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The Good Companions, Woodley

Visited this Greene King establishment yesterday and pleased to say it was a pleasant stay.

If is a sports oriented boozer which is right up my street so I was happy. It is very much a locals local but that said it didn't feel cliquey like some previous reviews have said.

The majority of the crowd were males in their twenties who seemed like they were there for a couple of liveners before heading off the the more fashionable bars and clubs of Reading Town centre. This would've been me around 12 years ago before I was attached to a ball and chain (sorry I meant the wife) Atmosphere was convivial though.

They do serve ales however, being a Greene King the choice is fairly limited and uninspiring so went for a Punk IPA. Not the cheapest pub unfortunately but all in all I would definitely return if I am ever in the area again.

13 Jan 2019 15:28

The Rockingham Arms, Elephant and Castle

It's very unusual for me to give a pub less than a 4 as if I know a pub is lousy I tend not to go. However, I had just finished a work meeting and me and my workmate decided on going for a swifty before jumping on the train.

Well what an experience that was and not a positive one unfortunately and I have to say that previous reviews some as far back as 10 plus years ago hit the nail on the head.

Firstly pub doesn't smell pleasant. A bit of a mix of unwashed bodies with a faint aroma of farts thrown in for good measure.

Noise levels are deafening with the slurred conversations of tables full of alkies and some very undesirable types who appear like they are looking for a row. Place has a bit of an atmosphere to it and you feel that the likelihood of something kicking off is never too far away.

Staff were efficient but looked very world weary. Not surprising as I guess they get subjected to a fair amount of abuse. In fact I saw a young barmaid getting a load of stick from a woman who looked like she'll be on the waiting list for a liver transplant within a year which was due to her feeling she was taking too long to serve.

The only plus points is that service was quick even though it was very busy and my guest ale was very tasty and well kept. For those reasons the pub gets a 2 but if it hadn't it would have got a big fat zero.

Not in a rush to return!

24 Dec 2016 15:00

The Duchess of Cambridge, Stamford Brook

Noooooo!!!! I did a mini pub crawl down the Chiswick high road to Hammersmith yesterday and decided to go slightly of piste (well a short walk down Goldhawk Road)

I haven't set foot in this pub for a few years but fondly remember it as a beer emporium serving multiple ales on both hand pull and gravity along with some interesting kegs.

Fast forward to 2016 and gone are the quirky pictures and board games and l most heart rendingly, anything that resembles a decent beer.

Now an identikit foodie place with only Pride and Deuchers on tap last night. Hardly inspiring. To be fair the pub probably isn't bad and probably takes more money now but for me this pub in its old guide was simply magical and it is now simply mediocre :-(

17 Dec 2016 12:47

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

This is now called Duke of Sussex Hotel. I think that the famous Dave has moved on probably to focus more attention to his duties to the EDL lol

Pub has been all gastrified and both barmaid were well spoken. They even have stupid spade handles on the hand pulls. What's wrong with the usual sort...

I quite liked the look of the Meantime Yakima Red however, I'm not on a stockbrokers salary so decided against considering it cost well over £5.00 a pint.

Ended up going for a Truman's Zephyr which tasted fine but at £4.00 was still too pricey in my opinion even for the area.

Got a spot out the front. Not the most scenic place for a gargle however, you can look onto the Waterloo Millennium Green if you wish.

May go back there so day but more than likely won't!

16 Jul 2016 14:10

The Masons Arms, Battersea

I noticed that this pub has not been reviewed for the best part of 5 years so though I would stick my fifty pence worth in.

Visited this pub on Friday afternoon with a workmate after a meeting finished and arrived around 4pm. The pub was actually fairly busy at this time and had a mix of parents with school age children and regular punters who looked they were just out for an early start to the night.

The have an area to the front of the pub with outdoor tables which we were lucky to get one of them. It is not the most peaceful of pub gardens but it was nice to be outside watching the hustle and bustle of Battersea Park Road.

Pub was smart inside a fairly gastro-ish. You could tell as there is a table near the bar with a big bowl of olives and a loaf of bread with oils and balsamic vinegar next to it. The way this is sat there, lends the impression that it is complimentary but I am sure when push comes to shove, it you did want some you would be charged (handsomely) for it.

Pub is decent enough but prices are horrific even for this 'up and coming' 'trendy' part of town. There were only a couple of ales on none of which I really fancied and also because of the hot weather I went for a lager. Now I noticed from long distance past review's the pub used to stock Kronenberg. Not anymore as all lagers were fancy 'foreign imports' or 'craft's ' which meant the pub pretty much has a license to print money as if anyone was to question the extortionate prices, they can (attempt to) justify them with the fact you are getting a premium product!

All in all, the place is nice enough and apart from price the only one real gripe I had is the corridor near the toilets downstairs didn't smell too fresh which is not a good look for a food orientated place.

I would probably return for a couple if I am ever in the area again...

27 Jun 2016 14:23

The Duke Of Wellington, Wareham

Very good pub. It was the only place I stopped in Wareham as I was unfortunately saddled with the old banger (the car that is not the wife) so could only have the one.

I was really glad we did opt for this place though as Wareham is not short of decent pubs however, I felt we made a ReAlly good choice.

Choice of 6 real ales of which I opted for the local brew from the Purbeck brewery called Fossil Fuel. Pint was in tip top condition and served with a smile. There was also complimentary cheese and nuts on the bar which was a nice touch. We also had a Sunday lunch that couldn't be faulted and was fairly reasonably priced.

Pub is cosy and the walls are adorned with some interesting nautical memoribilia and paintings again with a nautical theme.

I hope I can return at some point without the motor so I can get stuck in to the rest of the ale range.


23 May 2016 19:54

The Wibbas Down Inn, Wimbledon

Ah the wibbly wobbly!!

Quite often the first stop in a Wimbledon crawl as it is is a good place to shovel a few decentl and cheap ales down before moving on to the pricier establishments.

Range of beer is particularly good here but service can be quite slow. It's sometimes pot luck as to which bar you go to as some seem better staffed than others but this chops and changes from bar to bar.

Very large L shaped pub where I have never struggled to get a seat. Can occasionally get some quite aggressive thuggish types who have probably travelled into the Don from neighbouring areas such as Morden of Mitcham. Doesn't put me off though!

6 Feb 2016 16:03

The Kingston Gate, Norbiton

Visited this pub which was my old local a week or so ago. Used to drink here virtually every day but moved away from Kngston in 2010 so not so easy to get down there anymore.

I was saddened to hear when I visited that the landlady Sue, who is a local institution is leaving the pub to be replaced by new management. Sue must have been there for 14 or 15 years and is part of the furniture.

This pub has not always attracted the best reviews on here many of which are in my opinion a bit unjust. It is true that the clientele are a little 'salt of the Earth' and you are far more likely to meet a Lee or a Sharon here than a Rupert or an Arabella but the atmosphere has always been friendly and I have seen very little trouble here. In fact there is more chance of seeing a punch up in any of the Town Centre pubs or bars than there is in the gate and this is testament to what a fantastic job Sue does in running the pub.

The pub is due to close for five weeks after Sue goes for a (probably needed) refurb. I just really hope that this remains a proper pub like it is in its current form and carries on showing sport. The area doesn't need another gastro pub. A number of the other locals such as The Albert and the Canbury Arms have gone this way in the past decade and The Norbiton, whilst not as gentrified as the others I have mentioned is still not a pub in the traditional sense of the word like it once was. If the gate goes this way then this will only leave the willoughby as the last bastion of boozerishness! Watch this space!!

31 Jan 2016 20:23

O'Neills, Kingston Upon Thames

The second of the two pubs I visited before attending the local Suede gig at the Hippodrome a week or so ago.

Hadn't been there in ages but the vibe was fairly similar as to what I remember although it has had a bit of a paint job.

I think in the day they are now aiming more at the lunch crowd as it does have a bit of a restaurant feel with a lot more tables than there used to be.

Not really a haven for real ale drinkers but then again Irish or in this case Irish theme pubs are not really geared up for that.

They had Brewdog Punk IPA on keg which I opted for and enjoyed and wasn't as extortionately expensive as I thought it would be.

I remember when this place used to sell Guinness Red which I was very partial to when I worked locally in Kingston about 10 years ago. I haven't seen this in a long time so possibly Guinness discontinued it. Shame really as it was a a really nice beverage!

31 Jan 2016 20:06

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

I visited the Druids a week or a so ago before going to the Suede gig that was being hosted in the Hippodrome (formerly works nightclub) and I was impressed to the extent my rating has increased by two points.

This is pretty much based on the beer range. A nice selection of real ales including the wonderful Abbott Vintage ale. I wasn't up for getting too plastered so didn't opt for it as at 6.4% it is probably one to drink when you haven't got anything to do the following day.

I did however, go for a couple of pints of American Red IPA from the Squirrel brewery which at 5.9% did pack a bit of a punch! It is nice to have a choice of strengths though as a lot of pubs only seem to offer session ales which appeal more to old farts who have got the time to sit in a pub for hours on end sipping pint after pint of low strength beer.

This place now has IMHO the best beer range of any of the town centre pubs except maybe the spoons however, if you do not want the spoons (lack of) atmosphere then this is definitely the place to go!

31 Jan 2016 19:55

Black Horse, North Greenford

Visited this pub again just before Christmas and it was the first time I'd set foot in there in a few years. I am glad to say that the pub has not changed at all.

This is a large imposing Fullers house located in the industrial part of Greenford. It is in my humble opinion by far the best pub in the area. Greenford has seen a fair few pubs close in recent years and there are now limited options. There are a few Irish bars which I have nothing against however, these are never going to win any awards from the campaign of old bloaters for their real ale. There are also 2 pubs with wacky warehouse soft play attached to them and there is no further comment required for these. So this leaves The Black Horse!

This large pub is an oasis in an unattractive area. If you are out the front you are aware of your surroundings however, inside or out in the canal side garden you could easily be somewhere far more rural.

I had a couple of pints of ESB which I thoroughly enjoyed. I wasn't served this in the ESB glass as the previous reviewer was but this is maybe due to the fact that as I am reasonably young, the barmaid may just have assumed I would want a straight glass (oh how wrong she was)

This pub also remains a boozer that shows the football so it not completely geared towards food as a lot of other Fullers establishments are which increases its rating for me.

All in all I definitely recommend this place which is also well located a very short walk from Greenford station. I hope they just keep doing what their doing!!

24 Jan 2016 21:42

The One Eyed Dog, Southsea

Cannot believe this hasn't been reviewed in 5 and a half years. I last went there about 12 years ago so cannot comment on its current status or beer quality. One of my best mates was a student at Portsmouth University and a number of us travelled down by car from North Surrey via the A3.

Like the previous reviews state it is very student orientated and more of a place for youngsters to get smashed on lager and shooters as opposed to middle-old aged men supping a session ale whilst thumbing through a copy of The Guardian.

I had a couple of games of pool and also recall the DJ playing tunes from one of the tables. Also pulled a pretty tidy Doris too. My night here is a bit of a blur which was down to swilling beer from the early afternoon onwards and possibly indulging in some other substances ;-)

Place scores an 8 for this visit alone and it now that I am a married father of 2 with limited opportunities to go out it is nights like this you really miss!

24 Jan 2016 19:05

The Lion, Teddington

I was around these parts yesterday and fancied a pint. I used to live locally at Elton Close therefore, I always like to pay a visit to one the local pubs for ole times sake.

On my walk back from Kingston I planned to stop for refreshment but was undecided on the venue. The pub I tended to use most frequently when I lived locally was The Old Kings Head however, when I went past there was not a single person in there so gave it a sweve for fear of looking like a saddo. The Swan looked shut (although it was probably open) and the Foresters was the same story as the OKH. The once magnificent Stykers Railway has long since been converted into a house by some toff which left one choice....The Lion.

My last review wasn't overly complimentary but this place has grown on me a bit. Whilst I did prefer the Lion before when it was a proper boozer with carpets and pool table/dartboard etc I did find it quite pleasant and really enjoyed my pint of Surrey Hills Shere Drop. Other ales were Doom Bore and one from Twickenham with one hand pull unused (at the time anyway) Prices are average for the area

There is a large area at the back of the pub near the kitchen which is set up for dining so there is plenty of room to just go for wet refreshment. The garden looks like it has been restored to somewhere near its former glory and looked like it would be good for the warmer months.

My rating has increased and I hope to go in again sometime in the not so distant future (well less than decade away at least)

14 Jan 2016 16:36

Carvosso's at 210, Chiswick

I have just noticed the place has been added to BITE so I thought that I would take the opportunity to review this place before the staff/manager get in on the act.

I had a work Christmas party a few years ago and whilst I didn't have any negative experiences, this place is definitely more of a restaurant. It purports to be a wine bar too but I don't think it is really a place to go just for a drinks and besides, there are better places in Chiswick for that purpose.

The food was very nice and even nicer for the fact that I didn't have to pay for it as it is on the pricey side but that is just reflective of the affluence of the area which it resides.

I can't remember whether or not they had any ales so I won't say me way or another. The place is smart and the building which used to be a police station is nicely converted.

Another plus it is within staggering distance of Turnham Green tube which was a bonus post Christmas party when one is three sheets to the wind!

19 Dec 2015 11:44

The Fanny On The Hill, Welling

I am saddened to report that the Fanny is no longer open. In fact both the front and back entrance closed some time ago. I guess the Fanny was past its best and trade was particularly quiet the week it closed but some speculate that it was just the time of the month. The Fanny also wasn't particularly clean and occasionally an unpleasant smell eminated from it. Its just a shame that the two lads who served behind the bar Jack and Danny will now be out of a job!

13 Dec 2015 19:16

King Lud, Ryde

If they changed the pubs name to King Turd it would be far more fitting!

12 Dec 2015 17:20

Misty Moon, Northwood

Great review from philippeb, it is quite obvious that he is a regular punter who has just written his first BITE review and he clearly doesn't work in the Misty Moon or his real name definitely isn't Jennifer!

As for the landlady (with the eyesight of a hawk of course) being 'larger than life' if you remove the 'than life' then that statement would be more apt.

Avoid, avoid, avoid!

12 Dec 2015 12:42

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

Conveniently located craft beers house a short walk from Farringdon and Chancery Lane depending on how you travel there. It is based in the gold/jewellery quarter close to Hatton Garden in an area where I feel retains its character. When work takes me to this parts I do sometimes make a habit of dropping in.

Great beer range as you would expect however, it is not the most comfortable of surroundings and like a previous reviewer mentions, geared up to drinking standing up.

Always had a good pint here but prices are very high even for Central London. I have been tempted to try one of the craft kegs but I object to paying through the nose for something just because it is trendy so I go for one of the more fairly (albeit still high) priced real ales.

I would recommend going to this pub however, if you want something with a bit more character and not so expensive then I would recommend going to the Harp or even getting the train over to Kentish Town to go to the IMHO far superior Southampton Arms. The real ale range there is just as good and you do not need to take out a second mortgage to have a decent session there!

Still rating this one as 8/10 though!

6 Dec 2015 20:43

The Coronation Hall, Surbiton

Large spoons housed in an impressive old converted cinema. The building retains many period features with an impressive ceiling adorned with planets and stars.

If can get very busy but found the staff to usually be pretty efficient and you do not tend to have to wait as long to get served as you do in the Kingston spoons. There is a number of levels to the pub so getting a seat isn't usually an issue.

It is quite a young crowd on Fridays and Saturdays and a bit more of an older one in the week. You also get quite a lot of students in there due to its close proximity to the university but that is no bad thing. You do also get the odd chav but then again it is a spoons so this does kind of come with the territory.

This is a must include on any Surbiton pub crawl even if it is the case of just going the for a few cheap pints of real ale before moving on to the pricier establishments further down the high street!

6 Dec 2015 20:16

The Mill Hill, Acton

It's a shame to hear this place has gone. I used to work locally in Acton and used the place from time to time.

I guess the fact that it was always empty meant that it wasn't really a viable business. I watched the England v France game here in the 2012 World Cup and even for a game of this size the place was empty and we had no difficulty getting a seat by the big screen even though we only arrived just before kick off.

This pub is away from the high street in the more residential part of Acton therefore would not get the passing trade that the high street pubs benefit from and therefore, unfortunately didn't get enough footfall :(

6 Dec 2015 19:51

Sel's, Surbiton

I remember Sels from back in 2006 as I knew the guys who DJ'd there on the weekend so used to drop in for a few San Miguels.

My lasting memory is that the few punters who were in there were coked and beaned up to the eyeballs.

I once noticed a couple of guys sneak into the cubicle together and were spotted by one of the Turks who followed them in. I was expecting them to then be very roughly evicted however, all he said to them was that it was ok to snort lines in there as long as they didn't both go in there at the same time.

They basically knew that if they didn't let their customers openly take class A's then they wouldn't get a single customer.

All in all this place was a bit of a giggle while it lasted however, unsurprisingly and for the best that it has been consigned to the history books!

5 Dec 2015 13:08

Henry's Cafe Bar, Green Park

Has the bit of a feel of a posh Wetherspoons or beefeater inside but certainly not charging Wetherspoons prices.

They do have a few ales on which are passable but the bar seems to be dominated by keg taps dispensing fancy foreign lagers such as Kozel and American style pale ales which seem to be in fashion but are also obscenely overpriced! Also a lot of the people early evening seem to be ordering things like jugs of pimms and mojitos so you have to wait a while to be served whilst the bar staff fart arse around with bits of fruit and cocktail shakers.

You would expect this place to be pricey due to its location in Mayfair and the fact it overlooks Green Park but this place isn't just pricey, it's FOOKING PRICEY! I am planning another night out there soon but don't have an exact date yet as I need to wait for the re-mortgage of my property to go through.

30 Nov 2015 21:05

The Wheelwrights Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

I imagine that this is probably the smallest pub in the town centre and the one that has changed the least in recent years.

I was a big of a late comer to the Wrighty's as when I first started drinking in Kingston back in 2000 we used to tend to go to the more 'clubby' type places such as Bar 2 Far and Litten Tree which are both now long deceased.

I started drinking in the Wrighty's in about 2006 when I worked at Combined House. Used to have lunch from time to time here and the pub was a venue for occasional post work drinks dud to its locality to the office.

I am happy to report that in nearly 10 years the pub has not really changed and has the same feel to it. I would say that this is still more of a wet led hostelry although it does do basic grub. Although not always that busy I am sure that due to its location it will always pick up passing trade.

They do serve ales and show sport. The televised sport is worth bearing in mind as there was a recent time when I was waiting for the other half and thought I would catch some of the Saturday lunchtime footy. It was a big game and three places I walked into we're not showing it. Those were the Druids who I don't think shows football now, o Neil's that used to show football but may now only show rugger and the mill. I ended up having to walk down to the spring grove and it was only once I got there I thought that I should've just headed to the Wrighty's.

All n all the Wrighty's will not win any awards from Camra or for its gastronomy however, it is and will hopefully remain to be a no frills, good honest town centre boozer!

29 Nov 2015 21:21

Ambar, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Very soulless bar that is attached to the Odeon cinema. You will not find real ale here. It is not a place you would go to unless it was in conjunction with a cinema visit even though you can just go in there if you want. It's OK if you have a bit of time to kill before your film starts and you fancy a quick sherbet but that is about it!

29 Nov 2015 19:25

The Richmond Park, Kingston Upon Thames

It was a real shame that this place closed and never re-opened as a going concern and now due to be turned into yet more housing. With the Alex around the corner closing too this area has had a bit of a run on pubs in recent years.

This was a large imposing pub that appeared in a multitude of different colours over the years from being bright green and ventually turning lilac.

The pub was split into two with a usually empty saloon bar and another door leading to the more lively public bar. The public bar was usually our venue of choice as it had a pool table, a jukebox with a good selection of tunes and a big screen showing sport.

You used to get the odd character in there but the place always seemed friendly and was very well run by Jerry with a firm but kind hand. Had some good memories of nights spent playing pool with one of my best mates and sinking a few pints. Yet another local consigned to the history books :(

29 Nov 2015 19:19

Essence, Kingston

Essence is now no more. Developed on the site of the old Royal Barge sports bar, this place was marketed as bringing a west end vibe out to Kingston however, all it did seem to bring was swathes of chavs.

The old RB did need to go really as it was very run down and tired looking and considering its prime riverside location it could definitely be something better. Admittedly, Essence did look smart (if you like that kind of bar) and the DJ's was of a high standard.

Where they went wrong was when they decided it was a good idea to play grime music and one night when a well know grime artist (I use that term loosely) was performing it went off in a big way and a large amount of arrests had to be made. It was noted that about 70% of the punters in there had a criminal record.

License gone! I wonder what it will become next????

29 Nov 2015 18:22

The The Laurels, Ruislip

Re-opened as The Crock of Gold. Same layout and Irish bar vibe as the laurels however, it seems to be pulling in more punters than before.

Gets very busy when there is a big football game on and seems to have taken some business away from Sweeneys up the road as that has been fairly empty the last couple of times I have been in whereas the crock has been heaving.

This pub looks small from the outside but does go back a fair way. Plenty of TV,s on both sides on the room and a big screen at the back so can usually get a decent seat for the game even when busy.

It is definitely a sports bar and because it is Irish it will not offer much to the discerning real ale drinker. I am pretty sure they don't do food either but forgive me if I'm wrong. Because of these factors at least the pub doesn't attract droves of bloated old farts which means there is more room to sit down and get to the bar.

They have San Miguel on tap which even though I am more of an ale drinker, I do find San Mig to be the nicer of the mass produced lagers so this is always my drink of choice here. Glad to see a local pub doing well and long may it last!

15 Nov 2015 20:17

The Duck House, Ruislip

Closing down imminently and going to become a Prezzo. A shame really as even though this was more of a restaurant than a pub, it was still an independent business that will be replaced by another faceless, identikit chain! There is enough of those in the area as it is!

15 Nov 2015 20:00

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

Situated in a narrow passageway running between King St to the north and Pall Mall to the south this looks like an olde worlde pub which it is as it is apparently one of Londons oldest.

Unlike a lot of other Central London watering holes, the olde worlde exterior is not ruined by a pretentious, poncey interior. The inside of this place is fairly basic and pubby. In fact if you were teleported in here, you would not think you were in St James's.

It is quite small and cosy inside but there are some low tables and benches so seating is available depending on what time you visit.

I guess this place does get its regulars however, I am unsure whether these would reside in the immediate locale as most of the residents of St James are more likely to be sipping port or cognac in a private gentleman club whilst nursing an unpleasant dose of gout.

The majority of the lively post work crowd are local office workers as you do not get too many tourists due to it's secluded location down crown passage.

Nice pint of tribute served and the only slight annoyance is that aforementioned office workers can sometimes block the short bar meaning it's harder to get served. This is not the fault of the pub though and is more testament to the arrogance of some of the people who work in the area.

Definitely worth seeking this one out. 7/10

1 Nov 2015 15:44

The Golden Lion, St James's

This used to be the venue of choice for work drinks at a former company I worked for on Pall Mall.

Never spent a full evening there but regularly stopped off for a couple on a Friday. The pub gets very busy however, the staff here are efficient and serve you in order as opposed to just serving the person who looks like they are going to spend the most.

Pub has nice period features such as stained glass but has quite a trendy feel to it. There is additional space upstairs including a balcony that overlooks King Street which is popular with smokers when the weather is warmer.

They have 3-4 ales on which includes tipples such a Trumans and other easy to find ales. Beers are generally in good condition.

They do have a few high tables outside but you have to get there really early to get one. Mostly people just stand in the passageway.

You will have to sometimes put up with groups of braying toffs who work for the local asset management companies however, this is In keeping with the area. You will also sometimes get bothered by an old soak who is on the ponce but again, this is what you come to expect in London. All in all, a nice little boozer.

31 Oct 2015 13:50

The Asparagus, Battersea

A very rare visit to Battersea brought me into contact with this spoons.

I fancied a cheap pint so walked in but then spun on a sixpence and walked out. I'm sure pub was fine but the clientele in here were just a little bit too obnoxious and a few people were just a little bit too leathered for 4pm in the afternoon.

Decided to pay a bit more and walk down to The Falcon.

I will try it again the next time I'm in Battersea which considering is about once every 10 years it may be sometime.

No rating here as you can't really judge a pub based in such a brief experience.

31 Oct 2015 13:35

The Black Bull, Ruislip

Visited again yesterday afternoon and my experience was pleasant. The pub is clean and tidy and was pretty lively for a Saturday lunchtime.

This place is still sport orientated and has tv's adorning every wall so there was no issue getting a good seat for the (mind numbingly dull) Spurs V Liverpool game. I know that there is a load of boring old farts who hate pubs with tv's however, as a sports fan this works just fine for me.

The pub had 3 ales on which included Deuchers, another well known one which has slipped my mind and the pubs own beer, the black bull ale at 4.1%

I didn't eat but the food I saw coming out looked like good honest pub grub served in generous portions. The choice is fairly basic but the pub isn't trying to do too much which is to its credit. Your not going to get lightly poached quails eggs with a kale jus but then again this is the black bull in South Ruislip, not the fat duck in Bray.

All in all this is still a pub that pulls in a down to earth crowd and provided me with a pleasant enough experience. I am happy to add that this place has improved infinitely from the filthy dive it was a few years ago before the new owners came in :)

18 Oct 2015 17:59

The Fig Tree, Uxbridge

Bit of a chavfest this. I do use this pub from time to time but usually in the daytime when the other half is shuffling around the shops with her grandmother.

It isn't bad for watching the footy and is the only place I can think of near the high street that shows televised sport. They used to have a 3D tv here (remember them) but got rid of that a while ago when people realised that standing in a pub wearing the 3D glasses actually made them look like numptys.

Beer range is limited mainly to fosters, carlsberg etc however, on my last visit they were selling bottles of speckled hen.

They used to have the oafiest barman in Middlesex working here but he seems to have gone which is a shame as he was a good bloke.

3 Oct 2015 12:11

Baroosh, Uxbridge

This is now a 5 Guys burger bar. Was rubbish anyway!

3 Oct 2015 12:01

Auberge, Uxbridge

Auberge has been consigned to the history books and is now Zizzi and therefore should no longer be here. It was never a pub anyway!

3 Oct 2015 11:59

Golden Cross Heathrow, Colnbrook

This pub is a bit of an anomalie as it looks and feels like a traditional olde worlde village pub however it is surrounded by the Poyle Industrial Estate just off of junction 14 of the M25.

Inside is cosy enough with low beam ceilings and basic but clean furnishings. It's a GK pub so will never set the world on fire in terms of beer range but usually have a couple of guest ales and serve GK IPA on keg. The pub has a spacious garden with grass however, again this is somewhat ruined by its location next to a busy roundabout with multitudes of parcel vans and container lorries chuntering by.

I had a pint of Ruddles on my last visit. Have never eaten here but the food I've seen come out looks good but then it should be with the prices they charge. Again my pint cost the best part of £4 which I do think is a bit steep. This pub always seems empty early evenings however, it may get busier later once the people who work at the freight companies turn out. I do feel they could do with dropping their prices a bit and this would get them more punters.

All in all not somewhere you'd go out your way to visit but ok if your in the area. Location not great but that's not the pubs fault and in all honesty the pub looks like it was there long before the industrial estate

30 Sep 2015 20:33

The Penderel's Oak, Holborn

Reasonable spoons nestling close to the legal district of Lincolns Inn. The pub pays homage to the legal tradition of the area by having bookshelves lined with legal textbooks and directories such as the slightly outdated Legal 500 2007 edition. Now I am sure this is just for show as I cannot imagine that too many high flying barristers would be preparing a big case sitting there next to the proletariat enjoying the beer and a burger deal.

Pub itself is cannot really be faulted. It has the usual spoons atmosphere but nothing that warrants complaining about. Staff are fairly efficient (although I've always been when it's fairly empty) and beer range is quite varied with some interesting guest ales on when I last visited.

There is also a small patio garden out back which is fairly unusual for Central London spoons and is quite nice when the sun is out.

Nothing spectacular (it's a spoons) but nothing that will stop me returning at some point when I'm passing.

28 Sep 2015 21:03

The Dysart, Petersham

The last part of my review was meant to say Jazz in pubs is bearable albeit slightly irritating. Classical on the other hand purlease! Who wants to go to a pub on a Saturday night and listen to that unless you are a malodourous, red faced on fart with gout called Cuthbert Farquarson The Third.

Bloody predictive text. And why in this day and age can't BITE design this site so you can go back and edit comments!

27 Sep 2015 13:09

The Dysart, Petersham

Have to echo the other comments here. This place is definitely for the foodie brigade and not really a pub in the traditional sense of the word.

I first drank in here back in 2000 when I was the tender age of 17/18. I remember being in there on a cold autumnal evening with my packet of Bensons on the table and a pint of lager in hand (my palate has mutured astronomically since then) talking to my mates about 'birds' and sexual encounters that we had recently (never) had. This was a proper pub back then with a cosy interior and lively atmosphere.

In recent times though it has really lost all of its pub like qualities and therefore has very little appeal to me. The gothic interior does feel out of character with the building and it has none of the cosiness of old. Really the only place for drinkers is the garden out front however, beer range s not that great.

Now finally in terms of the music choices. Jazz in pubs albeitis bearable albeit slightly irritating. Classical on the other hand, purlease!! Who wants to go to a pub on a Saturday night and ostensibly to that unless your some malodorous, red faced old fart with gout called Cuthbert Farquarson the third!

Your better off walking 10 minutes down the Road to The Rose of York.

26 Sep 2015 16:56

The George, Staines

Visited a couple of times when work has taken me to Staines.

Last time I went was on a Wednesday lunchtime to meet a mate. Upon entering the pub I felt that I had just walked into Gods waiting room. I know most Spoons are a magnet for the wrinkles but this was something else.

Whilst down stairs was heaving with aforementioned, upstairs was fairly empty and quite nice and airy. Possibly because there was no stairlift gritted. My mate had a burger which he said was quite decent. The first time I visited I had an ale which I forget the name but was well kept.

Just a run of the mill spoons really

19 Sep 2015 15:21

The Horse and Barge, South Harefield

Large family friendly albeit slightly chavvy pub with a good canal side location.

Huge garden with a kids play area. Play area does however, look a bit tired and reminds me slightly of the abandoned play grounds you see in pictures of Chenobyl.

Been here a couple of times with the ankle biters and it's been OK. Beer is nothing spectacular but passable. They have a BBQ outside in the summer months which I had a burger from and you can help yourself to salad. Burger was nothing spectacular but again it was passable and just about worth the dosh.

All in all this pub is horses for courses. If your a Camra anorak (or non anorak wearing member such as myself) you'd go to The Harefield for the real ale, if you're taking the in laws out then you'd go to The Orchard for the food, if you wanted a punch up then you'd go to the long departed Swan but if you are saddled with the rug rats for the afternoon then this place does serve a purpose.

19 Sep 2015 13:03

The Lion, Teddington

I have to agree with Meurglys on this one.

I used to pop in to this pub from time to time when I lived at Elton Close a stone's throw away. I worked in Twickenham and used to get the train back to Teddington and walk from there to get a bit of excercise to try to combat my rapidly expanding gut (due to the gallons of beer being poured down my neck)

The Lion was my last oasis of peace before returning to moaning child/nagging missus etc. Pub had plenty of character back then. Always a good selection of well kept ales, a pool table and a nice garden.

After the refurb the place has become a bit sterile and lost its soul unfortunately. Place is now very foody and is aimed at people such as Pubfan67 and his boring family... not really one for me anymore.

13 Sep 2015 13:40

The Lion, Teddington

I have t

13 Sep 2015 13:29

The Lion, Teddington

I have t

13 Sep 2015 13:29

The Albert Arms, Norbiton

A fairly roomy youngs gastropub which is probably more gastro than pub these days however, was not the case a few years ago.

A place that does get busy and very popular with staff from the adjacent Kingston hospital. People I have know to have worked at the hospital told me that it is affectionately known as Albert Ward.

Interior is fairly modern and trendy since the place was refurbed around 8 or 9 years ago. I personally used to prefer it's slightly tatty charm before but I guess more people prefer it in its current guise as it seems to get more punters.

Plenty of tables out the front for sunny weather and a nice patio garden with heaters around the back if you want to get away from the main road.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in that part of Kingston!

6 Sep 2015 15:42

The Kingston Gate, Norbiton

My old local and one I miss to be honest. Used to be in here every Sunday for the football without fail. Used to also go some Friday's or Saturdays if there wasn't anything else on and was a good spot for mid week drinking (when I could actually go out in the week and still function the following day)

Recent visits there shows me that nothing has really changed. Pub still looks the same and still has the same small but loyal following.

The 'dregs of society' as the previous reviewer so succinctly put are nowhere to be seen. Admittedly, there did used to be the odd unsavoury character in there however, the landlady Sue runs a tight ship and these types were moved on from there some years back.

I hope that this pub has enough of a following these days to make it a viable business. It is a fairly cavernous place and rents must be astronomical in this part of SW London/Surrey.

There will always be a piece of my heart at The Kingston Gate!

6 Sep 2015 15:33

The Plough Inn, South Ealing

Visited here with me old mate the Crown Prince of Ealonian Land as this is his local.

Fairly typical Fullers Establishment catering primarily for the foodie brigade. Had a couple of honeydews and a couple of bottles of Bengal Lancer (probably my favourite Fullers offering) but didn't have any ale from the hand pumps so cannot comment on the quality but it was probably fine.

Pleasant garden with a small kids play area so would be ok to go down with the rug rats. To be honest this pub appeals more as a place to go in the afternoon for a meal or with kids as opposed to somewhere you would stay for a skin full all night in and this was reflected in the fact we moved on after a few.

Not spectacular but no complaints at all!

1 Sep 2015 19:40

The North Star, Ealing

This pub feels like it has a bit of an identity crisis. It isn't sure whether it wants to cater for the real ale fraternity or to be a 'craft beer house'. I guess it is probably more akin to the latter but somehow falls short of being either.

I am unsure whether this used to be in the GBG but I can't imagine it is now with such a limited and uninspiring choice of ale. The focus seems to be on expensive foreign lagers and kegs. Now I have nothing against keg but I do object to the huge mark up on effectively the same product that has been carbonated and chilled to Arctic tempratures all because it is a la mode due to clever marketing and 'the brew dog effect'

Clientele seemed a little mixed. There was an extremely drunk (but pleasant enough) bloke who latched on to me and my mate when I last visited. We didn't mind entertaining him for a bit as we are quite tolerant guys but we hadn't seen each other for ages so it got a bit tiresome after a while. The guy also kept going over to the offie to buy alcohol, drink it outside then return to the garden. He also relieved himself (by that I mean urinate, not something else) into a flower pot before he left. i know a lot of boozers have these types of characters however, the staff were aware of this guy and really should have moved him on. A better run pub would have done.

I will probably go in again as it is good for a change of scene from the spoons when I'm in the Broadway however, it only scores half marks for me based on my last visits.

1 Sep 2015 18:52

The Red Lion, Isleworth

The majority of my BITE reviews are light hearted and just for fun however, recent goings on at The Red Lion (TRL) have urged me onto these hallowed pages as this is something I feel very strongly about.

Recently TRL was given ACV status by Hounslow council however, this has now been revoked after a protest from the owners who are said to be The Wellington Pubco. One would assume this is so they can keep their options open with regards to selling the pub for re-development or even a change of use.

It would be criminal if this was to go the same way as so many other pubs. The pub really is a gem with a fantastic real ale/cider range. This place does not just appeal to Camra members though as it also puts on live music for free and has a pool table/dart board and shows televised sport so really has universal appeal.

The best pub in the area (in my humble opinion) so please follow the link to the petition and if you are local/ish then please try to get down there for a beer or two sometime.

Ps - I do not work at this pub or am in anyway related to or friends with anyone who works there. I simply really like this pub and do not want to see it under threat!

1 Sep 2015 10:39

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

Been meaning to try this place for a long time and what with the sun shining and my meeting up town finishing early on Friday I thought that there would be no better opportunity to go and see what all of the fuss is about.

Upon setting foot inside it kind of felt that I was stepping back into another era (in a good way) The Vinyl was spinning and the place filled with basic wooden tables with benches running along the back wall and a dusty old piano next to the bar. It's understated charm worked well and has a traditional feel which I am all in favour of. Give me this pub over any of the pretentious hipsterish dives in Canden or Shoreditch.

Beer was very reasonably priced for London with the beer range leaning towards the stronger end of the scale which again I am all for as I don't usually stay for more than a couple so don't see the point of drinking the less flavoursome session ales. Had a pint of Red Ipa to start with then finished off with another ipa which at 7.2% ABV was a bit of a badboy! Both beers were from the Gyle59 brewery which I had not come across before.

All in all I can't fault it and will try to get down their again the next time I'm in town!

23 Aug 2015 15:02

The Punch Bowl, Colnbrook

Glad to see this place lively and buzzing yesterday lunchtime. Fairly small but cosy interior and fairly big outside patio.

Didn't eat there however, the Thai food looked and smelled fantastic and I guess it must have tasted pretty good seeing the amount of people in there.

Only one ale on which was Pride so this place won't exactly be attracting the old beardy bore brigade.

With this pub nestled amongst the hundreds of freight and air cargo companies this place is a haven for old washed up couriers their faces gnarled from years of delivering parcels.

Their routine is a follows; Wake up, have a dump, deliver parcels, sink 5 lunchtime pints of Stella in the punch bowl, collect parcels, sleep - REPEAT

15 Nov 2014 12:37

The Duke's Head, Wokingham

Attended a wedding yesterday and booked into the BandB here.

The room was pleasant but I won't dwell on that as this is Beer in the evening and not rooms for the evening.

Pub was fairly empty at lunchtime however, I met the landlady Julie who is very friendly and made me feel most welcome.

Only one ale on at the time which was Breakspear bitter however, when I returned the following morning they had also had a choice of 49er and another one from a micro brewery whose name has escaped me.

Pub has a tv for the football and a dart board which means it scores extra points for me. Breakfast was a big fry up which is just what I needed to soak up the couple of gallons of booze that went down my neck the previous day.

Really can't fault this place!

25 Oct 2014 15:59

The Old Fountain, Old Street

Little gem of a pub in an area which is not short of watering holes. Whereas a lot of other establishments in the area are fairly mediocre to say the least, this little place shines like beacon on the horizon.

Situated with entrances on both Baldwin St and Peerless St and in very close proximity to Moorfields Eye Hospital this split level bar maintain the look and the feel of a traditional family run free house which is somewhat a rarity for Central London.

Great range of ales on tap and a real cider to boot. Only stayed for one which was an offering from the Summerwine Brewery in Yorkshire. At 5.5% this went down quicker than Paris Hilton on video camera!

This place also seems to be free of the groups of boring, pretentious spoilt little rich kids trying to be all out there hipsters that pollute the nearby pubs of Hoxton and Shoreditch with there stupid hair and clothes and their match thin roll ups of old drum. Long may this continue!

All in all, a great pub with great values!!

12 Sep 2014 14:59

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I've been gearing up to go to The Sussex Arms ever since it reopened as a real ale emporium! I was keen to see whether it lived up to the hype and the answer to that question was a resounding YES!!!

I had a pint of rich indulgent porter and an IPA. Can't remember what brewery's they came from as was well on my way by then but I do know that they were from micros. Both were absolutely excellent too!

Pub itself with it's understated decor looks like a proper boozer and the pub was very busy however, service was still prompt.

Absolutely huge garden which was thronging with punters enjoying one of the few remaining warm evenings before autumn sets in.

It is very rare for me to give a place full marks however, the Sussex deserves it.


6 Sep 2014 18:07

The General Roy, Feltham

This pub is actually somewhat surprisingly OK. It's setting in Hanworth Park is not the greatest. There is no park in site, just large business units.

Let's forget about the setting though. The pub is part of the sizzling chain which means that the food is generally of a good enough standard at reasonable cost. Many other Sizzling pubs tend to feel more like restaurants (a bit like a budget beefeater) however, this strikes me as definitely a drinkers pub.

It's a decent size and quite authentic looking inside like a traditional suburban boozer with the cricket dh owing on the TV's. Decent sized outside area for smokers and drinkers alike and big enough car park.

Lunchtime clientele were a mix of mainly office workers from the neighbouring business units and a few locals. Evening crowd might have more of a whiff of Eea de Chav about them but unfortunately I was only here got one, not a skinful so unfortunately didn't get to find out.

They do also cater for cask ale fans which is a little unusual for the area (withstanding the moon on the square) The ales on were Gk IPA, Bombardier and Old Speckled Hen. Opted for the OSH which was nice and served at a good temperature. They also change the ales around too usually with the widely seen ones such as Pride ANC Doom Bsr however, I did notice a pump clip displayed behind the bar of a beer called Trappist so they obviously get in some more obscure brews as well.

All in all I would recommend. No complaints from me here

4 Sep 2014 22:49

The Pomeroy Inn, Amersham

Dropped Inn yesterday when passing through so thought I would have the privilege of being the first person to review.

This is a Largeish establishment set away from the main road. It is surrounded by an impressive garden and is set away from the main road giving the place a country feel.

It has plenty of parking if you are coming via car and I was impressed to see the place packed out on a warm Friday lunchtime.

This is definitely a gastro pub with a big emphasis on food. The pub in its previous guise as The Pineapple was more of a traditional boozer with dart boards, pool tables and tv's. Now I personally prefer traditional over gasto but to be realistic, food is the only way a place such as this will survive. A place like this will not survive through a couple of young lads putting a couple of quid in a pool table whilst sharing a pint of Carling. It will also not survive if it caters solely to the old bore brigade(Camra) who will spend hours nursing half a pint of old Betty's drawers.

Didn't try the food but did enjoy a pint of Pride in the garden. Only two ales on tap which were the aforementioned and Breakspear Bitter. They did have a number of pump clips on the wall which shows that they do rotate the ales. I was a little disappointed with the ale selection however, my overall experience was a pleasant one!

30 Aug 2014 12:53

The White Bear, Ruislip

Pub hasn't been reviewed for over a year now and the last review is obviously by a member of staff/landlord.

I went in the recently and had mixed feelings. The pub is located just across the road from The Orchard and is more in the style of a traditional community pub.

Interior is clean enough with a pool table and a big screen for the sport. I know some of the malodorous old Camra bores would object to this and they seem to want to drink in a place that has the noise levels of a library so they can bore each other to death withering on about the mouthfeel of their half pint of ale. Please note that I am a Camra member but I do sometimes drink lager and I do enjoy playing pool and watching sport.

Anyway, when I arrived at a The White Bear I noticed that they do offer a choice of Pride along with the evil Doom Bar however, unfortunately both were off so lager was the only option.

I noticed that in the toilets there was a sloping service over the cisterns. This gives me the impression that this was to stop young chavs going in their to snort Kuffer! This is obviously not the fault of the pubs and the few punters that were in at the time were all perfectly normal.

This is definitely a locals pubs and I just hope that they have enough locals to keep the place going. It was very quiet when I visited but I guess it is probably more lively at the weekend. Let's hope so as even though there could be small improvement, all in all this is a no nonsense boozer that deserves to be patronised!!!

23 Aug 2014 12:15

The Orchard, Ruislip

Large beefeater pub. There is always a couple of ales on which is a choice of Pride or Pedigree. Usually go for the Pedigree which has always been perfectly drinkable. Can't comment of the food as have not eaten there but I am sure it's perfectly OK.

Large garden out the front with a statue of a spitfire which I guess is a nod to the connections that the area has with the RAF with the RAF Northolt airbase being located in fairly close proximity.

The garden was quite lively on a Sunday afternoon with a mix of families and table of lads with mullet type haircuts drinking bulmers with blond slappers with fake tans and back tattoos.

No reason for this to put anyone off as everyone was perfectly friendly and the atmosphere convivial.

I'm sure I will return for a beer or two at some point

23 Aug 2014 11:52

The Duck House, Ruislip

Very much a food orientated place and like the last reviewer said, it is more of a restaurant.

Eaten in here a couple of times and have nothing but praise for the food. Nice old building with large conservatory and small patio garden overlooking the duck pond.

I did venture in here once just to have a pint and was greeted with a hint of surprise that I wasn't ordering grub.

That said, they do have a selection of ales which include offerings from smaller breweries as well as large so would definitely recommend it if you plan to eat there.

23 Aug 2014 11:40

The Bell, Ruislip

Does anyone use this site anymore? Most of the pubs in my area haven't been reviewed in at least a couple of years. Or maybe there isn't that much to say about Ruislip pubs.

This pub has recently had a paint job and been renamed The Bell Inn. Maybe it should have been renamed The Bell End considering some of the punters who drink in here.

I won't say too much as I've not ventured in there since it was spruced up. My God it needed it. It used to have a feel of "abandon hope all ye who enter here." A distinctly ale free zone that was crumbling from the inside out and was fairly empty on a hot Sunday afternoon when the North London derby was on. Considering that televised sport is one of the few reasons you would set foot I this place I hoped that it would have been busier.

I will comment again once I have seen the results of the rebrand and really hope that it makes a go of it,

23 Aug 2014 11:31

The Fairway, Ruislip

Large clubhouse (19th hole) style place with a golf driving range attached and in close proximity to the golf course.

The place is never going to set the world alight in terms of atmosphere and beer selection however, it is good for certain things.

They have a large drinking area at the front with multiple screens showing the Sunday football which I know isn't everyone's cup co tea but as a football fan this ticks a box for me. They also have a pool room with 3 tables and another tv and large function rooms upstairs which I experienced at a Christening last year.

The major downside is the food which in my humble opinion is awful. Some people may like it but these will probably be the typical lard buckets that go to places like butlins and enjoy the fayre there. The pub is a Fayre and Square who also own the Ballot Box and Mylett in Greenford whose offerings are equally as grim.

I would therefore, not recommend taking your date or you in laws for a meal there however, I would recommend for functions, the comedy club or boozing in front of the footy!

17 Aug 2014 17:20

The Woodman, Ruislip

I cannot believe I am the first to review this delightful establishment. And for anyone thinking this is a plant, please refer to my numerous other pub reviews.

I have lived in Ruislip for over 4 years and I cannot believe that I only ventured in here for the first time a couple of weeks back.

This place is a real pub in the traditional sense of the word and is a Courage house which is unusual for the area.

The pub being set a good mile or so away from the centre of Ruislip and on the way to Harefield makes it not the most accessible unless you live on the residential roads directly surrounding the boozer. If I lived within easy walking distance then this would certainly be my local.

Went there in the afternoon to be greeted by a gentleman of great years happily wiling away the warm sunny afternoon outside. When you get inside it is split into two halves which would have been the old salon and public bars.

The first thing to notice is the walls are covered in pump clips shoeing the places focus on serving good quality ales from micros as well as majors. The ales on were the permed snot a Courage Best and two from the Otter Brewery. Opted for one of the Otters which was in fine fettle. There was also a board on the wall advising what ales were dud go be coming on.

A couple of locals in there were friendly and I felt very welcome even though I'd never been in before. It has a bit of a country feel to the place and well worth venturing off the main drag to seek out. I just wish Ruislip had more pubs like this!

17 Aug 2014 13:48

Belushi's, Hammersmith

Just returned after a BITE hiatus and unfortunately my first review isn't exactly a glowing one.

I arrived in Hammersmith with half hour to spare before walking to Craven Cottage. I usually go to the spoons for a quick pint bug as the Man Utd V Swansea game was so finely poised I thought I would catch the last half hour.

Upon entering Belushi's I went to the bar and noticed that al 3 of the ale hand pumps were off so had to settle for lager. There was Kozel on tap but I daren't even ask how much that would be as I didn't want my bank manager on the phone.

I ordered a Kronenberg which set me back £4! I don't mind paying these prices if I was in Mayfair but in a distinctly average bar in a Hammersmith which was verging on being dirty that in my eyes just isn't cricket!

This place also contains a hostel so there is a strong antipodean element to the place. Now I don't have anything against our friends from down under however, I do find certain ones to be loud, arrogant and obnoxious and this place seems to be a bit of a magnet for those.

Probably will not return!

17 Aug 2014 13:32

The Black Bull, Ruislip

Looks nice on the outside. The pub has new signage and the exterior is adorned with flowers and hanging baskets. Looks like this place has turned itself around after an extensive refurb. The pub in its previous incarnation had a sense of foreboding and doom about it and contained the what could be described as the dregs of society and a drain on the social fund!

I really hope the clientele has improved as this looks like it could have really good potential. It has everything that in my humble opinion one would want from a pub. I am due to try it again this weekend so will review again in due course!!!

5 Oct 2013 10:39

No.88 Bar and Grill, Kingston Upon Thames

Went here for the first time in ages last night and overall experience was ok. I did have a couple of small gripes though.

Firstly, I noticed that a lot of reviewers before me mention their customer service (or lack of it). An example was that I was waiting for drink and the batman came over and asked if I was alight. I then proceeded to ask for my drink when he turned around and continued talking to a couple of other people before then walking outside. I'm not saying he did this on purpose however, a bit more awareness wouldn't go amiss. That said, the girl who was serving was very efficient and smiley which sort of made up for it.

Secondly, they seem to pour beers with a bigger head than David Platt! This means that pints inevitably come up very short which is not great considering I paid nearly 4 quid for a pint of tribute. On he plus side the Tribute was very good do they obviously know how to keep their beers.

All in all not a great pub but not a bad one either. 6/10

4 May 2013 16:17

The Ballot Box, Greenford

This isn't usually the type of pub I'd review but I noticed that it hadnt been commented on for nearly 4 years so I thought it warranted a mention.

This isn't usually the type of pub that I drink in however, with the weather being as shocking as it was yesterday and the kids starting to get cabin fever indoors we thought we would take them to burn off some energy at the wacky warehouse which is an indoor play area at the back of the pub.

After an hour in there (it felt like a lot longer) we ventured next door for a couple of sherbets and bit of grub. The pub has Pride and GK IPA. I would have usually gone for a Pride but opted for a lager instead so can't comment on the condition of the ale.

They have a two for £10 food offer. You know the type where the menus have pictures on them and you get chips with absolutely everything. When the food arrived it resembled something that would have been served up in my secondary schools canteen. It tasted ok however, it was a catalyst for some extreme methane production. Therefore if it is ever reported that a suspected mustard gas attack has taken place in Perivale then this can probably be attributed to a busy lunchtime at the ballot box.

All in all it is a comfortable pub that serves its purpose and if your Missus ever pisses you off you can take her for a meal there then hold her head under the duvet later on that night

24 Mar 2013 11:36

The Coach and Horses, Ickenham

Ended up eating here yesterday due to the Spoons being too busy and was impressed. Obviously knew that the food here would be more expensive (the only reason we choose the spoons usually is because current finances are not at their healthiest) however, it was well worth the extra few quid.

Upon arriving, I noticed that pub seemed comfortable and friendly. It was also clear that this was a very food orientated place (an observation not a criticism)

The pub does have some real ales on (albeit the ubiquitous Pride, Youngs Ordinary, Spitfire along with the not so common TT Landlord). I opted for the Landlord which was in good nickand at just over £3.00 a pint certainly didn't burn a hole in the pocket.

Food was really excellent and well worth the price. It would be nice if maybe they could introduce a couple of changing guest ales however, this may a condition of the PubCo that they can only sell the beers that are currently on.

All in all, I would definitely return to eat. If I am just drinking though, it has to be the Spoons for their varied and cheap beers.


11 Mar 2013 13:25

The Plough Inn, Rottingdean

Just heard that someone I went to school with and have known for a great many years is about to take over here. Wanted to wish him luck and I am sure he will make a very good job of it. I'm not local so unfortunately can't just pop in for one however, if I'm ever in Brighton I will make a point of going in

3 Feb 2013 18:56

The Prince of Wales, New Malden

I came on here to have a look at reviews of this pub out of curiosity rather than anything else and virtually all the reviews are fake/plants.

I think the fact that nobody else has reviewed the pub speak volumes. The pub looks very unwelcoming from the outside and the comment about "leafy New Malden did make me laugh.

OK New Malden is quite leafy around Coombe Hill however this pub is situated in the Arse End of New Malden next to Homebase and Matalan and also not too far from the sprawling Cambridge Estate.

Avoid! ! !

16 Jan 2013 10:02

The William Morris, Hammersmith

This pub carries mixed sentiments for me however, recent visits have left me disappointed.

Used to quite like going here when I was bit younger for the cheap drink. This is even the place where I first got with my other half and after nearly 6 years and 2 kids we are still together (just about). This is perhaps why I have persisted with this place due to having fond memories however, nothing is pursuading me to continue using the gaff.

Firstly, I only really tend to visit this place now on a saturday afternoon before a Fulham game as I find it convenient being right outside the station. I know that there are better places to go for a pre-match drink however, when you are on a bit of a shoestring like myself I opt for the cost-effective option . However, the last couple of times I have been in they always seem to have the same very uninspiring range of ales. I even went in a few weeks apart and I am sure that the guest ales were exactly the same as my previous visit. Now I dont mind sometimes sacrificing a good atmosphere to drink in a spoons however if they cannot even get their ales right then there is not really anything to attract me in there.

Secondly, when I went there in the evening just before Christmas I noticed some old soak being evicted very roughly from the pub by the bouncers even knocking into me in the process causing my mate to spill a bit of his beer on me. Now don't get me wrong, this bloke did look like an exceptionally obnoxious old git but the truth is is that the bouncer could have probably farted next to him and blown him over so was the rough tactics really necessary. I also noticed a lot of signs warning of a spate of bag thefts recently which does not lend a nice undercurrent to the place.

Finally, I have to agree with a lot of other poster in regards to the toilets here. Now I only ever empty my bladder in pubs but I feel sorry for anyone who is caught short here as these are quite possibly one of the most disgusing pub toilets I have seen and trust me when I say that I have been to some shit pits.

Overall, I wouldn't say to anyone to not drink here as even though my review has been fairly scathing, it is generally an OK place. Just don't expect anything and you won't be disappointed! ! !

15 Jan 2013 10:02

The Bricklayers Arms, Putney

Haven't been here for a while and I must admit that I have been put off making the journey there as I am not local by some of the recent reviews.

I first visited the Brickies when I was about 10 years old before going to a Fulham game. My first memory as a 10 year old was an extremely pissed woman flashing her ample breast around the pub. It obviously imprinted on me! !

I know that the pub has changed a lot since then and has become a bit of a haven for real ale drinkers whilst remaining a traditional back street boozer unlike some of these other "Craft Beer" places who serve decent (very expensive) beer however, lack somewhat on the decor and atmosphere.

It sounds like the Brickie's may be trying to do too much. Perhaps due to it's size as opposed to having 12 hand pumps maybe they would be better off reducing this to 6 real ale and 2 real ciders and concentrate on keeping these rotating and in good condition.

I am sure that everyone would be happy with that amount of choice as long as the beers are varied in style and from a variation of brewery's, not just the same old places.

9 Jan 2013 13:49

The Babington Arms, Derby

Don't let the fact that this is a Spoons put you off. If you like real ale/cider then go there.................Nuff Said! ! !

17 Dec 2012 13:42

The Standing Order, Derby

Absolutely cavernous spoons which was converted from a bank hence it's name "The Standing Order"(Yes I know I am stating the obvious here)

Decent varied selection of ales on the day however not quite as much choice as The Babbington Arms which even though is a Spoons is still a beer drinkers Mecca.

All in all, worth a visit if you are in Derby even if it just for a swift one! ! !

17 Dec 2012 13:38

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

I went in here on Friday for the first time in a blue moon. I must admit that I have popped in once or twice in the day when I have been in Kingston but would tend to avoid like the plague on a Friday or Saturday night.

I must admit I was pleasantly surprise. Firstly the beer was on really good form but I guess that this has never been a problem. They had Thornbridge Jaipur and Dark Star Rockstar which both at around the 6%ABV mark went down quicker than a whores knickers.

Secondly, we managed to get served within around 5 mons each time. In the past it was more like 25 mins which was very frustrating.

Finally there didn't seem to be as many bellends as before but I guess as we moved on to another pub just after 10 that they may have turned up in droves later.

The one gripe is they had a toilet attendent saying "no armani, no poonani".....this actually puts me off being hygenic as he expects to you pay him a pound to have the privaledge of squirting some soap on your hands! This gey would only be there on Friday and Saturday's so if you were going to go any other time then this last comment would be not applicable.

All in all, a good experience and would definitely go back again on a Fruday or Saturday. Rating increased from 4/10 to 6/10

17 Dec 2012 13:31

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

I have been compelled to review this again as there have been some changes implemented since I last commented on this place.

There was a refurb done a little while ago which although has gentrified the downstairs a bit (the upstars appears to have changed very little) it has not gone to far so at least the place still feels like a pub as opposed to a wine bar.

The two main changes for me I feel that one is negative and one for the better. As is tradition, lets start with the bad news.

The pub seems to have completely done away with any TV's. You used to be able to watch sport here and the atmosphere was good. I have never ever seen any trouble at all in this place and now there is absolutely nowhere you can go in this part of Kingston to watch sport (except The Mill God help us).

Now for the good news. The pub now seems to be free of tie and always has a nice variation of ales on with some interesting stuff in there. When this pub was GK you could only get the customary IPA (which I wouldnt touch wiht a bargepole) or Abbott or Specked Hen so defintely a change for the better here.

I am sure I will be in here on Friday so I will add to this if need's be

13 Dec 2012 13:31

Sir Michael Balcon, Ealing

Average run of the mill spoons. Decent enough but nothing that makes it stand out from anywhere else. They did have seating out front which I guess would be fairly pleasant in the summer.

They had a sign up saying that they were in the Good Beer Guide 2013 however, I found the rage of beer to be fairly uninspiring. All Wetherspoons serve multiple real ales therefore in my opinion they have to have something a bit better to warrant an entry in the GBG.

All in all though worth a visit if you are in the vicinity! ! !

10 Dec 2012 10:54

Barcadia, Kingston Upon Thames

Went here to celebrate my birthday a few months ago. Whilst Barcadia has never been my top place of choice I do appreciate the fact that you can get in here for free, listen to bearable music and drink into the small hours without having to pay ridiculous club prices. I must admit I have certainly spent a bit of time and money in this place over the years as I lived in Kingston through to the age of 27.

What left a bit of a sour taste in the mouth though was as it was my 30th birthday, a mate of mine kindly gave me a bottle of whisky in a gift bag. Being a responsible person I ensure that the whisky was left safely behind the bar. In my befuddled state at the end of the night(due to drinking their booze) I forgot it. Now I don't live in Kingston so I had to phone them up to ensure that they kept hold of it for another week so I could arrange for it to be colected at a later date. Well it was liked I have asked them to store a dead body for me! ! ! !

To make matters worse when I got someone to go in to get it, the gift bag had disappeared ant the bottle was sitting on their bar with a pourer in the top. Now I work for a transport company and this would be similar to if one of our customers left there car at our depot and me instructing one of my drivers to use their car to make deliveries. What a way to treat a paying customer.

Absolute Piss Take! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

3 Dec 2012 12:46

The Case Is Altered, Eastcote

Is blue scrumpy talking about the same pub???

I went here recently and have nothing but praise. There was about 4 ales on. Admitedly they were mostly the usual suspects (Doombar etc) however they did have Green King IPA Reserve which at 5.5% went down faster than a whores knickers!

Good atmosphere, lovely garden and nice views over the cricket square. This is a little slice of the country in Suburbia. Definitely the best pub in the area closely followed by the Black Horse.

19 Sep 2012 13:17

The Tavern, Morden

CLOSED!!! Apparently there is a big campain from CAMRA to save this pub because the building is "of historical interest". Having been to this pub once (and once was enough) I can say from experince that this building is monsterously ugly from the outside with the interior and clientel even more ugly. Now maybe with a lot of money you could gut the place and do it up but who is going to invest in this place when it will not offer any sort of return on investment (there was about 10 people in the whole place when I was in there). Now I am all for saving pubs as too many are being turned into flats/tesco expresses however I think people should just admit defeat on this one! ! !

27 Feb 2012 10:25

Euston Tap, Euston

Unusually quirky little pub which is a fantastic for ale lovers and drinkers who are patial to rare hard to find tipples. I had a pint of Jamaican Stout which was 'seriously easy going' down. Also had half a Magic Rock Human Cannonball at 9% ABV I guess that this would be described as a Barley Wine.

Also went opposite to the Cider Tap for a few pints Oooeeerr. If you are travelling to Euston station then you MUST go here at least for 1

14 Feb 2012 13:29

The Plough, Clapham Junction

Well done to the manager/member of barstaff who posted that very eloquent review previous to mine. Interestingly this person has only ever reviewed this pub and none others. In addition to this the comment "Black pudding scotch egg - oh my lord " made me crack up. Who actually talks like that???

What a complete tit this person is! ! ! Lol

1 Nov 2011 13:40

The Gallery, Pimlico

Visited this pub after having a meeting in Pimlico. The pub was comfortable and it was very quiet but my guess is that it probably gets busier later on into the evening. It had 4 ales on of which the TT Landlord was in good nick. This place somehow didnt quite do it for me however I am unsure why. Deserves a higher score than it currently has though.


31 Oct 2011 13:52

J J Moons, Ruislip Manor

Currently got a Beer Festival on with some interesting looking American Craft Beers - not had a beer now since last weekend so gonna head there as soon as I finish work to muller a few ales

7 Oct 2011 11:40

The Brewhouse, Poole

I also went here based on the fact that this place appears in the GBG. I must admit that I was fairly mystified on a recent trip to Poole as I have never seen so many pubs in such close proximity however the only ones that appeared in the GBG were not particularly inspiring.

The Brewhouse is normally the sort of pub that I go for. It has Pool tables and a Jukebox which are not all that commonplace these days. Walking in the pub the look and layout reminded me very much of a snooker club that I used to drink in when I was 17 and couldnt get served in many other places. The only major difference was the snooker club didnt have hops hanging from the ceiling which is obviously thr pubs nod to the fact it focused on real ale.

Like the previous poster I also had to wait to get served whilst the barman finished his smoke. When he did finally return though he did serve me a wonderful pint of Zig Zag (Porter) whic went down quicker than the Titanic. When I returned my glass to the bar he also asked me how my pint was. Nice touch!

All in all, a proper drinkers and smokers pub with decent beer however if you are expecting just a little more then you will leave disappointed.

30 Sep 2011 17:05

The Swan, South Acton

First things first. This pub should not really be listed as being in South Acton (W3) as it is in fact based in Chiswick (W4).

Chiswick is a really upmarket area full of hooray henrys and ladies who lunch. South Acton is a downmarket area full of Somalians and young birds with prams! ! !

Now enough about the area. The pub itself is nice with outside seating out the front and a large beer garden out back which is lovely in sunny weather. Nices attractive barmaid served me a nice pint of summer lightning. As a drinker who tends to go for beers of around 5% ABV is was refreshing change to go into a pub that does just have session ales and ales hovering aroung the 4% ABV mark.

The clientel is as you would expect from the area however everyone seemed really friendly and not at all stuck up apart from a 1 particularly squify lady who was entering her twwilight years. We can let her off though as it definitely seemed she had had a few too many Chablis's.

All in all, would recommend this pub if anyone is in this part of Chiswick

29 Sep 2011 16:07

The White Swan, Swanage

Had an enjoyable Sunday lunch here which made up for the weather in Swanage not being up to much. Food was good except the roast potatoes which were so hard I had to go to check if my teeth were still in place after eating them. I was so hungry though that someone could've fried a dog turd and I still would've probably eaten it.

Pub had a comfortable relaxed feel to it. It was the sort of place where you could see yourself spending a long afternoon. Sampled the famous Dorset Piddle which was OK if a little uninspiring.

The bar staff were really friendly although I must say that they were flapping a bit and the pub wasnt even busy.

This pub gets a solid 6 out of 10 from me and I would definitely go back if I ever go to Swanage again

29 Sep 2011 14:21

The Good Intent, Rochester

Went here a week or so ago whilst visiting Rochester. I was keen to visit this place as well as the Coopers and the Man Of Kent. I managed to make it to the Coopers however due to the fact that the MOK opens at 2pm I only made it to 2 out of 3.

On the outside and inside the Good Intent appears to be stuck in a time warp. Nestling in the middle of a little housing estate in Troy Town you feel like you could be in an episode of life on Mars. This for me adds to charm of this place being a man who very much favours a traditional boozer over a gastropub or wine bar.

We were the first customers there arriving at 12pm. At 1 minute past 12 the barman opened up the pub. The reason for this was that the previous nights pub quiz overran. I guessed that this pub quiz was a right good laugh and before I even set foot in the pub I knew that this was my sort of establishment.

The pub decor is very minimal and very 60's. It reminded me of pubs that my dad took when I was knee high to a grasshopper before everywhere became more gentrified.

There was 3 ales on which was slightly disappointing as I was expecting a few more. I put this down to the fact it was so early and there were maybe due to be a few more later.

I would recommend this pub to a whole range of people not just real ale drinkers. It's also a place to go for a game of pool, to listen to some eclectic muzik, or watch some sport. All in all, give me a place like this any day of the week over the souless drossy drinkers holes in my area of greater london.

14 Sep 2011 13:56

The Tudor Rose, Upper Upnor

On my recent soujourn to the Medway I decided to try and vist as many GBG pubs as possible (or the missus would allow being the designated driver)

I visited this pub the same afternoon as the excellent Kings Arms at the top of the high street. This pub is situated near the bank of the river right next to Upnor Castle.

Going into the pub I noticed 2 old boys propping up the bar and by the shade of red there faces were I guessed that the beer was good.

This pub has the entire range of Shepherd Neame beers. This is excellent for a lot of drinkers but unfortunately for me I am not a massive fan of their beers (give me a pride over a spitfire any day of the week) except Earlybird which is seasonal so wasnt on.

Garden here is excellent. Didnt eat anything but the food smelled fantastic. This place gets 7 out of 10 from me. It would have got an 8 or a 9 if they had had a couple of guest beers

13 Sep 2011 13:57

Kings Arms, Upper Upnor

Loved this place so much I had to return the next day. Had all the things I wanted from a boozer including a lovely garden, bar billiards, a quiz machine and some top beers on offer.

The first day I visited they had a beer called Oscar Wilde from the Mighty Oak Brewery. This beer was recently voted Champion Beer of Britain and I could see why. This beer is a dark mild and at 3.6% ABV I wouldnt usually go for this due to my penchant for stronger tipples. However, I am glad I did as it was the nuts. It was a pity that by the time I returned the next day it had run out.

12 Sep 2011 13:46

The Horseshoe and Castle, Cooling

I visited here just last week as I was staying with the family in a local Haven caravan park. This was only a short drive away down winding country lanes and it made it even better as I had a chauffer as the other half is not that bothered about sampling the fine Kentish ale on offer.

I found this pub to be very friendly and welcoming. Sometimes one can be a bit unsure of going into rural village pubs and I guess they can sometimes be a bit cliquey. However, as soon as I set foot in the door we were made to feel as welcome as if we had been drinking here for years.

I had Scampi and Chips which went down quicker than a whores knickers. It was cooked perfectly and just the right amount. Enjoyed an ale from the Royal Tunbridge Wells brewery.

All in all, very impressed and would definitely recommend a visit. I wish there were more pubs of this ilk in the area of Greater London where I live however if this was the case I am sure my liver and bank balance would take a turn for the worse.

8 out of 10

12 Sep 2011 13:37

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

I am surprised this has not been reviewed yet as I am sure that the Grand Re-Opening has taken place. 18 handpumps certainly sound interesting. The only problem for me is I do not work in Twickenham anymore therefore this is a bit of a trek.

Someone please go there and review this place as if it turns out to be anything like it sounds then I think I will definitely make an effort to get down there for a bit of a sesh! ! ! ! ! ! !

1 Aug 2011 13:09

The Misty Moon, Twickenham

I havent been in this place for a long time. My main memories of this place is when it was The Moon Under Water (Wetherspoons) before the later Wetherspoons/Lloyds Bar The William Webb Ellis previously Sorting Room opened.

I guess the place is much the same as it has always been attracting the daytime crowd of old farts making the place look like Gods waiting room and work dodgers who have just come out of the job centre next door to spend there Giro's on cheap flat beer.

I used to frequent this establishment when my prefered tipple was Stella and Red Aftershock as opposed to fine ales and malts. My lasting memory of this place was one evening standing in the bar desperate not to wet myself. This was due to not being able to go to the toilet due to some fat skinhead standing in there threatening to smash a wine bottle over the head of anyone who dared set foot in what he must have felt was his own private toilet.

Never the less I have not been in many times since however if the Spoons over the road wasnt there then I probably would for the cheap beer.

28 Jul 2011 14:06

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

have heard some rumblings that Fuller's are soon due to take over this establishment.

I have mixed feelings about this. I do like Fullers beer however this pub always had a few guest beers on. The likelihood is that Fullers will limit the beer range to their own tipples. I hope that at least squeeze in a few of the bastardised Gales Brews to give a bit of choice and variation.

I also hope they keep the pool tables as this pub works well as a no frills sports boozer.

Watch this space! ! !

28 Jul 2011 13:53

The Bloomsbury, Twickenham

Sorry my last review was meant for the Cabbage Patch. Not sure how I managed to put this on here. Ooooppsss

28 Jul 2011 13:52

The Bloomsbury, Twickenham

I have heard some rumblings that Fuller's are soon due to take over this establishment.

I have mixed feelings about this. I do like Fullers beer however this pub always had a few guest beers on. The likelihood is that Fullers will limit the beer range to their own tipples. I hope that at least squeeze in a few of the bastardised Gales Brews to give a bit of choice and variation.

I also hope they keep the pool tables as this pub works well as a no frills sports boozer.

Watch this space! ! !

28 Jul 2011 13:50

The Grey Horse, Kingston Upon Thames

Decent very unpretentious old fashioned just how I like them. Went there last Thurs to see my mates band and catch up with some people that I hadnt seen in a few months of Sundays! ! !

I would recommend this place. The only thing was I must admit the Youngs Special was not on particularly good form. I think that this is not so much a criticism of the pub except the beer was bit warm but more due to the fact that I really am not a big fan of Youngs Beer (except special london ale). Give me Fullers anyday of the week! ! !

13 Jul 2011 16:21

The Kent House Tavern, Penge

I very rarely comment on pubs I havent visited however the last is so blatantly a review by the pub landlord/manager/member of staff trying to attract business that I could not help to comment on this.

Anyone who goes on BITE on a reasonably regular basis can spot reviews like this a mile off. At least if you are a bogus reviewer have the common sense to write a few reviews on some other pubs apart from your own to make it less obvious.

Seeing reviews like this is all the more reason to sit up and take notice of the bad reviews! ! ! ! !

11 Jul 2011 14:00

The Triple Crown Inn, Richmond

I went here on Friday mainly because of the reviews that I have read in BITE and also becuase they were in the 2010 GBG (I dont have the 2011 version) and I was not disappointed.

This pub is tucked down a little enclave behind the rugby ground therefore I guess a lot of Richmond drinkers are unaware of this place (no doubt that this is a good thing judging by some of the bellends that inhabit the town centre bars and pubs)

The first thing that I noticed that this really is an uspoilt gem, very traditional comfortable place that were even selling rolls behind the bar.

Secondly I noticed a decent number of handpubs one of which was despensing Twickenham Spring Ale that was in fine fettle however you would demand that this would be the case at it originates about 2 miles away down the A316.

Finally, I noticed that the gaffer of this fine establishment was none than Harvey who I know from the old days when he ran the Artful Dodger in Kingston. The Dodge as it was affectionately known was always a cheery place to enjoy a drink and since Harvey left it a seen a great demise into another poncey souless bar & kitchen.

The Triple Crown is therefore testament to Harvey that he can run a decent boozer and I am in no doubt that some of the old Dodge regulars would be equally at home in this place.

4 Jul 2011 11:41

The Druid's Head, Kingston Upon Thames

Decent enough place to have a few drinks. Anyone who visits this place for the 1st time will probably be impressed however if like me you have been here more time than most people have eaten hot dinners then it all becomes a bit samey.....same beer...same clientel and same atmosphere. However this is a decent enough place and one of the few places that you would want to go and drink in in Kingston if you are over the age of 21!!!!!!

22 Jun 2011 13:26

The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

Like to last poster said a fairly bog standard spoons. It does exactly what it says on the tin however ast time I visited it didnt. The first beer I asked for was not ready, my next 2 choices ran out mid pour leaving me a choice of 1 Beer. Admitedly the pint was really good but I wouldnt have had much choice if it hadnt.

Now onto more romantic matters. When this pub was the Red Lion (no Pineapple in the title) back in the day it was the pub where my Missus's parents had their first date....aaaahhhh. . . . .the rest as they say is history! ! ! ! ! !

17 Jun 2011 13:43

The Duke of Sussex, Chiswick

Large high with high ceilings overlooking Chiswick Park. Had a pint of Sambrooks Junction that went down faster than a whores knickers. Had another ale from Camden brewery so it was good to see some local brews on offer.

Food looked vey good but needed to be as this is derinitely a restaurant style pub and I guess that the food wasnt coming cheap. The only gripe was that there was distinctive smell of piss eminating from the gents and as the gents is located by the entrance when you walk in you are greeted by the lovely aroma of freshly cooked tapas with just of hint of stale piss. . . . .kinda puts you off! ! ! !

Come on guys....sort this small problem and this will be a decent pub with a big garden for summer evening imbibing! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

27 May 2011 17:25

The Litten Tree, Kingston Upon Thames

This place is now a surf shop. . . . not that you can do much surfing in Kingston.

This pub used to be full to the brim with wideboys and tits but I must admit I did have the (very) odd good night here! ! ! !

It would've got an award for the worst pub toilets in Kingston...hang on...make that South West London!!!!!!

23 May 2011 13:41

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

This is a must visit pub on a sunny day. Beautiful location, excellent beer, there is something for everyone here. Many happy memories of this pub growing up as a kid. I even drank in here when they used to hold the annual Green Fair at Canbury Gardens. The Green Fair was supposedly a place where like minded ecologists got together to raise important environmental issues to the was actually a place where lots of groups of people sat around smoking copious amounts of pot! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

23 May 2011 13:33

Woody's, Kingston Upon Thames

I am surprised that I am yet to have commented on this bar. I used to frequent this establishment a from around 2001 through to 2005 when this bar was known at the Porter Blacks (aptly titled by me and my companions as the Poo Blicks). This place did used to be a bit of a dive however this is very much a summer pub that you take advantage of to sit outside on a long warm evening. I also have memories of dropping my phone down the toilet one night......not good! ! !

The place has gone through a complete refurb and now appeals to Kingston's more genteel element. However, it is good to see that the pub are selling a few real ales which was something that you couldnt really get at the Poo Blicks. However I am not sure about having a slice of cake with my beer. I am more of a crisps and nuts man!

23 May 2011 13:21

Crystal Fountain, Cannock

I heard today that Enterprise Inns have recently turfed out the couple that were running this pub as they were putting on swingers nights and sex parties!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sounds like my kind of pub! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

23 May 2011 10:33

The Bollo, Chiswick

Had a pleasant pint outside in the afternoon sunshine however I would not really describe this place as a pub. I am sure that it used to be but this is really a restaurant with a bar. Not really my cup of tea but gets a half decent score for me due to my enjoyment of the pint.

Maybe I was just very thirsty though as it was a Thursday afternoon and it was my first beer since Sunday! ! ! Lol

19 May 2011 16:58

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

This place really is a hidden gem. Well not so much hidden but it is on a quieter side street just far enough away from the station.

Went there 2 days in a row, the night before I got a train up to leads and I liked it so much that we went back the following day when returning to Kings X.

The Ginger Tom, Caladonian Highwayman and Everards Extra were all on top form, the pub has bar billiards, the crowd is friendly and eclectic, the place had a nostalgic feel like it hasnt changed for decade and a nice blond barmaid to boot. What more can you want.

Also I think the pub is unique in so much that I have never been in a smaller pub toilet in my like. You couldnt swing a cat in there, saying that it's hard to even swing your todger in there lol

9/10 (",)

18 Apr 2011 13:41

The King Charles I, Kings Cross

This place really is a hidden gem. Well not so much hidden but it is on a quieter side street just far enough away from the station.

Went there 2 days in a row, the night before I got a train up to leads and I liked it so much that we went back the following day when returning to Kings X.

The Ginger Tom, Caladonian Highwayman and Everards Extra were all on top form, the pub has bar billiards, the crowd is friendly and eclectic, the place had a nostalgic feel like it hasnt changed for decade and a nice blond barmaid to boot. What more can you want.

Also I think the pub is unique in so much that I have never been in a smaller pub toilet in my like. You couldnt swing a cat in there, saying that it's hard to even swing your todger in there lol

9/10 (",)

18 Apr 2011 13:41

The Blue Anchor, Blue Anchor

Tired looking pub in a sleepy seaside village. This is a shame as this is the only real pub in Blue Anchor with the Smugglers being more of a restaurant.

The place offers stunning sea views on a sunny day but it just needs to be brought into the 21st century and by that I dont mean a complete re-furb, just some new furniture and a lick of paint.

11 Apr 2011 12:49

The Smugglers Inn, Minehead

Popped in for a couple of pints of smuggled otter and some food when staying in nearby Minehead.

The girl behind the bar was very friendly however she didnt really have anyone to speak to as the place was completely empty on Thursday lunchtime however, Blue Achor itself was completely empty bar the odd elderly couple strolling down the seafront.

Beer was excellent, food was great (best that we ate the whole trip), garden was a peacefull place to soak up some April afternoon sunshine.

The only thing is I wouldnt really describe this place as a pub. More a restaurant with a bar

11 Apr 2011 12:28

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

Lovely looking pub on the outside and clean and comfortable in. The only thing is the place is a bit too clean and sterile with furniture looking a bit imitation wood that somewhat detracts from it's atmosphere.

I tried the local ales the Otter and the Cottage Dorset & Somerset both went down a gooden.

Only stayed for 2 pints due to having the Mrs and the kid but couldve so stayed longer

11 Apr 2011 12:22

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Decent boozer in a lovely harbour location. Ale selection seemed to be made up of the typical Otter Ale, Tribute and Exmoor Gold. I think that has draught Bass as well but didnt try that one. Food looked decent enough however the Exmoor was not the best and a bit foamy. Definitely one of the better pubs in Minehead if not the best

11 Apr 2011 12:18

Mambo, Minehead

Not sure about the beer quality but of you like your sport this has the HUGEST big screen that you are likely to see. I think the place may once have been a cinema

11 Apr 2011 12:12

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Visited pub last week and had very much mixed feelings about the place. The building itself is impressive and the interior is comfortable however that is where the positivity ends.

I was disappointed when I visited as I was eagarly anticipating the beer ''festival''. Festival!!! - this was more small pub gig than Glastonbury. The first 3 beers I asked for were all unavailable and the rest of the choice was made up by beers that are easily available elsewhere.

Also, a strange guy was hanging around our table outside who looked like he was on day release from care in the community. There was another guy who nearly fell through the glass door and this was all at about 2 in the afternoon.

A lady that we were with who incidentally also likes a drink was so worried about this guy falling on her dog that we ended up leaving!!!

11 Apr 2011 10:31

The Admiral Nelson, Whitton

Went here on a Monday lunchtime a couple of weeks ago. Never been before but have heard a lot about the pub due to knowing a number of people in the Whitton area. Cant say that I had heard a lot of positive comments about the place so I am glad to say that on walking into the establishment I was pleasently surprised.

Fullers have re-furbed the pub really nicely and our couple of pints of ESB went down very nicely sat in a comfy red armchair at the back of the pub. The decor of the pub is fairly typical of Fullers pubs in the area with the walls adorned with old photographs of the local area. In fact it reminded me somewhat of The Turks Head in St Margarets.......................................................................................................................but St Margarets this aint so inevitably their is "chavvy" element even on a Monday lunchtime. To be honest with you though this doesnt put me off as many people wouldve classed me as a "chav" when I was 20 years old due to the way I dressed.....I'm not though as you can tell by my obviouis grasp of the English language.

The "chavvy" element I describe was that their was a group of about 6 18-20 year olds hanging around in the pub 'chattin bare shit' and none of them appeared to have a drink. This made me think that they were using the pub merely as a warm place to sit on a cold day that was an alternative to being outside somewhere bunning zoots lol

The staff really needed to make sure that if these kids are in the pub then they should really be buying drinks. Then again maybe they just couldnt be bothered with the hassle.

All in all though a decent place and I wouldnt hesitate to go back!!

16 Mar 2011 09:33

The Ladas, Epsom

Went here last in 2006 and drank to the sound of raucous singing (which I am all for) I wouldnt have come to a surprise if someone had decided to "roll out the barrel".

These place was frequented by my mate who was on the the racing scene in Epsom before he became a 'Newmarketeer'

Only went twice but the pub has given me some good memories hence I looked it up on this site.

I notice it has closed and hope that it re-opens as you never know, in 2016 I may decide to pop in again.

23 Feb 2011 09:50

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Had a couple of swifty's in here on Friday and was very impressed with the look of the pub and the atomsphere.

I know that this pub is situated in Parsons Green which is comparable to Mayfair in terms of it's affluence but I must admit that my jaw did nearly hit the bar when the girl said �4.85 for a pint. Admittedly, this was for the M&M Porter which at 6.5% ABV you would need too many of them.

21 Feb 2011 09:29

Nell of Old Drury, Covent Garden

Wanted to try this place when I was uptown on Friday. Turned up there about 4pm and place was closed...Please Explain! ! !

14 Feb 2011 14:24

The Harp, Covent Garden

Quality Pub. Went there for a few ales on Firday and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Let's get a few things straight, I have not got a red face or a beard but yes I do like real ale. However, I also drink lager and I do not look down on somebody just because lager is their drink of choice.

I sampled the 3 different dark star brews on offer and they even did Staropramen which went down well with the Mrs.

Will definitley go back when I am next in the West End

14 Feb 2011 14:22

Tichenham Inn, Ickenham

Went there yesterday for a Sunday roast and must say that I was very impressed. Meat was cooked perfectly and just the right amount.

The place had a nice relaxed feel to it and in response to previous comments about the atmosphere, it's a spoons!! You dont go there to listen to rave muzik or dance on the tables.

All in all, a pleasurable experience and would recommend this to anyone who lives in or passes through the area. The only thing that left me a bit surprised was that I heard that this pub always supplied ales from the fairly local Rebellion Brewery in Marlow however there was none to be seen

7 Feb 2011 09:12

J J Moons, Ruislip Manor

My new local. I dont usually spend whole evenings in there but I do enjoy popping in for a pint of the excellent guest ales that are always on. I had a meal there on bank holiday just gone. Very nice!!!

Worth a visit for the beer selection alone

10 Jan 2011 14:14

The Lion, Teddington

Went to go to the Lion today as I was in the area and make a habit of popping into the pubs in Hampton Wick/Teddington when I am around due to a continued fondness for the area bourne of the fact I resided here for a very happy 2.5 years.

It is with sadness that I report that as I approached the pub at 12.30 in the afternoon it looked dark and lifeless. As I approached the entrance I saw the ominous sheet of A4 White paper with the words "closed for the foreseeable future as of the 22nd December" signed by the now ex landlord John.

I know that the more recent reviews have not been overly complimentary however if you read further down you can see that this was once a great pub.

What a shame!!! I hope in my heart of hearts that this place re-opens but sadly I have a feeling that may not happen. Watch this space! ! !

30 Dec 2010 16:46

Oceana, Kingston-Upon-Thames

This is not a pub or a bar. It's a huge multi chain night club!!!

15 Dec 2010 13:55

The Willoughby Arms, Kingston Upon Thames

Great sports pub. Had some good nights here and return to the pub from time to time when I am in the area.
The first house I lived in as a kid was bang opposite the Willoughby and I was a regular from the age of 4 with the only mishap when I was that age being when my dad offered me a sip from his pint I decided to bite the glass and cut my lip. Will defo be going there again.


15 Dec 2010 13:52

The Robert Peel, Kingston Upon Thames

If you get bored of the band playing when you are here then you can always take a trip round the back to the �1 in a pint glass titty bar which I admit I have a couple of trips to for a bit of a giggle

15 Dec 2010 13:46

JDs, Kingston Upon Thames


15 Dec 2010 12:40

The Cardinal, Kingston Upon Thames

This pub used to be my local when I was younger and lived at home on Tudor Drive. I used to frequent it the most back around 2001/02 in the days when Bob(remember him?) was the landlord.

Admitedly, the pub did used to be a bit of a dump however it was a good place to go on a Sunday afternoon to watch the football and talk about the previous nights shenanigans and the scene of may an Xmas Eve piss up when you used to be able to sit a drink into the small hours.

Pub has completely changed since those days with some improvements made. For one the decor now is not to everyones taste however it is an improvement on the tired look of old with the hideous pattern carpet. The food is also excellent now with the Sunday Lunches a must try. They have also shortened the bar on the right hand side of the pub which used to be the old public bar.

However, I do not understand why a pub in a very middle class area that doesnt really have a yob element insist of stripping the place of everything that can be fun in a pub. There is no pool table so no more games of (good natured) winner stays on pool. Secondly, no Sky Sports (they could at least show sport in 1 side of the pub and no dartboard or games machines.

In summary, well done to the owners for rescuing a place that did look at one point that it may go down the pan. But why oh why does every pub insist of getting rid of the sports and the pub games. Normal people like myself enjoy these things, not just yobs as a lot of people seem to think/make out.

14 Dec 2010 14:27

The Black Bull, Ruislip

The Pub has closed. Rumour has it that it will be turned into an Indian restaurant. Dont see that working somehow

14 Dec 2010 09:07

The Middlesex Arms, South Ruislip

Not a bad boozer. Clean, comfortable, reasonably priced. I am surprised that this place has not been reviewed more.

The only problem was they didnt really do any beer that I liked. The only premium larger that had on was wife beater which I stopped enjoying when I was about 19. Where is the Kronenberg???

In terms of ales, the Pride was decent however I only had one pint before it was switched off. The other one was GK IPA which I know is popular however I think that you may as well have a soft drink if you are going to go for that.

All in all though, I'l definitely be returning at some point.

6 out of 10

14 Dec 2010 09:05

The Pottery, Kingston-Upon-Thames

Yeah I agree with the last comment that The Royal Borough Arms was indeed diabolical. However, this is definitely not a pub. This website is called Beer in the Evening not Food in the evening.
Additionally, The Royal Borough Arms was like a holding pen for the local flotsam and jetsam. They are now able to pollute the other pubs in the area so that place did somewhat serve its purpose

8 Dec 2010 13:42

County Arms, Isleworth

Not great I'm afraid. I didnt try the Banks bitter and didnt really have anything else so I went for a Kronenberg which I got served eventually after the bird behind the bar who icidentially had a face like a slapped arse told me that they didnt do it. I simply smiled and told her to look at the front of the tap in front of her.

Pub felt very depressing and had a bit of a down and out feel about it. A table in the corner has people that looked like they were extras from the Film Deliverance.

My friend drove past this place the other day and said that the Pub had closed down. If it is to re-open and I hope it does as too many pubs are closing, then it could definitely do with a little TLC.

29 Nov 2010 13:21

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

I work just around the corner from this pub so often pop a couple of times a week mainly for a spot of lunchtime imbibing.

Recently they have had some good Autumn guest ales which I have seen the same in a number of GK Pubs. I really enjoyed the Beartown Oktobearfest, the Penny Come Quick (Cornish Stout) and the Westgate Fireside. All well kept.

On the subject of food, I have only eaten there a couple of times and usually just gone for very simple fare ie sandwiches. However a few people I know have moaned about the quality of food and 1 mate also got something completely different to what he ordered. They somehow managed to confuse a Roast beef wrap with a steak and kidney pie. Oh well, are suppose there are some similarities.

There are only a couple of gripes I have with this place. The frst is that there is a certain barman who doesnt seem to know how to pour pints from the handpump as they always come up short. I dont mind asking for a pint to be topped up once but it gets a bit grating when you have to do it every single time that you order.

Finally, a large number of local ladies of leisure seem to treat this place like the breastfeeding room in M&S. I done object to kids in pubs being a dad myself but one time I was in there for an hour and this group of ladies with babies were sitting around nattering about how expensive pumpkin patch was in comparison to Mothercare. Also it looked like out of the whole group only 2 of them had bothered ordering drinks and these 2 glasses were empty when I arrived so no more drinks had been bought. I dont know why the pub lets people treat the place like a creche whilst not spending any of their considerate wealth.

23 Nov 2010 13:06

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Best choice of real ales you are likely to see anywhere. Some unusual stuff too. The coupled with the traditional decor and the pool table makes this almost the perfect pub.

I tend to drink in pubs as opposed to eating so food is no biggy for me. However, my mate who loves his grub (a bit too much) ordered a sandwich as it as a Friday cost �7.50! ! ! didnt even come with chips!!!!

Come on, that is a bit steep isnt it.


12 Nov 2010 09:26

The Ram, Kingston Upon Thames

Went there last night for a bit of a Thursday sesh and ended up bumping into some people I aint seen for a while including a guy called Weefy! ! !

Its been a long time since I went. I think the pub might have still been Youngs last time I went. I think the refurb the Greene King have undertaken has improved the place subtley without changing it too much. Also the rank stench that hung around the bar seems to have gone but I'll have to wait for the summer to see if it returns.

Sampled the Gangly Ghoul and the Fireside as well as the Star. All in good nick. 7/10

29 Oct 2010 12:06

The Swan, Hampton Wick

I last commented on this place a couple of years back when I used to live in the area and it was not complimentary. Now however I am glad to say that I have been back a couple of times recently for Sunday lunch and I must say that my opinion has changed.

The new landlord has done a good job of restoring some life to the pub. You now see people in there when you walk by. The food is excellent and not overly pricey. The pool table and quiz machine have gone and to be honest, I enjoy a game of pool and a play on the machine however I realise why the landlord hs made this decision because he doesnt want the sort that used to come in the pub to play pool and use the fruity. Plus if you want these things you can always head up the road to the Kings Head.

The only thing that is a shame about this pub is the apparent lack of Sky Sports. I used to enjoy having a beer and watching the footy on a Sunday afternoon. Also when I was in there last time the TV's were on with Sky News showing. Not sure that is necessary. Either show the sport or switch the TV's off.

All in all a decent boozer 6 out of 10. I woulsvy given it a 7 or 8 if they had the footy on

26 Oct 2010 14:12

The White Hart Hotel, Hampton Wick

This is not a pub anymore! ! ! ! !

I spent over 2 very happy years living in Hampton Wick and I did regularly use the pubs except this 1 for the pure fact that this is not a pub. It's a hotel with a small bar at the front which gives the feeling of sitting in a hotel lobby having a drink whilst watiing to be checked in to your room.

I did come here a couple of time. I had a cold pint of Honeydew 1 hot summers afternoon outside the front. This would have been OK apart from the fact the front of the buidling faces a very busy roundabout with buses and lorry's going past in their droves. (Not the pubs fault obviously)

The other time I went for a Sunday roast which was mediocre for the price they charged.

If you want a nice pint and a good quality roast then turn left, cross the road and head to the swan. If its a beer outside(in a back patio garden backing onto the wall of home park) you want or a game of pool then turn right, cross the road and head to The Old Kings Head.

26 Oct 2010 13:57

The Railway Tavern, Hampton Wick

I am always saddened to see a traditional boozer disappear however I think that this place has been on it's last legs for sometime.

Until recently I lived in Hampton Wick just a stones throw from this pub however I was not tempted to frequent it much and I think that other people probably avoided it too for a number of reasons.

- The pub always looked closed. Even on a hot summers day the doors remained closed which I cannot say is the most welcoming look.

- The latest bar manager/staff seem very dis-interested and dont appear to want any custom except for their regular little clique even though regardless of how much they pour down their throats, are not going to keep a pub in business.

- When I have walked into the pub (and nearly tripped on tumbleweed) I have been stared at like I had 2 heads.

- to reiterate a point already made, the same clientel as always all hang around the front of the pub swaying and smoking which gives you the feeling of running a gauntlet to get to the door. The pub actually has quite a decent sized spacious garden and the owner should really force these people to go out there for a fag but again, this shows their dis-interest in attracting any customers except their regulars.

- 1 time when I was in the pub, a barfly who seems to spend 90% of his time in there said to myself and my mate, albeit in a jokey way that he "owned the place". This attitude that the pub is run/owned by the few soaks that frequent the place is exactly why no regular punters feel the desire to drink in there. I for one gave this place quite a few attempts as this was the nearest pub to my gaff and I was happy to make it my local. However due to the reasons stated I gave up on the place and would rather walk to any of the other pubs in the area rather than set foot in here.

I think other local drinkers, bar the odd 1 or 2 probably shared my feelings about this place hence it has gone down the shitter. I would be saddened to see this turned into housing though. I just hope that it returns as a pub that is well run with some of the select few who drank there told to take their business elsewhere. This place then may become successful again and actually be a fun place to go.

26 Oct 2010 10:07

The Pembroke, Coulsdon

Decent boozer. Ideal place for my very rotund Irish friend to meet up and eat loads of food with his old pastor! ! !

8 Sep 2010 12:58

The Cross Keys, Erith

I have never been to this place (and probably never will) but I read something in this mornings Metro which I had to post a comment on. I heard that recently a group of local travellers literally rode into the pub on horseback. Punters described it like something from the Wild West. That must have been a site to behold. I wonder if the barman questioned the long faces! ! !

3 Sep 2010 09:01

The Redback, Acton

I dont know why so many people are slating this place so much. At the end of the day what you get is what you expect. If you dont like going to dirty, dark places where the majority of the crowd drink snakebite then its simple. Just dont go! ! !

As for myself, I went the other week and had a good laugh and a serious hangover the following day. The only downside was trying to get bright purple snakebite stains out of a light pair of shorts.

Will definitely go back! ! !

11 Jul 2010 09:08

The Temperance, Putney Bridge

I went in the pub about 1 month back before the Fulham v Boro game. I am partial to a drop of cider from time to time so I orded a pint of Aspall's Suffolk Cyder. I paid with a �5 note expecting to get very little change and was pleasently surprised that the pint cost me �3.20. And, at a strength of 5.6% and a much better taste than the usual cider flavoured pisswater you get elsewhere I felt that the price was more than reasonable. The pub does have the look of a pricey gastropub but if I was to stick to the Aspall's on a night out I wouldnt end up spending much. You can have 3 or 4 pints and you certainly know you've had a drink. (",)

22 Jan 2009 10:39

The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

Not too keen on this pub but I suppose I am not really into the muzik that they play. Been there with friends recently which was ok and I hear that they do good comedy nights there from time to time. The last time I was in there a few weeks ago there was a funny incident. A particularly portly gentleman who didnt seem to fit in with the rocker crowd due to wearing business trousers and a tucked in shirt proceeded to pull the projector screen off the wall and get kicked out. I think he had 1 too many Bulmers.

13 Jan 2009 11:36

The Midday Sun, Chipstead

This pub is not too bad. The few times I have been in there I have always noticed 1 very portley gentleman sitting in the corner pondering

22 Oct 2008 10:40

The Kingston Gate, Norbiton

This place has been my local for sometime and I have never seen it kick off in there. You see a lot more trouble in Kingston town centre that you will ever get here. Good pub for watching football. There is also a regular down there who goes by the name of 'Dolly' who throws celery around when Chelsea are playing and takes the clock off the wall so the pub stays open later.

6 Oct 2008 13:00

The Falcon, Clapham Junction

I really like this pub. Went there for my birthday on Saturday before moving on. Got served quickly and had a laid back atmosphere and crowd. A good place to kick off a drunken evening

8 Sep 2008 11:04

Bar Eivissa, Kingston Upon Thames

I dont go here very often but when I have I must admit that I have had a bubble. Music is decent and no attitude to mention. Worth the extra couple of quid! ! !

24 Jul 2008 11:42

William Hardwicke, Bognor Regis

Best pub that I went into in Bognor but I suppose I only went into 3 of them. I went in the afternoon and it seemed like the sort of place I would enjoy in the evening....this pub is streets ahead of the Regis and the dire spoons! ! !

23 Jul 2008 10:35

Hatters Inn, Bognor Regis

Very dull pub...Food was good though and had a decent beer. Wouldnt hurry back

23 Jul 2008 10:24

The Richmond Park, Kingston Upon Thames

I dont think that this place has changed its decor or clientel for a very long time. Bit of a shithole(and pricey to boot)but pool table is decent and jukebox is good value. Used to take advantage of this place before the licensing laws were relaxed as this was one of the only pubs in the area apart from the Willoughby that you could get a drink after 11pm.

17 Jul 2008 10:03

The Norbiton and Dragon, Norbiton

Nice restaurant and Garden in the summer

However, im one of those few people who prefer the traditional type boozer but these are few and far between in middle class kingston. I am middle class myself but I enjoy a game of pool and watching the football which is something you can no onger do in here.

This pub has very minimal atmosphere

Restaurant 8/10

Pub 3/10

16 Jul 2008 11:57

Sweeney's, Ruislip

Fairly decent pub good for the football. Unfortunately the background noise is so loud that it is hard to hear the commentry.....Probably the best pub in Ruislip though! ! !

14 Jul 2008 12:23

The Swan, Kingston Upon Thames

Rubbish! ! ! ! !

11 Jul 2008 13:26

The Swan, Hampton Wick

Awful inside.....Not too bad if you are sitting outside on a hot day. The Asahi on tap is pretty good.

However, the pub lacks any atmosphere and has gone to being quite lively to very dead. Music is terrible. I live locally and prefer to go to TOKH but this aint a lot better

11 Jul 2008 13:22

The Kings Tun, Kingston Upon Thames

Only worth visiting in the daytime if you wanna get away from the Mrs whose attempting to drag you round the shops.

Avoid fri and saturday nights. I used to go when I wqas 18/19 but no more. Takes about half hour to get served and full of muppets..No thanx! ! ! !

11 Jul 2008 12:52

The Turks Head, St Margarets

I have only ever been to this pub at lunchtime and in the week it is filled with the irritating sounds of the mindless waffle of telesales agents from the nearby Arvato Loyalty Services on their lunchbreak. Regulars include a short balding Irishman who is always eating pie and chips sometimes joined by a massive roly poly guy who eats a whole tub of mayonaise with his cheesy chips! ! !

11 Jul 2008 12:01

The Fox and Duck, Petersham

This pub used to be ok a couple of years back and was actually quite lively. Nowdays however, even though the owners are friendly the pub is completely dead. I met a mate in there for 1 drink the other week and we were literally the only 2 people in there. Even the barman disapeared. The only person your likely to see in there is a portly gentleman who has a burger van parked out back sitting at the bar occasionally breaking wind.....avoid! ! ! !

11 Jul 2008 11:34

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