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Username: Planner_21

Age: 46

Sex: male

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The Princess of Wales, Primrose Hill

ameliegells: you fool no-one and are clearly a member of the management. I claim my £10!

18 Jan 2013 13:37

The Cock Tavern, Hackney

er...moths = months.

17 Sep 2012 16:23

The Cock Tavern, Hackney

"There is no way they are getting through them with any speed. 2 or 4 would be ample and the quality would sky rocket.2

Had no issues with the quality. Went two nights in a row and just under half the beers had changed. Two were also changed on the second night while I was there, inducing a cider. So they *are* getting through them.

Loads of middling pubs have 3 or 4 ales now, but if its anything like the Southampton it is the sheer quantity and quality that will bring people in. Plus the microbrew.

As beerman intimates, with regard to nice, half full pubs, the Southampton is far too busy now to be fully enjoyable. I give the Cock Tavern a few moths before the same thing happens, as its the best pub in the area by a good distance.

17 Sep 2012 16:23

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