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The Three Elms, North Wootton

Permanently closed.

6 Oct 2018 20:39

Rose & Crown, Longburton

Taken over by John and Becky from Hall and Woodhouse and run as a free house until purchasing it and making it their own, to the delight of the locals in this charming village (if you ignore the oft heavy traffic) We sincerely hope it will remain at the standard they have set for themselves. Now in the GBG where I believe it will be a fixture, as it deserves to be. Very nice skittle alley and function room, rare Dorset game of Drubbers also played.

6 Oct 2018 20:38

The Great Western, Yeovil

Permanently closed and converted to flats.

6 Oct 2018 20:32

The Red Lion Hotel, Marston Magna

Pub was permanently closed a looooong time ago...

6 Oct 2018 20:29

The Mildmay Arms, Queen Camel

Skittled here several times (Yeovil Sports League) over the last three years. Beer v. good (Butcombe original) Very lively public bar, separate lounge bar leading to restaurant. Alley across pleasant courtyard. Pub car park opposite closed (5/10/18) inexplicably and I forgot to ask why...

6 Oct 2018 20:28

The Crown Hotel, Sherborne

After some while of going down-hill, this pub has been given a new lease of life having been bought by the experienced team of Ian and Marilyn Blackmore. We visited at the end of June 2015 for an open mic night, and the place had plenty of atmosphere and after some Jazz-orientate music (not my cup of tea really) we had some acapella and other varieties. Beer? St Austell. Price? Well we paid £2.70 for 'Trelawney' - severely bargainous, and later as another beer came on it was just £2.40. Quality of the beer was excellent - Ian is proud of his cellar and no-one else is allowed to touch it! Deffo going again - hopefully to eat.

3 Jul 2015 13:35

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

Pub been re-named, extended and refurbished sympathetically since my last review. Beer quality still tops. Always a good choice and regularly changed. A regular port of call for us out cycling. Staff always pleasant and locals friendly. Had a Sunday lunch with family recently, (plated) meals of good value and quality. Restaurant could do with some soft furnishings or more wall-coverings to keep reflected noise down though, and it did feel a little over-crowded. (minor complaints) Will continue to visit as will friends.

31 Jul 2012 16:35

The Bull Inn, Ilchester

Been severely done-up (a bit over-done IMHO) with two bloody great screens. The bar billiards table has been plonked out of the way in the skittle alley and now out of use, sadly, although the alley has been refurbished and is in regular action. In excellent condition it is too. We were served initially, 'Bombardier' which was nigh-on vinegar. We got the 'no-one else has complained' retort which is insulting. Indeed it was served to others who either let it stand on the table after a sip or drank it very slowly... What's the matter with some people? It costs more than 25 a gallon!! The 'Tribute' was just about drinkable but not far off being rejected. Service was appallingly slow. My rating for the pub excludes my rating for the ales, if you catch my drift. I hope the ale is better when you pay a visit...

31 Jul 2012 16:24

The Mitre Inn, Sandford Orcas

You can't go wrong by visiting this rural gem. Grub is slightly pricey but worth the money. Beers are always excellent and Alan and Cheryl run a tight ship. Version of the Norfolk pub game 'Twister' on the bar wall made by a local pub games enthusiast. Definitely the place to go, and even better as mobile phones won't work here...

29 Oct 2011 12:08

The White Post, Rimpton

Steve and Dawn have been here for just over a year as I write and the pub is warm and welcoming. Having been all-but demolished it was rebuilt and then after that we never knew if it was open or shut. Following that transition period it is thriving again and our congratulations go to mine hosts. (We have been going here for over 30 years btw) Excellent few pints of Butcombe as the Otter had sold out following a sudden exceptional demand. Food looks and smells good too.

29 Oct 2011 12:03

The Marston Inn, Marston Magna

I'm sorry that dreamer9 had a bad experience here. We had a great evening here with good beer (and skittles) It was certainly a thriving local and there was a good supper of chilli. Only thing we didn't like was the tv on mute. I mean; what's the point? turn the damn thing off! Grrr!

29 Oct 2011 11:59

The Red Lion Hotel, Marston Magna

Sadly this pub has now closed. Pop round the corner on the Yeovil road, and in the fork of the Sherborne Road is the Marston Inn; an excellent local with good beer and food.

29 Oct 2011 11:51

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

Congratulations to Andy and Ann, they are in the 2012 Good Beer Guide.

22 Sep 2011 13:43

The Kings Arms Inn, Thornford

Andy the tough looking landlord is a real nice bloke and his wife Ann charming. Quality ales superbly looked after and a loyal local clientele. Hidden Brewery went belly-up so now ales can be from Yeovil or Otter ((I would guess that is liable to change as this is actually a free house now although it is part of the Digby Estate) Garden areas now looking really nice. Sizable skittle alley and several local regular teams. Only thing I don't like is the TV in the bar. Not needed, not wanted! Can get busy and all being well the pub is to be extended; see what happens when you look after a pub and your patrons? All power to them; they deserve the success and I'll drink to that.

26 May 2011 14:14

The Great Lyde, Yeovil

Been closed for some while but now open again so I hope it has improved...

24 May 2011 13:38

Fleur de Lys, Yeovil

The first pub where I had real-ale (draught Bass) well - kept at the time by the late Richard Stallard. Nectar! Only pub where I have been chucked out twice (once by RS father for allegedly putting my feet on the furniture and then by RS some years later for allegedly 'canoodling' with my girl-friend!) I do hope this pub now thrives - I wish nothing but good fortune to the present custodians.

24 May 2011 13:34

The Yellow Wagtail, Yeovil

Skittled here twice and both times Old Bill is there arresting the chavs after a punch-up! Beer dreadful. If there was no-where else to go in Yeovil I would still stay at home.

24 May 2011 13:28

The Royal Marine Inn, Yeovil

Quite friendly basic local with a lady running it well from what I could see. Very busy the night we were there with skittlers and darts. Two types of mild available which were very good.

24 May 2011 13:24

The White Horse, Yeovil

Closed and converted into flats.

24 May 2011 13:21

The Milford Inn, Yeovil

Visited in late April and new hosts were doing their best, who seemed a pleasant enough couple. However there was no real ale and the Guinness was served from a can via a vibrator thingy, which was just about acceptable although less than a pint so it worked out more pricey. Not the most salubrious of establishments but at least there is a local again for the large-ish estates that border the pub. I hope it improves with the work that the new incumbents say they are prepared to do to make it a success. What ever happens though, it will never be more than a basic local.

24 May 2011 13:19

The Phelips Arms, Montacute

We now have skittled here for a whole season and found the place to be thoroughly welcoming, with the skittlers grub (massive platters of sandwiches) to be more than sufficient, although some of the lads have said they would like chips and pies/sausages or the like. A minor point however, as we have voted to go back for next year. Bar staff are always friendly and charming and mine hosts Kevin and Carolyn have done a great job particularly after the last incumbents (apparently; I was warned off by a former local) Beer is Palmers and has never failed, in fact it has Cask Marque accreditation so you can taste and try, before you buy. Haven't dined here yet but food always looks good. Can be heaving or quiet(ish) depending on... well who knows these days? Pub trade can be variable even on a Friday night (when we skittle)

4 Apr 2011 14:54

The Armoury Inn, Yeovil

Skittles here and the beer (6x) poor - had to ask for it to be replaced and still no good. Massive screen at one end, and another (small one) behind you when stood at the bar. Some of us don't like football, and clearly neither did a lot for there were only five people plus the skittlers in. Shan't go out of my way to go here again...

25 Mar 2011 19:03

The William Dampier, Yeovil

Not impressed, I agree with most of the other comments. I no longer go here even if am nearby and have my CAMRA tokens. No good trying to start a conversation with most of the other customers, unless you speak Neanderthal or Polish...

23 Feb 2011 14:09

The George Inn, Martock

Punch now want to close it and sell it to some God-botherers (allegedly) Facebook group set up to save it. Apparently the pub is now busy thanks to the efforts of Tony Lock, well known for turning pubs around. This won't stop Punch I'm sure.

22 Feb 2011 11:28

The Quicksilver Mail, Yeovil

Difficult not to be biased as I have known the Landlord (Pete) for a long time, but am not a regular as I live so distance away. However, I have always received a warm welcome from the staff, the beer is good (in the GBG regularly) and Pete is a big music fan and has a lot of bands performing here including 'names'. Personally I would like to see Pete running a few other pubs I could name...

18 Jan 2011 15:27

The Great Western, Yeovil

Yes I agree with most of what has already been said; close to Pen Mill station, well-kept beer by the lovely Zoe, her and her Mum run the pub after her dad (Travis)sadly passed away suddenly. Nice skittle alley and a few railway relics in the bar (and quite a few railway photos) which fortunately don't make it into some ghastly themed pub, but just add to the atmosphere of a proper local.

18 Jan 2011 15:20

The Nelson Inn, Yeovil

Closed. Good job too, always good for a fight and even a murder.

18 Jan 2011 15:16

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