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The Wheatsheaf, Romford

Even though the last comment was 7 years ago, its still relevant. Whilst we werent given any grief in this place, the 3 of us clearly felt like "outsiders" and we got the distinct impression of suspicion. Maybe they thought we were coppers? Dont know to be honest, but credit where its due, it had a lovely homely feel about it and if I lived close by, it would be my local, easily.This was our 2nd venue on a Romford pub crawl and probably our favourite, yes despite the frosty looks we received. Mainly because it just felt like a good honest pub, original layout, nice bar and pool table and a fire on too. Like all pubs in the area I did feel let down by the lack of lager choices, surely if they have Stella then there should be another strong option like 1664 or Peroni etc. On our pub crawls we normally have a rule to say one pint per pub but we almost broke it here, but we didnt because time was moving on. Honestly, you shouldnt be put off because of the locals attitude in fact Id recommend a visit because of it. Its got a certain nostalgia to it. in a country of gastro pubs this place bucks the trend and well done to them

30 Mar 2015 09:31

The Durham Arms, Romford

This was our 3rd venue of a pub crawl in Romford. Its clearly a music themed place and I felt had quite a good vibe about it. There were a few old chaps at the bar generally shooting the sh1t and loud music playing which wasnt quite in keeping with the clientele at first, but then changed a bit to be more appropriate. I had a good look on the walls as there is a lot of music and football memorabilia, mainly centred on Tottenham and West Ham for football, and all kinds of music but there was a particular section that focused on the music I love, Madness, The Specials, The Jam, Sham 69. Even a few Quadrophenia photos. The drink selection was like everywhere in Romford: no real lager options but you just adapt. Seemed a friendly enough place with a pool table (I HATE blue clothed tables) and Id happily go back

30 Mar 2015 09:22

The Golden Rule, Polwarth

Their website says you'll get a warm welcome. I was there last night for the referendum result as it had a late licence. I was asked to leave because someone complained about me, because I was English. Quite strange being a victim of prejudice, I did feel like kicking off but the YES voters I was talking to were good as gold and tried to convince the staff that I was causing no problems, but out I had to go. When I told someone about it this morning they said "well you wont be going there again". Actually, the opposite, I cannot wait to go there again and see if I get the same treatment. if I do, I WILL kick off

19 Sep 2014 11:02

The Traders Inn, Lisson Grove

Tried this place on a pub crawl and its quite interesting to read the previous review - from 2006 - as not much has changed. Didnt see much options for ales, the lager choices werent much kop neither, and the locals gave us a few unassuming looks. The highlight was that someone had put "London Girl" by Chas n Dave on the jukebox which annoyed the younger crowd in the corner who'd put a load of rubbish on, whilst all the older lot (30 years upwards) had a good sing song. if there was more of that, it would get a better walk in rate Id say

28 Aug 2013 18:56

Lord High Admiral, Lisson Grove

Well what can I say, apart from if you dont normally drink in here the locals will assume you are a copper. Was quite lively when we popped in for a couple, and I liked the authentic nature of the place. Some people tried to be intimidating but they werent really. The landlady and staff were very friendly, so I hope they do well. Not exactly a CAMRA hide out, but if you likes a lager you'll be OK

28 Aug 2013 18:52

The Diggers (Athletic Arms), Edinburgh

Was staying down the road so sought out this pub to watch the football. Dont know why but it was different to what I was expecting, but I liked it. Seemed to be a real mixture of clientele, some locals necking ale like it was about to be outlawed, some chaps in suits ordering cans of coke (??!!!), and some americans who seemed delighted that they could pay with cards. The chap working let me try all the ales which we expect but still nice to see, and the XPA stood out for me, lovely stuff. Was nervous about the game so didnt want a big meal but a nice small but tasty pie was served to keep me going. Nice friendly pub, quite spacious and colourful with plenty of Hearts memorabilia all around. Recommended

9 May 2013 17:08

The Europa, East Molesey

Moved to the area recently and I overheard some chaps in another pub saying how the Europa was full of nutters and that it had all kicked off recently with plod getting involved. So had a go myself and it seemed a pleasant place, decent bunch in there with a good sized garden and handy smokers area (I dont smoke but I hate this erosion into peoples wants and wishes). Beer seemed well kept and I personally prefer it when there are different rooms in a pub, which this place has. Not my nearest but will frequent fairly often I think. Its apparent iffy reputation that proceeds it hasnt been witnessed by me yet, which I hope continues

30 Jul 2012 16:22

The Bell, East Molesey

Just moved to the area and this is the nearest pub so been there a few times. Lovely setting with obvious nostalgic charm, a nice dark ambience which I like, and a huge garden. The bar is quite small which can be a tad annoying if its busy. You do get a lot of large groups in here including kids, and thats mainly because the garden looks great for little uns. The food menu looks extensive and some good deals on, although Ive not tried anything yet. The beer appears good, a low priced carlsberg, a very attractively priced Becks and a standard priced San Miguel covers the lagers. All 3 Ive tried and all 3 taste very good. Not really an ale drinker but the usual ones seem to be there. Im happy with this place, especially as I havent yet seen any of the horrible bunch that Ive seen in the high street, the kind you'd gladly stamp on their heads, so long may that continue.

25 Jul 2012 15:48

Blue Room, East Molesey

Think this place will soon be reopened as "STAFFS". Lots of work going on and opening soon. Good to have another option in east molesey.

25 Jul 2012 15:01

The New Inn, Thames Ditton

Fair enough quins123, I just assumed it was the guvnor. Will give it another try no problem as I do like a bit of a do down the pub

11 Apr 2012 17:28

Mathers, Edinburgh

Staying round the corner from here and just nipped in for a quick pint but they had two different football matches on which is always a touch, so stayed to watch them. Was relatively busy for a tuesday night although didnt hear many scottish accents so most people were probably up here for work. Had a burger and chips which was pretty good. Tennants was nice, under �3 which was a bonus and didnt feel like it was doing anything bad to my innards. Good boozer

28 Mar 2012 08:37

The New Inn, Thames Ditton

walked in for a quick pint and overheard the landlady talking to a new member of staff: "This pub is half chelsea and half arsenal". Well that was it for me, you cant get two more idiotic sets of fans so bonjourno to the new inbred

30 Sep 2011 14:53

The Saucy Kettle, Surbiton

Quite honestly this is the worst place Ive ever known. Anyone who works here is a total idiot and the bouncers have the biggest chip on their shoulder Im surprised there aint a giant bottle of sarsons nearby. With any luck this place will be shut down, the staff all sacked and struck off work for life and they decimate the building. And whilst their at it they get shot of the curry house next door thats had more complaints that when mary whitehouse met gordon ramsey. If i heard this gaff had been burnt down Id laugh my head off

30 Sep 2011 14:47

The Six Bells, Acton

Probably my favourite pub in acton after a pub crawl. I dont know why really as it wasnt anything special but just a good place to have a drink. Some bloke in there was so p1ssed he was saying he couldnt work out what end of the pub he was in ha ha!

26 Sep 2011 17:07

The Kings Head, Acton

ordered a pint of some lager but they changed my mind when I spotted the Litoval. Some bloke asked me what it was like because he'd never tried it and I said truthfully, Ive no idea because nor have I. But tried it i did because lets face it, a czech lager will normally be good and I loved it. A great find and would be glad to see it again. My dads band apparently rehearsed upstairs here in the late 60s/early 70s, and its clearly still a music style pub. Bit of a younger clientele feel about it which is fine. And any pub with a piano gets good marks. Decent

26 Sep 2011 17:05

Talbot, Acton

Chose this as a starter for a pub crawl of acton. I quite liked it but stone me what was the music they were playing! It was for 15 year olds yet all the punters in there were 40 plus. I think The Clash/Specials/Jam/Madness pumping out from here might be more appropriate, and certainly welcome. I'll be going back when in the area again but I hope that cd they had on is lost

26 Sep 2011 17:01

The Duke of Sussex, Waterloo

Well I dont understand whats the matter with some people. Ive eaten here and it was very good. NIce pie n mash which is needed after the shop up the Cut closed down back in 2004/5. I saw a comment from "Vinnie" who says that it aint changed since the 70s. As I was born in 75 I wouldnt know but if I could picture a pub thats kept itself old school then this is it, and for that reason I like to have a pint here and there whilst waiting for a train. Better than the other gaffs about and because of location there a real cross section of people. I like this place

2 Aug 2011 10:44

The Abercorn Arms, Teddington

Have to say I agree with TW11. When I hear of a pub getting "done up" its normally curtains but not for the Abbers. Very good move by the new owners and if it wasnt for the fact that I moved away from Teddington then Id still be a regular there. Still a great Ramrod n Special, served correctly ie not tight gits, and food looks ace. In fact Ive talked myself into going there again soon. Out of my way? Yes. Problem? No

1 Aug 2011 13:53

The Cardinal Wolsey, Hampton Court

Popped in for a quick couple of pints recently for a "lets go somewhere we aint been for ages" drink. It was daytime so no idea about evenings entertainment etc but the pint of Holsten Export was really nice. Yes I know thats not ale but it is a pint of alcohol so it counts. Food looks OK and the chap serving was friendly. Probably just out of walking range for me otherwise would go here more often

1 Aug 2011 13:47

The Spring Grove, Kingston Upon Thames

Whilst I like this pub in general, I found it very expensive and the dukebox is a p1ss take with �1 a song. Havent been here for a few months so I can only hope they've reviewed that and changed it

23 Nov 2010 10:05

The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Have to disagree with straightatthewall here. I thought it feels terribly un pub like. Each to their own and Im sure my views wont be shared by all but I wont be drinking in here again as its just not the same as it used to be. Its stands on its own and I used to make the effort to walk up here but I recall going for a swift pint about a year ago for the first time in ages (moved away for a while) and couldnt believe what it was like. Probably not the best start as I let the bloke next to me get served first and he asked for THREE guiness! I hate guiness, there should be a separate bar for it as it takes too long. But its not a pub anymore so I and people of similar ilk will swerve

23 Nov 2010 10:03

Raintree, Thames Ditton

I ordered a curry and they gave me the wrong sauce! Didnt realise until I got home and of course couldnt be bothered to go back. After trying all the other curry places in the area I will give it a second chance as the main dish that I did eat was quite nice

16 Nov 2010 17:36

The Foley Arms, Claygate

Havent been here for a few months and am startled and concerned about peoples calls for redecoration. WHY!!!! So many pubs are ruined by tarting it up and they just become souless. Pubs are dying as it is so we need to guard against this senseless attacks on our traditional venues. I for one love the Foley and just wish I got over there a bit more. Lovely pint of Ramrod n Special, served correctly I might add. Had some whitebait in here and was very pleased with the meal. like the City Arms in the Ditton this place has got that nice mix of an eating area and a normal bar where people can talk rubbish and bar stool preach. I hope they leave this place alone

16 Nov 2010 17:33

The Fox And Hounds, Surbiton

Only been in once but I quite liked it, nice warm feeling about it and plenty of space. Could be very busy as on its own in terms of location. Just depends on whether the immediate locals want to stay by the river or head into surbiton. If I go into kingston I'll pop in here on the way from the ditton but if I lived close to this pub Id frequent it alot more

15 Nov 2010 14:31

The Victoria, Surbiton

I dont mind this place, but they never serve ramrod n special properly. The special is always exactly on the half pint mark which is not good enough. The Lion round the corner serves it right and thats good enough for me.

15 Nov 2010 14:26

The Black Lion, Surbiton

My favourite pub in the centre of Surbiton. Cracking ramrod n special and served correctly. Can get very busy as it was for the boxing at the weekend but importantly there was enough staff and getting served wasnt a problem. I dont know whether its insisted on but a nice touch was the staff actually looking for waiting customers rather than us having to try and get their attention. Nothing worse than waiting whist they try hard to avoid eye contact. Top place

15 Nov 2010 14:22

The Ferry , Thames Ditton

Im quite gutted I missed out on the "old" Ferry as from the picture it looked old school. The current one is nice enough but not enough tradition for me. The food looks expensive but is supposed to be very nice. Since I moved here my mum suggested we eat at the ferry but I said nuts to that, the City Arms has proper pub grub and no remortgages required to pay for it. Nice pint of San Miguel at the ferry though

15 Nov 2010 14:18

The Red Lion, Thames Ditton

Only been in once and that was because I was told to avoid it. That normally means its worth a visit and Im glad I did because I found it absolutely fine. Why do people think that traditional pubs are to keep away from! There was the classic loud woman at the bar (there does always seem to be one) and quite a homely feel I thought. Theres other pubs closer to me but I'll go back as it was decent enough

15 Nov 2010 14:14

The George and Dragon, Thames Ditton

Got potential, Oranjeboom and Holsten Export on tap which are not easily found. However I also found the staff and locals unwelcoming. If you dare speak to the landlord he answers as if you've just asked for his takings. The punters in there seem to look at you as if your an alien which you could understand if they were nutters but they aint. Will probably go back as I like a good pub crawl but wont go out of my way to pop in. "Attitude" seems to be a good description

15 Nov 2010 14:11

City Arms, Thames Ditton

Good little gaff. Has a restaurant type area but doesnt affect the ambience of being a "proper" pub. By that I mean not pretentious, not clicky, no aggro, no problems and certainly no rules apart from behave yourself. That might sound OTT but its amazing how many pubs score badly in those areas. Not the closest to where I live but the one I frequent the most. Recommended

15 Nov 2010 14:06

Northcote Hotel, Southsea

My favourite pub ever. I miss it

14 Aug 2007 16:46

The Festing Hotel, Southsea

Coming down soon for a stag do and will be popping in here no doubt. See you soon

14 Aug 2007 16:45

The Festing Hotel, Southsea

Used to be my local a few years ago. Drove down there a few months back and noticed from the outside the place had totally changed. They now do food. What the ####!!! I couldn't bring myself to walk in as I might have started crying

23 Apr 2007 13:32

The Crown and Anchor, Winchester

Nipped down to Winchester on Easter sunday, what a great roast. Superb. We'll be driving down again soon just to have the grub.

23 Apr 2007 13:29

The Three Stags, Lambeth

Although I never had any, I'm sure this place does nice food and a big notice behind the jump makes a point about it being made to order. But the fact of the matter is I walked in on St Georges Day and there was spanish music being played. Disgusting

23 Apr 2007 13:26

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