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Bell and Crown, Chiswick

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user reviews of the Bell and Crown, Chiswick

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My local in the 80''s, has been renovated a couple of timings but still looks like a traditional pub in a great location. A good offering of Fullers beers both old and new but now concentrating on food - a good number of lunchtime diners.
ellisref - 14 Sep 2017 07:51
Good selection of beers including a guest from Castle Rock. Pleasant location overlooking the river (inside and out) and close to Kew Bridge train station.
Trev - 1 Jul 2016 19:20
After the disappointment of the Bulls Head, this restored my faith in the London boozer. Fair more outside seating.

Much quieter with plenty of staff on. The ESB was as good as I have had anywhere.
Mappiman - 21 Jun 2015 16:30
I agree that at 'busy times' and when sun is shining, you will find many well heeled 'Chiswick types' but that is only to be expected. These people do all congregate at the back of pub by the riverside. But I can report that there are plenty of seats nearer the front of the pub. Overall, this is one of the best Thames-side pubs in London. Well worth visiting.
malo66 - 8 Jun 2015 12:37
A whiff of cynicism as well as an all pervading aroma of kitchen smells hangs over this formerly pleasant West London boozer.Over 4 quid for a pint of pride but there seemed to be plenty of well heeled Chiswick types willing to pay the price.The emphasis is clearly on food & they seem determined to exploit their riverside location as ruthlessly as possible.It reeks of soullessness & greed.A metaphor for modern Britain perhaps but deeply depressing nevertheless.
Tramadolkid - 3 May 2015 18:35
Gains an extra point for its location on the river, its seems to split 50/50 between drinkers and diners. Food is good, service reasonable; not exactly cosy but it's enjoyable.
mozzzzzz - 15 Jun 2014 18:07
Booze Allen - you mean that the Express Tavern was closed. It took me a while to realise! The same thing happened to me last week, but that's OK as I love the Bell & Crown
malo66 - 12 Jun 2013 19:01
The Empress Tavern was closed, presumably because of the Rugby so we all came here. A sizeable place and easy to get a seat on the Saturday afternoon. Bit annoyed with the vinegar fumes everywhere with peoples chips. Had a pint of London Pride which was Ok - nothing special.
Booze_Allen - 7 Mar 2013 21:16
thanks for reporting back renzarov! I haven't been to the B&C for a while but I was always most impressed by it. I was mystified by those bizarre comments about the pub dog and so on.
malo66 - 26 Sep 2012 16:14
I thought I might as well report back about the place! My friend & I were served by a gorgeous, funny barmaid, & there were several of these, in fact! :-) The ESB was acceptable if not brilliant, but my mate wasn't over impressed with his pint of (keg) Honeydew...I'd tried to tell him the differences between real & rubbish, but he didn't 'get them', obviously! No management or dog was on show, so I can't say anything on those topics. I can't quite remember the price of my ESB, but I expect it was about £3.70? The B&C is a good pub, overall, I feel!
renzarov - 24 Sep 2012 13:42
I shall be visiting The Bell & Crown on Sunday 16th, so shall be interested to find out about the landlord, landlady, dog & service! I've been going to this one on & off for 35 years or so, & the only thing I dislike is the priceyness. But that's bog standard for Thames riverside boozers, & The Dove etc lower down in Hammersmith are worse, of course.
renzarov - 7 Sep 2012 14:43
Can't see what the previous fuss is about. Our rowing club came here for dinner 2 weeks ago and found it to be FANTASTIC. Friendly, good atmosphere and great quality London Pride and ESB. Clearly the previous entries were having a bad day before coming here. Thumbs up.
casklovers - 17 Jan 2012 14:38
My wife and I visited this pub for the first time recently and unfortunutely were appauled by the rudemess of the so called "land lord"! we had had a nice afternoon in Kew Gardens and walked down to the river in hope of a drink and dinner but all we found was an unhappy Irish man and a dog which kept annoying most of the seated customers. He seemed to think it was our fault for asking him to move "the pub dog" away rather than let him beg for our food. Shame, the pub is in a nice location and seemed in good order. I've seen the other comments about the "drunk" land lady, and share their dissapointment. Next time we'll walk past! J.C
craddock1970 - 20 Oct 2011 22:26
Okay so the bell and actually the best pub to have a drink at on the river at kew / chiswick. I am a regular drinker there and Iam along with my wife and my dog always made to feel more than welcome along with the many tourists visiting the riverside. Anyone wishing to take in the beauty of the bell and crown will find a warm welcom from Frank and Geraldine the Landlords and their lovely dog Pongo (sorry barny). My friend who wrote the previous three reviews (sorry mr T, name and shame)was just a bit jealous for being barred for constantly falling off of his barstool. Big up the Bell. Wooddog
Diablodeladog - 24 Jul 2011 00:33
I have taken my family there a few times in the past few weeks and am astonished at the lack of customer service. The landlady was clearly drunk at 4pm and was unable to understand our requirement for a children's menu, I overheard her swearing at some of the floor staff who were actually doing a really good job! A lovely waitress came to her rescue, thank goodness! The food was okay, and the loos were clean.
MrsJP - 6 Jul 2011 23:25
I cannot understand the adverse comments about this pub. It is a nice old building on a fabulous part of the Thames (Strand-on-the-Green) and the landlords have always done a good job. There is a good range of real ales - mostly Fuller's. Food is varied and reasonable.
malo66 - 6 Jul 2011 11:58
What started off as a nice drink after work till around eight continued to progress into a drunken/drug induced fiasco behind the bar by unfriendly staff. If anyone is looking for a relaxed drink after work this is not is not the place for you. However, if you are looking for a rendition of shameless, this is the place for you!
Cuthburt - 6 Jul 2011 01:33
I have never been so insulted by a landlady in living memory! Myself and a friend were in for lunch and a few beers on the 26th of June, after commenting the beer smelled and tasted of chemicals we were told there was nothing wrong. Extortionate prices and terrible hospitality after only five minutes! We sat down to eat what can only be compared to dog food, after finally complaining we were spoken to by a clearly intoxicated landlady, who told us "well pay your bill and leave as i need this table". I have never been so offended, over 20 pounds for two meals that the pub dog (who had the most pungent stench by the way) would turn down i should imagine. I would not advise anyone to visit this pub, a horrific drunk of a landlady, bad overpriced food and drink and a dog that smelled worse than the Thames on a hot day!
Cuthburt - 5 Jul 2011 22:14
The landlady was incredibly rude. I politely asked if the conservatory roof blinds could be lowered (stowed) to allow more light in on the first good day of the year, the reply was an unfriendly "NO. You won't touch those blinds it's going to be sunny tomorrow and I am only going to have to raise them again". After this someone who I can only guess was the landlord came over and asked if we were "the tourists" as "I just wanted to see what the people who asked for the blinds to be lowered looked like" After this I noticed that the canopy outside was also lowered to reduce the light level even more. This could have been a coincidence but I doubt it.
I have never known anyone who, being in the service industry should be polite and civil to their clientèle to be so rude. Over 1 pub a week is closing due to a poor economy, with honest hard working landlords. It’s a crying shame that this one isn't replacing one of the good ones. This is not a pub that anyone should frequent.

0Camraman - 9 Apr 2011 17:41
I was in here on a Tuesday night and was served the worst meal in my memory. It may have been a one off (as i was told the main chef was not working that night), however I was offended by the manager for telling me how I should order my food, and telling our group that what we ordered was fine.

The fact is the shared starters were terrible. The bread was stale, and we were served a cold meat that looked like dog food (which included a bit of plastic).

The Chilli was apparently horrible, the muscles were grainy, and my burger was cremated (twice) and fell apart into meatballs as soon as I bit into it. I was in here on a Saturday a few weeks ago and the burger was perfect so assume we had a decent chef that night.

No apologies were given to me and I was actually made to feel like I had done something wrong because I complained. There was nothing taken off the bill.

The Honeydew was good, but still I will no longer be using this pub in the future based on a meltdown in the kitchen and lack of respect from the manager on 29th June 2010.
2AndyGorams - 30 Jun 2010 12:52
have been to that pub a few times.
the food they serve is quite nice. the portions are not too big and you could definietely go for a pudding after the main course. I loved the chocolate cake that was recommended by the owner of the pub.
the location is great - lovely river views.
it's a great place to go to on sunny days.
mysteriouscustomer - 1 Feb 2010 20:51
I really like this pub, especially in the warmer months when you can sit outside by the river.

HOWEVER, on my last visit a few weeks ago, a pint of Discovery and a small glass of Pinot Grigio was a wallet busting £7.20. If I want to get mugged, I'll hang around Brentford. Withprices like these, no wonder people are deserting pubs for supermarket booze at home.
I_love_Ellie - 22 Apr 2009 14:45
This is how pubs should be....friendly welcoming landlord and staff. Fullers beer in perfect condition cozy log fire and a lovely position on the river.
I was just a bit sad that I missed lunch as the kitchen closed at 3 but hey they deserve a rest.
I will certainly drop by next time.
pubmanstu - 10 Apr 2009 22:06
We fancied a post Christmas drink and bite to eat by the river and found the Bell and Crown via a dog friendly website as we wanted to walk our pooch afterwards. We received a warm welcome and were shown to a table with a fantastic river view (having been offered water for our dog!). The staff were so friendly and accommodating, the food was lovely, the beer was good and the view could not be bettered. Thoroughly recommended!
JillyC - 30 Dec 2008 15:31
Popped in for dinner and a pint. Nicely kept beer and the food was reasonable too. This sort of pub reminds me of my time living in London, they are quite unique and well worth a visit.
Fizzyhead - 8 Dec 2008 23:13
Still using sparklers for some reason, but they removed them on request. There can’t be many Fullers pubs in London that use them – this is the only one that I know that does.

The food in here is pretty good, but it’s not cheap. The service has invariably been very friendly when I’ve been in there. Notwithstanding the foregoing, this remains a decent riverside pub.

RexRattus - 23 Nov 2008 12:02
I've just moved away from London and I really miss this boozer. The bar staff were always great and the landlord Frank was a brilliant guy. Nice relaxing pub. Would highly recommend.
Al34 - 19 Nov 2008 20:48
An out of the way London pub with well kept Chiswick Bitter and reasonable food. Friendly service but slightly long narrow cramped layout not good for large groups. Plenty of parking but didn't get the chance to see the river as it was a cold November evening when we went.
Fizzyhead - 13 Nov 2008 13:55
Ten of us went for a meal there last Sunday afternoon. It wasn't a great success, the five of us opting for the roast beef all having cause for complaint. For £13.95 we got:
- 3 small slices of almost raw beef. Two of us didn't mind the rawness (and it was tasty), but the others couldn't manage it.
- 1 small tepid, soggy and limp Yorkshire Pudding.
- 3 halves of small roast potatoes, some of which weren't properly cooked.
- some thick julienne carrots, barely warm
- a small portion of cabbage combined with one or two peas in a (cream?)sauce, cold.
- a dollop of horseradish sauce.

Three of us had sweet at £4.95 (or was it £3.95). My apple crumble was simply soggy stodge.

For balance, I must say that those not having the roast generally enjoyed their meals, and the manager responded positively to our complaints and gave us three of the roasts free. We arrived early, and I suspect that the kitchen wasn't yet up to speed. On the way out, I noticed that the portions were more substantial and appeared to be better cooked.

Even considering the location, the meals were very expensive.
John_Stark - 26 Aug 2008 15:08
we went back here last night for my birthday dinner. The menu is a mixture of standard pub grub (fish n chips, steak and ale pie, etc) and a few unusual items like the seared marlin with couscous and red pepper suace, which I had. It was delicious, and the other half loved the steak pie.

Two excellent pints of Pride went well with that, all severved by a friendly Kiwi waitress who all but sang "Happy Birthday" to me when she found out. I love this pub.
Royed - 7 Aug 2008 09:30
Great pub with good service.Food a little expensive but what do you expect cosidering the location
Badger350 - 29 Jun 2008 16:24
I’ve been into the Bell and Crown on many occasions since my last review and have to report that the staff’s attitude is now excellent and this is still the best venue in the area for a few jars. I wish that I lived more locally!
Strongers - 22 May 2008 15:04
Best pub in the the near-by area - well run, staff that can calculate and serve more than one drink at a time and nice location.

The usual spluttering of locals but that's what a pubs for.

Don't sit outside on a full spring tide!!!
bubbsey - 6 May 2008 18:03
Good pub on riverside with oak panelled interior and small patio. Despite serving a wide range of food, it has resisted the temptation to become a restaurant in all but name and is still very much a pub which welcomes those who just drop in just for a pint
Redriley - 23 Feb 2008 12:43
Good pub on riverside with oak panelled interior and small patio. Despite serving a wide range of food, it has resisted the temptation to become a restaurant in all but name and is still very much a pub which welcomes those who just drop in just for a pint
Redriley - 23 Feb 2008 12:42
By far the best pub on this part of the river. Very friendly, great beers (well, if you like Fullers) and the food is really very, very good for the price. Only odd thing is Friday afternoons where it seems to serve as the hot spot for the post-funeral wake....
juraluth - 30 Jan 2008 16:32
Thoroughly nice riverside pub with excellent Fullers. Worth making a detour for.

Royed - 27 Aug 2007 17:56
Not a bad place, food was reasonable (if a little overpriced) as were drinks. 4 options on the real ales, and a cosy little interior. Could maybe do with sharper serving staff...
thebigbosh - 15 Jun 2007 09:05
Great riverside pub serving Fullers and cheesey chips. Time sails by. I loved the place. Great to relax after the Thames Towpath Ten.
SilkTork - 29 Apr 2007 10:19
This is a great place for an afternoon drink by the river but beware the cyclists riding down the towpath, especially after sampling a few of the well kept beers.

The landlady is extremely friendly, even if the landlord and some of the staff can come across as a little curt.

I have found The Bell and Crown to consistently be the best pub along Strand on the Green/Thames Road.

Also keep an eye out for the Ribena shyte because whilst drinking here last summer a bird that had been eating the red berries from the tree outside the pub crapped on some random guy’s white shirt – I found it funny until I realised that I had been sitting in some.
Strongers - 20 Mar 2007 10:28
Good beers and food in this Fuller's riverside pub.
downender - 16 Feb 2007 10:48
er. riverside.
JohnnyCrow - 2 Feb 2007 15:32
Racism aside (and I've never witnessed it here).
This is a lovely reverside pub.
JohnnyCrow - 2 Feb 2007 15:31
It certainly looked most inviting to come in out of the cold afternoon, sit by the crackling fire and enjoy an ale and absorb the atmosphere of what looked like a decent, traditional, friendly pub.

Unfortunately, my other half, who hails from Japan, was met with mutterings of "no DVDs, no DVDs" from the various giro-drinking, knuckle-dragging neanderthals. When I asked what they meant by that, I was met with guffaws and a few surly looks.

Needless to say, we left. Racism is an ugly thing. Shame.
E1_Norton - 25 Jan 2007 17:30
A quality pub indeed. Spent a few hours sitting outside by the river on a warm late September afternoon/early evening - until an unusually high tide came up over the footpath forcing us inside. Lovely place to sit and watch the river roll by. Haven't eaten there, but being a Fuller's house you expect the beer to be good, and I was not disappointed. Staff friendly enough, and very comfortable to sit inside as well as out.
RexRattus - 31 Dec 2006 11:32
Quality pub.
mad_mullah - 22 Nov 2006 03:41
Enjoyed it. The Chiswick was excellent and remarkably for London pubs the there was a landlady and she gave us a warm welcome. Great to see a locals pub in these parts.
AndySk - 20 Oct 2006 01:28
great pub with outside seating next to the river or to sit in the conservatory.all of Fuller's beers available and "pride" at it's very best £2.65,very nice staff, quite busy but plenty of room,(need to book a table if a crowd) also has a smaller bar at lower level. will definately return
anonymous - 22 Jun 2006 12:53
Came here from the River side on a late Spring Tuesday evening, and was healthily busy. Lovely to sit on the sofas overlooking the water.
Food was prompt and pretty good. Waitress (Brazilan I think) was a tad aggressive and didnt have a clue what an AMEX card was or how to run a tab. Barman sorted it in the end efficiently.
Nice pub though - could imagine it becoming packed on Sunday afternoons.
lolwood32 - 2 May 2006 09:01
I was a bit put off when I first walked in (going in the back from the Thames is not quite the same as going in the front!) however, it was quite cosy and warm but I had to sit in the non smoking area which is a bit cut off but nice and quiet to relax. The food was nice. Good selection and hearty portions in Fuller's pubs as ever! Lady serving food was very jolly and made it even more inviting. Would go back for a few pints again at some point.
Tiny - 17 Jan 2006 22:56
Good quality Fullers beer.Great riverside location with seating virtually in the water on a high tide.
mally - 23 Jul 2005 11:37
Very pleasant sitting outside on the towpath enjoying the Spring sunshine last Sunday and the pub seemed well run and efficient ( in contrast to The City Barge further along ) - but I see what Lucy means about the pub having lost a lot of character now.
JohnBonser - 19 Apr 2005 14:20
Lost a lot of character since refurb unfortunately, as they all do.

Impossible to sit down inside at weekends as all tables are "reserved" for those who have booked the superior pub food.
Lucy - 1 Mar 2004 10:46
Average interior enhanced by good layout, comfy seeting and river proximity. Bit pricey but then it is Strand on the Green. Great sitting outside on summer evenings. Beware of men in wooly jumpers.
Good for: Good allrounder
thenationofjames - 10 Dec 2003 13:54
I came back from being away for a few months, and the only thing that had changed was the fact Dean had moved on, shame, but the place is still great and the food better than ever. Shame Francis doesn't play Barbara Striesand any more...WHY
anonymous - 27 Nov 2003 12:50
A great pub on Strand on the Green, with lovely river views and fantastic food. Perfect venue for a slap-up Sunday lunch.

foxski - 9 Aug 2003 14:28
fab pub, great location on sunny day & v comfy inside if not so sunny. but what!!! no fosters!!!!- only minus here.
millym - 25 Jul 2003 20:41
Best pub in the world, ask Ant & Dec!
Reef - 20 Jun 2002 13:59

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