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Comments by Cleversaz

The Bear, Twickenham

Oh Bear! What happened to you? You used to be so good. I really cannot comprehend why they made changes that turned it from being a great place with so many nice beers to choose from and excellent music at the weekends, into what it is now. It used to be busy every night of the week due to being a good pub and a nice place to be. Now it has nothing different to offer Twickenham and is consequently always empty (save for Spoons-types on Fri/Sat night). As the saying goes 'If it isn't broken, why fix it?' Makes zero sense. Sad times.

14 Jun 2012 15:59

The Fox, Twickenham

Most of my friends are distinctly unimpressed with the refurb and the consequent change in clientele it's attracted. However, I think it looks fabulous and the clientele weren't that amazing before anyway. They've really done an excellent job on the facelift, a nice mixture of modern and traditional and a much better use of space. Love all the photos of old Twickenham on the walls. I don't drink the ale in here due to being spoiled in The Sussex and inevitably disappointed elsewhere, but the Peroni was fine. To concur with a previous reviewer, far better than becoming a Tesco Express!

14 Jun 2012 15:49

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Not a patch on what it used to be since Alan & Claire left. And they really need to change the fat in the fryer (or sort out the kitchen ventilation) as it stank the pub out and my clothes smelled like I'd done a double shift in KFC by the time I got home, not pleasant.

14 Jun 2012 15:43

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

The lovely landlord who everyone clearly has sooo much respect for is a Leicester Tigers supporter and he closed the pub very early on the premiership final day (none of the other town centre pubs closed early like they do on international days). As a long-time Quins fan, I'm slightly ashamed to say I found this highly amusing :-)

14 Jun 2012 15:30

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Further to my previous comment about this pub, I've changed my mind, it truly does deserve 10/10. Despite immense popularity for all the right reasons, we never have a problem getting a seat. I can't for the life of me work out why. Everything about this place is spot on. And there's no 'probably' about it - it IS the best pub in Twickenham. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's the best pub I've ever been to. And I've been to a lot of pubs.

14 Jun 2012 14:14

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

After years of being a scruffy hole that I'd got so used to ignoring on a daily basis I'd almost forgotten it existed, this is now quite probably the best pub in Twickenham. And it's my local! Hooray! (sort of)

Plus points: A vast, ever-changing selection of excellently kept real ales at a mere £3/pint and a great selection of proper ciders, all of which you can try before you buy. Lovely, obliging bar staff who contribute tremendously to the warm, friendly atmosphere. Delicious food including the mouth-watering made-to-order pies and some mighty fine sausages. Pleasant decor with roaring fires, non-intrusive classic music (on vinyl, no less) and a huge garden with several comfy sofas - perfect for whiling away a summer's afternoon with friends. Despite it always being busy, I've never waited long to be served thanks to the attentive bar staff, and service is always with a smile. The Tuesday jamming band is fab and not in the least bit loud like bands tend to be in pubs.

Negatives: It is far too close to my house. And they need more indoor seating because it's so popular (and rightly so) - the ONLY reason I haven't given it 10/10.

It's an amazing transformation at a time when so many pubs are going out of business. Given that it's 'tucked away' a mile or so from Twickenham town centre, it's always busy - a perfect example of how to do a pub right. Keep up the excellent work Sussex - and I'll see you for a few quality ales later on this evening!

11 Jan 2012 17:50

The Hare and Hounds Hotel, Rochdale

This pub has been consistently pleasant for at least the last twenty years. It's a proper pub with a good selection of drinks, most notably the delicious Warsteiner that comes in its own special vase-like glass. Had Sunday roast in here the other week and it was delicious, Yorkshire pud with everything and the lamb I had just melted off the bone. Generous portions, I couldn't even finish it. Excellent service from friendly bar staff too. Far superior to the crappy Churchill across the road.

10 Aug 2009 11:59

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

This is my local, I adore this pub. Always busy, great beers, good, very reasonably priced wines and I'm delighted they now have Peroni on draught. Just need to add Früli to the selection and I'd never need to go anywhere else :)

21 May 2009 13:38

The Bear, Twickenham

This is my second favourite pub in Twickers these days. Not least because it has Fruli. Mmmmmmm, Fruuuuuuuuliiiiii.... Cracking chips as well, and I'm very fussy over my chips. They have some good food deals on in the week too. Nicely done out, cosy and comfy. Usually busy. Service can be painfully slow though and I had several birthdays whilst waiting at the bar last week but if they can sort that out then this place will really rock.

13 Jan 2009 15:31

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

This pub exists purely for the exploitation of the masses who descend on Twickenham for rugby matches. At £3.55 for a pint of Kronenbourg, this is definitely no place for the locals. If you're visiting Twickers for a game, walk a little bit further away from the train station to one of Twickenham's many, infinitely better hostelries, where you will find your money goes that bit further and you have a reasonable choice of decent refreshments. And you can always come back to the Cabbage's very own 'night club' later when you're too drunk to notice how much of a rip-off it is :)

11 Nov 2008 14:22

The Hook, Line and Sinker, Twickenham

This is now CLOSED. The lease has been up for sale for some time.

11 Nov 2008 14:11

The Blue Ball Inn, Triscombe

We drove around the Quantocks for ages this afternoon and stumbled upon this little gem. It's always a good sign if they ask you if you've booked! We hadn't but they squeezed us in anyway. The roast beef was amazing and came with a homemade Yorkshire pud and potatoes roasted in goose fat. We were too full for dessert but they looked delicious. They have a fine selection of well-kept, real ales. The staff are warm and friendly and the setting is idyllic with stunning views across to Exmoor. It's well hidden but definitely worth seeking out if you're looking for a good pint, great views, a nice atmosphere and a hearty, delicious meal.

31 Aug 2008 20:57

The Peacock Inn, Forhill

A quintessentially English inn in a beautiful area of the countryside with low beamed ceilings and old wooden tables - aesthetically, it's a pleasure. Shame then, that the food lets it down so much - unimaginative, bland, overpriced and an overall huge disappointment. Poor selection of drinks too. It has great potential but they're nowhere near fulfilling it. The staff try their best, providing a friendly and decent service but the choices on offer for food and drink need a massive rethink.

6 Jul 2008 14:16

De Hems, Soho

Always my venue of choice when meeting friends for drinks in town. Really nice and friendly atmosphere and not the usual central London rip-off or overcrowded disappointment. Upstairs bar a good size and comfy. I had my birthday drinkies here last year and jolly good fun it was too. Strawberry beer. Orangeboom. Need I say more?!

24 Apr 2008 22:21

The Strawbury Duck, Entwistle

The bit that goes through to the kitchen door used to be my grandad's house when he was a child, he used to bring us here at Easter for a trip down memory lane. Wasn't attached to the pub then but the pub was there 100 years ago and had the same great name. It was quite surreal to have a drink with my mum in what would have been his tiny front room with all the original stone walls and the fireplace where he used to black lead the grate :)

Didn't eat but food looked nice and the beers were tasty, also in rather a nice part of the countryside. I love coming here for the memories it evokes so the service is neither here nor there for me, sorry if this is unhelpful :)

20 Apr 2008 13:18

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

The food in here is abysmal. Not only did it take forever to arrive but one of our group's was cold. They heated it up in the microwave. Mmmm, microwaved roast dinner, great. Hard potatoes that seemed to have been cooked last week and meat that wasn't a joint of lamb, it seemed more like one of those cheap frozen roll things.

One of our group is disabled and she had to use the disabled touilet, which was locked, so we had to wait ages before they found the key which, it turned out, had been left in the toilet all along. Add to that there was no light bulb in the toilet so they had to put candles in there - which they cleverly positioned under the fan so it went out immediately.

Shocking. Shame cos it's a nice location but a disappointment every time. Perhaps I should give up.

27 Mar 2008 16:35

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

My friend & I decided to try Sunday lunch here cos the Clubhouse was full and we’re glad we did. My friend is vegetarian but the only veggie option on the menu was vegetable soup! Agreeing the menu was not exactly veggie-friendly, they offered to cook her something else and served up a hearty and delicious veggie meal. Roast lamb was good too and the service really was second to none.

We went back a couple of Sundays ago and found the Sunday menu to now have much better veggie options, so they kept their word too. It’s also always easy to get served in here, even after a rugby match when you can barely get through the door. Hats off to the staff, it’s a vast improvement on recent years, they certainly seem to have figured out how to recruit people who make coming into this pub a pleasant experience again.

11 Dec 2007 14:22

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

My friend & I decided to try Sunday lunch here cos the Clubhouse was full and we’re glad we did. My friend is vegetarian but the only veggie option on the menu was vegetable soup! Agreeing the menu was not exactly veggie-friendly, they offered to cook her something else and served up a hearty and delicious veggie meal. Roast lamb was good too and the service really was second to none.

We went back a couple of Sundays ago and found the Sunday menu to now have much better veggie options, so they kept their word too. It’s also always easy to get served in here, even after a rugby match when you can barely get through the door. Hats off to the staff, it’s a vast improvement on recent years, they certainly seem to have figured out how to recruit people who make coming into this pub a pleasant experience again.

11 Dec 2007 14:15

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

Going in here is like walking into the bottom of the barrel.

18 Nov 2007 12:30

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Why have they removed two pool tables in the refub? Smelled of paint wehn we went in but definitely looks a lot better. Still devoid of any atmosphere and very overpriced, however.

18 Nov 2007 12:21

Ye Grapes, Mayfair

Our visit here would've been a much nicer experience had it not been for the overtly surley barman whose aggressive attitude conveyed an air of severely misplaced superiority. Abysmal service generally, staff seem oblivious to who's next which is not the best way to get customers back. Can't say I'll be visiting again.

10 Jul 2007 12:28

The Tide End Cottage, Teddington

The service in here is absolutely diabolical. Which is a shame cos it's a lovely pub in a great location with mostly good food.

10 Jul 2007 12:21

The Ship Inn, Mousehole

Tribute is quite possibly the finest ale known to man and anywhere that sells it is great in my book. This pub’s lovely, was delighted to discover the tiny patio garden upstairs round the back. Shame about the noisy aircon unit that seemed to kick out a faint drain smell but still a nice space to sit in on a dry day if all seats with the splendid harbour view are taken. Great food and loads of real Cornish ales so if you’re in this gorgeous little Cornish fishing village, don’t pass by without going in!

27 Jun 2007 14:25

The Tinners Arms, Zennor

A higgledy-piggledy pub in a beautiful, tiny Cornish village that nestles in the countryside about four miles west of St Ives. Serves real local Cornish ales, the Zennor Mermaid being a fine example. Friendly staff, a good sized garden and although the menu wasn’t particularly inspiring, it does a delicious Ploughman’s with Cornish cheese. It even has a pool table! Well worth a visit if you’ve been coastal walking or just driving by admiring the beautiful scenery.

27 Jun 2007 14:13

The Crosse Keys, Bank

This place is absolutely enormous. I was very disappointed that my steak didn't come with mushrooms as advertised. The kitchen must be miles away cos the waiter bloke took ages to get to the kitchen and back with a reason for this, then had to go back again to get me extra tomatoes instead - which never arrived, I think he forgot. I probably won't go back cos the food was average and the service was poor.

3 Jun 2007 13:03

Pitcher and Piano, Tower Hill

Not bad for a P&P but it being in a basement means it's a bit dark and I like the sunshine. Beer and food are standard London prices although the City seems to have hidden gems that are half the price of everywhere else. But this isn't one of them.

3 Jun 2007 12:50

The Crutched Friar, Tower Hill

WOW a pub in the City with a beer garden!!! It's a little sun trap too. The interior is great, it has the feel of a covered Dickensian street and the glass roof at the bar makes it light and pleasant. Service was absolutely fine and it's cheap as well (comparatively), £2.80 for a Kronenbourg and only £8 for a bottle of wine! Food was also cheap and tasty. Can't see why people have complained to be honest, I'll certainly be going back.

3 Jun 2007 12:44

The Victoria Inn, Richmond

Been meaning to check this place out for years and finally did last night. Its tinyness has to be seen to be believed but the hospitality was wonderful, very friendly lady behind the bar and friendly customers who were happy to converse with us, made us feel right at home. It's like a little pocket of old London has been preserved in this place and it's well worth regular visits to escape the bland bars with disinterested staff that surround it.

3 Jun 2007 12:32

Bread and Roses, Clapham

This looked like a working men's club from the outside so we thought we'd got the wrong place but totally different when we got through the door, nicely done out, quite spacious. Service wasn't too rapid but the prices were quite normal for the location (i.e. extortionate like the rest of London these days). Possibly one of Clapham's nicer pubs, no sense of chavism or diveyness about it which was a plus.

7 May 2007 17:01

SW4, Clapham

Ugh. Rough as. Chavland comes to Clapham. Avoid.

7 May 2007 16:53

The Walkabout, Embankment

Absolutely totally and utterly bloody horrible place.

7 May 2007 16:42

The Pumphouse, Tower Hill

Wow. Change from a fiver for a pint of lager and a pint of Guinness. Worth going here just for this astonishment factor alone. Nice to see pool tables in central London too. Service reminiscent of snails though which is a tad frustrating when you’re on limited time. And then not even a smile when they did get to me. Tut tut.

26 Apr 2007 15:54

The White Cross, Richmond

This pub now provides a taster of things to come on 1st July and it’s fantastic. It now looks more like a modern pub and less like your grannie’s lounge yet has retained some of the cosiness. The upstairs looks so much better and I’m pleased they’ve kept the balcony, a fine place to sit and watch the world go by. More sensible seating outside. Gutted they’ve lost the comfy sofa, my favourite winter spot, but the large table that stands in its place is more sensible for getting a big group of people in. Nice work.

Food extortionate, can’t bring myself to pay for it so unable to comment on quality.

26 Apr 2007 15:49

The Jugged Hare, Pimlico

I like this pub, it's nice. A great victory over pink hell, we’ve actually managed to get people to walk down here these days instead of stumbling into the execrable Ha Ha’s. Such a refreshing change, normal lighting, décor of a traditional boozer, has a lovely upstairs bit that you can reserve for parties/leaving dos etc. and the staff are always friendly and serve a full pint, excellent. Food was delicious, try a pie, it’s an ale and pie pub. Shame it’s Fullers which means the beer’s not to my taste but the wine’s nice. Am off there this evening, in fact!

26 Apr 2007 15:35

The Lamb Tavern, Leadenhall Market

Due to there being far too many people crammed into the small space that is the City, this pub is usually rammed (hee hee, geddit?!) so there's rarely anywhere to stand at peak times, never mind sit. Despite this, the service has always been prompt and the beer is good, as is the house white. The decor inside is very wooden and a bit spit and sawdust but it's very appealing and authentic. Nice to sit outside in the beautiful Leadenhall Market and look at the intricate dragons that watch you drinking from the ceiling. But only if you go for lunch at 3pm.

25 Apr 2007 12:23

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

I spend quite a lot of time here these days, best pub in Twickers (although I don’t advise eating here if you arrive during the ten minute window that the kitchen is open, especially if you want Sunday roast – go to the Clubhouse) also got to be the best selection of ale in Twickenham too. It's always busy of an evening and is a very locals' pub but this is no bad thing cos everyone is really friendly and we usually end up engaged in conversation with some random people. Highly recommend the seasonal ales, the deliciously moreish Hopping Hare is on at the moment and June sees a welcome return of Stinger, yum. Love sitting at the bar too, great atmosphere.

And Chris – the quiz is on a Thursday night about 9pm. It’s not easy, I can tell you.

12 Apr 2007 13:54

The Clubhouse, Twickenham

The smoke is a big problem in here but everything else about it is great - give it another go in July, EldridgePope. Particularly on a Sunday :)

1 Apr 2007 02:07

The Hung, Drawn and Quartered, Tower Hill

I used to drive past here quite often before I worked in London and was always struck by its unpleasant name and wanted to check it out. I finally had the opportunity to visit recently and was very surprised by its size. It looks massive form the outside yet unless I was missing another room round the back, it's really not very big at all. And it was freezing inside too, put the heating on! Very, very high ceilings coupled with way too bright lighting made it feel a bit impersonal and detracted from the potential it has to have a nice atmosphere. Liked the noose behind the bar tho - is this in case the bar staff get pissed off with the City toffs?!

2 Mar 2007 21:27

Ha! Ha! Bar and Canteen, Victoria

After standing at the bar for bloody ages and watching with interest how the beer was poured so that there was a good 2" head on each pint (which rapidly disappeared), I actually asked a member of bar staff the other week if they were instructed to give short measures. Her wry half smile and silence spoke volumes. Trading Standards methinks - this is simply illegal apart from anything else. They say they're happy to top up if asked - which I ALWAYS do - but surely if one asks for a 'pint' that's what one should get? Not half a litre. If that. And at £3.20 for a Stella it's simply unnacceptable. Scumbags.

2 Mar 2007 17:10

The Colonies, Westminster

Having been subjected to bloody Ha not so Ha's for so long it was a relief and a pleasure to spend a Friday evening in here the other week. My opinion is probably tainted cos anywhere looks great after pink neon hell (except the Zander Bar) but I really liked this place. Absolutely nothing spectacular about it at all, it's just a standard pub, but we got a seat. Was pretty busy when we first arrived but as with most pubs ascended upon by office workers of an evening, it thinned out quite nicely and we enjoyed a pleasant evening with normal lighting and no pink neon in sight. Will definitely return.

2 Mar 2007 17:05

Backstage, Brixton

It's true - I've seen fights in here a lot. Having said that, we last went in after a gig a couple of years ago and my mate left her phone there and the blokes who found it returned it. Which is exactly the opposite of what you'd expect from Brixton, very impressed.

Pub's dirty, overpriced, overcrowded, the beer's shit and it exploits a captive market. Ladies' toilets are disgusting. Only ever went in cos it was open late after a gig when everything else was shut but that was before the law changed so I doubt I'll go back.

2 Mar 2007 16:57

The Buckingham Arms, Westminster

Wow, what a great little find this was. I walked past it a few weeks ago and have been planning to check it out for lunch. And it was very worth the wait, great food, all home cooked in a little kitchen at the back of the pub where you can watch and relax in the knowledge that they don't spit in it. The home made steak and mushroom pie was to die for. And I'm not really a chip fan but these were NICE. We're planning on returning next week to sample the burgers that looked amazing. Simple pub grub, nothing pretentious or fancy. Cheap and cheerful but did the job very nicely thank you.

A traditional old English boozer in the heart of London hidden down a back street, with very reasonable prices and a really nice atmosphere. And ahh, it’s a Young’s pub, so the beer was great. We arrived just before 1pm and by the time we left an hour later, we had to fight our way to the door – totally rammed (pardon the Young’s pun :)) and hardly surprising. Methinks I’ll be a frequent visitor. Maybe I really will eat all the pies.

1 Dec 2006 17:42

The Ebury Brasserie and Dining Room, Belgravia

They're onto a fast one here:

Starter £5
Main £16.95
Pud £5.50
Total £27.45

Set meal for 3 courses = £29.95.

You do the maths.

28 Nov 2006 17:11

The Ebury Brasserie and Dining Room, Belgravia

Good lord. I'm just glad that last night’s dinner was on the company cos you wouldn't catch me paying £30 for the three course set meal. Admittedly the steak was delicious but the sole piece of potato (not even a whole one cos it’d been pointlessly ‘shaped’) and the three small shallots that accompanied it did not come close to justifying its price tag. But the piece de résistance was the starter. ‘Baby Gem Salad in Vinaigrette with Shallots’ was on the menu, shame about their superfluous use of the term ‘salad’ here – what actually arrived was two pieces of baby gem lettuce, I’m guessing about a quarter of a one in total, with about 6 or 7 very, very thin shallot rings and the slightest drizzle of vinaigrette. To serve such a pointless dish as a starter is seriously taking the piss – even for the pretentious sloanie ponies who seemed to make up most of its clientele. Vinaigrette aside, it wouldn’t even constitute a rabbit’s dinner. And because it was so plain, it wasn’t even nice. Just a piece of lettuce with a bit of vinegar chucked on it? Mmm-mmmm – my taste buds are tingling.

One of the waiters gave the distinct impression that we weren’t good enough to be there and served us with an air of hostility that seemed to begrudge our presence. And watch out for the obligatory 12.5% service charge that will be added to your bill. They use the word ‘discretionary’ but they clearly don’t know what this actually means – I suspect because their grasp of the English language is, at best, basic.

The food here is a splendid example of rip-off Britain, charging way, way over the odds for inadequate food in an attempt to look posh and expensive. The poorest excuse for a salad in the history of the world had a cost price of approximately 25p. Taking the piss. Check out the Salisbury Tavern in Fulham for a great example of how fancy, expensive food can also be tasty and filling. I have no objections to paying for excellent quality but The Ebury falls very short of the mark.

It seems to have been swallowed up by its location. It tries too hard and as a result, is pretentious, unwelcoming and actually something of a joke. The sofas are comfy tho and the decor’s nice. But if I ever see if again, it will be from the street in passing.

28 Nov 2006 13:02

The Stage Door, Victoria

Nice, I like. Very small (seems to be the thing for pubs round here, the Cask & Glass being a stunning example) but nice and cosy. Gets very, very busy before a show then empties out. Nice beer. Friendly staff. Came in for one which turned into five which is (usually) a good sign. Food sounded good on the menu and was cheap for central London although I know that doesn't neccesarily mean it tastes any good. Maybe I'll find out sometime.

18 Oct 2006 14:08

The Duke of York, Victoria

Got slowly drunk in here on Saturday night. Very smoky. Bit on the chavvy side actually but not too offensive. Doubt I'll go in again tho. Beer selection was rubbish for a start.

18 Oct 2006 14:03

The Nags Head, Covent Garden

Walked past this pub so many times over the years and finally ventured in a few weeks ago. Wish I'd ventured in sooner! It's very roomy with loads of seating and does a wicked pint of Hereford Best, which I'd never heard of before but which was really tasty. Prices were good too for central London. Only problem was it does get very smokey but I suppose we won't have to worry about that soon :) I'd recommend stopping off with your shopping and soothing your tired feet awhile in this place.

13 Oct 2006 14:21

Ha! Ha! Bar and Canteen, Victoria

Ha Ha! bars are notorious for being soulless and devoid of ambience and this one is no exception. Noisy, expensive and filled with people who are equally as vacuous as its atmosphere. Staff look at you as though you have three heads when you ask for a top up on the woefully short excuse for a pint they're fond of serving. Unless you happen to look fabulous in pink neon, avoid at all costs.

13 Oct 2006 14:17

The Cask and Glass, Victoria

Weeny, weeny pub but very cosy and relaxing. Shepherd Neame so the beer's good, how happy I was when the delicious Late Red passed my lips the other week for the first time in almost a year! Staff friendly, good for standing/sitting outside in nice weather but can't imagine it'll be easy to get a seat when (if!) it starts getting a bit nippy. Well worth the visit tho, unfortunately not quite big enough to coax the hoards into but great for a quiet drink and a natter.

13 Oct 2006 14:02

The Phoenix, Victoria

Seems to be a favoured haunt of people from work but I'm not entirely sure why. Takes forever to get served between 5.30 and 7.30 on a Friday - you'd think it might have occurred to them to get more staff in on this shift, there's certainly enough room behind the bar. Beer's OK but nothing special. If I wasn't so damned sociable I wouldn't bother with this place - try the much smaller but infinitely nicer Cask & Glass round the corner instead.

13 Oct 2006 13:58

The Bag O' Nails, Victoria

Nice little place this, popped in for a swift half one lunchtime recently, it was full of fat Americans who seemed to love its character and British charm. Quaint.

Nice pint too and the food looked good. Apparently there's an upstairs bit which is quite roomy.

13 Oct 2006 13:49

The Hand In Hand, Wimbledon Common

Great in summer, can take a rug and sit on the green opposite with a drink. Very tasty pint of Youngs. The staff were really chatty and generally pleasant. Food was good and arrived quite promptly. Nice inside, had a sort of feeling of being in an old stable, somehow, with its old wooden benches and general wood feel. Quite big inside, yet nicely cosy. Will return!

19 Aug 2006 21:59

The White Cross, Richmond

My venue of choice in Richmond these days, I take it all back when I said I wouldn't want to spend an evening in here. It's great at any time of day, nice balcony upstairs for those commanding views across the Thames. Beer's always delicious (good old Youngs) and well kept. Yes it's expensive but it's worth it cos it's such a nice pub and entirely chav-free. Toilets are always clean too. What's wrong with the staff? Always had very prompt and friendly service myself. Thoroughly recommended.

19 Aug 2006 21:51

The Lion, Teddington

I assume, Squatter, you're a smoker? I reviewed the pub, I like it, I sat in the no smoking section, I said the smoke wasn't a criticism of the pub, just a little whinge that we still have to pollute our lungs cos the law's not come into effect yet. What's wrong with that? Have you never eaten in a pub before?

19 Aug 2006 21:25

The Sun, Richmond

The beer in this place is bloody awful. Not helped by the fact that it's Fullers (vile) but even the Stella's rubbish. Shame, cos I do quite like the place despite its cliqueyness, largely thanks to the rugby, but am loathe to go in cos of the dreadful and overpriced beverages on offer.

19 Aug 2006 21:19

The Silver Fox, Hertford Heath

Traditional pub with friendly staff in a pleasant village location surrounded by woods in every direction. Nice place to stop off for a very good pint of the deliciously summery Ale Fresco and a tasty burger before venturing into the undergrowth. Didn't think through the wine prices tho - cheaper to buy 3 glasses than the bottle and it's the same volume :)

19 Aug 2006 21:15

Paxtons Head, Knightsbridge

Was a bit tipsy when I encountered this pub last week after a work do but they didn't mind a bunch of people turning up in gym kit type clothing on a Thursday night so it can't be that bad. Beer tasted fine and the staff didn't seem to mind the strawpedos that went down. Think we were pretty much the only people in here tho... Decor made it look like we'd stepped into another era - not entirely sure which one but there was a lot of wood and chandelier-type lights. No idea about prices, I expect it was overpriced as it's on Knightsbridge but there was a company card behind the bar so frankly I don't care.

9 Aug 2006 14:18

The Lion, Teddington

Nice place this, is in a trendy modern 21st century pub way (you know - sofas, bare wooden floors, nice lights etc etc). A lot bigger than it looks, don't be fooled by the deceptively small exterior, it's very spacious. Food was lovely - ordered steak and it was cooked as I'd requested, rare (ha - geddit?!) that you get that in places, it's a good yardstick to the talents of the chef. Service was excellent, very friendly, fast and with a smile. Had a shandy made with the Twickenham summer ale (whose name escapes me) and it was the best shandy I've had in a very long time, sooo refreshing. Beer itself was great when I opted out of the lemonade too. The only complaint I had was that the second our food arrived, the considerate people on the table behind us decided to light up so the first few mouthfuls of food had that delicious fag flavour as an added extra. We were sitting in the no smoking section and the smokers weren't but you know the score - no smoking and smoking have to cross over somewhere in open plan places. This isn't especially a criticism on the pub tho - selfish smokers will insist on polluting our air with their disgusting habits at every available opportunity. The ban can't come soon enough.

9 Aug 2006 14:10

The Tide End Cottage, Teddington

What a facelift! Liked it before although it was VERY smokey, now it doesn't seem to be so bad. They've made a real room out of what used to be a draughty tent out the back, lovely decked covered rear seating area, plenty of seating outside AND inside although the seats are often in scant supply as the pub is now so popular! I was very impressed to see the menu is still the same as it was before and hasn't incurred the massive price hikes that usually accompany a refurb. Large selection of real ales - I'd particularly recommend the Alefresco for a refreshing golden, summer drink. All in all, still a charming country pub that perfectly balances traditional with 21st century. Well done!

9 Aug 2006 13:57

Logan Rock Inn, St Levan

Relaxed in this delightful pub almost every night last week and I just wanted to say how friendly the locals and bar staff were, we were made to feel very welcome. The smell of deep fried food has gone. They have the most placid pub dogs you could wish to meet. And the cherry on the delicious cake can't be anything other than the incredible Tribute, a deliciously hoppy St Austell ale that slips down a treat and that I'm going to miss dreadfully!

19 Jun 2006 10:45

The Sloop Inn, St Ives

Went in here for dinner last week. Sat in the no smoking cellar bar, what a pleasure! Extensive menu with lovely food which is considerably cheaper than its trendy St Ives competition. Traditional style English inn, nice atmosphere, friendly staff, great service despite being packed - kitchen got confused with our friends' food order so they were immediately offered free drinks by way of an apology, can't argue with that! Were showing a touristy short film of images of South West Cornwall on a plasma screen which was mesmerising. Doom Bar was lovely but could've done with a few more real ales.

19 Jun 2006 10:37

The Thai Bok Bar, Marylebone

Great value and very tasty Thai food. Good service, pleasant barmaid. Quite nice for central London, not touristy or tacky and has outside seating so you can sit and watch the traffic. If you’re around Baker Street with a thirst on and get a craving for some noodles with your pint, this is the place to go.

8 Jun 2006 11:48

Waxy O'Connors, Piccadilly

May all true Irish folk condemn me but I do like Irish theme pubs for which I apologise :) This one’s a labyrinth and has to be seen to be appreciated. Loads of floors, loads of rooms shooting off in all directions, fantastic Gothic churchy style furniture and a ruddy great tree in the middle of it which does look great. There’s a fine line between tacky and stylish when it comes to theme pubs but this one definitely falls on the stylish side. I love it cos it's so different and so well done. Gorgeous pint of Guinness too. Staff were nice enough but they could do with some help cos there seemed to be two girls serving about 40 customers and funnily enough, they looked a tad stressed!

Only negative is the surly women in the loos hoping to flog you crap toiletries and sprawling menacingly across the sink area – bizarrely, they turn off the hand dryers so they can give you a piece of loo roll to dry your hands on. I’ve never quite understood why this happens. Does anyone ever buy anything from them anyway?

8 Jun 2006 11:38

The Cricketers, Richmond

Two pints of Stella in here is about a quid cheaper than the exact same round in the Sun a few hundred yards down the road (and tastes a bit better). But my reason for posting is cos they have something else which goes massively in their favour... Everyone hates those flimsy plastic pint cups yet obvioulsy we can't take glass onto the green. So in here they have rigid plastic pint glasses (I know this is an oxymoron but you know what I mean), the picnic set type of rigid. What a pleasure! A real seasonal triumph, hats off!

7 Jun 2006 19:30

The Prince of Wales, Twickenham

The landlord tells me their Twickenham beer's the best available but then I suppose he would. Think it's cos the boss of Crane brewery frequents the place or something but it was indeed very tasty and well kept. Nicely done up, real log fire with plenty of sofas, big garden, friendly landlord and nicely local to the green without having to trapse into town. Was empty when we went in but it was a Monday night so that's hardly surprising. Would be a good pub if it had a few more punters.

31 May 2006 22:47

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

My first visit in months last Saturday, thought I'd give it another chance. Glad we did too, the new(ish) landlord is a lovely bloke, very friendly, very helpful, there was hardly anyone in here but he offered to pull down the big screen so I could watch the rugby in case I didn't have a good enough view of the flat screen TV from my table, bless him.

Beer tasted great this time :) as did the lunch we ordered, proper home-cooked food in generous portions, quite pricey but well worth it. The home-made burgers are delicious. I really like the interior too, nice chunky tables and wooden floors, looks clean and welcoming with fresh flowers and a real fire. Looking forward to trying the Sunday lunch now!

28 Mar 2006 12:05

The Couch, Soho

Was disappointed and confused at the lack of namesake seating but an otherwise OK pub (well, more of a bar really truth be told) but nothing special. Full of London workers winding down after a day at the office so not at all touristy.

Standard beer prices for Soho (£3.20 for a pint of Kronenbourg). I must congratulate them on their chips too, I'm not really a chip fan but these are bloody delicious, some of the best I've ever had. Good service, pleasant staff. Liked the toilets, nicely done. WAY too smokey tho, seriously need to address the ventilation issues.

28 Mar 2006 11:44

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

OK, I was just trying to be diplomatic with my 15th March comment but since people just don't seem to get it I'll stop and be honest. I_Love_Rugby (me too, BTW) is right. It's shit. In a word.

24 Mar 2006 15:57

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

It IS chavtastic, look around you. How can you say it isn't?! Were you in the same place? Maybe we have a different idea of what chav is??

24 Mar 2006 15:52

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

At 56 I would have thought you may have actually seen the point that this type of establishment can't operate on a 'one rule for them and another for everyone else' policy, precisely for the reasons outlined below. Clearly not!

15 Mar 2006 15:39

The White Cross, Richmond

Lovely pub to while away a few hours of an afternoon, especially if you can bag the sofa and gaze out onto the river. Nice and cosy too with real, open fires, strangely under the window in one room which accounts for its entry in the somewhat misleadingly titled 'Strangest Pubs in Britain' pocket book. Food's quite nice. Has a different entrance for high tide as the garden gets flooded regularly. The piece de resistance at the moment tho is the delightful St George's Ale which they have on draft. Really tasty and worth a visit just for that. Friendly enough staff but they don't take kindly to you putting your feet on the table :) Fair enough.

Not too sure I'd fancy a night out here tho, definitely an afternoon pub.

15 Mar 2006 15:34

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

I think what you actually mean is 90% of bars like the Sorting Room have dress codes, not general pubs. Few pubs in the Twickenham area would request removal of a cap or for tattoos to be covered. Trainers are not an issue either. About the only dress code in a proper pub is that men have to wear shirts in summer ie. not go in naked from the waist up. Which is only fair on the rest of the public (most of the time :) However, if a venue does have a dress code, everyone wishing to visit it should respect that, no matter how old they are.

The issue here is that the Sorting Room attracts the type of (young) clientele that often wear baseball caps and trainers which are, like it or not, synonymous with fighting and general aggressiveness after a night of irresponsible drinking. Not allowing them to wear such items will never stop those intent on picking a fight from doing so but the dress code is no doubt there to detract from the aggressive look that this attire has become symbolic with. And I am by no means suggesting that all young people are aggressive or go out for a fight so please do not misinterpret what I am trying to say.

The Sorting Room is a sports bar aimed at the younger generation. There are plenty of more traditional alternatives in the local area with good beer and great food that would let you wear your cap, show your tattoes and stand there in your trainers. If you are going to visit the Sorting Room, respect their policies like you would anywhere else.

15 Mar 2006 10:45

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

I really do like it in here but for the love of god, PLEASE get rid of Sid James at the bar, laughing loudly and horribly after every lewd, sexist comment he made and effectively driving us out.

8 Mar 2006 20:14

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

Finally got round to trying the food in here for the first time since I've lived here. It was very good. Would've enjoyed it a whole lot more if we hadn't been deafened by the horrid football noises emanating loudly from both TVs. Still, it is and does market itself as a sports bar so I can't really complain. Just that no-one was really watching it and there were quite a few people in here.

Oh and it's totally chavtastic, which is a shame cos it used to be comparitively nice. Came in here a couple of Saturdays ago and left pretty promptly, before finishing the drinks we'd just bought, entirely thanks to scary chav clientele (suerely hailed from Feltham?!) who ensured your gaze was always fixed firmly on either your pint or your mates due to creating the impression that it was all about to kick off at any given moment if you dared to catch their eye. Certainly not what it used to be. Chav central on a Monday night too, pop in for a quiet drink and a bite to eat and the gene is rife. May have had something to do with their Monday night specials - 'All drinks half price' - no worries at this time of week if you're on the dole.

That said, on the basis of the bar food, I would return to try the Greek restaurant upstairs, even tho it's a tad pricey. I want to like this place but its punters are, sadly, a serious deterrent.

6 Mar 2006 22:27

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

I've been in here a lot recently and am saddened to read the poor reviews. In my experience, the service has been nothing short of excellent. The bar staff are so friendly, they really give the impression that they love being nice and helpful (especially Luke, he is the epitome of the perfect barman) and we’ve always been made to feel very, very welcome. It’s warm too. The food is delicious, similar menu to St Margaret’s Tavern but not quite so extensive and with noticeably bigger portions - I think it may even be a little cheaper, although don’t quote me on that. The beer has always been cheap in this pub and I’m pleased to say it still is, I got two pints of ale for less than a fiver and I thought those days were well and truly gone! A truly wonderful and vastly improved place. I just hope the negative experiences of people on this site are rarities as our experiences have honestly been genuinely outstanding.

9 Jan 2006 02:25

The Old Goat, Fulwell

A few months ago I was idly flicking through the telly channels and saw something was on called 'England's top 50 goats'. “But how do they KNOW?” I wondered, envisaging some minor celeb saying ‘And in at number ten we have Susan the goat from Shropshire…’ I later realised that it was nothing quite so interesting as England’s best goats but the rather more dull and obvious top 50 goals, however, if it had been about England’s top goats, this recently refurbed pub would certainly have come pretty high up in the rankings.

I never visited it in its previous incarnation thanks to the uninviting exterior so I have no benchmark for how much it’s improved. I can say however, that both the exterior and interior are now lovely, very modern in the standard noughties generic way yet relaxing and really rather big. Large, comfy leather sofas. Friendly and very attentive bar staff. Excellent food priced at the usual for these parts. Nice pint of Sundance from the local Crane brewery so they also support local business which is always a plus.

Definitely worth a visit. I’m intrigued to see what it’s like of an evening as it was Saturday afternoon when we visited and wasn’t too busy. Will certainly go back soon, well recommended.

8 Jan 2006 16:17

Smollensky's, Twickenham

Fantastic burgers. Good choice of food on the menu. Draught selection limited but then it's not really that kind of place. Cocktails look nice tho. Very smokey I noticed, we ate upstairs and were the only ones up there yet still it was all faggy. Service was very good yet since there was no-one else upstairs it's difficult to say whether this is normal but I'll assume it is :)

2 Dec 2005 15:56

The Eel Pie, Twickenham

Despite having lived in Twickers for three years I've only just discovered how nice this pub is thanks to my recent and long overdue move from premium lager to real ales. It's a lovely place, very cosy and welcoming, decor is that of a very traditional English country pub and it's situated on Twickenham's premier street. Very efficient and friendly service, I was served immediately by the attentive barman on a recent rugby day when it was packed to the rafters (hiked the prices up tho which I personally think is cheeky - we should be able to get residents' exemptions from such tourist-exploiting shenanigans!). A fine and wide selection of real ales with Badger beers prevalent. Good ventilation too, have arrived home not stinking of fags.Looking forward to sampling the food as I shan't be overlooking this charming establishment anymore.

2 Dec 2005 01:06

The Grenadier, Belgravia

Delightful little pub, very well hidden down what appears to be a private mews but full of charm and English tradition. Oh and did I mention the toffs?! Fully expected given its location and calls for much entertainment, naturally! Well worth a visit if you can find it.

1 Dec 2005 01:05

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

Oh dear oh dear, the foolish landlord apparently abused the previous late licence powers and with the onset on new licencing laws has now lost said late licence - so it now closes at 11pm. Ooops! Still great after an England rugby game (beware of overly-inflated prices, however) but not worth a visit at any other time, except perhaps to neck a crafty Springbok before moving to Up n Under.

1 Dec 2005 01:00

Steins, Richmond

I spent a year in Thüringen as a student and I'd forgotten the pleasures of drinking delicious German beer from glasses that require two hands to lift them. The Pauliner is lovely. Never been a fan of wheat beer (tastes like baked beans) so can't comment. I found the service fine. Didn't try the food but if they really do serve authentic Thüringer bratwurst then I shall return cos they're amazing. It was summer when I visited but for winter - how about turning it into an authentic German imbiβstübe and selling proper glühwein? Mmmm...

1 Dec 2005 00:48

Bar Estilo, Richmond

This is not a pub at all, it's clearly a restaurant. It does great food tho and the service is excellent so if you fancy a good meal come here but postprandial drinkies would be better sought elsewhere.

1 Dec 2005 00:30

Orange Tree, Richmond

Well I think the refurb is a massive improvement. Granted, it may seem a little generic to many in a 'Bear in Twickenham' way, but that's the style these days and if you accept that and are prepared to move with the times then it works very well. The pot plants, cubby holes and many comfy sofas make it a cosy and welcoming place. Efficient and friendly service and they had Winter Warmer which was delicious. Also has a good wine list and plenty of drinks choice in general. Appeared to be the only busy pub in Richmond on a Wednesday evening. And it wasn't showing the football (woohoo!). Far more atmosphere than before - no longer feels like it's chucking out time all night thanks to vastly improved lighting. Excellent ventilation too - the person I was with had a cigarette and I barely noticed. Definitely recommended.

30 Nov 2005 23:53

De Hems, Soho

Oranjeboom. YUMMY. One of the few pubs in central London I'd go out of my way to visit. Does get incredibly packed but it has such a nice atmosphere. Friendly staff and clientele, excellent range of Dutch beers. And I'll say it again - Oranjeboom. It's just delicious! Late licence too although I suppose most places will have from tomorrow. Hurrah!

23 Nov 2005 14:47

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

Walked by here on Saturday afternoon and it was practically empty. Nothing unusual in that you may wonder but it was a rugby day. An hour before England kicked off. You'd never have seen the likes in the Hobgoblin days I can tell you. Speaks volumes. Surprised it's still open.

23 Nov 2005 14:16

The Frankenstein, Aberdeen

What a great pub this is. Very friendly staff, lovely beer and good food. It's a very modern theme pub yet as cosy and welcoming as a pub of this nature could possibly be. Lots of nice little booths to sit in and really very well kitted out, they've got it totally right with the atmosphere, they've taken an idea and pulled it off perfectly. Spent hours in here night after night on our long weekend in Aberdeen. Can't wait to go back, why aren't there more pubs like this?!

22 Nov 2005 01:41

The Bishops Finger, Richmond

I was really surpsised by the interior having driven past this pub on many occasions yet never been in. Felt like I was sitting in someone's living room or in a B&B, definitley not a pub feel. This is no criticism however as we were made to feel very welcome, the friendly Irish landlady (I presume?) showed us to the fire when we arrived bloody freezing and even turned it up for us and was very chatty. Nice pint of Spitfire but Late Red had run out which was the only reason we shivered our way up here from the Britannia. Landlady was very hospitable tho and told us when she was getting more in so I'll be back later in the week!

22 Nov 2005 01:32

The Castle, Acton

Full of BBC types and very busy on a Thursday early evening, definitely a 'few drinks after work' establishment. A few big plasmas dotted around. A major problem here tho is that there appears to be absolutely no ventilation whatsoever and it's horribly smokey to the point where it almost makes your eyes water. This is quite a large pub and would be far better if it weren't for the smoke which would certainly deter me from ever considering eating here. Good pint of ESP tho and served in its own funky glass but that's sadly not enough to tempt me back cos I like to breathe.

17 Nov 2005 22:49

The Adelaide, Teddington

Sitting on the leather sofas by the fire gave the distinct feeling of being in a 2 star hotel lounge in need of a good lick of paint. Not so warm anywhere else in the pub so bag the sofas if you feel the cold. The rather large projection screen looks a bit crap. Staff seem nice enough tho and they're doing a damn fine pint of the delicious Late Red at the moment so I'll be a frequent visitor whilst they still have it. Can't imagine I'll be rushing back once it runs out tho.

16 Nov 2005 23:30

The Albion, Hampton Court

What a delightful little pub this is. We were passing and it looked inviting so we went in and were most impressed. I had quite possibly the best pint of ale I've ever tasted, twas a Shepherd Neame (quelle surprise) named Late Red, sadly a guest ale and when I returned for more of its mouthwatering loveliness two days later it was, alas, no more. I could've drunk a whole barrel of the stuff tho so this hardly came as a surprise.

It was packed on Friday night. It's one of those pubs that's just really welcoming and makes you wish you lived round the corner. Really warm atmosphere and it's certainly as inviting as it looks. Friendly, polite and attentive staff - we were served immediately despite how busy it was and to top it all off, they were showing a premiership RUGBY game! Yes, that's RUGBY, not football, bloody marvellous! I was most pleased, especially since we got a table right in front of the huge telly (and Jonny was playing :).

There are some lovely sounding dishes on the menu and all very reasonably priced so I shall most definitely be returning to sample some. What a wonderful little find this was! Highly recommended.

14 Nov 2005 15:36

The Old Goat, Fulwell

Now called 'The Goat'. Looks rather fancy from the outside. Was never tempted inside in its previous incarnation but feel an impending visit coming on now it no longer looks dangerous...

6 Nov 2005 16:45

The Meridian, Lewes

A Shepherd Neame pub meaning it serves Spitfire, an immediate plus point. Second year running I've been in here on Bonfire Night and always get served quickly. Noticed a pool table which is a bonus. Barstaff friendly, atmosphere in Lewes on 5th November is always incredible so it's difficult to judge but this is a welcoming place for non-locals and well worth a quick pint on the way to the main festivities. They sell burgers and stuff from round the side too if you're a bit peckish. Menu looks good and is cheap. Again tho, toilets are very small (2) and cramped and don't seem to get cleaned up which is a bit grim since there are so many people using them on this night.

6 Nov 2005 16:26

The Brewers Arms, Lewes

Managed to get a table in here last night (Nov 5th) which was a result after standing on the street rooted to the same spot for 3 hours. Nice place, didn't get to see too much of it but I think it's quite big and goes on at the back. Friendly people but difficult to form a proper opinion on Bonfire night. Didn't think much to the Stella but then I haven't been drinking much of it lately so perhaps it's my pallette. Plus point that it didn't shut its doors to non-locals on this the busiest night of the year. Negative point is there is only one ladies' toilet which if this pub DOES extend to the back, is a little silly.

6 Nov 2005 16:20

The Snowdonia Parc Free House, Waunfawr

Looks like an estate pub or a working man's club inside. Staff share one brain cell. Food leaves a lot to be desired and we were subjected to loads of motorbikes and their fumes as well as their deafening noise which made the food even worse. I'm only glad we didn't stay on the adjoining campsite, as was the original plan, cos it was full of kids and I know we'd have ended up in this crappy pub every night which would've made the general stay in North Wales even more miserable.

2 Nov 2005 14:42

The Red Lion, Isleworth

Rough n ready back street boozer. Hoards of children running riot and parents didn't seem to notice or care. They were very cute tho so for once I didn't actually mind, despite them playing under the pool table we were having a game on, oblivious to our presence. They were having fun tho, bless 'em. Only problem was the kiddies' room, where the pool table was, smelled a bit of sick... Oh and hats off for the Hallowe'en decorations, good effort! Can't imagine I'll be going back tho, not really my cup of tea.

1 Nov 2005 14:56

The New Inn, Ham

Bloody good pint of the delicious yet all too rarely seen Spitfire. Shame we had to wait four and a half hours for our food (or so it seemed). Roast beef wasn't particulalrly nice, when I eventually found it beneath all the parsley sprinklings (is it REALLY necessary on a roast dinner?) very nice Yorkshire puds and two to boot but didn't rate the spuds, roast or new. My friend's seabass on the other hand was delicious so maybe I just chose the wrong thing. Prices fairly typical for the area. Pleasant location to sit and watch the world go by in the last dregs of summer, surrounded by beatiful shades of autumn, if you can ignore the traffic noise polluting the afternoon. Nice inside too. Will go back sometime and try something else on the menu cos I've had a roast dinner here before about a year ago and it was far nicer than today's offerings.

16 Oct 2005 16:48

Kings Arms, Victoria

Friendly bar staff and I was pleased to hear a Muse CD blaring out but that's all this place has going for it. Made the mistake of coming here for lunch the other day instead of going to the deli across the road. Food was clearly bought in and microwaved - a point to which I should've been alerted when I noticed the menu displayed outside was identical to one down the road only a quid cheaper for the most part. Inside it had on the menu cover 'The Kings Arms... Fantastic Food' (did they steal it from a different Kings Arms one has to wonder?)

I ordered the pie of the day which looked nice but on attempting to eat it I found its casing was made of what must be a clever new cement that looks just like pastry. Rock solid and unpenetrable by the average knife. It was accompanied by soggy, tinned carrots and mange tout with sub-standard microwaved chips and dark Bisto gravy (on a chicken and ham pie? Why?)

To top it off I had the delight of a mounthful of fag smoke with every bite, courtesy of the large, whingy woman on the neighbouring table. They do have a no smoking section upstairs which I initially went to sit in but left pretty quickly as it stank of those urinal cake thingys which appeared to be covering up the natural stench of fustiness. Fags or the gents? A tough choice... The pint of Youngs I had was lifeless and dull. All in all, a dreadful, dreadul mistake.

30 Sep 2005 12:38

The Anglers, Teddington

My friend and I visited this pub one lunchtime earlier in the week, purely because the Tide End Cottage doesn't have a car park. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least and resolved to share my experience which contrasts somewhat to my previous entry. What a lovely, friendly barman. I decided to detour from my usual Stella and have a pint of bitter. The barman (who had greeted us with a beaming smile and friendly banter) immediately spotted my confusion over what to order and suggested a Canadian beer, pouring some into a glass for me to try. Top service. Admittedly, it was during school hours so was bereft of screaming brats which served to compound the pleasantness but I have to say I shan't be overlooking this place anymore.

29 Sep 2005 14:16

The Newborough Arms, Bontnewydd

Despite being a 10 minute drive from our campsite and by no means the closest, this pub became our local for the week we were staying in Snowdonia. It has two dartboards and quite possibly the cheapest non-free pool table in the UK at a mere 50p/game! It also has a 42” plasma and another telly in another room. A huge restaurant to the rear, ample parking, beer garden (sadly never visited due to perpetual rainfall) with lots of rooms and nooks everywhere which give it atmosphere.

It was a finalist in a recent best pub food competition and has a wide selection on the menu with daily specials. The steak and ale pie was delicious and plentiful. My friend wanted a burger but they were on the kids’ menu so they doubled it up for him, stuffed it with bacon and cheese and all for £4, including a pile of their delicious chips. Food arrived very promptly and was all home-cooked. On our first night, we arrived 10 minutes after the kitchen had closed but they did us a baguette anyway. A great pint of Kronenbourg and a lovely pint of Guinness. A few real ales all in excellent condition.

It’s a very locals’ pub – we went in almost every night for a week and saw the same faces – but this is by no means a bad thing as they are a friendly bunch (mind you, they were all speaking Welsh so could’ve been saying anything) and the bar staff are lovely and provide an excellent standard of service - congratulations to David, the bar manager, who does a great job in welcoming non-locals whilst also keeping the locals happy.

This pub was busy every night of the week, which is always a good sign. Shame it’s so far away cos I’ll really miss it. Thoroughly recommended if you find yourself on the A487 near Caernarfon and are looking for something to warm you up whilst you shelter from the egregious weather.

10 Sep 2005 21:58

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Abysmal service, polite enough but abysmal. Waitresses and bar staff that don’t speak enough English to get the food order right (elusive chips that were steak chips anyway despite my being assured they were French fries), zero communication between the kitchen and the bar – we were told at about the time we should’ve been served our dinner (25 mins after ordering) that the dish my friend had ordered had sold out and, to top it all off, flat, short beer. We had to ask for a top up (which to be fair was readily given) and by the time the second round had made its short journey from the bar to the table, both pints were easily half an inch short as the heads had ostensibly got lost somewhere en route. The food took a whopping 45 minutes to arrive (it wasn’t even busy) and I have to say was delicious but, sadly, incomplete.

A neighbouring couple complained to the (new) manager about the service and the food so I grabbed the poor bloke on his way back and shared our experience. He did refund two drinks and the elusive chips and was very apologetic, he’s only been here a couple of months and is trying with the place.

The location is excellent and the pub itself is lovely so if they were to invest a little bit more money on employing staff that actually understand the customers’ requests and on kitchen staff that know how to run a kitchen, the extra expenditure would pay for itself. I’m all for a cosmopolitan society and there are plenty of foreign people living here with an excellent command of the English language – you see it in pubs everywhere – so why this place can’t find them is beyond me.

I don’t want to write this place off as it's great to stop for a drink and watch the cricket and the manager is very new so I’d like to go back in a couple of months in the hope that the service had improved dramatically. In the meantime, unless you speak Polish/Czech and have plenty of time to wait for your meal and don’t mind a flat pint, avoid for a while.

1 Sep 2005 23:51

Annie's, Barnes

This is most certainly a restaurant rather than a pub. Food was good and there was a nice range on the menu (I'd recommend the prawn starter), a good selection of reasonably priced wines and very good service. Nice cosy atmosphere, would be great to visit for a romantic dinner as it's candlelit. Nice.

1 Sep 2005 22:30

The Angel, Thames Ditton

I have patronised this pub on several occasions both at lunchtime and in the evenings and I've had a pleasant time on each visit. It has outside seating front and back and the interior is made up of several bits, very cosy, traditional and typically English. Its low beamed ceilings, open fire, friendly atmosphere and pretty location make it well worth a visit. It's always been busy when I've been in and the bar staff provide good serviceand are friendly, as are the clientele. I'm told the food is good too. There are usually dogs inside but they are always well-behaved. I'm only sorry I haven't encountered the boxer puppy, he sounds adorable!

27 Aug 2005 15:12

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

Oh don't get me wrong jesus scores, I used to work in a pub myself so I'm fully aware that it's not the job of the bar staff to monitor the beer and I wasn't in the least bit rude, nor was I expecting or wanting a refund/exchange or else I would've taken it back immediately. I just told her on the way out, in a polite and helpful manner, that it was flat and that she should inform the relevant bod, hopefully allowing the opportunity to rectify the situation before it got busy later on. But my attempt to save future customers from flat lager was met with a look of disgust from a disgruntled barmaid who seemed more concerned that I'd interrupted her cosy conversation. Poor service is all.

23 Aug 2005 15:49

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

Aye, fair point GP. That thought did actually occur after I'd recovered from the initial shock of seeing the place.

23 Aug 2005 15:37

The Windmill Inn, Ewshot

Fantastic location, friendly staff. Overpriced and overfried food and it's in the middle of nowhere so you're hardly going to turn around and go elsewhere. Utter exploitation of a captive market, for shame.

23 Aug 2005 03:03

The King's Arms, Twickenham

It has indeed been taken over and what a fine job the new tenants have done. They're very friendly too, I had a good old chat with them last week. Seriously wouldn't recognise the place, it's had a TV-style extreme makeover and is a tremendous improvement. It's light and bright in stark contrast to the dark dingy hole it once was. Sensibly arranged tables too, the classroom look has been totally done away with. The pool table has gone and the toilets are a massive improvement. The main thing that struck me when I walked in is that it just looks so CLEAN.

I will definitely be visiting regularly. Finally - somewhere decent to drink that's a mere five-minute walk from home, hurrah!

21 Aug 2005 15:29

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

I haven't been in, and nor will I. Walking past, it looks like it's been taken over by pikeys. They haven't even got a sign, instead they've merely daubed backboard paint over the previously well-chalked rugby images on the blackboards outside and written its horrible new name in their place - badly. What the hell's going on? Is there a bunch of pikeys who happened to have a 'found' a shed-load of beer squatting here or what? Surely no brewery in their right mind would open a drinking establishment that looked so uninvitingly rough? Looks like the kind of place to go for a fight, not a pint. Someone please correct me if my onlooker impressions are wrong - and I hope to god they are because surely somewhere that looks this scary has no place in Twickenham?

20 Aug 2005 16:13

Royal Hart, Ashford

Went in here in 1997 when I was working near the station. It was rough as you like then and very scary (and that was lunchtime) so I've avoided it ever since. Looks like I made the right choice.

20 Aug 2005 15:36

The Prince of Wales, Fleet

Used to come here as a student to escape when staying at boyfriend's parents so it was something of a haven. More than a decade on and it hasn't really changed at all, still quite busy. Quiz (not easy I can tell you) on a Wednesday. Food looks OK altho clearly bought-in brewery standard and not freshly prepared on the premises. Standard wines, two draft ales, large children's area out the back, decent pint of Kronenbourg. Quite a generic interior in a pre-'00s non-refit kind of way. Averagely inoffensive.

20 Aug 2005 15:34

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

Went in here the other day and the beer was flat and undrinkable, something which I told the barmaid on our way out, who didn't seem to care or offer any sort of apology, perhaps bacause I was clearly interrupting her conversation. Admittedly it was the middle of a Tuesday afternoon but that should be irrelevant. I've tried with this place and had my hopes up with the new management but after the flat waste of over £6 I think I'll stick to the Clubhouse next door.

20 Aug 2005 15:12

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

Aoife - the no-football policy of this pub is a blessing to those of us who like to enjoy a night out free from the intrusion of football, which at some points seems to be on every night with the majority of pubs showing it. St Margarets is a haven for non-football fans. The rugby and cricket you refer to are generally afternoon matches, unlike football which is regularly on late into the evenings.

I have often decided to go for a quiet drink of a weekday evening only to end up walking by the chosen establishment because I don’t wish to spend the night distracted by some dull football match involuntarily drawing my eyes towards the screen. Not everyone likes football yet in most pubs we are unable to escape it.

Whether you like it or not, football crowds do have a reputation and the atmosphere and clientele in pubs showing football is entirely different to those that don’t.

There are plenty of other places to watch football – almost any other pub you could wish to find. If you want to watch it, enjoy St Margarets on the rare occasion there is none on and be thankful that they stick to their guns and allow this pub to continue its widespread appeal.

20 Aug 2005 14:34

Logan Rock Inn, St Levan

Gets very busy indeed of an evening and tends to smell of deep fried food but having said that, it's a friendly place and the food is good, a good selection on the menu plus lots of the expected local fish, delicious! It has a reasonably sized main bar area and a small snug at the back as well as a restaurant and ample outside seating.

The pub is named after a big granite rock which mysteriously teeters atop a cliff overlooking the stunning Pendnvownder beach which does actually rock if you stand on it.

Treen is a delightful village in a beautiful location - if you find yourself in this pub then a trip down the cliff to the amazing beach is well recommended. Very friendly campsite round the corner run by a lovely farmer. All in all, an idyllic pocket of England and this pub completes it.

3 Aug 2005 11:58

The Old Ship, Richmond

I like this pub. It's definitely improved after the refit with more seating and a pleasant little courtyard out the back. One side of the bar is designated no smoking which is a huge plus. On the whole, a comfortable, relaxing venue with no pretentions.

28 Jul 2005 17:10

The Gazebo, Kingston Upon Thames

Lovely location right on the river but that's the only positive thing about this place. I've been in here twice. The first time was in the afternoon and I had a pint of Prinz, not recognising any of the other draft beers. It was rank. The second time was one evening and this time I had a German beer which tasted okay but I was violently sick when I got home and it was certainly nothing to do with the quantity of said German beer I had consumed. Suffice to say, I shan't be going back and wouldn't recommend anyone else does either.

26 Jul 2005 19:30

The Wine Bar, Twickenham

have they run out of cash for the refurb?

26 Jul 2005 19:00

The Prince's Head, Richmond

Went here for a bite to eat and was very unimpressed. Food was below average and we were put off by a very, very pissed (paralytic) old bloke who attempted to join my friend & I and when we sent him away, then proceeded to bang his glass repeatedly on the table behind us whilst shouting out 'f*ck' and some other incomprihensible, offensive ramblings very loudly at regular intervals. The bar staff appeared to be ignoring him and my friend eventually had to ask them to do something about it.

Bar staff that can't deal with drunkards who will clearly put off other punters shouldn't be there. This pub is in a great location but that episode has certainly put two of us off going back.

25 Jul 2005 13:32

The Cricketers, Richmond

Nice pub, always busy yet have often managed to arrive with fortuitous timing and bagged one of the few tables outside. Since these seats are like gold dust in summer, it tends to make you stay longer that you planned, losing yourself and your day people-watching over the green. I discovered the leather sofas on Saturday too, very nice. Excellent service considering the hoards of people needing drinks, never have to wait very long. They were giving away free iced water in the heatwave a couple of years ago too. Obviously a prime location in the summer but works well in winter too. A good all-season establishment!

25 Jul 2005 13:20

The Angel and Crown, Richmond

Been meaning to visit for ages and eventually did on Saturday. Have added it to my growing list of fave pubs in Richmond, tucked away so not massively busy although filled up a bit later on. It has leather sofas which are always a bonus and those high tables that I'm rather fond of. Service was fast and the clientele friendly. Nice place, impressed.

25 Jul 2005 13:13

Bishop Out Of Residence, Kingston Upon Thames

Went for lunch here yesterday, our first visit. (Excellent) table service, blaring crap music and intense 30 degree heat, complete with picturesque, relaxing riverside location made us feel like we were on holiday. The northern lass in me couldn't resist the steak and ale pie despite the glorious weather and it was delicious - just like my mum makes! Liked the place so much we went back after work for a few hours. Couldn't say how different it'd be in winter sitting inside (looked quite nice if a little generically non-atmospheric) but a definite summer hit and my lunchtime venue of choice (now I have one, being in Kingston these days instead of lovely Ashford/Feltham).

14 Jul 2005 18:07

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Well well, I am MOST impressed. Went here for lunch today and enjoyed a couple of newly appointed Stellas with my food. The refit has really opened this place up and has been done tastefully whilst retaining the rugby-oriented feel it was known for. The old restaurant has now been opened up to be a permanant part of the pub and is a designated no-smoking area (hurrah!) which, in itself, has immediately increased the seating capacity ten-fold, the window seats have fitted benches around the bays, instantly quadrupling the number of seats (this goes for the hidden seat at the back too). So it will no longer be just a summer pub - many seats available inside in winter!

Food is considerably more expensive and erring a little in the direction of gastro-pubesque BUT that said, it is very tasty - an enormous improvement. The brewery is the same as the one that owns St Margarets Tavern and they certainly know how to make a pub work. The outside bar is opening soon and will be having BBQs throughout the summer. Very friendly and competant bar staff.

It looks like this pub is finally stepping into its own and realising the enormous potential its picturesque riverside location deserves. Well done.

21 Jun 2005 17:25

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Recently been taken over and awaits reopening, they've been holding interviews for new bar and restaurant staff at St Margarets Tavern lately. Has had a good lick of paint outside, let's just hope it reopens pretty quickly given that summer is upon us and the White Swan - the only other pub on the river in Twickenham - has limited outside seating. Watch this space...

4 Jun 2005 19:04

The Britannia, Richmond

What a pleasant little place. Haven't sat inside but the enclosed beer garden out the back is a little sun trap, excellent on a hot afternoon and it also has a roof terrace. Sunday roast is excellent, they even do a fat bastard version for an extra £1.50 which my mate stuffed down, plenty of very, very nice meat, lovely veg and delicious Yorkshire puds that are clearly none of this Aunt Bessie shyte. Very friendly bar staff. Will definitely add it to my fave pubs in Richmond list!

16 May 2005 16:13

Gravity Bar, Dublin

What a bloody great view and what a fine pint of Guinness! Excellent tour around the brewery and coming up here for your 'free' pint afterwards is a must. Shame it costs 14 Euro to get up here cos the view is something you could look at all day (so long as you don't have issues with heights).

Lovely atmosphere whilst everyone is equally impressed with exactly what you're busy being impressed with. Bring binoculars - and a local so they can tell you where you are! Definitely recommended, even if you're not a Guinness drinker - believe me, it tastes good here whether you like it or not!

15 May 2005 01:59

The Red Lion, Avebury

We stopped off here last year, checked out the stones then went for a pint. They have some very interesting pictures on the wall of how the stone circles were originally. The pub is apparently haunted too. Friendly staff, comfy sofa but suspect it would err a little too much on the side of 'family', i.e. screaming kids, if we'd got here a few hours earlier. Nice enough tho and the menu did look lovely, although we didn't eat here. Would definitely go back.

15 May 2005 01:53

The Kings Fairway, Ashford

Better than the King's Head but then, what isn't? (Apart from the burning-fag-butt-smelling Oaks of course). Very friendly bar staff and bloody good chips. Incredibly overpriced food but beer prices are normal. Probably the nicest pub in Ashford. Go here and this will say as much about Ashford as the unsuspecting visitor will need to know. Get back on the M25 and out of here - pronto!

15 May 2005 00:43

The Pope's Grotto, Twickenham

Went in for the first - and now only - time last Sunday, for a quick pint whilst waiting for the rain to stop. Funny old layout. Very open and tables were badly arranged. There was only one table that was positioned out of the way of the myriad TVs which was already taken so we were conpelled to unwillingly cast our gaze at the bloody football wherever we sat (does it never end???) Bland, dull - absolutely nothing of any interest to say about the place.

15 May 2005 00:21

The Clock House, Teddington

Escaped the rude builders from the Tedd Arms into here, incredibly quiet in comparison which is what we wanted, but perhaps a little too quiet. Staff friendly enough. Punters were old men who probably drink in here all day, every day, bit dowdy in atmosphere. Only had one then went to L'Auberge... Nothing about it would make me either deliberately go back or avoid it.

15 May 2005 00:14

The Anglers, Teddington

Oh dear, it's really not good is it. So much wasted potential. Huge place, massive garden, great location yet... No. Don't bother. Go to the Tide End Cottage round the corner - same location and so much more to offer.

15 May 2005 00:09

The Top Of The Morning, Victoria Park

I used to work practically next door to this pub and loved the name. Nice in summer to sit in the garden by the canal. Very, very East End, almost felt I should be sitting having a good ol' sing-along 'round the old Joanna I did. And that's not knocking the place - nowt wrong with tradition! Worth a visit for the authenticity

15 May 2005 00:05

The Prince Albert, Brixton

Been in here twice and been robbed of purse both times.

14 May 2005 23:50

Bug Bar, Brixton

Quality place, love it! Friendly staff and punters made it a great late Friday night the first time I went in here, so refreshingly down to earth after a horrendous night in Red Cube (or something) in Leicester Square that we literally ran out of cos it was so dire (friend's leaving do before going to off to Oz so not our idea). Will definitely return.

14 May 2005 23:50

The Blues Bar, Soho

What a bloody marvellous little place this is. Had been to a gig last summer with a mate who'd insisted we came here afterwards - but he couldn't remember where it was... Spent ages wandering around London looking for it but when we eventually found the place it was WELL worth it. Very late bar, excellent live music, nice beer, great crowd. Now seek this place out whenever I'm up in town for a late one and can handle the night bus home. Highly recommended but not to too many cos it's not very big so it'd be good to keep under wraps!

14 May 2005 23:43

The Teddington Arms, Teddington

Went in here Thursday night with my mate and got accosted by a couple of chavvy builders - would've been bearable and even entertaining if they hadn't had a misogynistic, biogoted, downright bloody RUDE total arse of a mate who basically drove us out. And they were showing football. (Is there any night of the week that football ISN'T on??)We went to the King's Arms instead. There are some pubs that just wouldn't accept their clientele being harassed in such a manner - this isn't one of them.

14 May 2005 23:25

The Boaters Inn, Kingston Upon Thames

Didn't even know this place existed until this afternoon. Food wasn't bad but had better. Spent the afternoon on the balcony in the sun which was pleasant (if a little bloody cold for this time of year, but that's not the pub's fault!) Great for people-watching, very lovely location but feel it's more of an afternoon pub than anything else.

14 May 2005 23:10

Bar Ha Ha, Kingston Upon Thames

Practically identical to the Bar Ha Ha in Staines, except the location is infinitely nicer. What I mean is that it's a very generic pub so you could be anywhere, therefore it has zero atmosphere. The food is OK but takes forever to get served and be prepared to resign yourself to not having a conversation with your mates for the entire time that you're in there cos the 'music' (i.e. chavtastic shyte) is way too loud to shout over. Which somehow works in some places (O'Neill's in Richmond for one) but not here.

14 May 2005 23:06

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

Cheers GP, none taken! Sorting Room's still pants tho...

14 May 2005 22:57

The Town Wharf, Old Isleworth

Lagers I'd never heard of and when I tasted it I knew why. Like Gazebo in Kingston. Nice location but a bit pants with no atmosphere if I'm being honest.

3 May 2005 00:39

The London Apprentice, Old Isleworth

Agree that the beer is far better then the dreadful 'choices' on offer down the road in the Town Wharf and have spent a few pleasant afternoons in here, lovely riverside location. Wouldn't recommend the food tho - overpriced and, well, crap really. Sunday lunch was a huge disappointment.

3 May 2005 00:37

The Rose and Crown, Kew

Excellent location, stopped off here last summer on a bike ride and watched the cricket on the green with a pint.

3 May 2005 00:34

The Whistle and Flute, Putney

Been in here a couple of times with my mate and drank too much Rioja on both occasions. Nobody complained tho so I guess it must be a good pub!

3 May 2005 00:32

The Captain Cook, Putney

This is an odd yet very endearing place. I liked it as soon as I walked in. Great cocktails, mad decor, very London and not in the least pub-like at all except in the fact that it's serves alcohol to the public. I liked it, would definitely go back. Only stopped for a couple of cocktails on a friend's birthday but it intrigued me enough to go back and have another selection from the cocktail menu or try the Thai food. Nice chairs - just like the very arty hand chair in the ladies' in Up n Under in Twickers! When I've tried the food and had cocktail no. 3/4/5, I shall review!

3 May 2005 00:28

The Rose and Crown, Thorpe Green

This pub isn't really in Egham, more Thorpe/Virginia Water, hence it's quite pleasant. Food is incredibly overpriced but as Zod said, great if it's on the company as it is of a good standard and has a wide selection. Blatant chain does do it a disservice although cosy fire in winter and nice, quiet location makes it good for a quiet and/or intimate drink. Very close to M25 yet you'd never know as it's situated on Thorpe Green. Only thing is to watch out for the smell of the household waste site in nearby Lyne if the wind's blowing in the wrong direction on a summer's day.

3 May 2005 00:22

The Pitcher and Piano, Richmond

I do actually like the new decor, (it's a bit 70s but it works somehow) but it's a bit of a meat market and prices are extortionate and it takes forever to get served cos the bars are tiny. Always packed, wouldn't eat here cos looks like an overpriced disappointment from what I've seen.

2 May 2005 15:44

The Slug and Lettuce, Richmond

It's a Slug and Lettuce, just like all the other Slug and Lettuces except it has the river in its favour. Reasonably inoffensive and not too tricky to get served when busy. Great for people-watching in summer but this is attributed to the location and not the actual pub. Like I said - Slug and Lettuce - could be anywhere.

2 May 2005 15:38

The Winning Post, Whitton

This pub could be anywhere, it looks just like all the other generic eateries that attract young chav families, it has no atmosphere and quite frankly, it's a bit scary.

2 May 2005 15:28

The Prince Albert, Twickenham

Went for a Thai meal in here the other week. It was alright. Service was good. Nothing special though.

2 May 2005 15:25

The Marble Hill, St Margarets

They make you pay for 3 courses at the Sunday carvery when a starter (and dessert) with all that roast is entirely unnecessary. Food was good tho. Too much furniture. Felt uncomfortable in here, wouldn't go back.

2 May 2005 15:24

St Margarets Tavern, St Margarets

I don't know what it was like before the refit but whatever they did, they did it right. I'm particularly impressed at its self-declared 'football-free zone'. This pub is busy no matter when you go in, getting served is never a problem at the bar no matter how packed it is, although table service can be a bit slow - I've also had to go to the bar and ask on several occasions. Great for spotting rugby players and the odd person you recognise off the telly. Excellent quiz on a Tuesday. Extensive menu so you're always spoilt for choice. Friendly bar staff and food turns up pretty promply and is delicious, swaddled beef indeed! I'd also recommend salmon linguine, in fact I may have to go there this afternoon... Definitely worth many visits.

2 May 2005 15:15

The London road, Twickenham

It's a bit skanky and quiet but pretty inoffensive. Having said that, there are many more pubs in Twickenham I would visit first. Has the feel of an estate pub which is a tragedy given its location. Yet another example of utterly wasted potential.

2 May 2005 14:53

The George, Twickenham

I went in here once two years ago and have never been back. I didn't finish my pint either cos it was undrinkable. It's full of litle chavs, all of whom are under 21 so unless you're very young and maybe a bit predisposed to violence after 4 Bacardi Breezers and a couple of Aftershocks, avoid at all costs. It would be far more at home in Staines.

2 May 2005 14:48

The Three Kings, Twickenham

Before the refit it was so much nicer. Saw some excellent live music in here. They've done it up into a trendy pub, meaning they've stripped out the atmosphere along with the previously much more interesting decor. Bar staff used to be friendly but the one time I've been in since the refit was so bland that I don't rememeber the service.

2 May 2005 14:35

The Hook, Line and Sinker, Twickenham

The landlords are really nice, the food's OK, the sofas are comfy and it has a big plasma screen which is always showing bloody football. It's very bland though and has no atmosphere whatsoever so, much as I like the barstaff, I wouldn't recommend it. Only good for the late bar but you have to get in before 11pm (and I heard a rumour it's been put back to 10.30?) so you'd end up spending far more time here than would be ideal.

2 May 2005 14:28

The Albany, Twickenham

I was very surprised to see this pub had reopened, I also thought it was turning into a block of flats. I've thought it would be a shame to lose a place in a location such as this so I look forward to checking it out, although All Bar Ones are not my favourite of places so I hope it's not too similar...

2 May 2005 14:19

Mango, Rochdale

The music is chavvy chart shyte like Chavuilera and Destiny's Child. So if you like that kind of thing you'll like this place! Good to finish up in when The Baum shuts and you're pissed enough to enjoy it but I wouldn't go in sober.

2 May 2005 14:08

Regal Moon, Rochdale

Dodgy bouncer that tried to beat my mate up so I wouldn't go back. Was far better as a cinema.

2 May 2005 14:04

The General Roy, Feltham

Obviously chavvy due to location. Wouldn't go in of an evening but makes a change from the Kings Head for lunch although takes forever to get food and when it comes it's not really worth the wait. Bloody Ashford, what a crap place to work when you have to resort to lunching in Feltham. How thoroughly depressing.

2 May 2005 14:00

The Bloomsbury, Twickenham

Chavtastic. Has pool tables but the surrounding pikeys were too intimidating to risk suggesting a game. Went in here once and it was once too many times.

29 Apr 2005 17:20

The King's Arms, Twickenham

Funny old place. Usually empty 'cept on match days when nowhere in a 3 mile radius is empty. Very old and beautiful Collie dog who likes to sleep on a big blanket in the bar area. Has a pool table. Can't decide whether I like the place or not.

29 Apr 2005 17:10

The Sun Inn, Englefield Green

Hidden down a country lane and bordering Windsor Great Park, a mere five minute walk away from Saville Garden, this pub is a delight. It has a real open fire in winter and a great little garden for the summer. Food is expensive but I can recommend the Sunday Roast, Always busy on a Sunday tho and a bit full of old people but still lovely traditional English pub.

29 Apr 2005 16:46

Bells Of Ouseley, Old Windsor

A Harvester. Nuff said.

29 Apr 2005 16:39

Iguana, Egham

As pubs go in Egham it's not too bad, but that doesn't mean it's good by any stretch of the imagination. I object wholeheartedly to any pub - I mean, PUB - that refuses entry on a Friday evening to anyone wearing trainers. It's pathetic. They'd do better to refuse entry to those who are still taking their GCSEs.

29 Apr 2005 16:14

The White Lion, Egham

Oh bloody hell, this is the worst of them all. A shabby, smelly place with dreadful furniture and, well, it's just really, really awful. I feel dirty just thinking about it. And not in a good way.

29 Apr 2005 16:07

The Almamata, Egham

Is the pool table still there? I used to go in years ago purely for the pool and the old landlord used to get so pissed constantly that he simply forgot to order any beer. Cute little bowling alley out the back which was never open which seemed a shame. I may go in again one day to see if it's still really crap (comes with the territory) and should my findings suggest otherwise, I shall be glad to post a new message declaring such.

29 Apr 2005 16:01

The Red Lion, Egham

This pub is very old, built circa 1565 I believe, has a traditional old English pub name, mullioned windows and a prime location on the High Street. Shame it's so bloody crap then.

29 Apr 2005 15:46

Molly Moggs, Soho

Went in here after a gig at the Astoria last night (Kaiser Chiefs, who were excellent). Propped up the bar for a couple of hours, late licence which was great at the time but not so great at work this morning... Friendly staff, nice pint of Stella and I realised after a while that it was a gay pub. Congratulations to the two blokes who had just got engaged. Good old London.

29 Apr 2005 09:36

The Happy Man, Englefield Green

Was a hotbed of students in the early 90s, Stu who now has the Armstrong Gun used to run this place with a bloke called Sparrow, those were the days, never finished your dinner, huge, great value portions of home-cooked food. Food did go off for a time but I'm assured it's back to a great standard again now. Very cosy place, only thing I would say is that the Stella is appalling. Think this is the only place I've ever had to leave a pint. The tarp over the beer garden could do with being shifted a bit in summer for those of us who like to worship the sun. Otherwise a fine little pub!

8 Mar 2005 17:18

The Armstrong Gun, Englefield Green

Used to come here practically every night and have had some very memorable times in here. Have to say I do miss it, loads of atmosphere, excellent pool table, friendly crowd (usually!), nice pint of Stella. Retains that pleasant atmosphere cos it's a bit shabby decor wise but it wouldn't be the same if it were pristine. Great jukebox, always up to date. Has BBQs in summer in the large garden. Don't ever change it Stu!

8 Mar 2005 16:55

The Barley Mow, Englefield Green

This was a lovely old traditional pub on the Green, could sit outside on a barmy summer's day watching the cricket on the green and enjoying a nice pint. Had loads of character; the last dual in England took place near here and the loser died on the floor of this pub. It was very English, very lovely, had a dartboard and a great local crowd. Did excellent food, spent many a happy Sunday in here playing darts with the boys. Still has a great beer garden but it changed management last summer and the new managers decided to give it a revamp. Shame they didn't have more than 200 quid to spare for the refit. Lost all character. Is now trying to be a trendy gastro pub-cum-restaurant. It doesn't work. Bring back the old carpets and the room dividers that gave it an atmosphere. A great loss for the Green cos the rest of the pubs are pretty crap too.

8 Mar 2005 16:49

Auberge, Waterloo

Haven't been in here for about a year but I really liked it, hope it hasn't gone downhill.

11 Feb 2005 15:33

The Hole In The Wall, Waterloo

This truly was a great find. Discovered when tired and hungry with aching feet after the rugby parade and got a warm welcome, a cold beer and a very cheap (especially given the location) filling, traditional English meal. Always worth a stop off after a day wandering round town when your feet ache so much you don't think you can quite make it to Waterloo without some refreshment. Well hidden and one of the few open-plan pubs with atmosphere. Pop in for a beer before journeying home.

11 Feb 2005 15:32

The Marlborough, Richmond

Was much better before they did it up a few years ago.

11 Feb 2005 15:01

The Turks Head, St Margarets

I'm somewhat bemused by the comment below about taking the' stupid sport' back to the home counties when it already is home in its present location. Didn't think that one through did you. If you don't like rugby, don't drink in Twickenham on match days, doesn't take a genius.

Home of Bearcat comedy club. Nice cold beer, great food, friendly staff, easy to get served and pleasantly tucked away in suburbia. Charming.

11 Feb 2005 13:48

The Red Lion, Twickenham

Great if you fancy seeing some live music. Also pretty good for a game of pool. Traditional divey place which is no bad thing - could do with a lick of paint but glad to see it hasn't succombed to the generic makeover craze that has befallen so many traditional pubs in recent years. Always stop off for a pint in here on route to Twickenham or Richmond.

11 Feb 2005 13:42

The Up'n'Under, Twickenham

Didn't this used to be a Firkin? Never eaten here but have heard excellent reports. Great cocktails, does a lovely Bloody Mary and always easy to get served. Fab chair in the shape of a giant hand in the ladies. Definitely recommended.

11 Feb 2005 13:36

The Prince Blucher, Twickenham

My nearest local, with exception of the Sussex Arms which doesn't count. So it's a shame I usually have to avoid it cos I don't like football. If you do like football, you'll love this place. It's always on. Great in summer cos there's no telly in the garden so footy can be avoided.

11 Feb 2005 13:32

The Magpie, Sunbury on Thames

Great in summer, foods nice, agree it's expensive but tasty. Does get too busy in summer but it's on the river, what do you expect?

27 Jan 2005 18:17

Kings Head, Ashford

The utter lack of decent pubs in the vicinity of work makes me a regular during the week at the Kings Head. It's all wrong - the bar area is ridiculously busy most of the time and the enormous restaurant lies practically empty (food's OK tho). I've never known a smokier pub (apart from the Sussex Arms in Twickers) and all the locals (for it is a very locals pub) smoke 10 fags for every minute they're in there and there doesn't appear to be any ventilation. There is a nice little no smoking area to escape the pea-souper in the main bar but they don't really like you sitting in there if you're not eating. This pub is more about what it wants to be rather than what it is. Sort yourselves out - reduce the restaurant and enlarge the pub - it's clearly necessary.

27 Jan 2005 18:01

The Sawyers Arms, Feltham

Any pub that has to advertise for customers on a board outside has GOT to be crap ('wanted - customers, must be over 18, no previous experience necessary, full training will be given' or something along those lines.). Popped in one lunchtime out of curiosity. Shame as it has so much potential, loads of land out the back that appears to have been resurfaced with tarmac and white lines drawn all over it. My immediate assumption was that this was a car park, but I must be wrong cos there's never anyone in there? Why didn't they make it into a big, attractive garden and refurbish the crappy interior whilst they were at it? Some things defy explanation, this pub is certainly one of them.

27 Jan 2005 17:35

George & Dragon, Castleton

It was all boarded up last time I went past at Christmas. Never been in, apparently rough (well, it is in Castleton)

27 Jan 2005 13:08

The White Swan, Richmond

Lovely little place, tucked away so you won't find it unless you know where to look. Great garden in summer.

25 Jan 2005 14:48

Orange Tree, Richmond

Agree about the lighting, wear your sunglasses if you're planning a night in here. not a bad place really but not much atmosphere. Wouldn't want to spend the entire evening here but OK for a pint before moving onto somewhere more fun. takes bloody ages to get served though...

25 Jan 2005 13:25

O'Neills, Richmond

I love it. My favourite place to spend a Saturday night. really friendly people, always strike up conversations with randoms whatever time of day or night we go in there. Never had a problem getting served (ah the joys of being female!), have left coats, credit cards etc there on many drunken occasions and always got them back the next day. Only eaten here once and the chips were cold but they were incredibly apologetic and rectified the situation immediately. They have some excellent bands on at the weekend. Definitely get there early tho as the queue doesn't seem to move. One day I'll remember leaving...

25 Jan 2005 13:19

The Sun, Richmond

i have mixed feelings about this place.For the most part I love it due to its blatant rugby-orientated nature and the generous amounts of eye-candy on display on any given weekend (I have often thought whilst in this pub on a Saturday that heaven would not be a dissimilar place) but I have witnessed (albeit from afar) the attitude of the landlady who does look at non-regulars as though they were dirt on her shoe. Other staff have been friendly enough tho so I'll happily go back for more until such time that I or my friends are on the receiving end. Fantastic photo of Twickenham stadium on the wall with donkeys grazing on the pitch circa 1910.

25 Jan 2005 13:10

The Beehive, Englefield Green

glad to hear the bar billiards are back, disappeared for a while, may venture up there for a quick game! Beer festies are great but get there early to secure the strongest stuff :)

25 Jan 2005 11:34

The Fox, Twickenham

What a delightful little pub. There's something about this place that's really nice and welcoming, makes you feel at ease. Nice pint, great little garden in summer and indeed it is on the nicest street in Twickers. Highly recommended.

24 Jan 2005 18:41

The Twickenham Tup, Twickenham

DANGEROUS. No further comment.

24 Jan 2005 18:36

The White Swan, Twickenham

The dog pub! There were more dogs than people in here last time I was in but quality place – lovely atmosphere, friendly staff, real fire in winter, loads of outside seating and bbq in summer. Great when it gets cut off by the floods 'oh no – we'll have to buy another pint!'

24 Jan 2005 18:35

The Old Anchor, Twickenham

Bizarre quiz on a Sunday. Otherwise great games and nice food plus comfy sofas always a bonus. Not too keen personally but nothing against the place.

24 Jan 2005 18:31

The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Great if you have a penchant for smelling like an old ashtray, which you will within seconds of entering this place. Also tip-top for those many women who love to be letched over by dodgy old pissed blokes. A dream.

24 Jan 2005 18:26

The Barmy Arms, Twickenham

Pleasant little place. Great in summer for watching the world go by on the river. Can be a problem getting served when it's busy tho and we all hate drinking beer from a plastic cup and they usually run out of glasses. Food not recommended.

24 Jan 2005 18:18

The Sorting Room, Twickenham

Eurgh. Awful. I'd even have hated it when I was twelve, which is the average age of the punters in this place. Food's OK if you fancy a quick, cheap meal but better off going to the Clubhouse/anywhere else and paying a bit more. Avoid dangerous trips to toilets up scary stairs.

24 Jan 2005 17:50

The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham

Great place for a game of pool on a big American size table, good for watching sports. Beer overpriced altho I expect they're just taking liberties cos of their location. The newly renovated 'Patch' upstairs isn't bad at all now altho it's lost some of the charm of the old place now your shoes don't stick to the floor and it no longer feels like a wedding reception. Entry fee doubled from a fiver when they reopened which is perhaps a tad adventurous. Great if you're REALLY pissed.

24 Jan 2005 17:39

Filthy McNasty's II, Twickenham

Bit of a dive but something inherrantly nice about it - possibly the many happy, drunken Saturdays I've spent in here over the years watching the rugby. Floor's a bit sticky tho.

24 Jan 2005 16:46

The Bear, Twickenham

Looks like a brothel. Took forever to get served then...Crap beer! Not advised.

21 Jan 2005 16:36

The Clubhouse, Twickenham

I adore this pub. Wonderful, warm atmosphere, very friendly staff who actually take the time to recognise you and greet you warmly. Amazing food - have tried many places in search of the perfect Sunday roast and I come back here every time. 'Secret' garden in summer is a delight, haven't experienced the bbqs but a must for this year. A great place to spend a Sunday either reading the papers or watching the rugby, very relaxing, a thoroughly pleasant experience and well recommended.

21 Jan 2005 16:27

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