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The Lord High Constable of England, Gloucester

Newish 'spoons. It is what it is. Beer was OK- food standards at JDW are dropping.

3 Aug 2016 22:28

The White Hart, Coleford

Called in here to kill an hour. Chose it because of the review below!

Only one real ale on and it was strong! I was driving so as a result I only had a half of "Old Spirited Hen".......damn! it was good!! One of those special Autumnal/Winter beers that warm you all the way down. Fabulous.

Like below; we were the only ones in. It was 4.00pm so maybe it busied up later.

On the strength of that half, I'll be back.

17 Nov 2015 23:03

Cobblers, Coleford

This pub is now changed hands and is called "The Dog House".

This is a micro pub selling up to 4 real ales; ciders; bottled beers etc. It is well worth a visit but only opens in the evenings bar Saturday when it's all day.

Well kept beers from a growing business. The future for real ales lies in these micro pubs....please support them

22 Sep 2015 12:26

The Old Ale House, Truro

A brief respite from retail therapy. Cracking couple of Skinners ales; both in excellent condition. A great precursor to a brewery tour later in the week.


One gripe - no pasties.

12 Jul 2015 14:31

The Sugarbrook, Charford

Now a KFC

30 May 2015 15:12

The Ladybird Inn, Aston Fields

Beers on the last few visits have been decidedly average. Took one back last night and after a bit of an interrogation it was changed. Apology was offered and no payment required for the dearer beer which was good.

30 May 2015 15:11

Tiles Cafe Bar, Edinburgh

Called in here last week. Never bothered before but it featured on a CAMRA pub crawl.
I couldn't see what the fuss was about really. A bit of an amalgam of similar pubs in the area.
OK beer but that's about it.

1 Mar 2015 12:01

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

I know it has splendid tiles; I know it is in central Edinburgh; I know the food is good; I know the beer is generally well kept.

£4.00 a pint? You are having a laugh! 40-50p dearer than any other pub around. Sad.

1 Mar 2015 11:57

The Boat Inn, Chepstow

Visited during a mini crawl of Chepstow. It was a cold day and the beer did little to warm us up. Chilly pint of Otter in a busy foody pub. Review below describes the place well.

8 Jan 2015 12:09

The Five Alls, Chepstow

Called in during a mini tour of Chepstow. The previous reviews could all have been written today!
They had a couple of real ales on and the bar staff gave us tasters. Both were in excellent condition; we opted for the lower abv but I'm blowed if I can remember what it was!!

Well worth a visit next time. Music scene looked interesting.

8 Jan 2015 12:06

The Bell Hanger, Chepstow

Fairly pleasant looking 'spoons with a busy Saturday trade when I called in last week on a mini crawl around the town.
We had a pint of the ubiquitous "DoomBar" and it was tasteless! Partly because it was cold but Lord knows what they'd done to it. We took the first pint back and it was changed without question. Bar staff said it hadn't been poured with the sprinkler on so did so. result was a pint of clod tasteless beer with a decent head on it.
We only drank about half and mentioned this as we were leaving.
"It was a new barrel last night and no one else has complained." Maybe it was us then.

8 Jan 2015 12:02

The Bell Inn, Watchet

Only two real ales on when I visited over New Year. Both well kept. Best beer in Watchet imho

6 Jan 2015 19:41

The White Horse Inn, Stogumber

In again over New Year. 4 well kept real ales on, fire roaring. Good experience.

6 Jan 2015 19:40

The Barley Mow Inn, Kirk Ireton

My pub of the year!
We called in here on spec yesterday, walking up from the Caravan Club site at Carsington. At first I wasn't sure if the place was open but once we entered it was like stepping back in time. The bar is a small room with 4 or 5 tables; 3 of which are slate topped from an old snooker table. The bar is a small server y where Mary, the landlady sat. Beers were straight from the barrel and reasonably priced at £2.80.
We sampled 3 locales which were in fabulous condition.

Pubs like the Barley Mow are few and far between. Well worth a visit.

31 Oct 2014 16:47

Strugglers Inn, Lincoln

Cracking boozer up by the castle....found it on the way to the Museum of Lincolnshire life (well worth a visit)
Fine range of well kept beers on offer. Deducted 1pt for having mine served in a Guinness glass.

31 Oct 2014 16:38

The Wig and Mitre, Lincoln

Madcatlady isn't wrong!
Average beer with a greater focus on food.

31 Oct 2014 16:36

Forum, Lincoln

Average Wetherspoons. Beer festival on and beers were interesting enough. Well kept and served.
Food we had was also good. Happily call back inif we are back in the Premier Inn round the corner. Got to be a better option than their pricey breakfasts.

31 Oct 2014 16:34

The Jolly Brewer, Lincoln

Popped in for an early evening beer. Eclectic jukebox and 4 real ales on. The two we had were in fine fettle.
Worth a revisit for sure.

31 Oct 2014 16:31

The Little Ale House, Bromsgrove

A bold venture is the Little Ale House. Basically a pop up pub in a former hair salon. It has a very peculiar high level bench running along one side with high table and stools.
A simple bar with a combination of fridges and a multiple barrel stillage rack.On that they have a combination of barrels either ready for drinking or still settling. Bar staff appear very knowledgeable on what's on offer. I cant help thinking a more visible chalk board somewhere would aid selection.
It's great to see a small independent surviving amongst the chains on the high street. I feel a better location would help, particularly given the number of empty outlets in the town.

14 Sep 2014 11:58

The Wishing Well, Bromsgrove

Closed. Now a "health spa".

14 Sep 2014 11:51

The Harbour Inn, Bewdley

Called in after a walk down the river from Highley. I was hungry and thirsty and very glad to see a pub that was open.
How it remains open with the miserable sod behind the bar beggars belief. The report below this matches our experience completely.
Hobson's Best was in good form; the sandwich was passable.

So much could be really good about this place.

8 May 2014 22:44

The Old Well, Barnard Castle

Over rated IMHO

Called in on a Sunday afternoon. Miserable bar man, short measure and a too cold pint. Soulless bar/

Maybe I was unlucky.

24 Apr 2014 20:42

The Pilot Inn, Berwick upon Tweed

Stonking little back street local.

Well worth seeking out.

24 Apr 2014 20:38

Leaping Salmon, Berwick upon Tweed

Called in a couple of times and didn't experience the negative aspects mentioned below.
Busy-ish and the beer was fine. I was only killing time till my bus though.

24 Apr 2014 20:37

The Barrels Alehouse, Berwick upon Tweed

Tidy little boozer. Visited a couple of time recently in the afternoon. Would have liked an evening session but hey ho!
My only gripe.....stools/seats by the bar.
Beers was fine if a little cold.

24 Apr 2014 20:34

Foot Of The Walk, Leith

With the exception of the occasional queue this has been the worst 'spoons I've been in for a long time.
Dingy, grubby tables, poor food.

24 Apr 2014 20:31

West Kirk, Ayr

Called in here a couple of times over the Easter weekend. I felt some of the other comments here were a little harsh.
Beer I had was spot on, place was really busy doing a rare trade in food.
I'd happily go back.

24 Apr 2014 20:28

The Salthouse, Clevedon

Called in at the weekend with a view to watching the rugby. 3 real ales on; Buttcombe, Doom Bar and Fallen Oak. As it was an early ko settled for the Fallen Oak. Cracking quaffable locale beer.

Free snacks at half time also.

18 Mar 2014 20:35

The Black Horse Inn, Greetham

Currently being refurbed. I'd say there will be a strong focus on food.

Beer was dull.

23 Feb 2014 21:44

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Greetham

Popped in for a beer last week. Well kept pint.

23 Feb 2014 21:42

Limes Free House, Fakenham's back to The Limes; complete with a JDW makeover I'd say. Very busy during the market day lunchtime when we called in.
Best beer we had tasted in a few days.

23 Feb 2014 21:40

The Bull, Fakenham

Called in to get out of the rain! Well kept beers and the food looked good.

23 Feb 2014 21:38

The Regal, Cambridge

Someone said it's the biggest pub in the UK. I wouldn't argue. Despite that it felt homely; well as homely as a JDW can be.We managed to bag some good seats to watch the rugby on Saturday. Beer was spot on. Decided to have some eats which were very good.

I do think JDW has come on in leaps and bounds over the last 10 years.

23 Feb 2014 21:36

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Called in on a return visit at the weekend. Nice little pub with well kept beers and friendly locals. Watched the rugby and had some craic.
Would have stayed longer if there was some food; just snacky stuff please.

23 Feb 2014 21:31

The Boat Inn, Penallt

I wondered where we were going to end up when friends took us out for a beer. What a fabulous little pub.
Plenty of ciders and a couple of well kept beers available; we opted for the Bankers Draft and the Butty Bach.
There is food available and plenty of outside seating under the escarpment. There were several streams flowing down this and along with the surging river it was a very scenic spot. Parking is an issue and I guess the easiest way to deal with that would be to arrive via the foot bridge from Redbrook.

16 Feb 2014 13:56

The Station Inn, Kidderminster

I could say exactly the same as the previous reviewer as that almost matched my experience. I didn't have the eggs!
Cracking beers served well. Place was rammed, local rugby game on a couple of the tvs with people watching as they chatted.

Loved it!

8 Feb 2014 12:13

The Railway Bell, Kidderminster

Oh dear! What a sad depressing place this is. Unattentive bar staff, tables littered with glasses, newspapers strewn over the seats, tvs on and nobody watching, and very average beer.

Given the pubs around the immediate area this place should be so much better. The others were really busy so there is a client base around but choosing to ignore it will be the Bell's downfall.

8 Feb 2014 12:11

The King and Castle, Kidderminster

Superb. Called in on a crawl on Friday night and was really pleased I'd made the effort.
Had two different beers out of the 5 on offer. Both top notch quality ales; Batham's and Skinner's Betty Stoggs.......we called back in later before getting a taxi for anoter Batham's and best of all........a cob! 11.00pm on a Friday night and there was a tray of cobs.....brilliant! Why can't all proper boozers do that!
The place was busy and there was a lovely buzz. I will be back before to long.

8 Feb 2014 12:07

The Lamb and Flag, Oxford

Of the 3 pubs we visited this had the best pint so it score higher.

We had actually called in because the Eagle opposite was rammed. Wanted something to eat but the menu was uninspiring. The beer more than made up for it.

Sadly I can't remember what it was but it had a lovely caramel aftertaste.

2 Feb 2014 20:53

Royal Blenheim, Oxford

Called in here as we were slightly lost! First visit to Oxford and were struggling to get our bearings!
Tidy pint of White Horse. "Village Idiot" which seemed appropriate!

We didn't eat but they guy opposite us had a rather tasty looking sausage sarnie on granary with chips and some salad. Looked lush.

2 Feb 2014 20:49

The Chequers Inn, Oxford

Called in on spec. Had been in the covered market opposite and after the good lady's shopping experience I needed a beer.
Several bers on plus 3 or 4 ciders. Tried for a Stewart's beer, hardly local, but it had just gone so settled for Vale - Latitude. Well kept tasty pint.
Only criticism - majority of ales were light.

2 Feb 2014 20:46

Green Dragon Inn, Monmouth

To add to my previous post. They do a mean breakfast. Piping hot and fresh; heaps of tea/coffee and toast. Fabulous value.

IMHO - best brekkie in Monmouth.

21 Jan 2014 17:39

The Horse and Hound, Broadway was OK. See below.

21 Jan 2014 17:37

Silk Mercer, Devizes

Called in over New Year. JDW but one of the better ones I've been in. Tidy pint, good food served promptly, tables cleared and very friendly helpful staff.

21 Jan 2014 17:35

The Old Hop Pole, West Bromwich

Cracking little community pub. Called in on a "Metro" crawl, at least 3 ales on, all well kept. Nice to see cobs available.....just the job!

Well worth popping into.

21 Jan 2014 13:11

The Locomotive, Wick

Called in over New Year.
Lovely little local with good ales and a tasty looking menu. Friendly staff, worth popping into if you are in the area.
Caravan Club site 5 minutes away.

21 Jan 2014 13:08

The George Inn, Littlehampton

Called in over New Year. Typical JDW- like them or loathe them or just tolerate them.
Couldn't fault the beer or the service.....didn't eat.

21 Jan 2014 13:05

The Crown Hotel, Littlehampton

Called in here over New Year. Cracking little local with a nice atmosphere. Good range of ales, all well kept. No food but you can take in your pasty from the shop next door.
Looked like a good music scene happening.
Worth a visit

21 Jan 2014 13:03

The Kings Arms Hotel, Kingsbridge

Called in here for a beer during half term. Fine ales to be had but sadly we had a bus to catch.
Worth a visit if you are in the area.

10 Nov 2013 19:18

Esplanade Club, Watchet

Visited here last year but never got around to reviewing it! Cracking pub with fabulous real ales. We'd been to Minehead Beer Festival but these were by far the better beers!!

Would love to return for a proper session on one of their many music nights.

10 Nov 2013 19:16

The Bell Inn, Watchet

It was OK. That's it.

10 Nov 2013 19:13

The Star Inn, Watchet

Called in for a beer during half term. Beer was fine if a little too cold.

Like the review below we also popped into Pebbles Cider bar....well worth a visit. Otter served straight from the barrel. 8/10 for Pebbles 7/10 for here.

10 Nov 2013 19:13

Bullers Arms, Brixham

Called in for a bit of food but really enjoyed the beer. Friendly and attentive staff. Crab sandwich was lush!

10 Nov 2013 19:08

The Blue Anchor, Brixham

Called in at half term. Cracking pint of real ale but I'm blowed if I can remember what it was!
Looked like the had regular music nights with a slant towards Blues....can't be bad.

10 Nov 2013 19:07

Steam Packet Inn, Kingswear

Called in after a blustery walk down from Lower Ferry. Pub was warm and bustling with late afternoon Sunday trade. Lots of picky bits on the bar.

Cracking pint. Lovely views. Well worth a visit; just up from Kingswear station and Higher Ferry.

10 Nov 2013 19:03

The Windjammer, Dartmouth

Called in during half term. Saturday afternoon and we were the only customers. Beer was OK, radio was playing a nice mix of music but that's it.

10 Nov 2013 19:00

The Cherub Inn, Dartmouth

Called in for a pint during half term. Pub was busy with folks doing the food festival but what a cracking pint I had. "Proper Job"

Well worth a visit.

10 Nov 2013 18:57

The Tollbooth Tavern, Edinburgh

Called in after visites "The People's Story" and "The Edinburgh Museum" both next door and opposite.
I think we were the first customers so it was difficult to fully judge. Beers though were excellent.

The museums are definately worth a look and if you are there you might as well pop in for a beer.

9 Apr 2013 00:15

The Sheeps Heid Inn, Duddingston

42 years after my last visit (to play skittles with my local rugby club) Was it worth the wait......not really.
Fine beer but after walking there from the High Street via the Radical Road I would have happily guzzled the slop tray!

Progress I suppose, some quaint features but I just couldn't remember them as being authentic.

9 Apr 2013 00:11

The Old Pier, Portobello

The Espy now.
Called in here via the Edinburgh Pub Walks book. Beer was ok but when the bar advertises nappy changing facilities you know it is catering for a slighly different market than drinkers. First question asked...."Will you be dining?" No I just want a pint. We were then ushered to the back of the pub away from the buggies.
Great views providing you bring a pram.

9 Apr 2013 00:07

The Ormelie Tavern, Portobello

Called in here because the Dalriada was closed. Thank goodness!
What a fabulous old boozer serving great beers. Spotlessly clean with barmaid wiping shelves between serving customers.
It was refreshing to find a pub that does simple snacks as opposed to tarted up plates of microwaved mush.

Loved it.

9 Apr 2013 00:02

The Olde Ship Hotel, Seahouses

We ended up staying just outside Seahouses on a campsite (Springhill Farm 2 miles easy walk) and discovered the Ship by accident! It is now on my return to list!
The main bar is part of the hotel and my comments are really only about this. We visited here twice as it was so good, consequently we didn't try any of the other pubs in the town!
10 beers to choose from and every one I had was a top pint. The bar is full to the rafters of fishing memorabilia; all spotlessly clean. There was a lovely log fire going and the pub had a friendly buzz with locals and holidaymakers mixing all around.
Well worth a visit.

8 Apr 2013 23:58

The Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Portsmouth

Huge 'spoons. Called in on Tuesday was fairly busy but we were served promptly. First choice of beer had just run out but were suggested a similar alternative.
Beer was fine.

1 Nov 2012 08:17

The Wine Vaults, Southsea

Called in on Tuesday on an Albert Street crawl. Busiest of the pubs which made for getting served difficult - too many barstanders/sitters.
Several real ales on but it was hard to see up the bar to find out what they were. Popular foodie place with a few families in.
Beer was ok

1 Nov 2012 08:12

Porters, Southsea

Called in on Tuesday on a little crawl down Albert Road. Interesting multiroomed boozer. Probably has more a winebar feel to it. Scrubbed tables and chairs, candles, interesting artefacts around.
3 real ales on our visit, ended up with Doombar which is hardly local.

1 Nov 2012 08:07

Goose On The V&A, Southsea

Called in on Tuesday evening. Really busy pub although that may have been skewed by the large party that were in giving a friend a good send off.
4 real ales on, we had the Hobgoblin which was fine.

Liked the fact that all the pumps had prices on them.... you don't see that very often.

1 Nov 2012 08:04

Browns Cafe Bar, Coventry

Here like many others following the uniform ban. I decided to read reports prior to this dreadful event and I just can't work out how it scores 2!!

Have a zero matey!

29 Jun 2012 17:56

The Dodford Inn, Dodford

Currently closed.

8 Jun 2012 16:50

The White Horse Inn, Stogumber

After a revisit I felt I should update my previous review.........

Significant improvement on the beer front. We had 3 of the 4 ales on offer and each were well kept. Bar chap was attentive.

They could still do with getting shot of the stools by the bar though!!!

8 Jun 2012 16:49

The Plough Inn, Taunton

It looked like it had promise but that was soon knocked out by the disinterested bar staff.
Beer average, maybe too much on offer for the number of folks in there.

How much??

8 Jun 2012 16:45

Coal Orchard, Taunton

I was surprised to read the reviews on this pub after my visit this week.

OK it's a 'spoons and we had to wait to get served and despite Cask Myarse the beeer was too cold, but........
The best Ham, egg and chips ever; the place was clean; the numpty alkies kept themselves to themselves.
It was an afternoon visit but it ticked a lot of boxes.

Still think the Camra discount sheme stinks though.

8 Jun 2012 16:41

The Golden Cross Hotel, Bromsgrove

Being a glutton for punishment I called in for a pint and to see if there were any improvements.
Had a couple from their Winter/Christmas range and they were fine. Thats the plus.

Minuses.... we had to clear over 20 empty glasses from the table; and the wait to be served fairly took ages and wasn't! Partly down to rude punters and partly down to poor bar management.

20 Nov 2011 11:08

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

Visited recently as the place is under new ownership and getting good reviews.
Fairly busy but managed a table so we stopped for a couple of rounds. Beers from the Marstons portfolio and they were well kept and well presented.
The refurb has opened the pub up a bit more and it is looking like a boozer now. Might be a few too many nooks and crannies for the cleaner though.

Only two gripes; stools around the bar when it is busy and the TV being on too LOUD (There was little conversation in the top end of the pub and we certainly wouldn't have stayed if that were the only table, no matter how good the beer was)

20 Nov 2011 11:04

The Star Inn, Watchet

Called in here on Saturday afternoon at 2.30pm. "Sorry we are closed"!!

Watchet was packed with day trippers and they were closing, must have plenty cash!

22 May 2011 14:25

The Cross Keys, Nottingham

Called in today by chance. Warm reception from both waiting and bar staff, very friendly.
Cracking pint of Blue Monkey's BGTips. 5 other RAs on.
Music playing quietly, TVs showing England exit from the cricket WC.

26 Mar 2011 18:52

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Just had to revisit....found an excuse to come up and spend a little bit longer in here. Had 3 or 4 great ales but the Bathams was sensational.

20 Mar 2011 14:51

The Tap and Spile, Wolverhampton

RCH Double Header and Enville on. I wasn't overly impressed with the RCH but the ladies raved about the Enville. Reports posted below are accurate.
I won't hurry back!

20 Mar 2011 14:48

The Posada, Wolverhampton

OK range of tidy beers. Friendly bar staff. Place is a bit grubby but interesting bar gallery. Worth a visit.

20 Mar 2011 14:45

Green Dragon Inn, Monmouth

Busy boozer with a real community feel. Well kept beers.

13 Mar 2011 22:54

The Gate House, Monmouth

Called in a couple of Saturdays ago. Nice place, busy late afternoon trade, OK pint. Will return.

13 Mar 2011 22:53

Belvedere, Liverpool

Called in here for a swift half. Beer was fine, I'd go back even if it were just to try a "Scouse Pie"

6 Mar 2011 19:18

The Pilgrim, Liverpool

Studenty boozer, interesting selection of OK beers. Basic reasonably priced bar meals although don't expect a Michelin....or KwikFit experience.

6 Mar 2011 19:15

The Grapes, Liverpool

First time I have left a beer in a longggg time. Maybe it was just an off night.

6 Mar 2011 19:12

The Dispensary, Liverpool

Liverpool Camra POY 10 so had to be worth a visit as we were in the area. Great selection of beer but visit spoiled by uninterested staff.

6 Mar 2011 19:10

The Cottage Inn, Bristol

Good choice of beers and a welcome break whilst walking around the docks. Very foody and popular.

6 Mar 2011 19:04

The Orchard Inn, Bristol

Found The Orchard by chance on a walk around the docks.........
choice of real ales check
choice of real ciders check
welcoming check
Pies and pasties not microwaved check
...Selection of baguettes check
Proper non Brake bros menu check
Live music check
Quality background music that you didn't have to shout over check
Open fire check
Dogs welcomed check
No kids check

Whatmore could I ask? Longer visit!!

6 Mar 2011 19:01

The Kings Head, Bristol

Worth a visit to have a look at the interior..... beers OK but nothing to get excited about.

6 Mar 2011 18:33

The Bridge Inn, Bristol

Cosy pub selling Bath Ales. Too many barsatnders spoiled our experience but I would go back.

Interestingly they have a record deck and a selection of albums for customer use. Apparently it is a "one side only" policy when it is busy!

6 Mar 2011 18:31

The Cornubia, Bristol

Interesting vibrant back street boozer. Good selection of beers and ciders.

6 Mar 2011 18:15

The Seven Stars, Bristol

Bristol CAMRA POTY 10. Good selection of beers and ciders. Jukebox was blasting out "metal" when we called in....must have been an antidote to the acoustic afternoon they had just had!!

6 Mar 2011 18:14

The Old Fish Market, Bristol

Well kept boozer with Thia and standard bar meals available. Fullers plus guest which was Buttcombe Bitter when we callen in.

6 Mar 2011 18:11

The Bank, Bristol

Well kept pint served by a very enthusiastic barman. Looked like 4 real ales available. Worth seeking out, particularly if on a crawl.

6 Mar 2011 18:09

The Lamb and Flag, Covent Garden

Great little back street boozer. Mostly standing only but fascinating surroundings.

A must visit pub....use it or lose it.

3 Jan 2011 13:52

The Harp, Covent Garden

Fantastic boozer with a stunning selection of beers. Opted for the Dark Star range...yum!
Visit enhanced by chatting with a lovely couple who travel down from North London especially. If you read this....thanks for your company.

3 Jan 2011 13:50

The Coal Hole, Strand

This was the dearest pint we encountered in London. It tasted fine but the price was difficult to swallow!
Visit proved interesting thanks to a bit of a domestic by a French couple......she needs to get him out of her life!

3 Jan 2011 13:46

The Coach, Greenwich

Lovely boozer with a fine selection of beers, food, papers and Ryan Adams on the hifi. I guess it could get busy but on NYD it was comfortable...........

Nil points to the twat who wanted a table and 7 seats to himself as he struggled over some mega crossword.

3 Jan 2011 13:43

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

Lovely find tucked away by the Naval College. This was our first pub in a mini crawl and worth the trip. Cracking Hardy's.
Looked like it was doing a fine trade with folks who had been yomping around the park....could get busy with kids and dogs!

3 Jan 2011 13:39

Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich

Called in on NYD during a mini crawl of Greenwich. Busy place catering for tourists and the food trade.
Fine selection of well kept beers.

3 Jan 2011 13:36

The Dog and Duck, Soho

I really liked this place. highlight on a crawl of the area. Fine selection of well kept beers.

2 Jan 2011 19:46

The Pillars of Hercules, Soho

Struggling to remember much about the Pillars. Beer was OK and as we were on a crawl things had started to haze!! met some intersting folks who we followed to the D&D.

2 Jan 2011 19:44

The Angel, Soho

Another 1.99er......Still looked like it was being refurbed and could have done with a good clean. I think the surley barman is still in residence....well the one that served us on two nights had lost his bucket of smiles!!

Beer OK, but nothing special

2 Jan 2011 19:41

The Museum Tavern, Bloomsbury

Nice busy pub with a good selection of beers. Beer was fine.

2 Jan 2011 19:38

The Plough, Bloomsbury

Overpowering smell of chips when we went in. Beer was OK if uninspiring. Nice chatty barman.

2 Jan 2011 19:36

The Bloomsbury Tavern, Bloomsbury

Visited as part of a crawl around the area. OK pint of Late Red.

2 Jan 2011 19:34

The Princess Louise, Holborn

1.99 a pint!!!!!!!!!!!!
Central London!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fascinating pub layout.....worth a visit.

All the drinks are from Sam Smiths.

2 Jan 2011 19:31

The Sporting Page, Chelsea

A couple of visits over NY. Decent beers if not local! It was pretty quiet when we call in but looked like somewhere worth repeat visits.

2 Jan 2011 19:27

The Cadogan Arms, Chelsea

Called in 3 times this week as we were staying just around the corner. Pride was fine.

2 Jan 2011 19:24

The Trafalgar, Chelsea

I'm quite surprised at some of the comments here. Maybe it has had a change of management over the year. Called in a couple of times this week. 3/4 real ales. Each was fine.
Looked a bit like a better JDW

2 Jan 2011 19:23

The Chelsea Potter, Chelsea

Busy boozer in a bit of a beer desert. 3/4 real ales reasonably well kept. More foody than beery though.

(Toilets were OK compared to some we visited this week)

2 Jan 2011 19:20

The Black Eagle, Hockley

Great little back water accessed by us via the Metro. When we arrived it was due to close for the afternoon. Not obly did they stay open we had a plate of chips to help the beer go down. Top landlord.

20 Nov 2010 23:18

The Billiard Hall, West Bromwich

Only one poor real ale when we visited. Interesting facade but that was it!

20 Nov 2010 23:11

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

Visited here twice this week. Once prior to a visit to the Robin and then via the Metro pub crawl. On both occasions the beer could have been better. Pity.

20 Nov 2010 23:10

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

Visited here twice this week. Once prior to a visit to the Robin and then via the Metro pub crawl. On both occasions the beer could have been better. Pity.

20 Nov 2010 23:09

The Trumpet, Bilston

What an interesting pub at the top of the High Street. Beers from Holdens and kept well. Jazz dominates but bad thing. Worth a jaunt from the Metro.

20 Nov 2010 23:07

The Great Western, Wolverhampton

Stunning start to a day on the Metro pub crawl. Without out a doubt one of the best pubs around.

Beers from Holdens and guests including Bathams. Holdens Golden and Bathams in the one place....fantastic.

20 Nov 2010 23:03

The Ma Boyles Oyster Bar, Liverpool

Called in on a saturday evening. Barmaid was saying that she was going to close it early....pity she didn't do that before we went in. A very average Doombar!!

3 Oct 2010 17:02

The White Star, Liverpool

Still the best boozer in Matthews Street. Tourists get in the way but plenty of room and attentive bar staff help you out.

3 Oct 2010 16:58

The Beehive, Liverpool

Absolutely rammed on a Sat afternoon. Being next to L1 helps.
OK pint of Black Sheep

3 Oct 2010 16:56

The Golden Cross Hotel, Bromsgrove

Why do I bother!!!

On the last visit my friend brought back a couple of pints and had a big gulp of his....I thought he had been poisoned. I took a sniff and promptly returned then to the bar.
"What's wrong with them?" said the surley barmaid
"They are off.", said I, she turns to her colleague...."He say's they are off"
Are you ready for the reply...........................

"I thought that as I poured them", says her colleague

3 Oct 2010 16:52

The Red Lion Hotel, Old Colwyn

......and The Sun next door is also worth a visit!! 7/10

3 Oct 2010 16:46

The Red Lion Hotel, Old Colwyn

Always and interesting range of ales available in this lovely boozer. This was our last port of call on a long pub crawl via the Arriva 12.
Warm and friendly welcome, maybe we should have stayed here and done a tap crawl instead!!

3 Oct 2010 16:45

Picture House, Colwyn Bay

Interesting conversion. One of the better JDW outlets. Beer was in good form. Surprisingly quiet for a Sat afternoon.

3 Oct 2010 16:30

The Town House, Llandudno

Wasn't worth the walk.

3 Oct 2010 16:28

The Kings Arms, Llandudno

It was rammed with footie viewers which meant we opted to sit outside and watch the world go by. A passable pint of Bass was had.

3 Oct 2010 16:26

The Liverpool Arms, Conwy

Brains SA and Bass available. The SA was OK. Sat indoors as plastic glasses were required for outside.

3 Oct 2010 16:23

Ye Old Mail Coach, Conwy

Lack the promise from it's appearance. Two ales advertised but only one available and that was after a lot of shouting back and forward between the barmaid and the kitchen. Once it was poured it was an OK pint of Celebration from the Conway Brewery.
The pub was closing the following day until further notice....quite sad as it was in a prime location.

3 Oct 2010 16:21

The Bridge Inn, Conwy

Nice but serving ales from the Marston's portfolio. Well kept Cockerhoop was enjoyed. Handy for the bus stop!!

3 Oct 2010 16:18

The Golden Cross Hotel, Bromsgrove

Last time I reviewed this I said it was "vile". My experience that night was pretty crap but times move on.....
Recently featured in the local press as people were complaining about the general cleanliness....along the lines of some of the comments in here. JDW management were supposed to be looking into it. I am not sure how much changed but the dust didn't seems as thick as before.
Real ale is generally OK and they do have up to 10 taps which carry 4 regulars and guests including locale brews.
Of the JDW outlets I have visited this place still remains low in that list.

23 Jul 2010 13:38

Dog and Pheasant, Bromsgrove

Fancy a fight? Drop in here.

23 Jul 2010 13:30

The Turks Head, Bromsgrove

Recently had a facelift. No real ales on offer when I visited.

23 Jul 2010 13:29

Ye Olde Black Cross, Bromsgrove

A grand old coaching house with a turbulent history.....
This is a Banks/Marstons pub and carries guest ales form their extensive portfolio. Generally OK beer. My view is that the pub isn't sure what it is catering for, however it is good to see real ale drinkers catered for.

23 Jul 2010 13:27

The Greyhound Inn, Bromsgrove

Called in this afternoon on spec. Foody appearance but 4 real ales on. If the other 3 are as good as the Wye Valley HPA I had then it looks good for further visits.

7 Apr 2010 18:05

The Kelham Island Tavern, Sheffield

We have been visiting Heffield off and on for a few years now. this was my first visit and boy was I p***** off I had missed out!! (In fairness I intended to visit on our last trip but it was flooded!!)

Fantastic selection of fantastic beer. End of!

23 Feb 2010 22:44

The Fat Cat, Sheffield

Fantastic pub, great range of beer and the best pork pies on the planet!

23 Feb 2010 22:40

Harlequin, Sheffield

Great selection of beers, pub was a bit tired when we called in december but it had been a busy day by all accounts.
Tidy pint.

23 Feb 2010 22:38

The Boardwalk, Sheffield

Last visited on a very busy Saturday night in December. Top Springsteen tribute band on...Glory Days 10/10
Pale Rider was OK 7/10
Staff....working their socks off.....9/10

23 Feb 2010 22:35

The Riverside, Lechlade

Great location.........erm.......that's it!

What a crying shame, lacklustre beer served by lacklustre staff. Do yourself a favour and go to The Crown across the road.

23 Feb 2010 22:31

The Crown Inn, Lechlade

Called in last Saturday. Great pint but no food on...pity as we would have stayed longer but the driver was a) thirsty and b) hungry

I can see why it has POTY status.

23 Feb 2010 22:27

The Wine Cellar, Highworth

A pleasant surprise although quiet, but it was 5.30pm, from what I read it is much busier later.
....and the surprises continued with Wye Valley HPA on, although it was the last pint.

23 Feb 2010 22:23

The Rose and Crown, Highworth

I can see all the points raised in here about the R&C. My preference is for "eccentric" and isn't the world a better place for them.
Best beer in town on the weekend we visited.

23 Feb 2010 22:18

The New Inn, Halse

Reviews here are fairly accurate. promising pub run by keen amatuers seems about right. Had a couple of decent pints so there is hope. Will return.

3 Jan 2010 15:01

The Bird in Hand, Bishop's Lydeard

Busy village pub. Couple of well kept real ales.

3 Jan 2010 14:57

The Bell Inn, Bishops Lydeard

It says "Warm Welcome" on the sign but it was blydi freezing! On a better day it probably would have scored higher. 4 real ales on worth a visit.

3 Jan 2010 14:56

The Forest Inn, Lickey End

Recently called in for a beer after a lovely walk. No real ale, no non smooth bitter.....and the San Mig tasted of pipe cleaner.

2 Nov 2009 11:17

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

Following a change of management this boozer has fallen on hard times. Beer selection poor and quality even worse.

A sad loss on the High Street

1 Nov 2009 19:50

The Hop Pole Inn, Bromsgrove

Now Bromsgroves only GBG entry! Still busy on music nights but the beer is more consistent.

1 Nov 2009 19:48

The Hundred House, Bromsgrove


now an Indian/Bangladeshi restaurant....The Feast House

1 Nov 2009 19:46

The Dodford Inn, Dodford

I was never a fan of this place but hearing R&M had moved from the excellent Red Lion in Bromsgrove I knew it would be good.

We have visited a few times, enjoying the food, the company and most of all the beer. Beer range varies and there are usually 4 real ales plus some quality ciders and lagers. Food is reasonably priced and beats your standard click and ping fare dished out locally.

If you read the reviews for The Red Lion pre Easter 09 you will get a flavour of what to expect.

1 Nov 2009 19:44

Cambrinus, Bruges

Handily placed just off the Markt. Whilst it doesn't have the history of th eolder Brugge pubs it is clean and very well stocked. As indicated, over 400 beers to choose from....if anything too many!! The beer menu was colour coded to make selection easier but if you are in for a session it pays to hang onto it AND have a notepad to hand!!

It is also a no smoking outlet which this reviewer found refreshing.

1 Nov 2009 19:34

Cafe Vlissinghe, Bruges

Lovely pub, as descibed below. We played various games while supping Hommel bier and the world beer of the year, Karimilad (sp?) Trippel, as well as a range of fruitbeers.

The range puts a whole new meaning to central heating.

1 Nov 2009 19:30

't Brugs Beertje, Bruges

After completing a touristy day we ended up here. This wasn't planned, it just happened to be the nearest of the 80 outlets featured in "Around B in 80 Beers".

Brilliant...OK it does get tourists, us, but the mix of locals and beer tourists was very friendly. Staff very knowledgable, fantsastic range of draught and bottles beers.

If you are in is a must visit. Not too far from the Markt/Belltower.

1 Nov 2009 19:25

The Ladybird Inn, Aston Fields

Called in here to finish a great train based pub crawl.

Bathams and Wye Valley.....fabulous.

14 Jun 2009 16:36

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

Had the pleasure of returning here on our train based pub crawl. It was a pleasure to take a bunch of mates in to sample the great hospitality, beer and food.

Steak and Kidney Pie, chips and peas....wonderful.

14 Jun 2009 16:31

The Horseshoe Inn, Ledbury

A good start to our train based pub crawl. Wye Valley and TT on offer and both well kept.

There did appear to be a bias towards locals but hey ho!

14 Jun 2009 16:28

The Unicorn, Great Malvern

Called in a bad day possibly. Looking to quech the thirst yomping up from GM station all that was on offer was GK IPA....and a below average pint at that.

Will call in again to give it anothet chance.

14 Jun 2009 16:26

The Nags Head, Great Malvern

Called in here whilst on a train based bub crawl of the area. First visit and fully endorse what has been said here.
Great selection of well kept beers and we arrived just as the complimentary sandwiches were put out...what a great touch.

14 Jun 2009 16:24

The Trafalgar, Portsmouth

Popped in whilst shopping in Pompey.....poor selection of real ales given JDW reputation. Experience was spoiled by regulars on the next table who cursed at volume thoughout. Staff were aware but said nothing and continued to supply with very cheap booze despite the fact that they were totally out of it....12.30pm.

8 Feb 2009 18:56

The Old Customs House, Portsmouth

A very pleasant diversion from shopping!! Cracking pint of Fullers, nice comfy seats....could do with designating one room for rugrats though.

8 Feb 2009 18:50

Lord Arthur Lee, Fareham

Sorry but my experience was also pretty vile. After waiting around 15/20 minutes to get served ALL the real ales in front of me were off. 5 pumps displying beer and none there...fantastic. Staff were too busy shipping out 99p bottles of Sam Miq and reloading shelves with crates of the stuff....

8 Feb 2009 18:45

The Dodford Inn, Dodford

Look out for some interesting news soon

4 Jan 2009 14:02

The Guildford Arms, Edinburgh

For donkey's years I bypassed this place to head for the CR next door. After reading the local CAMRA newsletter I decided to pop in and regretted my previous ignorance!!

Great selection of real ales on offer and all well kept!

28 Dec 2008 16:24

The Bodega, Newcastle

We happened to be staying near this gem. Well worth seeking out.

28 Dec 2008 16:21

The Shakespeare Inn, Birmingham

We called here at 11.15am on a Sat morning...and it was shut.

Called back at 4.30pm and it was rammed! Average beer. Couldn't see any evidence of food being ordered or eaten.

Handy not the station and buzzes going south.

30 Nov 2008 10:53

The Old Contemptibles, Birmingham

Thought the range of beers was OK, it's been years since I had beer in a mug though!

If the place had of been warmer we might have been tempted by the sausages.

30 Nov 2008 10:49

The Old Joint Stock, Birmingham

I'm not a fan of bank conversions, but this is a really tasteful place. Great range of beers from Fullers, all kept well. The menu looked great so we called back in later in the day for some food. It was OK..... could have been a bit warmer.

30 Nov 2008 10:46

The Wellington, Birmingham

Called in here yesterday and hadn't read any of the comments below. Prices seemed fair for a city centre boozer, beer quality was excellent, and the ladies in out group commented on how nice the "facilities" were.

Definately be back.

30 Nov 2008 10:42

The Lost and Found, Birmingham

At best the beer was average. Usual Marston's range. Very little atmosphere when we called in.

30 Nov 2008 10:38

O'Neills, Dublin

An OK visit on a Sunday afternoon. Multi-levelled boozer where a map may come in handy if you are in for a session!

Huge portions of decent nosh and the gwince wasn't too bad either.

3 Nov 2008 10:41

Messrs Maguire, Dublin

Interesting multi-levelled pub. Micro beers were available but too cold....I ended up sticking with the gwince.

Worth a visit.

3 Nov 2008 10:38

Gravity Bar, Dublin

The Storehouse is an interesting and informative tour which leads you to the Gravity Bar. The presentation has moved on in several areas since my last visit, however the one area which is lacking is the advertising section.

The gwince was OK but not the best I had over the weekend....I gave up looking for anything else that may be worth drinking.

3 Nov 2008 10:36

The Lion Inn, Trellech

Been to The Lion several times this year.

Seems at times to be struggling a bit, but beer was fine with 4 ever changing RAs.
Strong community feel about the place with many photos and collages around the walls and in the loos.

Lays claim to the following accolades.....
GBG 08
Morning Advertiser - Best Overall Pub in Wales - 2006
Morning Advertiser - Winner National "Best Pub Website" - 2005
Morning Advertiser - Best Overall Pub in Wales - 2005
NFU Countryside Best Rural Pub - 2004
Gwent CAMRA Pub of the Year - 2004

30 Sep 2008 19:46

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury


19 Sep 2008 15:49

The Prince of Wales, Ledbury

Called into Ledury on a visit and as I was parking up the TomTom sounded the proximity of a Camra GBG08 pub. It turned out to be this little gem. I use little sparingly as it seemed to take on Tardis proprtions!
Had a cracking pint of Wye Valley Butty Bach. There were 3 other draught beers plus some interesting lagers and a range of bottled beers from Belgium, Germany and beyond.

I noticed that the fantastic "Spokedrivers" are playing there on the 5th October. Well worth a beer and blues night!

19 Sep 2008 15:48

The Crabmill Inn, Bromsgrove

The Crabmill has been closed now for about 4 weeks. Apparently someone is interested...will post when I know more.

15 Sep 2008 18:02

The Kings Head, Monmouth

Called in during the summer as part of my "check out 'spoons" survey. 10 pumps but 4 had the same beer on, and 2 had nowt. The beers I had were a little tired and I had to ask the miserable barmaid to top them up.

As reported below it is huge.

9 Sep 2008 18:40

The Robin 2, Bilston

As a music venue it is fantastic, as somewhere to drink it is pretty average. Top dollar for fizz served in plastic. Do yourself a favour and get to Bilston early and visit the White Rose first.

9 Sep 2008 18:26

The Olde White Rose, Bilston

If you are visiting The Robin, get in here first for a cracking selection of beers.

9 Sep 2008 18:22

Blue Boar, Hay On Wye

Called in here during the summer. Sadly I was driving as they had a fine selection of well kept beers.

9 Sep 2008 18:00

The Shrewsbury Hotel, Shrewsbury

Vile experience even by JDW standards. er was almost undrinkable (Everards Hazy Daze) and when the waitress brought the sandwiches out on a plate so hot she needed I napkin I knew it was going to be bad.

Shrewsbury has many places worth a visit...this isn't one of them!

JDW is for people who can't be 4rsed to look elsewhere!!

26 Aug 2008 22:33

Salopian Bar, Shrewsbury

Fantastic place to visit. Interesting selection of real ales and Belgian beers...we had a strawberry concoction that reminded me of childhood sweeties but packed a lovely punch.

26 Aug 2008 22:28

The Loggerheads, Shrewsbury

Multi roomed boozer with a selection of beers from the Marstons range. Worth a visit.

26 Aug 2008 22:26

The Three Fishes, Shrewsbury

Fab pub just off the High Street. When the chat dies down all you can hear is the ticking of the clock.
Top selection of real ales and range of food.

26 Aug 2008 22:24

The Wheatsheaf, Shrewsbury

Busy high street boozer. Good selection of beers

26 Aug 2008 22:23

The Coach and Horses, Shrewsbury

Annual visit via the Shrewsbury Folk Festival. Great boozer and cracking beer

26 Aug 2008 22:21

The Champion of the Thames, Cambridge

Called in on a recent visit to Cambridge. Took a little bit of finding but worth it in the end. No a fan of GK but like others the guest was fine...and no doubt the GK is too.

11 Aug 2008 18:18

The Railwaymans Arms, Bridgnorth

One of the sad things about the Bridgnorth Folk Festival relocating to Shrewsbury is not being able to call in here. This place has a really special feel to it and that is further complimented by the excellent range of beers they sell.

30 Jun 2008 08:25

Royal Huntsman, Williton

We happened in there on the way back from Minehead, much beer had already been quaffed but we were treated to "Stargazer" for 2 a OK pint

29 Jun 2008 18:59

The Queens Head Hotel, Minehead

One of the better pubs in Minehead, safely tucked away from the main drag and the Butlins gangs.

29 Jun 2008 18:57

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

Still the consistently best pint in Bromsgrove. The beer festival mentioned below was fantastic, the next beer festival is from 16/7 till 19/7....miss it at your peril.

26 Jun 2008 21:55

The Goat Major, Cardiff

Cracking boozer selling great Brains beers. Sadly left here to go to a "party" in TigerTiger prior to seeing The Boss.

15 Jun 2008 21:46

Robin Hood Inn, Monmouth

Average pub with two real ales on when we visited. Bass and Speckled Hen

15 Jun 2008 21:44

The Golden Cross Hotel, Bromsgrove

Typical JDW boozer, huge range of beers barely adequately kept and run by staff who just don't care. Witnessed the duty manager stick his head around the door to the Gents, and sign off the loos despite blocked urinals, paper on floor...and I've no idea what state the cubicles were like but neither had he. If this is the standard they use what chance has the beer.
Proudly boasted having the CAMRA Beer of the Year 08" on sale at 1.45 a pint....only trouble was...they didn't have it on!!

Vile place.

18 May 2008 12:08

Plough, Worcester

A great little pub with well kept beers. Watch out for their odd opening hours though.

18 May 2008 12:00

Ye Olde Talbot, Worcester

OK foody place with OK beer...nothing to shout out about....although it is decidedly better than the PO

18 May 2008 11:58

The Swan With Two Nicks, Worcester

Yup it is a warren of a place but interesting all the same. Good selection of beers all well kept.

We didn't notice Mr Friendly though!

18 May 2008 11:57

Saracens Head, Worcester

A good start for our Worcester pub crawl. Decent range of well kept beers.

18 May 2008 11:52

The Dragon Inn, Worcester

Top of the range pub, excellent range of well kept beers.

Fully endorse comments made by others

18 May 2008 11:51

Postal Order, Worcester

Yup it is a standard JDW pub boasting it's entry in GBG08. We used it as part of an exploratory crawl around The Faithful City and this was our worst experience by far. We actually left the beer and moved on.
If you want MacDonalds with beer then this is for you.

18 May 2008 11:49

Cricketers, Worcester

Busy town centre boozer, limited selection of RA but competently kept.

18 May 2008 11:44

Y-Bonunig Inn, Dyserth


13 Apr 2008 20:27

The Red Lion Hotel, Dyserth

Friendly pub selling average beer

13 Apr 2008 20:25

The Cross Inn, Finstall

Popped in for a pint for the first time since using this. The had a couple of ales on, Black Sheep and Enville White. I had the latter which was average.

Smokers now congregate around the front door which make getting in and out both awkward and unpleasant.

Apart from some cobs on the bar, there didn't appear to be any food on.

11 Apr 2008 09:13

The Why Not Inn, Astwood Bank

Foody pub with at least 3 real ales on. Adnams Bitter, Wye Valley Butty Bach and Old Speckled Hen.

Beers were at best average.

9 Apr 2008 22:46

The Church Inn, Ludlow

Fantastic find although the good lady didn't believe that I had actually visited a church! Must have been the smile on my face!!
With the exception of one, the reviews below are spot on.

30 Mar 2008 10:22

The Grape Vaults, Leominster

Wells Bombardier was the guest choice when we visited this Banks pub.
Quality pub with excellent beer and an open coal fire

30 Mar 2008 10:20

The Bell, Leominster

A couple of very good Wye Valley ales were had here. If others thought it was pokey....try going when Man U are playing Liverpool on the box!! Thankfully now smoke free.

30 Mar 2008 10:17

Chequers, Leominster

A bit of a foody pub but cracking pint of Yorkshire Gold (yes I know.....keep it locale, but I had already sampled the local brews elsewhere that day)

30 Mar 2008 10:15

The Barrels, Hereford

Great boozer and with quality ale at around 2.00 a pint how can you go wrong?

30 Mar 2008 10:12

Justinlees Inn, Dalkeith

Big souless pub.

21 Feb 2008 16:43

The Dean Tavern, Newtongrange

One of the Gothenburg pubs...worth a vist just to look at the interior. Beer OK but no more!

21 Feb 2008 16:42

Sandy Bells, Edinburgh

My uncle (teetotal) used to live opposite Sandy Bells and used to complain about the noise at night. My message to him would be...don't try beating them...grab a beer and join in...great pub.

21 Feb 2008 16:35

The Bow Bar, Edinburgh

Brilliant pub. Great selection of beers, attentive staff, great atmosphere...I'll be back!

21 Feb 2008 16:32

The Blue Blazer, Edinburgh

Cracking boozer, tidy pint of Stewarts 80 bob. Definately be back

21 Feb 2008 16:30

Thomson's, Edinburgh

Pretty quiet when we called in....pity my brother hadn't read the step notice!!

8 real ales to chose from

21 Feb 2008 16:28

Bert's Bar, Edinburgh

I reckon average is as good as it gets. Microwaved pies...are you having a laff!! Beer was OK though

21 Feb 2008 16:26

The White Horse Inn, Stogumber

This village deserves better than this hang out for racist, sexist, drink drivers. Service slow and hampered by those who feel the bar is their patch. The barman seems to feel that "Can I get you a drink whilst you are waiting?" makes up for the lack of ungency.

Average beer not worth detouring for.

5 Jan 2008 15:25

The Winchester Arms, Taunton

HOW MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next time I will print off the reviews. Cr*p Cr*p Cr*p!!

4 Jan 2008 18:24

The Kings Arms, Taunton

The beer was OK, but we had just visited The Black Horse. Erm.....souless.

4 Jan 2008 18:22

The Black Horse Inn, Taunton was cheap....and they were playing Kashmir when we walked in...but thats it!!

4 Jan 2008 18:21

The Naval and Military, Taunton

This has to be the worst pub in the known universe. believe me it is as bad as is said here.

4 Jan 2008 18:19

The Queens Head, Glastonbury

Didn't stop as it had no real ale available.

3 Jan 2008 18:16

The Beckets Inn, Glastonbury

2008 and it was smokey....fortuanatly it was wood smoke from the open fire.
An ok pint of IPA. I think this could well be the best pub pub in Glasto.

3 Jan 2008 18:14

The Mitre, Glastonbury

A decent pint in a drab pub. Maybe being last in before afternoon last orders wasn't the best time to visit.

3 Jan 2008 18:12

The Who'd A Thought It, Glastonbury

A decent pint of palmers served in an interesting looking pub....pity about the food smells. Looking to be more a gastro pub that a beer pub.

3 Jan 2008 18:10

The Market House Inn, Glastonbury

Went in around 3.30 and we were the only folks in there. A pint of Sharps was had and was ok but souless place.

It looked as if it would be busier in the evenings.

3 Jan 2008 18:09

The Farmers Arms, Combe Florey

Obviously a gastropub and geared up for the eveings service. Beer adequate but happy to move on.

Bar staff need to remember that the pub is for all and not just them.

3 Jan 2008 18:07

The Pumphouse, Liverpool

I wish I had read these before eating there!! Seemed habdy for the Tate etc but should have walked on to the Baltic Fleet which is only about 500 metres away.

I don't know how much of the building is original but it struck me as a souless tourist trap.

Not only do they serve bland Greene King but it is chilled!!!

29 Oct 2007 16:49

The Baltic Fleet, Liverpool

We stayed not far from this gem of a pub. My only crit would be some of teh beers were a little cold...otherwise a fine selection of beers from all over.
The food was worth savouring too.'scouse and red cabbage was wonderful.

29 Oct 2007 16:45

The Roscoe Head, Liverpool

Nice little back street boozer...worth seeking out

29 Oct 2007 16:41

The Philharmonic, Liverpool

Fascinating building, beer was OK...nothing special sadly. It was just so busy but we did arrive at the same time the Phil Hall kicked out which wasn't good planning!!

29 Oct 2007 16:40

Ye Cracke, Liverpool

Last pub we visited on a crawl. Top beers on offer, smelly loos, friendly folks...worth a visit.

29 Oct 2007 16:37

Thomas Rigby's, Liverpool

Fabulous pub serving IoM (purity law)beers, the food was pretty good too.

29 Oct 2007 16:30

The White Star, Liverpool

A really nice little boozer, A good selection of real ales to be had in a bit of a desert.

29 Oct 2007 16:27

Crown, Liverpool

Cheap and cheerful..and a nice ceiling.

29 Oct 2007 16:25

The Vines, Liverpool

Fantastic building but serving no real ale. Worth a visit to look around but I would bother expecting anything decent to drink.

29 Oct 2007 16:24

Globe, Liverpool

Great little boozer with friendly folks and a cracking pint.

29 Oct 2007 16:21

The Oxford Bar, Edinburgh

Well worth seeking out. Totally unpretentious pub. Pint, pie and a chat or a quiet read.

Sit there long enough and you will see Rebus and his mates.

12 Oct 2007 10:14

The Halfway House, Edinburgh

This is a top pub and well worth a visit.....small and perfectly formed.
I agree about the Ossian.

12 Oct 2007 10:10

The Abbotsford, Edinburgh

Always a good pint here. It was pleasing to read that a top up was not questioned. Generally well staffed.
Can get busy at lunchtimes and early evening

12 Oct 2007 10:05

Cafe Royal, Edinburgh

I've been using this pub off and on for over 30 years. The comments about the surroundings are spot on.....and I can see where the views on staff are coming from.
On the beer front, I can't remember ever having a bad pint. On the food front.....whats wrong with just a pie!!

12 Oct 2007 10:01

The Coeur de Lion, Bath

The smallest pub in Bath with the biggest welcome. Cracking pint.

11 Oct 2007 22:09

The Old Green Tree, Bath

Great little boozer that does huge sarnies and cracking beer to wash then down

11 Oct 2007 22:08

The Weighbridge, Alvechurch

Great little multi roomed boozer. Smokey??? Not any more!

11 Oct 2007 22:04

The Hogshead, Bromsgrove

About to become a Slug and Lettuce establishment.

11 Oct 2007 21:57

The Hop Pole Inn, Bromsgrove

It gets packed on weekend evenings where getting served can be a hassle. Regulars tend to hog the bar leaving little room. Sign language is useful as the bands play on the end of the bar!!

11 Oct 2007 21:56

The Red Lion, Bromsgrove

Richard and Mini have worked hard to give us the best pub in Bromsgrove. Great little town centre boozer with 7 handpumps in action.
"This pub will never sell smoothpour" may have been moved but the ethos lives on.

11 Oct 2007 21:51

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