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O'Neills, Richmond

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Now called THE RAILWAY TAVERN. Very handy for station. Good selection of ales and food. Extremely friendly service. We intended one round but ended up staying for two!
Trev - 13 Mar 2015 18:58
CLOSED! And good riddance.....

On the upside it's under refurbishment, reverted to the original name of The Railway Tavern and under the stewardship of Nicholsons. I'm hoping that happier times lay ahead for this place.
BeerBelly666 - 23 Nov 2014 21:08
It's hard to imagine how something as uniformally underwhelming as an O'Neills can go downhill, but the current ownership seems to have managed it.

Clearly staff and management couldn't give a toss judging by their general attitude. When its quiet, its the sort of bar where the staff see a customer coming and hide out the back, or shoot out from behind the bar to collect some non existent empties.

When busy (any more than two people at the bar) you can expect a wait of at least twenty minutes, while half the bar staff look busy doing nothing and the other half struggle with such brain taxing trials as finding a wine glass and pouring some wine into it, or taking a food order (for some reason even a basic order of burger and chips seems to involve a ten minute telephone discussion with the kitchen).

Count your change. I remember the old days in here when the staff regularly tried to "wet change" people. Now they aren't even subtle. Last time in I bought a pint with a twenty pound note and got less than a fiver change (if you are going to try to steal, at least take a round tenner so there's some doubt). I called the woman back, but she ignored me and then disappeared upstairs never to return. The remaining staff behind the bar also ignored for ten minutes. In the end I had to shout at the nearest staff member that I wanted to see the manager. Suddenly, the woman magically reappeared and gave me the right change (she didn't even question my claims or check the float, so she clearly knew what she'd done).

Otherwise, general neglect. The quiz machine has been out of order for about 6 weeks now - nobody seems to have noticed. There was been a broken pint glass on a shelf next to the fruitie for about 3 months - probably still there. Gents toilets are permanently flooded and either the cubicle doors get kicked in on a weekly basis or they just don't bother fixing them any more.

I don't bother trying to get in at weekends now, but apparently the live music has now been replaced by a DJ.

Unfortunately this place will survive because of the rugby trade, tourists, and people who don't know better. I'd guess that 90% of people who come here once don't return.

dingdangdo - 26 Feb 2014 07:53
Not much has changed here since my last review. It's everything you expect from an O'Neills. On a Wednesday evening, we could get a table and service was much more efficient than on my last visit. 3 ales were on - Pride, Doom Bar & Ubu. Aspalls is the cider. Very close to the station, it's often a venue for meeting up with people, before hopefully moving on.
blue_scrumpy - 8 Apr 2012 10:34
Standard O'Neill's fare, so I'll run down the basics...
Location: right next to the station, so perfect if you are rolling off a train and want a quick one on the way home.
Beer: not much for real ale fans. They've just changed the lagers and seem to be going up market with Amstel and Heineken instead of Fosters and Carling. Taste better, but if I want to pay £3.50 a pint there are nicer pubs around than O'Neills. Service: hit and miss. Although they employ dozens of staff and are always changing, it seems there are only ever a couple of people who serve anyone. The rest are all doing table service, or glasses, or food, or aren't trained up to use the till. Last time I was in there was an Irish girl behind the bar talking to her friend for 10 mins while I waited. I assumed she wasn't trained up, but about half an hour later I saw her stop her chat and actually serve someone...
Food: I wouldn't. O'Neills food isn't great anyway, and having seen the state of this place at weekends I'd have serious worries about the hygiene.
Weekends: Friday and Saturday nights tend to be a meat market for the over thirties crowd. They used to have some good bands on a Saturday and Sunday night, but I'm guessing they've worked out that drunken rugby players will listen to anything because the last few times I've been in the music has been awful. I think they now do karaoke on a Sunday.
Bouncers: worth a mention because they are actually nice reasonable people. There's very rarely any trouble here (I guess because it's an older crowd) and I've often managed to get in with a group of mates, even after having a few liveners elsewhere.
dingdangdo - 4 Mar 2011 08:27
Bland chain pub in a handy location. I saw at least 1 real ale available - Purity Ubu. Service was not the most friendly I have ever seen. The interior is fairly large. But seating is generally at a premium. It's also a bit too dark and dingy, especially to the rear. Although a table near the window offers good people-watching!
blue_scrumpy - 18 Dec 2010 14:33
Been in here a couple of times. First time was pretty good, they had a live band on and the atmosphere was good, plus the drinks were pretty cheap (if you drink doubles).

Second time though, I came in for lunch during the week. The place was nearly empty, which I guess is to be expected for a Monday. The food, while cheap, was a let down. I thought I was onto a winner with ribs for about £6 but when they came out they were bland and it looked like they had just microwaved some sauce and drowned the ribs in it.

Good for a night out, but wouldn't eat there again.
mermsy - 25 Jun 2010 22:43
bland carbon copy of every other O'Neils out there. Not good but not necessarily bad either.
theoneandonlyjoe - 9 Jun 2010 00:56
Standard O'Neills pub...what you see on the tin. Had a nice steak. Drinks are on the cheap too! Really friendly staff! All round relaxed atmosphere!
TheoCC - 4 Mar 2010 21:46
Ok pub, nothing special to say about it. When are they going to sort out fly problem in gents? Have been going there 6 months, and when I pointed it out to manager [bald bloke, glasses] he just said " I'll go in with the fly spray in a minute". Handy for the station, and the girlfriend works round corner, thats its only saving grace, oh and its cheap.
Tubeboy - 21 Nov 2009 11:46
Went to this pub last night to see a band I know well, who I have seen on countless occasions in the past few years. There were 3 of us aged 20, 20 and 19, all with valid passports for proof of age and all sober and well presented. We were turned away on the grounds that we were under 21. Never have I been to an O'Neills that has refused me service for this reason, including the one in Central London. A complete and utter disgrace and an insult to Irish hospitality, it's time they dropped this "friendly oirish" marketing bollocks as it's downright offensive when you operate discriminatory door policies such as this.
Fionn_MacCool - 30 Aug 2009 18:40
Popped into "O'Neills" the other week when Andy Murray was playing at Wimbledon (he's a tennis pro, not a pop guitarist..!) and surprised to see all there tv's were off! There were about 5 people in the pub! The foreign barman looked at me as if i was a foreigner when I asked about the tennis, and how Murray was doing! He obligingly turned one of the tv screens on...(but with no sound!) I finished my drink in silence..!! I know, tennis can cause problems and annoy the local residents no end, so they can only show it on one of their smaller screens! And the bouncers on the door are solely there to keep any tennis fans away...!! You know what they're like after a few Pimm's!! (Oh well, when does the footy season start again...?!!) Teejay
TeeJay - 13 Jul 2009 16:29
Decent beer and reasonable service. Food was adequate but was probably reheated in a microwave which made it far too hot.
IMG1975 - 5 May 2009 11:30
Fantastic live band last Saturday, going down again tonight to see if they're playing again. Good little boozer but needs more staff who work faster and know what they're doing.
LexRicky - 27 Dec 2008 18:36
Has always been busy whenever I have visited. Convenient for the station. Very lively - but a bit too lively in my opinion.
blue_scrumpy - 19 Dec 2008 20:35
A great Sunday night haunt for a wide age group. Band plays loud music until 12ish and it is the latest pub open in Richmond (apart from possibly the Richmond Arms). I always frequent here after work at about 11.30p.m. and still manage to have a good time.

There is a reasonable sized dance floor, and depending on whether the Richmond rubgy boys decide to turn up it can be busy - or relatively quiet.

The service has sometimes been a bit slow, but recently has been good and I haven't had to wait longer than 5 mins for a drink (which is appreciated!).

The head bouncer Mo is a nice enough chap, and they seem to have everything under control - even on a busy international Saturday.

A nice place to have a few bevvies - wouldn't touch the food mind.
aaycrec - 18 Dec 2008 09:16
I used to be a real regular in this pub but won't be making a return after last night.Following a stupid que at 8.15 when the pub was still half empty we got in to face the compulsory 20 minute wait to get served.The mini bar on the dance floor was shut,no floor servers and the end of the bar facing the main drag had no one serving.At 10 pm i wanted to have a cigarette and attempted to go out the side door.An eastern european sounding doorman with blond hair said he was shutting this and i had to go to the front.He then tried to slam the doors shut to which my mate jokingly said 'give it some welly' he then turned around and near enough stuck his face in my mates shouting 'shut up.shut up' in a loud aggressive tone.

This was unnacceptable conduct showing a complete lack of people skills and was basically trying to goad my mate in to a reaction.We both moved away and i noticed for the next half an hour he had eyes contantly on us.At 10.40 we drunk up and went and won't be coming back.
Bees - 24 Mar 2008 21:51
Last Friday I went for a drink with my friends. I don’t usually go out on Fridays, as I am tired from a busy week. We got to Richmond at around 8.30ish and went for a drink by the river in the Vibe bar. A great pub and friendly staff. The crowd wanted to try somewhere else so we went to O Neils. The first thing I noticed was the average age of the people, certainly many where under age and very drunk. It took ages to get served at the bar. As my friend was getting the drinks in I decided to go outside with a friend for a crafty smoke. On finishing I walked towards the door behind my friend. The bouncer stopped me saying I couldn’t come in because I was drunk. I had had three pints of beer and certainly wasn’t drunk. When I confronted the bouncer to give me an explanation for his actions he pushed me away quite firmly. Refused to let me in. I ended up waiting out side for an hour and a half for my friends. This bouncer was not English and spoke with an ascent and looked Turkish dark eye’s . He was rude and completely lacking any form of education in the job he was doing.
Jimmyjamj - 24 Feb 2008 17:48
What a fantastic place! Really friendly and great food. A little costly but worth it :)
kindatheartuk - 7 Jan 2008 12:11
Not three bad actually - of Irish theme pubs O'Neills are probably the least offensive. The ladies loo door does say MNA but the gents doesn't say FIR, as in 'fir bolg' for example.
rainlight - 6 Jan 2008 19:34
Quite packed on Friday night but suprisingly we got served very quick!!!! Better than Edwards!
MystiKaL - 22 May 2007 14:00
its good but bar placed badly and not bigger enough, takes an age to get served. Does what it says on the tin so to speak. Live bands, reasonable beer, down to earth.
anonymous - 30 Mar 2007 16:35
It's an O'Neills... It's close to the station... Not much more to say, but the live music sounds interesting so may go again one Monday night.
rpadam - 31 Jan 2007 19:06
Been there a few times on a Thursday Night. Excellent nite has been had on each occasion. Thursday's is a Live Rock Band Nite followed by a DJ playing all sorts. Real good nite with happy crowd and some stunning women in there. Only problem is it takes ages to get a drink at times cos it is so busy.
DJ_Intelligence - 25 Jan 2007 17:19
I've always enjoyed a few pints in O'Neills, whatever the time of day or night. It's a proper drinking pub, loud music, lots of smoke, drunk people. Fantastic!

To me, this is one of the few pubs in Richmond that's honest with itself. Why pay another pound a pint to drink in a pub with pretentions of civility when you can drink youself sensless in here and not give a stuff if mna or fir is Gaelic for Mens.
ye73812 - 24 Nov 2006 21:12
It's not too bad but I wouldnt make a habit of going there. Gets too cramped and smokey for my liking.
Jo984 - 28 Sep 2006 10:45
Monday nights at 9ish theres a fantastic Traditional Irish music session, group size does vary but theres nothing better than a good lager viewing some of the finest folk musicians this country has to offer.

Table service is always good and so are pretty
staff....nah that was a lie but at least they got the table service thing down.

overall, fantastic location, good service but sh*tty microwaved grub. Still this pub is at the top end of chain pubs. A well earnt 7/10
therealmonkeyman - 24 Sep 2006 01:35
I think this pub has really improved over the last year. like everybody in Richmond who wants to drink after 11, I end up here on many Friday and Saturday nights. They seem to have more staff now, so you can get served and the bands are really good. There is rarely any trouble, and if there is, the door staff seem to sort it out pretty quick. Not brilliant of course, but by far the best in Richmond.
ThomasB - 19 Sep 2006 13:08
Monday is a nice quiet night, great Irish music session out the back
mhartes - 7 Aug 2006 15:29
Poor ole' O'Neills bar...! Getting a bad press from reviewers here..! BUT... It is close to Richmond train station, and for that I am grateful! Commuters to note! There are nicer bars in Richmond, but if you use South West rail, here's a good 'watering hole' to start off in! I did get free shamrock green glasses & a huge Guiness hat last St.Patrick's day, so its not all bad, folks..!
Large walk-around bar (which I like), small & large screens showing the footy/rugby/tennis, whatever. Yes there will be young people there, but I guess they have to drink somewhere! Yes the toilets are a let down, and unless you speak Gaelic, you could end up in the wrong toilet..!!
I'll continue to frequent O'Neills during the day despite all the previous negative comments (which are probably aimed at the dubious night-time clientele!) Its a convenient bar, in between more salubrious neighbours.. in particular the Orange Tree, which gets my vote as No.1 pub in Richmond town centre.. (Ok, ok.. maybe I just like the barmaid there..!) ! TJ

TeeJay - 18 Jul 2006 16:07
This place is Pikie-ville, Dumpstown - don't know what the hell that means, just trying to think of something vaguely clever to say that conveys this place is a dump.
Floor is sticky...Full of p*ssed Ozzie idiots...Lots of bordeline 16-year-olds...Queue for service for ages...Queue outside for some unknown reason...Full of p*ssed rugby idiots...Toilets are an open sewer...The place smells like me the day I followed through spectacularly whilst walking down the street (not to this bar)...
The live music can be quite good though.
algis100 - 25 May 2006 16:28
Gets a very young crowd. Door staff are terrible. Has to vie with Edwards for the title of "Richmond's worst bar"
anonymous - 10 Feb 2006 00:25
My mates love this pub, but it's just one rung up the promiscuity ladder from Yates' and Edwards.

The highlight of my evening in here was meeting Teddy Sheringham (West Ham and former England striker).

Not my cup of tea at all.
CheekyShepherd - 27 Jan 2006 12:38
When CAMRA complain about tacky theme Oirish bars, they have places like this in mind: agressive door staff, overpriced booze, and a very dodgy crowd. Has to be one of Richmond's worst pubs
nollag - 21 Dec 2005 21:01
A really bad Plastic Irish bar. There's no need to queue half the time, but its done just to make it look busy inside. Seems to be attracting a very young crowd these days, and there's a bit of an edge to it too. Molly Malones is just around the corner - a far superior Irish bar - with better and cheaper Guinness to boot !!
anonymous - 14 Dec 2005 00:01
Took 5 staff 30 minutes to put the right channel's sound on for the football on saturday. Meanwhile customers were ignored and queues developed at the bar. To top it off hot food was served cold and the staff were rude once they eventually got round to serving you.
anonymous - 12 Dec 2005 14:29
Not as good as it used to be. They keep you standing outside for even longer now, the service once you get in has got even slower and it just ain't the craic that it used to be. It seems that the Chav's from Edwards heard about O'Neills and thought it might be worth a try - someone tell them to stick to what they're good at!
pinot - 5 Dec 2005 15:26
we like everything about oneills but irish boys every Thursday and Sunday are getting a bit dull please change :) thank you in advanced :)
anonymous - 8 Sep 2005 13:57
Actually O'Neills aint that great.
sharpe - 1 Sep 2005 23:36
It's funny; even those who's mother's father's dog was irish, claim to be irish also once inside. It is it's claim to Irishness which makes O'Neill's so popular...everyone wants a piece of the celtic attitude and thrist for fun. You won't find it here though!
It not authentic, and its not special. People queue for hours simply because its the best of 3/4 places in Richmond that stays open after 11.

That said, if you are in Richmond after 11, don't even bother going anywhere else! Its not rubbish, its just not as special as one would hope.
laurenqw - 11 Aug 2005 16:36
O'neils, I thought was alrite, everyone had over rated it I thought, as I didnt think it was that amazin, but its worth checking out, the people can be a bit slow at the bar...but we finally got our drinks x
alki - 25 Jul 2005 12:44
Useless staff, too hot, bouncers who can't do their job properly, a landlord who's never ever seen to be working there and endless queues of drunken idiots clamoring to get in there.

Still, at least it's better than Edwards.
I_Love_Rugby - 21 Jun 2005 11:02
strange that people keep knocking this entertainment venue. still the most popular venue in richmond. the reason why the que is so long and slow is due to people staying inside and enjoying themselves.but yet they still que.. must be something there eh!..
happy staff, good range of drinks and friendly door staff. (those fire regs eh.)
Paul_McD - 7 Mar 2005 16:36
If you turn up at 11 after the other bars close, be prepared to stand in a long, cold queue. Otherwise it's open late, has good band & a good atmosphere. A bit of a pick up joint, but what's wrong with that...
pinot - 24 Feb 2005 17:54
Wonderful atmospere. The live music only adds to the greatness as does the friendleness of the clientele.
Does take a month to get served on busy nights but as you end up talking to random people anyway you dont mind.
sharpe - 14 Feb 2005 16:25
i have to say that o'neills is my local even tho i live very far away from Richmond! i think the live music its great and you allways end up having a little dance shame about the tall balding irish bouncer i mean get a grip you are ONLY a bouncer we dont have to bow to you behave professionaly!
anonymous - 29 Jan 2005 14:16
I love it. My favourite place to spend a Saturday night. really friendly people, always strike up conversations with randoms whatever time of day or night we go in there. Never had a problem getting served (ah the joys of being female!), have left coats, credit cards etc there on many drunken occasions and always got them back the next day. Only eaten here once and the chips were cold but they were incredibly apologetic and rectified the situation immediately. They have some excellent bands on at the weekend. Definitely get there early tho as the queue doesn't seem to move. One day I'll remember leaving...
Cleversaz - 25 Jan 2005 13:19
good atmosphere, takes ages to queue but bouncers give out brollies when raining, most bouncers are cool but the irish one has an attitude and lets the place down!! still go there tho for the fab bands and friendly the fact that it stays open till 1am!!
anonymous - 23 Dec 2004 19:11
If you want to drink here at the weekend, get inside before 8. After that, you're looking at 45mins in the que. Poor design of the bar makes it inaccesable and it can take far too long to get served. Saying that, the music is pretty good and it offers a 1am licence. The atmosphere is also usually good and no trouble....unlike Edwards across the road.
Zod - 16 Sep 2004 16:58
WHAT a night. the girls are HOT unlike the bar staff, as they only know how to get 1 drink at a time. The manager needs to get a grip, and learn about customer service. Music was kicking, shame you cant bring your own as it would be easier than waiting to be served. Nice to see a BOUNCER smile, but we can live in hope. Would recomend you go for the music, but thats about it.
Bob - 11 Sep 2004 12:37
The bands that play are good, the bar staff need to learn how to work behind the bar, just want to serve girls, so guys send the girlfriend to get the drinks. Good vibe most of the time, Some of the doorman are ok, but watch out for the irish 1, can be a dick when leting you in. Get there early as you will hve to queue.
Mick - 1 Sep 2004 17:02
If you get there early and get a table, then not so bad, especially when not a Friday or Saturday, can have a nice vibe and a good pint.

However, Fri and Sat far too packed, hot and you'll never get served either.
TheGP - 10 Aug 2004 13:52
now folks it must be said that all of ye no hopers really have lost the plot-this is, without a doubt, one of the best pubs that i have ever had the privelage to work in and more importantly to drink in-rock on dad-ur doing a great job.
nic - 28 Apr 2004 14:18
Must agree. The number of people let in is insane. Went there on Thursday and took ages for just a single round of drinks. Loads of people who appeared under age...or perhaps I'm just getting old now. Will avoid in the near future as I would like more than 4 pints in 5 hours of drinking. Used to come here loads, but it is getting out of hand....
Ringo - 13 Apr 2004 14:13
The queues are insane and the service at the bar is sloooooooooooooooooow. It's pot luck if you get served as they don't seem to record how long people have been waiting.

The music is alright, but there are still too many muppets getting let in looking for a fight.

Shame, since this place could be really good.

It would be nice if they actually did ID people and keep the under 21's out.
I love Richmond - 13 Apr 2004 12:59
Service is *not* good, in fact it's simply appalling down to having no space to get near the bar despite the size of the place. Avoid at all cost.
Mr Anderson - 1 Mar 2004 16:08
friendly doormen and staff but pub nowhere near as good as O'Neill's in Ealing or Soho. Good live bands but ringing in the ears. Nice Late openin tho!
Celtic - 26 Feb 2004 15:32
Yes - I have been busy tonight havn't I = just trying to cancel out all that bad jos - n spread lov n nice vibes - ah well - God luvs a trier -- xx all n happy reading ya nice people ( gotta say that ' cause it won't let me say duc heads with an F.)xxx.
dmanager - 18 Feb 2004 01:11
THE BEST LIVE MUSIC VENUE in West London - that's what the bands say - n they should no. Controlled numbers - great booze - good service - & NON PRETENTIOUS.So stop moaning - n f ure not good enough to work there stop bleeting about it xxx
dmanager - 18 Feb 2004 00:57
Really good spot for a few late pints. Door staff courteous and professional. Full of totty on Fridays and you never have to wait long to be served even when its packed.Manager Eddie gets bigger the more you drink, try it and see.
Oisin - 2 Feb 2004 04:20
As an ex staff member, and part of the pre christmas mass exodus, I have been in since socially, and the service has deteriorated. I do apologise to the regulars we all loved you guys as well, it was a fun 8 months and to let you know all the boys and girls are fine. If you want to see a familiar face behind a bar try Twickenham Tup or even closer The Racing Page. We were the CRAIC! Appreciation to Theo who still battles the evil which is Mithchells and Butler, also Luke.
anonymous - 22 Jan 2004 15:25
wish you could send these comments to the manager as it might help him get the pub back on the map. it is going down hill faster than eddie the eagle. the bands are good, but what happend to the good band that used to play on thursday night and again on sunday.
anonymous - 13 Jan 2004 17:35
Used to be a good night out, until all the good bar staff left, or got pushed out. Takes ages to get a drink. Most of the Bouncers are alright, but what ever happend to the nice one that used to work inside? Bring him back....
T - 12 Jan 2004 15:24
As James pointed out the service was appauling we waited 15 mins at the bar, did not even get acknowledged by the bar staff. There was a queue outside at 9, I really don't know what for. We left before we even got a drink. I really don't know why people bother going in here.
Mike - 10 Jan 2004 11:26
Allright if you like waiting an eternity to get served, bouncers who think they're in the mafia (but hey, don't they all) 16 year olds, hitting your head on beams, getting stared at 'funny'.. . give me a break. It's worse than Edwards across the way.
Good for: ?
thenationofjames - 27 Nov 2003 16:26
Takes a long time to get served, never enough bar staff. Good if theres a crowd of you.
Richard - 17 Nov 2003 12:44
what a fantastic pub, had nineteen pints and didnt pay for a single one!!!!! AND the bouncer dropped me at me door, what great service. cheers michael
you know who - 3 Nov 2003 12:58
Went down after rugby tournament at twickenham. Good laugh. Its what you'd expect from an o'neils. good band, drunk people and good for the craic.
Chris - 27 Aug 2003 19:02
It's all true; open til 1 Thurs - Sat, live bands, bouncers. They seemed quite friendly and didn't mind when they searched my bag pre-entry and discovered a, erm, pint glass from a previous pub.

Full of students, and is actually quite good fun. Pissed, rowdy atmosphere, loads of women. Great if you're in the mood for it.
Ruby - 1 Aug 2003 13:29
better than edwards"the meatmarket" for sure. sundays are the best days, and most often the sunday bands are the best as well. band lists could be published!
ladidaa - 1 Aug 2003 07:19
the bands are absolutely great.
yaiks - 1 Aug 2003 07:17
I like it, but only sometimes!
Its like shagging a fat chick, you need to be very very drunk to enjoy it.
You dont want to know who this is!! - 24 Jun 2003 18:34
We love the doormen. Especially 'Trevor' (21 March)! He's welcome at mine for pizza any time! Your landlord has my number!
Hampton Hill - 28 Mar 2003 08:16
I know it's an Irish theme pub, and I know it can be bland, but I kinda like this place. Despite the fact that it is the only pub that I have been thrown out of.
anon - 18 Mar 2003 16:44
A great pub to drink in, but not to work, i should know. Managements not all that.
anonymous - 23 Nov 2002 12:44
It is wicked! We love it! Thats all that needs to be said really!
anonymous - 30 Sep 2002 13:06
The only time I've been in there it was full of rugger buggers (sorry)
Briony - 9 Aug 2002 15:45
wicked pub on a Friday sat get their early to get table as is busy table service and live band also late licence open till 1am.
Snipson - 25 Jul 2002 10:45
It's an O'Neills so it does exactly what it says on the tin, get there early though because people are quite happy to queue to enjoy the late licence. Less 'fake tan' than Edwards.
Dan - 20 May 2002 14:53

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