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Comments by raveydavey

The Berwick Inn, Berwick

First visit here for 10 years about 2 months ago.
Its a barn of a place, will need to be busy to make any money.

Very good. Obviously an improving pub. Keep it up. Will be back
What a stupid comment about being too close to the railway line to have a peaceful drink. Its not Clapham Junction! And the kids wave at the trains.

4 Sep 2009 17:04

The Winning Post, Plumpton Green

About to change hands, has been sold I believe.

4 Sep 2009 16:55

The Fountain Inn, Plumpton Green

Its in a village, and survives on local trade, and sells beer. What do you think its going to be like?
There is nothing wrong with having outside toilets. It keeps the smells away from the pub!
What is this obsession with having loos right next to you in the pub or down in the basement?

4 Sep 2009 16:55

The Friars Oak, Hassocks

Service here always seems to stay on the edge of chaos and sometimes tips over!
I have only ever eaten here at lunchtime during the week, when its much calmer and the rug rats are not in.
Part of the problem is that there are simply no other pubs nearby that "do" the family meal-kids welcome-wooden spoon routine.
if the car park is full, drive on!

4 Sep 2009 16:47

The Poacher, Hurstpierpoint

Agree with everything that jayzcee has said.
Just about the only pub i know round here that you can go in and say "can i have a ham and cheese roll please"
I DONT want a meal and I DONT want crisps.
Well done Poacher - keep it up :)

4 Sep 2009 16:40

The Sportsman, Goddard Green

Open again, and busy as I cycled past last week.

4 Sep 2009 16:38

The Cricketers, Burgess Hill

A few years ago i used to think that the Cricketers was the next candidate for closure in the Hill. But I've changed my mind.
The Cricketers was, is, and always will be a local boozer with local people in it but recently is seems to be busier. I dont go in here often but the beer is always good and there always seems to be some sort of birthday/anniversary party going on in the back bar.
Maybe some people have moved form the Kings Head.

Harry 1234 is right when he says that its difficult to get to the bar sometimes but you could just try saying "excuse me". Drunks fall out of all local pubs from time to time....its just chance!

4 Sep 2009 16:24

The Kings Head, Burgess Hill

The Kings Head has fallen so far in the last four years its difficult to believe. Pre-smoking ban it was always a heaving, hot, well mixed drinking pub with a wide variety of live music.
The current management seemed to have managed a Perfect Storm of a huge drop in numbers, being plain miserable and for some reason most of the decent bands dont go there anymore.
I cant think of a reason to go there, unless you live round the corner. The beer used to be kept ok, but cant speak for it now.
I fear for its future if nothing changes.

4 Sep 2009 16:19

Mooch, Burgess Hill

Good place for a chat or a small group meet.
Pricey drinks.
Better service and atmosphere than Bar Cena but not as good as Quench

4 Sep 2009 16:13

The Railway Hotel, Burgess Hill

The new refurb is fair enough (weird giant benches in the front bar and why has the fireplace been covered over with slices of log?) but I'm not sure that a new focus on food is the answer. This is about as traditional a railway pub as it is possible to get.
There is no garden, only the yard out the side, always full of smokers.

The menu is quite long and I do wonder how a place like the railway can do it justice. If you had a family/work/birthday meal planned, why would you go to the railway? There are plenty of other pubs etc in a 3 mile radius that can provide more in better surroundings.
A more concise and value driven menu may have been a better idea.

A recent attempt has been made to get live music in, which was a good idea to get crowd back in the evening but I understand that a new manager may be appointed and that has been stopped.

I fear the Railway may fall between two stools and end up not satisfying anybody - ie not enough beer drinking and not enough eating. An idiotic situation bearing in mind the location of the place.

4 Sep 2009 16:08

Pulse, Burgess Hill

Nothing been written about this for a while.

The club/lap dancing bar upstairs was demolished ages ago follwoing the fire/ Pulse and the two shops next door are still barricaded off and shut (in a Marie Celeste kind of way!)
I've heard that planning request has been made to rebuild and re-open but nowt has happened - presumably a combination of planning/insurance/raising money.
Not really missed. Other pubs/bars/cafes have taken up the slack but we are rather missing somewhere to go until 3am!

4 Sep 2009 15:58

Jacobs Post, Burgess Hill

At night primarily an under 25's pub - which is fine.
Popular at lunchtime with shoppers/mums etc.

Always get the feeling that this place is slightly undemanned all the time, hence crap beer and stress getting served in the evening. Must be making money at the mo, which not all pubs are. WAKE UP and staff it properly.

4 Sep 2009 15:54

Quench, Burgess Hill

Making a serious attempt to sell real ale (has occasional mini beer festivals) and trying a variety of things to make the bar a success in a town where pubs rule the roost.
Always worth a visit but I tend not to stay there all night as its either packed, or I'm heading elsewhere.
Good effort - keep it up!

4 Sep 2009 15:50

The Junction Inn, Burgess Hill

And is up for sale. Cant see it being rescued.
It could be altered to provide adequate parking but its location (and condition) next to a railway line and 10 mins from the station must make it a candidate for demolition and flats.
I guess the general state of the economy is the only thing thats stopping this from happening. A sad state of affairs. it was a true dump by the time it closed. A classic case of a pub gradually withering away from about 2000 onwards.

4 Sep 2009 15:45

The Watermill Inn, Burgess Hill

As has already been said, the beer is good here but there is something about this pub that makes it appear unfriendly - but its not really.

It seems quiet most of the time and a real locals pub.

Try perservering with it but i only use for a pre/post train pint.

23 Nov 2007 20:34

The Junction Inn, Burgess Hill

Now very grim.
Must be a candidate for the next pub closure in B Hill.

23 Nov 2007 20:30

The Potters, Burgess Hill

Still good, as i have mentioned before.

The recent re-fit took a bit of getting used to and I'm still not sure about it, but its a business and it needs numbers drinking to make money
Its clean, welcoming (and the loos have advanced 40 years in 6 months, hoorah!) and not a chav hole like so many others.

An underused garden which is now in very good shape.

23 Nov 2007 20:16

Prestonville Arms, Brighton

Nightmare! Now a Fullers pub!!
The great Arms picture on the wall outside the pub to be replace by a revolting Fullers plastic logo.
Obviously the beer choice has collapsed as well to just a choice of Fullers.
The food choice has been restricted.
The atmosphere is still good and a great place for a drink but dont these idiots realise this is a locals pub and for people who want to seek it out.
How long will it last like these??

Give me strength!!!!

PS Wasnt run by the people who ran the Basketmakers as well? Why did they sell it off to Fullers?

23 Nov 2007 20:11

The West Quay, Brighton

As someone who works locally I would say the problem is that the Marina has become massivelymore popular all day round in the last 3 years. The West Quay simply cant or wont cope with the numbers.
As a Wetherspoons you get what you expect - but to be fair its a lot better than most Wetherspoons and many similar pubs in town.

11 Jan 2007 02:16

The Snowdrop, Lewes

I agree completley with the last comment. Nuff said!

11 Jan 2007 01:50

The Brewers Arms, Burgess Hill

Against my better judgement I've found myself in here a few times over the last 12 months.
Its still not my cup of tea but beer is well kept the locals are friendly enough (a good variety of folk!) and the garden (victorian walled etc) is a sun trap in the summer.
it doesnt look much from the outside but worth perservering.

11 Jan 2007 01:25

The Caxton Arms, Brighton

great to hear its still good! havent been for over 2 years. Always found it to be local and friendly - and thats difficult to do well.
Use it or lose it.

11 Jan 2007 01:16

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

Bit of a classic tale.....great atmosphere, good food, a bit cramped....and APALLING toilets.
Beer is good, but pub gets very smokey when busy. Roll on the ban!

11 Jan 2007 01:13

The Potters, Burgess Hill

Good news! The loos are a disgrace now. Not sure if the whole pub needs doing up, but doing the toilets might take a month!
Harveys is still well kept and still my pub of choice for a few beers

11 Jan 2007 01:10

The Potters, Burgess Hill

Still doing the business, I am still going there, ale well-kept if thats your thing. Still the best garden in town.

4 Jan 2006 00:56

Bar Cena, Burgess Hill

Its not my cup of tea this place but I have always found it cheerful inside. Feels like it is meant for the under 25's but thats ok.
Dont understand the previous comment. So what if you have a 250000k house. Big deal. If they dont want your sort of footwear, tough. Change the footwear or go somewhere else.

4 Jan 2006 00:52

Quench, Burgess Hill

Jelly bar is now Casbah, and more inviting. Just about room for 35 people now. Very pleasant and good choice of beers etc, although I found the big screen tv a bit intrusive. Does it always need to be on?

4 Jan 2006 00:49

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