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The Wheatsheaf Inn, Whitbourne

Really pleased to hear that you intend to open the Wheatsheaf. The area is loosing to many pubs. I wish you and yours the very best for the future.

17 Oct 2009 14:10

William Walker, Winchester

Has anyone tried the beer at this establishment?

15 Oct 2009 11:00

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

First I would like to say this is an excellent , if pricey, pub in Portishead and probably shares with The Windmill for the best position and views.

So why does the landlady think she needs to " Big Up" this already good pub in such a blatant way with her amateurish food writer reviews. Hoping to fool us? Why ? Myself and a lot of people already return often enough because we like the place and the staff we come into contact with. I will continue to do so, one silly woman will not spoil my enjoyment of the place.

6 Oct 2009 16:06

Postal Order, Worcester

A standard spoons with the bar as one large and one smaller room. Family dining area at the far end. The couple of times I have visited it always appeared busy and the beer has always been good. Not sure of its night time reputation as I prefer Worcester during the day. With the bar on one level and easily accessible disabled toilet its fine for wheelchair users.

15 Sep 2009 09:21

The Seven Springs, Seven Springs

A Greene King Hungry Horse pub which cannot be to bad because its always packed when I visit. As a result I treat the place as a quick drink and a toilet stop. The split level layout is not really disabled friendly. IPA is normaly on offer so I settle for half a lager.I have no reason to go out of my way to visit the place, but no reason to berate it either

14 Sep 2009 21:31

The Firefly, Bourne End

We visited about lunch time and the pub had two customers.The lady behind the bar was polite but made no effort at conversation. The pub cat took more interest. I think the beer was Spitfire which was OK. A quick pint and we were on our way. It could be a well loved local but did not care to extend that feeling to strangers.

14 Sep 2009 21:07

The Three Guineas, Reading

Mine was a short visit, sat outside in the large forecourt area in the afternoon sun while waiting for a friend to emerge from the adjacent railway station entrance on the left ,the bus staion and taxis are on the right.Handy for the traveller, the pub has plenty of coming and going.The building has been described well enough in previous posts ,nothing has changed. I had time for two quick pints of ale in which I found no problem. The barman was polite and civil which is all I ask in a busy town centre pub. Its better than a lot of "transit" bars and the empties were cleared away pretty quickly.

14 Sep 2009 20:50

The Longbridge Mill, Hook

Big old rambling place in a country setting, has the longest drive of any pub I have previously visited. A Vintage Inn it had three ales on but I was dining so I had to pass. Extensive menu, we picked the 2 course for £12 and found it excellent.
I would describe this place as more a country house restuarant than a pub and I should imagine it is a popular place to hold "functions".
Pleasant staff, very good food at reasonable prices and decently priced wine . I recomend this place for a romantic meal out with someone special rather than a pub crawl with the lads.

14 Sep 2009 18:54

The Swan, Newbury

A large pub/ eatery of the Sizzler brand. Good sized car park was almost full on our visit which I thought boded well. The staff were friendly and quick about their duties. No real ale but plenty of beer/lager of the kegtype which was pleasant enough. Sizzler pubs often fail on the food front. In this instance my chicken was OK but my mrs bird was well overdone. Neither tasted of whatever flavour we had chosen. Plenty of people of all ages eating here, no cries of outrage, so it cannot be to bad.

13 Sep 2009 10:10

The Waterside Inn, Leamington Spa

Next door to MacDonalds says it all really. Its a fast food outlet of the Sizzler brand. The bottle of house red is not recommended. Lots of young families. Did not stay long enough to try any beer or food.

12 Sep 2009 09:42

The Moorings, Leamington Spa

Sorry to say my pint of Bombardier was on the turn, must have been a bad day.
Having said that though the place ain't so bad. It looks like a new build out of old bricks nicely situated by a canal with passing barges and dog walkers. The nearby road bridge and rap from the speakers compete as to what is most intrusive. The interior is on two levels with a disabled lift provided , Radar toilet next to the front entrance.
Three real ale pumps and a good selection of global lagers.Food looked OK and the diners left very little. Mid /late twenties seemed to be the age range of the mjority.

12 Sep 2009 09:18

The Air Balloon Inn, Birdlip

I visit this pub whenever in the area. It has not changed much over the past twenty years. Never found the beer to be anything special but drinkable. The food has aways been expensive but on my last visit a sub £10 two course menu had been added. It is a nice old building sensitively extended but situated on a very busy road island at the top of a steep hill. The gardens are fine if you like watching HGVs struggle but a bit noisy and fumey for my taste.
Being a lover of fine sausages I to mourn their passing. Perhaps the fact that this pub has so much passing trade gives it the impersonal feel about it, bit like a motorway services but of better class and quality
A bottle of red wine normaly available in GK pubs for £5.99 will set you back £12.99 here without waiter service.

11 Sep 2009 08:30

Old Gaol House, Winchester

Visited mid week afternoon and found it not to busy. Plenty of good ale, afew pints of which was most welcome after climbing High Street, followed by a couple of single malts that 'spoons have on offer.
The interior is low ceilinged and a comfotable place to be, The older customers were hardly riff raff judging by their dress and discourse. More like Telegraph/ Times / Guadian types

10 Sep 2009 12:15

O'Neills, Winchester

At the top of a long hill in the town center. After pushing a w/chair all that way a larger was welcome no real ale. A dark perhaps depressing interior, not one of my favourites. If you use O'Niells then this as per usual, nothing special.

10 Sep 2009 12:03

The Toby Carvery, Lower Earley

After traipsing around Asda this was a treat. Typical Toby so the foods OK. Only saw keg so being hot and bothered I seetled for a lager.
With Tobys menu change at 7pm I see a lot of customers ,who after being asked to wait while a few bowls of food are changed, prefer to leave. This is usually because the early cheaper menu customers have grabbed all the seats. I prefer the early price myself and consider the new menu overpriced when you consider the bulk buying power of theses people.

10 Sep 2009 11:36

The Orange House, Reading

Still appears to be closed.

10 Sep 2009 10:58

O'Neills, Reading

Visited for a late lunch mid week. Pretty quiet with a steady trickle of customers. Plenty of keg but no ale, settled for a cheap bottle of red wine and a daytime special of sausage and colcannon. The bangers are definitely the best in main street pubs at the moment.
A pretty average place with better clients than the Monks Retreat across the way.

10 Sep 2009 10:56

Nags Head, Reading

The terrible weather played havoc with my pub visits in Reading but one place I would not miss was the Nags Head. What a friendly lot of locals, you must remember me I ran my mrs whellchair over a few toes on the way out. Great beers , to many to remember. Fantastic pies. This is the way I remember pubs of days gone by. Plain and simple places, no carpet or fancy furnishings. Yes I am waxing lyrical but so have many others in the past and will do in the future.
Thanks to everyone in the Nags Head for making our visit a pleasant and memorable one. I will, nay must , return.

10 Sep 2009 10:42

The Monks Retreat, Reading

The beers OK and the prices are right. After that ideas on the place may differ.The front outside is full the lower life whose language and behaviour can be intimidating but just choose to ignore it. It has the most easily accessible disabled toilet in Reading which meant we came here often and were treated in a friendly manner. The food was disappointing but there are plenty of places to eat in Reading.
A great place to people watch, the antics of the inebriated locals are occasionally hilarious. If you are a bit more fussy a short walk will take you take you to some much better choices.

10 Sep 2009 10:26

The Hope Tap, Reading

Of the two W'spoons I visited in Reading , the other being the Monks Retreat, this is by far the better. A roomy bar area,wide and deep did not give the impression of being overcrowded on a busy Saturday afternoon. The ale was fine and the food was OK served quickly. Bar service as usual for 'spoons was slow due to few bar staff. The customers did not appear to be any differant to most spoons I visit ,a mix of all ages.
Next morning I called in for the farmhouse breakfast and a read of the Sunday papers. The food was a poor effort. Everthing had the look of being done past its best. I was realy looking forward to that breakfast,MacD could have done better.

10 Sep 2009 09:52

The Alehouse, Reading

A sudden downpour forced me seek shelter here, together with what appeared to be half the population of Reading. Sadly left before I could get a drink. I will definitely return on a less busy day

10 Sep 2009 09:34

The Gateway, Reading

Visited this pub at a quiet time, only three other drinkers, so the place appeared even larger inside.The London Pride was OK no other choice but keg. Not the worst pub in Reading by far, but if you like sports maybe it could be your sort of place

10 Sep 2009 09:23

George and Dragon, Reading

Straight forward well run GK pub . Only Speckled Hen on tap when I visited for an evening meal. Plain meal well cooked at a cheap price. The staff were friendly and on the ball and locals well behaved.
All told , a pleasant but ordinary stop, but that in itself is sometimes all you need.

10 Sep 2009 09:11

The Kings Head, Shrewsbury

The photo image 1 is of The Crown, Abbey Foregate, Shrewsbury.

Photo Image 2 is of The Kings Head, Mardol, Shrewsbury.

Archivist is correct about the interior, it was "modernised in the late !960s, although I prefer the term " corporate vandalism ". I have not visited it for many years simply because the exterior promises so much but on entering it is such a disappointment.

21 Aug 2009 23:10

The George Hotel, Bewdley

Visited this Wetherspoons pub on a Thursday, once in the afternoon then early evening for a meal. The wood panelled bar area stretches quite a long way back and was busy in the afternoon with all ages eating and drinking. I found the young staff more interested in acting silly amongst themselves than serving customers.. Four real ale pumps,with three in action and one settling. The Pedigree tasted good and refreshing.
Returned in the evening for Curry Night. The place quickly became filled with all types and ages and curry of all types was flying out the kitchen door and very good it was.
The difference in staff was amazing. This lot kept themselves busy attending to customers. Tables were cleared faster than at any other Spoons I have been in .The age of the place and number of tables gives it a cramped feeling and probably some customers were disappointed in not getting a seat.
A good effort but if you want to eat get there early.

21 Aug 2009 10:50

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Another blogger with nothing to say but collect virtual mates by making piontless comments .If you want burgers go to to Ronalds Place.Thank god for reviewers like John Bonswer.

26 Jul 2009 07:30

The Holly Tree, Bromyard

This pub is once again closed and boarded up.

23 Jul 2009 07:20

The Three Tuns, Bishops Castle

Jules ,I have read your other reviews on Bishop castle pubs. Must admire your staying power. The last time I visited the Three Tuns ( after a visit to the Bishops Castle Hotel ) my legs had ideas of their own. Thankfully my hotel was close by. Nice to know the place has not changed to much.

14 Jul 2009 11:33

[email protected] Street,cafe,restuarant and bar, Bromyard

Now renamed " [email protected] Street,cafe,restuarant and bar". not been in yet. Appears they have gone for a stylish modern look for a more upmarket clientelle.

8 Jul 2009 10:28

The Iford Bridge, Christchurch

What was to be a meal stop became quick drink stop.The half pint of ale was alright. The "Out of Order" sign on the disabled lift meant we could not dine. Appeared to be a standard 2 for 1 pub with the black and yellow menu. I use so many of these I can recite usual menu and this pub had a smaller than normal specials board.

30 Jun 2009 02:25

Ship Inn, Langstone

About time for a new review. Beautiful over the water views,outside seating and plenty of parking.The cheaper meals are not that special but go for the pricier fish dishes.Local whole Plaice was a treat. Four ales on pump very well kept and the bar staff polite and chatty. Customers appear the better off type. The odd all-terrain pushchair but not chavs by any means.I think its the best pub I have been in for a long time.

29 Jun 2009 15:43

The Sandpiper, Mudeford

Big Greene King pub similar to Hungy Horse but smaller menue. GK ales on pump.The Speckled Hen was fine.Dont bother ordering wine . The Santa Catalina Merlot is £5.99 at every GK pub I have visited. Why should The Sand piper ask £13.99 for the same cheap plonk. They lost that sale.
The pub was packed for the Lions/SA match but almost everyone left when the game ended. It felt quite lonely sat on our own so we moved on .

29 Jun 2009 14:43

The Crown, Cirencester

Surprised no other reviews. Barn of a pub , wood floors ,tables, benches and forms. Directors Bitter £2.95 not good.Bath Gem £3.10 not good. Premium Lager 1660 £3.50. By now heading for exit. It had the feel of a student pub but the prices were way over the top. If you are in a wheel chair forget it this place.

29 Jun 2009 11:45

The Black Horse, Cirencester

Pleasant pub with Pedigree on pump. The bar is U shaped and quite large.Enough locals to make evesdropping interesting. Small smoking area at the back. The food was standard, it filled a hole at a reasonable price, what more can you want.

29 Jun 2009 11:36

The Smugglers, Milford on Sea

Very busy pub aimed at the tourist trade but none the worse for it .The service was quick and efficient rather than olde worlde welcome but they were very busy. The food was pricey, as to be expected, but far better than chain pub offerings. Four real ales on offer. The Doombar was OK without being great.
Wheel chair access is not good and the parking crowded but its worth a visit if on holiday.

29 Jun 2009 11:20

The Cocked Hat, Gosport

From the outside not a pretty place to look at .Square, fifties styling and lurid paint work this 2 for 1 pub is a bit off putting. However once inside you find a nice place to sit and have a drink or a cheap bite to eat.
Be wary lovers of ale. Without my glasses I could see the Speckled Hen and ordered a pint. It proved to be the Smooth Flow variety. Better than some but no taste like the real thing.
It is a local serving its community but not worth a special journey.

29 Jun 2009 10:49

The East End Arms, East End

Its an old fashioned pub, a small bar with a larger dining area and a pleasant garden area. The bar had seven people in it all good natured and they made room for me to order at the bar no problem. Ringwood 49er and Bitter were on offer and tasted good.
Its isolated position means car parking can be a problem. Considering where it is I am surprised it is not aimed more at the tourist.

29 Jun 2009 10:34

The Big Cheese, Bitterne

Another GK Hungry Horse. Packed solid on a warm Saturday evening. Sold out of real ale so drank lager. Good bar staff but the serving staff could try harder. Why clear a table but not clean it ? The Balti lamb meat balls were a disapointment ,overdone but we struggled on as it was late in the evening. Unless you are a local or, like us , lost I doubt you would ever have need to visit this place. Still its a popular place so perhaps we came on the wrong day.

29 Jun 2009 10:22

The Still and West, Portsmouth

Across the road from the Spice Island pub this has the same great views and the same sort of customers, tourists like me. A pint of bitter tasted fine but I had already eaten at the Spice Island. ( If you order meat esp. burgers or chicken ALWAYS cut it through before eating. This goes for any establishment.)
If in Portsmouth a visit to either of these adjacent pubs is a must.

29 Jun 2009 09:59

The Spice Island Inn, Portsmouth

A sunny day , sat outside eating fish and chips, drinking Speckled hen and watching the ships go past. Fantastic. Yes it has to be a tourist trap situated where it is. One small worry ,there appears to be imminent building of high rise residential units nearby.They could curtail the view to the righthand side.

29 Jun 2009 09:46

The Farmhouse, Portsmouth

This is a GK Hungry Horse attached to a motel. Large bar and eating area well staffed. Only a 20 minute wait for food despite two coach parties in private dining rooms and a full bar area.GK IPA, Abbot and Speckled Hen on pumps. The 'Hen was fine as was the food. Plenty of families eating, its not your old fashioned pub but fits the bill for many people. It also has a large car park and is on one level throughout and so ideal for wheelchairs.

29 Jun 2009 09:13

The Exchange, Worcester

Street corner pub with victorian tiled exterior and a groundfloor bar. No real ale to be seen . Seems most of the daytime drinkers, good natured blokes, prefered lager while watching the horse racing on the screens

21 Jun 2009 10:10

The Cardinals Hat, Worcester

If you are a fan of continental beers I can think of no better place to be . Expensive but Loadsamoney, the stepson, was buying. Beers of whatever sort seem to taste better on their home ground but that is my personal opinion.
The lager selection could have you singing a medley from the Sound of Music or may be a yodel as you pay your round.

21 Jun 2009 09:54

The Cap 'n' Gown, Worcester

Disregard the below review it was meant for the Cardinals Hat. The hand writing is pretty awful after a few pints.

21 Jun 2009 09:40

The Cap 'n' Gown, Worcester

Reports of a management change together with a different target consumer. This place is now big on continental largers of all types.It all adds to the variety found amongst Worcester pubs.

21 Jun 2009 09:36

[email protected] Street,cafe,restuarant and bar, Bromyard

Big redecoration inside and out now going on.Bar etc. still in place. Hopefully the closure is only temporary

7 Jun 2009 08:13

Horn and Trumpet, Worcester

Quite surprised to see a choice of real ale pumps in a pub more known for selling lager and bottles.
Pedigree, Banks Bitter and Mild and Ringwood plus another out of my sight line. House wine at £4.95 a bottle. Still does cheap food from the Marstons menu.
Apologies again to the chap on the barstool which I clipped with the wheelchair.Until then he'd had quiet afternoon . A city pub ok for a drink and a bite.

6 Jun 2009 13:02

[email protected] Street,cafe,restuarant and bar, Bromyard

Word amongst the locals is that TC's is now closed. I have not seen it open for over a month.

26 May 2009 22:35

The Royal Oak, Bromyard

Bank Holiday Sunday and the sun is scorching your eyeballs out. The pub grounds are full to capacity.Everyone expects a nice afternoon. Wrong. This pub closed at 3pm. There appears to be at least one licencee who does not need the money. At least the beer is still good but so it was at the next more welcoming place we visited.

25 May 2009 07:13

Bridge Inn, Worcester

The For sale signs have gone and is now open once more.

25 May 2009 06:51

The Gun Barrels, Selly Oak

Fully agree with previous poster. Visited while waiting to pick a friend from the nearby Hospital. I was the oldest person in the bar by 30 yrs. No beer on only lager and that was expensive for the area. Music to loud for BOFs.
I dont wish to knock it because this venue is aimed at and used by young students. It is their place and I admit that for time it takes to drink a pint of lager I was out of my element.

Ps..Did not try the flavour enhancing trick with the ketchup.

19 May 2009 11:52

The Talbot, Knightwick

Surprised the last review was a year ago. Thankfully nothing has changed. A country pub / restaurant / hotel . Great food and great beer and country pursuits on the doorstep. Can be a bit "cliquey" but not unfriendly. Not cheap but you pay for what you get and I have never been disappointed .Plenty of outdoor space with lovely views. Hint.. take a walk over the pedestrian river bridge and you will find one of the best traditional butchers around. No factory made stuff here and dont forget the farmers market.After all that sit down and enjoy a pint of This, That or Tother.

9 May 2009 08:06

The Raven Inn, Claines

Revisited because a friend said things had improved.Good carvery which can be had from £3.25, daytime Mon-Fri. extensive specials board from £7 plus.
Three hand pumps were Banks Bitter, Sadlers Worcester Sauce,Adnams Bitter. Good to see a collection of locals using the bar area as their pub. Not overfull on a Friday evening but good mix of adults . Young team giving friendly chatty service. Worth an improved rating definitely.

9 May 2009 07:32

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

By the way . Do the drunks still put a parking cone on Queen Victoria's head every weekend.?

8 May 2009 02:07

The Duke of Wellington, Minehead

Previously visited this in the !970/80s.Then a traditional hotel that regularly bankrupted its owners. Time moves on and the alterations reflect this . A very good spoons. Only a fleeting visit but the pint of beer tasted good. Must return soon. If BobOs rates it then I will take a couple of days over it.

8 May 2009 02:00

Bridge Inn, Worcester

This pub has sadly been closed for some time.

28 Apr 2009 19:01

The Portobello, Worcester

Local pub in a residential area.No real ale on my visit.Dated looking place,wellused by the locals but not worth visiting especially for any particular reason.

27 Apr 2009 16:05

The Clarence Pier Southsea, Southsea

Stayed at the Premier Inn next door for a couple of nights and more out of idleness visited the bar and restaurant. Me and the mrs enjoyed sitting in the bar watching the ships and yachts passing by while drinking a bottle of wine .Very relaxing.The food was ok for this sort of place and not expensive.Only Ringwood Bitter but that ranout whilst my pint was being poured. Extremely popular by reason of its position but its not a place for a real ale fan.

26 Apr 2009 17:21

Seagull, Portchester

Very big Greene King pub with separate bar from the lounge /diner.The food we had was ok but same old menu. Ale on pump wasGK IPA and Speckled Hen which was very good.Pleasant staff ,clean and tidy. I would say a popular local.

26 Apr 2009 11:22

The Southdowns, Bognor Regis

Situated on a very busy traffic island you can sit outside and admire the traffic jams. Tuesday evening,very busy with diners of all ages families and couples.. It is part of the "Sizzler" chain of pubs so I was surprised to find Tim Taylor Landlord, Wells Bombardier and London Pride on pumps. Lager seemed to be the biggest seller consumed by the window fitters whose vans blocked up the carpark.Catch it at a quieter time and it might give a better impression.

26 Apr 2009 11:05

The Saltdean Tavern, Saltdean

The previous reviewer, Plumpudding, describes it beautifully. The carvery IS cheap and very good. The lager choice better than the beer, and the wine is a better choice.The place on a Thursday late afternoon was heaving with extended families and crumblies ( like me and the mrs). No Style, Cheap and Cheerfull but dammit it works a treat.

26 Apr 2009 10:47

The Royal Coach, Shoreham by Sea

Just to showhow a pub can give different impressions. As strangers to the area my wife and I ( in our sixties) visited on a sunny Thursday afternoon. Greeted by the landlord I found the bar to be occupied by six polite but reserved middle aged regulars. A golden labrador and an old black greyhound or lurcher gave a warmer welcome.Plenty of "Food and a Pint for a fiver " offers and a good menu.Ales on offer were HSB,Wells Bombardier,Sussex Summer Harvest. We felt at ease sat out side admiring the view of Lancing College and Shoreham Airfield. No flower baskets were to be seen and this would have brightened up the carpark. Sadly drug use is common these days and unless the customers are dangerous I tend to ignore it. ( Our CSPO was sacked for dealing . Why when he knew all the users?)
If in the area I would visit again but would also bear in mind Dippergt750 comments.

26 Apr 2009 10:30

The Cowherds Inn, Southampton

Large Pub/Restaurant which although situated back from busy road is set in woodland with a large green common. Watchout for the cycleway as you enter the car park. Picturesque setting with old fashioned ,low ceilinged, beamed interior. T Taylors Landlord and Ringway Bitter were on pump.More choice would have made this place near perfect. Food menu looked reasonably priced. Well worth a visit on a sunny afternoon,but I think a lot of other people will have the same idea

26 Apr 2009 09:28

The Bystander, Wootton

A Greene King Hungry Horse that looks down at heel, hopefully due for a refurb. Plenty of people eating and drinking served by a mostly young and friendly team.The ale on pumps were Moreland Bitter and GK IPA. The food appeared to be hit and miss.My chicken/cheese/ bacon roll was fine but the mrs was not happy with baked potato and prawns. I have had better chips but also a lot worse.A little more training/direction could turn this from avg to very good.

26 Apr 2009 08:59

Ock Mill, Abingdon

Beefeater attatched to a Premier Inn. Visited on a Saturday at 1pm , not overly crowded but most people eating.Ales on pumps were Brains Bitter, Adnams Bitter and St Austells Tribute. I noticed a tendancy to short measure by one barman when rushed.Despite the old exterior its a modern, comfortable place. Abingdon has better to offer the real ale drinker but you will have to visit the town centre for that.For an overnight stop this fits the bill.

26 Apr 2009 08:36

The Blackpole Inn, Worcester

I see this pub now has two guest ales plus the Bass , sparklers are still to tight.
The new menu looks ok ( the pies and chips were fine). Now regained its place as a popular place to eat and drink. An alright local pub.

12 Apr 2009 10:00

The Beachcomber Inn, Burnham on Sea

Very busy at the high season.Miss the meatimes and you may get a seat. Only keg ales when I visited but it slaked the thirst just fine.Cafe style food with its own severy, big club room adjacent to bar,decor is 1970s caravan club house.

8 Apr 2009 14:33

The White Hart, Weston in Gordano

Still has the Butcombe Bitter, dining area at the rear but old fashioned bar area (1970's). If you fancy a pint OK but it dont bowl me over.

8 Apr 2009 14:20

Plough Inn, Portishead

Just opposite the Poachers but have not visited.Always seen a crowd of football shirts on weekend. Perhaps this is the Limited Clientelle that james 55 refers to .In fairness I will not rate it.

8 Apr 2009 14:11

The White Lion, Portishead

The pubs in Portishead appear to cater to strictly different social levels.The big car park beckons you in but only once.Not my sort of place and doubt if its yours.

8 Apr 2009 14:01

The Poacher, Portishead

Certainly they don't dance on the tables here and yes the clients are middle age plus but is that a bad thing.?.When I have visited someone has always said hello or at least a nod. No cheap beers or wines but always found them first class.An old fashioned place for slower pace of life.Pleasant beer garden and its own large car park within the town area. I dont see the disaster bit.

8 Apr 2009 13:47

The Royal Hotel, Portishead

Have visited this pub over the years and seen it improve to what it is today.The modern marina developments have seen the clientel and the menu change with increase in prices. The gardens have great views over the Severn Estuary to Wales.Very busy on a sunny afternoon lucky to find a place to sit. Choice of ales and lagers well kept. My favourite in Portishead but I am a tourist.( The Gents Toilet is at the top of the building ,a long long climb).

8 Apr 2009 13:34

William Shenstone, Halesowen

Visited at 5pm, Thursday, curry club night.Very busy filled with all ages as is usual for the Wetherspoons I visit. Unusualy it had four staff behind the bar and still appeared overwhelmed. The price of being popular I suppose.
Good range of ales Pedigree,Ruddles Best , Grifter?,Darkstar and more on tap.
Wafflingdwarf describes this pub / women/ position very well and Halesowen itself seems to be undergoing a scubb up. Its a capable ,small town Wetherspoons and nothing wrong in that.
Note ..If you have need of the Disabled Toilet be very carefull when exiting. You may collide with a waiter carrying hot food from the Kitchen next door. We saw some close calls during our stay

3 Apr 2009 10:43

The Acorn, Bicester

Only just noticed the date I submitted the review. This is not intended as a joke, unfortunate date to do a review. Sorry about that.

2 Apr 2009 02:32

The Acorn, Bicester

Visited specially with four pensioner friends, bemused to be driven almost 70 miles for a Hungry Horse meal. Still ,the idiot driving was paying why should they worry.They ate their way through a three course meal and drank two bottles of wine and finished with coffee. No complaints whatsoever as they burped and f****d back to the aged person accommodation. Never having been to a Hungry Horse before they were pleased enough to want to go again.
I agree with everything they say.
I no longer have any issues with The Acorn.The work of the management has worked wonders on the food front.
It is a Hungry Horse a brand which some people may denigrate for their own reasons but I like good ones and this one has the makings. Good look to everyone and thank you for proving me wrong. ......bee578.

1 Apr 2009 17:45

The Acorn, Bicester

Sorry I missed sharris, I called in for a drink on Friday lunch time which I often do when in the area. Read my comments and you will find I have no issue with bar staff ( friendly) or drinks quality (bloody expensive though).Some one else was paying. I visit Hungry Horse all over the midlands some good, some not so good. I live near two really good ones where I eat regularly and take friends and family.
Hopefully the guiding hand of new_management and the awaited refurbishment will raise the Acorn out of the bottom sector but please sort the food quality out.
You mentioned the Bure Farm, a place I eat at when in Bicester and have never waited more than 30 minutes for a plateful of enjoyable food. It being Marstons the menu and drink available would be different.
Again I wish you all the best in raising the standards. I visit about every three weeks so I am aware of changes. ( 30 extra covers? bang goes the car park).
p.s. I cannot speak for snert though.

23 Mar 2009 09:21

Loom and Shuttle, Kidderminster

Now has a three roast carvery all week and still has Banks Bitter which tasted just OK. Not a lot of choice in this area, a taxi or bus ride will get you better.

20 Mar 2009 14:29

Park Gate Inn, Kidderminster

Marstons 2 for 1 pub restuarant. Clean and pleasant place for a meal for two or more. Popular with families, outside play area close to busy main road but country views all around.Bar staff are young but attentive.
Real ale was Pedigree, Banks Bitter and Original which tasted fine. John Smiths smoothe and a good choice of lagers also available.Good example of this type of pub.

20 Mar 2009 09:52

The Grandstand, Hereford

I have used this pub since it was built, long before it was the Grandstand and a Hungry Horse. ( In those days to call it rough would have been an understatement). Today its a Green King Hungry Horse with all types of diners and a core of civiilised locals in the bar /poolroom. Recently redecorated and the food has improved. I have never found the staff dull.I was cocerned that on my last visit no real ale was available ( normaly IPA and Abbot.
Obviously not to Unlucky_Kentucky95 taste so he/she really should stay at Watercress Harrys or what ever they call that teeny spot these days..
No rating given as I have previously revued /rated this pub.

15 Mar 2009 09:54

The Courtyard, Worcester

Walked past this place yesterday and noticed the Pitcher&Piano sign gone and a new one saying " Courtyard " in its place.Have not been in yet so cannot rate it.

7 Mar 2009 15:46

Eagle Vaults, Worcester

Visited this pub at 1pm on a Wednesday .Just 4 customers who did not stay.Both doors in the bar wide open causing an arctic blast. This Marstons pub after a lengthy closure and refit ,that looks incredible cheap and nasty, is up for let.
Banks Bitter and Pedigree on tap.This traditional small pub needs a licencee to inject some character into it, and as a pub it deserves to survive.

26 Feb 2009 09:18

The Fox Inn, Bransford

Visited at 6.30pm on a Monday evening, perhaps not the best of times. Big gastro pub with 6 eating. The menu and wines are pricey without being expensive ( half lobster& 4oz steak £17.50 dearest.) Hobsons, Abbot and one guest on tap. Staroprom and Leffe also available. One barman not exactly chatty but did the job.Left feeling disapointed somehow.

24 Feb 2009 01:38

The Acorn, Bicester

The last post is laughable. So obviously written by the management. Its a Hungry Horse serving fling and ping food with more lager than beer. The pool table has merely cutdown on the seating area. Visited by thirsty (tea & coffe please) shoppers who are hardly locals or regulars. Beers IPA by Greene King . Better pubs nearby, try it yourself and see why everyone thinks as they do.

21 Feb 2009 16:52

Harvester (Derby Pool), Wallasey

SPARKLEY... Google Harvester , you will find a contact form on their site. Best of luck.

19 Feb 2009 20:48

Ocean Park, Cardiff

The Premier Inn next door can be popular with Clubbers on a weekend but few use this bog standard Brewers Fayre. No nearby pubs in a desert of office blocks and ring roads. Its OK for a quick drink but I would get a taxi and go somewhere better.

18 Feb 2009 14:59

The Great Western, Cardiff

Staying at the Travelodge on a weekend wanted somewhere close for an evening drink. St. Marys Street Cardiff can be a bit scary at night on a Fri/Sat night. For a Lloyds bar this was quite civilised, and we spent a pleasent evening after a meal elsewhere.Beer and wine OK. Would visit again.

18 Feb 2009 14:36

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

Don't really know why I visited this pub. Over chilled Brains and uncomfortable seating. Beer and food though expensive was run of the mill. Cardiff has better to offer than this.

18 Feb 2009 14:20

O'Neills, Cardiff

No real ale that I saw .Usual Irish smooth flows but nothing wrong in that.Quiet on a Sunday lunch time so the food came quick and was OK. Much like any other O'Neills.

18 Feb 2009 14:09

Prince Of Wales, Cardiff

This is heaven compared with Walkabout down the road.Big Spoons, busy but large enough for the Saturday afternoon crowd. The ale was fine ,cannot say the type grandson doing the fetch and carry and the food came in reasonable time OK.
Not your traditional pub but no Spoons ever is. It did enough to fill up a hungry student.

18 Feb 2009 13:59

The Walkabout, Cardiff

Not our type of place but went to meet a young student ( grandson). Walked in ,Walked about, and Walked out. I dont even know what beers they sell. You may forgive the odd spilt drink but I saw vomit beneath one of the tables, This was in the afternoon! Never to return.

18 Feb 2009 13:46

The Rummer Tavern, Cardiff

A pleasant place to get out of the rain for half an hour while shopping, read the newspaper or lipread the silent TV. HB was average but not good enough for a second one. By the looks of previous posts its a pity that ale quality is hit or miss because we need this sort of pub in our towns.

18 Feb 2009 13:35

The Rose and Lion, Bromyard

Yes its refurbished but its still the jewel in Bromyards crown. Wye Valley beers make this a place of pilgramage.The customers can seem a little eccentric but they add to the charm.This is after all Herefordshire.See you in there.

4 Feb 2009 14:51

Kings Arms, Bromyard

Black and white pub with a car park at rear. Pubmaster I think. Well used by the locals .Youngsters in the back bar, older nonstop dominoe players in the front bar. Dont recall real ale.but might be in the back bar. A pleasant safe place to have a drink in town

4 Feb 2009 14:41

The Royal Oak, Bromyard

Stuck up on The Downs overlooking Bromyard this is in every sense a country pub.Unless you are of the rambling type you will need transport to get here. Woods Shropshire Lad and Malvern Brewers Black Pear on tap.Other keg beers and lagers available
Special Board and Menu with a Sunday Carvery you will find something to eat. A nice place to visit if you are on a ride round.

4 Feb 2009 14:31

The Harvester, Solihull

Thanks Hunter06 for pointing this out. I have reported my post for removal.

1 Feb 2009 14:00

The Cock of Tupsley, Hereford

Glad to say the foods improved and plenty of people eating, less children,perhaps because winter. Thanks to the staff for finding my mrs handbag.

23 Jan 2009 15:21

The Illicit Still, Edinburgh

Holyrood 99...Read your thread on ThePunchPubForum and publogger the Illicit Still website how you leased this pub in 2007 from PunchTaverns. Last entry Nov 07. Genuinely hope you and your mate made a go of it. Please make a donation to Chris its the least you can do for a years free advertising.

9 Jan 2009 23:03

Ye Olde Reindeer, Banbury

Disregard the below post by Alf1984 its a Nigerian Scam and has been reported for Removal. Chris (mod.) please remove this comment when you remove Alf1984.

8 Jan 2009 14:55

Bay Horse, Bromyard

Yes the carpark is at the rear but almost impossible to find, Little Hereford Street being very narrow and half the car park being developed.Bromyard roads are 1 hour waitng. That said I agree that the Bay is a fine pub with good beer and food.Well worth a visit if in the area. Dont let the green wellies fool you.

2 Jan 2009 15:06

Essence, Kingston

14 reviews and not one mention of beer. I think I get the message.

17 Dec 2008 16:31

Porridge Pot, Longbridge

My latest visit was on a Sunday lunchtime and it was very busy with families and guests from the Holiday Inn next door. Everards Tiger bitter, very nice , and Black sheep on offer. The young man behind the bar failed to find the brandy for the mrs. The carvery consisted of roast beef, turkey, gammon and rolledstuffed pork. Wanted to stay and sample it but had to leave for elsewhere. Its a regular stop for us and had no cause for complaint

8 Dec 2008 12:49

The Grandstand, Hereford

Things are looking up at this pub. New staff are polite and on the ball. Customers actually made good comments about the food. Just Abbot and IPA on hand pumps. Feels more like a locol at the bar end. Hope the new boss can keep this up.

6 Dec 2008 10:06

Starting Gate, Holmer

Still a Beefeater next to a large Premier Travel inn on the edge of Hereford. Good place to stay if on a visit for whatever reason. Good lounge area but little real ale. More of a place to eat than drink . A quick taxi ride will get to the centre of the city and some really good ale houses

30 Nov 2008 12:56

The Bure Farm, Bicester

Visited this pub last Wednesday and still find my previous revue to hold true. A large family pub restuarant not the sort of venue suitable for groups of young people to hang out or serious drinkers to compare real ales. It is good at what it does. I have never had cause to complain about the food , beer or service. The food is the normal Brakes Bros. type fayre which can be had cheaper but not by much. Member pubbingit remarks about the local Hungry Horse which I see now has a pool table.I think this may be more of a place for a 19 year old to hang out.

29 Nov 2008 01:26

The Three Horseshoes, Leominster

Brains pub with SA on the pump, not brilliant. The exterior is the best thing about it. Quite forgetable.

4 Nov 2008 13:55

The Lifford Curve, Stirchley

Visited on a Monday at about 5pm . Had the feeling this may have recently changed Licencee but may be wrong. Big ,roomy Marstons pub well kept.Two ales on , Banks Bitter and Jennings Swan Lake,Both of which tasted very good. No food that day.Empty apart from very slow dribble of workers on their way home.I hope this was just the time of day because this feels a good pub.

3 Nov 2008 17:01

The Easington, Banbury

An Ember Inn on a busy road surrounded by tidy houses which seems reflected in the customers. At 2pm more people eating than drinking.Four hand pumps ,Jasper by Beartown Brewers (ran out) Old Hooky ( very nice) GK IPA and Tim Taylor (not tried) and all the usual lagers.A pleasant enough place.

25 Oct 2008 11:57

Oak Apple, Worcester

Usual Marstons pub with Pedigree and Banks bitter well kept as well as lagers. Plenty of food. Four screens so can get good natured noisey on footy nights. Always well attended when I have visited.

22 Oct 2008 13:05

Perdiswell House, Worcester

Obviously the carvery only policy did not work. It has reverted back to a 2for1. Only Pedigree ale, the rest are continental lagers. Pleasant enough place but the nearby Raven has a choice of beers.

22 Oct 2008 12:40

The Grandstand, Hereford

Visited early Sunday evening. The manager appears to have got a grip on things and it looks well run with pleasant staff Only Abbot and GK IPA as ales. The custom base is more your diner than loads of children...unless you know different.

20 Oct 2008 11:10

Three Elms Inn, Hereford

Visited by chance this evening and found the landlord was leaving for a while. I hope he returns good ale and goodfood..much appreciated

20 Oct 2008 00:14

The Dog Inn, Harvington

A 2 for 1 eatery but a cut above the rest ( also a little more expensive). Pedigree, Marston Wicked Witch, and Jennings Swan Lake ales on offer.Very busy on an early Thursday evening with diners. Worth a visit.

17 Oct 2008 02:34

Abraham Darby, Merry Hill

Its a Wetherspoons so dont get excited. Because its part of a shopping centre the dhss element is missing but the flow of shoppers can give the place a manic air. Beers were good, the food standard fare. A good place to sit while the mrs is shopping for shoes. Not the sort of place anyone calls their local.

14 Oct 2008 12:09

Loom and Shuttle, Kidderminster

Pub that services the nearby estate. Usual pub food, banks bitter, carvery on a weekend.Not much atmosphere but I am not a local.Has a bookies next door.

13 Oct 2008 11:29

Watermill, Kidderminster

Agree totaly with Garthrocketts comment.The Piat Dor red was £2. 40p more than nearby pub, £9.70 is a rip off for this wine.Otherwise the place is pleasant enough and the staff are fine. Banks Bitter and Cumberland ale.

13 Oct 2008 11:19

Land Oak, Kidderminster

Big Two For One pub, large car park so popular with parties. Banks Bitter Hand pumps large range of other lagers etc. Foods ok but they did not know the difference between burnt and grilled lamb chops. Alright for a get together, enough said.

13 Oct 2008 11:07

The Shakespeare, Manchester

Bit cramped with the table arrangement but food and drink ok at reasonable prices.When I visited there seemed to be many "ladies who do lunch" with Primark bags. Beer, whatever it was, went down alright,

9 Oct 2008 12:58

Mr Thomas' Chop House, Manchester

Apart from the prices, for both food and drink, and the cramped interior there is not much to complain about.If a stranger to Manchester its worth a look and a pint if you can get in. Avoid lunch times and end of office hours.

9 Oct 2008 12:40

The Crown, Worcester

Called on a busy Thursday lunchtime, lots of shoppers, kids and prams. Bishops Tipple, Exmoor Gold and Hooky Gold on hand pumps and by general consensus well kept.Until 5 October all wines at house wine prices.Last Monday returned a red Fetzer, changed with no problem.

3 Oct 2008 12:32

Horn and Trumpet, Worcester

Large Marston pub in the city centre. Cheap food with a mixed clientèle . No real ale as such but the lagers are OK

3 Oct 2008 12:22

The Pavillion, Weston Super Mare

Beefeater attatched to a Prem.Travel inn.Short on character and real ales but a pleasant enough place if staying overnight not much else to say.

1 Oct 2008 16:06

The Bucket and Spade, Weston Super Mare

Packed out, not enough staff,got bored and walked out. After reading previous postings I think I had a lucky escape. ( consider it unfair to rate as neither the food or beer was tried).

1 Oct 2008 16:00

Old Ship Aground, Minehead

Well worth a visit. Pleasant promenade from the town deters the kids and works up a thirst. My favourite in this town.

1 Oct 2008 15:48

The Hairy Dog, Minehead

This is the noisiest pub I have been in. Paris says it all.

1 Oct 2008 15:40

The Foxhunter, Hereford

Now known as " The Monument ". Modern lager drinkers pub with pool tables and plenty of flat screen tvs ( even in the gents) with Sky Sports.Whatever turns you on.

30 Sep 2008 18:14

The Canny Brook, Hereford

Now known as " The Grandstand ",A Hungry Horse pub well known for its poor food but ok for a drink if you dont mind the kids.

30 Sep 2008 18:06

Musketeer, Banbury

Stopped here once last week,next time I pass I will keep going. Big estate pub ,poorly run and maintained.Whatever the pint was it was barely drinkable. Unless you know Banbury well it is hard to find the really good pubs.

29 Sep 2008 09:39

Barley Mow, Banbury

Have stopped at this pub on 5 different occasions in the last 7 months,normaly late afternoon midweek.I have not found it as bad as the previous revues but some pubs can be Jeckyl and Hyde.Mind you it is always quiet at this time. No real ale but whatever was on offer was drinkable but forgetable .

29 Sep 2008 09:27

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Whitbourne

Closed yet again. It has For Sale signs up so may be even the pubco thinks it a no goer. Should have thought that a while ago.

27 Sep 2008 13:55

The Riverside, Lechlade

Confused by the previous posting. Visited this pub Friday 26/9/08 at 1pm. No neon signs, no Abbot Ale. Three hand pumps offering Arkles 3B very good.Arkles Organic Bee not good. Arkles Moonlight not tried.Also lagers and ciders.Plenty of people eating. Barman and Manager giving detatched and indifferent service. Lovely spot by the river but must agree with JulieDr that this is not suitable for very young children. Can be abit of a sod to park. Certainly not the stuff of nightmares just somewhere on the tourist trail.

27 Sep 2008 11:55

The Paul Pry, Worcester

Still standing amongst the new development,could be that samexbt hopes may be realised .I'll drink to that.

20 Sep 2008 12:36

Eagle Vaults, Worcester

Looked in the window 3 days ago and it appears the refurb is almost complete. No sign of an opening date yet.

20 Sep 2008 12:30

The Raven Inn, Claines

More carvery than pub but the food was good

8 Sep 2008 11:25

Perdiswell House, Worcester

This was a very busy 2 For 1 eatery a couple of years ago until it all went wrong. Now a carvery with pretentions and prices to match. Beer drinkers will probably find better pickings elswhere.It might impress the wife or girlfriend or even her mother.

8 Sep 2008 11:23

The Blackpole Inn, Worcester

Large Marstons pub next to retail ,industrial, car sales and council estates, so a very mixed customer base. Freindly enough though. Bass bitter only on hand pump with really tight sparklers. Run of the mill lagers and smooth flow beers. Three TV screens and a lot of Man U shirts worn.

8 Sep 2008 11:16

The Harvester, Solihull

Yes a Harvester with the usual chilled beers, this aint Camra territory, but ok for a drink and a bite. Clean and well managed.

6 Sep 2008 16:46

Old Crown Inn, Stourport On Severn

This is a JDW's pub but not the best. The beer is fine the food is ok and cheap. During the caravan season the quality of the customers improves. Very understaffed so expect to queue and the tables are not cleared fast enough. Out back a lovely sun terrace is now spoiled by excessive noise from what was a quaint fun fair, and you now have to buy a parking ticket. A favourite gone to the dogs. ( Try THE BEAMS across the bridge because that where I have gone.)

6 Sep 2008 16:08

The Cock of Tupsley, Hereford

Been a while since I ate here and must say the food is now hit and miss. Beers ok but over run with kids. Still a 241 pub selling Banks.

27 Aug 2008 10:54

Three Elms Inn, Hereford

A Green King "Big Plate Pub".Looking a bit worn now but a friendly welcome. Unusual is the fact this stocks guest ales and I have never had a bad pint here. Drank a few pints of White Star Titanic..lovely stuff. Also had White Horse bitter and Speckled Hen on hand pumps. Food is better than average for this chain.

27 Aug 2008 10:41

The Grandstand, Hereford

Just had a complete makeover, gone is the crazy decor ,now looks like a cubist wine bar. IPA and Abbot Ale on hand pumps but mostly super chilled lager. Half the menu not available due to a malfunction but I have learned not to eat at this Hungry Horse.

27 Aug 2008 10:23

Rose & Crown, Tupsley

Sorry to say the previous reviews are spot on. No atmosphere and dont even think about making a complaint about the food, it wont get you anywhere.

16 Aug 2008 13:21

Bay Horse, Bromyard

The outside is quaint, a real tourist trap. Beer is ok and the locals civilised { probably stock or commodity brockers rather than tractor drivers } but parking a problem. Has a good name for food though I have not tried . I am a local so go home for dinner.

12 Aug 2008 13:43

Penny Black, Bicester

Prices on a range of drinks have been lowered to provide competition with Yates further up the road. I like the choice of real ales when available.Perhaps I visit at quiet times because the tables have normaly been cleared. I think the locals at Bicester are spoiled for choice, the town has many good pubs, there realy is something for all tastes.

12 Aug 2008 13:17

The Garibaldi, Worcester

Small local pub. Recent new tenants have done nothing regards the dirty and dreary decor. Must say something positive.... the house scotch is cheap for s double!

12 Aug 2008 08:01

Yates's, Bicester

Having visited the last few weekends { daytimes only } I wish to revise my previous posting. I now find the staff more friendly and helpful. Some diners had a wait for the sunday lunch but we have had no such problems. I agree with chugmonkey about the curry, you get the full works unlike Weatherspoons and its realy good.If you drink wine then try the Echo Falls its on offer for under a fiver and is good for a merlot.

12 Aug 2008 07:35

Yates's, Bicester

Having visited the last few weekends { daytimes only } I wish to revise my previous posting. I now find the staff more friendly and helpful. Some diners had a wait for the sunday lunch but we have had no such problems. I agree with chugmonkey about the curry, you get the full works unlike Weatherspoons and its realy good.If you drink wine then try the Echo Falls its on offer for under a fiver and is good for a merlot.

12 Aug 2008 07:35

Yates's, Bicester

Recently rebranded as Yates's .The barmaids more interested in boy friends than customers. However the drink is priced right and the food is cheap and fills the hungry.

22 Jul 2008 22:20

Porridge Pot, Longbridge

Modern pub cum carvery close to the M40 juntion for Warwick.Polite staff but the place has no atmosphere.If it is busy then it is full of Mondeo and Vectra man.A good place for a rest stop, preferable to motorway sevices. By the way it serves beer ,lager, cider, tea, coffee and soft drinks.

2 Jun 2008 11:09

The Bure Farm, Bicester

The food is ok, specials a bit pricey so is the wine, and is a place for an informal or family meal. For a young persons night out or a venue for serious pub goers it does not hit the mark , they should look elsewhere. It does a good job at what it is,, unlike the local Hungry Horse.

2 Jun 2008 10:46

The Kings Arms Hotel, Bicester

Visited on a Thursday early evening. Only customers appeared to be guests. Very quiet.Indifferent barmaid serving so so beer .We moved on before we fell asleep.

25 May 2008 13:37

Penny Black, Bicester

The staff seem more friendly this year,the food is o.k and the beer still cheaper than competition. I have had one duff pint but changed with no problem.It is a typical Weatherspoons with a very mixed cliental,busy at all times of day. You have to accept the brand works.

25 May 2008 13:15

The Acorn, Bicester

After a number of awful meals we no longer eat here. We go for a drink, the staff are polite but the food at this Hungry Horse is dreadfull. Many people are seen to be eating but a lot of food is left.The disabled toilet leaks and smells awful despite complaints over the last twelve months. I have used good H.Hs but this is not alone in poor presentation of the brand.

25 May 2008 13:03

Eagle Vaults, Worcester

It has been closed for while, hopefully only for redecoration. The interior tries to match the wonderful tiled exterior and etched windows. Agood city centre pub for a quick drink.

8 Apr 2008 18:31

Glovers Needle, Warndon Estate

In the middle of a large working class estate. Visited late afternoon after shopping. Friendly barman serving a good pint of Ruddles Bitter at £1.55p . An ok mix of ages and gender but no sign of a bar menu. Will however return.

9 Mar 2008 14:34

The Heart of Oak, Hereford

I think the posts below are now out of date. I use this pub when in Hereford and find no complaint with the beer, staff or service. Food is alright as pub food goes and delivery time ok. The Rev.James brewed by Braines is fine. Try giving this place another go.

9 Mar 2008 14:14

Three Pears, Warndon

This is a Beafeeter Pub and restaurant with a bar menu that is served until 11pm. I mention this because every eatery close by seems to stop serving food around 9pm approx.Very busy car park which is patrolled by attendants. Usual chain pub beers and wines. Heavily used by whitevan man and reps of all types. very close to the M5 so you know what I mean.

2 Nov 2007 13:34

The Paul Pry, Worcester

This pub is now closed and appears ready for redevelopment

4 Jun 2007 13:50

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