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Username: ye73812

Age: 49

Sex: ?

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Star, Gosport

Refreshingly chav-free, typical Wetherspoons joint with good beer selection at reasonable prices. Best thing is the prices, worst thing is the garden - it's like something you'd expect to see in a Soviet boozer.

9 Sep 2008 05:04

The Mill Hill, Acton

Average pub really, average in the pejorative sense. Average food, average beer, average prices, average decor, average garden. There are better pubs in Acton.

9 Sep 2008 05:02

Yates's, Leicester Square

One of the worst pubs in London, now making headlines around the country for banning armed forces personnel from the premises 'because they start fights.' Oh yeah? so which regiment are the bling and Burberry crowd with?

Can you imagine banning black people from a pub because they 'have a tendency to rob?' The CRE would be apoplexic. Horrible pub, terrible beer, fascist company door policy. Close it down.

9 Sep 2008 04:59

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