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Moon Under Water, Hounslow

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user reviews of the Moon Under Water, Hounslow

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Typical Wetherspoon pub in a dump of a town,bar staff were ok but locals drinking there dole money and lives away won’t entice me back
wooser - 31 Mar 2022 18:33
First pub of a short New Year's Eve crawl for me. With one CAMRA voucher remaining, it had to be a Wetherspoons. It's been almost 6 years since I was last here. But I'd still rate it as the only decent real ale pub in Hounslow. It was fairly busy yesterday afternoon and there was a reasonable range of ales - Caledonian Double Dark, Greene King Abbot, Upham Punter, Ruddles Best, The Celt Experience The Lost Antlers, Goddards Fuddle Dee-Dum, Marstons Empire IPA & Sharps Doom Bar. Cider was Westons Old Rosie & Mulled Cider. Staff were efficient.
blue_scrumpy - 1 Jan 2016 15:15
This was once one of the best pubs in Hounslow/West of London, some people travelled to go there.
There was nice real ales, nice ambience, and not many yobs.
The last two still stand, but for the last two months, the quality of the Ales on a Friday night is downright poor.
For the first time since the 1970s I drank a lager instead of an ale.
It's been cloudy beer, and sometimes foul smelling as well for a couple of months.
But last Friday (12/6/2015) was the last time for me, only the Abbot or the Ruddles best was in drinkable condition, one guest ale was awful, the other that came on late was cloudy and only just drinkable.
Sorry, but the Manager seems to have given up (no sign of him on a Friday evening!).
Plus the other can clearly not handle cask ales.
If it has to be a Wetherspoons you want, try Twickeham, Feltham, Ealing, or Acton. Or better still if you want to travel: Surbiton & Wimbledon.
Tim Martin should close this place, as it gives a very bad name on quality to his empire.
CaskBill - 14 Jun 2015 21:49
Visited a couple of times this week. Friendly and efficient service and a relaxed atmosphere. Has more of a pub feel than many Wetherspoons, which can be a bit cavernous and empty. Ale was in excellent condition with some tasty dark beers amongst the options. Well worth a visit. 9/10.
wobblybob - 8 Nov 2013 23:33
went in friday afternoon try a few various beers they had which were all fine well served and did not have to wait long to be served.

saturday morning as my hotel was room only i went for breakfast which was ok but not as good as the one i had feltham spoons the previous day.
forestwood - 30 Aug 2011 12:20
this could be a great pub,had a meal which was great value for money,and the beer was good,but thats were it stops.the dykes behind the bar have a lot to learn about civility,one would be better off employed as a Sumo wrestler,such a terse can,t fall over as your feet are stuck to the carpet,and the odd whiff of urine about the place,the manager seemed a nice person having to make do with a jobsworthy lot,as is the trend for most weatherspoons.
dunroamin - 23 Aug 2011 12:52
Went to this pub yesterday, very good range of beers.
Had a beer and a meal, very fast and friendly service.
The outside was in the process of being re-painted.
dalecu - 24 Jul 2010 17:29
Very bad attitude from staff in this pub. Service is appalling unless you happen to be a friend of the blonde barmaid - in which case you are served quickly and have the bonus of a long chat about your mutual friends while everyone else has to wait. There is also a lot of loud swearing from some of the regulars which the staff seen to ignore - maybe they've just become used to it but it creates a very unpleasant atmosphere for casual visitors. Decor is looking tatty and adds to the feeling that the pub is on the way down.
LadyJanes - 24 Jun 2010 00:22
Usual Wetherspoons scenario - reasonably pleasant, beers fine and cheap as usual (less that half the price in Whitehall). Also the usual Wetherspoons crowd of slightly low-life but certainly not threatening or anything. Off the “main drag”, slightly out of town so might take a bit of finding - it’s to the west.
Can’t understand why others have rated this place so low.
Hounslow is a right dump, nobody even speaks English, even the whites – except in Wetherspoons.

Richardhuddleston - 1 Jun 2010 10:46
Great pub, and I drink here regularly. But please, please, could Management switch the heating on and keep it on? I was there last night, 5C outside, and the same temperature inside....

It would also be nice if something could be done about the appalling smell in the corridor leading to the toilets..

Otherwise, the beer is excellent, food great, and a good bunch of staff
Kollantai - 31 Mar 2010 09:13
This is an excellent pub.The landlord is a gentleman and knows his stuff. The staff are polite and friendly. The food is cheap and reasonable - no one expects haute cuisine - and the beers are always in top notch condition (unlike the Railway in Putney). There are a few bitter comments on this board (no puns please) but this is hardly a reflection of the pub or the way it's run. Yes, there are some difficult customers, but this is Hounslow with all the social problems it's got. A real beacon in the darkness. Do visit.
daveid - 17 Mar 2010 18:13
A fairly poor branch of Wetherspoons. They had a good range of real ales - Skinners Figgy's Brew, Ruddles Best, Twickenham Naked Ladies & Winter Cheer, Greene King Abbot Ale, Courage Directors, Brains SA and Box Steam Funnel Blower. Unfortunately there was no real cider. Although apparently there normally is. The place was busy but there are plenty of seats and tables. The clientele is a reflection of Hounslow as a whole. You could tell many were too regular for their own good.
blue_scrumpy - 12 Mar 2010 21:05
An excellent well-run place that is welcoming to families, many of whom have meals here. There can be problems with customers just as in any pub in London but here they are swiftly dealt with by the very efficient and polite bar staff. The landlord is very supportive of real beer and this is now a mecca for CAMRA members.

Incidentally, by coincidence I was there when BroadsideXX threw his temper tantrum and it was very entertaining for us spectators. His friend who stayed to have a meal on his own, apologisd for Broadsidexx's actions, saying that he had health problems, but that was no excuse for his behaviour. Anyone who swears at bar staff should expect to be barred.
Glyn - 3 Mar 2010 16:19
The best beer pub in Hounslow and almost certainly the best Wetherspoons in London. Peter, the landlord, is a beer enthusiast himself and always keeps at least six (6) real ales available. Food is standard for Wetherspoons.
Wandering_Star - 3 Mar 2010 02:28
Just a little more info about broadsidexx's comment.
After storming into the pub after an obviously bad day an order was placed rather abruptly for scampi, chips and salad. This was placed and the amount requested.Broadsidexx then asked for the afternoon deal with no pleasantries, apologies etc. but he still wanted the salad.Again the amount was asked for.The gentleman was still not happy with amount requested and told 'steve the barman' that he always paid £3.20.Steve the barman then asked if he would like to replace the peas with salad,Broadsidexx then said yes in rather a loud voice.
Steve the barman then politely suggested that he did not take the remnants of a bad day out on the staff.
Broadsidexx scooped his money up and stormed out of the pub.
When he returned to speak to Peter,the manager, he was told that his behaviour had been unacceptable and he was barred, he left after threatening 'you'll pay for this.'
How very civilised.
Mr Thundercloud also seems to have mixed things up a little as there has been a blanket ban on staff eating or drinking in the pub off duty,which makes it highly unlikely that the reason for you being barred is centred around chips being thrown,unless you were throwing them...

Management - 6 Jan 2010 21:43
I passed by Hounslow on business recently. I thought I would try 'The Moon' for a quick pint.
A good selection of ales that appeared to be well looked after.

The staff were friendly and chatty and I was served immediately.

Remarkable price for the pint. As it is a Wetherspoon's in a down at heal area, I hardly expected it to be the cutting edge of clientele.

Yet I had a friendly chat at the bar with a couple of obvious beer connoiseurs. I was pleased to see a couple of chaps ready books.

The pub seems to be what it is, with no pretensions. The tall manager was
exceptionally friendy and could serve quick enough.

A good place for a quick pint. I did not try the food.

A reflection of Hounslow.
Smiffy01 - 27 Dec 2009 11:02
Complete Dump
I was in there and Pete's,The managers' son started throwing chips at the customers.As he was not avaliable at the time I kindly asked his wife to control her children as this was unaceptable
She did not tsake kindly to this and I was banned.
Also his kid goes into the kitchen regualrly,which is a breach of health and saftley.
Beer is only good sometimes,food is crap compared to others.
I would NOT go in here if I was paid £1000000.
Complete dump,many bannned recently.
Ealing a lot better !!!!

chiefthundercloud - 26 Dec 2009 19:52
"pond life under water" inspired ! You are obviously too intelligent to drink here? I Like this pub, but a few of the regulars could do with going through the sheep-dip.
It is Hounslowistan so what do you expect?
food is hit and miss. Staff ok, customers ....... let's just say 5th amendment.
ps. pete is a star.
dirty.sock - 21 Nov 2009 02:23
It's a bit like Marmite; you either love it or hate it.

It should be renamed 'Pond Life Under The Water'

The food has gone down, but not as far as the toilets, they stink.

WiFi is allegedly back again.
Velasquez - 20 Nov 2009 12:22
AVOID at all costs.
I was asked to leave becuase Steve the barman did not like the wayI asked for fish and chips.
Orignal ace cook left,food now rubbish,overcoocked unless a certain girl is on.Beer is only good 1/2 time.Manager and most staff have bad attitude problem.Complaining about customers and other staff being lazy.
Wifi has not been working for over 3 months.

broadsidexx - 16 Nov 2009 10:17
When this pub first opened I went in to find beer glasses and bottles cluttering the tables as they were not cleared away by the staff...Also the "customers" were the rowdy youthful types, so I never went back there for a long time. Like all Wetherspoons pubs things settled down and now I enjoy the odd pint in here from time to time.
I can honestly say that during one of their beer festivals last year the staff here were very enthusiastic and patient, and dare I say it knowledgable, offering advice on the differant beers available.
Yes - I would go back again.
DepotCat - 17 Apr 2009 08:21
scandalous. female member of staff making out with another colleague's female partner in the beer garden in view of children.
anonymous - 24 Dec 2008 09:58
The usual Spoons vast selection of real ale and standard lagers. There is a yard out the back with some tables and chairs.

If you like Wetherspoons you’ll like it here and if you don’t you won’t.
Strongers - 18 Dec 2008 11:29
I'm a bit surprised about some of the negative comments on beer quality - I've rarely, if ever, had a bad pint here (apart from the time they 'upgraded' the cellar equipment, and all the real ale came up far too cold - fortunately now resolved). This place is by far and away the best boozer in central Hounslow (admittedly the competition leaves a lot to be desired), decent prices, good beer range, and the natives civilised enough.
Well, for Hounslow, anyway.
ealingblue - 8 Dec 2008 16:13
Someone took the hint... Improving again, now!
anonymous - 9 Oct 2008 13:03
This is the 1st time I have written something poor about this pub. I went in last Tuesday night and saw Theakston's Old Peculier on sale which is a lovely beer. Unfortunately this beer was so out of condition I had to leave almost two thirds of it. It would appear that the beer had been put on sale the previous night but from my experience of ale, it was already out of condition then.
This pub really wants to pull it's socks up and get the beer quality right. Then start thinking about the range of beer. Things are going down-hill FAST.
anonymous - 24 Aug 2008 14:46
I have a drink in here on a fairly regular basis. Not the most salubrious surroundings, but none the less it's a decent pub. The staff are great and there's normally 4 or 5 guest beers on offer, so there's always something different to try.
Mig - 21 Jun 2008 21:37
I visited this pub for the first time for about 18 months. It is one of JDW's better pubs with a good selection of real ales. The food was good and the service quick.

Normally I would not comment on the clientele but unfortunately the day was spoilt by a silly old git who was maudlin drunk. He insisted on breaking into song several times and took umbrage when told that it was not worth hearing. He was also upset as he kept on insisting he was a regular and that we were not.

I would not rule out returning but I will give it some thought in a few months time. It's a pity as the pub was definitely more enjoyable than a lot of those in this chain.
wyndham - 1 May 2008 22:16
Always has a good selection of well kept beer. Additionally, I have eaten here a fair bit and never had a bad meal. Yesterday's was exceptional - many places charging three times as much cannot manage a blue steak but, seemingly, Wetherspoons can.

The staff are always pleasant and serve customers in turn rather than who shouts loudest.

The clientele are a mixed bunch tending towards an older crowd. Occasionally some may get a bit noisy, but the Manager keeps this in check so the atmosphere is friendly rather than intimidating.
Bunting - 23 Apr 2008 09:04
Excellent. The Manager and staff are always pretty quick, efficient and friendly. A great and varied selection of real ales are available.
Clientele also varied.

Best Wetherspoons I've ever been in.
cidered - 11 Apr 2008 14:41
Probably one of the best Wetherspoons in the country for its selection of real beers, and certainly one of the best pubs in Hounslow. Peter is an excellent and efficient manager.
Glyn - 12 Dec 2007 18:36
This pub is trouble....its great during the day but in the evening theres just to many bad uns in there...i wouldn't say steer clear but go in there and check it out for yourself...

everyone sees things differently....
Scarlett28 - 30 Nov 2007 10:43
Lovely pub one of the best in hounslow great young and old crowd and friendly bar staff definely will pop in ere again highly recommend
beertraveller - 11 Nov 2007 12:57
Excellent pub, food much better than other Wetherspoons, Beer kept well. Staff efficient, manager very clued-up, minimal waiting time at the bar. Well done.
ixion - 5 Nov 2007 18:01
efficient friendly and polite staff. In a wetherspoons? I just don't believe it.
anonymous - 21 May 2007 02:33
Staff are very efficient, friendly and polite, bar and food service is excellent and look forward to going there on sundays with my sister for a very enjoyable meal.
Keep up the good work.
See you next week.
johngebryant - 21 May 2007 00:52
This is what a Wetherspoon pub should be: well kept ales and efficient service - both bar and food. Recommended.
wobblybob - 25 Dec 2006 15:05
A good real ale pub. Runs other festivals outside the main Wetherspoons ones. I visit this on a number of occasions. Otherwise a normal run-of the mill JDW.
wyndham - 20 Sep 2006 19:19
I've have visited quite a few times.
During the week its a OAP centre full of old men with walking sticks, zimmers, and wet trousers!
Weekends aint bad but its more of a few drinks and off somewere else pub.

I dont think i could handle staying for more then 2 drinks.

Staff are very polite and friendly.
shoobz - 6 Jul 2006 13:53
Undergoing a refurb which will still mean no TVs cos the Manager doesn't want them. That's fine by me. Lovely place, pleasant staff, great beer... any chance they could move it closer to my home in Wembley?! (it knocks spots off my local!)
robhealy - 25 Jun 2006 12:58
It's hard to form an opinion on this pub. Yeah, sure the beer is cheap - but the lecherous old men are nasty.

I generally hate Wetherspoon pubs cos it doesn't know what demographic to allure to. Dirty, drunken, smell old men or flirtatious, slutty and young girls and boys who've just come out of school?

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad, mad world that Mr J D Wetherspoon has conjured up.
Succulent_Chicken - 6 Jun 2006 11:43
Luv it 10/10 all my mates go there, well cheap drinks and the music and birds are wikkid!!
anonymous - 17 May 2006 11:24

A very special event is to held at this excellent pub.

Richmond and Hounslow CAMRA are proud to present, in conjunction with The Moon Under Water 84-88 Staines Road, Hounslow. TW3 3LF.

~ A post GBBF all London CAMRA Branch social ~
(Great British Beer Festival for those who don't know.)

“Your Choice Beer Festival.”

The 15 most popular real ales voted for by London CAMRA members will be available for your delectation and drinking pleasure.

Friday 9th September 7pm to 11pm
Saturday 10th September 11am – 11pm
Sunday 11th September Noon –10:30pm

So please tell everyone you know and drag them along.
ssteven1 - 11 Aug 2005 17:33
Despite what previous commentators have said, this is the only pub in Hounslow that my wife would consider going in alone (at lunchtime, anyway). Mind you, I'm s**t-scared of her, and so should Hounslow be, so that could be why. It's just that all JDW pubs are starting to get on my nerves - too formulaic (ooh get him) but I still wish I'd bought shares in them all those years ago! BTW, TheGP, the only thing worse than a night out in Hounslow, is a night IN in Hounslow
billynibbles - 6 May 2005 23:01
This is a Wetherspoon's pub - so like all pubs in the chain it does cheap booze. This seems to attract the all-day-every-day drinker in Hounslow - I haven't a clue where they get their beer money from. It is an OK pub, the problem is with the whole chain - you could be anywhere in Britain in this pub - it seems to lack any sort of spirit that makes a pub visit special. But after a few pints of the guest ales you won't care where you are.
mike2004 - 29 Sep 2004 13:33
TC - I have nothing against Feltham per se (I live there actually)- It is the pubs of Feltham and Hounslow that leave a lot to be desired. I also have teeth thank you.

And the last comment made me laugh out loud - If that is not a Wetherspoons employee I am an otter.

The Moon is actually one of the better pubs in Hounslow - And the fact that a Wetherspoons is one of the best says it all really.
TheGP - 24 Sep 2004 13:46
great pub, oyou cant go wrogn hwere, good crowd every night
ncie assortment of drinks, try finding one complaint?
the offers here are second to none
Mr. J Wickramasinghe - 15 Sep 2004 15:20
Who is this toothless guy the "Ginger Prince" he doesn't seem to like Hounslow or Feltham.

Pub has a good turnaround of Beers and even did a bottled cider for a while "Mr Whitehouse". Keep it up.
TC - 1 Sep 2004 19:22
Same old Wetherspoons vibes, but this one is not as bad as soms.

The usual collection of wino's and Hounslow mentalists, but as all Hounslow pubs are full of such people, the contrast in here doesn't strike you straight away, and makes it a viable drinking option if you have the misfortune to have a night out in Hounslow.
TheGP - 10 Aug 2004 11:32
wonderful everchanging guest beers, usually the full range from the current beer list available over the relevant period. The beer festivals are beyond compare as the usual suspects (Abbott, Directors,S-Ligtning) are removed and each handpump, 12 I think, has a different ale on. The manager is very interested in real ales, which makes a change. Monday club as such is not done due to doorman requirements, but on Mondays guest ales are £1.39 down from £1.55. Sounds great doesn't it. However it can get very smokey and the gents toilets sometimes require a gas-mask.
simon - 22 Jan 2004 16:55
Always the same old men drinking in here. Food is cheap and not bad, if they haven't run out of what you want that is. Better than most Weatherspoons pubs though, due in no small part to the absence of the huge windows that plague many a Weatherspoons pub. I like to drink discreetly and you can here.
Good for: When you are skint
thenationofjames - 11 Dec 2003 13:25
We call it the DSS (you work out why) but this Wetherspoon pub hits the spot on a Tuesday night with its demon Abbott ale.
Food mediocre but cheap
eric - 2 Dec 2003 19:55

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