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Username: iceinthecider

Age: 47

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The Woodbine, Highbury

This place could, and SHOULD, be so good. Enticing, characterful, great jukebox, decent beers. And yet... quite what has got those poor poor bar staff so mournfully miserable is anyone's guess. I've been in loads of times and it's always the same: you start to imagine that they have all just heard of an unexpected death in the family, or that their rent has been doubled, or that their wages have been halved. Or all three. Recently they even had a cosy little gathering of miserableness at the end of the bar at about 11pm, serving each other drinks whilst none-too-poiltely pointing out to remaining customers that the bar was closed. Nice work.

27 Jul 2010 14:02

Bar 38, Canary Wharf

At face value it seems like circumstances conspire to favour this place: probably the best of the bunch in an area as dominated by chain establishments as an out-of-town retail park - and also housed in a converted warehouse of real quality. And yet. It just doesn't work as a space. Dreadful half-baked chintz jars horribly with the exposed beams, somehow, amazingly, resulting in the feel of a bad club. In Romford. Po-faced staff shuttle around with hot plates of cold food (I'm surmising here) and even a moment of happiness at finding Budvar Dark on draught was swiftly crushed at the 8.20-for-two-drinks bill. I suppose independent places could never afford to gain a foothold in the Manhattan-lite setting of Canary Wharf, but I think I'll sup directly from the Thames next time I end up here.

29 Nov 2006 18:38

The Town of Ramsgate, Wapping

Couple of slightly harsh reviews there. I'll redress the balance somewhat by mentioning that on each of my visits the staff here have been excellent - a reassuringly no-nonsense approach that results in drinks swiftly served even when the busy (long) bar indicates a potential long wait. The place has real character, and - whilst I am certainly not a 'local', let alone 'local local' - it maintains a friendly feel. And I am not writing on behalf of management. And I do not work there.

The large mirror towards the front has historical value apparently.

14 Nov 2006 15:32

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