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BITE user comments - Sigmund

Comments by Sigmund

The Harwood Arms, Fulham

Visited with my son. Allegedly the only gastropub in London with a Michelin star. Beerwise I could have had 4 new ticks here, but I stuck to wine with a more than decent meal. Advance booking is essential for a meal. Efficient, fast and friendly staff.

17 Mar 2020 21:50

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

Spacious and nice looking pub just across the street from Wimbledon station. Pleasant now that it is non-smoking, pretty bad before that. 4 or 5 cask handpumps, also some kegs and bottles. The cask ales I had were in perfect nick.

17 Mar 2020 21:47

The Jugged Hare, City of London

Located in a building that survived the Blitz, next door to the hideous Barbican Centre. this gastropub is divided in a bar area and a restaurant area, where booking might be essential. 9 taps, 4 or 5 of them cask, including their "own" Jugged Hare Pale Ale. Several new ticks for me. Good food in the restaurant, bar meals are also available. Payment by card only, even in the bar.

17 Mar 2020 21:43

The George, Croydon

The George is a nice JDW in the centre of Croydon. 5 guest handpumps, also some kegs, bottles and cans, several new to me. The Wetherspoons app worked (order and pay from the table) but not for the guest ales.

17 Mar 2020 21:39

Flora Sandes, Thornton Heath

Appears to have been out of business since May 2018.

5 Feb 2020 03:57

The Jolly Waterman, Cambridge

Only called The Waterman now. The Waterman is a very good pub at Victoria Bridge and a 2 minutes walk from Jesus Green. Good selection of both cask and keg beers, many new ticks for me. Decent food too.

2 Jun 2019 22:51

The Town House, Ely

City centre pub, I visited twice on a Tuesday. Some people there around lunchtime, for a long time in the evening I was the sole guest, and they started turning off the lights at 22:10. Too warm in the room, even on a chilly day. Decent cask ales and some kegs. Several new ticks for me.

2 Jun 2019 22:43

The Royal Standard, Ely

Decent looking pub, close to Ely's more renowned pubs, so it won't be a detour to pop in here to see if they have a tick or two for you. 6 cask handpumps and a number of kegs available. They also offer accommodation.

2 Jun 2019 22:40

The Lamb Hotel, Ely

Called The Lamb Inn. More of a restaurant than a pub. Moderate selection of main brand cask ales. Food so-and-so.

2 Jun 2019 22:38

The Hereward, Ely

Located vis-a-vis Townhouse (which is more of a ticker's pub), you can still find a few cask ales here (I had Brains Original Cask Bitter, which I had rated previously) and some kegs, also a decent food menu. I came back in the evening, there had been a change of staff, and the surly barmaid looked like I was trying to torment her when I asked for a gin & tonic, with Tanqueray gin (which I had to point out for her).

2 Jun 2019 22:35

The Minster Tavern, Ely

Decent looking pub close to the impressive Ely Cathedral - this pub is a place you inevitably stumble into, rather than search out. Some cask ales, and quite a few kegs. The cask ale I had, Salem Ernest, was not in perfect nick. Did not eat.

1 Jun 2019 23:41

The Dog and Sausage, St Helier

Central location. I stopped by, but no new ticks for me there, so I went on. The place is probably fair enough if you need some of the regular beers.

7 Dec 2018 04:16

The Peirson, St Helier

Optimal location at the Royal Square. Crowded by German tourists when I was there, but I managed to get a seat. A couple cask ales (Liberation), decent food. Reasonably fast service.

7 Dec 2018 04:13

The Cock and Bottle, St Helier

Optimal location at the Royal Square. Large outdoor seating area, I had lunch there twice, but the second time service was extremely slow. Liberation on cask, a few keg beers.

7 Dec 2018 04:12

Chambers, St Helier

Large, roomy and rather dark pub not far from The Lamplighter. No cask ales on when I was there.

7 Dec 2018 04:10

The Lamplighter, St Helier

Central location in St. Helier, close by Town Chiurch, a short walk from the bus station. The best pub in Jersey, no doubt. A rotating offering of cask ales and ciders, some kegs and bottles. Only drawback was that some of the cask ales and ciders were served warm in the morning. Correct cellar temperature later in the day. Decent food at lunchtime.

7 Dec 2018 04:04

The Globe, Brentford

Nice Fuller's pub with a central location in Brentford. The usual Fuller's suspects in perfect nick. Excellent fish & chips.

7 Dec 2018 03:54

The William Web Ellis, Twickenham

Nice and roomy JDW pub in the Twickenham town centre, a 3 minutes' walk from the train station. Better selection of cask ales and kegs + bottles than many other Spoons pubs. I had a cask pint of J.W. Lees Moonraker, very reasonably priced. I could have had many more ticks here, but had no capacity for more. Also had the fish & chips for lunch, decent enough.

13 Feb 2018 21:55

The Oyster Rooms, Fulham

DW pub with just as little atmosphere as you expect in a combined shopping mall and tube station. Very handy for Chelsea football though. I could have had 1 or 2 cask ticks here, and most likely a few bottles, but was in no mood for beer(!), as i had a Chelsea FC hospitality package coming up. Settled for a gin & tonic, and the bartender typically did not ask me which gin I wanted, and did not offer a slice of lemon or lime. Service was efficient, but as normal in JDW without a smile. Can't blame the underpaid bastards for that. I did not eat, but they have the normal JDW menu.

13 Feb 2018 21:53

The Antelope, Belgravia

I attempted to survive a day (before a concert in Cadogan Hall) as a "Sloane Ranger" (or does that expression apply only to women?), but I am afraid that both my age and attire disqualified me mercilessly. Anyway, The Antelope was the only decent pub I could find near Sloane Square, and it was definitely less Sloanie in character (at least in the quiet afternoon) than the restaurant I unashamedly dined in at Sloane Square afterwards. The kitchen at The Antelope was closed, as I visited after normal lunch hours. I started out with a gin & tonic. No new beers for me, but I had the Fuller's Red Fox (a bit soapy in the finish) and the ESB (which was fine). I asked if they had bottles of Golden Pride or Bengal Lancer, but to no avail. The bartenders were friendly enough though.

13 Feb 2018 21:49

Ye Olde London, St Pauls

This Greene King pub is hardly a destination in its own right, but if you like me go to a concert in St. Paul's Cathedral (or simply are sightseeing), you will surely be thirsty afterwards. As there are not so many pubs in the immediate vicinity of the cathedral, this one might be your best bet. The usual GK suspects on cask - including the seasonal Starry Night, which was remarkably good. I did not eat.

13 Feb 2018 21:45

The Spotted Horse, Putney

A Young's pub, it has of course the traditional Young's cask ales that you expect, but also several guest cask ales. I had Purity Mad Goose, forgot that I had rated it before. Also several interesting keg beers, and some bottles. I could easily get 8-10 ticks here .- if not time and a health issue had prevented me, The food menu looks interesting too - but my boring choice was an all-day Full English Breakfast, which was plentiful. In case the pub's food manager reads this: drop the American-style thick-sliced bacon, it is too smokey. Traditional English bacon is better. And I'd prefer toast in stead of untoasted white bread. Little details ... More important, the staff was very friendly. I'd be happy to visit here again.

13 Feb 2018 21:42

The Admiral Nelson, Whitton

A short walking distance from Whitton train station (1 stop from Twickenham), this is a fairly nice Fuller's pub, with cask ales in good condition. Maybe not a destination in its own right, but if you are in Whitton anyway, this will be your best bet for a decent pint. The food I had was so-and-so, but not really bad.

13 Feb 2018 21:39

The Tilted Wig, Aberdeen

Called only The Wig now. Visited twice. Had a keg pint of Caledonian Rare Red here the first time, a couple other keg beers the second time. Unfortunately no cask ales available any more. Not a place to search out, but nice enough to pop in for a pint.

30 Aug 2017 17:36

The Old Blackfriars, Aberdeen

Visited twice. Nice pub with friendly staff, food is the big thing here, but I did not eat. 4-5 cask ales on, and a few kegs and bottles.

30 Aug 2017 17:30

Justice Mill, Aberdeen

Huge JDW pub with their standard food menu (but the waiter misplaced my food order twice). Like in most JDWs: don’t expect a smile here. Some cask ales, with 3 guest ales that change frequently, also a few kegs, and a few interesting bottles/cans. .Worth a visit.

30 Aug 2017 17:27

The Howff, Aberdeen

Basement bar, one cask ale on from the Deeside Brewery, which I had (not a great experience). The keg selection is poor. A few bottles, I had the Eden Mill St. Andrews The Clock.

30 Aug 2017 17:25

The Grill, Aberdeen

Visited multiple times. Despite the name (The Grill has no food, except pies at lunchtime) and the unassuming exterior, this is a little gem of a pub, with 4 well kept cask ales that change frequently, and a few kegs and bottles. The really impressive selection here is their malt whiskies, though. Efficient service.

30 Aug 2017 17:23

The Granite City, Aberdeen

This airport bar is a good reason to show up early before your flight - actually you don’t have to fly away at all, as the bar is before security. Nice interior. Good selection of beers and ciders, both cask (including frequently changing guest ales), keg and bottles/cans. Standard JDW menu, I had the eggs benedict. Efficient service, but don’t expect a smile here, nor anything even remotely related to a smile. *Upon my second visit, the staff was friendlier and more polite.

30 Aug 2017 17:19

Archibald Simpson, Aberdeen

Visited twice. Large JDW pub in a former bank, central location. A few decent cask ales on, and quite a few craft bottles. Also off-licence. The usual JDW menu, with unbeatable prices on beer and food. It is quite a trek to the toilets, so it’s a good idea to go before you REALLY have to go.

30 Aug 2017 17:13

Jenny Watts, Bangor

Bangor’s oldest pub, established 1780. Close to Fealty’s Bar. The tap list is easily forgettable, but the most interesting for beer enthusiasts might be the bottles of Irish and and NI microbrews. Nice atmosphere, friendly staff, decent food.

3 Aug 2017 22:43

Fealtys, Bangor

Nice little pub where the interior seems not to have changed recently. Moderate but decent beer selection. The gin selection is even better, but with some self discipline I stuck to the beers. Friendly and helpful bartender. No food.

3 Aug 2017 22:41

The Dirty Duck, Holywood

The Dirty Duck Ale House is a nice pub near the train station and the seaside in Holywood. Food seems to be the big thing here, but I had already eaten, so I did not eat anything. 3 cask ales were on when I was there, Sharp’s Atlantic was a new tick for me. Nice patio outside.

3 Aug 2017 22:37

The Crown Liquor Saloon, Belfast

The best preserved Victorian pub / gin palace in the UK. That is reason enough for a visit, but of course it helps that they have a few decent cask ales on, also a few interesting bottles. And the food is good, served upstairs. A bit understaffed, though.

3 Aug 2017 22:32

The Boot Room, Castleford

Nice pub in the small Wheldale Hotel about a mile from Castleford train station. 3 handpumps with a rotating offering of cask ales in perfect nick. Also some kegs and bottles. Very friendly staff. Large beer garden with children’s play area. Castleford Tigers (Rugby League) stadium just across the street.

3 Aug 2017 22:25

The Junction, Castleford

Excellent pub with a rotating offering of 5-6 cask ales in perfect nick, often served from wood casks. Also plenty of kegs and bottles from Samuel Smith.

3 Aug 2017 22:16

The Audley, Mayfair

Busy pub on Christmas Eve, in an area where good pubs are not abundant. Several cask ales on, the pint I had of Hardys and Hansons Rocking Rudolph was in good condition. The separate dining room on the 1st floor was closed when I was there.

8 Aug 2016 19:17

Leyton Orient Supporter's Club, Leyton

Paid 1 quid to get in on matchday, but then all pints are sold at 3 quid, which is very cheap for London. Had 4 pints of cask ales in fairly good condition, and 1 bottled beer when the casks were empty. Gets very busy before and after the game, but a few chairs are available if you get in early - otherwise it is standing room only. No food.

8 Aug 2016 19:14

The Argyll Arms, Oxford Circus

Been here multiple times, an unsurpassed location near the shopping hell of Oxford Street. Fine and historic interior, tolerable selection of cask ales.

8 Aug 2016 19:10

The Shakespeare Tavern, Durham

Had a short visit in this cosy little Durhampub, with a couple decent cask ales on.

8 Aug 2016 19:06

The Old Punch Bowl, Crawley

Decent pub in an old historical building in the town centre, near Crawley’s other interesting pubs. Some cask ales, mainly Greene King, including sesonals in good condition. Food is served all day, but I did not eat.

8 Aug 2016 19:01

The Jubilee Oak, Crawley

What the others said, mainly. The beer I asked for was gone, but they had not turned the pumpclip yet. I had asked for a half pint, but when the barmaid brought me my second choice, it was a full pint (I did not protest though, as the beer was very cheap). Concerning food, they have the full JDW menu. I had the fish & chips, fair enough.

8 Aug 2016 18:57

The White Hart, Crawley

Nice Harvey’s pub in an old building, with a few of their cask ales + bottles. Had an okay meal of gammon and eggs.

8 Aug 2016 18:53

The BreweryShades, Crawley

Nice pub in a historical building, in the very centre of Crawley (3 other interesting pubs within 100 yards distance). Several cask ales from local breweries, not only Greene King. Friendly staff. They serve food, but I did no eat. Well worth a visit.

8 Aug 2016 18:50

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

Busy pub with a central location between Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace, a convenient place to brace yourself with a tick or two before heading off for tea at the Queen’s.

14 Jun 2015 20:47

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

What others said. Really. Very small pub, but two new Shepherd Neame cask ticks for me. A hundred yards down the street from the Phoenix, convenient.

14 Jun 2015 20:45

The Phoenix, Victoria

A quaint little pub with a friendly atmosphere, a stone’s throw from Buckingham Palace (not very likely that the Queen would throw stones, but still ...), and an easy walk from Victoria Station. Some new potential ticks for me there, I only had time for one, which unfortunately was served too warm. Did not eat, but they have food. Might well visit again.

14 Jun 2015 20:42

The Jack Fairman, Horley

Fairly nice JDW pub near Horley train station. I visited in the morning, they open at 08:00 a.m. I had eaten breakfast before I arrived, but this seems to be a fine place to have breakfast. A few cask ales and bottles should be enough to keep you entertained for a while.

14 Jun 2015 20:39

The Queens Vaults, Cardiff

Nice pub with a decent selection of cask ales, the ones from Gloucester brewery are specially recommended. Okay food.

14 Jun 2015 20:34

Yard Bar and Kitchen, Cardiff

Decent Brains city centre pub with an emphasis on food. Beer in fine condition, food was okay.

14 Jun 2015 20:29

Prince Of Wales, Cardiff

Large JDW pub next door to the bus station. Train station and main shopping street nearby. Some cask ales, but the selection could have been better in a pub of this size. The JDW food menu is quite extensive now, and the food here was okay.

14 Jun 2015 20:19

The City Arms, Cardiff

By far the best pub i visited in Cardiff. Cosy and traditional interior. Two cask stillage ales in addition to the handpumps with ales and ciders. All beers in perfect nick and correct temperature. Don’t think they serve food.

14 Jun 2015 20:15

BrewDog Cardiff, Cardiff

Gloomy looking bar, where they really must have put some effort into making the place look as miserable as possible. Besides the BrewDog beers, the selection is really not impressive, but still better than most UK chain pubs. Expensive though. The health and food authorities gave this place the lowest rating possible (without closing it), so I felt not inclined to eat there.

14 Jun 2015 20:13

Urban Tap House, Cardiff

The least cosy pub I’ve been to in Britain, the only one which is even drearier is the BrewDog bar just down the street. Had a miserable Liverpool Organic ale, served far too warm and without any carbonation. Their only force is the fairly wide selection, which should give you a few ticks if you can stand the miserable interior.

14 Jun 2015 20:10

The Regal, Gloucester

Roomy JDW pub near the train and bus stations. Some cask ales on, reasonably priced - and for food the usual JDW pub grub - can’t remember if I ate there though, the menu is the same everywhere.

14 Jun 2015 20:03

The Whitesmiths Arms, Gloucester

Arkells pub across the street from the Tall Ships, which I liked better. Had a rather pedestrian Arkells Moonlight. The barmaid was not very welcoming, and the selection seemed to be limited to a few Arkells ales - okay if you need the ticks. Very quiet when I visited in the early afternoon.Did not eat. There are nicer pubs in Gloucester.

14 Jun 2015 19:59

The Tall Ship, Gloucester

Nice enough old pub near Gloucester’s Historic Docks, but the cask ales on were all Wadworth, so don’t expect anything exciting. Did not eat.

14 Jun 2015 19:52

Robert Raikes House, Gloucester

Well preserved Samuel Smiths pub in a historic old building, many small rooms. No cask ales, not even the Old Brewery Bitter - only keg and bottles. Had 2 bottled beers there. Food was fine.

14 Jun 2015 19:45

The New Inn, Gloucester

A historic galleried inn which is a "must" visit in Gloucester - hell yeah, even if you don’t like beer. I had 3 cask ales there, all of them served too warm (have they no cool cellar?). Friendly staff. Did not eat, but they do food. Accommodation also available.

14 Jun 2015 19:40

Fountain Inn, Gloucester

Historic coaching inn with adult and calm punters the evening I visited. Friendly staff. Decent cask ales on. Did not eat. A "must" pub to visit when in Gloucester.

14 Jun 2015 18:39

Dick Whittington, Gloucester

Nice pub with a few cask ales, two of them I had to add to RB, so not just the usual suspects. Has a backyard where i enjoyed my beers on a sunny and warm spring day. Did not eat.

14 Jun 2015 18:36

Flying Horse, Gatwick Airport

The place to go if you have a few minutes or hours between flights at London Gatwick Airport. Rotating offering on some of their taps, so there might be a couple new scoops for you when you return. The cask ales ales I had were served at cool cellar temperature. Standard JDW fare foodwise, not bad though.

14 Jun 2015 18:32

The Swan, Hammersmith

Very handy location, just across the street of both Hammersmith tube stations. Visited shortly before closing time. Had St. Austell Nicholsons Porter, which was less than impressive, but a few more ticks had been available for me, if I had come earlier.

14 Jun 2015 18:29

Wetherspoons, Victoria Station

Visited on the last day of the United States meets United Kingdom real ale festival (16-31 October 2013). 8 new ticks for me, could have had 2 more. Decent food, From the terrace you can watch the hustle and bustle of the station, while indulging in decent ales and pub grub at reasonable prices. Visited again April 2015, again decent beers and ditto food.

14 Jun 2015 18:26

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

Nice looking pub with a perfect location, close to the Royal Opera House. Decent pub grub. With such a great location and all, you’d think that McMullens should be able to come up with something more exciting than their standard range of pedestrian ales. Alas ... Still worth visiting if you need the ticks.

14 Jun 2015 18:22

Mawson Arms/ Fox and Hounds, Chiswick

Your natural watering hole when you visit the brewery (or brewery store), and the samples of the brewery tour are not enough. Fuller’s cask ales in perfect nick, as expected. Edible food. Maybe not worth a detour, but compulsory when you are in the neighbourhood.

14 Jun 2015 18:19

The Bree Louise, Euston

Bareboarded no-frills pub with a fine and ever-changing selection of cask ales, some of them served by gravity straight from the cask. CAMRA discount.

14 Jun 2015 18:04

The Harp, Covent Garden

Fairly small pub with an ever-changing selection of real ales. Quiet in the morning, reported to be very busy at other times.

14 Jun 2015 18:02

The Chandos, Trafalgar Square

Samuel Smith’s pubs are fairly nice, and this one is no exception (even more so as it is now smoke free) - as long as you accept the choice of 1 - one - cask ale, and several beers from the SS range on keg or bottle.

14 Jun 2015 17:57

The Tapas Bar, Darlington

Tasty tapas at reasonable prices. As The Tapas Bar is very popular, table reservation is a good idea, especially in the weekend. Known for having decent real ales on, but the dining section needs a beer list, the bar area was so full of people watching football on the telly that I could not read the pump clips, nor get anywhere near the bar.

9 Jul 2011 16:09

The Quaker Coffee House, Darlington

Nice pub, has a very good standing with the local CAMRA people. Voted "Pub of the Year" on numerous occasions. Decent and ever changing selection of cask ales in good condition.

9 Jul 2011 15:29

Number 22 Alehouse and Canteen, Darlington

Probably the best real ale pub in Darlington, only The Quakerhouse and The Old Yard Tapas Bar may come close. A changing selection of well kept casks. Good food at lunchtime. Friendly and helpful staff. Recommended by local CAMRA.

9 Jul 2011 15:26

Wetherspoons, Gateshead

A welcome retreat when the missus and kids are going berserk in the Metro Centre. You hardly expect "atmosphere" in a shopping centre pub, and you don't get any. A couple real ales will help you survive though.

13 Sep 2009 00:58

Olympen, Oslo

This historically interesting "brown" beer hall, bar and restaurant has recently been refurbished, the emphasis is now on food, but they have also intoduced a new beer policy. The beer selection is now one of the best in Oslo, with bottle conditioned and draught beers from N�gne � and HaandBryggeriet, also many foreign beers. Not all of the staff do yet possess the desirable beer knowledge, though - but that will hopefully improve. The food would be good if the cook went easier on the salt.

8 Mar 2009 21:39

Internasjonalen, Oslo

I got a couple rare Danish bottled beers there, otherwise this is a sterile / minimalist bar without any real pub atmosphere.

18 May 2008 00:29

The Barony Bar, Edinburgh

Visited August 2007. Nice pub, friendly bar staff. Decent real ales. I got a half pint for free, as it was near the end of the barrel, but the beer still tasted good! Did not eat.

17 May 2008 23:55

The Cask and Barrel, Edinburgh

Visited August 2007. Both cask ales I had were served too warm, and were not in the best condition. The pub had quite a few handpumps, but serving real ales at correct cellar temperature and in good condition is more important. The bartender seemed not overly enthusiastic about having guests in his pub! Otherwise this was a nice looking pub.

17 May 2008 23:47

The Goathland Hotel, Whitby

Also known as the "Aidensfield Arms " of TV series "Heartbeat", the Goathland Hotel actually is a quite nice pub, if you are able to disregard the busloads of tourists who pour in (I must admit I was among them ...). At least the tourists contribute to a brisk trade in the daytime. A couple real ales were on.

17 May 2008 23:26

North Riding Hotel, Scarborough

Visited June 2007, just before the smoking ban (was very smoky then). Small pub (pools table takes up most of the floor space) with some decent real ales from craft breweries.

17 May 2008 23:17

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Very nice looking pub, unfortunately with the dubious overflow return system for their cask ales. The couple of ales I had seemed to be in good condition though. Did not eat.

20 Dec 2007 02:17

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

Visited with the RBESG 2007 crowd. Charming tiny pub with 3-4 decent cask ales. The haggis was very tasty, despite being warmed in the microwave.

20 Dec 2007 02:14

The State Bar, Glasgow

Fairly decent real ale pub, limited selection but surely better than average.

28 Aug 2007 23:48

The Blackfriars, Glasgow

Limited but nice and rotating selection of well kept cask ales, and some decent bottled beers. Good food. Certainly a lot better than your average Glasgow boozer.

28 Aug 2007 22:53

The Bon Accord, Glasgow

Decent real ale pub, quite busy. Okay food at reasonable prices.

28 Aug 2007 22:46

The West Brewing Company, Glasgow

Uninteresting and over-priced German style lagers + hefeweizen - but the Germans do them better! No point in having a brewpub if they can�t brew better beers than these. Located in a former factory, which explains the uninviting interior. Food is not exactly haute cuisine, and a bit over-priced for the quality. Friendly staff though.

28 Aug 2007 22:44

The Three Judges, Partick Cross

Excellent real ale pub, with many rare-to-find beers in good condition, served at cellar temperature. This one-room pub is not big, and the beer is definitely the attraction here. Another attraction might be the Sunday afternoon live jazz.

28 Aug 2007 18:22

Aitchie's Ale House, Aberdeen

Visited again, the place is still inviting and the staff polite. But this time the Orkney Dark Island was in poor condition, nearly vinegar. That is a pity, as this is the only cask ale they stock now.

28 Aug 2007 18:09

The Criterion Bar, Aberdeen

No real ales, and a poor selection of keg and bottled beers too. A "no good" pub, but if you have only 5 minutes before your train or bus leaves, the Criterion is very close to both stations.

28 Aug 2007 18:01

The Exeter Arms, Derby

Decent pub, not very busy in the early afternoon. A few real ales on. A natural stop on a Derby pub crawl, between The Smithfield and Ye Olde Dolphin Inn.

15 Jun 2007 22:17

The Newcastle Packet Inn, Scarborough

No real ales. The pub looked far from from appealing, but the location is good. I turned around and left for The Golden Ball.

12 Jun 2007 20:31

The Last Drop Inn, York

York Brewery's first pub. Their Stonewall (cask) was in perfect nick. Decent pub.

11 Jun 2007 23:12

Cricketers, Scarborough

Seaside location. Cheerful barmaid. Two real ales were on when I visited: Old Speckled Hen (which I had) and Tetley's. Quiet in the morning.

11 Jun 2007 23:10

The Buck, Whitby

2 real ales were on when I visited: Stones Pure Gold and John Smith's. Quiet in the daytime. Snooker table.

11 Jun 2007 23:07

The Golden Lion, York

Decent pub with a respectable range of real ales. Food was okay.

7 Jun 2007 23:19

Lord Rosebery, Scarborough

Spelled The Lord Rosebery. Big Wetherspoon's "free house" with a bar upstairs as well as downstairs. 12 cask ales were on when I was there, quite impressive. For some reason the ales were nearly room temperature downstairs, while they were quite cold upstairs. Annoying fruit machines that no-one used when I was there, T.G. Decent food.

2 Jun 2007 22:16

The Golden Ball, Scarborough

Decent Samuel Smiths pub with their Old Brewery Bitter on cask ("drawn from an oak cask"), and several other beers from the S.S. range on keg or bottle. As the neigbouring pubs only have boring macro keg beers, The Golden Ball would be your best bet.

2 Jun 2007 21:46

The Horse and Groom, Windsor

Handy for a meal and a drink after visiting Windsor Castle. The steak & kidney pie was huge and quite tasty. I guess the prices are what you must expect at this location ...

27 Feb 2007 18:17

The Grid Inn, Southfields

OKish food when I was there (quite a while ago), real ales were on (including the excellent Oakham JHB), but served a little too cold. They had a strict "No under-18s" policy at the time.

24 Oct 2005 20:43

Charlie's Bar, Copenhagen

What the others said. Cramped but nice, and the British cask ales are definitely worth the visit.

24 Oct 2005 20:19

Novomestsky Pivobar, Prague

Their unfltered golden lager was the only house beer on while we were there. Good, but not really remarkable. Also took home the 2 beers bottled (sold as a pair, at an outrageous price by Czech standards, reasonable by Norwegian standards!) Did not eat.

24 Oct 2005 20:07

U Fleku, Prague

The beer and schnapps may be overpriced by Czech standards, but for a Norwegian no beer abroad is overpriced! Worth going to for their one and only beer, which is very good. The infamous schnapps (which I drank AFTER the beer) was actually not too bad. Did not eat on our visit.

24 Oct 2005 20:03

Klasterni Pivovar Strahov, Prague

Lovely peaceful atmosphere in the immediate vicinity of the monastery, parts of which are a museum and may be visited. Excellent dunkel/Schwarzbier, their golden Easter Special was not bad either. Decent food. We came back the day after for more!

24 Oct 2005 19:56

Cafe 't Arendsnest, Amsterdam

Good place to sample as many Dutch beers as possible in one spot!

24 Oct 2005 19:52

The Lorry Restaurant, Oslo

Artists, media people, artist and media wannabees, OAPs, local alcoholics and the occasional stockbroker slummin� it, all find their way to this well preserved gem of a 1910-20�s style restaurant. Lorry are proud of their selection of beers, which is good by Norwegian standards but not really remarkable by international standards. Erdinger Weissbier on tap, which is not common in Norway. Bottled Belgians are Chimay, Leffe, Hoegaarden and Grimbergen. Most beers from Norwegian macro breweries are available. Traditional Norwegian food of medium quality.

24 Oct 2005 19:46

The Mitre Hotel, Manchester

Stayed in the hotel 1 night - the pub is small and nothing special. My 14 y.o. son was not allowed in the pub even in the daytime, despite the fact that we were guests at the hotel! The cathedral next door is more welcoming.

27 Sep 2005 00:35

The Prince of Wales, West Brompton

OKish pub. Well behaved kids are tolerated in the garden and front terrace. Standard pub grub.

27 Sep 2005 00:23

The Prince of Wales, Aberdeen

Delightful traditional pub with real ales in perfect nick. Quiet when I was there in the early afternoon.

26 Sep 2005 23:50

Aitchie's Ale House, Aberdeen

A pub I'll remember the rest of my life - I was there on Sept. 11. 2001 waiting for a train, shortly after flying in to Aberdeen Airport. The TV was on, and for the first time I saw the surreal pictures from New York rolling over the screen. The shock did not keep me from sampling cask conditioned Orkney Dark Island, one of the best beers I've had. Friendly and tranquil daytime atmosphere in the pub, which is situated just across the street from the train station.

26 Sep 2005 23:45

Robin Hood and Little John, Cherry Hinton

Visited on a Monday evening. Roomy and clean Greene King pub, with a large and popular dining area (far more guests there than in the bar). Ample parking outside. Welcoming and attentive barmaid, the waitress in the dining area could have been more attentive, but she was fairly busy. Good food in large portions. Real ales sampled were Morland Old Speckled Hen (in perfect nick) and Greene King Abbot Ale (a bit disappointing). The pub is popular with guests from the nearby Cherry Hinton Caravan Club Campsite.

29 May 2005 00:19

The Mitre, Cambridge

Another OKish pub in the historical centre of Cambridge, next to The Baron of Beef. I think 3 real ales were on, sampled the Black Sheep Best Bitter. Decent.

29 May 2005 00:05

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Delightfully tatty old pub, very small. Most of the clientele seemed to have ... err, experienced life's ups and downs, and I suspect some of them had this pub as their second home. The usual Greene King stuff is on, I went for a bottled Strong Suffolk Vintage Ale (vintage 2000, for those interested).

28 May 2005 23:56

The Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

In the historical centre of Cambridge. Looks slightly tatty, but for a pub this old, I suppose that's the way it should be. Bare wooden floors, OK beer garden. 5 real ales are on, 2 guest beers and 3 regulars. Sampled Old Mill Bullion (average), Young's Waggledance (too much honey sweetness) and Woodeforde's Wherry (very good). Quiet in the afternoon, friendly bar staff.

28 May 2005 23:29

The St Radegund, Cambridge

From the outside this pubs looks like shit, on the inside it is cosy and welcoming. Very small. Open from 5 p.m. only. Real ales are the lure here. I've seen bartenders in other pubs who looked more interested in what they were doing, though. Sampled Milton Habit Ale and Nero, both decent. A mystery was left unsolved - was it Lasse or me who really spilled that half-pint?

28 May 2005 23:12

The Baron of Beef, Cambridge

OKish pub with a central location, nothing special but at least you can get some Greene King real ales. I sampled the summer seasonal Ale Fresco, decent. I didn't eat when I visited.

28 May 2005 22:58

The Alexandra Hotel, Derby

Like haddonsman (whom I had the pleasure of meeting) says: A good, honest real ale pub! Interior is nothing special, but the selection of cask ales is great, they also have some decent bottled beers, and the staff is very friendly. They also have accommodation (not all English pubs called "hotel" do, you know - many of them seem to have been real hotels in the 19th century or something). The 4 twin bedded rooms are basic, but reasonably priced. I stayed 1 night only, wish I could have stayed more - I had to leave some of their beers unrated! Other fine pubs in the vicinity too. Close to the railway station and walking distance from Pride Park.

7 Mar 2005 22:04

The Park, Tottenham

Very handy for Northumberland Park Station and Spurs home games. Large garden where people (including kids) may spill out on warm or busy days. No food served on matchdays (gets very busy), but plenty of hamburger stalls nearby. Beer was OK when I was there (can't remember what I had, though!)

7 Mar 2005 21:33

Hogans, Darlington

I slipped out of Darlington Station one morning for a couple quick pints while waiting for the train, and found this pub directly opposite the station. Roomy and clean, just a couple of OAP punters around. Unfortunately no real ales at all, but the keg beers were incredibly cheap. The two bland keg Camerons beers I had also exist on cask, so get a couple handpumps in there, please! Some of us are even willing to pay a bit more for a good cask ale, you know!

7 Mar 2005 21:13

The Euston Flyer, Euston

Decent looking Fuller's pub with a central location. Nice interior. The standard Fuller's cask ales are always on, Timothy Taylor's Landlord was on as a guest beer when we were there, but was unfortunately served too warm (room temperature). Good food, but pricey. Kids over 14 are allowed (they asked my son's age). The American chick who served us was gorgeous!

7 Mar 2005 20:43

The Beehive, Brentford

OKish Fuller's pub, which means tolerable cask ales and edible food. Handy for Brentford FC home games. A bit smoky when we were there (on a matchday), football also on the big screen. Well behaved kids seemed to be tolerated.

7 Mar 2005 20:23

Ye Olde Dolphin Inn, Derby

Lovely old pub near the cathedral, delightful exterior and interior. Fairly quiet when I was there early in the afternoon. Always real ales on, sometimes have their own beer festivals. The toilets were clean when I was there - a rare experience in English pubs!

7 Mar 2005 20:12

The Smithfield, Derby

Excellent real ale pub with a decent selection of fine ales. Very quiet when I was there on an early Wednesday afternoon, but gets busier when Derby County play at home. Near the railway station and other fine pubs like "The Alex" (the Alexandra Hotel) and the Brunswick Inn.

7 Mar 2005 20:04

The Shipwrights Hotel, North Hylton

Situated on the banks of the River Wear, close to the A19 at Hylton Bridge, this 350 year old former ship chandler's and post office has 26 consecutive years in the Good Beer Guide. It has a small bar/lounge area with two adjacent rooms replete with beams and brasses. The bar has 4 handpumps, but only 2 cask ales were on when we were there on a very quiet Tuesday. Delightful old pub with accommodation in rooms kept in "olde" style. Well behaved children welcome, I particularly liked the poster saying "Unattended children will be sold as slaves"!

7 Mar 2005 19:55

The Lambton Worm, Sunderland

Looked clean and decent enough. Interior was roomy but less "sterile" than I feared. 3 micro brewery cask ales were on when we were there, in addition to the somewhat less interesting standard cask ales. That's certainly more than you'll find at the average street corner boozer. Small "children's certificate" area, I think you're supposed to have a meal there, we didn't and they said nothing - but then, it was matchday and pubs tend to be more liberal when kids go with their dad for the footie. Like all JDW pubs: The beer is CHEAP!

7 Mar 2005 19:38

Mannings, Ipswich

Nice pub, very cental location at what is possibly the oldest public square of any British town. A couple of real ales.

7 Feb 2005 21:42

Lloyds Tavern, Ipswich

OKish pub, kind of cramped interior, central location, a couple of real ales.

7 Feb 2005 21:38

The Cricketers, Ipswich

Busy pub with changing real ale interesting microbrews. Decent food. Service a bit slow though, staff seemed not to take much interest in what they were doing.

7 Feb 2005 21:35

Oslo Mikrobryggeri, Oslo

Norway�s first brewpub in modern times (est. 1989). Decent range of styles - pilsener, steam ale, bitter (not on when I was there), porter, stout, IPA. Seasonals: Summer: Wheat beer (Weiss), summer lager. Winter: Yule ale, Yule brew. Reasonable beer quality,particularly the stout, but most of them were unfortunately served far too cold when I was there in November. Some of the beers had too much carbonation for my taste.

4 Feb 2005 23:02

The George, London Bridge

Historically interesting pub - once you've seen it, you might as well go drink somewhere else.

12 Jan 2005 10:28

Utobeer, Borough Market

Great selection of bottled beers (off-licence). I was unaware they sell for consumption on the premises.

12 Jan 2005 10:24

The Slug and Lettuce, Borough

Family friendly, roomy feel (despite that: quite smoky when I was there), like all S&L pubs sterile and lack of atmosphere, decent and reasonably priced food in large portions, table service, no real ale.

12 Jan 2005 10:13

The Golden Lion, Putney Bridge

The home turf for Fulham FC Supporters Club. Families welcome on matchdays with Fulham attire, or in the beer garden at other times (when the weather permits). Quiet with local oldtimers around (which I like) in the daytime. Food is not exactly "haute cuisine". Fuller's London Pride in prime condition.

12 Jan 2005 10:01

The Prince of Wales, Wimbledon

Central location near Wimbledon station. Not family friendly, even if you'd like a meal. 4 decent real ales were on when I was there.

12 Jan 2005 09:51

The Old Thameside Inn, London Bridge

Excellent location, family friendly, reasonable selection of standard pub grub (the bangers & mash were decent and the vegetables way over-cooked - as expected). A couple of decent real ales were on. Many other real ale pubs and tourist attractions in this area.

12 Jan 2005 09:43

The Courtfield, Earls Court

Noisy, smoky, sports (rugby) oriented and with those annoying fruit machines. Two real ales.

13 Mar 2004 23:41

The Blackbird, Earls Court

Impeccably clean and tidy pub (I didn't inspect the toilets though) with Fuller's real ales in excellent condition.

13 Mar 2004 23:38

The Queens Tavern, Shepherds Bush

Convenient for QPR and (this season) Fulham footie - home and away supporters alike. Busy on matchdays, probably much quieter normally. Kids are welcome up to 7 p.m. No real ale, but the Guinness was okay.

13 Mar 2004 23:33

The White Horse, Parsons Green

Unrivalled selection of beers (real ales and bottled Belgians), decent but rather pricey food, very busy and not too charming.

13 Mar 2004 23:26

The Spanish Galleon, Greenwich

Good unpretentious food, real ale in excellent condition (Shepherd Neame), kids welcome in the dining area. A bit tatty interior, but nice. Great location for maritime Greenwich and public transport.

13 Mar 2004 23:17

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

I don't like the modern style of these pubs, but the food was good and plentiful, kids were welcome for a meal and the waiter was friendly. No real ale, but the Guinness was okay. Convenient for Stamford Bridge (Chelsea FC).

13 Mar 2004 23:09

The Tottenham, Soho

Nearly always crowded by tourists and Londoners alike, it is a good meeting place, and a great watering hole when the family are busy in the Virgin Megastore or eating in the McDonalds next door. And there are 6 cask ales!

13 Mar 2004 22:59

The Wheatsheaf, Fulham

Not the cosiest pub around, but they have well kept real ale (Greene King).

13 Mar 2004 22:50

The Marquess of Anglesey, Covent Garden

Real ale served at correct cellar temperature even in the dining area upstairs. Nice!

13 Mar 2004 22:45

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