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Username: lolwood32

Age: 50

Sex: male

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The Chequers Inn, Fingest

Yes indeed, a lovely pub, lovely garden, restaurant and setting.

However, one recent Saturday afternoon, whilst enjoying beautiful walking weather, the barman was rather aggressive with punters about 2.45pm, stressing to us that he was closing at 3pm and didnt want to serve us. We insisted, so he did give us adrink, but was rather unpleasant thereafter.
One punter in the arden made it known to all of us (about a dozen) that "the barman was doing nothing to encourage repeat business".

So why do these popular country village pubs close at 3pm on a sunny Saturday afternoon?

Shame. Otherwise, a lovely place.

19 Apr 2010 11:29

Duke of Edinburgh, Shepherds Bush

Frankly the most unwelcoming, dirtiest, pub I have ever been to. Anywhere. No attempt whatsovever to make you feel welcome. Filthy carpets, no decor, no machines. no armchairs, no curtains, no nothing. Just a filthy carpet, couple of dirty stools, a trellis table and three knackered old chairs. THe landlord was a salt of the earth Irishman, so we stayed for a very swift half and left quickly.
Ghastly place.

25 Mar 2010 16:20

The Hobbit, Southampton

I used to go here when I was a post-grad student in the mid 1990's. Not been there since 1995 therefore but judging by the comments here, nothing has changed. And thank goodness.
The place was legendary - sure, us students packed the place out during term time, but the music was fabulous, the beer affordable, the garden massive and the toilets downright dangerous. In fact, it was the only time of the week I would wear my cowboy boots as they had heels high enough so I did not have to wade throught the piss on the floor and get wet!
Sometimes we even had a pee in the trees in the garden to avoid going in there! Great times.

13 May 2009 16:53

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