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Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

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Utterly ruined now it's been taken over by the trendies. My two mates prefer it now but it has none of the charm of the old place. What is wrong with this Country?!
TommyRogers1979 - 29 Aug 2016 21:38
Converted from a proper pub frequented by locals this pub now clearly aims to attract hipsters and "young professionals" - anyone but pub-goers in fact.

Yesterday I made my 4th (and final) visit to the pub since its refurbishment and events followed the normal pattern. As it was early evening (16.20) I was routinely ignored by the 5 bar staff, only 1 of whom seemed to realise that their natural habitat is in fact behind the bar and not polishing cutlery. As the person behind the bar was on the phone, I waited for 2 minutes for one of the others to notice me and then, in exchange for my hard-earned £4, was given a pint glass of Zephyr with a head of at least a full inch, the top of which still failed to reach the rim of the glass. When I asked for it to be topped up, the barmaid clearly decided she was dealing with a pedant and wearily added some more Zephyr, presenting me with a glass that was at least full but this time with a half-inch head.

My repeated request for another top-up was met with the statement, "Beer's meant to be served with a full head" to which I expressed a preference for drinking beer rather than air. Although I eventually got a full pint of admittedly very good beer I fail to see why I should have to listen to such patronising drivel from someone who's been breathing oxygen for less than half the time I've been drinking beer as part of the process of negotiating for a full pint.

I don't know whom the new owners are trying to attract but it's clearly not beer-drinkers. And, by the way, if you're going to spend big bucks on décor and signage, learn to spell first. The plural of "loo" is not "loo's"! NOT going back!!!
SickOfHipsters - 10 Aug 2016 19:56
This is now called Duke of Sussex Hotel. I think that the famous Dave has moved on probably to focus more attention to his duties to the EDL lol

Pub has been all gastrified and both barmaid were well spoken. They even have stupid spade handles on the hand pulls. What's wrong with the usual sort...

I quite liked the look of the Meantime Yakima Red however, I'm not on a stockbrokers salary so decided against considering it cost well over £5.00 a pint.

Ended up going for a Truman's Zephyr which tasted fine but at £4.00 was still too pricey in my opinion even for the area.

Got a spot out the front. Not the most scenic place for a gargle however, you can look onto the Waterloo Millennium Green if you wish.

May go back there so day but more than likely won't!
BeerGutt - 16 Jul 2016 14:10
This is a very strange place this pub with a weird governor named Dave. This pub is a great surprise for all those who dare to enter it. Gloomy, old interiors with some distasteful deco - you don't know whether to love it or hate it. Strange customers, strange atmosphere. You may enjoy this place on one condition - you need to be drunk and it has to be a Friday/Saturday night when there are some atrocious karaoke performances. Generally speaking it is a pretty boring and depressing place to be. The area where the pub is located is ugly and might not be very safe in the evening or at night. This is a good place for bigoted people to visit though as local black residents tend to avoid this pub. Dave - the living in governor is a great fan of karaoke and likes to sing himself. He's not a bad singer for an amateur to be quite truthful - you have to give him that. When he talks and he likes to talk a lot, he sounds quite like Terry Venables and he even looks a bit like him - same voice and same cockney accent. He's been around so he's got few stories to tell. Ordering food if there is any on the menu at the time is not a great idea. This pub has never been known for good catering. If you are hungry, take my advice and go somewhere else. Be careful with real ales there as they might be of some bad quality at times. Do not be afraid to complain and do not care about Dave's (the governor's) attitude. This pub is not on my list of favourites. Been there few times and that's enough.
Markoo - 22 Nov 2015 10:52
Great old mans boozer, good ales, friendly staff and good outside seating. Will definitely return!
TommyRogers1979 - 26 May 2015 22:42
Beer still bad...Landlord Dave is still a racist knobhead. No improvement , may be worse !
leon99 - 9 Feb 2014 01:01
Beer still very bad. Landlord still a knob, in has words " I don't know anything about beer! ". Try reading a few books .
leon99 - 28 Aug 2013 19:35
A very welcome trip back in time to a pub that seems little changed from the 60s and 70s, with an old-style (and atmospheric) two-bar layout. Good mixture of locals, office workers and young tourists.

mozzzzzz - 14 Aug 2013 18:41

Sexy Barmaid

Hi I was in last night and wanted to know who the very sexy Barmaid was as she is gorgeous and fancied her
PBayes - 21 Jun 2013 09:43
Hi I was in last night and wanted to know who the very sexy Barmaid was as she is gorgeous and fancied her
PBayes - 21 Jun 2013 08:51
Hi I was in last night and wanted to know who the very sexy Barmaid was as she is gorgeous

PBayes - 21 Jun 2013 08:51
Has the traditional look but sadly all the modern traits inside. Ignorant landlord, indifferent staff and overpriced drinks. Telly was deafening, no chance for a quiet chat. Not a lot else in the area so pissed off home.
nickthefish - 15 Apr 2013 20:26
Cracking pub, proper south London boozer, without ever feeling "moody" or unwelcoming, yet has not turned into a gastro pub or anything like it. Kareoke on a Saturday night is always a mad one. Sort of pub London needs more of, a pub that is open late for a beer and a laugh, rather than having to go to a bar or club.
Beer_in_the_morning - 14 Apr 2013 23:15
I thought this pub was excellent
hitmancharlie - 10 Jan 2012 00:01
A mug's pub ....... No toilet paper or soap in toilets. Landlord raised all the prices by 20p ,then went on two weeks holiday to Spain. Which says it all!
leon99 - 7 Jan 2012 16:16
Well I dont understand whats the matter with some people. Ive eaten here and it was very good. NIce pie n mash which is needed after the shop up the Cut closed down back in 2004/5. I saw a comment from "Vinnie" who says that it aint changed since the 70s. As I was born in 75 I wouldnt know but if I could picture a pub thats kept itself old school then this is it, and for that reason I like to have a pint here and there whilst waiting for a train. Better than the other gaffs about and because of location there a real cross section of people. I like this place
pompeyron - 2 Aug 2011 10:44
Just been here for lunch. Am never eating in this pub again. A heated up supermarket pizza is not my idea of a pub lunch. That said, it was properly cooked and served up with salad.

I will go to this pub again as food aside, I really liked it. The barman and lady doing the food were really friendly.

It's a proper boozer and that should be applauded given the area in which it is located.
Barda - 21 Apr 2011 13:54
A glass of water: 1! Isn't it illegal to make people pay for water?????
Service: slow
Dishes: low quality. Instant mash, instant gravy, and i don't even want to know how the sausages were made. The worst ones i ever had in England.
Seating area: oh yes...plenty.
Ambiance: ok

Maybe good for beers in the evening, didn't try so can't say.
But will definitely NOT return ever for a lunch pub.
annepom - 26 Nov 2010 14:32
Pride and a good pint of Thwaites Original. Nothing to add to descriptions below, basically a decent honest boozer.
GuideDogSaint - 26 Oct 2010 19:14
where has keith gone?
KrazyKat - 4 Mar 2010 16:05
I've fond memories of this place, and it hasn't changed sinse I was a lad in the 70's, and we allways seem to finish up in here when I'm back in the area as my bro still lives up the road and it's near the station, I've allways found it a decent locals boozer with a rich mixture of people, a good pub atmosphere and a decent pint of real ale, last time we were in with the wifes(most unusual) after a night out up west, and although I'm only in once or twice a year, I've always had a good night and good ale, Trainman must have been really unlucky or got a grudge
vinnnie - 22 Jan 2010 09:48
Now I have to say that living in London for most of my life, this is the type of pub I would have avoided going into. It looks a little menacing from the outside. The kind of place where you expect o see everyone turn round as you enter and eye ball you till you leave. However, I was pleasantly surprised. In and around Waterloo it is difficult to find a traditional pub which isnt trying too hard (and failing) to be gastro chic. Full of city boys or uber skinny girls. A fairly eclectic mix of people coming through, some for after work drinks and others who looked like they were settling for the evening. So eclectic in fact that some of us wondered whether this was this was a gay bar in disguise. Another good sign was the sprinkling of miserable ruddy faced men propped up at the bar, who were locals. ...staring up at the tv. There were no problems getting served, by a bar man// landlord who seemed very nice and tolerated 12 or so rowdy kiwis. All the regular beer on tap including a nice guest ale, which went down very well. All reasonably priced, 4 beers for just over a tenner. Also a good selection of sprits although I didnt hand around long enough for the shots. With kiwis being some of the most uncouth travellers to come to these shores, there was quite a bit of excitement about the crisp selection. It seems that roast beef and mustard is the way to go if you want to tame a team of all blacks.
Sadly the pub never really got busy enough for the buzzing and glass clinking atmosphere that people crave in traditional London boozers. I think if we hadnt been there I am not sure how they would paid the electricity bill for that evening. My only other concern was the duct tape on the back of toilet...not sure what to say about that other then direct you back reference about the clientele.

FTB2 - 22 Jan 2010 09:24
An attractive exterior with the old Truman logo, see photo above. The interior is a bit "Life on Mars", reminding me of many pubs I frequented in my early drinking days some 30 years ago. Two room layout with the pool table dominating the bar, a couple of blokes were playing darts. The lounge side has banquette seating with the bar opposite, Sky Sports News showing the few football results on a wiped out Saturday due to the freeze up. The walls are decorated with lots of old photos of the area plus a few framed old adverts.
Pretty down to earth but friendly. They do Pie and Mash here, not sampled by me.
Three pumps, one reversed, Pride and something by Wychwood, which was ok and at 2.60 good value.
Maldenman - 10 Jan 2010 12:12
Reading some of the previous posts I was expecting a nostalgic trip down Cold Blow Lane.Much to my surprise,the clientele were friendly with a mixture of locals,tourists and young professionals with a fair smattering of totty.Bar service was efficient and the two ladies running the karaoke after 9pm were fun.Two handpumps with only one dispensing on my visit but the Springhead Polar Bear( good value at 2.60) was in fine condition and the pints flowed down to no ill affect.Front bar is reasonable size and its easy to get a seat,while the smaller back bar has a pool table,seperate counter but few seats.The gents was clean ,so hard to give any creedence to the recent negative posts about this traditional local.
Bucking_Fastard - 4 Jan 2010 10:33
A slum pub;avoid.
HarryHarryHarry - 31 Dec 2009 22:41
I quite enjoyed my previous visit here but now think I may have been lucky on that occasion. Last time there was a golden ale (can't remember what) which two of us had to leave half finished, the third guy had Pride which made him ill - I dunno how he drank any of it; well, the guv had admitted that he knew nowt about beer, and it showed! Good that there is a separate room with pool table and dart board (bizarrely hidden behind full length curtains), but there were no markers for the whiteboard and, without drinkable ale anyway, what's the point?
Shame, with caring management this could be very good, but it ain't.
trainman - 31 Dec 2009 08:22
CityBobby - 30 Dec 2009 12:44
I'm surprised so many people seem to find this place so intimidating, I've allways thought it quite a good atmosphere, and allthough I may not have been in for a year or more the guvnor allways seems to acknowledge you as a part time regular, have often ended up here after touring the local pubs catching up with family, and probably well oiled enough not to be intimidated by a few likely local lads, I've usually had a good night when ever we've bin in
vinnnie - 21 Aug 2009 13:56
Interesting social London through back, aimed at local regulars. Beer okay. Staff too. Need a good refurb inside. Pleasant sitting outside at benches beneath the trees of a summer eve. Toilets filty however.
Princemonolulu - 18 Aug 2009 09:40
This is not a nice pub. Locals are pretty lairy, and it smells. Not good.
dhirst2009 - 11 Jun 2009 20:27
Fantastic olde world pub. The bar staff were all really friendly and there was a party atmosphere in there the night we attended. They had karaoke on and Keith, the guy doing it was really funny and quite hot! ;) We didn't expect much upon arrival but we all agreed that it was the most fun we'd had in ages. The landlord made us all very welcome and scary looking locals aside there's not much I wouldn't recommend about this charming place.
KrazyKat - 9 Jun 2009 14:08

This is a pretty ropey sort of a place. The barman was alright but the landlord was really rude. Looked as if some of the regulars were a little on the tasty side. We left after two drinks and headed east to Horse which was like the Ritz in comparison.

However lazy you're feeling, don't settle for this pub - just walk a bit further from the station.
hs97jhs - 20 Apr 2009 13:02
ended up in here as always when out with my bro just before xmas, dauchers IPA very nice, about the only pub in the area that doesn't seem to have changed anything sinse I was a lad growing up round here in the seventies
vinnnie - 14 Jan 2009 12:56
You'd die of thirst waiting to be served here. Shame they knocked down the "Bunch of Grapes" across the way in the 70s;they demolished the wrong pub.
anonymous - 25 Sep 2008 09:25
Potentially a decent pub and the Everard's Tiger was good too, but the place had a distinctly odd smell about it which precluded staying for more than one.
Redriley - 4 Apr 2008 18:37
Decent enough little pub just a few minutes walk from Waterloo Station. It is certainly going to be a lot quieter than either the Hole In The Wall or the Wellington, which could be an attraction. The exterior retains the original Truman, Hanbury and Buxton branding. The interior is pretty plain, apart from the photographs mentioned by a previous reviewer. A couple of the tables featured rather incongruous chintzy green tablecloths but hey, its got to be as good as eating off the plain tables. Cant remember what real ale they had on, but it wasnt anything special. I would use it again because it is slightly off the beaten track and thus a bit quieter than others in the area.
RexRattus - 16 Mar 2008 17:16
I enjoyed myself there last night, but I have my doubts about the landlord. For 7-worth of drinks he 'mistook' my 20 for 10, and although he readily opened his till and handed over the missing 10 note when I challenged him - I really got the feeling that he was trying it on.

Who knows if he was, why would he? but his overall attitude certainly put the thought in my mind...
DamoC - 29 Feb 2008 17:53
Typical London local close to Waterloo station. Being on the Lambeth side of the station ( as opposed to the City side ), it doesn't get the early evening commuter hordes.

Retains old Truman Hanbury Buxton signeage outside - see the photo - and although the old style 60's Truman interior is not there, the pub has quite a traditional feel to it with a decent carpet and comfortable seating. Pub was not too busy early yesterday evening

Note the interesting old local photos on the wall - very evocative of an earlier era when London was full of English people.

Real ale is not a big seller here - of the 3 handpumps on the bar, only one was in use, dispensing a nice pint of Wadworths IPA. I didn't see anyone else drinking real ale.

The Duke of Sussex is not a must visit pub, but is likely to be less busy than the Hole in The Wall and, given how that pub seems to divide opinion on this site, you may wish to consider the Duke as an alternative meeting up place close to Waterloo B R.

Yes, I'll come here again sometime

JohnBonser - 27 Feb 2008 13:45
I'm horrified by Jeremiah1981's comments, shocked and appalled. I've been drinking in the Sussex for 30 years, and Terry "Last Orders" Rogers has been like a brother to me. The idea that he'd refuse anyone tapwater is a bad joke - in fact it probably was a joke. He's known for his sense of humour, he has me in stitches he does. What a lovely pub. And whoever thehop is, he's not wrong about the toilets - stunning they are.
bobbygeorge - 26 Feb 2008 09:57
Some interesting reviews here. Yes, the bar staff are very lovely, however the owner is a complete jerk. I was here with some family from out of town to catch up and watch the rugby. After several rounds for the four of us my aunty and uncle asked the bar maid for a couple of glasses of tap water. The owner came over and told them they could have one but 'the bills don't get paid for by tap water' and they were then told to buy bottled water - despite recent suggestions to the contrary by Ken Livingstone. We were further told that this 'policy' is in the owners head rather than being displayed anywhere where people could see it. They swtiched off the rugby shortly into the second half to cater for the 3 people who were interested and told the 20 others who wanted to keep watching to go into another room. You can do a lot better people. The rating is only for the benefit of the bar staff who I thought were very nice.
Jeremiah1981 - 25 Feb 2008 16:59
interesting place. clearly they've had some feng shui bloke in - I found it quite effortless to get around. some real growlers behind the bar. energy efficient lighting was welcomed. cant remember much about the beer - I was too excited about the karaoke.
Captain_Orson - 25 Feb 2008 13:59
Came in here the other night. Well impressed. Nice clientele, sexy barmaids, great karaoke, nice drinks. Good decor too, the walls and carpet are blinding. Some geezer tried to mug me off in the bogs though so it ended up messy. Had to glass him and his mate.
IanSeine - 25 Feb 2008 12:59
A lovely boozer, I came here on Friday night with my wife for the karaoke. Toilets are among the best in the area.
thehop - 25 Feb 2008 12:20
The best pub within a short walking distance of waterloo station. Welcoming interior, helpful staff and well kept ale.
Dave_the_Bee - 7 Feb 2008 20:45
Good Sussex beer, nice staff. Lots of interesting photos and one or two newspaper headlines of things like the Bismark on the walls. Lovely carpet that makes the room very warm. The original interior that'd have gone with the beautiful exterior is long gone, but this is nevertheless a very pleasant and friendly pub, with good beer.
AbeC - 3 Nov 2007 13:00
Proper pub: Nice old exterior, good atmosphere, good beers.
Planner_21 - 24 Sep 2007 01:33
I'm from Brazil and was a surprise for me to meet a barmaid from my country here in Waterloo. That place is really nice. The beers aren't expensive and the bar is clean. The staff are so kind and always in a friendly atmosphere... They've got some tables outside and during the summer is perfect to enjoy the evenings there. Fridays are the busiest days we can sing a song or two and the hostess is beautiful and got a great voice. Very close to Waterloo and Lambeth North Station(so easy to find it) and the owner is a gentleman.
anonymous - 29 Jul 2007 20:24
brilliant pub - landlord a true guvnor, great kareoke nights, good beer, not expensive and a lovely view of a road from the beer garden. What more do you want.
sebadont - 19 Jul 2007 22:01
I don't live or work too near this pub, but I am now a regular in here. I first went in by random chance one Saturday afternoon and was surprised at the atmosphere and crowd considering it's rather central location. The staff are excellent, the landlord does very well, has a good selection of beers and some ales although being a Vodka man this is not s deciding factor for me. It does get busy in here but it is never over powering like many of the younger, trendy bars in town it is not one for the younger set which is good for us more discerning types, this is my deciding factor.
Caterhamite - 16 Jun 2007 12:25
Had an excellent Saturday night here a few weeks back, they now have a guest beer Elgoods Cambridge when i was there, they had a Kareoke evening which was very good as there was a good mix of young & old getting up to sing with no chavs in sight.
lovesong - 31 May 2007 19:30
I grew up round here and when ever my bro's and me get together we allways seem to end up in the Duke,I've had some good nights in here,the guv'nor is a good bloke,and they have some live music on fridays,very popular with the locals,and a lively atmosphere,gets my vote,though i've usually inbibed a fare few whenever i've been in(no real ale)
vinnnie - 16 Jan 2007 13:38
'Traditional' London pub in the orthodox, rather than the tourist-trap, sense of the word. The beers are more than drinkable and the atmosphere is a chirpy mix of blue and white collar.

It's possible to almost always get a seat, if not inside, then definitely in the beer 'garden' (the adjacent pavement that's littered with picnic tables).

There's a few nutters that hang about the park next door, but keep your fag packet in your pocket and they won't generally bother you.

Don't know what Nutto means about the 'pretty ambulance worker laydees'. I work there and the majority are average and drink in the equally average Stage Door down the road.
lancalot - 5 Sep 2006 14:14
What is Nutto on about? The real problem is not "pasty -faced aid workers" but loud-mouthed, shaven-headed media types who hog the bar, bore everyone to death with their witless opinions and put their hands in their pockets to shout a round once in a very blue moon. Despite this, it remains a great pub with an interesting choice of beer.
bdpironside - 30 Mar 2006 15:30
A proper boozer. Bit too light but not a Jeremy in sight. They're too busy posing in the Ruby Lounge - a terrible hole nearby.
anonymous - 10 Mar 2006 11:32
On the positive side: It's a great pub full of marvellous salt-of-the-earth scaffolder types and pretty ambulance worker laydees.

On the negative side: It appears to be being taken over by vegan-looking, pasty aid workers. This may be because it's too near the Christian AId head office.
Nutto - 23 Sep 2005 14:35
Located equidistant from Waterloo and Lambeth North Underground stations, currently the meeting place of the notorious 'O Committee', the Duke cannot be recommended too highly. It's a proper, decent pub with honest food and a surprisingly fine quality of customers and carpet. Pop in for a quick pint or stay for one of its legendary karaoke sessions. The guest ales all taste remarkably similar, but if you care about that then you're in the wrong place anyway.
thepubemail - 16 Sep 2005 16:10
Have heard mates say it's a rough dive, but when I went there was a gang of people celebrating a birthday which made it feel as threatening as a kindergarten.

Plus I went with a gorgeous Canadian girl to meet a mate of mine who was at that point virtually suicidal. He later cheered up, but the girl no longer wanted to see me. This has nothing to do with the Sussex, but bad vibes man, bad vibes.
Ruby - 18 Sep 2004 04:34
This is a proper London local, yet it's 10 mins from the West End. Great photos on wall, good pool table, very friendly
Richard - 28 Apr 2004 14:25
Fantastic! I am going back next year!
John B - 22 Jul 2003 19:29
I thought this pub was excellent, it's a proper english pub with real charachter and hopefully it won't ever be turned into some poncy All Bar One with tarty little thai fusion snacks. jake and bj, you have no taste- go back to the slug and lettuce where you belong.
kate - 30 May 2003 10:03
Very rude staff,cold food. would never go back
jake - 30 Apr 2003 17:33
no paper or soap in the loos, unclean alround and very over priced flat beer, would not go back
bj - 30 Apr 2003 17:10

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