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Username: LexRicky

Age: 42

Sex: male

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The George, London Bridge

I used to work here a while ago. It was a good mixed pub but after work hours [say, 5 til about 9pm] it was full of thick city pricks. No wonder there is a global financial crisis if people like that were in charge.

Once this guy bought 2 pints of John Smiths or something from me and complained about the price. He said,

"That's more than the last time...last round it only came to 5.65!"

So I pointed out,

"How did two pints of the same beer come to an odd number of pennies? Was each pint two pounds eighty-two and a half pence last time?"

He shut up after that and felt silly, having been corrected by a lowly barman.

Another time I saw a sleazy city slicker physically harrass one of my colleagues - a feisty Italian girl - and before I had the chance to intervene she'd already lamped him one. He didn't come back.

Other clientele include coachloads of Germans/Japanese who come in for a half-pint of "real English ale" and then promptly leave again. Thankfully the tour leader paid for everything in one go, and they tend to be in the afternoon.

I used to have a good laugh here, we worked hard and served well. Haven't been in for years but I presume it's still got the old charm.

27 Dec 2008 19:01

Bar 61, Streatham

My local and also one of my favourite bars. A little bit of Turkish Cyprus and Spain in the middle of Streatham. Go in a second time and be treated like a long lost relative.

Here's to Metin, Mel, Tony et al. Nice work!!

27 Dec 2008 18:42

O'Neills, Richmond

Fantastic live band last Saturday, going down again tonight to see if they're playing again. Good little boozer but needs more staff who work faster and know what they're doing.

27 Dec 2008 18:36

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