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BITE user comments - Wezzielad

Comments by Wezzielad

Union Rooms, Batley

Reminds me of a brighter version of the accrington spoons. Very small by spoons standards. Ales wise it has 2 guest ales and a cider, went for Brains SA at 2 pound a pint, it was fine. Interesting characters here, a bit sad overall a spoons so a solid option, bit further away from the station than i was expecting. Oh, and the carpet is definitely one that catches the eye.

21 Sep 2018 17:11

Society Rooms, Stalybridge

A spoobs which isn't vig but has been given the impression that it is, very tall ceiling to this place. Quiet when i was in. Ales included, Titanic Anchor, Oakham Green Devil, Phoenix Wobnly Bob, Phoenix Mild, and Elland 1872 porter. I went for The Anchor at 1.99, decent beer in decent condition. Quite a modern spoons so it lacks even more charm. Stalynridge as a town seems pretty poor for pubs so worth a look in.

13 Aug 2018 16:54

The Ash Tree, Ashton Under Lyne

This spoons has an odd lay out, from it's main entrance you are met with a flight of stairs which leads to the bar, there's also a seating area before the stairs to the left. Theres also seating further on from the bar abd yo the tifht if the bar, the bar is a H shape. Ales were Ruddles Best, Doom Bar, Abbot, Moorhouse Pendle witches brew, Kelham Best, Elland Lanky Jack, Moorhouses Blonde Witch, Moorhouses Black Cat. Went for the Black cat at 1.99 a pint (Monday price). Decent, chilled out spoons with deceht staff abd friendly staff.

13 Aug 2018 16:07

The Upsteps Inn, Oldham

The only spoons left in oldham town centre. Smaller than i was expecting, and much more busy than i was expecting. There's a long S shaped bar almost, with a disappointing amount of ales to say it's so big. The pub itself jas mosr if it's seats right within the bar area, with a few seats upstairs. There are also a few booths which is quite interesting. The ales on were Ruddles Best, Abbot , Bitter and Twisted by Harvistoun, Titanic Iceberg, Wychwood Hobgoblin IPA and Moorhouses Blonde Witch. I went for a pint of Blonde Witch at 1.99, not a bad beer and well kept. If you're around Oldham i don't see why you wouldn't pop in for one.

13 Aug 2018 14:21

Old Bridge Inn, Kirkstall

I just bobbed in here. It's a very interesting layoit. Thought I'd try a half of the newishly brewed brudenell ipa, very decent and not too expensive for how the keg beers which are stronger seem to get priced (2.70) saying that, it is the brewery tap. They had a good selection of handpull, at least 8, half their own and half guests. I'd definitely look at coming back and trying some more heers.

21 May 2018 17:49

The Old Unicorn, Bramley

I'm assuming the reviewer below meant Timothy Taylors, not Tim Martin. On the off chance he did mean the latter then it's still one of them. It's a newly done out wetherspoons which is quite big, they have a fair few ales on. Big beer garden and also has a fire place for the winter months. It seems a bit out of place considering the area it's in. Punters in here seemed pretty friendly and down to earth types. If you're in the area then pop in. I couldn't see any other pubs around here so it may be your only choice

21 May 2018 17:07

Three Hullats, Chapel Allerton

Quite small by Wetherspoons standards but it's a comfortable place which looks like it was an interesting building in it's past life. It has the usual pictures of the area back in the day. They had about 10 hand pumps, with one sporting a real cider. I went for a pint of Naylor's Blonde, a nice pint at 2.45 and very well kept. The pub advertises that they've sold 1015 pints of real ale in the last month. Bar lady seemed quite friendly. Quite a tranquil place, worth a visit if in the area.

8 May 2018 11:24

The Lord Wilson, Huddersfield

A big room of a spoons with a chandalier. Quite poor on the ale front, had ruddles, doom bar and abbot and Live and Let Rye by Elland, Golden by bradford brewery and Beyond the pale by Elland. Went for live and let rye by Elland, good beer at 2.15 pint and well kept. Quite a comfortable spoons, similar to the Cherry Tree, (cherry tree had a better selection). Not a bad spoons if you fancy a visit.

10 Apr 2018 18:59

Ilkley Riverside Hotel, Ilkley

Came in here as I suggested it and I shall be the one to bed it in. Not sure exactly what the riverside markets itself as, as I don't come in enough. It's probably aimed at drinkers but it has rooms and a separate room for dining. It's in a bit of an awkward spot so it may be aimed at diners but it is in the park and decent to have a drink on a nice summers day out front. The bar itself is in an S type shape. And faces the area where the drinkers can sit. Ales on were Saltaire Blonde, Timothy Taylor Landlord, Tetleys Bitter, Ilkley Mary Jane. Went for a pint of Mary Jane at 3.35, in decent condition ( they also use the autovacs). The bar seating area itself is all leather seats, quite comfortable, with a fire at one end of the room. Some decent background music and they do show sports on a projector. Various pictures of old ilkley and the moor. Decent enough place but there's better options in Ilkley.

28 Mar 2018 15:33

The Dick Hudsons, Bingley

For what it is this is a good pub. Good as a restbite at the end of a walk from Ilkley or wherever over to this pub. It's a gastropub but it does feel like it has a bit of character to it. It's quite big as well with a few separate areas around the pub. Dogs are allowed in the area which faces the bar. They have a decent selection of keg beers and ales that were on when i was in were quite 'safe', Taylors Golden Best, Taylors Landlord, St Austell Tribute, Black Sheep Best Bitter. I went for a pint of Estrella and also Landlord (at 4.40), Landlord was in good condition. The food is a bit if a let down, 11.95 for the steak and mushroom pie and it looks like it's going to be good value with a big bowl and a big head created by the pastry on top. However, the pastry is able to give the impression that there's a lot of filling inside when there isn't. It wasn't a poor amount of filling but it was disappointing. The impression I've got is this pub is aimed at trying to be a '3 course meal' type place, which destroys the charm to some extent. Would I recommend coming? If you're in the area it's worth a drink and may be a cheaper bite (like one of the sandwiches). But it's not one to seek out in and of itself. I would be tempted to come back if I was doing the ilkley to dick hudsons walk in the summer as it has a large beer garden, but i wouldn't drive over there just to go to this pub.

27 Mar 2018 10:02

The City Arms, Manchester

A good city centre pub with a decent range of ale in good nick and at good prices, two pints of silver street session ipa, a titanic plum porter and a pint of estrella came to 12.15, very reasonably priced. Its quite a small place but when i was in there was enough seating. A nice place to have a chat as thrre wasn't any music and it was just a confortable atmosphere, definitely one to check out if in Manchester and by st peters square or the town hall.

16 Mar 2018 11:20

The Refectory, Leeds

This is actually the bar which is inside the northern monk brewery. It's a relatively small room with a bit of a mill type character to it. Inside you can buy a lot of their canned beers and they also have their keg beers on draught and 2 handpull, which weren't occupied when I was here. On draught they had Evolution of tradition, Hop City, Northern Rising Exp 001 and exp 002 (both 'sour beers), Yeast ( a 'raison beer), 822 ( a 'DIPA'), Very stable genius, Northern star (porter), Faith, New World, Eternal, Refectory Brew co Archie and Hogans medium dry cider. Went for a half of the porter at a steep 2.50, but very nice even though it is a keg beer. They play some odd music in the background, not really a place to hang around in for too long as it doesn't seem like a place you would unless you're a hipster type, but definitely worth the trek as these are good beers which are on offer.

6 Mar 2018 13:45

The Town Hall Tavern, Leeds

Timothy Taylor's pub in the centre of Leeds opposite the courts so expect to hear lawyers talking about work and cases, what not. A room that is smaller than I was expecting is the pub itself with the low u-shaped bar on the left hand side. Bar man is friendly and we had a brief chat about Taylor's beers and he seems to really like their range which is obviously helpful. They have all of the regular Taylor's beers with no room for any guests, except new beers which Taylor's are experimenting with. I had a half of ram ram which went down well and was well kept. Music playing months background at a low sound so it added to the atmosphere, pictures of old Leeds on the walls and a couple of snug type areas in the room. Pictures of old landlord adverts and boxes of whisky on the top of the walls. Good Pub this place is and definitely worth a look in, especially if you find yourself in the crown court for whatever reason...

6 Mar 2018 13:06

Fox & Newt, Leeds

A pub which is a couple minutes walk from the leeds city college, three seems to be some student accom nearby here so I'm assuming that's who they're aiming at. When I was in it was mostly local people having a coffee or beer but I'm sure on a Friday night it's more studenty. When I entered there were 6 handpull, 4 occupied, by Burley Street Brickyard, Burley Street Laguna Seca, Ridgeside Black Night and Wilde Child Euamokot (or something like that). I went for the Brickyard at 2.50 a pint, was okay and well kept byt i wouldnt have it again. Not a bad pub and it's interesting to see the beer clips on the walls and old alcohol posters for moretti, music was a bit loud to say it wasnt busy. It's got a bit if character to it but not sure I would rush Back, especially saying that it's about 15 minute walk from Leeds station.

6 Mar 2018 12:23

The Brewery Tap, Leeds

Bit of an odd place this , seating arrangements are a bit odd. The main room is long and thin. They had 7 ales on, including 4 from Leeds brewery; i went for midnight bell as a regular at the pub I work at said it's one of his favourite beers, which was 3.80 a pint. The first pint was sour, bottom of the barrel and was changed and the woman changed the barrel and gave me a second pint. Was a decent pint tbf, I'm not sure I'm that keen on Leeds brewery beers, nothing much to them for me, but midnight bell is probably their best beer. The other 3 were guest beers. It's a decent atmosphere in here and I would return as it's close to the station and the prices aren't too extortionate.

5 Mar 2018 17:42

The Victoria Hotel, Leeds

Probably the best looking pub in Leeds interior wise with some interesting looking booths and back bar, ceiling is interesting. Hard to describe it really just worth visiting. I was also impressed with the price, 2.75 a pint is good value in Leeds city centre. I'm not sure if this is a Monday special or not but my impression was not. There were 8 handpull, 7 occupied, by Sharps doom bar, great heck stout, tetley bitter, rudgate brass monkey, Great neck treasure IPA, Bad company Love over gold, Kirkstall Pale ale and Westons Old Rosie. Went for Great Heck stout and it was okay, kept fine but flavour was a bit hit and miss for me. As it's the most impressive pub in Leeds and its well priced then I'll surely be back.

5 Mar 2018 17:15

O'Neills, Leeds

I should also add, you do get a good view to look at the architecture of the town hall (albeit the back) and surrounding buildings and also it's good to people watch the hipster types and suits going to the courts and cafes

5 Mar 2018 16:55

O'Neills, Leeds

Now a place called Shenanigans, I imagine it's a similar style as it was before. Seems like it's quite a historic building if you look up towards the ceiling, like an old theatre or something. It's quite a big room of a place with names of Irish towns and cities on the walls. There are other interesting things like bushmills mirrors. Does do two ales, Taylor's landlord and doombar. I didn't bother and had a Guinness at 3.80 a pint, they do also do Murphy's on draught which is a bit of a change. Barman was a pretty friendly north eastern lad as well. Music was a mix of Irish and modern stuff as well. Not a bad place and might be quite atmospheric on a busy night, which the barman said was the weekend.

5 Mar 2018 16:48

Veritas, Leeds

In Market town tavern style this place has a modern bar type feel to it. Not a bad place, 6 ales on the bar. York Guzzler, York Otherwise IPA, Okells MPA, Kirkstall Pale Ale, Timmy Taylor's boltmaker and Roosters Franklin. Went for half of Franklin at 1.75. Not a bad beer and well kept. Lad behind the bar was pretty decent, kind of excitable and said he was a student. Music playing in the background wasnt too loud. Not a bad bar and a good selection of beer but not sure I would rush back as it's kind of bland.

5 Mar 2018 13:59

Hales Bar, Harrogate

Sat in the Saloon bar, didn't go into the vaults bar but it looked very small and less characterful. The saloon bar was quite interesting with a few booths, deer heads and a lot of stuffed birds. Had some barrels behind the bar, statues of queen Victoria and Albert. Just had some very random things on the wall, like old alcohol adverts. There are also antiques on the bar, including a fire burning lamp type thing. There is music playing but its not loud at all and makes for nice background music, the pub has a good ambience overall. The bar in the Saloon bar is a long J shape. Ales on were Bass, Theakston best bitter, Daleside old leg over, Leeds pale, Daleside Bales Ale, Robinsons dizzy blonde. I went for old leg over at 4.10, a bit pricey but well priced, they use autovacs at this pub as well, pint was nice and tasty. A very interesting pub which is certainly a must visit whilst in Harrogate.

15 Feb 2018 16:54

The Crown Inn, Stockport

Much more of an older feeling pub than the hope or the magnet. It's also reasonably spacious but the bar is in a cramped area next to the door. We went for a pint of Muirhead Elvis (or King of Hops, something like that) and it was pretty decent and well kept and cost 3.10. The pub has about 3 or 4 different seating areas and is a very intimate drinking pub which is worth a try if around Stockport.

22 Jan 2018 15:55

The Railway, Stockport

A very decent pub this, from the outside it does not look like much but the inside reveals a traditional pub feel, it almost has a bit of a social club feel to it as well. It's one room of a pub with a bar which covers most areas of the room. A decent few ales on when I came in, went for a pint of the Pictish Brewers Gold at 2.40 a pint and was in good form. A very comfortable pub this is and they have a decent bottle selection as well if you fancy a Belgium beer.

20 Jan 2018 17:47

The Magnet, Stockport

Quite a nice pub. Feels a bit less characterful than some of the other pubs in stockport which other users on here recommend as definitely seeing as a priority if in Stockport. Ale selection is good with mostly paler beers but also a few dark beers, which are priced at 80 pence a pint more when I went in. The barman was quite friendly and was even trying a sample of a couple of the beers my friend and I wanted to try. I went for Tiny Rebel Stay Puft, a pretty decent beer but not one you'd have more than one pint of as it's quite sweet but it was well kept. My only other gripe is the opening times are a bit odd, they open at 4pm every day expect on Saturday and may be Friday I believe (open at 12 those days), not necessarily a problem but the other pubs like the crown and the hope open at 12 on weekdays, so you'd think the magnet would want to compete with them during these times. Either way, a pub worth a look in.

20 Jan 2018 14:10

The Hope Inn, Stockport

This pub has a lounge-public bar type split. Ironically the door which says lounge is more of the public bar side (but then again, the other door says "Vault", not public bar). I sat in both sides and I preferred the lounge bar much more as it had a cosier atmosphere whereas the vault felt a bit colder and more sterile. I believe they were serving about 11 real ales when I was in, there keg selection is also not the standard selection. This pub also has a microbrewery in their cellar, and at least half of the beers they sell are from tbe microbrewery, called 'Fool Hardy' brewery. I had a pint of the Fool Hardy Ragging, a porter with a bourbon taste to it, it was quite nice and the bourbon flavour wasn't too strong or over powering. I really rated this place, the magnet doesn't have as cosy a feel to it as this does. I'd probably say it's a toss up between this, The Crown and The Railway on Avenue Street, opposite the Peel Centre, for best pub in the town.

20 Jan 2018 14:03

The Wilfred Wood, Hazel Grove

Bit of an odd spoons this in the middle of the high street around Hazel Grove. It's a not too big a place and it has an upstairs, for the toilets. The reason why it's so odd is the furniture and general decor. It has some older type seatees in one corner of the room and booths along the wall and it has chandaliers a long the bar. The view of the whole pub from the bar just looks a bit odd as well. Can't quite put it all down but it's just odd. It has 10 hand pulls which were all occupied. It had the usual 3, ruddles best, abbot and doom bar. Most of the other beers were from the beartown brewery, including the one I had, Bearly literate at 2.29 and a pretty decent beer in good form.
Not a bad spoons, well priced and reasonably comfortable feeling, barmaid was quite friendly when I came in. It has an almost spooky feel to it but it's worth a look in if in the area.

20 Jan 2018 02:26

The Borough Bailiff, Knaresborough

As mentioned by the last reviewer, this is actually called the Commercial Hotel now.
By far the biggest sam smiths in the town. 3 different areas of the pub to drink in. All quite big, there also appears to be an upstairs but I'm not sure if that gets used. Usual suspects on. I went for a dark mild at 1.34 a pint. Old plates along the walls and pictures as well. Bar maid seemed a bit ambivalent really. They had a fire in the lounge area with a guy who took it on himself to properly get it going. Locals congregated in one of the areas which I assume is the public bar. There is a food menu outside by the entrance but I didn't see anyone eating. Quite nice but the atmosphere was subdued when I came in.

14 Jan 2018 17:52

The Wellington Inn, Knaresborough

A sam smiths pub which is a bit closer to the town centre, it's got a lounge/public bar split. It's has a more tired feeling than the marquiss of Granby down the road. It feels a bit like how someone who is quite old would decorate their house, carpet which is a bit worn out, old plates and other ornaments which they've collected over the years, old curtains, no fire but an old Heater and a cuckoo clock. Pictures and paintings on the wall of some quite random things but what looks like knaresborough and Bolton Abbey amongst them. Not a bad pub but I prefer the marquiss of Granby.

14 Jan 2018 17:48

Marquis of Granby Inn, Knaresborough

Sam smiths pub that's a bit further out from the town centre. At least 3 separate seating areas with two of the areas giving access to the bar, nice roaring fire on the side I was sat on. Usual selection of smiths beers with OBB on handpull at 2 pound a pint and well kept. A few pictures on the walls of pool and cricket teams knaresborough itself. Bar maid was friendly and locals seemed okay. Worth a visit if around the area.

14 Jan 2018 17:47

Crown Inn, Knaresborough

One big room of a spoons with a J shaped bar towards the back. 12 hand pumps on the bar, all were occupied but there was only 6 ales on. Abbot ale, Greene King IPA, Roosters Red State, Roosters Yankee and Roosters 25th anniversary Pale Ale and Sonnet 43 Athenaeum. I went for the red state at 2.25 and it was in decent condition. Canvases on the wall of pictures of knaresborough and a sculpture in a corner of the room of a face with a hand protruding out of the top of its head with a butterfly in its palms. A reasonably comfortable spoons with dim lighting, it's a bit awkward how they have these pillars placed around the walk towards the bar so you can't properly look around and you have to dodge then when walking towards the bar. Place itself was about half full when I came in on a Sunday with a few regulars having a drink and a chat about what happened the night before and what not and families eating. Not a bad place but doesn't stand out in terms of spoons which I've been to.

14 Jan 2018 17:46

The Winter Gardens, Harrogate

This is a magnificent spoons. Feels almost like what it may have been like to walk into one of the exhibitions the Victorians would have put on to show off the wealth of Britain during the 19th century. One thing that also caught my eye is the fire place which is to the right of the entrance that is on parliament street. You enter and there is a raised platform with seating where you can survey those who sat lower down. There are also grand old stone pills along the stairs. The bar itself is down the steps from this raised platform bit in a large L shape with a lot of seating around it. There are at least 14 hand pumps but not all were on when i came in. The ales that were on were Abbot, Doom Bar, Ruddles Best, Phoenix Wobbly Bob, Saltaire No 5, Mammoth Epic Ipa, Isaac Poad 1863 best bitter, Yankees Rooster and Moorhouse's Black Cat. And a couple other pumps were dedicated to real ciders.

I initially went for Black Cat but it was off, I pointed this out to one of the barmen and he found that it was bottom if the barrel so I went for the 1863 bitter, it was quite a solid beer and well kept and it cost me 1.99, however I'm not sure if this is the price of the guest ales or it was a special offer on Black Cat which he applied to my pint of 1863. A look of the menu said that guest ales start from 2.79, so by spoons standards in a non city centre, this is steep. But I assume they believe you are paying for the experience. It is certainly a grand place with a high raised roof that looks like something you may see in a grand old Victorian building. There are also posters around the building of advertisements for Harrogate as a spa town and history about the building. I would assume that in this wetherspoons, it never gets so busy that you will struggle for a seat. Definitely one to check out if on a shopping trip in Harrogate or before a night out or for whatever reason.

14 Jan 2018 17:44

The Olde Hatte, Huddersfield

Another pub in Huddersfield taken over by the Craft Union pub company. This place is different to the Albert. It's one room but the L-shaped bar kind of separates the place up. There's a pool table in one corner of the room and they have televisions, they were showing championship football when I was in. No real ale on the bar unfortunately, so we went for darling, at 2.40 a pint. Not a bad place but it seems like quite a regulars type place.

6 Jan 2018 22:06

The Albert Hotel, Huddersfield

Came in on a Monday in mid december. It was quite quiet with about 6 people in including myself and the lad i was with. The place is a bit odd with a seating area next to the door and then steps up to some more seats, It's not not big though and there are mirrors around the bar. 2 ales were on when i was in, Adnams Ghost Ship and Broadside, both well priced and at 2.20 a pint. The pub is now owned by the Craft Union company so it's generally a well priced pub. They also have tellies and music was playing, a little but too loud for me to say it wasn't busy at all. Bar man seemed friendly. I'm unsure about opening times but I assume it's open everyday if it was open on a Monday night. Although I did go in during the Christmas period so I'm not sure if they would be open on a Monday in January, for example. Worth a look in either way.

6 Jan 2018 16:21

The Crown, Addingham

This is pretty much the "middle pub" in addingham. A few of the other drinking establishments aren't listed here. This pub sells 4 ales, one always being tetleys and they usually have Chinook by Goose Eye on as well. The other two are changing. The ale has always been in good form when I've been in and it usually costs Bout 3.20 or around that so not ridiculous pricing. This is one of the main places to visit in addingham, the other pub being the sailor and may be the social club (non members allowed and it's best priced place even if not a member). It's not a big place and one room is dedicated to the pool table, bar staff are always decent enough. There's a limited food menu and it's mostly pies

31 Dec 2017 11:54

Mulligans, Deansgate

A one doomed pub which isn't too no. It has posters of Irish writers, flags of Irish counties (or clans may be), Guinness, memorabilia to powers whisky, no bollocks about the Irish rebels or Celtic, no plastic paddy stuff. I went for Guinness at 4.60, pretty decent but I've had better, and it is steep, it is served from a unique looking pump. Seemed lime a few locals in when I was in. Worth a visit as it is a unique pub in manc and probably the closest thing to an authentic pub in the city centre.

14 Nov 2017 15:41

Dyneley Arms, Pool in Wharfedale

Sam Smith's pub on the corner of a busy junction. Overall the place us quite big with about 4 snug type areas (with a fire place in 3 of them) , a little room next to the bar and then another room. It has most of the Sam Smith's beers on. The pub itself has a bit of information about the pub (e.g. about the first publican of it) pictures of landscape and towards the back of the oub you get some good views of this area of Yorkshire. OBB was 2 pound, It was okay, well kept but had an odd, Apple like taste. Pure brewed lager very decent at 3 pound. It has an old feel to it but it's not worn or dated. Not sure if the food is good or not but from the menu it is well priced. Quite quiet on a Saturday afternoon but it is in an awkward spot. Good if you are getting a bus into Otley or towards Leeds and Headingley. Not a bad pub but not sure if it's one you'd have a night in, probably lacks locals and I'm not sure it gets busy on a weekend with drinkers, I could be chatting out my arse though. Definitely worth a pop in.

11 Nov 2017 15:29

The Royal Oak Hotel, Didsbury

When I visited Didsbury I would say that this was one of two favourite pubs (the station being the other). The place has a bar which serves all 4 sides of the pub. I sat in snug on the right hand side when you walk in. It was quite cosy but very nice. This pub has a proper feel to it. Only legitimate complaint might be that it has an unimaginative beer selection. We went for two pints of pedigree marathon at 5.50 and they were both kept well and tasted nice so I couldn't complain. Definitely worth a look in.

2 Nov 2017 12:33

The Nelson, Didsbury

Not sure when but this pub has been taken over by the craft union pub company. It had two ales on, doom bar and TT landlord. I didn't try either so I can't comment on how they were kept but landlord was 2.25 a pint, very well priced. Worthington was 1.95 a pint. Seemed to have a good down to earth atmosphere with people having a laugh and not taking things too seriously. Only problem with it is it isn't that big so I can imagine it would get quite rammed pretty easily. But if it isn't too busy then it's deffo worth a look in.

2 Nov 2017 12:29

The Station Hotel, Didsbury

An older feeling pub, it has an Irish feel to it as well, definitely one of the guys serving, who also seemed to be in a managerial role at least, was Irish. They also had some random Irish football playing on the tv as well. Quite a cheery pub as well. No real ales from what I remember, and I didn't try the Guinness so I can't comment on that but I'm sure it goes down well here. Probably the most characterful pub in East Didsbury (either that or the Royal Oak which is also nice). Definitely worth a visit.

23 Oct 2017 08:09

The Ginger Goose, Bradford

I had a similar experience to RealAleRob. Only Saltaire Blonde on, I tried Kronenbourg at 3.70 which is steep for Bradford. They were offering Caffreys at 1.70 though which is a bit strange. The place itself is just a massive room with TVs, fruit machines and a lot of tables, there is an upstairs bit but I didn''t bother going up there. It''s okay I guess but the place smelt a bit like Subway which was a bit strange at first but we got used to it. Not a place I would rush back to but it''s in a good location so if you get a window seat you would see some interesting things going on outside.

27 Aug 2017 11:49

Loch Ness Inn, Lewiston

Quiet when I was in on a Sunday afternoon. There''s a bar side and a dining side, you can eat in the bar side by the look of it. Two ales were on, one was ''Wolf by Windswept brewery and the other I believe was old speckled hen. I went for the wolf, quite pleasant. A pretty decent place, if you''re a whisky drinker then this seems like a good place because the whisky menu had at least 50 on offer.

22 Aug 2017 23:20

Justice Mill, Aberdeen

Quite faceless compared to the spoons at the other end of Union Street. The only really interesting things about this place is the coloured lighting. Beers were Deuchars IPA, Abbot, Doom bar, Old Speckled Hen, Windswept Brewery Blonde and Windswept Wolf. Went for the wolf at 2.19, well priced, tasted decent but wasn't kept the best. Decent place but try the other spoons. The only thing this place has on it is it's better priced.

11 Aug 2017 17:32

Brewdog Aberdeen, Aberdeen

The first Brew dog bar in the World. Never had it before but thought I may as well try it whilst I'm here. Pretty solid place, quite expensive (typical Brewdog), the 'Jet Black Heart' is a nice beer. It was quite dead when I went in, the bar man was nice, they had board games which is interesting / quite fun, music in the background not too loud but pretty we. By Brewdog standards it seems quite small but it's solid. Cracking views of the Marschal College (beautiful building) and the streets around the pub. Worth a visit, no real ale obviously.

11 Aug 2017 17:12

The Kirkgate Bar, Aberdeen

A good locals bar. No real ale but I went for McEwans export at 3.50 a pint. Has a few tv's, quiz machine, darts board and faint music in the background. Bar man was friendly and locals seemed decent. Pretty decent place, old decor, quite a bare boards type place. Solid.

11 Aug 2017 17:08

Budz Bar, Aberdeen

If this is the place I think it is then it's closed

11 Aug 2017 17:05

Archibald Simpson, Aberdeen

Certainly the better looking of the two Wetherspoons in Aberdeen. The outside is very grand looking and the inside is no different. The ale selection is okay but I went for a pint of Stella at 3.09 in here (it was a hot day in Aberdeen). Nice interior and the staff seemed okay. Worth a visit as it is a nice building.

11 Aug 2017 17:02

Counting House, Glasgow

Really nice wetherspoons. The interior is grand looking and the bar is huge, which means a lot of ales (must be at least 10, certainly in the double digits). Certain parts of it give you a great view of the beautiful George Square and whatever is going on. I didn't have an Ale but went for 'St Mungo Lager' named after Glasgow's Patron Saint, pretty decent but quite pricey. Certainly worth a visit but I'm sure it gets packed on a weekend. I went on a nice Tuesday afternoon and it was busy.

11 Aug 2017 16:59

The Jolly Angler, Manchester

A proper bare boards pub. Has a bit of an Irish theme to it, when I was in on Tuesday night they had a band practicing some Irish sounding music. The place itself isn't very big, with two main seating areas and the bar takes up a small corner of the room. The bar itself has a very limited selection. The ales were Hydra 1863 and 'Solstice (I believe also by Hydes). I went for the Solstice, pretty solid but nothing special. They also had Guinness, Amstel and I believe Becks vier as well (it has an Amstel symbol on the front but the tap was Becks, so can't be one hundred percent sure but if assume they want some variety right?!). The barman was very friendly and told us how it was a family owned pub. One worth making the 10 minute walk from Piccadilly and patronising.

13 Jul 2017 20:25

Moby Grape, Stockton on Tees

I believe this is now called 'The Wasps Best. Still a very nice pub, almost has a village pub feel to it. Quite a small place but it has a large outdoor area. The bar itself is in an L-shape . Beers on the bar were- Roundhill Gillingham Pale Ale, Black Rat by the Rat brewery and another Porter (not sure of the name). I went for the Black Rat at quite a reasonably 3.10. It was quite well kept and a decent beer. Locals were friendly and the bar staff were decent. Solid pub in Stockton

24 Jun 2017 12:45

GW Horners, Stockton on Tees

Called Dr M'Gonicles, a very cheap pub. With lager from 2-2.50 (for Kronenbourg as well). It's a reasonably big place with a long u-shaped bars. Quite busy when I was in on Friday afternoon. Music was on and the tellies were showing the horses. The ale on was Cameron's Strongarm, very well kept and only 1.60, nice beer as well. It's a bit rough and ready but it was clean and the locals seemed friendly and having a good time, the bar staff were friendly as well. Worth a visit if around Stockton.

24 Jun 2017 12:10

The Royal Oak, Stockton on Tees

This is a reasonably big pub which is a bit of a walk from the main Stockton high street stuff. It's a chain pub, not 100 percent sure which company but it does the standard cheapish food and what not. On the bar they had - Cameron's Strongarm, Maxim Swedish Blonde, Hobgoblin gold and another Porter (not sure which brewery or the name of it). I went for the Strongarm at 2 pound a pint, A pretty solid beer as well. There's not much to say about the pub itself, The bar was quite long in a U shape, had a few fruit machines and horse racing on the telly. Locals were quite friendly and so were the bar staff. Decent pub to be fair

24 Jun 2017 11:40

The Albert, Liverpool

This is a very large pub at the top of Lark Lane (coming from Sefton Park), with 4 separate areas to sit down at. It's a nice pub and you can tell there is probably some history to this place, but unfortunately there is very little history provided about the place. In fact, it seems to be owned by a chain pub (not sure which one). The bar is huge and goes around the whole pub so you can order from where ever you are sat (or you at least don't have to walk as far as you may have to if there was only one part you could get served at). Behind the bar it looks quite interesting with a display of a mirror, some beer barrels and a Cains brewery symbol at the top. Around the pub itself there were a few fruit machines, tvs with sky sports news on and they had music playing. The barman was friendly and the locals all seemed decent enough when I was in on a Sunday afternoon. The cask selection was quite poor, they had- Lancaster Bomber, Greene King IPA and Old Rosie Scrumpy as well. I went for the IPA at 2.80, it was well kept but obviously not an exciting pint. . Not a bad place, a tad disappointing and a bit of a trek to get to.

21 Jun 2017 22:04

The Grapes, Liverpool

A fairly big place with a G-shaped bar with a few seating areas, most of them right in the bars vicinity. The bar itself has a bit of a weird theme, almost a bit of a tropical feel. Behind the bar they also have old beer clips. On the bar the beers when I was in were- Salopian Atonement, Binghams Vanilla Stout, Agnes by a Cornish Brewery, Habour Cornish bitter, Pithead Porter by Big Hand brewery,Hafod Sunrise, Neptune Mermaids Purse. I went for the Pithead Porter, a pretty decent beer. The bar man was friendly and the punters seemed decent. Worth a return trip and a visit to anyone who hasn't been.

21 Jun 2017 21:50

Blackburne Arms Hotel, Liverpool

This is a reasonably big place but it was mostly reserved for dinners when I was in but there is a small area that seems to be reserved for mostly drinkers, the actual bar is in a U-shape. On the bar the ales were- Lancaster Red, Waterloo Sunset by Rock the Boat and Cotleigh 25. I went for the for the Waterloo Sunset at 3.10 a pint, well kept and a good beer. Not a bad place but not really a pub for drinking in.

21 Jun 2017 21:42

The Flute and Firkin, Liverpool

The pub is a very large room that is quite random in some ways, the pool tables were in the way of people who might have wanted to get to their seats. It's a chain pub (I want to say Stonegate but cannot say for certain), with nondescript things on the walls. On the bar there was- Bombardier, UBU Mad Goose, JW Lees Dirty Dozen and Harviestoun Bitter and Twisted. I went for the Bitter and Twisted at 2.95, an okay beer and well kept. Cvs had cycling on, a few fruit machines and a cash machine. I imagine it would be good for a big game but no reason to come here otherwise. Good enough though

11 Jun 2017 16:20

The Fly in the Loaf, Liverpool

Found this place to be quite soulless in all honesty. It's a big room of a place with a large u-shaped bar with a marble top, what I would expect a swanky bar in America to have. Beer on the bar included- Sharps Rye IPA, Okells Bitter, Okells MPA, Kirkstall pale, Sonoma Track, Bowland Brewery Hen. I went for Sonoma at 3.30, decent beer. The bar it quite big with a few seating areas, when I was in there was music playing and sky sports on the television. It's a reasonably interesting pub, the lights were a bit wacky. Some interesting keg beers as well I don't think I would return however.

11 Jun 2017 16:14

McHales, Liverpool

This pub has been resurrected about 50 yards opposite from where it used to be. It's actually a very smart place, along the walls included pictures of Liverpool, advertisements for Irish stout (Guinness primarily) and spirits, American spirits, American licence plates, the statue of liberty and a sign about the ferry to the statue herself. The pub itself was an all keg affair, with a fruit machine and a few televisions (very expensive ones) with the football on. The barman was friendly and the punters seemed decent folk. I went for a Guinness at 2.95 and it was decent to be fair. I would come back here for a decent lager or Guinness/ keg beer. Worth a look in for anyone else.

11 Jun 2017 16:08

The Blue Bell, Levenshulme

Sam Smiths pub that is a few minutes walk from the main road in Levenshulme. It has the lounge /public bar split. It's actually very modern, it still feels like a pub but it has been refurbished. They did have Old Brewery Bitter but I went for a couple pints of Teddy at 2.30. It seems to serve food as well. The locals seemed friendly. Don't know what to think of this place, although no one was outright rude about this place it seemed to be a locals bar. When my mate cane in after i had initially got there, the bar maid/what seemed to be the manager actually pulled a face upon his arrival. But the lad that was serving was friendly, I wouldn't let you be put off from venturing here it may be worth having only a couple abd then leaving.

8 Jun 2017 11:39

The Scarbrough Hotel, Leeds

Owned by the Nicholsons chain, literally a stone's thrown from the station, the pub was a bit disappointing for me. It's a good pub but to say it's meant to be one of the most famous in Leeds it didn't live up to the billing in my opinion. The pub itself has a longish u-shaped bar in what is a reasonably big room (nothing like in Spoons or anything though). The memorabilia included a cabinet with berr mugs and bottles and pictures of various people and places. The beers were doom bar, Cotswold Osprey, Tetleys, Great Heck Christopher, Acorn Barnsley Bitter, Nicholsons own Pale ale, and a couple of beers from Slightly foxed brewery. I went for the Barsnley bitter, a half pint for 1.85, it was a pretty solid drink to be fair. Bar staff were quite friendly and the punters in there seemed quite down to earth/not snooty. Good pub overall but if you go don't over hype it in your head too much.

8 Jun 2017 11:35

The Top House, Eccles

This seems to attempt an Irish theme, only from the sign though. Nothing else suggested it was Irish. From what I remember there was no ale, we had a couple pints of Guinness and it was okay. Not amazing or anything, decent value for money. The barmaid seemed friendly and the locals were friendly as well. The pub itself is a reasonably sized room but it felt like space was lacking due to the bar and pool table taking up space. Another solid Eccles pub.

7 May 2017 09:52

Lamb Hotel, Eccles

An oddly designed place this is. There's a bar that you see when you enter. A smallish room to the left of the entrance, a snooker room and another very small looking room. The only ales I saw were Holts Mild and Holts Bitter, we went for the former. I'm not sure how much it was as I didn't buy it but my mate said he got change from a 5er for 2 pints. Another decent Eccles pub. Probably the best looking of all the ones I went to. Barmaid seemed okay and the locals were okay (talking about "Conservatives who lead The Labour party", probably not the best pub topic).

7 May 2017 09:18

The Eccles Cross, Eccles

Must be up there for one of the smallest spoons I've been in. Which is big by normal pubs standards. A big room with a platform for more seating and also has some random underground booths. On the bar they had Ruddles, Abbot, Otter head, Peerless this is Eccles (I believe that was just their Oatmeal stout), Lytham Stout. I went for the Lytham Stout at 1.89, it was nice and well kept. Decent spoons., reasonably busy when I was in, locals seemed okay (except for one who protested at having a chalice glass), barmaid seemed friendly. The only place in Eccles it seems where you can get a decent selection of ales.

7 May 2017 09:09

Finn M'Couls, Eccles

The bar is in the shape of an L. Swansea vs Everton on the telly (BT Sports 1). I believe the ale on here was Hobgoblin but I didn't try it, two pints of Kronenbourg came to 5 pound which is good value. Barmaid seemed okay and the locals were fine. A couple were quite loud talking about the football.

7 May 2017 08:37

Royal Oak Hotel, Eccles

Walked pasted this and it said closed till further notice. It looked like it might be open again at some point.

7 May 2017 08:16

The Albert Edward, Eccles

Boarded up when I walked past. Presuming it won't reopen

7 May 2017 08:15

Kozys, Liverpool

Yep an all keg affair. I have been in this place a couple times. Once on a Friday night at 8 o clockish, and just now on a late morning on Sunday. Friday was okay to be fair, not too busy and there was a few people on the karaoke. My Sunday morning experience was quite different and I was, to an extent, a bit disturbed by it all. At first most of the people in there were a mix of non-local lads and a few locals who all seemed okay. But after a while with talking to the more regular people they seemed a bit hostile towards me and they seemed to get their fun out of seeing a guy who was mentally ill going off on random tangents every now and then. The guy was being served alcohol by a disinterested barmaid and some of the locals found it fun to goading him to go on a rant. I like how it was a cheapish beer, I don't like how the woman who worked behind the bar seemed to not mind that this behaviour was going on, she even seemed to laugh at it. I only put up with it myself because I was with a lad who said he was a regular there and it's nothing to go to war over. But if you want a place that to an extent reinforces negative stereotypes about the people of Liverpool then give this place a try. Not bad if you want a cheap drink, especially when nowhere else is open, then go to this place. But don't stick around.

9 Apr 2017 12:41

The Cross Pipes, Otley

I remember coming in here for what was my firs time legal pint, and due to my bus running later than expect I thought I would revisit. From what I remember this pub was very friendly and had a good atmosphere, this was not the case when I came in. It wasn't bad but it just felt like a locals only place. An all keg affair when I was in, with 2 hand pulls left vacant. I went for a half pint of john Smiths at 1.50. I was really disappointed on my revisit and I would surprised if I ever thought about coming back here.

3 Apr 2017 09:36

Old Cock, Otley

I agree with Steamer1, it's not as good as the nearby Junction, but I would say it's the second best pub in Otley. The pub itself has won Best pub in Leeds CAMrA award for 2011,2012 and 2013. It felt like quite a small place and very intimate. On the bar they had- Pennine Brewing Hair Of The Dog, Theakston Best Bitter, Wharfedale Black, Wild Gravity By Bad Co, Sarah Hughs Dark Ruby, The expatriate by Wilde Child, Flint Knapper by Ramsbury, Timothy Taylor's landlord. I went for the Dark Ruby, at a whopping 4.25, this was a 6 percent beer so I let them off as it seems if you buy a weaker beer you will pay less (I thimk the Theakston was 3 pound and a weaker abv), the beer was well kept and a nice pint though. The punters in here were having some good banter in here as well. A very solid pub in Otley but I believe the Junction edges it as the best one, still definitely worth a visit.

3 Apr 2017 09:32

The Red Lion, Otley

A pub owned by the 'Craft Union Company', I wasn't intending to come here but I knew I would be able to get a reasonable beer at a good price. The place itself is a long hallway with a few little rooms off it. The bar itself is very small and only had Leeds Pale Ale and Doom Bar on. I went for the former at 2.40, which was a well kept beer and not bad. Bar maid seems quite friendly. It is cheap and for some things it is cheaper than the wetherspoons that is a stones throw away (e.g. 2.20 for a pint of Carlinhos in here compared to 3 pound in the spoons). Only problem for some people is it does have a lot of TVs, still a solid pub in my opinion.

3 Apr 2017 09:24

Junction Inn, Otley

Probably the best pub in Otley and easily up there for one of the best I have been in. It has a bare boards feel with a fire place and a darts board. On the bar they had- Timothy Taylor Golden Best, Theakston Best Bitter, Theakston Old Peculier, St Austells Proper Job, Hambletons nightmare Porter, Hambletons Stud Blonde, Timothy Taylor Best Bitter, Timothy Taylor's landlord, Timothy Taylor Knowle Springe, St Austells Tribute, Robinsons dizzy blonde. The barman and barmaid here seem to be the owners and we're both quite friendly, the locals seemed nice and a few brought their dogs. It was a convivial atmosphere when I was in and has been when I have came before. Surely this is a must visit for anyone.

3 Apr 2017 09:19

The Manor House, Otley

A thwaites owned pub that is nestled amongst some terraces houses and is a few minutes walk from the main bus terminal, it also has an Irish theme to it. Irish flags were hanging outside and inside and Irish folk music was playing in the background. On the bar they had- Lancaster Bomber, Thwaites original, Thwaites Nutty Black, Wainwright, Ilkley Mary Jane, and Thomas Constance Ale (which seems to be brewed for the specific pub). I went for the nutty black at 3 pound, it was an okay beer but the flavour doesn't last after the initial sip. The pub itself seemed quite small, with a room where the L-Shaped bar is and an off room as well. The barmaid was quite friendly and had a hybrid Irish-Yorkshire accent so made it reasonably authentic. Not a bad pub which should be on a pub crawl around Otley.

3 Apr 2017 09:09

The White Swan, Otley

This pub has a 'modern pub' feel to it, it has tried to keep an old pub feel to it but it has been refurbished to a decent standard. When I first came in it was dead, the bar maid wasn't even behind the bar but appeared out of nowhere. She seemed quite uninterested, at least she said hello I guess.. on the hand pulls they had- Tetleys cask, Cross Bay ruby bitter, Black Sheep Best Bitter, John Smiths cask and Thatchers Stans Big apple and Weston's flat tyre were the ciders, a couple of hand pulls were vacant. I went for the John Smiths cask at 2.60, it was well kept and okay but I guess the keg is probably preferable. Seems to be a decent locals pub with a reasonable amount of space. I'm unsure I would definitely return though.

3 Apr 2017 09:01

The Bowling Green in Otley, Otley

The wetherspoons in Otley. But it doesn't feel like a standard spoons, it's actually quite small and has a Stone and brick interior. On the bar they had- Ruddles, Abbot, Oakham Eniugh Rope, Saltaire Triple Chocoholic, Moorhouses Pendle Witch Brew and Old Rosie cider. Quite a small selection considering Otley is meant to be a decent town for real ale. I went for the Triple Choc at 2.19 which was a very decent beer, barman was quite friendly as well. Quite busy when I visited on a Sunday lunchtime, when I ordered most people seemed to be queueing at the bar, which resulted in some passive-aggressive vexAtions from some of the punters. A pretty solid spoons but I can see it being a nightmare to order from if it gets really rammed in here.

3 Apr 2017 08:51

The Original Malt Shovel, Burley in Wharfedale

The malt shovel is dead as a dodo. I went in here once it was okay, nowt special but now it has been turned into houses/ flats, if u want a drink the only proper pub in burley is the white horse, the red lion is decent

2 Apr 2017 14:41

Pop World, Liverpool

It's quite impressive that this place gives a menu of potential drinks and the prices of them, instead of just a poster on a wall or something similar. My I,pression is that this club does a promotion on most week nights (may be on weekends too). The night yesterday was on their 'cocktails'. I will use that word loosely because the one I tried with my girlfriend was basically a vodka and coke with 2 cola bottles in it, only cost 5.50 for both though. Went for a pint of lager (Carling), which cost 3.60 so very pricey on that front. A cheesy night club which may draw a certain type of person to it, it serves a purpose though so if you're into that kind of thing then it may be worth a look in.

29 Mar 2017 15:11

Walkabout, Liverpool

Came in here for a quick drink before going to the hot water comedy club. Not really the place if you want a session on the ale, the closest thing to it that I notice on draft was Worthingtons. However, it does look like they have a decent selection of bottled beers in the fridge. I think this may be either to do with the fact it was a Tuesday or because there was a happy hour on (I believe they do some type of happy hour before 8 o clock, from my experience in the, now destroyed, Walkabout that was off Deansgate in Manc), but a half pint of Heineken and a half pint of strong bow dark fruit came to 2.20 all together, which is obviously good value. The bar maid was okay in here, not miserable but not really friendly or anything. It wasn't busy when we were in so I didn't see anyone getting laity and no bouncers were on the door. I did get a dirty look from a guy who looked like he ,ah have been a manager, great way to act towards a patron. Okay and I couldn't argue with the price but the only reason I would come back is if it was insisted upon by someone I was with. The spoons next door is a far superior option in my opinion.

29 Mar 2017 14:52

The Paramount, Manchester

One of 5 wetherspoons in Manchester City centre, not a bad place, has a main ground floor and then a small extra level for seating. On the bar they had- Abbot, Doom bar, Robinsons Trooper, Elland 1872 porter, Titanic Captain Smith, Wainwright by Thwaites, JW Lees Game on (and a few others on but I can't recall what they were called). I had a pint of the Captain smith and 1872, both very nice and well kept. On this occasion I only paid 2.45 for each pint as it was their 'Monday Club' special, usually it would have cost 2.89-3.35 so quite pricey. I have learned my lesson about when to go into Wetherspoons pub from now on. Solid enough spot really.

14 Mar 2017 13:38

The Manchester and County, Manchester

A pretty bland spoons, the only thing worth noting is the bar is huge, very long. The ales on were- Doom Bar, Abbot, Ducks Folly by Goddards, UBU Purity, Thornbridge Jaipur IPA, Full Steam Ahead by Titanic. I went for the Ducks Folly, it was a nice pint and well kept, only problem was the price, I have posted on here about a spoons in Leeds (Cuthbert Brodrick), which did its guest beers for 2.85 minimum and I refused to pay it, well this place charged me 2.89 for the pint. The only reason I didn't do the same was because there was no indication of what the prices actually were until I paid the pint was poured. Not a bad place, spoons so if you want a drink that is better priced than other pubs than try it, but a bit too pricey for my liking.

11 Mar 2017 15:48

The Durning Arms Hotel, Liverpool

With all the chaos with Liverpool Lime Street I thought I would visit this pub which is a stones throw from Edge Hill station. It's a bit of a weird place this, jjust a very plain looking big room which has a bar in it. The keg selection is very minimal, about 6 keg beers max from what I remember. I went for M and B mild at 2.20, quite bland really but decent value. Bar maid was friendly and Athe locals in here all seemed okay, none seemed like fighting types or anything (saying that it wasn't that busy when I actually was in). Nothing wrong with the place but not one I would rush back to.

5 Mar 2017 19:13

O'Sheas, Manchester

O'Sheas has had a refurb recently and it now looks very modern looking and clean feeling, it used to be quite scruffy before the refurb. When I went in there were two ales on the bar- JW Lees MPA and Doom Bar. On this trip I was on the Guinness, which was as good as you will get a Guinness. They also have a lot of Irish Whiskies on offer and other spirits as well. Pretty solid place but the only problem is it is expensive, Guinness was 4 pound is hand the cheapest double whiskey is 5 pound (Jamesons), standard with an Irish bar. Unlike with some Irish bars the two guys behind the bar who served us were Irish, they even offer to bring your drinks over (well they did with us). At least with the refurb you actually feel like it's worth paying a bit more. The only other Irish bar I have been to in Manc is Waxy O'Connors and O'Sheas is far better, also must say that it's better than the O'Neills chain.

5 Mar 2017 11:25

The Angel, Manchester

I thought this place was a bit bland in all honesty. Not a bad pub by any means. From a distance it looks like it will be like a 'basic boozer' type interior. The interior is actually quite bland but reasonably modern feeling. It consisted of a book shelf, a small statue of an angel (on the book shelf), a mirror and a sign about a Chateaux in Bordeaux . The bar itself is the shape of a hook/ a question mark with seating by the bar. On the bar itself there was a lot of ales- Angel ale (house beer), Saltaire Blonde, Acorn Yorkshire Pride, Hawshead Brodie's prime, Liverpool Organic Shipwreck IPA, Liverpool Org Russian Imperial Stout, Saltaire Raspberry Blonde, Super Fortress by Howard Town, Saltaire Decennium Pale. Two pumps had the clips turned around. There were also two ciders- Farmer Jims Rhubarb Cider Andy Vimto Cider, the latter would set you back a fiver for a pint. I went for the Yorkshire Pride at 3.40 an okay beer that was kept at an okay standard, not amazing but not poor either. Bar maid and the woman I presume is the land lady or manager seemed okay as well, although the bar maid had her back turned the whole time I was in, not the most professional way to act. Food menus set out on the tables and the upstairs indicating that it was reserved for diners. Not a bad place necessarily but I don't think I would bother coming back to be honest.

27 Feb 2017 23:05

The Hop, Leeds

An Ossett Brewery-tied bar that is directly under Leeds train station, with a downstairs area and an upstairs seating part. On the very large bar the ales were- Ossett Big Red, Ossett Silver King, Ossett Yorkshire Blonde, Ossett Excelsior, Ilkley Hanging Stone, Jennings Cocker Hoop, Everands Sunchaser Golden Ale, North Riding Brewery Cascade pale ale. I went for the Excelsior at 3.40 so quite pricey but it was well kept and was a decent pint. It's a very large place in here. When I initially got here it was dead but about half way through my drink a load of office workers came in. It's an interesting enough place to look at and the interior is quite unique with its location. The bar just felt quite soulless in here abd very dimly lit and even the large group of people coming in didn't help this. An okay place and not far from the station so might be worth a look in before your train, I was a bit disappointed though.

22 Feb 2017 11:45

The Duncan, Leeds

I am surprised no one has posted about this pub before. I'm sure a few people may not notice this place, may be they are put off by its unwelcoming exterior (not rough looking but not particularly welcoming). The Duncan as a pub seems to have a reputation of being a 'watered down General Elliot', sam smiths pub again, seems to be rough, etc. I went in here and it felt quite relaxed. Mostly people keeping to themselves. This pub is markedly bigger than the General Elliot, it's a big room with seating around it. The barmaud in here seemed okay, quite business like. Similar to Elliot, it's all keg and you can get Old Brewery Bitter but only on keg. I went for a pint of Sovereign Bitter at 1.94 and it was quite nice. If Humphrey Smith wouldn't like the Elliot having a fruit machine, then the Duncan will be his worst nightmare. It had a fruit machine, a dart board and even a pool table, I'm surprised there wasn't a TV with the horse racing on as well. Pretty decent place, a cheap beer in the centre of Leeds, worth a look in, probably a better place than the Elliot.

22 Feb 2017 11:25

The General Elliot, Leeds

Another pub that you walk past when around Leeds and think you wouldn't dare go in there. I took the plunge and went into the downstairs bar/ 'Lounge bar', which was actually quite small. Barmaid in here was a bit miserable really, but there was a lad on the bar who seemed quite cheery. It's a Sam Smiths pub and does do Old Brewery Bitter, but it's all keg. I went for a taddy lager and at 2.20 it's well priced, expecially for the city centre. The patrons in here all seemed okay to be honest, I didn't hear any swearing when I was in here, with it being such a small room therevwas a bit of cross room talking. I stood by the window which gives a good view of what happens by the bus station and Leeds market. There is a picture frame with a brief history of the General himself. What really stuck out to me was that there was a fruit machine in here, I though Humphrey Smith was against this kind of thing. An interesting enough place and worth a look in if it's not too busy.

22 Feb 2017 11:14

Three Legs, Leeds

This is the kind if pub that you may walk past in Leeds city centre and you walk past and are a bit startled as it seems a bit random when compared to other bars and pubs in the centre of Leeds. The pub itself is quite a big room with a J shaped bar and a few seating areas. Around the pub itself included a few Irish themed things, including a Guinness themed mirror. But this isn't an Irish pub by any means. On the bar there was no ales so I went for a pint of John Smiths at 2.20. I certainly got an interesting experience when I was in here, the barmaid was drunk, and not in a tipsy way, she was properly slurring her words and had to ask me again what I wanted, she even asked a regular to stop the pump to let the beer settle, quite interesting indeed. The actually clientele seemed quite tame, mostly older people and small groups of people enjoying a drink and keeping to themselves. Seemed to be a few worse for wear patrons, with a couple lads chanting 'Marching on Together' (when it came on the tannoy). Certainly not an intimidating place, could be worth a pop in to have a well priced drink and to have an interesting experience like I had.

22 Feb 2017 11:00

The Cuthbert Brodrick, Leeds

The room of this spoons is very large but most of the seating is upstairs and the downstairs bar area can feel quite cramped by spoons standards. On the bar there was- Gorlovka by Acorn brewery, Abolition by Sonnet 43, Leeds brewery pale, Greene King IPA, Abbot, Doom bar. I actually wentbto the IPA at 2.05, I would have tried one of the guest beers but they were too pricey for a spoons for my liking. The cheapest was 2.85 and the most expensive was 3.45 (The Gorlovka, which actually sounded quite nice in all honesty)! The location is quite nice and it would be nice on a Summers day to sit outside. May be this is just me but I thought it was too over the top for a Spoons (to be fair it was either Gorlovka or nothing and I didn't fancy paying 3.45 for it).

22 Feb 2017 10:42

Lloyds No. 1, Manchester

This spoons is trying to rename itself "The Seven Stars" (it used to just be called Lloyds bar from what i recall).  Ales on the bar wrte- Langton Spin by Peerless, Pale rider by Kelham Island, Brightside brewery Best Bitter (2.39, well kept decent pint), a beer by Weetwood (I think it was Best Bitter), Ringwood old thumper, Abbott.  Although the Lloyds bar part of Wetherspoons, which seem to be the most soulless of the Spoobs brands, this place actually feels quite comfy during the day time.  it's a big room that seems a bit awkwardly made downstairs and they has a smaller room upstairs, no real ale on that bar but there's a few craft beers on draft.  Decent beer selection in the fridge.  Seems to draw a few regulars but it's mostly workmen and people in for food.  Pretty solid place to be fair, prices are good and the ale is nice.  It's probably the closest place to the station other than the bar in the station itself (There's also a Yates in the printworks but meh). Wortha look in as the ale is well priced and tastes nice.

22 Feb 2017 10:32

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Seems like my experience here has been similar to most of the other reviewers (well parts of theirs are applicable to mine). I have been in here a couple of times but haven't bothered seeing as most people have talked about the main things about the place, e.g. the very nice decor in the bar and toilets. The beer selection has always been pretty decent when I have been in. It's pretty pricey and I have never had a problem with getting served but the beer in this pub seems to be kept at a very warm temperature. I had a pint of 'Musselburgh broke' by Knops and I found it to be warm. Worth a visit to see the interior of the place but I wouldn't recommend hanging around for too long as there isn't much to the place on the actual drinking front.

18 Feb 2017 13:34

Sir Titus Salt, Bradford

The Sir Titus Salt facebook page has informed its followers that it will no longer be a Wetherspoons from the 5th of March, 2017. A shame really as it was quite a pretty wetherspoons and was quite good for a wetherspoons from my experiences. Hopefully something useful is done with the place, preferably a decent pub, seems like a fair few of pubs in the centre of Bradford are closing soon, some of them may not be missed but this one is one that it will be a shame to see gone. Considering that some cities have 5 or more wetherspoons which aren't half as characterful as this one, you would think that Tim Martin would try and safe this one at the expense of one in another city, or even the lloyds bar down the road. I guess though this is a case of getting rid of the dead wood/less profitable establishments.

15 Feb 2017 16:36

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Similarly to the 'Fall Well' I hadn't actually tried the ale in this wetherspoons but I still reviewed it about my experience when I have been in, I thought I may as well give it another try to see what the ale quality was like. It was quite busy to say it was a Tuesday night but most people seemed to be in for food rather than having a session of any type. When I went in there was a lot of ale on, from what I remember there was- Ruddles Best, Abbot Ale, Doom Bar, Coach house Brewing Postlethwaites, Coach House Brewing Gunpowder Mild, Titanic Cappucino, Red Star Formby Blonde, Red Star Samba, BlackJack Stout, Strathaven winter glow, Wychwood Hobgoblin. I went for the Cappucino beer at 2.49 and it was okay, not sure if the brewery or how they kept the beer but I have heard the Cappucino beer is meant to be good so I would be more inclined to say the latter is the reason. Not a terrible place and probably not the worst spoons in the city, I would be inclined to say it's in 3rd place (out of 5). Not a place to prioritise when in Liverpool considering there are some good proper pubs and the ale quality seemed iffy.

15 Feb 2017 16:21

The Augustus John, University of Liverpool

The bar looks a bit grim looking from the outside and the inside isn't much better (well the part I sat at), felt a bit like a canteen really. It's a long room with a relatively small bar in a corner. On the bar the ales were- Nethergate Priory Mild, Glaswyn Purple Moose, Westwood Cheshire Cat, Partners American Craft Ale and Cock bird Cockeyed (a cider). I went for the Cheshire Cat which was pretty decent and well kept and cost 2.60 so decent value too. On the walls they have beer clips of what I assume are beers they have stocked in the past, the other thing I noticed was a dart board in the corner. It was reasonably busy when I came in, with Students and even a few older folk. Didn't really feel like there much of an atmosphere to the place, felt like the kind of atmosphere you get at spoons with the general noise of people chatting. Not a bad place but certainly not worth the trek out from the city centre. The beer is well priced and well kept but there's places in the centre which are well priced and even cheaper (e.g. Ranelaghs Tavern- not on this site and I have tried to add it). If you're a student or a local then it's a pretty solid place for a few beers, just not worth the walk out in my opinion.

15 Feb 2017 13:59

The Beehive, Liverpool

An all keg pub which has the same selection that blue_scrumpy posted about. There is a reasonably interesting exterior and interior to the pub. I went for a Carling in here and only cost me 2.10 so at least you are getting great value for a lager unlike some places. The bar maid was friendly when I came in, as were the locals. Seems to have a theme around the 1950/60s era, with pictures of music and film stars from around that time ( e.g. Elvis and Marilyn Monroe), music was also playing which I assume was produced around that time as well. There was a jukebox in there with a poster that said it was free, however I didn't see anyone using it. This pub felt quite comfortable really, people minding their own business. It was quite amusing watching some of the older lads go to the bookies next door to put a bet on and then come into the pub to watch the horse racing on the television. Overall not a terrible place really, its all keg but if you fancy a cheap keg beer in a decent environment then it's worth a look in. To say it's so cheap it's a lot less chaotic than its counterparts on Renshaw Street.

15 Feb 2017 13:49

Patrick O'Hanlon, Liverpool

One of the two pubs on London Road (that I am aware of at least). Seems to have a real 'Plastic Paddy' element about the place, with flags about the Easter rising and 'Liverpool Emerald Bhoys'. Bar maid seemed okay, all keg affair, Guinness cost 3 pound and was pretty decent. Nothing particularly memorable about the place.

13 Feb 2017 20:22

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

Very solid pub. On the bar there was at least 8 handpumps on, many of them themed around the 6 nations- Rose Cross (Scottish '80 shilling' style, brewed in the pub) Scrum dragon ( Welsh bitter style, by Facers brewery), Grand Slam (English style IPA by Liverpool Organic brewery, hopefully they don't jinx it!), Forza (Italian style, by Heavy Industry brewery), Undercurrant (an Irish Style stout from Neptune brewery), the other beer was a dark mild from Phoenix, and I believe the other hand pump was a Cider. It was a nice touch and could really get someone into the rugby. The irony of all of this was that the room we sat in (where the bar was) didn't seem to have a TV (from what I saw at least) to actually watch the games. The bar men were quite friendly and seemed quite passionate about their ale and the people in the pub were also quite friendly. I tried two of the beers- The Scottish style and the English style and both were solid but I preferred the English style. A pint of each with a half pint of one of the wheat beers on tap came to 5.40. Overall a pleasant pub and worth the walk out to.

11 Feb 2017 20:03

Fall Well, Liverpool

Whilst the experiences I have had in here hadn't been pleasant, I have never actually had an ale from here (which is obviously what we all care about), so I thought I may as well give this place one more time as I had half an hour to kill around Queen's square. Ales on were- Ruddles best, Moorhouses White Witch, Monroe by Dunscar Bridge brewery and Double Gold by Phoenix. The hand pump dedicated to Abbot had the clip turned around. I went for the Double Gold at 2.49, it was okay, in all honesty I would put this down to the beer being poor and not the way it was kept as it was clean looking. I was served right away by a young lad who seemed quite professional so it shows my experiences have been relative. Six nations rugby was being shown on the tellies. I still wouldn't recommend this spoons as the feel of the place is gloomy and a bit depressing really.

11 Feb 2017 19:47

Becketts Bank, Leeds

If I was reviewing this place 3 years ago I would give it a very good review, but in my recent experiences I have been disappointed with Becketts Bank, mostly because they have made the prices surge so quickly. A couple years ago you can get a pint of Tuborg for 2.55, now you can get a Carlsberg for 2.80, just something that has annoyed me about this place. Anyway it has a ground floor and then a kind of balcony floor above it, the pub has a general U shape to it.Ales on were- Phoenix Hopsack, Phoenix Wobbly Bob, Ringwood Forty inner, Kelham Island Riders of the storm, Acorn Barnsley Bitter, Theakstons Old Peculier, Greene Kind IPA, Abbot Ale, Doom bar and Becketts blonde by Elland brewery. I went for the Riders of the Storm which was a decent pint but at 2.85 seems a bit pricey but Spoons standards. May be worth a visit but not the best spoons in Leeds.

11 Feb 2017 19:33

Lloyds No.1, Leeds

Also known as the 'Hedley Verity', there are two floors to this place, the ground floor is quite large with a long bar. I have been to this place a few times but can't remember ever going upstairs so I'm not sure if it has a bar like the Lloyds bars in Liverpool and Manchester (and I'm sure other cities). Ales on were Hanging Stone by Ilkley, Bishops finger by Shepherds Neame, Leeds Pale and Acorn Moor Porter. I went for the Moor Porter at 2.49 and it was quite nice. This place seems to be the epitome of the 'Souless Wetherspoons' stereotype. It felt dim and a bit dull. Locals that I was talking to were friendly but they couldn't give this place any character. Not bad for a late night beer but best to not bother with during the day.

11 Feb 2017 19:24

Stick Or Twist, Leeds

The review below me still rings true 3 and a half years on. The building is ugly from the outside with quite a large outdoor seating area (which I'm sure is great on a summers day). The inside is one large room (although not as big as I was expecting it to be when I was outside). When I was in it was mostly workmen, old lads in when I was here. I'm sure there can be plenty of interesting characters in here being right next to the Merrion centre, although the atmosphere was very relaxed when I was in. The tellies were on when I was in with BBC news playing, a few fruit machines and the standard pictures with local history that most spoons seem to have. Ales on were- Greene King IPA, Abbot ale, Doom Bar, Jarilo by Elland brewery, Snowdrop by Osset brewery and a few other beers that I didn't note down (1 from Bridge house brewery and another was from Butcombe). I went for the Snowdrop at 2.65 and it was a nice pint and very well kept. I would say that no one should be put off by the exterior of this place as it must be one of the best Wetherspoons for ale.

11 Feb 2017 19:15

The Richmond, Liverpool

A thinish roomed pub with a J shaped bar. On the bar the ales were George Wright Pipe dream- 2.80 a pint and pretty decent, George Wright Longboat, Bass and Doom Bar. BArman seemed alright in here but seemed to be trying to be mates with a couple lads who were intrigued by the horse racing. Memorabilia in here included Bass branded mirrors, a full load of clips from Robinsons in a frame and large bottles and glasses on a perch above the bar and one of the seating areas. You can tell how small this place knows it is as they have beer mats on the window ledges. I also got the feeling that this place is like a church cafe, with the barmaid helping out some of the old local lads by getting their drinks and helping them out, not a bad thing just an interesting observation. This pub is good if you want to people watch the people of Liverpool on their shopping trips and I expect it would be good on a summer day as it has a decent outdoor seating area.

5 Feb 2017 10:32

The Bulls Head, Manchester

Pretty big room of a pub large U shape bar is quite a large part of the room. Ales on were- EPA by Marstons, Sunbeam by Banks's, Lancaster Bomber, Bulls Head Gold, Pedigree, Boondoggle by Ringwood- a decent beer but at a very pricey 3.85 a pint, and Jennings Cumberland. Bar maid was okay, didn't really seem to be any locals in here but mostly travellers about to go on a train or who had just got off one. A lot of beer clips are stuck on the wall behind the bar indicating what they have had on before. Music was playing in the background, fruit machine and a cash machine that barges you 1.79 for the pleasure (surely for the tourists who would not think to look in Piccadilly station where there are plenty of ones that let you take your money out for free). An okay place but as RealAleRobUK says, I won't be rushing back.

5 Feb 2017 10:17

The Unicorn, Manchester

A pretty large pub with a few seating areas that all revolve around the island bar in the middle. This pub seems a bit out of place for the area that it is in (The Northern Quarter) and even in Manchester City Centre itself. Pictures on the walls included Ships, drink offers and what I assume is industrial Manchester. The bar maid was very friendly and the locals seemed friendly enough, most of the locals were older lads who all sat on the benches around the bar (makes getting the next drink very convenient). There was music playing in the background but it wasn't intrusive, what I could mostly hear was people having a laugh. The ales on were- Bass, Theakstons Red Atlantic, Lancaster Black and one called 'Firkin'- which I went for, 2.70 a pint and a decent beer in good shape. I would say this is definitely worth a look in for a well priced, well kept pint and to get away from the hustle and bustle of Manchester City Centre to see a pub with proper locals in it.

5 Feb 2017 09:35

The North Western, Liverpool

Very big place with three(ish- one is a small place by part of the bar) rooms. One of the rooms has an upstairs bit as well so I would surprised if anyone struggles for a seat in here. Ales on- Doom bar, Ruddles best, Westwood old dog, Moorhouses black cat, Coach house innkeepers, Phoenix Black Bee- 2.49, okay beer. On the walls there are pictures dedicated to trains, including posters of local train journeys. The toilets seemed fine when I was in (although I only used the urinals). I would probably it's between here and The Lime Kiln for best spoons, I would say the Lime Kiln edges it as the prices are class. Good pub for a station (Although not as good as spoons in Leeds station).

5 Feb 2017 09:03

Carnarvon Castle, Liverpool

As others have said, this is a thin place so it can get cramped when busy, but I came in when it reasonably quiet so I felt alright. Beers on the bar when I was in- Theakston Lightfoot, Theakston Atlantic Red- 3.06 a pint and seemed well kept but I didn't rate the beer, Bombadier, Directors Courage, one other handouts,p was vacant. On the wall of the pub there were pictures dedicated to horse racing, Liverpool as a city ad the pub itself other things. The pub itself also gives a bit of proper feel (despite the deceptive outside). Barmaids and locals seemed friendly enough. Pretty solid place that I would definitely have a few in.

5 Feb 2017 08:51

The Swan Inn, Liverpool

This place gives me the feeling of being almost like something you may see in a German bar, quite dimly lit, a bit of a bare feeling to it and wooden benches and stools. There's a downstairs room and a room upstairs (where the toilets also are). The downstairs room is reasonably big with U-shaped bar. The Ales on were Strathaven Timorous Beastie- 3.30 a pint and quite nice and well kept, Cotleigh Snowy, Phoenix Hopsack, Cottage Pacific, Otley Coolships Pale, Spitting Feathers Gingerbread Latte Sout. The pump that seems to do Wobbly bob by Phoenix regularly was off (which actually lead one guy to walk out). Most of the clientele in here were older rocker types and this seemed to reflect the music that was being played (Renegade by Styx is the only one I remember but it was that era music), I thought the music was quite pleasant and not too loud. Things that were hung on the wall included branded Mirrors from Guinness and Leffe and Guinness. Not a bad place I thought and I would come back here for one or two, don't think I'd hang around.

5 Feb 2017 08:43

The Midland, Liverpool

This pub is reasonably big with a large U shaped bar. I went for Tetley Dark Mild at 2.30 so reasonably priced and wasn't a bad pint. Bar staff and locals seemed quite friendly in here. Wouldn't say there is much memorable about this place. In fact compared to the pubs that are near it I would say it's relatively poor, but it's probably the best priced one in the immediate vicinity and you can't argue with the price of Stella at 3 pound a pint.

28 Jan 2017 08:26

The Vines, Liverpool

The interior of his place is very nice to look at and it seems to have a few rooms off of it but one of the rooms looks a bit more like it's used for ceremonies than for casual drinking. The bar itself is quite large in here. as other posters have said it's all keg, so i tried the 'Manns Chestnut' as I have never tried it before. It was okay and at 3.05 seemed a bit overpriced in my opinion. Probably worth one pint to have a look aroundat the place but I wouldn't hang around.

28 Jan 2017 08:20

Renshaw's, Liverpool

Now called 'The Blarney Stone', I walk past this place quite a lot and thought I need to see what it's like. It seems to say it's an Irish bar but there isn't anything Irish about it, except the sign and a statue of the statue of Liberty with an Irish flag draped around it. This place was quite mad to say I had come in here midday on a weekday. Locals and barmaid were friendly enough but the former were certainly taking advantage of the cheap prices. I thought I would try a Guinness in here and to my surprise it was actually quite nice and it only cost 2.40. To say at Pogue Mahones and Lanigans it cost me about 3.80ish for a Guinness that tasted like a Wetherspoons standard (and is meant to be more authenically Irish), this place out did them by quite a bit. It used to advertise Cask ale a few months back but all I could see were 3 vacant handpulls. A decent bit of whisky on offer as well. May be worth a look in to try a good pint of the black stuff around Liverpool.

27 Jan 2017 22:56

The Liffey Bar, Liverpool

I think the last comment about this plave being a plastic paddy place is pretty accurate. I came in here and saw flags that said 'you can't beat the Irish' and about the Easter Rising of 1916. Seemed friendly enough and a bit less chaotic than the Blarney Stone down the street. Guinness only cost 2.40 and was better than Pogue Mahones so it might be worth checking this place out as it's one of the better places for a Guinness around Liverpool from my experience.

27 Jan 2017 22:48

Lime Kiln, Liverpool

Quite a big place this with a ground floor and an extra floor of seating upstairs with a bar on each floor (the upstairs bar doesn't do ale however). They had a decent few local brewery beers when I was in including beers from Peerless and Big Bog, as well as Abbot and Ruddles Best. I went for a pint of 'Dusk' by Cross Bay brewery, which was a decent pint and only cost 1.85. Definitely one of the better spoons in Liverpool (the only one that seems to may be compete with it is the one in Lime Street station- 'The North Western'). The only thing I would add is be wary at night time considering it's part of a rowdy area in Liverpool and at these prices it may attract some characters. Still solid though

27 Jan 2017 20:25

The Lion Tavern, Liverpool

Quite an interesting interior to this place when I came in. The bar area looked a bit like something from the bar scene from the film 'Legend'. There's a reasonable bit of seating around the bar and some extra seating away the bar. There is a refurbishment starting in February (and potentially some cheap beer down there this weekend). On the bar they had Adnams Ghostship, Broadside, Everands Tiger, Robinsons Dizzy Blonde, Rudgate Ruby Mild, Youngster bitter, Moorhouse Pride of Pendle, Castle Rock Harvest Pale, they also had Yankee Rooster on keg. I went for Rudgate Ruby Mild at 3.25 and it was a decent beer. It was absolutely dead in here except for one other customer and a reasonably friendly barmaid, I probably came in at a bad time but I would say this place is worth a visit to have a look around.

27 Jan 2017 20:18

The Pig and Whistle, Liverpool

Almost instantly regretted coming into this place before I had even ordered. Straight from the off I received a dirty look off a guy at the bar. Not being put off I went to the bar to be met by an uninterested barmaid. Went for the Cumberland by Jennings, it was 3.20 and wasn't a bad pint to be fair. It seemed okay when I settled down a bit but a the atmosphere was a bit weird I thought. Nothing much that makes this place stand out to me, don't think I would ever come back.

27 Jan 2017 20:08

The White Star, Liverpool

This is quite a cosy feeling pub. With a main bar area with a bit of seating and then an extra room towards the back. On the bar they had quite a few beers including- Mad Goose by Purity, Mussel Wreck by Rock the Boat, Bombardier Burning Gold and Bass (amongst others). I went for the Mussel Wreck which was quite nice and only 2.50 (on special offer though). Along the walls of the extra room there are pictures dedicated to the Beatles, sports stars and ships (including the Titanic and White Star liner). There are also plagues that indicate where the Beatles may have sat when they received their wages. There was an electric fire on which kept the place reasonably warm. They also had a few people playing Guitars and Banjos which was quite pleasant. I found the locals in here very friendly and even giving me a little bit of history about the nearby Grapes bar. Would definitely recommend a visit.

27 Jan 2017 20:01

The Salisbury, Manchester

This is a reasonably large place with a few separate seating areas for are punters. On the bar there was Deuchars IPA, JW Lees Atomic Ale, Leeds brewery Gingerbread Stout, Wychwood Dryneck, 4 pumps were left unclipped which seemed a shame. I went for the Dechars at 3.30, quite a decent pint and in good nick. They advertise that they do a CAMRA members discount (50 p on pints, 20 p on halves) There's also plenty of spirits behind the bar. It seems to be a place that is bog on Deuchars as there are posters dedicated to it. I have also heard that Theakstons Old Peculiar is meant to be regular here and I have had here before but was not present on this occasion. As a place I would say it is the best for the pubs in immediate vicinity of Oxford Road and it is certainly an old building. It would be a shame if it was demolished as the last poster says.

24 Jan 2017 17:52

The Thirsty Scholar, Manchester

Bootleg Lawless, bootleg Urban Fox 2.90 decent pint, Joseph Holt Golden Ale, Robinsons Trooper, Rosies Pig (Cider).  A few decent looking keg beers on (including bootleg IPA), Friels cider, and Crystal Gold.  Quite a few beers in the fridge from 'around the world).  Happy hour on 2-8 monday- friday.  The place itself is actually smaller than I thought.  It's still a reasonably big room of a place. The layout of tables is also a bit strange and chaotic almost.  Has beer mats taped above the bar, not the most interesting of interiors.  A bit more of a studenty place. Not as dark or dingy as I thought it might be.  Has a pringle machine incase you get hungry.  Quite relaxing music playing in the background when I was in, can also feel the vibrations from the train tracks above.  Probably nit bad for a reasonably priced pint during happy hour, don't think I'd hang around though.  Also has a 'vegan drinks list'

I walk past this place quite a lot but this is the first time I have been in. My first impression was that it wasn't as big or dark as I was expecting it to be. It's still a reasonably big room of a place, the layout of the tables and seats was a bit odd though. When I was in they had- Bootleg Lawless, Bootleg Urban Fox, Joseph Holt Golden Ale, Robinsons Trooper as the ales and Rosies Pig as a cider. There's some interesting keg beers including Friels Cider, Bootleg IPA and Crystal Gold lager from Joseph Holt. I went for the Bootleg Urban Fox which was a pretty decent drink and well kept and cost 2.90 so was an alright price. They have a happy hour on from Monday- Friday at 2-8pm on those days. The music they were playing was quite relaxing when I was in. This is a bit more of a studenty place but I would say it's worth a visit for a reasonably priced pint.

24 Jan 2017 17:32

The Sun in September, Manchester

This pub is in an old mansion and doesn't look like a pub from tbe outside at all. On the inside it is split up between the public bar area and the lounge bar. I didn't go into the public bar but from what I could see it looked quite small. The lounge bar, on the other hand, is pretty large with different seating areas. This is a proper locals pub with the bar staff chatting with those that they were serving. The bar staff were very friendly and made us feel welcome. It is a sam Smiths pub so you know what you are getting to an extent. Taddy lager is very nice and Old brewery bitter was on form and all reasonably priced. A bit of a worn down feeling but that added to the character I thought. The real only complaint was the toilets smelt pretty bad, like the plumping needed sorting out. Overall I would definitely say you should check this place out.

21 Jan 2017 15:13

Roscoe Arms, Liverpool

I am surprised no one has said anythimg about this place, considering that there are a few reviews on the two bars down the road (Liffey and The Blarney Stone (Renshaws on this site)). This place is a long room, with a bar in the middle and steps down to some seats and then in tbe opposite direction, an extra part of the room which feels a bit more secluded (you could even argue this is a room in itself). There were two ales on the bar, Doom bar and Sharps Atlantic. I tried Doom bar for 2.95 and it was okay but there was definitely something wrong with it, I have never worked in a bar but I would assume they had left the barrell on for too long. The locals in there were friendly enough and the lass behind the bar was friendly and had to deal with some disgruntled customers (mostly complaining about the price of John Smiths, which was probably fair enough). A statue of Elvis in the corner was quite interesting. An okay place but I would probably stick to keg beer if I was to ever return.

21 Jan 2017 10:38

The Church Inn, Manchester

Been past this place a coue of times and it hasn't been open. Looked it up online ad it seems it's closed, may be not permanently. When I walked past there was a light on in one of the rooms and the doorway, the curtaibs were drawn and the door was locked but may be it will reopen. Saw a news story about this place that there was an awful armed robbery 2 years ago, presumably that affected business quite badly in a few ways. Hopefully someone takes it on as it seems lie it has a lot of potential.

17 Jan 2017 21:11

Welkin, Liverpool

Like others had said this place is quite awkwardly shaped and looks like the interior may be inspired by a Soviet Union office building. And once again another a Wetherspoons in the centre of Liverpool with pretty poor customer service. I came up to the bar to see a few lads getting shown the door because one of them was 'too drunk', the one they said was too drunk had told them he had a speech impediment but the staff were having none of it, I would personally have sided with him as they didn't seem drunk in my own observation and the man they were kicking out wasn't slurring his words or anything but there you go. Anyway, this older lad and I were stood at the bar for a while waiting to be served, it seems though that if you are loud you should expect to be served first as these two other lads out of nowhere with daft haircuts and acting like showmen got served immediately, fair to say the lad next to me was as unimpressed as I was, it may be worth adding that it wasn't busy either. I went for a pint of 'Lurcher Stout' which was just okay and barely had any flavour.

11 Jan 2017 15:09

The Waterhouse, Manchester

I would say as Wetherspoins go this one is quite characterful. It's almost like a maze to get to the bar. I think because of the location (not that close to any clubs or late night bars), it doesn't get too busy on a weekend, I have never been forced to stand up when I have come to this place. Prices are decent and the ale has usually been decent when I have come in.

11 Jan 2017 12:51

The Vaults, Shrewsbury

Thought this was a good bar, the ale was well kept (I went for Stonehouse's Off the Rails which was a nice pint) and the vibe was pretty decent in this place. Although it was quite dead to say it was 9.30ish on a Saturday night (may be us coming in their the weekend after New Years may have been the reason why). The location of this place is quite good as well being right next to the train station and it's not too far to walk to get to the Salopian Bar or the Yorkshire House in the other direction. The only thing I would have to say that is negative about this place is the fact that the music was quite loud and this place doesn't seem like a place where people will start dancing or anything so to have it so loud just seemed over the top.

11 Jan 2017 11:47

The Nag's Head, Shrewsbury

I thought this was a great bar when I came to Shrewsbury. It has a bar with a J shape when you enter with seating by the windows and further seating past the bar, the television was on when I was in but it wasn't noticeable. I noticed 5 ales when I was on with most of them being localish (the only truly local one was Three Tuns xxx from what I recall). I went for a pint of HPA by Wye Valley at 3.30 a pint and it was a pretty decent beer and well kept. This place doesn't feel tired or anything like that and it attracts young and older folk so the vibe was very pleasant I thought. I'd say this one is definitely worth checking out when in Shrewsbury.

11 Jan 2017 11:37

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Quite a big open room of a pub, not massive or anything though but quite a lot of space to find a spot. The bar is a U shape with a few things nailed to the top of it, including a gun and a hammer. There are various pictures of Shrewsbury and what an old bar back in the day used to look like, the lighting of the place does feel a bit bright which may ruin the atmosphere a tad bit but when I came in the pub wasn't that busy so it is hard to tell. On the bar there was a mix of beers from the local staple and further afield. These included Clouded Minds Clout Stout, Exmoor Fox, Stonehouse Station Bitter, Stonehouse Zephyr Pale Ale, Salopian Lemon Dream, Timothy Taylors Landlord and Abbeydale Absolution. I went for the Clout Stout at 3.30 and it was a nice pint and well kept. I would say this is worth a look in if you are around Shrewsbury.

10 Jan 2017 20:05

The Albion Vaults, Shrewsbury

A 'rough and ready' type place. A bit strange because when i came in at 9 on a Saturday night they had one part of the pub in the dark with the speaker playing music and a strobe light and the other part of the pub was lit up with people chatting to each other. One ale was on- Banks's Bitter but i went for the Marston's Smooth as I had never seen it before, a decent enough drink and 2.50 so well priced. Barmaid seemed friendly enough, the bouncer outside was friendly and the locals seemed okay, not intimidating or anything.

8 Jan 2017 22:38

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

A small bar area with a lounge area that you can see when at the bar. We had our drinks at the bar and it wasn't too bad but was a bit cramped even though there weren't that many other people in the bar, the size and the layout of the room meant the space probably wasn't used as well as it could have been. All the ales on the bar were national brands, including Banks's Bitter, Jennings Snecklifter, Ringwood Forty niner and Boon doggle, Lancaster Bomber by Thwaites. I went for the Banks's bitter at 2.49 it was well kept and a decent pint. Various decorations around the pub dedicated to its history including a list of all the licensees going back to 1780 and also to Shrewsbury itself. The locals seemed friendly enough with a barman who wasn't too engaged. CCTV and a TV that wasn't on just at the side of the bar. Beer glasses hanging on and around the bar was a good touch. Solid pub and well priced so give it a try.

8 Jan 2017 22:27

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

A pub with a restaurant inside it that keeps the two separated well. The bar itself seemed very locally and the same with the little room just off to the side. Beers on were Salopian Holly bush, Salopian Oracle, Three tuns stout in the main bar, the restaurant/'lounge bar' (a very loose use of that phrase) they also had Salopian Shropshire Gold and Stonehouse station Bitter. The Salopian gold was 3 pound, well kept and was a decent pint, like I have seen others talk about, the beer is a bit lemony. They also had Thatchers Heritage on a hand pull. This is worth checking out but stay in the bar area.

8 Jan 2017 19:16

The Admiral Benbow, Shrewsbury

A medium sized room pub with a large outdoor seating area and an extra room that you will see if you go to the toilet. The pub itself has an oldish feel to it and has various objects dedicated to sailing, including a picture of Admiral John Benbow himself, behind the bar they have clips of beers that they have sold in the past. The ales seem to be from all local(ish) breweries. Including Salopian Hop Twister, Ludlow Brewery Gold, 1066 by Battlefield Brewery, and HPA by Wye Valley. The pint of Ludlow gold was nice and cost 3.20. Barmaid was friendly and the locals seemed okay. Music was playing in the background and there was a television but that was not on. Definitely one of Shrewsbury's better pubs from my experience

8 Jan 2017 19:09

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

I was surprised at the lack of local ales on here. None from what I could see and half of the ales were Greene King beers. Pretty decent obviously for cheapish food. I went for a pint of Lancaster Black and it tasted blandish really. I know though that this isn't the brewery as Lancaster is a brewery I rate, the ale was not well kept.

8 Jan 2017 18:52

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

A lot of local ales on at this pub, didn't bother making a note of them but I went for Hobsons Best Bitter, at 3.10 it was nice and well kept. The barmaids were quite friendly and the bouncer on the door was a decent lad as bouncers go (he wasn't intimidating and was fairly laid back). The bar is an L shape and there's a reasonable amount of seating around the bar. I would like to stress that this place is more like a 'bar' not a pub, it had Spanish football on the television and house music playing when we were in. The only thing about this place was some of the clientele in the bar when I was in here. I'm sure the barmaid who served me didn't appreciate the way they kept asking her for her number and I found the conversation of a couple of other lads taking about 'no means yes' was quite frankly disturbing. But I won't judge the bar on this, they advertise that they do a happy hour during the week with the ale being 2.50 a pint.

8 Jan 2017 18:47

The Cross Foxes, Shrewsbury

A medium sized room pub with 4 ales on- Bass, Worthington cask, Salopian Shropshire Gold, Three Tuns XXX. The Bass was 3.20 and tasted nice and in good condition, the barman and barmaid were friendly. The locals were also quite friendly towards us. There was also a fruit machine, pub quiz machine, darts and the telly which was showing Sky Sports when we were in. Allows dogs in as well. A proper locals pub which is worth checking out, only problem is it is a walk from Shrewsbury itself.

8 Jan 2017 18:36

The Junction, Baildon

I have gone past this place many times and my dad used to imform me that it had won various awards but we had never tried it, finally got to last night. It feels bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. It has a room with a pool table in, the bar area with some seating around the immediate vicinity, and an extra room off the bar, there may be more past the toilets but I didn't investigate. The bar itself is a smallish square that you immediately see when you enter, the pub itself has various memorabilia commemorating local breweries, including the (not so local anymore) Tetley Brewery. 7 ales on- Tetleys, Timothy Taylors Landlord, Fullers ESB, Heys Gold by Bingley Brewery, Plum Pudding by JW Lees, Junction Brewery Blonde and Junction Brewery Golden Splendoer. The last two I am assuming are brewed in the pub or nearby for the pub (it says it's brewed in Baildon), the also do a 'Junction Lager' which is interesting. The pint of Heys Gold I had was a solid pint but nothing to write home about, my mum went for the Junction Blonde and it had a bad taste, like dishwater (don't know if the pipes were cleaned poorly or it was just the beer), all the pints were clean looking so seemed to be well kept. This is an interesting pub, the only faults I can pick are:
1- the location, it's a trek from Baildon town centre itself and Baildon station, Shipley station isn't too far away but you will have to walk for at least 15 minutes to get here from there. 2- the decor, it's okay but it feels like the way my Gran would decorate her house.
But the 'faults' are relatively minor ones, especially the second one. the beer is well kept and the locals and barmaid seem friendly enough and for a pint of Fosters, pint of Landlord, pint of Heys Gold and a half pint of the Junction Blonde to come to 9.55 is good value, if trying the two Junction beers it may be worth asking for a sample. Definitely worth the walk from Shipley station, which is only a 10 minute train journey from Leeds and Bradford Forster Square.

3 Jan 2017 15:28

The Shipley Pride, Shipley

Don't know what is happening with this place. Walked past it the other day and it was boarded up. But it did have a banner outside saying 'under new management' so there is potential it will have a new lease of life as a pub/bar.

3 Jan 2017 15:02

The Yard, Ilkley

Just though I'd quickly update. 3 ales on all seem to be 3.70 and Carlsberg 4.20!! The stuff of heart attacks right here

30 Dec 2016 00:57

The Gillygate, York

This place has a split between public bar and lounge area. 4 ales on when I was in- Black Sheep Best Bitter, St Austell Tribute, Oakham Scarlet Macaw and Rudgate Ruby Mild. Some random keg beers that I had never heard of before as well. An okay place, bit bland really, this place is actually a bit disappointing as it looks like a traditional pub from the outside but the inside is totally different. The food is reasonably priced. This place is alright of you want somewhere in York that isn't as busy as the places where most of the tourists will go.

29 Dec 2016 15:35

White Rose Bar, Leeds

Only ale on here was Old Speckled Hen, which was solid and I got it at 3.48 because of my Bite card (would have been 3.80 otherwise). It's a mediumish sized room with commuters coming in. The barmaid who served me was friendly enough. A few other solo lads stood at the bar when I was in. Not bad as people seem to mind their own business when in here so you don't feel out of place if you're on your own.

29 Dec 2016 15:28

Richard John Blackler, Liverpool

Service in here has been devent when I've been in. My experience was ruined though when I went in for some food one time. I was sat in one of the corners of the room and I got the odd wiff off sick, my Girlfriend didn't smell it as much but I knew something was about. When we had finished our food I looked around a bit more as the sick was even more pungent. Turns out there was some dried up sick about 4 feet away from where we were, thank God I didn't see this when I was eating or I'd be put off totally. I may come back to this place but if I did I would check the area I was going to sit in before I drink ir eat.

24 Dec 2016 00:07

Fall Well, Liverpool

Service has always been unprofessional whenever I have been in here, borderlining on embarassing.

23 Dec 2016 23:57

The George, Leeds

I'm surprised no one has written anything about this place.  It's not an amazing pub or anything but you'd assume someone would write something.  This was the first pub I ever went to in Leeds back when I was younger so I thought I may as well break it in.  A one roomed pub with a horseshoe bar (and it seems to have a 'cellar bar' separate. It has a proper pub feel to it, but the sky news being played on the tannoy killed that a bit.  Lass behind the bar was okay seemed a bit miserable but was chatting to some of the lads on the bar, may be a bit wary of non regulars.  4 ales on- Doom Bar, Sharps Atlantic, Bombardier and Leeds Brewery 'Hell Fire' Pale Ale.  I went for the Hell Fire, quite aptly named for what your average punter (including myself) may be thinking when they end up paying 3.80 and all.  Does food as well (which I can't remember it doing when I came when I was young).  Younger me might have been wiser than I am now for never coming back here. 

20 Dec 2016 21:59

Mr Foley's Cask Ale House, Leeds

Voted the best cider pub in the UK, it's a big room of place with a downstairs bar area and a staggered upstairs bit.  12 handpulls on the bar, including 4 of them were ales from York Brewery.  I went for a pint of York Guzzler, which was well kept and an okay pint but at 3.30 is very steep (3.6 percent beer).  It didn't look like there were any ciders on the handpull but there's at least 6 boxes behind the bar that hold cider.  A pretty decent place, a decent few people in so it seems quite popular.  Worth a visit to try some unknown beers and ciders.  There was also a dog by the bar on my visit who seemed quite intrigued to see new people coming in but when anyone (including myself) went to stroke him/her they went all timid, bless them, gives it a more down to earth feel.

20 Dec 2016 21:55

Tyke, Leeds

Bar that's right next to a hotel.  I was intrigued by the name of this place, this name means I have to give it a 'Tyke Critique' of the place-
Exterior- No Yorkshire Stone in sight so not tyke at all
Interior- A sports bar type interior, does have darts board, coat hangers on the bar, tellies, a restaurant type feel to it as well.  Not really thke at all, 4/10
Bar- 4 Ales on from Kirkstall Brewery (Three Swords, Dissolution IPA, Kirstall Pale Ale, Prototype Extra) all with Kirkstall brewery custom made handpulls which is a good touch, barman was friendly and who asked me if i wanted a pint mug or standard pint glass and if I wanted a top up, beermat said 'go on nick me' so we'll say it's more tyke than the other features.
Pint- I went for Threww Swords, very nice and well kept but at 3.40 would have a tyke cringe I tell thee
Overall- an okay bar nothing memorable and unworthy of it's name.  Probably okay if you're waiting for a bus, plenty of space for a quiet one too.

20 Dec 2016 21:50

Peter Kavanaghs, Liverpool

This pub was busy but it wasn't, what i mean by this is that one of the side rooms was quite busy and the bar as well. But at least one side room was pretty quiet, I stood at the bar. 5 ales on one being Abbot Ale, I went for a pint of 'Onyx' (not sure what the brewery was, this may be incentive to go back to find out), priced at 3.20 and was very tasty. This feels a bit more of a locals pub, some of the other lads around the bar seemed a bit more 'up for it' (if you will), friendly though (one even bought me a pint). Definitely worth a visit, only thing I would say is it is worth coming here earlier on in your night as it is a bit further away from the main drinking areas of Liverpool. Don't risk getting lost or having to deal with some interesting characters on your walk back at the end of the night.

17 Dec 2016 12:40

The Caledonia, Liverpool

5 ales on when I was in, including Prainger Danger which was very pleasant and priced at 3.40. Reasonably quiet on my visit, quite dimmly lit, gives it a bit of 'ambiance' I suppose, Christmas music on in the background as well. Okay but not  as busy as expected, no indication of any bands intending to play, may be it has an extra room for this, I didn't see anything though. Worth a vist.

17 Dec 2016 12:28

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

I was under the impression that this pub wpuld be quite cheap as it seems to draw students, either way I thought it was worth checking out. A big room of place, with a big table in the middle that you would see in hofbrauhaus. 3 localish ales on, my pint of Liverpool Craft Oatmeal stout was very nice but a bit pricey at 3.40.  A decent pub to come with mates or to have a pint by yourself (plenty of space and tables) but it has a spoons type vibe to it, as in not a proper pub feeling to it.  I rated Ye Cracke more than here.

17 Dec 2016 12:20

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

This pub has reasonably amount of space for someone to find a seat or stand with their drink. At least 4 ales on.  3.20 for my pint of Southern Belle.  Lass on the bar was nice and the London lad sitting on the bar was a decent lad and was good to have a chat to about football and where he was from.  The atmosphere was nice and friendly, solid pub. The location of it probably means it doesn't get as busy as some of the other pubs around, definitely worth a visit.

17 Dec 2016 12:15

Belvedere, Liverpool

Very cosy, 3.10 a pint for blonde bach by big bog which was nice and we kept. Memorabilia about Liverpool's past, including the beatles, and apparently Liverpool beat 'London' 3-1 back in the day.  I didn't read the small print, an interesting poster though.  4 ales on from a couple of local breweries Really tight in here mind.  Good to come to but get here early.

17 Dec 2016 12:12

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

You could easily miss this pub.  Off of a side street its quite small with a few rooms off of the main bar area.  6 ales on, Tetleys cask (very rare outside of Yorkshire), Timothy Taylors Landlord, Frosty Nip by Peerless Brewery, Dragon's teeth by Rock the boat, North Pole by Settle Brewery, and George Wright's Hoppy Ending.  My pint of Hoppy ending was clear look, a bit pricey at 3.40 though (at 4.1 percent abv for the pint).  This is a very interesting pub to be fair and you should visit it.  Bar staff friendly and the noise of people having a laugh all about.  Does various pies for 2.50 as well.  Barman saying his girlfriend was a 'wool' and talkimg anout the boundaries that define if you are one or not, which was certainly interesting to listen to, very professional though? I'd be more inclined to say no, I would come back though.

17 Dec 2016 12:10

The Dispensary, Liverpool

I have heard this a pub that needs to be tried.  A one roomed pub with about 8 ales on, I went for the pint of titanic plum porter at 3.40, which was nice but an interesting taste, well kept.  Reasonably busy, interesting stuff around the pub, including a poster to not buy the sun (gives it that Scouse touch ).  Tellies with Sky sports news on and music playing.  The infamous 'Dave' was making sure everything was in order.  You can tell they are a bit anal by how the table I was on had mats to soak up the beer, certainly made it unique.  A lot of people who have to look after beer are quite OCD, he may have quite an extreme form of it but my experience was pleasant.  They also seem to allow e-cigarettes, probably best to ask before you try. Definitely worth a try.

17 Dec 2016 12:02

The Lord Warden, Liverpool

Have always wondered what this pub might be like when walking past it.  Very quiet when I came in, I was under the illusion this place did at least one ale, not least from the sign saying "traditional cask ales". I was unfortunately mistaken, there were two handpulls that were defunct. The pub itself has a big G shaped bar and plenty of space to find a seat or space to stand.   It did have Thwaites Smooth on, which for a keg beer I think is pretty decent.  However, at 2.60 seemed a bit steep, Carling 3 pound as well, not exactly cheap.  Bar maid was okay, I smiled at her and she just looked at me.  I don't understand why you would be like that to a potential patron, especially when it's so dead, but she was also miserable with a lad who seemed to be a bit more of a regular so seems to be standard procedure.  The pub itself does have a proper pub feel to it, there is CCTV and horse racing on the telly however.  Sign behind the bar saying they don't accept Scottish notes (I'm sure that's illegal?). Not a threatening pub or anything, locals seemed reasonably friendly in all honesty, may be worth a look in if you like a not so known keg bitter but other than that probably not worth bothering.  I feel this pub could have potential to draw more people in with it's decent location , put a couple local ales on the handpull, you never know. I doubt they want to do that however.

17 Dec 2016 11:59

The Ship and Mitre, Liverpool

From my visit here I found this to be a very good pub, 12 ales on and at least two hand pumps for real cider, various bottles of beer and cider in the fridge.  Huge oval shaped bar that goes all around the pub.  This may be a pub that gets quite rammed but theres plenty of space for punters.  My pint of Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale was well kept, clean looking and at 3 pound has been better value than other pub.  Lovely smell of pub food around the place, sound of people having a laugh all over.  Definitely one to check out (and better than the Excelsior in my opinion)

17 Dec 2016 11:55

The Excelsior, Liverpool

Every time I walk past this pub I automatically think of the piss weak lager that Lidl stocks.  But I have heard it's a good pub so I had to try it.  The side of the bar I was on had 6 ales on, including Timothy Taylors Landlord, Robinsons Dizzy Blonde, The Rev James and Trappers Hat.  The Trappers hat I had was just okay, I think it was the beer as the pint was clean looking, cost 3.10 as well. This pub has a bit of a proper pub feel to it, a big horseshoe bar, bar staff quite friendly.  Sky sports news on the telly with food menus on all the tables.  The interior is quite interesting to look at and a bit grand looking.  Worth a try if you're in the area and the walk from Lime Street isn't too far away.

17 Dec 2016 11:53

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Split between the lounging/eating area and the public bar, with a large outdoor seating area, coat hangers on the bar which is a nice touch. 6 ales on, 3 from Okell's and at least one local beer, a few American craft berrs in the fridge including Firestone brewery from California which I have never seen before in the UK. I went for a pint of Okell's IPA at 3.10 that was well kept and quite nice, bar maid was friendly.  Not really a proper pub or anything, feels a bit dated but not in a scruffy way, quite interesting to look around at.  Quite a friendly bar but I don't think it's worth hanging around for more than one.  Seems to reserve tables for groups (presumably eaters) which is a shame.

17 Dec 2016 11:50

Pogue Mahones, Liverpool

I have hear that this place does the best Guinness in Liverpool, although I am not a big fan of Guinness I thought it was worth checking out as I walk past it quite a lot. The bar is a crooked horseshoe, quite dim on the lighting with screens showing the football when I was in. Most people were eating and not drinking when I came in. Bar staff were okay enough but not really friendly or anything. The pint of Guinness I had was okay and 3.60 which seemed quite steep even by Guinness standards. May be it's because I haven't drunk Guinness in a while and have been on better beers since but there was no aftertaste at all with what I was drinking in this bar. It's better than what you may have at a Wetherspoons or an English pub but nothing special. I also saw a lad order a pint of Caffreys at 3.50 a pint, which is an absolute rip off to be fair. Okay, I haven't drunk Guinness around Liverpool but this surely isn't the best.

14 Dec 2016 22:17

O'Briens, Liverpool

A big roomed bar that advertises the various drinks on offer and that you shouldn't be getting too drunk. Lady behind the bar was friendly. There are no ales but they have Theakston Mild, Shipyard Pale Ale, Guinness and a few bottles of ale in the fridge. My pint of Theakston Mild was quite nice and at 2.30 a pint I'd have a few of them no problem. The Music that was on was a bit too loud. Quite dead considering the street is meant to attract students, but then again the other bars looked quite dead as well. Also look out for 'Steve', he will come talk to you and seems friendly enough but will ask you for a drink, say no and he'll bugger off.

14 Dec 2016 22:08

Central Commercial Hotel, Liverpool

A large room of a pub with a half moon bar. There were 4 ales on, Bombardier, Lancaster Chestnut red, Red Star Formby IPA and Thwaites Wainwright. The Formby IPA I had was quite nice and well kept and cost 3.05 which isn't an alright price to pay. There are a few fruit machines and a pub quiz trivia machine, horse racing on the tellies, you may be put off by the CCTV. It depends what you are looking for really. In my book fair enough to them, they may have had trouble before and they are giving ales from local brewery a try which taste decent at reasonable prices. This is one I would come back to, why not. The only real shame is most people were drinking the keg beers, but the ale was still in good form.

14 Dec 2016 22:01

Doctor Duncans, Liverpool

I get the feeling that this pub is quite food orientated, but it certainly welcomes and attracts drinkers. The pub gives a history of Doctor Duncan (Liverpool and Britain's first 'medical officer'). Only two ales on, Black Sheep Best Bitter and Jennings Cumberland Ale, a couple of Handpulls with Pedigree advertised were off. I went for the Black sheep, which tasted nice and was very well kept and clean looking, but a bit steep at 3.60. The barmaid was reasonably friendly, but in a 'I am happy for your custom' type of friendly. From the outside this looks like it would be a proper pub with the Cains brewery logo but it didn't really have much character to it I thought. I may come back to try a clean pint of the Cumberland Ale but wouldn't go out of my way.

14 Dec 2016 21:56

Vernon Arms, Liverpool

Two rooms in this pub, the bar area with a bit of seating and then the restaurant part.
Quite a few ales on and a few of those were from Local breweries.  I had a pint of the Rev James as I have never had it before and at 2.90 seems quite well priced and it was well kept (i didn't really rate the taste of the beer though).  The barman was quite friendly when I came in and the pub was quite tidy.  There is a presence of CCTV in the pub though but I wouldn't say this should put anyone off.  Is it a proper pub?  It is a disputable issue, worth a visit either way

14 Dec 2016 21:47

Ye Hole in Ye Wall, Liverpool

Located on a side street just up Dale street, this is a proper pub  that has a really cosy and homely feel to it.  Apparently it was the last pub to allow women through it's doors.  The lady behind the bar was quite friendly and was relatively knowledgeable about the ales they had on.  The pub is quite small with limited seating so I imagine it can get quite rammed some nights.
5 ales on with handpumps which had pictures of ships on which I thought was a good touch. I went for a pint of Salopian Darwins Origin which was very nice and quite well kept, price may be a bit high but not awfully over the top.  The pub was playing music on my visit but not in an intrusive way.  Plenty of locals having a good time and having a luagh with each other in here.  I would definitely return here if around the area.

14 Dec 2016 21:45

The Queens Hotel, Apperley Bridge

This pub, where I had my first drink as a young lad, is now a restaurant called The Moody Cow. A pretty solid restaurant but it's a shame this pub actually shut down. It was quite well priced and had well kept ale. Most likely that lack of trade ended this pub as some weekends it would be quite dead on a night. I'm giving this a poor grade just because it's a shame it closed down.

14 Dec 2016 15:08

Hardys, Liverpool

On Matthew Street where we were lured in by the free jaegerbomb we could get when we bought a drink. To be honest it was probably better than tbe 80s bar, better priced as well (although not really saying much as it was still extortionate). If youre around the area and want a bit better value for money then this is a better place to go, all keg beers and ciders.

11 Dec 2016 16:56

Bar t'at, Ilkley

This pub was refurbished not too long ago and to be honest it doesn't have a pub feel to it at all. I wouldn't say it has no atmosphere or amything but you do get the feeling that diners take priority. It does a fair few ales including Landlord and Ilkley Mary Jane. The beer quality has always been okay and has been a bit more pricey (pretty standard for Ilkley). I've never really rated this place, it's a good place for a drink or two but I wouldn't hang around and I wouldn't class it as a great ale pub.

11 Dec 2016 16:07

The Old Tramshed, Saltaire

Now called the Hop and owned by Ossett Brewery it has quite a few ales on mostly from Ossett which are in good form, the food is quite nice as well. It's a big room of a pub so I guess if you don't want an atmosphere then you may not want to hang around. But it is certainly goid to have a few nice beers and if you want to eat.

11 Dec 2016 15:01

The Briton's Protection Hotel, Castlefield

Lovely old pub not too far away from Oxford Road station. There's a main bar area and a separate room with a pool table. Two halves of Landlord at 3.75 were a tad overpriced but being in the centre of Manchester it's not surprising. To be fair its probably one of the better pubs in Manc that I have been to and I would definitely recommend it to anyone, the ale range is a bit 'safe'.

11 Dec 2016 00:34

Swan With Two Necks, Stockport

Came in here after visiting the Brewery. There's two sides of the bar and another separate room to sit in. The young lad behind the bar who seved us was quite friendly (and even checked up on us to see if we were okay after we sat down) and so were the locals that hung out on the other side of the bar. I was quite surprised when i asked for a pint of the Old Tom amd was avtually served it (seeing as it's an 8.5 pervent beer). I was always under the impression that if a beer was particularly strong you could only get it in a half, may be it's weaker from a cask, I'm unsure, but it was lovely and very well kept. The only thing that I thought was a bit odd was the closing time, I did come on a weekday but the young lad behind the bar started informing everyone that the pub was going to close at 7. May ne they are just realists about the fact it may be quite dead at a later time? I'm not sure but definitely a pub to come to if around Stockport, but it may be best to come on the weekend if you want a session.

10 Dec 2016 22:14

Ma Egertons, Liverpool

Coming out of the less used end of Lime Street station (past the wetherspoons) one of the first things you may notice is this pub.  As a pub I've heard that it's quite good to host events in.  On my visit there was only two hand pumps in use, which had Pure Gold by Purity brewery and Wells & Youngs A Good Stuffing on. The pint of Pure Gold I had was nice but may be a bit over the top pricing wise (£3.40 for a 3.8 percent beer).  The pub itself has a bar area with seating and a separate room for extra seating with various pictures of entertainer celebrities and old tickets from various acts that were at the Empire theatre just next door.  Worth a visit if by the station or right before a play/ show as it does have character to it.  Serves food as well.

9 Dec 2016 17:33

The Brewery Tap, Liverpool

Part of the ominous (now defunct) Cains Brewery.  This pub is a large room with a wide bar and much memorabilia dedicated to Cains.  It only has 4 ales on, Great Heck Brewery Blonde, Dukeries de Lovetot, Liverpool Organic Shipwreck IPA and Timothy Taylor Landlord (which was not on, the barman informed me that they were letting it settle) nevertheless it was well kept and the barman was friendly and knew his stuff and all at 3.20 (I am told).  Various keg beers that I had never heard of were also on offer. The horse racing was on the TV and music was playing upon my visit.  A pretty good pub to visit especially if you want to chat with the barman and the other punters.

9 Dec 2016 17:30

The Font, Fallowfield

Probably more of a cocktail bar than a beer place (may be because you can get cocktails for around 2 pound). The ale I have had here has always been in good condition, not much of a selection of ales however (only a couple of handpulls). Still pretty decent for a pint in terms of quality.

7 Dec 2016 19:29

The Sir Ralph Abercrombie, Manchester

This is a pub I have always admired just because of how close it is to the police station. It's got a large horseshoe shaped bar, it was quite busy when we came in here (although it was on a Friday at half 6). The ale is quite well kept but at almost ridiculous prices, I was going to be charged £7.60 for two pints of Phoenix Hopsack (a 3.8 percent beer), it was off so I was able to get two pints of the Trooper Red n Black porter by Robinsons (which, even though was 3 percent stronger than the Hopsack was actually selling at a cheaper price at 3.50 for a pint). It seems like this place is in trouble of being shut down, but I don't think the prices help it's push to bring in more punters.

7 Dec 2016 17:43

The Tube 80s Bar, Liverpool

Only seems to do lager on keg. Okay for a dance but could hear a lot of glass smashing and seedy characters hanging around, quite expensive as well.

4 Dec 2016 23:39

Rubber Soul, Liverpool

Has 3 rooms and 4 bars, 2 of the rooms are more barish and the other room is a club within the bar. It's okay if you want to stay out late, all keg beer and not much selection either. Prices are quite high as well but that seems normal for the area, quite fun to have a dance with some mates.

4 Dec 2016 23:35

Queens Arms, Glossop

Nice pint of Old speckled hen. The bar lady was friendly as well and seemed interested about using coming over to hike the hills nearby. Good place to start a pub crawl from here towards Glossop centre. Great town with friendly locals and great pubs overall.

2 Dec 2016 10:11

The Grafton Arms, Manchester

Has been refurbished recently and looks a lot smarter but still has a bounce feel to it. Doesn't sell that many ales and they're all Holts but they're okay, a better selection of keg beer including the 3 main lagers, Holts smooth and Holts black (which are both quite pleasant in my opinion). One of the rooms has a pool table and darts. Being a Holts house the prices are quite reasonable. Bar staff have always been nice enough and there are some characterful locals. If you fancied a crawl along Oxford Road then this should be included.

2 Dec 2016 00:40

The Albert Inn, Manchester

Small pub that does only keg beers, Guinness, Fosters and Thwaites Smooth. One roomed pub that must rival the Circus Tavern as having the smallest bar in Europe. There's an Irish twist to the place as well with various pictures and memorabilia dedicated to The Emerald Isle. The defining quality that makes it truly Irish though is the Guiness, very nice and well kept, the Thwaites smooth was also quite nice as well.

1 Dec 2016 13:30

The Railway, Didsbury

A bit more down to earth than the Met opposite. Pints are almost 1.50 less. Holts beer though so not the most exciting but it does do a fair few ales. Also quite an interesting interior with signs around that it was an old railway station.

1 Dec 2016 13:17

The Metropolitan, Didsbury

A very large, grand looking pub on the outside and even bigger on the inside. You can eat anywhere but there is a specific restaurant bit within the pub, the outside bit also gets kitted out when sport is out (and even has a separate bar outside, pretty good really). The food is nice but expensive and the portions should be bigger for what you pay. Surprisingly 'safe' with its ale selection, with Taylor's landlord and Deuchars IPA and does do a couple changing beers. If youre looking to try some continental lagers then it's a better pub for that. Everething about the place is expensive, Landlord is about 3.80 a pint and the coffee is at least 50 p more than it should be. Okay for one and to admire the huge interior and the massive bar.

1 Dec 2016 13:15

The Sun Hotel and Bar, Lancaster

Probably the best quality beer I had whilst around Lancaster serving a lot of the Lancaster brewery ales. Lancaster brewery has always been good when I've had a pint of it to be fair. The staff were quite friendly and you can sit outside even if it's a tad chilly as it's got heaters. A bit pricey and I'm not sure I'd drink here for too long (doesn't have a pub feel to it) but still a good place for a pint.

1 Dec 2016 12:25

The Brown Cow, Lancaster

*Thwaites owned pub, bloody autocorrect. Seems to have mucked up some of my other reviews as well.

1 Dec 2016 12:18

The Brown Cow, Lancaster

The sites owned pub that does Karaoke on the weekend. The pint of Lancaster Bomber I had was solid, didn't really rate the pint of Wainwright I had but it's not a beer I've had a good experience with when drinking it so nothing on the beer quality. The prices are on the better side compared to other pubs around Lancaster. Didn't really interact with the bar staff but the DJ was friendly enough. It also has a pub quiz machine so happy days. Would return to if around Lancaster.

1 Dec 2016 12:15

The Station Inn, Hexham

More of a hotel and restaurant than a pub. Quite reasonable prices if you wanted to stay (from what the board of room rates said). Only one ale on, an unmemorable Blonde beer that wasn't very well kept, had about 5 keg beers as well. The prices are reasonable, 3 pound for the ale and 3 pound for a voddy, like and soda. Very dead when we went in on a Friday at 5pm, only one punter came in a few minutes after us. Okay for a keg beer before your train.

1 Dec 2016 12:05

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

I came here towards the end of last orders and it wasn't too busy. We couldn't get a seat but had a spot at a stand up table. Not really too familiar with London but the prices were better than other places I had been to (2.80 for taddy). It's quite a nice pub really and the barman was quite friendly (commenting about how the main difference between Taddy in London vs Yorkshire was that it was cheaper). A good pub that I would certainly consider going back to.

1 Dec 2016 10:55

The Yard, Ilkley

One of the only late night places around Ilkley. the ale has always been in decent nick when I have had it. It's got quite a cosy feel to it when it's not late at night but after that it's a different story. Usually attracts dickheads and the bouncers can be knob heads. The prices are usually ridiculous (about 3.60 for a carlsberg) but when it's the only place late at night you'll pay it.

1 Dec 2016 10:49

The Crescent Hotel, Ilkley

The place itself is split between the dining area and the bar. The beer is well kept and it's a decent enough bar to drink in, serves quite a few ales with a couple regular (including Saltaire Blonde and their own brewered ale). The only problem is the bar can get quite tight when it's busy, with much shuffling done if you're standing up in order to let others move around. A bit on the pricey side but it's Ilkley so mostly to be expected. A decent enough place to have a few but I'm not sure you'd hang around too long.

1 Dec 2016 10:45

The Beehive, Liverpool

A bit of a strange pub, looks like it will be quite traditional looking from the outside but the seating area on the inside is a bunch of chairs and tables that you might seen in a canteen. It twould ales on, Ruddles County and Abbot Ale, both kept in good condition and the prices seemed okay. I didnt appreciate one of the bar ladies ignoring my obvious signs that i was in need a coue more fresh pints, it was actually bordering on rude, the other bar lady was quite friendly though to be fair. There are also some interesting characters come to this pub.

1 Dec 2016 04:53

The Abbey, Liverpool

Does a few ales all in good nick and all at decent prices (between 2.50-2.80), it also says you can get a loyalty card of some sort that gets you 10 p off each pint. A few of the Lancaster brewery beers when I was in all quite nice. It's not somewhere I'd hang around but it's good if you're in a group or may be if you wanted to have a quiet pint and sit by the window and watch the happenings of Liverpool.

1 Dec 2016 04:40

The Coburg, Liverpool

A pub that has been laid out to have a district 'public bar and lounge bar' split. Quite a nice pub, has a fire going at night. Has a range of keg beer going but only does one ale (Doom Bar), which when I had it was not very good. Still an only pub if you're in the area, the locals and the bar staff are quite friendly and it shows sports as well.

1 Dec 2016 04:23

The Blob Shop, Liverpool

Very cheap, the only place I've seen Stella (or at least is purported to be Stella) at 2.20. The atmosphere is decent, mostly older folk having a good time. No real ale but if you want a cheap night or day drinking keg beer then why not spend it here, nowt wrong with it.

1 Dec 2016 04:18

The County Borough, Rotherham

Cheap pubs to watch the football in. No real ales and the glasses were a bit shoddy when I went in like they hadn't been cleaned properly. The atmosphere is decent if not a tad intimidating.

1 Dec 2016 04:12

The Hare and Hounds, Manchester

Two ales on- Doom Bar and Holts Bitter. The Den
Doom Bar was nice but almost a pound more than the Bitter. A locals bar in the centre of Manchester, all seemed friendly enough.

1 Dec 2016 03:44

Wetherspoons, Leeds

Obviously a Spoons which is easy for a train you need to get. It is quite pricey for Spoons ale but it's quite nice. I find Spoons ale can be okay but not good. This spoons does nice real ale and the staff are quite nice and considerate when I've been in. Can be good if you want a pint or two before you're off out as well if you've come in by train.

1 Dec 2016 03:37

The Angel Inn, Leeds

A pub that you could easily miss. I hadon't actuslly tried coming here before with a group but couldn't find it (believing it was next to the Ship). Quite a thin building with a larger area outside for summer day drinking. The staff seemed friendly enough when I was in, all sam smiths beers and great prices for Leeds city centre, certainly one to start your night at.

1 Dec 2016 03:29

The Adelphi, Leeds

Had heard about the Adelphi quite a lot and thought I need to try it. I had hyped the place up too much in my mind. It's quite a spectacular interior that is quite pretty to look at, but the ale was lacking. I had a pint of Roosters Yankee at £ 4.30 and it looked flat and had barely any taste. May be it's the pint but I was immensely disappointed and I'm not sure I'd want to return. May be I should have been safe and plunged With a pint of Landlord, we'll never know.

1 Dec 2016 03:23

The Grey Horse Inn, Manchester

Great pub, quite small and with limited table space so you may have to stand up but not something that should put you off going. Quite a few ales on to say it's quite small, the toilet is quite interesting as well. This is probably the best pub out of the 3 that are in this little strip of pubs (with the Old Monkey and The Circus Tavern).

1 Dec 2016 03:13

The Circus Tavern, Manchester

Very small pub, you are best getting here early or you may not physically be able to get in! Two hand pubs included Tetleys and Robinsons Dizzy Blonde. The beer quality was okay when I went in and the prices didn't seem ridiculous. It's one to say you've been into as it's meant to have the smallest bar in Europe but not one to come back to unfortunately.

1 Dec 2016 03:08

The Menston Arms, Menston

A Sam Smiths pub which feels very cosy. The locals in there are friendly (and quite knowledgeable, even though I did go on pub quiz night!). It's probably the best pub in Menston and I could easily stay there for a few hours.

1 Dec 2016 03:02

The Dalesway, Ilkley

Expensive to say it's a relatively basic pub. If you're around Ilkley and want to stay out after 1am on a weekend then your choices are either here or the Yard, this place is better if you want less club-type music blasting and a pub feel when you're out at that time. I wouldn't come here other than it being my last option for a late night however (well unless I'm attempting to crawl around all the bars in Ilkley)

1 Dec 2016 02:59

Rose & Crown, Ilkley

This place has changed it's name twice since being the Rose and Crown. It used to be nightclub Renaissance and now it's a posh bar called 'The Black Hat'. The Black Hat is a bit of a 'posers palace' really, lads wearing fedoras with beards and glasses, not sure where they come from as I never see these lot around Ilkley. The ale is actually quite nice, Timothy Taylor landlord, Saltaire Blonde, Black Sheep best bitter are the options and are really well kept. It is a tad pricey, the blonde is 3.30 and Landlord is about 3.50-60. Bit what do you expect in a place like this in a town like Ilkley. Not bad for a couple and it has a decent outdoor seating area so ono a nice day it may be worth coming down to but I would say there's better pubs in Ilkley.

1 Dec 2016 02:56

The Red Lion, Withington

Pretty decent pub to get some food in and watch the football or Rugby. It has quite a few ales on which have all been okay when I've had them. The prices are a bit over the top for what this place is though.

1 Dec 2016 02:33

The Turnpike, Withington

A Sam Smiths pubs which means cheap pints and only one hand pull (Old Brewery Bitter). It has the design of the 'lounge and public bar' split to it. The pub apparently hasn't been changed since the 1960s. The times I have been in it's not been that busy. It's certainly a locals pub but who are friendly enough. It's not bad to get a few cheap pints in but I wouldn't really want to stay for too long. Unless you are the type who likes their Sam Smiths beers as this is the only one till the City Centre (I think).

1 Dec 2016 02:31

The Egerton Arms, Salford

The pub interior is certainly unique, it looks like an old theatre of some sort. It's a big room of a pub with a larger open space on one side of the horseshoe shaped bar, and a smaller space with a pool table and telly on the other. Warning to anyone who doesn't like Manchester United, there's a fair bit of memorabilia dedicated to them.
As a pub it is nice, very locally with the barman using profanity towards his punts, nothing that bothers me. The prices are the best in this area as well. They also show The Chase, not much more you can ask for!

1 Dec 2016 02:24

The Salford Arms Hotel, Salford

This pub keeps its beer very well. However, I got the impression it may be more orientated towards food. The day I came in the door to what seemed like the main bar area was locked and had larger speakers stored in the room, so we had to drink in the restaurant bit. The ale was magnificent though, especially the Blackcurrant porter from Vale of Glamorgan Brewery. The manager was also also friendly and genuinely seemed to want to know if we were doing alright. It's a bit pricey but nothing to feel wronged about, it also does a happy hour on Fridays.

1 Dec 2016 02:18

The New Oxford, Salford

This pub has a vast array of beers. There must be at least 12 ales and various other keg beers as well. Seems to have an Irish influence to it as well. The Funky Monkey and Night train beers me and my mate had were in good condition when we went in (although we didn't rate Night Train as a beer but Funky Monkey was a nice pint) and I would certainly consider going back. It is a tad pricey but with the amount of ales they serve it's what you are expecting really. If you want to try a pub over the River then come to this one.

1 Dec 2016 02:12

The Shoulder of Mutton, Bradford

A proper pub. Sam Smith owned so you know what you're getting. Has a few separate rooms and the main bar area. One of the rooms has a nice fire that is always welcome in my book. A good pub to have a few with mates in or have a quiet one before you have to go to your train at Forster Square, can attract some interesting locals with some interesting stories.

1 Dec 2016 02:05

The Queen, Bradford

Craft Union owned pub (I believe). Pretty solid pub really, Doom Bar and Atlantic on tap at 1.70 a pint and it gets quite busy on a match day (at those prices it's no surprise). Certainly a pub to include Ina BFD pub crawl or start to a night out

1 Dec 2016 02:02

The Boy and Barrel, Bradford

Decent enough pub. No real ales, the prices are reasonably as most of Bradford is and the locals seemed friendly enough, the barman was quite cheery. I did go into this pub on a Saturday just after Bradford City had kicked off at 3pm so I'm not sure what it may have been like later on.

1 Dec 2016 01:58

Templar Hotel, Leeds

A great pub in Leeds. The prices are good, especially around Leeds city centre. Theres a great atmosphere of old mates meeting up here and having a laught. It does a good selection of ales which have tasted nice when I have been in. Never mind the Adelphi, give me this pub any day of the week.

1 Dec 2016 01:53

The City Road Inn, Manchester

A decent pub but the atmosphere is a bit lacking. The prices are good for Manchester centre (3.10 for Doom bar) and the lady behind the bar is quite friendly. It's certainly one to check out, especially if you want to save a few pennies but I don't think you'd stay here for more than 3 pints.

1 Dec 2016 01:47

The Friendship Inn, Fallowfield

It's a reasonably big pub and has a huge horse shaped bar. Has quite a few ales on and the prices are reasonable. Can get rammed when sport is on. I've waited almost 30 minutes at the bar here on a match day before only to just think it's not worth the bother. The ale has almost been in decent condition.

1 Dec 2016 01:43

Great Central, Fallowfield

A spoons which has given me the impression of trying to juice the students by slowly putting up the prices. The Friendship inn is a better pub in the area and if you're in the area then I recommend you skip Fallowfield altogether and head down to Withington

1 Dec 2016 01:39

Victoria Hotel, Withington

A hydes pub that is good for watching sport in. Has 6 ales on, the regular ones include Hydes bitter and 1865, the rest are changing ales from Hydes. The prices are good and the lady who works behind the bar is friendly (and is also lucky when it comes to betting apparently). The only real fault is the way it's laid out as a pub can be awkward when trying to find a seat when it's busy.

1 Dec 2016 01:37

The Orion, Withington

Good pub, a mix of locals and students. The booze is cheap but the selection is lacking, only one ale on (Holts bitter) which has been okay when I've drunk it, I usually stick to the Diamond lager though. Spirits are also cheap as spirits go (about 2.95 for a double whisky).

1 Dec 2016 01:33

The Shakespeare, Liverpool

Very weird bar. It has a main bar area and then a separate upstairs bit which I am sure is owned by the same owners but seems totally different. We stayed in the main bar and I'm sad to say that I was disappointed. It was a place my friend and I supped up our drinks as quick as we could in order to move along, dead atmosphere, felt likejust a room to drink in.

1 Dec 2016 01:30

Ned Kellys, Liverpool

Thus pub was quite busy when I went on a Friday night. A very modern pub feel to it, did have an atmosphere with many people just getting off from work. The prices are good and the beer was in very good condition.

1 Dec 2016 01:25

Rose and Crown, Liverpool

No ale (has a hand pull but no clip on it). This is a reasonable enough pub, the prices are quite good, the atmosphere is enjoyable. If you intend to have a pub crawl in Liverpool (especially a cheap pub one) then this isn't a bad one to have on your list.

1 Dec 2016 01:19

The Poste House, Liverpool

Interesting pub. It has a gay bar upstairs but attracts the older locals in the bottom bar. No real ale but apparently Guinness and Manns chestnut are 1.50 and 1.40 respectively. The only real problem is it feels a bit worn out but a good pub to see if you're around the area.

1 Dec 2016 01:17

Globe, Liverpool

This may be (still a fair few to try for me) the best pub I've been to in Liverpool. The atmosphere is good, the ale is nice (4 when I was in including Landlord and Doom Bar) and the lady behind the bar was quite friendly and even let me and my pal try a sample of the Blueberry ale from Bradfield brewery. It can get quite tight for space but it wasn't enough to put me off enjoying my time here. Not the cheapest but I wouldn't say it's over the top with their prices either. Certainly a must visit I believe.

1 Dec 2016 01:13

Crown, Liverpool

A very solid pub that is the first pub you see when you come out of lime street. First impression is the wacky looking exterior. There are 2 rooms. The first when you walk in with the bar and the second room for extra seating. Has about 5 ales on which have all been well kept when I've been in. A bit more a 'chain pub' feel to it but certainly not in a spoons way. More of an efficient service but still can have a brief chat type of way. Prices are decent as well

1 Dec 2016 01:06

The Midland Hotel, Ilkley

This pub has recently been taken over by the Craft Union Pub company and I personally find it the best pub in the town. There are 3 ales on- Doom Bar, Sharps Atlantic and Timothy Taylor's landlord, which are 'safe option' ales but you can't argue with the price of them. All ranging from 2 pound to 2.35 and its certainly pleasant to drink in. The atmosphere is what a local should have with punters having a good time. The keg beer selection is also reasonably vast and well priced.

1 Dec 2016 00:59

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