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Comments by baxterfish

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Back to it's position of no 1 pub in St Albans.

7 Oct 2018 16:38

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Recently purchased and modernised/ruined by Butcomb. Used to be a characterful English pub with lots of nooks & crannies, but now feels soulless and corporate and all the guest beers have gone to be replaced by 3 dull Butcomb beers. Have been coming here for decades but will not be returning. Reminds me of what Hall & Woodhouse did to the Smugglers at O.Mills. I am so depressed - my visits to Dorset will never be the same.

7 Oct 2018 16:36

The Rutland and Derby, Leicester

Modern hipster place and pricey for Leicester. Beer choice good and good food. The Blue Boar over the road is where you really want to be.

12 Aug 2018 15:13

The Criterion, Leicester

Weird place like a working men's club and all a bit run down. Beer choice was good.

12 Aug 2018 15:10

The Ale Wagon, Leicester

Basic scruffy local's place with a decent range of ales at good prices.

12 Aug 2018 15:08

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Used to come here a lot about 20 yrs ago and considered it the best pub in Southampton. Then it went through a rough patch with frequent changes of landlord and poor beer quality so I stopped going. Now happy to report that it seems to be back on form and my excellent pint of Entire Stout was good value at £3.40. Back where it belongs as one of Soton's finest.

7 Jul 2018 20:41

The Cornubia, Bristol

I have been in this excellent pub many times over the years and fail completely to understand LittleDrummerBoy's comments. Ignore them and come here to enjoy the fantastic beers. One of Bristol's essential visits.

7 Jul 2018 13:59

The Queen Inn, Winchester

Very nice pub and well worth the walk from the centre. It's a GK house but don't let that put you off as the always have interesting guest ales. Haven't eaten but the food looks great.

7 Jul 2018 13:38

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

An absolute gem of a pub and probably Winchester's finest. Good range of ales.

7 Jul 2018 13:36

The Bishop On The Bridge, Winchester

It's a fuller's pub in Winchester so VERY expensive.

7 Jul 2018 13:34

The Albion, Winchester

Maybe the only place in Winchester (apart from Wetherspoons)) where you can find a good pint (Flowerpots) at normal prices. Nice place and highly recommended.

7 Jul 2018 13:33

Alfies, Winchester

Pretty unremarkable pub but had an excellent pint of Mr M's Porter. It's Winchester so prices are high.

7 Jul 2018 13:31

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

I would love to drink here on a regular basis. Unfortunately, at £4.95 a pint!!!!!! I can't afford it.
The beer choice is great but beyond the budget of normal people.

30 Jun 2018 19:44

The Tudor Rose, Romsey

Basic local's pub with ok (if pricey) beer - St Austell Tribute on my visit. Nice to see it hasn't change since I last came here over 30yrs ago.

24 Jun 2018 15:43

The William IV, Romsey

Now a 'craft' ale bar with excellent (albeit expensive) beer. Décor is stripped down is stripped down hipster chic. Has the best beer in Romsey if you can afford it.

24 Jun 2018 15:41

The Three Tuns, Romsey

Very attractive pub with a good range of ales at fair prices (for Romsey). Nice pint of Milk St Amarillo was enjoyed in the sunny garden. Didn't eat, but the food looked excellent so will probably return for a meal.

24 Jun 2018 15:38

The Swan, Wheathampstead

Decent pub and, despite being a GK house, has a good range of ales including Oakham and local Farr Brew. Food & service both very good.

24 Jun 2018 15:35

The Red Lion, Sittingbourne

Decent beer (St Austell) , decent food and a friendly barmaid. Worth a look.

10 Jun 2018 17:37

The Old Buttermarket, Canterbury

Decent Nicholson's pub with a reasonable range of ales & decent food. Considering it's location, it's admirable that this pub does not rip off tourists. Worth a look.

10 Jun 2018 17:34

Unicorn Inn, Canterbury

Good no-nonsense local's pub with a good range of ales from Kent micros. Didn't try the food but it looked good. Recommended.

10 Jun 2018 17:31

The Bishops Finger, Canterbury

Looks great from the outside but less so inside. It's a Shepherd Neame pub so you know what beer to expect. On the pricey side. OK

10 Jun 2018 17:29

The Butchers Arms, Herne

The original micropub and coming here felt like a kind of pilgrimage, having been to so many imitators in the last few years. I wasn't disappointed : It's excellent, friendly and good ales at reasonable prices. It's also very small even by micropub standards. Highly recommended & 10/10

10 Jun 2018 17:26

Fez, Margate

FANTASTIC PLACE: quirky, welcoming, friendly and excellent ales all at 3 quid a pint.

Highly recommended & 10/10

10 Jun 2018 17:22

Old Ship, Lower Swanwick

Nice pub with good food and VERY EXPENSIVE BEER

5 Jun 2018 19:55

The Rockstone, Southampton

At £4.30 a pint for regular strength beer I have been priced out of this place which is a shame as It's a nice pub.
The nearby Guide dog is a pound per pint cheaper so go there instead.

5 Jun 2018 19:27

The Boot, St Albans

ANOTHER PUB THAT I'VE BEEN PRICED OUT OF. Paid my first visit in several weeks to find they have increased their prices to a shocking £4.60 for normal strength ale (Oakham Hanger 17) so didn't stay for a second pint and won't be going back which is a shame as this is a great pub but it's just too expensive.

7 May 2018 13:39

The Black Dog, Whitstable

Decent micropub with unusual and often disturbing décor with photos of Victorian freaks and diseased organs along with very weird modern art. OK choice of ales but no dark or strong ones - I have come to expect micropubs to cover all bases with minimum choice of one best bitter, one light hoppy, one dark and one strong.
Notice they charge 25p for tasters.

11 Sep 2017 14:16

Furlongs Ale House, Faversham

Decent friendly micropub. Four ales available but range was a little disappointing as all were bitters in the 3.8-4.5% range with 3 from Kent micros. I tend to expect a little more from micropubs with a dark beer and something stronger available.

11 Sep 2017 13:48

The Bear Inn, Faversham

Really attractive unspoilt place which looks unchanged for a century or more. It''s the nearest pub to the Shepherd Neame brewery and owned by them so you know what to expect beerwise. Food good, reasonable prices and very welcoming. Highly recommended.

11 Sep 2017 13:44

The Dolphin, Canterbury

Nice place but very food - oriented. Beer choice was ok but not great with only one offering from a Kent micro (Gadd''s) along with the usual boring stuff. Didn''t try the food but it looked great and the service was good. Would return for a meal but not just to drink.

11 Sep 2017 13:40

The Foundry, Canterbury

Nice brewpub. Tried the Streetlight Porter which tasted rather thin and slightly sharp which was a little disappointing considering the high prices. Food was excellent and portions were huge.

11 Sep 2017 13:35

Old Post Office, Chatham

PS it''s now called the Thomas Wanker or something

10 Sep 2017 18:22

Old Post Office, Chatham

Was lured here under false pretences as the beer guide didn''t mention it was a Wetherspoons and described it as having a wide range of Kent ale - there was one which in typical Wetherspoons fashion was ''available soon''. Only other beers were the usual suspects (GK IPA etc). There were only two members of staff serving a crowded pub - I waited 10 mins before walking out. It''s shit and has no place in the Good Beer Guide. The ''Prince of Wales'' over the road is much better but hardly great.

10 Sep 2017 18:21

The Prince of Wales, Chatham

A Wetherspoon''s in all but name - very cheap with a cliental of OAP''s and piss heads. Beer choice was ok with a couple of offerings from Kent micros at a very reasonable £2.25. Food was cheap and ok for the price. Unlike the actual Wetherspoons over the road which is shit, the service here was very good.

10 Sep 2017 18:14

The Coopers Arms, Rochester

Very popular local''s pub with a decent range of local ales at reasonable prices. Recommended.

10 Sep 2017 18:08

Britannia Bar Cafe, Rochester

Stylish décor and an ok, but not great beer choice. Very quiet - we were the only customers on a Thursday evening. Worth a look if passing.

10 Sep 2017 18:06

The Northern Seaman, Rochester

Stretches the definition of micropub as it''s pretty big. Seating is around old cable drums. Four ales available were all from Milestone of Notts with no local beers. It was the barmaid''s first night and she seemed to have been thrown in with minimal training but she was very friendly and made us a tea for free when she failed to operate the coffee machine. Place was ok but I much preferred the nearby Flippin'' Frog.

10 Sep 2017 18:04

The Flippin Frog, Rochester

Superb micropub with a good range of Kent ales including a porter and all at normal prices. The food (lamb stew) was also excellent. The French couple who run it were very welcoming as was the barmaid. Highly recommended.

10 Sep 2017 17:58

The Man of Kent Ale House, Rochester

Excellent backstreet alehouse with a wide range of beers from Kent micros including a mild & porter all at normal prices. Very friendly and the dog (see below) was very affectionate and perfectly well-behaved. Rochester''s essential visit.

10 Sep 2017 17:56

The Harvester (Ancient Briton), St Albans

This place is terrible. My fish & chips was possibly the worst I've ever had, the beer choice (Doom Bar) is poor and there were repulsive, out of control kids running around, shouting and standing on the seats. Only plus was the waitress, Amy, was very welcoming. Avoid at all costs.

7 Aug 2017 12:51

The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Upmarket place with a good choice of ales. Food is expensive but excellent. Nice to sit outside and watch the barges go by.

13 Jun 2017 16:29

Kash Bar and Grill, Chester

Now the Deva Tap and the beer is excellent. Very nice place and an essential visit when in Chester.

13 Jun 2017 16:26

The Cross Keys Inn, Chester

Very nice old fashioned pub. Unfortunately the Joule's beers are pretty dull and served with a massive creamy head that sucks all the life(and taste) out of the beer. Fortunately they do have guests.

13 Jun 2017 16:24

Cellar, Chester

Possibly the best choice of beer in town and clearly aimed at beer geeks . On the expensive side but well worth it for the range of ales on offer.

13 Jun 2017 16:20

The Brewery Tap, Chester

Very good place with excellent beer from Spitting feathers and many others. Along with The Cellar, the best place for beer in Chester.

13 Jun 2017 16:16

The Pied Bull, Chester

Very nice old pub clearly aimed at tourists. Their own beers are pretty good - tried Irristibull & Taurus and both were very nice. Didn't try the food but it looked good and lots of people were eating.

13 Jun 2017 16:14

Garden City Brewery, Letchworth Garden City

This is a very nice place with a good ambiance & service. Unfortunately their beers are pretty dull - I tried 3 (Armitage, Endeavour & Wynd-up) and all reminded me of a good attempt at home-brew but nothing more. They do, however have guests and my pint of Salopian Farside was lovely.

13 Jun 2017 16:10

Three Horseshoes, Elsted

Lovely country pub with a fantastic beer garden. The perfect place to spend a summer afternoon. Good beer straight from the barrel from Red Cat & Bowmans. Didn't try the food.

2 May 2017 16:23

The Axminster Inn, Axminster

Nice, friendly locals pub with 5 ales from Palmers including the excellent Tally Ho

14 Feb 2017 14:32

The Windwhistle Inn, Chard

Pretty good tourist pub. Beer limited to St Austell Tribute & HSD served in good condition and ok prices.

14 Feb 2017 14:30

Three Tuns, Honiton

Decent and very popular locals bar. Limited choice of ales (London Pride & Jail Ale). Friendly service and reasonable prices.

14 Feb 2017 14:28

The Cerdic, Chard

Very average Wetherspoons just like all the rest. Cheap beer with the best on offer being Cotleigh Old Buzzard. As is normal with these places, full of people with an alcohol problem.

14 Feb 2017 14:26

Beer Cellar, Exeter

Micropub with not much in the way of character. Good service and a good range of ales. Let down badly by the high prices with the cheapest pint at a ridiculous £4.20

14 Feb 2017 14:23

The Old Fire House, Exeter

Decent pub with 4 ales on gravity although lacking in choice with all being 'best bitters' in the 3.9-4.2% range. Reasonable prices. Most people were eating and the food looked good.

14 Feb 2017 14:21

The Gate, Bricket Wood

Nice place with excellent food and good service. Beer limited to Charles Wells + one guest (Wadworth Swordfish) so not really worth it for the beer alone, especially as most of the tables are reserved for diners.

20 Jan 2017 16:39

The Red Lion, Chesham

Went here because the Red Squirrel place was closed. No decent beer. Full of lone men drinking Stella and watching Sky Sports. Not for me.

2 Jan 2017 16:02

The Greyhound, Wigginton

Severely lacking in character & atmosphere - has the feel of a large hotel bar. Service good and friendly and an ok range of ales although lacking variety (4 best bitters). Prices reasonable. Lots of people eating and the food looked good. May return in future for a meal but wouldn't return for a drink alone.

18 Dec 2016 19:31

The Dancing Man, Southampton

As mentioned below, a brewpub located in a highly attractive historic building and associated with the nearby Platform Tavern. Lovely to sit outside in summer and watch the world go by. Only let down by the high price of their beer.

29 Nov 2016 16:40

Goblets, Southampton

Now reinvented as Belgium & Blues and has a fantastic selection of ales including such gems as Vibrant Forest Kaleidoscope and Black October. Much improved. On the pricey side but worth it.

23 Nov 2016 10:56

The Bookshop Alehouse, Southampton

One of an ever-increasing number of new micropubs in Southampton which have helped turn the city into a beer destination. This one is rather Bohemian in character and unlike others is open all day, everyday. Makes a nice stop-off between the Guide Dog & Junction/Dolphin and a very welcome addition to the local beer scene. Four real ales on offer from the likes of Wild Weather, 8 Arch & Dancing Cow along side kegs which are served too cold for my tastes. One criticism is the mark up on half pinst to £2.00 - very naughty.
Nice place but not quite up there with the Butcher's Hook & Olaf's Tun.

23 Oct 2016 12:15

The Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Now has possibly the best range of ales in town with 8 beers all from local breweries including Farr, Leighton Buzzard & 3Brewers. Three dark beers on offer including the excellent Smokin Angel & Most Potent Porter by Farr.
The young ladies behind the bar were very enthusiastic about the beers.
Unfortunately the prices are ridiculous (£4.50)

16 Oct 2016 14:58

The Six Bells, St Albans

Very charming pub with good food. Beer choice is ok but a notch down from the nearby Lower Red Lion. Most interesting ale on my last visit was Tring Ridgeway along with the likes of ESB & T.Taylor.

16 Oct 2016 14:52

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Now seems to be absolutely back on form. Cosy, friendly pub with good food and excellent beer from local breweries. My pint of 3 Brewers mild was superb. Ticks every box and back to being one of St Alban's finest drinking establishments.

16 Oct 2016 14:47

Cow and Cask, Newbury

Small convivial micropub with a welcoming landlord. Unfortunately on my visit only 3 very dull best bitter type beers were on offer and served at too high a temp. From a micropub I do expect a more interesting and varied choice of beer and for them to be served at the correct temp.Maybe I was just unlucky.

29 Aug 2016 12:38

Crown, Liverpool

Spectacular Art Nouveau exterior and relatively intact interior (but not quite in the same league as the Philharmonic ) . Reasonable range of ales but food was crap - my chicken jalfrezi was overcooked and microscopic.

4 Aug 2016 20:45

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

Nice place with an excellent range of ales in good condition at good prices. Very popular. Just a shame about the fucking great ugly flyover outside. Highly recommended.

4 Aug 2016 20:37

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Good basic drinker's pub with a good range of ales at good prices. Unfortunately my pint of porter was not in good condition.

4 Aug 2016 20:34

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Really liked this place. Excellent range of ales (some from the pub brewery) at good prices. Interesting flat iron style architecture. Highly recommended.

4 Aug 2016 20:32

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Spectacular interior which just has to be seen. Ok choice of beer but service was VERY slow. Food pretty good. A must visit just for the architecture and make sure you go for a piss as the gents are great.

4 Aug 2016 20:07

The Marble Beer House, Chorlton cum Hardy

Nice micropub owned by the Marble brewery so the beer is excellent and probably the best in Chorlton.

4 Aug 2016 20:01

The Horse and Jockey, Chorlton cum Hardy

Pleasant enough place with beer from Holts and their own Bootleg Brewery. Neither are very exciting although some of the seasonal and one-off brews can impress. Certainly worth a look.

4 Aug 2016 19:59

The Beech Inn, Chorlton cum Hardy

One of Chorlton's more traditional boozers. Good choice of ales only let down by the use of sparklers which is, unfortunately, common for the area.

4 Aug 2016 19:56

The Parlour, Chorlton

Trendy hipster place. Good choice of ales from unusual breweries. Unfortunately my first pint was off. Second was much better. Food is pricey but very good and the service could not have been better. Would certainly go back.

4 Aug 2016 19:53

The Metropolitan, Didsbury

Massive foody place. Ok choice of beer but very expensive. Food also on the pricey side but very good. Service was excellent. Would visit to eat again but not for a drink.

4 Aug 2016 19:50

The Black Lion, Leighton Buzzard

Don't understand the low rating for this place. I found it to be one of the nicest pubs I've been in for a while. Good range of ales at reasonable prices. Very good & highly recommended.

3 Jul 2016 14:26

The Bald Buzzard Alehouse, Leighton Buzzard

Excellent micropub. On my visit there was an Oakham tap takeover and the landlady was dressed as a vulture!!!!!! Apparently it was a first birthday celebration.
Will visit again under more normal circumstances.

3 Jul 2016 14:24

The Albion, Winchester

Now owned by the Flowerpots Brewery and vastly improved. Excellent quality ale at reasonable prices. Nice pub too.

12 Jun 2016 19:57

The Stone Jug, Clophill

Really nice pub with 5 ales including a nice honey beer from nearby Ampthill. Food also very good.

1 Jun 2016 18:39

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Great community boozer with 11 ales on offer including Leighton Buzzard Smokin' Angel from the wood. Décor is a bit of a 60's timewarp and possibly not everybody's cup of tea. Same could be said of the carry-on style picture on the cellar door.

1 Jun 2016 18:37

The Old Transporter Ale House, Henlow

Somewhat stretching the definition of a micropub: it's quite big, has a TV and sells lager & spirits.
Nice enough place with four ales on all in good nick and fairly priced if a little unadventurous (all bitters in the 4-5% range). Well worth a look if in the area

1 Jun 2016 18:33

The Baton, Marshalswick

Now closed. Typical story - owned by a pub company who never allowed it to become successful. It's going to be replaced with a supermarket which will be devastating for the nearby shops.

16 May 2016 16:32

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Seems to be going downhill. Beer choice not as good as it used to be and my pint of Rooster(4.5%ABV) cost £4.05 which is taking the piss. Have now decamped to the White Hart Tap which has cheaper beer and is a much nicer pub with no f***ing TVs

16 May 2016 16:27

The Boot, St Albans

Much improved range of ales on my last visit: two milds, a porter and two IPAs. Probably now has a better choice than the Blacksmith's and it's certainly a nicer pub. Very nice in fact.

16 May 2016 16:22

The Taphouse, Wimborne

Excellent friendly micropub with great beer (lovely pint of Moor Return of Empire) and live music from the delightful Daisy Uculadies. Easily the best pub in Wimborne.

9 May 2016 12:46

The Owls Nest, West Parley

Had an excellent and reasonably priced Sunday roast in this extremely welcoming and friendly pub. Reasonable choice of ales from the likes of Plain, Eight Arch & Flack Manor. Will definitely return for another meal.

9 May 2016 12:43

The Chequers, Redbourn

Rubbish choice of beer: GK IPA & the equally dull Chequers Ale.

1 May 2016 15:24

The King William IV, St Albans

Used to have a reasonable range of ales but on my last visit had a choice of GK IPA (yawn) London Pride (yawn) & Bombardier (yawn). Food ok though.

1 May 2016 15:21

The Kings Arms, Tring

This place is more-or-less perfect. Lovely atmosphere with a good range of ales from local breweries and a warm welcome from the lovely barmaid (landlady?).
Food was good too with the best chips I've had in a long while. 10/10

1 May 2016 15:18

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

One of several unspoilt heritage pubs in central Manchester. Lovely to look at but a dull choice of beer (Robinsons).

27 Apr 2016 21:54

The Peveril Of The Peak, Castlefield

Superb unspoilt heritage pub. Choice of ales was ok but unadventurous.

27 Apr 2016 21:52

The Angel, Manchester

Great no-nonsense pub with an excellent choice of beers including an imperial stout.

27 Apr 2016 21:49

The Marble Arch, Manchester

Fantastically impressive pub with equally impressive beer from the Marble Brewery. A must visit.

27 Apr 2016 21:47

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Still maintaining a very high standard and now, thankfully, opens all day. A cider drinker's heaven. Only let down by the sometimes unadventurous choice of ales - how about some porters or decent strong IPAs rather than five bitters all about 4% ABV
The Kiwi couple behind the bar were very welcoming
One word of caution - probably best avoided if you don't like dogs.

24 Apr 2016 13:35

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Unspoilt gem. Always excellent and Purbeck's essential visit. Lovely pint of Dark Star Espesso . 10/10

24 Apr 2016 13:27

The Scott Arms, Kingston

Attractive pub with a fantastic view of Corfe Castle. Food pricey but very good. Rather dull choice of four 'best bitter' type ales with Dorset Jurassic being the most interesting so had local cider instead. Friendly service.

24 Apr 2016 13:25

The Black Bear, Wool

I'm sure this imposing and attractive pub used to be owned by Hall & Woodhouse but now advertises itself as a Freehouse. Five ales were on offer: London Pride (yawn), 2 from Green King (yawn), I from Wadworth (yawn) and Navigation Britannia which was my choice and turned out to be another boring 'best bitter' This does seem to be very common - a choice of several beers which are all the same. Suggest they contact their nearest brewery (Sunny Republic) and get something a bit more interesting.
Didn't try the food but it looked good so may return for something to eat and hope for a more interesting range of beers.

24 Apr 2016 13:21

The Beehive, St Albans

This place is ok but nothing special. Same goes for the beer choice. On the expensive side.

20 Apr 2016 21:56

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Excellent little pub with good value ales from the superb Flowerpots Brewery. Even got a rare smile from the barman on my last visit. The pub dog is usually friendlier.

18 Apr 2016 16:18

The South Western, St Denys

Still has a decent, if expensive, range of beers. Certainly worth a visit but now the poorest of the three pubs near the station. I just feel far more welcome in the other two (Junction & Dolphin). I used to regard this as the best pub in Southampton but it seems to have lost it's way or maybe the competition has just improved.

31 Mar 2016 12:44

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Return visit to try the food and wasn't disappointed. Also had one of their own beers(session brown ale) available which was very nice.

31 Mar 2016 12:36

The Compasses, Littley Green

I love this wonderful old pub - excellent beer from local breweries and great huffers. It's just a shame about the sometimes unenthusiastic service.

31 Mar 2016 12:33

The Hampshire Bowman, Dundridge

Still maintaining a high standard. Roast beef was very nice and pint of Vibrant Forest Salted Liquorice Stout was truly wonderful.

30 Mar 2016 12:57

The Butchers Hook, Southampton

Really love this place. Beer is always in good form and well chosen from excellent breweries such as Vibrant Forest & Wild Brewing. Still my favourite of Southampton's three (soon to be four) micropubs. Just wish they would extend their opening hours so I can visit more often

30 Mar 2016 12:54

The Dolphin, St Denys

Return visit to try the food and it was excellent. The curry was perhaps the best I've had in a pub and my partner's soup was superb and great value. Only downside is the pricey beer - a probable consequence of it being an Enterprise house.

30 Mar 2016 12:48

The Great Northern, St Albans

Basic pub with a decent range of ales and very good service from the barman. This was my first visit but I hear the pub has vastly improved since a recent makeover so probably best to ignore old reviews. Very handy for the cinema next door.

6 Mar 2016 17:23

The Crown, St Albans

Recently modernised food oriented place.Apparently used to be a shit hole and needed a major rebranding exercise. Reasonable range of ale but very expensive (£3.90 for Castle Rock Pale Harvest). As for the food, my burger was mediocre at best seved with undercooked fries on a bit of wood (Isn't it time this rediculous fashion ended?), and my partner's tuna sandwich had stale bread. Two TVs were playing loudly with the sound out of synch along with piped music which was very annoying.
The place was, however, very busy so perhaps it's just not for me.

6 Mar 2016 17:18

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Like this place - basic but comfy and decent beer from Oakham etc. Unfortunately their own beers were not available on my visit. Did't try the food but it looked pretty decent.

6 Mar 2016 17:08

The White Hart Tap, St Albans

Really nice pub with a good range of ales with an emphasis on IPAs. Unfortunately no dark beers on my visit. They apparently have an in-house brewery but there was no sign of it's produce. Didn't try the food but it looked very good. Extremely friendly cat. Will certainly return in the near future.

6 Mar 2016 17:05

The King Harry, St Albans

Payed a return visit for the first time in many years. A far more attractive pub than memory serves me and very welcoming bar staff. Reasonable range of ales and seved in good condition. Will return soon and try the food. Maybe they've had a change of management since the dreadful reviews below but I would certainly recommend it.

6 Mar 2016 16:59

The Fulflood Arms, Winchester

Very attractive and well-managed pub. Ignore the fact it's owned by Green King - only their IPA was available and was supplemented by 6 ales from good local breweries such as Weltons & Red Cat. Very good & well worth the trek from the centre.

28 Feb 2016 12:37

Bakers Arms, Winchester

Much as I remember it from my last visit 30 yrs ago - bit of an 80s time warp but cosy enough. Beer limited to Spitfire and good value food. OK

28 Feb 2016 12:34

Cock, St Albans

Pretty decent place with 3 Green King beers matched by 3 guests. Had a pint of Trueman Swift which was fine but very expensive (£3.90).

3 Jan 2016 20:49

The Highfield, Portswood

Recently reopened as part of the Brewhouse & Kitchen chain. Smart and modern décor like an upmarket Harvester and friendly service. Like others in the chain, the beers are brewed on the premises, making it Southampton's second brewery after Dancing Man. Tried the Christmas Ale & Walk the Line IPA. Both were fine if a little lacking in body and complexity but, as they've only just commenced brewing, things should improve. Lots of people were eating so maybe the food is good. Certainly worth a look.

15 Dec 2015 19:05

The Green Man, Hemel Hempstead

Large modern place with Wetherspoon overtones. Nicely decorated with pictures of butterflies etc. Choice of 4 best bitter type beers: deathly dull Doombar & Pride along with T. Taylor Bolt Maker (£3.70) & an excellent pint of Tribute at a reasonable £3.15. Food was pretty good & reasonably priced. Service good. Worth a look if passing.

7 Dec 2015 12:34

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Hard to believe this is a Greedy King pub. I think the policy is to match each GK pub with a local ale usually including a dark beer (often the wonderful Lamplight Porter). Really nice interior and friendly service. Among Southampton's finest and highly recommended.

29 Nov 2015 13:06

The Dolphin, St Denys

Under new management and massively improved after several years in the doldrums. Good range of ales from the likes of Andwell & Langham including a dark beer (Andwell Porter). Deservedly popular. Well done to the new team and keep up the good work.

29 Nov 2015 12:58

The Navigator, Lower Swanwick

Smart, modern & predictable gastropub. The dull & indisguinshible beers are from Upham - a brewery dedicated to mediocrity. Haven't tried the food but it looked good.

27 Nov 2015 15:22

The Farmer's Bar, Aylesbury

Tourist pub that is the Chiltern Brewery tap and owned by the National Trust. Good food, excellent beer and a very nice place.

25 Nov 2015 16:17

The Barley Mow, Southsea

It has a cat that plays the piano. What more do you need.

23 Nov 2015 21:00

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Under new ownership. Only obvious change is an increase in the number of ales from 8 to 11. Unfortunately 3 of them are from Fullers, otherwise can't fault the place.

22 Nov 2015 15:17

Brookstead Alehouse, Worthing

Micropub with friendly service and a good choice of interesting ales. Due to some ridiculous council rule no standing is allowed.

22 Nov 2015 15:13

Anchored in Worthing, Worthing

Absolutely tiny place (well it is a micropub). Chatty & opinionated owner and excellent beer. Best visited in the afternoon before it gets packed.

22 Nov 2015 15:09

Red Squirrel Brewery Shop, Berkhamsted

Agree totally with the last comment. Extremely good value at £2.50 a pint and the Red Squirrel ales are excellent.

18 Nov 2015 20:37

The Valiant Trooper, Aldbury

Very nice country pub with a good range of well kept local ales (Tring, Chiltern). Food was good but not great. Very popular on a Saturday lunchtime.

18 Nov 2015 20:34

Dylans, St Albans

Gastropub with a reasonable choice of pricey real ales & extortionate craft beers. Quite a few people were eating so maybe the food's good but the options on the menu all looked a but pretentious for my tastes. Not really my thing.

18 Nov 2015 20:30

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Nice place. Part of the Brewhouse & Kitchen (crap name) chain. The beers are brewed in house and are rather good. Remember to look at the pub's magnificent exterior.

18 Nov 2015 20:22

Meat and Barrel, Southsea

Café style place rather than a pub with a great selection of real ales and other crafty stuff. Food not bad and good value. Worth a look.

18 Nov 2015 20:17

Brewhouse and Kitchen, Dorchester

Ignore the low rating for this pub. Since becoming a Brewhouse & Kitchen it must have improved massively. The beers brewed on the premises plus guests from others in the chain are of high standard and the food is pretty good too. Not the most atmospheric of places but certainly worth a visit.

17 Nov 2015 21:00

The Jolly Brewer, Stamford

Popular locals pub with possibly Stamford's best range of ales served in great condition. Ok service.

17 Nov 2015 20:55

The Tobie Norris, Stamford

Wonderfully atmospheric pub with a decent range of ales, both local and national. Good service & highly recommended.

17 Nov 2015 20:52

The Green Man, Stamford

Nice pub with a decent range of local ales. Ok service.

17 Nov 2015 20:50

The Prince of Wales, Green Tye

Unspoilt country pub with it's own brewery. Friendly service and excellent value food. The house beers are nothing special but they do have guest ales from other local breweries. Recommended.

16 Nov 2015 20:25

Tollemache Inn, Grantham

Above average Wetherspoons with a good selection of local ales (mostly Newby Wyke on my visit), unfortunately served through a sparker. Very cheap as expected and reasonable service.

16 Nov 2015 20:21

Nobody Inn, Grantham

Very nice pub with a good range of local ales. My pint of Newby Wyke Dragon was served in perfect condition, thankfully without a sparkler. Ok service.
Finding the toilets can be confusing - look near the giant spider.

16 Nov 2015 20:16

The Full House, Hemel Hempstead

It's a Wetherspoons so you know what to expect: cheap but not what I would call a pub. My pint of Red Squirrel Hopfest was fine.

15 Nov 2015 20:41

The Fox and Hounds, Castle Bytham

The more basic of the villages two pubs and clearly popular. Reasonable range of ales and my pint of Oakham Bishops farewell was well kept. The garish red décor is a bit alarming. Service was ok.

15 Nov 2015 20:37

The Castle Inn, Castle Bytham

Very much a gastropub with nearly all tables reserved for diners on our Friday evening visit. Food was good but pricey and a reasonable range of well kept & served ales. Friendly service but too food oriented for my liking.

15 Nov 2015 20:34

The Willoughby Arms, Little Bytham

Recently stayed here for three nights and was very impressed. Comfortable spacious accommodation, friendly service, excellent value food in huge portion and a good range of local beers from Abbeydale, Oldershaw, Hopshackle & Batemans.
Two small criticisms are the use of sparklers which, in my opinion, makes for a less tasty pint & the squeaky pub sign outside the Stamford room which may keep you awake if windy. Otherwise highly recommended.

15 Nov 2015 15:50

The Wave Maiden, Southsea

This is a really nice pub with an excellent choice of beer and good service. Unfortunately it is way too expensive with nothing on sale for less than £4.50. I really did enjoy my Vibrant Forest Black October & Wild Beer Wild Goose Chase but won't hurry back until I win the lottery.

29 Oct 2015 12:46

The Fat Cat, Norwich

Possibly the best pub I've ever been to. Superb variety of ales including dark and strong ones.

15 Jun 2015 19:04

Martin's Pond, Potten End

From the outside looks idyllic and very welcoming. Inside is modern and not so charming. Was initially pleased to see 3 Red Squirrel beers on offer, but my pint of Hopfest was in poor condition and cost a shocking 4 quid!!!!!!!Especially surprising as Red Squirrel sell all their regular beers for £2.50 in their own pubs. Several of the tables were reserved for diners so maybe the food's good - I won't be going back to find out. Most impressive feature was the landlady's enormous knockers.

15 Jun 2015 18:14

Brewdog Bristol, Bristol

Modern, hip (pretencious?) interior. Ludicrously expensive beers. All keg which is ok for the very strong/hoppy beers but otherwise taste thin and gassy. Aimed at the gullible trendy youth who just have to be in 'the place to be seen' and are willing to br ripped off for the priviledge.

7 Aug 2014 18:31

The Talking Heads, Portswood

Excellent pub and the superb Lamplight Porter is only 3 quid a pint

16 Apr 2014 20:43

The South Western, St Denys

Still very expensive - like for like 80p per pint dearer than the Guide Dog and 70p dearer than Talking Heads.

16 Apr 2014 20:41

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

It' a shame that there mostly very good beers are SO expensive - £3.70!!!!!

16 Apr 2014 20:38

The Butchers Hook, Southampton

Excellent addition to the Southampton beer scene. Shame about the limited opening times, but hopefully that will change.

14 Apr 2014 16:34

The White Lion, Bristol

I really want to like this gem of a pub with very reasonably priced Wickwar ales. However, there seems to be an ongoing problem with beer quality. On my last visit normally excellent Station Porter was rather sharp. Shame, as I would like to come here more often - it really is a nice pub.

3 Feb 2014 14:41

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

I had my card declined but complained via e-mail to the pub company and was informed there had been a 'miscomminication' and offered not only the free pint but a free meal also. Can't complain at the response.

31 Aug 2013 13:20

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Excellent. The Emperor penguin Porter (9%) and Teignworthy Barrel-Aged Stout (13-15%) were especially welcome and at very reasonable prices. If you like strong beer come here rather than (I saw you coming) Brewdog and their over-priced fizz.

8 Dec 2012 11:57

The Barley Mow, Bristol

Great little pub close to the train station (exit through the car park and take the left hand foot bridge over the canal). Good beer from Bristol Beer Factory and very nice food at reasonable prices.

8 Dec 2012 11:49

Brickmakers, Swanmore

Gastropub with very good but expensive food. Decent range of ales usually including Bowmans.

16 Nov 2012 19:41

The Brushmakers Arms, Upham

Highly attractive pub in a lovely location. Beer is from the Upham Brewery down the road plus guests. Haven't tried the food.

16 Nov 2012 19:38

The Craft Beer Co, Brighton

One of the new breed of beer geek pubs. This one is better than most with a good range of reasonably priced real ales, expensive keg and extortionate bottles. Good service. For a more traditional pub try Hamptons down the road.

16 Nov 2012 18:57

The Basketmakers Arms, Brighton

Really nice pub with good, fairly priced food. Beer is from Fullers therefore expensive.

16 Nov 2012 18:48

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

No longer has Entire Stout on draught - shame.

15 Oct 2012 00:25

The Ship Inn, Langton Matravers

Pretty good tourist pub with good food and decent beer from Isle of Purbeck & Palmers.

15 Oct 2012 00:23

The Vine, Bursledon

Great little local with good food and a warm welcome. Easily the best pub in Bursledon since the Jolly Sailor sold it's soul to satan many years ago. Only let down by the rather dull choice of beer (Ringwood Best, GK Abbot & Doom Bar)

28 Aug 2012 04:45

Fox and Hounds, Bursledon

Pretty crappy chain pub( seen one Chef & Brewer you've seen them all) but does have good beer - an excellent pint of Goodens Gold on my last visit albeit at a rather pricey �3.55.

28 Aug 2012 04:41

The South Western, St Denys

This is a great pub with great beer. However, it has recently become VERY expensive with the cheapest pint (Swift One) at �3.50 and others at �3.60 or �3.70. This is 80 or 90p more expensive than the Guide Dog. I think they may lose a lot of custom when the Junction reopens at the end of the month.

12 Aug 2012 01:29

The Strathmore Arms, St Pauls Walden

Excellent, unspoilt gem of a pub. Good range of real ales including a house beer from Buntingford and bottled beers from the likes of Kernel and Magic Rock. Highly recommended and not to be missed.

28 Jul 2012 04:09

The Farmers Boy, St Albans

Nice pub with a good range of ales including their own. My pint of mild(forget the brewery) was very nice and the food is pretty good value.

11 Jul 2012 23:48

The King and Queen, Hamble

Not bad but the beer chice is rather uninspired consisting of such dull offerings as L.Pride, Doom Bar and a very sulphurous 6X.

24 Jun 2012 22:43

The Bugle, Hamble

Reasonably decent pub with 3 beers from Bowman and Itchen Valley. Food is OK but over-priced.

24 Jun 2012 22:39

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Still the best pub for beer in St Albans. Not the most characterful place and the TVs are annoying but worth it for the beer.

8 Jun 2012 19:57

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Still maintaining a high standard with a good range of often unusaul ales (XT on my last visit). Still prefer it to the Six Bells.

8 Jun 2012 19:55

The Rising Sun, Berkhamsted

Lovely unspoilt gem in a wonderful location by the canal lock. Good range of local ales from Red Squirrel, Vale etc. Excellent ploughman's. Highly recommended. It's on the cover of the current GBG.

8 Jun 2012 19:52

The Sportsman, Croxley Green

Decent no frills pub with a good range of local beers from the likes of Tring and Buntingford. Note the comments about the landlady below but she was perfectly friendly on our visit.

8 Jun 2012 19:47

The Rockstone, Southampton

Now under new ownership and called the Rockstone. Excellent range of ales including Andwell Mild and Porter. Pricey(�3.20 - �3.40) compared with the nearby(excellent) Guide Dog but I believe it cost a fortune to renovate the place so forgivible. Friendly welcome and the food looked good, although I didn't try any. Probably the best this pub has been in years and well worth a look.

3 Jun 2012 12:43

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Great little Free House with unique African themed decor based on the owner's travels. Two Fuller's ales are suplemented by two from the pub's own Dancing Man Brewery - quality so far has been good. I think Fat Beer Badger was rating a different pub as I've never known Green King beers to be sold here, thankfully.

3 Jun 2012 12:38

The Lordship Arms, Benington

Very hard to fault this pub - friendly with excellent beer and good value food (the jumbo sausage baguette was great and only �4.00). Highly recommended.

24 May 2012 03:21

The Well House, Exeter

Pretty decent pub with a nice view of the cathedral. Good beer from Otter & Exeter breweries. Worth a look.

30 Mar 2012 07:24

The Ship, Exeter

Worth a visit if passing. Nice,but pricey pint of Titanic. Near the cathedral.

30 Mar 2012 06:42

The North Bridge Inn, Exeter

Nice relaxing local's pub with an excellent choice of beer including a stout.

30 Mar 2012 06:40

The Imperial, Exeter

One of only two Wetherspoons I would actually recommend. Grand building in a very impressive setting. The Victorian ironwork orangery is especially impressive.

30 Mar 2012 06:38

The Great Western Hotel, Exeter

Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent beer and VERY convenient for St David's station. Highly recommended.

30 Mar 2012 06:35

The Village, Salisbury

Best pub near the train station and best range of ales in Salisbury. Old -fashioned and friendly.

29 Mar 2012 07:06

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Standard Wetherspoons, same as all the others. Beer is forced through sparklers rendering it tasteless.

29 Mar 2012 07:04

The Cat Tavern, Salisbury

Pretty decent pub which does a nice, good-value(�4.95) breakfast. One real ale (Hampshire Rose) and one cider (Black Rat). Very convenient for the train station.

29 Mar 2012 06:44

The Rose and Crown, Sandridge

Much improved pub with good value food (the brie & bacon baguette was excellent) and well-priced beer with Jennings Cumberland at �2.70. Nice atmosphere and good service. Only let down by the unadventurous choice of ales (L.Pride, Jennings, Marstons). Now probably the best pub in the village.

4 Mar 2012 20:44

The Craft Beer Co, City of London

One of the new breed of' Craft Beer' pubs. Better atmosphere than most and a superb range of real ales with an emphasis on Thornbridge and Dark Star and, of course, lots of ludicrously over-priced, over-hopped and over-alcoholed keg beers. Well worth a look but check the prices before ordering.

25 Feb 2012 12:54

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

A unique institution that demands at least one visit. Very dark and very old. Unfortunately the only real ale is the dull Sam Smith's Brewery Bitter, but worth a look just for the pub.

25 Feb 2012 12:48

The Edgar Wallace, Temple

Excellent cosy and atmospheric with an great selection of ales including 3 stouts/porters. Prices not too bad for the area. Lots of weird bric-a brac including old fag adverts , washing powder boxes!! and lots of Edgar Wallce stuff. Highly recommended.

25 Feb 2012 12:44

The Charles Dickens, Southwark

Basic local's pub with a good choice of cask ales including a mild. Well worth a look if passing.

25 Feb 2012 11:50

Dean Swift, London Bridge

Nice modern pub. Four cask ales with an emphasis on Windsor & Eaton brews(very nice) and some VERY expensive keg craft beers - tried the Stone Smoked Porter at an eye-watering �4.50 for a half and it tasted thin, gassy and cold. Very friendly and attentive service and good food. Highly recommended, but avoid the keg.

25 Feb 2012 11:48

Euston Tap, Euston

Architechturally unique pub with an eclectic range of pricey beers from the likes of Kernal, Mikkeler etc. Worth a look for that one special beer to round off the evening.

1 Feb 2012 23:09

The Bree Louise, Euston

Good range of beers including Dark Star Imperial Stout & Adnams Tally Ho.Reasonably priced for the area. Food is good value, but the( apparently award - winning??) pies pies are not very spectacular and have those pointless puff pastry hats. Very convenient for Euston Station. Shame it's going to be demolished when they build the HS Rail Link.

1 Feb 2012 23:05

The Southampton Arms, Gospel Oak

More -or-less perfect pub. Great atmosphere, fantastic range of ales (including strong ones) and good service. Also has a friendly dog.

1 Feb 2012 22:59

The Pineapple, Kentish Town

Excellent local's pub with a good choice of ales and good value Thai food (all �5.00 at lunchtimes). Highly recommended.

1 Feb 2012 22:56

The Cornubia, Bristol

Ever - reliable and, along with the Bridge, the best pub near Temple Meads. The only pub I always visit when in Bristol. They could do with turning the lights down as it was a bit too bright on my last visit.

7 Dec 2011 07:37

The Bank, Bristol

Popular Free House with an excellent choice of ales including strong ones - a 6.5% IPA on my last visit.Conveniently located and Highly recommended.

7 Dec 2011 07:32

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

More-or-less perfect Bath Ales pub. Always reliable and well worth the walk from the centre. The nearby Hillgrove is also very good.

7 Dec 2011 07:29

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

Can't really fault this place - characterful pub with excellent beer. Owned by Dawkins so on the pricey side, but, nonetheless, highly recommended.. The equally excellent Hare on the Hill is up the road.

7 Dec 2011 07:27

The Bell Inn, Bristol

Now called The Green Man. Excellent little pub pub with excellent beer. On the pricey side, but more than worth it.

7 Dec 2011 07:24

The Highbury Vaults, Bristol

Gem of a pub - unchanged in decades and oodles of character. Owned by Wells & Youngs, but don't let that put you off - along with their dull offerings they offer a good selection of guests from local breweries. On the expensive side but, nonetheless, highly recommended.

7 Dec 2011 07:09

The Robin Hood, Bristol

Somewhat lacking in character but welcoming and a good choice of ales, albeit at premium prices (�3.40). Worth a look if going to the Highbury up the road.

7 Dec 2011 07:05

The Three Tuns, Hotwells

Arbor Ales pub with their own beers + guests at reasonable prices. Not afraid to stock srong/unusual beers. The 7% Mammon was particularly welcome. Now one of Bristol's finest.

7 Dec 2011 07:02

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Hard to fault this small welcoming pub. Good beer(Bath Ales + guests) at very reasonable prices (�2.20 Mon, otherwise �2.70) and good value food. Highly recommended.

7 Dec 2011 06:57

The Kings Arms, Tring

Excellent, welcoming Free House with good beer and very good food. Only downside is the pricey beer (�3.25 - �3.55), but it's worth it. Highly recommended.

28 Nov 2011 20:26

The Bull Inn, Chichester

Excellent, friendly free house with six ales from the likes of Dark Star and Hepworth.The best place to eat O'Hagan's sausages. Interesting collection of potato mashers. Possibly the best pub in Chichester and highly recommended.

21 Nov 2011 06:24

The Alehouse, Reading

Great pub with expensive beer, although they did have one on for less than 3 quid for the first time in ages(others were up to �3.80). Like for like the beers are 20p-40p more expensive here than in the Nag's Head. Is, however, a very nice pub.

14 Nov 2011 20:34

Nags Head, Reading

It's all been said below: Great pub with the best choice of beer in Reading. No sign of it becoming a gay pub as claimed by Jeb Crane(below).

14 Nov 2011 20:29

The Foresters Arms, Reading

Excellent community local of the sort that was common 80 years ago but is now virtualy extinct. Everything a pub should be and a contender for 'best pub in Reading'. Two ales on: Magg's Mild & Downton N.Forest. Well worth seeking out - it's actually not too far from the Nag's Head. Highly recommended.

14 Nov 2011 20:27

The Turf Tavern, Oxford

Famous tourist pub but retaining much of it's character. Apparently owned by Greedy King but sells a large range of guest beers. A bit pricey but cheaper than the Kings Arms. Has a help yourself policy for water from a tap on the bar and a tray of glasses. Despite being rather touristy, it remain a must-visit when in Oxford.

14 Nov 2011 19:29

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Think this is owned or leased by the White Horse brewery and has their beers at a very reasonable �2.40 upwards alongside guests including the excellent Hopback Entire Stout on my visit. Very good service and a nice pub. Highly recommended.

14 Nov 2011 19:25

The Kings Arms, Oxford

Large rambling pub aimed at tourists but retaining much character. Food not bad. Owned by those purveyors of bland beers Wells & Youngs but always has interesting guest beers. Only downside is the price (�3.45).

14 Nov 2011 19:22

The Gloucester Arms, Oxford

Scruffy but likeable rock pub with 2 or 3 interesting ales on. Very near the equally likeable Far From the Madding Crowd.

14 Nov 2011 19:18

Far From the Madding Crowd, Oxford

Very nice for a modern pub. Excellent choice of real ales which are generally on the expensive side (�3.40), but I think one is always available at a more reasonable �2.80. Recommended.

14 Nov 2011 19:15

The Eagle and Child, Oxford

Not quite sure but was expecting this pub to be bad, but it's actually very nice with lots of character and a decent choice of ales at reasonable prices. Makes the most of it's Tolkien/C.S. Lewis connection, but who can blame them? Recommended.

14 Nov 2011 19:12

The John O'Gaunt Inn, Hungerford

Characteful pub with a good range of slightly pricey ales. Apparently owned by Greedy King but only had one of their beers (Old Trip) and five others from local micros (W.Berkshire, Ramsbury etc). Very friendly dog called Barney. Recommended.

8 Nov 2011 08:02

The Gun, Wash Common

Welcoming locals pub with good, reasonably - priced beer(Andwell's Ruddy Darter) and good value food. Friendly bar staff. A bit lacking in atmosphere but, nonetheless, recommended.

8 Nov 2011 07:58

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

Still maintaining a very high standard. Had a wonderful pint of Flowerpots IPA.

28 Oct 2011 23:45

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Had another good curry night here on Wednesday. Excellent beer(best in St Albans) with a Halloween/Autumn theme. Shame about the annoying TVs.

28 Oct 2011 20:02

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Possibly the best value pub in Southampton (Wetherspoons don't count). All the hopback beers including the excellent Entire Stout plus guests (Cimera IPA on this visit). Highly recommended.

28 Oct 2011 19:58

The Organ Inn, Warminster

Excellent pub/art gallery with 3 excellent local ales from Plain etc at a very reasonable �2.70 giving it a slight edge over the equally nice but more expensive Mason's Arse. Highly recommended.

28 Oct 2011 19:55

The Rose and Crown, Warminster

Basic but friendly local with ales from GK plus West Country English Ale at a very reasonable �2.70. Extremely friendly cat.

28 Oct 2011 19:52

The Masons Arms, Warminster

Excellent pub with good home-made food and good local ales - unfortunately only two on during our visit, but I think they normally have four. At �3.00 a pint it's more expensive than the Organ, but nonetheless highly recommended.

28 Oct 2011 19:49

The Tin Goose, Heathrow Airport

If you need a pint in Terminal 1 go here as the airside Bridge bar is rubbish and expensive. Airports are the only place I welcome a Wetherspoons - decent range of beers at a reasonable price (�2.85).

23 Oct 2011 09:02

The Bridge Bar, Heathrow Airport

Acceptable pint of Hobgoblin at an extortionate price (�3.85) and they hand your change back in a dish, presumably expecting a tip - no chance. The landside Tin Goose is much better.

23 Oct 2011 08:58

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Not in the new GBG - shocking. CAMRA really do seem to have it in for this pub. If it closes I shall put a Fatwah on the heads of the local branch.

18 Sep 2011 09:10

The Six Bells, St Albans

Very nice pub with a decent range of ales at a slightly pricey �3.20 and, unfortunatey, served through a sparkler (Favoured by gay Yorkshiremen).
Nonetheless, highly recommended, but not as nice as the excellent Lower Red Lion up the road.

20 Aug 2011 11:06

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

On the face of it this is the perfect pub - lovely, cosy old building with an excellent range of reasonably- priced( �3.10 ) real ales, a real perry, an American Craft beer and the barmaid was very welcoming. It does, however, lack one vital ingredient - customers! This is apparently due to an ongoing childish vendetta waged by the local CAMRA branch and certain previous regulars based on the behaviour of a PREVIOUS landlord. I was personally put off a year or so ago by the high beer prices, but these have now been reduced to a reasonable level, so I will be coming back on a regular basis.I travel from Southampton a couple of times a month and this pub has always been a favorite. I understand that the former regulars have deserted to the Six Bells (nice pub but has a smaller range of beer at higher prices) and the Blacksmiths Arms ( excellent beer but hardly atmospheric). The Lower Red is better on the whole than both these pubs and deserves to survive. As a CAMRA member, I am especially disgusted by the local branch who should concern themselves with beer choice and quality and not any squabbles they may have had with the landlord, past or present. If this pub does not make it into the forthcoming GBG, then the St Albans CAMRA branch need to have a long hard think about what they actually stand for - would they really be happy for this wonderful Free House to close?

20 Aug 2011 11:01

Crooked Billet, Ware

Good, no-nonsense local's pub wuth a decent range of ales at reasonable prices (�3.05 for Butcombe). Worth the trek up the hill.

19 Aug 2011 17:21

The Old Barge, Hertford

Attractive pub in a lovely location by the canal. Good range of ales, only let down by the price (�3.40 for Hophead). Very convenient for the walk along the canal to Ware and beyond.

19 Aug 2011 17:19

Birling Gap Hotel, East Dean

Delighted to find a cask of Legless Rambler behind the bar. They also have Harvey's on draught. Ideal for those walking the coastal path. Note that the pub and cafe are separate.

8 Aug 2011 20:04

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Very attactive pub in a more-or-less idyllic setting on the village green. Acts as the tap for the Beachy Head Brewery down the road so the beer is excellent especially the Legless Rambler if a little pricey at �3.30. Food is also very good. Highly recommended.

8 Aug 2011 20:01

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Very attactive pub in a more-or-less idyllic setting on the village green. Acts as the tap for the Beachy Head Brewery down the road so the beer is excellent especially the Legless Rambler if a little pricey at �3.30. Food is also very good. Highly recommended.

8 Aug 2011 20:01

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Very attactive pub in a more-or-less idyllic setting on the village green. Acts as the tap for the Beachy Head Brewery down the road so the beer is excellent especially the Legless Rambler if a little pricey at �3.30. Food is also very good. Highly recommended.

8 Aug 2011 20:01

The Elephant and Castle, Amwell

Lovely country pub doing very good food. On the downside, it's owned by Greedy King and the beer is VERY expensive - my pint of Sundance was an eye-watering �3.60!! Shame because I really like the pub.

1 Aug 2011 07:14

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Still providing the best beer in St Albans. Not the most atmospheric of pubs and they should get rid of the TVs. Nonetheless, highly recommended.

26 Jul 2011 21:30

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Still excellent in every respect. There should be a pub like this in every street.

26 Jul 2011 21:26

The Red Lion, Boldre

Nice pub, good beer(Ringwood), ok food and very slow/bad service.

26 Jul 2011 21:24

The Kings Head, Yarmouth

Nice pub with good service and good beer (Yates Holy Joe on my visit). Food ok, but not great.

24 Jul 2011 18:15

Old Ship, Lower Swanwick

Nice enough pub. Friendly service, good food, but VERY expensive beer (�3.50 for Discovery). Why are Fuller's pub so expensive?

24 Jul 2011 18:13

Turfcutters Arms, East Boldre

Excellent, unspoilt country pub with good (Ringwood) but pricey beer. Haven't tried the food but it looks ok and is clearly popular.

17 Jun 2011 11:19

The Greyhound Inn, Sydling St Nicholas

Foody sort of a place, but an attractive pub with friendly service and reasonably priced beer - the only pint I had in Dorset for less than 3 quid.I think the Sydling bitter is re-badged Otter. Would visit again if passing.

5 May 2011 20:57

The Hampshire Bowman, Dundridge

Still maintaining a very high standard. Good beer from Bowman's etc and the best bacon & brie baguette in Hampshire. Shows what can be done with a bit of effort and freedom from a greedy pub company / brewery. An Enterprise or Green King pub would never be allowed to be this good.

5 May 2011 20:51

The Sailors Return, East Chaldon

Attractive pub with a pretty good range of beer and a grumpy landlady who seemed pissed off at having to leave her fag outside to come in and serve me. Shame as I've always liked this pub in the past.

5 May 2011 20:45

The Wheatsheaf, Shedfield

Excellent pub with excellent and reasonably-priced beer from Cheriton. Only let down by the grumpy, unwelcoming barmen. Replace him and it will be perfect.

5 May 2011 20:39

The Piddle Inn, Piddletrenthide

Clearly a tourist pub, but not bad. I think it's the unofficial tap for the Dorset Piddle brewery whose beer is served sraight from the cask. Would go back if passing.

5 May 2011 20:36

The Boot, Weymouth

Excellent unspoilt drinking pub. Beer is the full range from Ringwood. Easily the best pub in Weymouth. Highly recommended.

5 May 2011 20:33

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

More Tourist Processing Plant than pub. Attractive on the outside with a corporate, Harvester- style interior. Predictably bland(and expensive) beer from Hall & Woodhouse and mediocre, over-priced food. On the plus side, service was efficient and friendly and you can't deny the attractive location and it's conveniance for those walking the coastal path. I remember this pub from thirty years ago when it was a characterful Free House and then H & W came along and did the same hatchet job as they did on the Jolly Sailor(Bursledon) & Black Rabbit (Arundel).

5 May 2011 20:31

The Weld Arms, East Lulworth

Attractive exterior and ruined modern interior. More gastropub than pub with most seating reserved. Limited beer choice (Courage Best & Skinners). On the plus side, the food was excellent, if pricey, and the service was very friendly. Think of it as a restaurant rather than a pub and it then becomes rather good.

5 May 2011 20:18

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

This is a pub which tries really hard to provide a good service and succeeds. Clearly aimed at tourists but in the best possible way. Excellent food. 6 constantly changing real ales mostly from local breweries and 12 ciders and perries all served stright from the barrel. Not the cheapest place but you certainly get your money's worth. The accomodation is also very good provided you don't mind having your breakfast with dogs. Highly recommended. Also they don't have pretentions about being a restaurant and reserve tables which is a good thing. Far better than the terrible Lulworth Cove Inn

5 May 2011 20:13

Lulworth Cove Inn, West Lulworth

Takes advantage of it's position as the only pub in Lulworth Cove. A real tourist trap and a disgrace. No effort whatsoever to provide a quality service. The place is filthy especially the gent's toilets where the floor was covered in water(or piss?), toilet paper and a broken toilet seat. The only good thing I can say is that my murky, bland pint of Badger wasn't as expensive as I feared.
If anyone from Hall & Woodhouse is reading this, you CAN and SHOULD do better. If you really don't know how to run a pub, have a look at the infinately superior Castle Inn up the road.

5 May 2011 20:05

The Square and Compass, Worth Matravers

Easily the best pub in the area. Highly recommended for it's lovely location, quirky atmosphere, beer and cider. 10/10

5 May 2011 19:57

The Scott Arms, Kingston

Attractive pub with an excellent view of Corfe Castle. Clearly aimed at tourists but reasonably unspoilt. Beer range much improved since my last visit - 4 ales from Ringwood, Purbeck, DBC & Sharps. Food on the pricey side but pretty good.

5 May 2011 19:54

The Chequers, Redbourn

As mentioned below, not bad for a chain pub. Decent food and a nice pint of Goff's. Pretty friendly staff too.

27 Apr 2011 13:27

The Coach and Horses, Compton

Lovely pub in a lovely little village surrounded by excellent walking country. Good choice of beer from the likes of Dark Star and ballards. Food pretty good but pricey.

11 Apr 2011 09:56

The Harp, Covent Garden

More-or-less perfect. Excellent, well-kept and reasonably priced(for the area)beer from local breweries and further afield served by friendly staff in a lovely little pub. Great stained-glass windows. Only downside is, due to it's popularity and small size, it can be heaving in the evening.One of the best pubs in London and highly recommended . 10/10

19 Mar 2011 11:32

CASK Pub and Kitchen, Pimlico

Upmarket and expensive pub with a crap name, but with possibly the biggest choice of beer(British&foreign) in London so one for the beer twitchers. The beer menu is a waste of time as they didn't have the ones I asked for and there were loads on display that were not in the menu, so just point and ask. Food ok but, again, expensive. Modern interior but done quite nicely. Slow service. Worth popping in for a rare beer you won't find anywhere else, but look at the prices first. I notice they sell Westvleteren 12 at �29 a bottle which is not only expensive, but against the wishes of the monks who brew it.

19 Mar 2011 11:26

The William IV, Leyton

Attractive and impressive Victorian pub selling a huge range of beers from the attached brewery(Brodie's) and guests. On the downside, I think the brewery may be over-stretching itself as the beer quality was hit-and-miss(the mild being particularly poor). Maybe it would be a good idea to restrict the range to four or five (rather than 16!!) to ensure consistant quality. But then again at �1.99 a pint maybe it's a bit mean to complain.

19 Mar 2011 11:14

The Grape and Grain, Crystal Palace

The excellent range of well- kept ales served by a friendly landlord was just what we needed after viewing the dinosaurs in the park. On the downside, the pub is a little lacking in character with it's 'contemporary' decor and what a crap name for a pub. None-the-less, highly recommended.

19 Mar 2011 11:03

The Queens Head, Sandridge

Lovely looking pub in a nice setting near the church. Would be nice inside if it wasn't for the rowdy, swearing locals and huge TV screens. Unimaginative choice of beer (Youngs, Adnams, London Pride) at a pricey �3.30 per pint. Could be so much better.

9 Mar 2011 14:49

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

Excellent pub with excellent beer. Highly recommended.

3 Mar 2011 07:41

The Rover, Southampton

Very basic roughish boozer. Only real ale was the incredibly bland Courage Best, but it was �2.50 a pint. Don't feel inclined to go back.

3 Mar 2011 07:38

The Freemantle Arms, Freemantle

One of a number of friendly local boozers in the area making for a good crawl. Beer is Green King, but does include the XX Mild and a guest

3 Mar 2011 07:35

Duchess of Wellington, Freemantle

Basic, but friendly and welcoming local's pub with beer from Wadworth. Worth a look if passing.

3 Mar 2011 07:32

The Giddy Bridge, Southampton

Generic Weatherspoons. You know what to expect - it's the same as the one you went to in Cardiff, York, Glasgow etc....zzzzzzzzzz

3 Mar 2011 07:30

The Red Lion, Southampton

Interesting and historic interior, but getting a little tatty. Nice beer from local breweries and a friendly parrot. Awful loud music(Wham etc).Certainly worth a look.

3 Mar 2011 07:26

The Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Southampton

Hopeless service. Got fed up with waiting and went elsewhere.

3 Mar 2011 07:22

The Platform Tavern, Southampton

Excellent Free House, full of character and with good beers from local breweries and great food. Well worth the trek from the town centre.

3 Mar 2011 07:20

The Plough, Tyttenhanger

Vastly improved since my last visit. Wam welcome from the barman and chef, excellent(if a little pricey) beer from local breweries such as Tring & Buntinford and great home-cooked food. Highly recommended.

6 Feb 2011 09:21

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

Great, friendly backstreet local with good beer from local breweries. More down-market than the nearby King St Tavern, but the two pubs complement each other nicely.

29 Jan 2011 22:27

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

Very attractive up-market pub. Beer is Wadworth's plus a guest. Well worth a look along with the nearby Eldon Arms.

29 Jan 2011 22:23

The Barley Mow, Southsea

More expensive and quieter than the nearby Hole-in-the-Wall, but still a good pub and usually has a dark beer in it's range(Oakleaf Stoker's Stout on my visit). First pub on a great crawl back to the train station( Hole-in-the-Wall, King St Tavern, Eldon Arse, White Swan).

29 Jan 2011 22:20

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Great little pub with excellent beer. Portsmouth's essential visit. Only downside: due to it's popularity, it can be difficult to get a seat in the evening.

29 Jan 2011 22:15

The Phoenix, Southsea

Lovely little pub with interesting theatre-related decor. Good beer from Irving etc.

29 Jan 2011 19:38

The Fifth Hants Volunteer Arms, Southsea

Decent enough Fuller's pub. A little on the rough side, but pretty friendly.There are, however, better pubs in the area(Leopold, Devonshire, Phoenix).

29 Jan 2011 19:35

The Duke of Devonshire, Southsea

Good no-nonsense boozer . Good beer from Irving etc, but wish they wouldn't use swan necks and sparklers as it drives the hop flavour from the beer.

29 Jan 2011 19:31

Leopold Tavern, Southsea

Friendly, attractive pub with excellent beer, only slightly let down by the collection of annoying games machines and TV.

29 Jan 2011 19:27

John Jacques, Portsmouth

Standard Wetherspoons(good, cheap beer & uninspiring decor) with unusually friendly service.

29 Jan 2011 19:25

The Sir Loin Of Beef, Southsea

Excellent Free House with a superb choice of local ales. Interesting, quirky interior and the art work in the gents is well worth a look. A contender for the best pub in Portsmouth.

29 Jan 2011 19:22

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

In response to BARRY2772(below), the Guide Dog scores over the South Western on beer prices (50p lower on average) and a much friendlier welcome from the landlord and landlady who are nearly always present at the bar. The South Western is, of course, still a decent pub and has, to my knowledge and inexplicably, only missed one year(2009-2010) in the GBG in recent times.

8 Jan 2011 08:53

The Kings Head, Salisbury

Attractive on the outside, tatty and rough on the inside, but does do decent beer at low prices (Generally the only reason to visit a Wetherspoons).

8 Jan 2011 08:45

Wetherspoons T4L, Heathrow Airport

This place was a Godsend during the recent snow chaos. providing reasonably-priced, decent ale to numb the horror of it all. In fact, news on their TV was our only source of information, providing what BAA where unwilling or unable to give us. Don't normally have a lot of time for Wetherspoons, but always glad to see them in airports.

8 Jan 2011 08:42

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Excellent as ever, but wish they would turn the lights down a bit as it's very bright.

15 Dec 2010 07:40

The Dolphin, St Denys

Seems to be back on track now. Very busy on Saturday evening with Bowman beer(amongst others) straight from the cask and live music.

15 Dec 2010 07:39

The Portland Arms, St Albans

This is a very nice pub. However, the beer is very expensive(�3.40 for Bengal Lancer). The food is way over-priced for it's mediocre quality. I seem to remember much better quality food in the past which justified the price.Shame, as I would like to visit this pub, but beer is so much more affordable in equally nice pub such as the Six Bells.Perhaps somebody from Fullars can explain why beer in their pubs is so expensive

15 Dec 2010 07:21

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Now easily the best choice of beer in St Albans. 8 or 9 beers on, 5 of them porters!!! Despite Lookmother's comment below, the food, although not award-winning, is pretty good for the money(�8.95 for two meals). The TVs are annoying though.

29 Nov 2010 23:48

The Selden Arms, Worthing

The best range of beers in Worthing and a nice pub, but it does stink - kind of sour damp straw, possibly dry rot. Littlecon, if your piss smells like that, see a doctor.Despite the smell, still an essential visit along with the nearby Swan(which doesn't smell)

29 Nov 2010 23:42

The Swan Inn, Worthing

Really nice friendly pub with a good range of beers. Possibly the best pub in Worthing. Well-worth visiting along with the nearby Seldon Arms and Castle Inn.

29 Nov 2010 23:36

The Hare and Hounds, Worthing

Not a bad pub with ok but expensive beer from Fullars, Youngs etc. Worth a look if passing, but don't go out of your way.

29 Nov 2010 23:33

The Grand Victorian Hotel, Worthing

This pub is worth visiting just to see the fantastic interior - late Victorion Gin Palace style with touches of Art Nouveau. Only downside is the huge TV screen. Beer was Sharps & Harveys at a very reasonable �2.50. Very handy for the station and highlt recommended.

29 Nov 2010 23:31

The Merry Monk, Lancing

Didn't actually eat or drink here(they only had Old Spekled Hen and wern't doing food), but the barman was very friendly and pointed us in the direction of the Farmers where food was available.

29 Nov 2010 23:27

The Farmers, Lancing

Friendly locals pub with a welcoming landlord. Beer choice limited but the Havey's Best was very well kept. Pretty good food too.

29 Nov 2010 23:23

The Crabtree Inn, Lancing

Smart 1930s style pub with an attractive original-looking interior. Good range of beers from local(ish) breweries, the Oakleaf Piston Porter being especially nice. Probably the best pub in Lancing.

29 Nov 2010 23:21

The Castle Inn, West Lulworth

Have driven and walked pass the pub on numerous occasions without entering, assuming it to be yet another establishment buggered up by the tourist trade. How wrong I was - the interior is relatively unspoilt and, although it obviously caters for tourists, it hasn't lost it's soul. The landlady is very welcoming and there is a good choice of 5 ales from Palmers, Sharps, Plain & Dorset Piddle all served straight from the cask along with 14!!! ciders and perries. Amazingly it's not in the GBG. Food is a little pricey but of good quality and the portions are huge. Easily the best option in and around Lulworth. Highly recommended.

16 Nov 2010 00:03

The Admiral Sir Lucius Curtis, Southampton

Possibly Southampton's best Wetherspoons, not that that's saying much. You know what to expect - beer was good.

3 Nov 2010 07:35

The Travellers Joy, Cowes

Excellent, atmospheric and friendly pub with 8 ales on offer. A little too much emphasis on national brands(Tribute, Courage etc) but two beers were from the island. Well worth the walk from Cowes and highly recommended.

3 Nov 2010 07:33

The Union Inn, Cowes

Pleasant, friendly pub with pretty good food and pricey beer from Fullers. Worth a look.

3 Nov 2010 07:25

The Ship and Castle, East Cowes

Lovely, welcoming street corner local, only slightly spoilt by the huge TV. Several ales from interesting breweries such as Clarkes. No IOW beers on my visit. Very handy for the ferry.Recommended.

3 Nov 2010 07:23

The Anchor Inn, Cowes

So-so pub serving a nice (but expensive) pint of Fuggle-de-Dum. Worth a look if passing.

3 Nov 2010 07:20

The Kingston Arms, Cowes

Possibly the best pub in Cowes. Tatty but atmospheric interior and a chatty landlord. Three reasonably priced beers sourced from IOW breweries. Highly recommended.

3 Nov 2010 07:15

The Alehouse, Reading

Still a great pub with excellent beer but is VERY expensive. The Nag's Head is a better bet if you are watching the pennies.

14 Oct 2010 17:20

The Three Guineas, Reading

Zero atmosphere but does do good beer and is very convenient for the train station.

14 Oct 2010 17:18

The Back of Beyond, Reading

OK Wetherspoons with nice outside seating by the canal. Worth popping into on the way back from the Retreat and Eldon Arms.

14 Oct 2010 17:16

The Eldon Arms, Reading

Everything a good local should be and more. Combine it with the Retreat around the corner and you won't be disappointed.

14 Oct 2010 17:14

The Retreat, Reading

Reading's quirkiest pub. An absolute gem and must-visit. Combine it with the Eldon Arms around the corner.

14 Oct 2010 17:12

Nags Head, Reading

Excellent as ever. Sets the standard for beer in Reading. Unfortunately no live sex show from LAURAEVA.

13 Oct 2010 10:03

The Jolly Anglers, Reading

Nice location. Three beers: dull Youngs, so-so Sharps & Jolly Good Bodge(unknown origin).Tried the Sharps which was well kept.Friendly pub dog. Very quiet, but certainly seems to have potential, so will probably give it another go on my next Reading visit.

13 Oct 2010 08:25

The Lyndhurst, Reading

The sort of pretentious, soul-less interior found in pubs everywhere aimed at people who like paying too much for their food and drink. Did, however have a nice, if expensive, pint of Mr Chubb's Lunchtime Bitter. Maybe worth popping in on your way to the far more characterful Retreat or Eldon Arms.

13 Oct 2010 06:25

The King William IV, St Albans

Has now changed it's name to 'Ember Pub and Dining' showing a total disregard for history and locality.Why do the council allow this?This fact, along with the declining choice of beer means I will not be going back which is a shame because it was pretty good a year or two ago.

9 Oct 2010 00:23

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Popped in for the Wednesday night curry - excellent value and a pretty impressive beef vindaloo. Beer choice was superb and now easily the best pub in town for real ale. The Red Squirrel London Porter and Thornbridge Jaipur IPA were paticularly tasty.

8 Oct 2010 22:28

The Coal Exchange, Emsworth

Attractive and friendly local's pub with beer from Fullers and guests(Osset Gold on my visit). Definately worth a go.

26 Aug 2010 22:01

The Gribble Inn, Oving

Payed this pub a visit for the first time in about 18 years and was pleased to find it more-or-less unchanged. Lovely atmosphere and good beer brewed on the premises - my pint of Pig's Ear was excellent. Didn't try the food, but it looked pretty good. Highly recommended.

26 Aug 2010 21:58

The Snooty Fox, Brading

Now called the Dark Horse. Nice pub with excellent food - the cod & chips was superb, if a little pricey.Good local ales(Goddard's Fuggle-De-Dum & Island Nipper) and you can meet Bill & Ben on the way to the toilets.

13 Aug 2010 17:06

The White Swan, Portsmouth

Unusually attractive Wetherspoons. Handy for the station.

11 Aug 2010 07:38

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

Standard Wetherspoons - good cheap beer being the only reason to visit.

11 Aug 2010 07:37

The Solent Inn, Ryde

Fiendly pub with a good range of ales, the Norfolk Nog being especially nice.

11 Aug 2010 07:35

Simeon Arms, Ryde

Backstreet local with nice beer from Goddards. Worth a look.

11 Aug 2010 07:33

The Falcon, Shanklin

Basic local's pub with beer from Fullers(so expensive). Had a nice pint of HSB.

11 Aug 2010 07:32

King Harry's Bar (Glenbrook Hotel), Shanklin

Aimed at tourists, but good beer and a nice garden.

11 Aug 2010 07:31

The Chine Inn, Shanklin

Does this pub ever open?

11 Aug 2010 07:30

The Volunteer Inn, Ventnor

Friendly and unpretentious local's pub.Unfortunately, no local beer, only national brands(Bombadier etc).

11 Aug 2010 07:29

The Crab and Lobster Tap, Ventnor

Attractive pub with an interesting interior full of bric-a-brac.Ok beer from Adnams etc.

11 Aug 2010 07:26

The Eldon Arms, Southsea

Friendly, unpretentious locals pub with beer from Oakleaf, fff etc.

11 Aug 2010 07:24

The King Street Tavern, Southsea

Attractive, realaxing pub with interesting interior decor. Beers from Wadworth with a guest(Titanic Iceberg on my visit). Well worth a look.

11 Aug 2010 07:23

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Service seems to be coming increasingly chaotis in this once excellent pub and a 45 min+ wait for food is now the norm. Will be going elsewhere for a while which is a shame because I really like the pub and especially the beer. I'll give it another go next year and, hopefully, they will have sorted out their problems.
Don't let this put you off if you've never been there as it's still worth a visit.

2 Aug 2010 14:02

The Six Bells, St Albans

This pub has improved considerably since becoming a free house.A good choice af ales from the likes of Buntingford and Oakham served by friendly staff in atmospheric surroundings. The food is pretty good too, if a little pricey. Possibly now the best pub in St Albans.

27 Jul 2010 02:16

The Fox and Hounds, Warminster

Popular and friendly local's pub with good value ale from Wessex brewery.

20 Jul 2010 15:47

The Organ Inn, Warminster

Superb drinker's pub with excellent beer from local micros. Friendly service and a 'try before you buy' policy. Even has an art gallery upstairs. Warminster's essential visit.

20 Jul 2010 15:45

The Peacock, Owler Bar

Chain pub aimed at tourists. Ok beer, ok food, good service.Worth a visit if you need food at 4.00 o'clock in the afternoon, otherwise there are better options nearby, such as the Cricketers at Totley.

12 Jul 2010 14:22

Three Pigeons, Halifax

Excellent pub with a great range of ales from local micros. A must-visit (assuming you like good beer).Interesting and attractive 1930s interior.

12 Jul 2010 06:39

The Eyre Arms, Hassop

Cosy traditional pub with two well- kept ales from Back Sheep and Peak. Good food with decent portions. Worth seeking out.

12 Jul 2010 06:36

The Cricket Inn, Totley

Excellent beer from Thornbridge. Good, but pricey food and friendly service. Modernised interior and a little lacking in atmosphere, but nonetheless well worth a visit.

12 Jul 2010 06:30

Moyles, Hebden Bridge

Good well-kept ales from local micros. Modern, minamalist interior and friendly service. Unfortunalelty, minamalist also describes the food - my shepherd's pie(�9.95) was tiny with no veg etc, more of a snack than a main meal. So, worth popping in for a drink but eat elsewhere.

12 Jul 2010 06:27

The King William IV, St Albans

Disappointing last visit: no more interesting guest beers(had to make do with Timothy Taylor) and the formally excellent Fish & Chips was just plain ordinary. Service still very efficient, however.

20 Jun 2010 15:05

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Used to come here a lot for the Tuesday quiz, but stopped many years ago when Jan left. Popped in for the first time in ages and was very impressed. Very welcoming landlady and beer excellent as ever, especially the superb Entire Stout and only �2.55 a pint. Really can't fault this place. 10/10

8 Jun 2010 16:15

The Royal Oak, Bath

Superb choice of beer - probably the best in Bath.Well worth the walk out of the city centre and an essential visit.

8 Jun 2010 15:26

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Since the demise of Mr Perret's Stout I no longer regard it as an essential visit.Still, however, an interesting pub and should be visited at least once, preferably in the afternoon before it gets too crowded.

8 Jun 2010 15:24

The Star Inn, Bath

Excellent ambience, good beer and friendly, informative barman.

8 Jun 2010 15:20

The Bell, Bath

Scruffy but likeable pub with a good choice of beer. Had no problems with service(see below). Always features on a Bath crawl. Highly recommended.

8 Jun 2010 15:19

The Pig and Fiddle, Bath

Good no -nonsense pub with good beer from Abbey etc. Clearly aimed at a younger crowd but welcoming to all.

8 Jun 2010 15:16

The Raven, Bath

Great pub, great beer, nice pies. What more do you need?

8 Jun 2010 15:15

The Salamander, Bath

Reliably good beer from Bath Ales. Don't know where mattbeer(below) gets his prices from as all real ales were �2.65(Spa) - �2.95(Golden Hare) on my visit which seems pretty reasonable. Food used to be good but is now over-priced : �9.95 for a small burger served on a bit of wood(how pretentious). Would have been ok for a fiver and served on a plate in the way normal people eat their food. Still, however a nice pub and worth a visit for the beer.

8 Jun 2010 15:12

The Tichborne Arms, Tichborne

Excellent, friendly country pub.On the expensive side(beer & food) compared with the nearby Flowerpots and beer served a little too warm on my last visit, but despite this, everything a country pub should be and well worth a visit.Easy walking distance from the equally excellent Flowerpots along the road or various footpaths. Dog friendly so take Fido.

23 May 2010 12:19

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Ignore the last comment. It's for the Evening Star.

18 May 2010 17:14

The Farm Tavern, Hove

Basic back-street local with a welcoming landlord and dull beer from Greeen King. My mate says the food is very good.

18 May 2010 17:08

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Excellent quirky little pub with good beer from Dark Star etc.Their own beers(Kempton) are, in my experience, unreliable and best avoided. For atmosphere it's unbeatable and it's got Victorian porn.

18 May 2010 17:04

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

Nice pub on several levels and with a roof terrace. Good choice of beer, but served a little too warm. Food looked good, but didn't try.

18 May 2010 17:00

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Excellent beer choice(best in Brighton) and quality, but very popular so expect to stand. Toilets still tatty.

18 May 2010 16:58

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

One of Brighton's best. Excellent service and they take their beer quality very seriously.

18 May 2010 16:57

The Pump House, Brighton

Well worth a visit when in the Lanes area. Good selection of beer at reasonable prices.

18 May 2010 16:55

Neptune, Hove

Nice little pub with live music and good beer(Dark Star etc). Full of interesting characters.

18 May 2010 16:53

Connaught, Hove

A bit winebar - ish and expensive, but had a nice pint of 49er. The sort of place where you expect people to go speed-dating.

18 May 2010 16:51

The Avenue, Southampton

Popular, no-nonsense boozer with decent, reasonably- priced beer from Hammerpot etc. Toilets could do with a clean.

6 May 2010 02:22

The Dolphin, St Denys

Open again - will visit at the weekend.

8 Apr 2010 11:17

Old Ship, Lower Swanwick

Used to come here a lot and visited for the first time in over 10 years at the weekend. Pretty much unchanged: pleasant and comfortable. Beer is standard Fuller's and therefore expensive, but the HSB was very well kept.Didn't try the food, but it looked good - may go back and give it a go.

8 Apr 2010 11:15

Rising Sun, Warsash

Visited over the weekend for the first time in over 20 years. Seemed pretty unchanged and still retains some character. Beer is standard Green King so nothing to get excited about there. Didn't eat, but food looked to be standard pub grub.Will maybe go back and try the food after one of our semi-regular River Hamble walks. Excellent 'Strong of Romsey' tile mural on the side of the pub.

8 Apr 2010 11:10

The Bold Forester, Sarisbury Green

Food- orientated pub with the sort of Harvester-style corporate interior designed my a management team with profit margins in mind. Most tables reserved for diners, so don't go just for a drink. Four real ales - the 49er was well kept but served through a sparkler. Had a brie & bacon baguette which was enormous and good value at �5.50 but let down by the poor quality bread.Clearly very popular and presumably aimed at those who put portion size above quality. Won't be going back, but I'm sure it will appeal to many.

8 Apr 2010 11:04

The Hampshire Bowman, Dundridge

First visit this year to an old favourite. Still seems to be doing everything right: local ales (Bowman etc) straight from the cask, excellent brie & bacon baguette in lovely surroundings. See they've got a new dog. Highly recommended.

8 Apr 2010 10:57

The Harp, Covent Garden

Much improved since becoming a free house. Excellent choice of 8 real ales from the likes of Sambrooks and Dark Star and a great atmosphere.Reasonably priced (�3.00 - �3.10) for the area. I saw the comedian Mike McShane in here and he was half the size he used to be on 'Whose Line is it Anyway'

22 Mar 2010 22:10

The Pride of Spitalfields, Shoreditch

Nice little no -nonsense boozer convenient for the curry houses on Brick Lane. Very nice pint of ESB. Expensive,mind, as is the way with Fuller's pubs these days.

22 Mar 2010 22:05

The Railway Arms, Alton

Friendly pub with excellent beer from Triple fff. A few rough,swearing divvy customers. Otherwise, ideal. For food try the excellent Station Cafe over the road.

16 Mar 2010 16:18

The Eight Bells, Alton

Great little atmospheric pub with good beer from Bowman's etc.Very friendly landlady. 10/10

16 Mar 2010 16:14

The Bishop On The Bridge, Winchester

Big pub with little character. Not as expensive as some Fuller's pubs. Only had London Pride and the dull Seafarer's Ale on. The Prize Old Ale(9%ABV) is good value at �3.40 a pint bottle. Other than that, not much to recommend it.

16 Mar 2010 16:11

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

Nice atmospheric pub worth visiting for the excellent Old Thumper.

16 Mar 2010 16:05

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Excellent pub full of character and with great beer from local breweries including Midhurst Mild. A must-visit when in Winchester. 10/10

16 Mar 2010 16:02

The King William IV, St Albans

On the downside, this is a chain pub lacking atmosphere( a bit like an international hotel bar) with that awful tacky Embers Inn sign. However, this one is very well managed. The lady who I assume is the manager is very friendly and helpful as are the other staff. Also the real ale is pretty good and reasonably priced, as is the food which is served all day. Worth a look if you are passing or live nearby.

8 Mar 2010 06:53

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Still excellent with reasonably-priced beer. The Cheriton Porter was sublime. Food good but a bit pricey.

2 Mar 2010 00:58

The South Western, St Denys

Still a great pub with excellent beer, but getting very expensive with the cheapest ale at �3.10

2 Mar 2010 00:56

Turnhouse, Edinburgh Airport

Airports are about the only place a Wetherspoons is a welcome sight.Unlike most other airport bars, the beer is good and reasonably priced.

24 Feb 2010 16:14

The Three Guineas, Reading

Good selection of ales. Zero atmosphere. OK if you are waiting for a train, otherwise I wouldn't bother.

24 Feb 2010 12:51

The Back of Beyond, Reading

Above average Wetherspoon. Worth a look if you are passing.

23 Feb 2010 14:50

Nags Head, Reading

In a word: perfect. Now Reading's best pub and one of my favourite pubs outside Belgium. If you only visit one pub in Reading make it the Nag's Head.

23 Feb 2010 13:55

Zero Degrees, Reading

Not a proper pub, but the pizzas are excellent and the beers make an interesting change. Efficient, friendly service. Much better than the one in Bristol.

23 Feb 2010 13:51

The Hop Leaf, Reading

Not a bad pub. Very quite on my last visit and no Entire Stout available unfortunately. Worth a visit ,but not Reading's best and there are better Hopback pubs elsewhere.

23 Feb 2010 13:44

The Alehouse, Reading

Noted the comment below, but on yesterdays visit the beer was excellent, both in choice and condition. Still a wonderful pub but very expensive with prices from �3.20 - �3.80!! Has lost out to the Nag's Head as my main drinking pub in Reading, but still pop in for one pint.

23 Feb 2010 13:40

The Retreat, Reading

Fantastic little gem of a pub. Several beers from local breweries. On the last vsit there were 5 ladies singing American songs from the 1940s - wonderful. Stayed for an extra beer just to listen. In an ideal world there would be a pub like this in every street.

23 Feb 2010 13:30

The Eldon Arms, Reading

Excellent friendly local. Always have lunch here when in Reading. Food is no-nonsense good value pies etc. Beer is Wadworth of which I am not normally a fan, but they do the Half Pint Mild which is an excellent lunch time beer. Well worth seeking out and the equally excellent Retreat is just roun the corner.

23 Feb 2010 13:24

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Never fails to impress. Southampton' finest.

18 Feb 2010 23:25

Humble Plum, Bitterne

Well managed and popular local.Probably the best beer you'll find in a Wadworth pub.Five guest ales alongside the brewery beers and an excellent pint of the normally unreliable 6X straight from a wooden cask. The Old Timer is also excellent, but give the IPA & Bishop's Tipple a miss(both exceptionally bland).Good value food.Not the most atmospheric of pubs, but well worth a visit nonetheless.

18 Feb 2010 23:23

The Railway Tavern, Bathgate

Unremarkable pub. No real ale.

18 Feb 2010 23:16

The West Port Tavern, Bathgate

Friendly, popular local with a good mix of customers. Best pub I visited in Bathgate. Only downside: no decent beer.

18 Feb 2010 23:14

The Masons Arms, Bathgate

Like something out of Trainspotting. Loud music/karaoke and eccentric customers: woman with her tits hanging out talking about her pussy and an old guy wondering where birds go to die.No decent beer.

18 Feb 2010 23:12

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

One of Edinburgh's must-visits.Good beer from Scottish micros. An absolute gem.Only downside is that it is often packed making access to the bar very difficult, so maybe best appreciated in the afternoon.

18 Feb 2010 23:09

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

An essential visit when in Edinburgh. Good beer from local micros.Very small and can get a bit crowded, but unique and excellent.

18 Feb 2010 23:05

The Crooked Billet, Colney Heath

Attractive and friendly pub. Well kept, reasonably priced(�2.70-�2.80) ales usually including a Tring beer and one from further afield.Had a cheese melt baguette which was ok but not great.Clearly popular with the locals.Has a nice garden for summer drinking.

18 Jan 2010 22:51

Ye Olde White Hart, Hamble

VERY expensive: �3.60 for ESB. It's ony �2.80 in the Guide Dog which is a Free House, not a Fuller's pub. Explain that.

13 Jan 2010 14:51

The Reckless Engineer, Bristol

Not bad and convenient for the station.Not much in the way of atmosphere. Two so-so ales from Otter etc and reasonably priced.

12 Jan 2010 15:32

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Good range of good value ales(especially for CAMRA members). Noisy and bright and clearly very popular. Landlord seems friendly. Still prefer the Cornubia as my final pub before heading back to the station.

12 Jan 2010 15:29

The Cornubia, Bristol

I still love this pub despite what CAMRA or some of the comments below suggest. Had an excellent pint of Totty Pot Porter and spaghetti bolognaise for �1.50 all served by a very friendly barmaid. What more do you need?One of Bristol's finest and, in my opinion, better than the Seven Stars. The only pub in Bristol I always visit.The Gent's toilet always smells of cherryade.

12 Jan 2010 15:26

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Nice friendly little pub with good value Bath Ales - �2 a pint on Monday.

12 Jan 2010 15:21

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Archectecturally impressive pub. Well-kept Fuller's beer including the superb London Porter. Worth a visit.

12 Jan 2010 15:19

The White Lion, Bristol

Lovely little pub worth visiting just to see the Gents toilet. Disappointed to find no Mr Perret's Stout or Station Porter and the Banker's Draught was pretty ordinary. 9/10 for the pub and 6/10 for the beer.

12 Jan 2010 15:15

The Watershed Cafe Bar, Bristol

Pleasent modern pub with good(but pricey) ale from Arbour and Bath.An excellent pre or post- cinema venue.A much better example of this sort of thing than the Tobacco Factory. Worth a look. 8/10 for the beer and 6/10 for the pub.

12 Jan 2010 15:11

The Coronation, Bedminster

Excellent street corner local with good value beers from Hopback.

12 Jan 2010 15:08

Tobacco Factory, Southville

Not impressed. Went for the BBF beer but they only had keg. The stout wasn't bad, but not great either - would be better on cask. Pub is big and tatty and seems to be aimed at mothers and kids. Food is of the pretentious kind for people with imaginary faddy diseases like Gluten Intolerance. Look to the Watershed to see how this sort of thing should be done. Won't be going back. 4/10 for the beer and 0/10 for the pub.

12 Jan 2010 15:03

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Excellent, friendly little pub. Heaven for cider drinkers, but also caters for ale drinkers like me with 3 beers from Bath Ales etc. Good value comfort food. Essential if you're visiting the SS Gt Britain. This is Wallace & Gromit's local. 10/10 for the pub and 10/10 for the cider/beer.

12 Jan 2010 14:57

The Lion And Lobster, Brighton

Fantastic afternoon in this pub enjoying the "Festival" ale, followed by live Jazz music in the evening. Good atmosphere for a large pub.

9 Jan 2010 16:22

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Look out for the interesting display of Victorian porn on the ceiling.

9 Jan 2010 16:17

The Freemasons Tavern, Hove

Very pleasantly surprised with this place - superb Christmas Ale (8% !) and although was too late to order food - they gave us Roast Potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding free!! Very comfortable atmosphere.

9 Jan 2010 16:15

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Still painfully quiet - we were the only customers. Why do the locals dislike it SO much, and why is the Six Bells SO much more preferable? I have happy memories of the pub and want it to stay open.

5 Jan 2010 11:31

The Chequers, Redbourn

Unusually friendly chain pub with an acceptable range of beer.Food ok but expensive.Good service.In general - ok.

5 Jan 2010 11:26

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Tried the food this time - was pretty good and ver good value at �7.95 for two meals.Beer still good. TVs still annoying.

5 Jan 2010 11:23

The Compasses, Littley Green

Still excellent. Hard to fault, although the service can be slow when busy. Had an excellent pint of Farmer's Spiced Plum Ale and a Huffer. Now one of my favourite pubs.

5 Jan 2010 11:20

The Six Bells, St Albans

Seems to have taken over from the Lower Red as the area's in-pub, although it's more expensive and the beer range is not so interesting.Very cosy but matbe a bit too foody for my liking( food did look good, however).Clearly very popular.

5 Jan 2010 11:18

The Star Inn, Thaxted

Seemed pretty friendly with a good choice of Anams beer, although my pint of Old Ale was served too cold.Weren't doing tea because the kitchen was closed ????????? Clearly tea making now requires a chef.

5 Jan 2010 11:13

The Hole in The Wall, Southsea

Excellent as ever and can now be combined with a visit to the Barleymow down the road.

24 Dec 2009 14:15

The Barley Mow, Southsea

Visited for the first time last weekend. Very friendly. Made to feel very welcome by the landlady and customers, especially the two nice ladies sat at the bar. Beer choice is excellent and enjoyed a wonderful pint of Bottle-Wrecked Porter. Just down the road from the equally excellent Hole-in-the Wall. Worth the tain ride from Southampton.

24 Dec 2009 14:13

The South Western, St Denys

In again at the weekend. 9 beers on, 8 of which from local..ish breweries.The ones I tried were, as always, in tip-top condition.It's a disgrace this pub didn't make it to the GBG. What are the local CAMRA branch on? Surely this pub is everything they stand for.

15 Dec 2009 12:13

Ye Olde George Inn, Christchurch

Pub seems to be aimed at tourists but appears to do everything right: unspoilt interior, friendly service, excellent beer from the Piddle Brewery and reasonable food(don't, however, like crisps with my baguette).

14 Dec 2009 11:23

The Junction Inn, St Denys

Very nice pub, but don't understand why it's in the Good Beer Guide as it only does the nationally available GK brands. The SW Arms down the road is far better for beer quality and choice.

14 Dec 2009 09:27

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Payed a second visit on Saturday. Beer still good (Dark Star Hophead). Main complaint is still the TVs, although I think there may be one less now.

7 Dec 2009 11:52

The Cross Keys, St Albans

Typical and unremarkable Wetherspoons just like all the others all over the country. Does, however, do good cheap ale which is about the only reason to visit. Apparently, the hot chocolate is good as well if you like that sort of thing.

7 Dec 2009 11:49

The Dolphin, St Denys

Another surprising omission from the GBG.Both this & the S. Western have a better range and quality of ale than the Junction and both, unlike the Junction support local breweries.CAMRA please explain.The Juction is a nice pub, but the GBG is supposed to be about beer.

24 Nov 2009 09:04

The South Western, St Denys

I don't understand why this pub didn't make it into the current GBG.I was in over the weekend and the beer selection and quality was, as always, excellent. Seems particularly strange that the Junction(nice pub, but predictable Green King beers) made it into the guide but not the far superior S. Western. What's going on CAMRA?

23 Nov 2009 07:00

The Jolly Sailor, St Albans

Pretty decent locals pub. Attractive exterior and interior and a friendly welcoming barmaid.Don't normally rate the Wells-Youngs beers finding them a bit bland, but the Winter Warmer was excellent.Found the TVs in the public bar distracting, but were clearly popular with the locals. You ca escape to the quieter lounge.Was my first visit and would probably go back - the food looked pretty decent.

15 Nov 2009 14:34

The Blacksmiths Arms, St Albans

Popped in over the weekend for the first time and was pretty impressed. A little too Wetherspoons..ish for my liking, but the beer range and quality was excellent(especially liked the Oakham Atila) and the staff were welcoming.On the down side the several TVs were a bit distracting.Noted the comments about the food below, but didn't try.However, what others were eating looked pretty good so may have a go next time. Beer and food is all reasonably priced. Understand it used to be a bit rough, but doesn't seem that way now and certainly deserves more than it's current score of 4.4 The landlord is clearly trying hard so give it a go.

15 Nov 2009 14:26

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Good points: lovely location, nice looking pub, rasonable quality beer.

Bad points: dissappointing interior, expensive, terrible service.

A better bet for a proper pub is the Vine in the High Street.

Mike Tucker, if you are willing to pay �3.90 for Peroni (mass-produced, low quality Italian lager) the you are a Marketing Man's dream. Try Magners next as that's also low quality and vastly over-priced but well marketed.

11 Nov 2009 13:22

The New Inn, Southampton

Now called 'Inferno' Looks crap so didn't go in.

11 Nov 2009 08:04

The Prince Albert, Brighton

Good reliable pub, conveniently positioned between the excellent Lord Nelson and Evening Star. Very popular and deservedly so.

11 Nov 2009 08:00

The Evening Star, Brighton

Always excellent and probably the best pub in Brighton, depite the filthy toilets - Landlord please take note.

11 Nov 2009 07:57

The Lord Nelson, Brighton

Always excellent. 10/10

11 Nov 2009 07:21

The Greys, Brighton

Friendly, atmospheric pub with an excellent range of bottled belgian ales. Welcoming and knowledgable barman.

11 Nov 2009 07:19

The Constant Service, Brighton

Friendly backstreet local. Harveys beers but, unfortunately, only the rather plain Olympia on when we visited. Very welcoming barmaid.

11 Nov 2009 07:16

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Excellent, idiosyncratic boozer. Much improved since their own unreliable beers have taken a back seat to be largely replaced by beers from Dark Star, Arundel etc. Unique and excellent.

11 Nov 2009 07:12

The Pump House, Brighton

Nice friendly, attractive pub with a good range of ales, but please ditch the sparklers as creamy beer is for gay northerners. Food reasonably priced and decent. Worth a visit when in the area.

11 Nov 2009 07:08

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley


28 Oct 2009 00:55

O'Neills, Heathrow

Now the Bridge Bar. Better service & food than when it was O'Neils(could hardley be worse), but the beer choice is still rubbish with no real ale. The landside bar (3 Bells ?) is still a much better option.

26 Oct 2009 23:30

The Clarence Tavern, Gosport

Good pub. Great beer.

26 Oct 2009 23:18

Queens Hotel, Gosport

Excellent, friendly backstreet local with a superb choice of ales. Well worth seeking out.

26 Oct 2009 23:17

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Excellent quality, superb value beer in a simply lovely pub.Foods pretty good as well.A must - visit.

26 Oct 2009 23:14

The White Hart, Dunmow

Nice pub, but kind of spoilt by the TV. Also a bit quiet.Beer brewed on the premises is good but not great. Still worth a visit.

26 Oct 2009 22:28

The Compasses, Littley Green

Fantastic pub with great atmosphere and excellent, reasonably-priced East-Anglian ales straight from the cask. The Huffers are great too. Don't miss. 10/10

26 Oct 2009 22:26

O'Neills, Heathrow

Terrible. The landside pub is infinately better

10 Sep 2009 11:42

The White Lion, St Albans

I thought it was an anteater.

3 Sep 2009 16:58

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Seems to be improving with quite a few customers on the last visit. Drinks still expensive, however.

3 Sep 2009 16:53

The Anchor Bleu, Bosham

Lovely old pub as yet unspoilt. Good local ales (expensive mind) and good food. Location couldn't be better.

1 Sep 2009 15:50

The Lordship Arms, Benington

Excellent country pub.Superb beer, good food and very friendly. Well worth seeking out. 10/10

16 Jun 2009 06:57

The White Lion, St Albans

Charming, friendly pub with a reasonable range of ales: the Titanic Lifeboat being especially nice.Well worth seeking out as there are a number of other good pubs nearby - White Harte Tap, Goat, Gaibaldi.

18 May 2009 18:47

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

Still excellent as ever with a great range of beers and a landlord who looks like Hulk Hogan.Now a contender for best pub in Southampton.

11 May 2009 19:36

The Railway Inn, Westbury

Handy for the station but beer was poor and expensive: �3.00 for a slightly past it's best pint of Bombadier.

11 May 2009 19:34

The Griffin, Frome

The third essential pub in Frome after the ' Lamb ' & 'Lamb & Fountain'. Very friendly, a good atmosphere and excellent Milk Street beers. Shame it doesn't open until 4pm but never mind.

11 May 2009 19:31

The Lamb and Fountain, Frome

Absolute gem. A genuine 'Life on Mars' experiance circa 1971. Very friendly staff and locals and an esential visit when in town. Not much for ale drinkers(Old Speckled Hen), but there is Rich's cider. Just one suggestion: get a more interesting beer from the Milk Street Brewery down the hill. Otherwise excellent.And there's a great view over Frome from the back bar.

11 May 2009 19:26

The Lamb, Frome

Excellent food & beer. The Lamb Ale being especially wonderful. Very friendly barmaid. The locals think it's expensive but, coming from Southampton, it seems very reasonable (�2.50 a pint).
Last came in here 10 yrs ago when it was a tip with the landlord's repulsive children insulting the customers. How times have changed. Well done Blindmans. A must visit when in Frome.

11 May 2009 19:21

The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

Puzzled by some of the comments below. Popped in twice recently and everything seemed fine. Beer was excellent and bar staff very friendly. Just wish I lived nearer. Still the best pub in town.

20 Apr 2009 18:45

The Baton, Marshalswick

Typacal estate pub with so-so beer (the bland Bombadier and Youngs Bitter).Probably more appealing to lager drinkers. Friendly enough though.

20 Apr 2009 18:41

The Old Cross Tavern, Hertford

Great city-centre boozer with a fine selection of ales making a welcome break from the McMullen ales in most of the other Hertford pubs. Also better than the over-priced White Horse. Hertford's essential visit.

20 Apr 2009 18:32

The Woodman, Wild Hill

Excellent, friendly country pub that does everything right.Superb beer - really liked the York Centurian's Ghost.Food good and reasonably priced. Well reccommended.Just one complaint: wish the landlord would tell some of his locals to stop swearing loudly at the bar.

20 Apr 2009 18:28

The Bree Louise, Euston

Excellent choice of reasonably priced ale(especially for Camra members). Food good value, but the pies have those stupid tasteless puff pastry top hats.Not a real pie in my view.Very friendly staff and daft pies apart, well worth a visit.

1 Feb 2009 15:03

The Cross Keys, Covent Garden

The epitome of the quirky London boozer. Take your foreign friends - they will love it. Good ale including Brodies which is reasonably priced for the area and good value food.The low lighting only goes to enhance the atmosphere. Probably best visited in the afternoon as it may get very crowded later. Well recomended.

1 Feb 2009 14:59

Flying Horse, Gatwick Airport

Not at all bad for an airport pub. Had my last pint(Exmoor Gold) before a dry three weeks in Libya. Infinately better than the terrible O,Neils at Heathrow Terminal 3.

30 Jan 2009 16:29

O'Neills, Heathrow

The food here is truly terrible. Avoid at all costs. Just goes to show how organisations like O'Neils take the piss out of a captive audience. I was on my way to Nepal and this was the worst(and most expensive) food and beer I had in over two weeks. Makes me ashamed to be British.(No, O'Neils aren't Irish).

30 Jan 2009 16:26

The Cornubia, Bristol

Good as ever on my yearly visit.Great range of guest beers if you don't trust the sometimes unreliable Hidden beers. Especially impressed by the Wessex Russian Stoat.

13 Dec 2008 14:00

The Bank, Bristol

Great little pub with good beer - nice pint of Moor Peat Porter

13 Dec 2008 13:38

The Merchants Arms, Hotwells

Excellent boozer serving my favorite beer - Bath Ales Festivity.

13 Dec 2008 13:36

The Portcullis Inn, Bristol

Great little boozer with very good but pricey(�3+) beer.

13 Dec 2008 13:30

Grain Barge, Bristol

Dissappointed to find no real ale on a Friday lunch time. Opted for the bottled milk stout instead which was very nice. Food good but a bit fussy.

13 Dec 2008 13:28

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Excellent little pub. Orgasmic pint of Bath Festivity.

13 Dec 2008 13:25

The White Lion, Bristol

Lovely pub. Unfortunately the usually excellent Station Porter was a bit sharp. Hope it's a bit better by the time of my next visit or I won't be going back.

13 Dec 2008 13:22

The Three Guineas, Reading

Yeah, but what's the beer like?

13 Dec 2008 13:18

The Wellington Arms, Southampton

Now more-or-less perfect.

9 Dec 2008 16:23

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

More or less perfect.

21 Sep 2008 11:11

The South Western, St Denys

Had a fantastic Saturday afternoon here drinking pints of Hopback Entire Stout and Yates YSD. Sublime

21 Sep 2008 11:10

The Half Moon, Hitchin

Excellent friendly local with great beer and good value food. Wish there were more pubs like this. Probably the best pub in Hitchin.

17 Aug 2008 14:08

The Jolly Sailor, Burseldon

Lovely setting and a lovely looking pub exterior.Inside the pub is of the soulless corporate variety. The service is absolutely atrocious - VERY slow and incompetent. Food is okay, but expensive(�10 - �15 for standard pub dishes). Beer is generally well kept(Hall & Woodhouse) if you don't mind waiting 10 minutes to be served.

6 Jul 2008 13:36

The Four Chestnuts, Chichester

Excellent friendly local with great local beers from the likes of Arundal, Langham and Oakleaf. Probably the best pub in Chichester.

29 Jun 2008 12:50

The Cross Keys, Harpenden

I think the comments below are a little unfair.Yes, the landlord does come across as a bit miserable, but the lady who delivered the food was very friendly.The pub itself is really nice and the other customers were fine. Beer was good (Rebellion IPA) and the food was pretty good value standard pub grub. Would probably go back.

22 Jun 2008 14:47

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Far and away the best pub in Bevois Valley if not Southampton.

15 Jun 2008 15:37

The New Inn, Southampton

What has happened to this once great local?

15 Jun 2008 15:36

The Standing Order, Southampton

Great place for a fight with the dole funded pond life from the St Mary's flats.Nice queue of alcoholics just before opening.

15 Jun 2008 15:29

The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Has this pub closed?

15 Jun 2008 15:21

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

I really like this little pub. Unchanged in the 25yrs I've been visiting Winchester and always sells Ringwood Old Thumper. Along with the Back Boy and Hyde Tavern, a must-visit.

15 Jun 2008 15:16

Smugglers Inn, Osmington Mills

loved this pub 25yrs ago. But then Hall and Woodhouse bought it and turned it into a 'Flagship Pub' ie ripped out the interior along with all it's character and turned it into a genric Harvester type food pub.Still, the setting is lovely and the beer ok. The same brewery did likewise with the Jolly Sailor on the Hamble River and I've never forgiven them for that either. Not to mention buying and closing King and Barns Brewery.Gits!!

1 Jun 2008 15:38

Bankes Arms Hotel and Country Inn, Studland

This is a lovely pub and well worth visiting for the views alone. The beers brewed on the premises are good, but not great and supplimented by guest beers from the likes of the excellent Triple F.
The downside is the food, which,although not bad is nowhere near good enough to justify the high prices(�9.95 for a prawn salad which had enough prawns but was accompanied by poorly drained lettuce and not much else).Also service for the food was very slow resulting in a huge queue which obscured the menu board.One person was understandably upset that they would not sell him a side order of chips without ordering a main meal.
In summary: visit for the view and beer, but eat elsewhere.

1 Jun 2008 15:24

The Retreat, Reading

Quite simply:

20 May 2008 15:42

Nags Head, Reading

Fantastic friendly pub with amazing beer including milds'stouts,porters etc.Absolute must-visit.

20 May 2008 15:11

The Three Stags Heads, Wardlow Mires

Fantastically atmospheric pub with great beer. Yes the landlord is a bit miserable, but his wife is friendly. Definitely not to be missed.
I hear Jarvis Cocker gets in here.

11 May 2008 20:40

Coach and Horses, Dronfield

Excellent beer and very good, but pricey food.Staff are very friendly and helpful.

11 May 2008 20:37

The Three Horseshoes, Marlow

Beer is very good, but a bit pricey.The Rebellion mild was especially tasty.Food looked good(didn't try), but also a bit pricey.Pub a bit lacking in atmosphere and clearly geared up for food.Worth a visit, but the Royal Standard in Wooburn Common is a better bet(for food & beer) when in the area.

4 May 2008 20:52

The Royal Standard, Wooburn Common

Excellent beer and good food.

4 May 2008 10:20

Neptune, Hove

Good down-to-earth boozer,with nice ale from Dark Star.

29 Apr 2008 15:43

The Evening Star, Brighton

Along with the Lord Nelson, Brighton's best pub and very convenient for the station. An essential visit.

29 Apr 2008 15:41

The Prince Albert, Brighton

Nice lively pub with good beer from Hepworth Brewery.Worth a look before going to the Lord Nelson down the road.

29 Apr 2008 15:39

The Lord Nelson, Brighton


29 Apr 2008 15:37

The Hand In Hand, Brighton

Excellent little pub, full of character. However, the pubs own beers are pretty terrible - the Olde Trout tasted like vinegar. Thankfully the guest beers from Dark Star were wonderful.
Please fit the leak in the toilet ceiling, as I had a very damp crap.

29 Apr 2008 15:36

The Duke Of Wellington, Shoreham by Sea

Excellent Dark Star beer in a good friendly, no-nonsense boozer. Well worth a visit.

29 Apr 2008 15:32

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

Excellent and very friendly local convenient for the station.Beer choice and quality superb. Food not too impressive, but good value.

29 Apr 2008 15:29

The Buckingham Arms, Shoreham by Sea

Excellent and very friendly local convenient for the station.Beer choice and quality superb. Food not too impressive, but good value.

29 Apr 2008 15:29

The Chough, Salisbury

Recently rescued by the Hidden Brewery. Appears to have dumped the stupid 'Alchemy' prefix. Good range of ales and the food looked good - didn't try.Service a bit slow, but well worth a visit.

20 Apr 2008 12:52

Waterend Barn, St Albans

Good value beer and food, but totally chaotic service -very slow and confused and they run out of such essentials as water and change?

13 Apr 2008 15:36

Engineers Arms, Henlow

Excellent boozer with fantastic beer. Just what a pub should be.

2 Mar 2008 15:17

The Stone Jug, Clophill

Really nice pub with reasonable range of well - kept ales.Food used to be excellent, but on the last visit, my steak & Kidney pie was more frey bentos than home-made. Girlfriend's prawn salad was pretty impresive though.

2 Mar 2008 15:16

The Bag O' Nails, Bristol

Good basic boozer with a good choice of ales. In it's own way, perfect.Have a meal in the Hope & Anchor then come here for the beer.

26 Feb 2008 15:12

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol

Very friendly pub - the landlord offers free beer tasters. Food is very good and a pretty good choice of beer, but not as good as the Bag O'Nails down the road.

26 Feb 2008 15:09

Zero Degrees, Bristol

beer interesting rather than good.Sterile and souless. Worth one visit for something a bit different.

26 Feb 2008 15:04

Colston Yard, Bristol

All a bit contemporary and sterile and not really a pub. Beer quality good, but Butcombe beers are a little lacking in variety.Food not bad, but a little pricey. Won't be going back but I'm sure it will appeal to others.

26 Feb 2008 15:01

The Victoria, Clifton

Great little pub.Lovely atmosphere and great beer. The honeyed stout was wonderful. Well worth seeking out.

26 Feb 2008 14:48

The White Lion, Bristol

Superb little boozer.Fantastic beer - Mr Perret's Stout AND Station Porter. WOW!! Don't miss the Spiral staircase to the gent's loo.

26 Feb 2008 14:44

The Retreat, Reading


14 Feb 2008 20:01

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Interesting pub, with some srange characters. Well worth visiting for the Mr Perret's Stout.

15 Jan 2008 15:06

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

nice little boozer with good beer. Rather similar to the Volunteer Rifleman round the corner.

15 Jan 2008 15:05

The Volunteer Riflemans Arms, Bath

Lovely little pub. with a good selection of ale, which would be better served without the swan necks.

15 Jan 2008 15:03

The Salamander, Bath

Superb beer and a really excellent, friendly pub. The pint of Bath Ales Festivity was sublime. Food pretty good too.Along with the Raven over the road, well worth seeking out. !0/10

15 Jan 2008 15:00

The Raven, Bath

Very good selection of beer, always in good condition. Food very good too - the Mr Porky pie was lovely. One of bath's best.

15 Jan 2008 14:57

Inn On The Green, Horfield

Large choice of beer - maybe too large with quality suffering at the expense of choice.Also a number of ciders if you like that sort of thing. Worth visiting if you're going to the(better) Welington down the road.

15 Dec 2007 13:06

The Wellington, Horfield

Had a pint of Bath Ales Festivity here. It was probably the best beer in the world.

15 Dec 2007 13:02

The Robin Hood's Retreat, Bishopston

Good range of beer and VERY expensive food. So drink, don't eat.

15 Dec 2007 13:00

The Dolphin, St Denys

Great pub and great beer. Very convenient for the station. Come here the go to the SW Arms on the other side of the station. You won't be dissappointed.

15 Dec 2007 12:58

The South Western, St Denys

Great local with excellent beer and a friendly atmosphere.Very handy for the station.Along with the Dolphin over the tracks and maybe the Junction down the road, makes for a great evening out. Almost makes it worth moving to St Denys.

15 Dec 2007 12:55

The Waterloo Arms, Freemantle

Everything a local should be. Worth visiting just for the Entire Stout.

13 Dec 2007 17:35

The Wellington, Horfield

Recently visited for the first time.No food due to kitchen being renovated. Beer (Bath Ale's Festivity) was truly excellent.

13 Dec 2007 17:18

The Duke Of York, Bristol

Unusual pub - like Santa's grotto inside.Good beer and a nice friendly barmaid. Recommended.

13 Dec 2007 17:16

The Guide Dog, Bevois Valley

Excellent little local with great beer from a variety of unusual ales.

13 Dec 2007 17:08

The Rai D'Or, Salisbury

Yes I agree with comments below.As soon as I'd finished my(excellent) Thai meal was given the bill presumably because people were waiting for a table. VERY rude!! Won't be going back.

13 Dec 2007 17:01

The Hillgrove Porter Stores, Bristol

Great pub with great beer and a friendly barmaid.Highly recommended along with the Hare on the Hill down the road.

13 Dec 2007 16:55

The Hare On The Hill, Bristol

Really can't fault thas pub. Superb beer from Bath Ales and excellent food.Well worth seeking out along with the Hillgrove Porter Store down the road.

13 Dec 2007 16:51

The Cornubia, Bristol

Great pub and very convenient for the station.Beer range is excellent - especially impressed by the Wessex Russian Stoat(9%!!!!)

13 Dec 2007 16:49

Humble Plum, Bitterne

Good range of beers and excellent value food.

13 Dec 2007 16:46

The Miners Arms, Bristol

Really liked this pub.A good old local with good beer and a really nice dog called Maurice and another one called Nelson that's only nice if you have crisps.

13 Dec 2007 16:42

The Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton

Really nice pub with great beer brewed across the yard.The Stottidge Stout was one of the finest ales I've ever tasted.The Hop Dog wasn't bad either.Well worth the trip.

13 Dec 2007 16:40

The Hampshire Bowman, Dundridge

Spent all afternoon Sunday in this wonderful pub. Beer was superb as was the food.Well worth going out of the way for.

13 Dec 2007 16:35

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