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The Good Companions, Woodley

Visited this Greene King establishment yesterday and pleased to say it was a pleasant stay.

If is a sports oriented boozer which is right up my street so I was happy. It is very much a locals local but that said it didn't feel cliquey like some previous reviews have said.

The majority of the crowd were males in their twenties who seemed like they were there for a couple of liveners before heading off the the more fashionable bars and clubs of Reading Town centre. This would've been me around 12 years ago before I was attached to a ball and chain (sorry I meant the wife) Atmosphere was convivial though.

They do serve ales however, being a Greene King the choice is fairly limited and uninspiring so went for a Punk IPA. Not the cheapest pub unfortunately but all in all I would definitely return if I am ever in the area again.

13 Jan 2019 15:28

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

It's very unusual for me to give a pub less than a 4 as if I know a pub is lousy I tend not to go. However, I had just finished a work meeting and me and my workmate decided on going for a swifty before jumping on the train.

Well what an experience that was and not a positive one unfortunately and I have to say that previous reviews some as far back as 10 plus years ago hit the nail on the head.

Firstly pub doesn't smell pleasant. A bit of a mix of unwashed bodies with a faint aroma of farts thrown in for good measure.

Noise levels are deafening with the slurred conversations of tables full of alkies and some very undesirable types who appear like they are looking for a row. Place has a bit of an atmosphere to it and you feel that the likelihood of something kicking off is never too far away.

Staff were efficient but looked very world weary. Not surprising as I guess they get subjected to a fair amount of abuse. In fact I saw a young barmaid getting a load of stick from a woman who looked like she'll be on the waiting list for a liver transplant within a year which was due to her feeling she was taking too long to serve.

The only plus points is that service was quick even though it was very busy and my guest ale was very tasty and well kept. For those reasons the pub gets a 2 but if it hadn't it would have got a big fat zero.

Not in a rush to return!

24 Dec 2016 15:00

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

Noooooo!!!! I did a mini pub crawl down the Chiswick high road to Hammersmith yesterday and decided to go slightly of piste (well a short walk down Goldhawk Road)

I haven't set foot in this pub for a few years but fondly remember it as a beer emporium serving multiple ales on both hand pull and gravity along with some interesting kegs.

Fast forward to 2016 and gone are the quirky pictures and board games and l most heart rendingly, anything that resembles a decent beer.

Now an identikit foodie place with only Pride and Deuchers on tap last night. Hardly inspiring. To be fair the pub probably isn't bad and probably takes more money now but for me this pub in its old guide was simply magical and it is now simply mediocre :-(

17 Dec 2016 12:47

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