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Should be doing sooo much more with my life than going to pubs and writing about them here.

Username: Ruby

Age: 48

Sex: male

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Southern Cross, Watford

Hard not to comment on the food as it's quite a large place with lots of seating. I would add though this place seems a pub first, that does food. I've eaten here a couple of times, but it's not the Savoy grill. However, you can order something digestible to throw down your neck while you're drinking a lot. Large selection of booze, bottles, alcopops, even tea and coffee, as I recall. Only a couple of ales though. I could be wrong.
In short, booze yes, food, sort of. Just don't expect to see the Cross in the Michelin guide.

1 Aug 2012 15:14

Euston Tap, Euston

If you love pubs where you play the 'Will I get served next?' lottery, you'll shit a pot of gold here. Ostensibly a tiny box of a room with a small seating area above (via a steep, swirly staircase), half the main room is taken up by the bar area. The rest is where commuters, thirsty passers-by, and the curious barge in to block the entrance and make orderly queuing an impossibility.

I've long pondered the idea of some kind of pub ticketing system like at the doctors, and if there's anywhere in Britain that needs it, it's this quirky place. An interesting selection of international (and occasionally pricey) lagers, marred by said crowds. Best to visit within office hours, I reckon.

1 Aug 2012 14:35

Prince Arthur, Euston

My new hidden gem of a London pub once you pass the stripclub, sex shop and transgender surgery (?) business. I had my birthday here a couple of months ago and it had all I could ask for at my age, namely a stagger's distance from my nearest station, vast tables - the pub was shamefully half empty all day Saturday - and can even boast one of Britain's fewest pubs to offer table service. In addition, the food is a good notch or two above standard pub grub. A lovely, lovely place and the last time I paid a visit - live jazz! Can't recommend enough.

1 Aug 2012 14:26

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