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Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

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user reviews of the Crown And Two Chairmen, Soho

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I've always found this place to be a good place to meet for a quick pint. Very buzzy atmosphere and decent choice of drinks. Predictably expensive.
Foghorn1 - 2 Feb 2013 16:34
My first visit to this Pub, an impressive range of Beers, Ciders and Lagers.

I very much enjoyed the Kelburn Red Smiddy, in fact I had too many!

I will have to return to sample some more at a later date.

AuldJimmy - 30 May 2012 21:16
A Soho landmark that's been done up and turned into a pretty good pub, huge selection of beers on tap and usually a pretty raucous atmosphere, my only reservation is how busy it gets Thurs - Sat evenings and although I've always found the bar-staff to be efficient, it can still take an age to get served and there's not masses of space - but the popularity probably means they're doing something right.
oldjg1 - 30 Jun 2011 01:36
A decent place for a drink. Large open area with nooks around the sides with plenty of seating.
Always busy and lively. The staff are efficent and friendly.
As a CAMRA member I was disappointed that despite having 5 pumps only 2 different real ales were available. I had a Sambrooks Wandle which was ok.
A great pub for people watching as you get a fine view of Dean St. and Bateman St.
outtamehead - 3 May 2011 09:01
A good pwopa boozer to meet friends in town. Friendly staff who are focussed on customers (shock!). Lancaster Red, Doombar and Wandle ales all in good shape, and in jugs if you ask. I will return when in the area!
Wiccaman777 - 6 Feb 2011 10:37
Don't know what some of the people on here are thinking, Me and some friends dropped by on Friday night and stayed all night, we got served quickly, the bar staff were lovely, great guy with tattoos really knew his stuff, all the diffrent beers they offered were great, (love the raspberry beer). We will be going back.
maxwellwood.31 - 11 Oct 2009 18:35
Visited last night for an Addlestones cider session on the first floor. Great fun and the Addlestones was excellent. The pub was full, a good atmosphere and several ales on offer. I'd visit again.
ChrisM62 - 25 Sep 2009 11:57
Went for the Monday night pub quiz and left feeling underwhelmed and annoyed.

Neither the beer nor the place itself were anything to write home about, though the staff were nice enough.

The quiz was hugely disappointing, the categories were boring and the questions themselves prosaic and rarely challenging. The quizmaster was embarrassingly amateur, humourless and didn't appear to understand the questions she was asking. To top it all off, the whole thing was won by a team of 'quizzies' who sat with their heads down in near silence for the whole evening and who were actually friends of the quiz master. Hurrah!

Not planning to go back. Certainly not until they redecorate the ugly aubergine signage outside, or until the other half a dozen or so better pubs within a 2 minute walk all close down.

RickyBobby - 26 Aug 2009 10:23
I really like this pub. Good range of beers, a quiz regularly upstairs and generally a more 'personal' feel about the place. Would like to be able to pop into here more regularly....
Sohoboho2 - 15 Aug 2009 17:25
Not sure why this pub has had a few bad reviews - it's not quite a traditional Soho boozer (dimmed lighting in the evening, loudish music) but it offers a range of real ales, continental lagers and even ciders that is matched by very few if any of the other pubs in the area. There is also outside drinking and whilst it may not be ideal for a quiet evening pint it's definitely worthwhile for a group of friends or a work evening out.

Interior decor is quite acceptable and I'd definitely be willing to return here in the right circumstances.
murgatroyd - 28 Jun 2009 17:20
Probably one of the worst pubs I've been to in the Soho area.

The London Pride was poor, and the bar staff appalling.

I queued for 10 minutes to order a pint only to be told it was off and to go downstairs (I suggested they might want to turn the pump badge round to let us know in future). Went down stairs and had send my beer back twice to get a full pint (gave up after second attempt and being told because its an ale it should have a head on it - but 2ins worth?). Minimal glass collection in evidence throughout the evening.

Only good point about the pub, is that you are in walking distance to somewhere better
tigerlodge - 6 Oct 2008 08:29
I really like this pub, great decor a good selection of beers, although a few months ago they took out my favourite beer, budvar dark, if you are reading this please bring it back. The staff are ok, the ones that have been there for a while are very good and you get served quickly, but sometimes they have newer staff on and it can take ages to get served even if it is not that busy. but as i say i love this place and we go there atleast once a week, we only get two days off week (we run a pub).
mcfairy - 24 Sep 2008 19:51
Deuchars and London Pride were on today. The Deuchars was fair, but served from a handpump that was falling to pieces. I was amused by the several notices making it perfectly clear that glasses were not to be taken outside because "beer tastes better in a plastic cup!" And I've been getting it wrong all these years!

Despite all of this the rule was fortunately not enforced. I got a proper Deuchars pint glass and took it outside in the sunshine (just like everyone else) and I was thanked on departure when I duly returned it to the bar !
sussexred - 14 Jul 2008 14:33
Visited for the quiz last night... Nice quiz, good fun and it started at 7.30pm and didn't go on too long which was great. Sadly they only seemed to have one beer - Deuchers, which was warm. Big selection of lagers although it goes over my head a bit - they all taste gassy and sour to me! The food looked good, so we ordered, but it wasn't good at all. Burgers were OK, but my club sandwich was horrible and a friend ordered nachos which were really unpleasant. Such a nice pub - the interior is lovely - they could really make this place something with a little effort.
Oolybel - 29 Apr 2008 12:11
A couple of my friends went there for lunch today and they say it's definitely still a pub.
Kake - 13 Mar 2008 18:16
Nooooooo What the hell happened to this once great pub. Its painted awful blue outside and has only resturant seating now.
It claims to be a resturant/pub.
It still has all the ale taps but where is the pub part.

CambridgeBlue - 12 Nov 2007 10:53
Went here this week to meet a friend. Easy to get a table after 6pm (it was tuesday) and staff were very attentive and quick to serve. Pint of Star £3 which is fine with me in Soho. Nice atmosphere. Recommended for a non-trendy quiet but not boring pub where you can chat. Has an upstairs also which appeared to have a flat screen. Toilets well kept when I went.
anonymous - 13 Sep 2007 16:49
Have been in here now and then,on my own and with company, for food, coffee, drink.
Have yet to have bad food, bad coffee, or bad drink.
Today I had a falafel burger and a pint of Timothy Taylors.Both fine.
To other reviewers and possible customers
1.Falafel burgers do not a gastro pub make.
2.Bricks and mortar don't have character you and your friends do, so if you think this pub has none...
3.A beer range is not limited just because you can't find what you like, and you can't drink yourself round the world. If you want to do this go down Sainsburys/Waitrose and pick up a few bottles.

sef - 3 Jul 2007 22:58
I liked this place - they're clearly trying to sell the expensive foreign lagers but they also offered three real ales and the devilwater that is real cider. Barman was very friendly and the decor looked ok to me. It doesn't have decent ventilation though, so it was rather smoky downstairs. Prices were average for central London.
pubcollector - 29 Mar 2007 18:50
We've been here a few times with our knitting group (I Knit London) and it's one of favourites! If previous reviewers thought it was too smoky they should head for the 'fresh air' in the upsatirs bar which is non-smoking, has comfy booths and sofas and is a quite relaxing place for a midweek, after work meet-up. Granted downstairs is a bit dark and dingy, but the selection of beer is pretty good (when it's all on). True, if you want big plasma screens showing sport (yawn) then don't come here.
sibisi73 - 22 Mar 2007 11:18
Characterless, crowded, smoky, slow service, bad beer, expensive. Drank there semi-regularly before latest refurb, but those days long over. I agree with Stonch, go to The Dog & Duck.
lowroader - 6 Mar 2007 17:18
Not a favourite. Was OK before it was refurbished and used to be my pub of choice for quick after work drinks, for convenience more than anything, but post refurb to be avoided. They have done away with all the plasma screens downstairs, which was one of the major selling points beforehand (being able to watch the sport regardless of where in the bar you were standing/sitting), tried (and failed) to make it look classy (on Bateman street?!!), dodgy décor inside and its very dark. The picture on this page is how it looked beforehand, the outside has now been painted some cranberry ish colour which isnt very appealing from the outside either. Seems to have ideas above its station and has/had serious stock issues, management might like to consider keeping more than one barrel of each beer etc in stock so that when one barrel runs out, they can replace it. The few times I’ve been in here lately there seem to be more taps off than on, considering its location a pretty poor show. There are better pubs on this street, let alone in Soho. 5/10 for location and friendly staff, but lots of room for improvement.
jimmythefish - 12 Dec 2006 10:08
I feel compelled to post a positive review for the C and 2Cs. Notwithstanding those patrons who clearly preferred its previous incarnation - fine - the selection of lagers is great (though I'll stop short of mentioning Becks Vier in that bracket - a staggering triumph of marketing over content if ever there was - "Hello All Fools. We have a new version of our beer. It's simply weaker. But served via a bigger shinier tap. Enjoy."). Supplemented by the tremendous tongue-loosener known as Budvar Dark. Furthermore, the staff have been great every time I've required their services. There are far far worse ways of spending one's time and money than a few hours here.
iceinthecider - 16 Oct 2006 17:27
This place has had a recent makeover (a lick of paint and some chalkboards) to change it from a soulless traditional-ish Soho pub serving carboard food to a soulless Soho gastro[enteritis] pub selling awful food.

Went there today for lunch. Good selection of beers, but all ales were off apart from Adnam's Broadside. I ordered the 21 day hung Herefordshire beef burger with melted cheddar and stilton, caramelised onions served with chunky wedges. £7.20

They make it sound nice. This is what I received:

A cremated burger that looked like it had been on the grill for 21 days. A tiny bit of melted cheddar, the size of a 50p. Following a brief search, no stilton was found. The wedges were undercooked, soggy and grey on the inside. Everything tasted worse than it looked. I took it back and told the barman that if there had been stilton on it, I might not have tasted how sh!t the burger was. Got my money back - seemed like it wasn't the first time someone had returned food. He asked if I wanted something else off the menu. Hmmm, not until you get a new chef mate.

The beer was OK so we decided to have another... but they had run out! Only lager left...
Kenster - 3 Oct 2006 16:31
On my first visit last Sunday afternoon I found the ambience very pleasant and relaxing, with comfortable traditional surroundings, and a good selection of downtempo and folk music.

I liked the idea of the non-smoking bar upstairs, but the over-loud music and large screen video were intrusive, so I quickly retreated to the more traditional and laid back ground floor.

The barman was friendly enough, and the large menu of affordable snacks and meals looked promising, but unfortunately my highly recommended Sunday roast came doused in chemical gravy, accompanied by tasteless, half-raw vegetables smeared with some sort of bland, oily paste. I will not be eating here again in a Hurry.

Adnams Broadside and a couple of Youngs ales on tap, although the Adnams wasn't actually available. The Youngs Special was in reasonable nick.

This would-be gastropub has done fairly well with the deco and music (non-smoking area excepted) but needs to try a lot harder with the food.
foxski - 1 Oct 2006 17:16
what a dump , was in watching football 12 months ago and loved it, now we walk in, were given the once over and ignored by the bar girl. noted they dont do sports anymore, waited for her to finally get to us, ordered some drinks and them walked out the side door while she was pouring them. maybe im impatient but over 5 minutes in a 1/2 empty bar is crap. wont be back while its in its current style.
kiwiphil - 14 Sep 2006 16:11
It can be that bad. I have shifted allegiance to The Nellie Dean up the road. Not as good but still decently priced and not for nobs.

smahman - 16 Aug 2006 14:23
I have to admit to not being a fan of the place in it's previous incarnation. I thought it was going to be yet another pretentious place when it reopened but have to say I was surprised. Good selection of drink on tap - try the Becks Vier and anywhere that does draught Peroni can't be all bad.
JoePaul - 20 Jun 2006 16:09
A real shame, a great place before but WHAT HAVE THEY DONE???? Another souless establishment in Soho.
gtb - 19 Jun 2006 12:00
To be fair it wasn't the most characterful boozer to start with - its not like for example someone marched into the Dog and Duck across the road and whitewashed over the tiling. And I hear it does Budvar Dark on tap now (try it, its very nice).
anonymous - 24 May 2006 19:06
WHAT IN GOD'S NAME HAVE THEY DONE? Another great establishment destroyed. Another identikit pit. I am very very unimpressed.
smahman - 24 May 2006 18:56
This lovely friendly pub is being closed and turned into a gastropub. Do we really need another one in London?
rinky - 28 Mar 2006 16:49
Cheap drinks and the staff are generally on the ball. The atmosphere in the pub tends to be dictated by what, if anything, is being shown on the multiple TV screens. For example, last Friday saw some sort of Antipodean rugby on - the final whistle saw a mass exodus of those sporting sportswear and rucksacks, then on came the Winter Olympics (met with a mixture of abuse and apathy) followed by Championship football (general indifference). On the whole, a very handy boozer well worth a stop.
LondonWolf - 14 Feb 2006 11:04
Best pub in Soho for mediocre tasting drinks after work or week day drinks without any posing. Also, many people in here are hardcore, making one look fresh faced in comparison. Which is a boon.
anonymous - 13 Jan 2006 11:58
Pretty good, all in all. Gets very busy but the beer is very good indeed. Has a sort of faux mediaeval interior. Staff are attentive and there are huge tables you can fit all your friends around. I had pie and peas here (!) a few years back and it was excellent... but it doesn't seem to be on the menu anymore. This pub is a sort of halfway house between traditional and modern. Not one of my favourites, but I am a fairly frequent visitor.
Albert_Campion - 4 Dec 2005 00:56
Exactly what a pub should be - low on pretence and high on value. A great island of realness in the middle of all the soho ponciness. Why on earth this place hasn't a late license is beyond me.
smahman - 1 Dec 2005 13:24
Was in here for the football on saturday , never knew this was a sports pub untill today , had a great afternoon , staff were quick and beer was cold. food wasnt sampled. ( eating is cheating) def worth a return visit
kiwiphil - 10 Oct 2005 10:51
Great soho boozer for all types. Popular in summer, with people spilling out onto the pavement.

No pretense and reasonably priced drinks.
mdon - 10 Jun 2005 13:56
yea not bad but a lot of people sleeping in here.

good service but no matches behind the bar.
shw500 - 18 Apr 2005 09:53
This is a nice normalpub,no snazzy lighting or girl friendly tables and chairs etc.This is how a boozer should be man.
Nick Hamer - 3 Sep 2004 18:51
the beer prices have gone down... 99p a bottle of stella, and 2.65 a pint last night. The service was always quick, and it's fair enough being asked to leave at 11:30 :) Also had a laugh in the open mic night comedy upstairs... random comics, some good some bad, and some music too. I think either the poetry didn't turn up, or didn't like the look of the crowd...
Keif - 27 Jan 2004 11:47
I thought the prices wern't to bad for a West End Boozer and on Monday nights they do 99p bottles.

And a open mic comedy night, which is interesting and you may even find the odd celeb trying out new material.
Aleks - 27 Jan 2004 11:46
Can't recommned it - I got chased by some thugs into the doorway of the Crown in 1995 and the staff wouldn't let me seek refuge. I ended up getting nicked outside as I battered the guys who started it, AND it's very expensive....
Paul - 12 Dec 2003 13:57
I got hassled by a tramp outside once for apparently looking like Gordon Strachan. As a Southampton fan, I now take that as a compliment!
Bomber - 16 Jul 2003 18:04
On the subject of expense: have your lose change and unwanted cigarettes handy if you are standing outside in the summer - you would not want to miss all those opportunities to give to a wide and exciting range of beggars and weirdos that pass by.
Gell - 3 Jul 2003 18:10
Over-priced West End boozer. Not bad when it's quiet, though. Just wait until they have a drinks promotion until you walk in - the strip club next door has cheaper drinks than this place.
Darryl - 18 May 2003 01:26
Nice pub. No frills but easy to get served. Slightly limited range of beers though.
Alistair - 24 Mar 2003 09:29
Interesting to see the Dog & Duck mentioned in Rob's comment. That pub has the better beer (Tim Taylor Landlord). The C&2C has reasonable beer but £3 a pint is too much which is why I tend to drink away from the West End anyway.
lad_newton - 21 Feb 2003 17:58
It's a pub. A bit like Nellie Dean's. Just along from the Dog and Duck.
Quite good, central prices but generally a nice pint.
Rob - 5 Sep 2002 15:07

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