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The Wheatsheaf, Romford

Even though the last comment was 7 years ago, its still relevant. Whilst we werent given any grief in this place, the 3 of us clearly felt like "outsiders" and we got the distinct impression of suspicion. Maybe they thought we were coppers? Dont know to be honest, but credit where its due, it had a lovely homely feel about it and if I lived close by, it would be my local, easily.This was our 2nd venue on a Romford pub crawl and probably our favourite, yes despite the frosty looks we received. Mainly because it just felt like a good honest pub, original layout, nice bar and pool table and a fire on too. Like all pubs in the area I did feel let down by the lack of lager choices, surely if they have Stella then there should be another strong option like 1664 or Peroni etc. On our pub crawls we normally have a rule to say one pint per pub but we almost broke it here, but we didnt because time was moving on. Honestly, you shouldnt be put off because of the locals attitude in fact Id recommend a visit because of it. Its got a certain nostalgia to it. in a country of gastro pubs this place bucks the trend and well done to them

30 Mar 2015 09:31

The Durham Arms, Romford

This was our 3rd venue of a pub crawl in Romford. Its clearly a music themed place and I felt had quite a good vibe about it. There were a few old chaps at the bar generally shooting the sh1t and loud music playing which wasnt quite in keeping with the clientele at first, but then changed a bit to be more appropriate. I had a good look on the walls as there is a lot of music and football memorabilia, mainly centred on Tottenham and West Ham for football, and all kinds of music but there was a particular section that focused on the music I love, Madness, The Specials, The Jam, Sham 69. Even a few Quadrophenia photos. The drink selection was like everywhere in Romford: no real lager options but you just adapt. Seemed a friendly enough place with a pool table (I HATE blue clothed tables) and Id happily go back

30 Mar 2015 09:22

The Golden Rule, Polwarth

Their website says you'll get a warm welcome. I was there last night for the referendum result as it had a late licence. I was asked to leave because someone complained about me, because I was English. Quite strange being a victim of prejudice, I did feel like kicking off but the YES voters I was talking to were good as gold and tried to convince the staff that I was causing no problems, but out I had to go. When I told someone about it this morning they said "well you wont be going there again". Actually, the opposite, I cannot wait to go there again and see if I get the same treatment. if I do, I WILL kick off

19 Sep 2014 11:02

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