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Comments by paul_ove_walldner

Carnarvon Castle, Liverpool

The other reviews give a fair picture of this pub. It's very narrow, but goes back a bit, so it always feels crowded. Unadventurous beer choice at bargain prices, down a side street opposite Marks & Sparks. Closes early evening (7.30 on my last visit). Good place for a shopping pint if you don't fancy The White Star, The Globe or Doctor Duncan's.

28 Dec 2012 10:21

Original Farmers Arms, Eccleston

Promised to be given an unusual pub decoration from its most famous regular, in the line of Phil Thompson leaving The European Cup in his local back in 1981.

17 Dec 2012 11:00

The Inn Beer Shop, Southport

After a sticky start when trade was very slow has evolved into a pub with an off-licence. The off-licence side is just magnificent, I travel from Liverpool to buy my bottled joy here, so tend to buy a lot at once. Very good for American and German beer, good selections of British, Belgian and other Euros, and plenty of oddities. Good selection of glasses and other beer paraphenalia as well.

However, has become a very popular drinking establishment, so it now stays open late for an off-licence (but not pub hours) and is very crowded early evening. As a pub it's expensive, hard to get a table and not exactly a traditional style of venue, so I only recommend drinking there if your preference is for bottled foreign beer (The Guest House and Scarisbrick are short walks away), but as an offy I don't know any better.

14 Dec 2012 11:27

The Brunswick Inn, Derby

Went in on a Sunday for a pie and pint and was told, twice, they don't do food on a Sunday in a manner that indicated it was stupid of us to expect otherwise. Went round the corner to the far superior Alexandra where we seemed to be welcome customers. To the snotty get of a barman in The Brunny, this is my "goodbye" back to you, told you I'd call back, hope my rating lowers the average a tenth.

12 Nov 2012 09:57

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Best pub I've been in in years: Castle Rock and Guest Beers, choice of superb cold Pork and Chicken & Pork pies, railway memorabilia from a wide period (check out the pub clock), rabbit, very friendly barmaid, CAMRA discount. Overwhelmingly more fun than The Brunswick.

12 Nov 2012 09:48

The Nags Head, Bishop's Stortford

Very large food-oriented pub with series of rooms and areas with varied stylish new decor. 3 McMullen's beers, good quality pub food and a waitress who couldn't have tried harder if she owned the place. Very close to the motorway, so an excellent alternative to service stations (see also Blackhorse Inn in Elton nr. Peterborough services). By 2PM on a Friday there wasn't an empty table in the place, so for food seems to be a huge success, but I wonder what the atmosphere's like in the evening.

10 Mar 2012 12:56

The Excelsior, Liverpool

A less beer-driven pub than The Ship next door, with nicer toilets, better food and footy. Large and moderately busy (full during Liverpool or Everton games) with decent beers, but take care when ordering a cask beer, as the pumps are spread over 2 rooms so you need to ask what's available. Pretty large and thoroughly pleasant, if you don't like The Ship or it's full this is the best alternative until you reach The Lion.

17 Jan 2012 15:54

The Caledonia, Liverpool

Four handpumps, wide selection of breweries and good cheap pub food. Made a disgrace of myself while listening to a long set by Marley Chingus (one of the regular Jazz bands) recently but will be going again. Yet another pub for the Catherine Street - Hardman Street crawl, might need to be a 2-night affair at this rate.

17 Jan 2012 15:30

The Crown, Elton

Visited for a lunchtime meal on a Monday. About 3 people in this large pub, but when I ordered I was told it was closed for a private function. Obviously too much effort to put up any notice, and one diner with his pint would clearly have disrupted everything. Go the The Black Horse instead, a fantastic pub where they like customers.

17 Jan 2012 15:22

The Old White Lion Hotel, Haworth

Food very good, and Goose Eye and Osset Beers to give you a break from the Taylor's. Small bar, plenty of other rooms, a very nice pub if you can face the hill to get there.

6 Jun 2011 16:00

Haworth Old Hall, Haworth

Big pub, extensive menu, OK wine list (first 2 choices were off!). 2 guests (1 ran out while I was there, not replaced) and Jennings. Didn't really experience pub side of things as I spent all night in restaurant, but quiz was popular, and unusually wasn't overbearing for rest of pub. If you like large pubs with a trad feel then this is a good choice.

6 Jun 2011 15:55

The Fleece Inn, Haworth

Stayed 4 nights - bed tiny, but great view over valley (not all rooms have a view though). Staff rated very helpful to efficient, breakfast standard quality, evening meals good (lots of competition in this street) but choices limited. Beer excellent (4 Taylor's brews, lots of interesting bottles lagers), seats outside for view, beer garden round back. Very popular with locals who didn't bother me as I didn't bother them. Never felt anything more than a tourist in any pub in town, but enjoyed the beer.

6 Jun 2011 15:50

The Black Bull, Haworth

The micro breweries policy seems history, so it's Taylors or Black Sheep now. Quiet, huge and ordinary, nothing favourable to remember of the 4th best pub in Main Street.

6 Jun 2011 15:40

The Lord Rodney, Keighley

Popped in for a pint, snack and a chance to sit in the sun after being advised this was the best chance of all 3 by helpful staff in The Gatehouse nearby. Lot of effort spent on making it different to the standard locals in the area, very nice appearance, proper beers and good food. Wouldn't make it my local, but exactly what was wanted at the time.

6 Jun 2011 15:36

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Well this one does seem to draw the comments in, doesn't it. There's a huge number of Liverpool pubs with more interesting interiors, and nicer toilets are avalable elsewhere Yes, the Gents is cramped and not salubrious, the interior is a bit spartan (Swiss chalet timbering), but it's comfortable and lit well enough to read without being floodlit, and it's neither dirty or smelly. The reason to come here is repeatedly mentioned in the other reviews, and it's usually excellent thanks to the high turnover. Also one of the cheaper pints in the Dale Street/Tithebarn Street area.

18 Jan 2011 14:06

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Sean and Michael have taken over the pub since my comments January 2010. Thankfully they've changed little, but the beer selection is now as adventurous as most freehouses (it's Punch owned), while the decor and atmosphere is a delight. Quiet weekend afternoons (except whem CAMRA coach groups arrive), mix of quick drink after work and locals (some travelling a long way to be here!) weekday evenings. Footy on TV a new addition.

18 Jan 2011 13:48

The Grapes, Liverpool

Herd to find - Roscoe Street extends both ways off Hardman Street - but worth it. Sunday night Latin Jazz from 9PM is very popular, beer has improved from Cains & Deuchars (always running out) to a proper range.

18 Jan 2011 13:38

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Currently the best pub in Liverpool (mine and the CAMRA branches opinion), with 4 guests (one dark) and Cains' range (as it is) and good range of bottled beer. Beer quality is always superb, and I can't remember not enjoying a pint there in years. Small/medium pub with several TVs showing footy (including the games that shouldn't be on telly), scally-free atmosphere. Good shopping pub but no food. By the bombed-out church.

18 Jan 2011 13:33

Atrium, Liverpool

Closed about 4 years ago, currently an office. Try The Lion opposite.

18 Jan 2011 13:21

Stamps Too, Liverpool

Long narrow pub near Waterloo Station, live music a feature. At least 5 real ales, usually local and small breweries, excellent quality. Can be very busy at peak times.

18 Jan 2011 13:19

Stamps Bistro, Crosby

Usually 4 beers available at this free house, with Southport and Liverpool Organic popular as well as small to medium breweries. Extensive food range, quiet during day. Note that the review by LittleFamily Fish was on Easter Sunday, so is probably a fair review of what it's like on one of the busiest days of the year.

18 Jan 2011 13:17

The Black Horse, Elton

Fantastic stopping place on A1 (about 1 mile from Peterborough services), high quality chicken and leek pie big enough to feed a regiment. Oakham, Ufford and other beers, exceptionally friendly and chatty landlord and staff. Not in GBG because of personal issue with local CAMRA chairman (they should be ashamed). My best new pub for 2010.

18 Jan 2011 13:11

The Freshfield Hotel, Formby

Large pub with single room that benfs aroud the building, huge choice of excellent beers (and Greene King) with Titanic Mild a house beer. Full every evening, can be difficult to find - 5 minutes walk from station, or if driving turn off Formby Road at the BP garage.
In a very affluent area (Gerrard lives up the road) so good enough for pub haters like mrBean to stoop themselves to visit (loud swearing?). Comments in other reviews about the staff are fair - most are efficient and impersonal, none are useless. But if you were a regular in a pub you'd expect recognition and possibly conversation from the staff, so you must expect a degree of indifference when you visit other places - this is not an unfriendly pub.

29 Jan 2010 14:27

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Not noticed the Gent's smell in the pub, and 2.70 is similar to other good pubs in Liverpool (you can get cheaper if you want to drink rubbish in a dump or a Weatherspoon's barn with their legendary atmosphere), so disagree with Grizzlygus completely. 7 hand pump beers and a draught cider, great Scotch range (fancy a 50-year old?), a tourist attraction for its interior (CAMRA historic pubs guide cover star). Busy 5-7 on Friday with office drinkers, and Friday and Saturdays with pre-club drinkers (opposite Moorfields Station), occupation levels vary wildly at other times. 6 inch pok pies a meal in themselves, Dylan society, book clubs, board games club (personal interest declaration) all meet here. My local, and there's plenty of competition in the area.

29 Jan 2010 14:14

Belvedere, Liverpool

Anyone attending a Phil concert who wants a half-time pint should try this (after letting the brass section get their beers in). Charming but secluded (just off Hope Street), with outdoor drinking thats not on a main road or next to the bins (rare in Liverpool) it's a local sited at the point where Liverpool changes from shops and student bars to houses, and had a local atmosphere. Given the pride that John O'Dowd shows in The Lion, he'll be spending a lot of time working on the tatty interior, although the 4 handpumps and proper European lagers on draught and bottles remain. The Peter Kavanagh - Belvedere - Phil - Fly - Dispensary - Swan is one of the best and most varied pub crawls you'll get, and is nicely downhil after The Phil.

29 Jan 2010 14:02

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

Carlurmston's comments are an excellent summary of this unique establishment. I add that the juke box is NOT heavy metal, or are The Ramones, Dead Kennedys and Bob Dylan part of that genre? It's a rock juke box, and what you get to hear depends on who's been putting the money in. Unfortunately, as downstairs is a single room it's not the ideal place for conversation - it's possible at the window end with raised voices, but if that's what you want there's better places neaby. Sadly, beer quality has slipped over the last few years, and despite the excellent range, great staff and lively atmosphere this is a problem for me. Also worth a visit to see the exotic bikes usually parked outside, as no proper biker would leave Liverpool without visiting.

29 Jan 2010 13:50

The Dispensary, Liverpool

The best place to watch football in Liverpool - multiple TVs, multiple tuners to avoid fixture clash problems, 3PM Saturday games, good atmosphere without the prat/scally problems many others suffer. Beer is excellent - Cains owned pub (previous reviewers please note) so most of their range with 4 guests, one a dark such as Sarah Hughes Dark Ruby or Hawkshead Stout and some good bottled beers and Weston's Cider. Wood panelling and glass give an excellent mini-gin palace effext, busy most evenings but a quiet place for a shopping pint on footy-free days. Dave the manager can be a bit grumpy, don't tell him you think Benitez is doing well for a start.

29 Jan 2010 13:39

Baron's Bar, Southport

Excellent beer range (Moorhouse Black Cat and umpteen guests), bizarre Baronial Hall decor, elderly and genteel customers. Full but tables available in evenings, entrance through front of Scarisbrick Hotel. A must try pub, but do not bother with the other bars in the hotel.

29 Jan 2010 13:24

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