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The Font and Firkin, Brighton

A perennially sad thing about coming to Brighton; one always ends up in the Font with vague recollections of when it (and Firkins in general) were good. Laterly just another loathsome chav hangout. The promise of live music is hardly uplifting either - on our last visit we had the one man rent-a-mod band exhorting audience bark-ticipation on the chorus of another turgid Oasis anthem... all of which highlights that British yoof culture has been crap for at least the last ten years.

4 Mar 2005 12:48

Bright Star, Luton

Very appealing quaint English village pub, tucked away so thoroughly you might forget that its just a mile or so from the end of Luton Airport runway.
Friendly enough... though they made such a show of goodbyes whenever one of the locals left that the silence when my girlfriend and I departed was almost deafening.
Something must have told them we were from Luton. It was probably my scarf.

2 Mar 2005 13:01

The Greyhound, Aldbury

As featured in The Avenger's episode 'Murdersville' (1967). Sit outside in the summer, and see where Mrs Peel was dunked in the village pond by the ne'er do well residents of 'Little Storping on the Swuff'.
Don't worry, Steed arrives just in time and they fight the baddies off, with custard pies, in the Museum of Torture.
The Museum, over the road from the pond, is now the Post Office... although they may still sell custard pies.

1 Mar 2005 13:22

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