wolverhampton

Nice pub, pleasant customers, occassionally have MILD but no MILD recently so have had to walk straight out to head for the Great Western and a pint of Holdens MILD.

1 May 2006 23:27

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

The best pub in Wolverhampton for a pint of MILD, in fact the only pub with Holdens MILD. A pleasant change from the Banks's Mild found all over Wolverhampton.

1 May 2006 23:21

The Blue Bell, York

After years of drinking Sam Smiths keg MILD in the Hansom Cab it was a real pleasure to find Tetleys MILD here when we visited at Easter. As far as we know this is the only cask MILD in York. Landlord was very friendly and informative in our quest for MILD.
Mainly well behaved and sociable customers, unreasonable rowdiness was soon quashed, thankfully a landlord who stands for no messing.

21 Apr 2006 22:11

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