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The Hope, Carshalton

Can only say after his hatchet job for you can't say review, we hopefully won't be seeing the apparently at odds with everyone else on the site greentoby..........which must be a great relief for all concerned.

27 Aug 2014 16:35

The Little Windsor, Sutton

Let's hope the pub doesn't get taken over by all the refugees from the New Town

6 Jan 2014 00:01

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

Live in London but always head hear when visiting, best all-round pub by a mile. Good ales, good German biers and friendly staff and users

26 Nov 2013 22:56

The Scared Crow, West Malling

Love "lolsy's" spelling, makes about as much sense as his review, if you can't put something constructive (good OR bad) don't bother.

8 Mar 2013 10:14

The Black Horse, Thurnham

Yes, benton is certainly on a different planet to the rest of us, his post just doesn't bear any comparison to the pub I visited the other week and quite frankly I think it's just been done for effect. If I was him I would also consider signing on for some evening classes in English.........your grammar is rubbish

6 Mar 2013 08:48

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

Remember this pub OPENING !!! Very sad to see any pub close but when it's played a part in your life, well

23 Aug 2012 10:24

Hogshead, Newport

Character, featurless hole full of pissed yobs most evenings and apparently made out of old wooden pallets

30 May 2012 10:24

Ship Centurion Arminius, Whitstable

Visited for the first time Oct '11. Great pub, friendly, lively. We have lost too many pubs like this. And on a completely personal note; GREAT DARK MILD

3 Nov 2011 09:07

The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Remember having our union meetings in here when I worked at Leatherhed bus garage

13 Sep 2011 15:39

The Five Pointed Star, West Malling

Went in here the other night before going to Brands on Sunday and had a great evening. I had good beer, good conversation AND a bloody good smoke !! Just what an English pub should be

24 May 2007 10:41

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street

Great pub IF you stick to the original parts, I was in on Monday 12 March which was a lovely bright sunny day and they had the coal fire in the grate burning with the result that you couldn't stay in there for the heat...........not that I'll let that put me off

13 Mar 2007 16:08

The Lobster Pot, West Malling

I'm sure they can't wait for your mates he old enough to drink, he doesn't sound it

22 Dec 2006 10:13

The Hand and Flower, Ham

I used to live in Richmond area in '70's and used to pop in from time to time as there was allways a chance of seeing the great Dave Allen sitting at the bar

25 Sep 2006 11:15

The Castlenau, Barnes

Yes, I'm a seventies model I'm afraid so remember it running out of beer in good old '76

23 Jun 2006 10:58

The Castlenau, Barnes

Last time I went to this pub it was called the Boileau Arms...............bloody hell !!

anyone else remember it then ??

23 Jun 2006 10:47

The Pig and Whistle, East Sheen

On a nostalgia trip with a friend from U.S. who was brought up in the area recently,as I was. Didn't know this place from old........bloody glad we didn't

Stick to the gardeners,charlie b or white heart at a push

23 Jun 2006 10:42

The Tapestry, Mortlake

I think the word "pub" needs re-defining,as this isn't

23 Jun 2006 10:36

The Railway, Mortlake

Got to agree with sunglasses,they've taken a good pub and wrecked it,still,I suppose Ikea will go out of fashion some day(using the word"pub"losely,VERY losely)


23 Jun 2006 10:11

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

Finaly managed to get in the old place Tuesday,the refurb is o.k. the food was o.k. so all is well as they say.

p.s. and they had cricket on, so that's even better !!

23 Jun 2006 09:59

Yates's, Newport

mostly full of local zoom-brains filling up on cheap beer and spilling pie crumbs down their beards

8 Jun 2006 11:31

Ivory Lounge, Sutton

I'm not sure this should feature on a "pub guide"

8 Jun 2006 11:26

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

Good news,nice to know its carrying on

2 Jun 2006 11:23

The Bargemans Rest, Newport

A great LITTLE pub ? blimey,I'd hate to see a big one !

19 Jan 2006 09:22

The Old Bank, Sutton

anybody who thinks this is "the best pub in sutton" needs to try setting foot outside the confines of the high street,its a barn with beer like so many others in the high street.Try exploring a bit!

29 Nov 2005 15:45

The Little Windsor, Sutton

El Musty must stop doing the quizz when he is not chaperoned by his wife and spends all afternoon in the do you pronounce Aldeburgh again??

9 Nov 2005 09:17

The Jolly Gardeners, Mortlake

used to use it in the seventies,had a bloke who used to put "from a jack to a king" on non stop. is it still on the c/d player i wonder ??

2 Nov 2005 16:12

The Bull's Head, Barnes

At last,sense has prevailed and jazz will continue.But why has Youngs had to pay so much.If the idiot next door hadn't bought a flat next to a known jazz venue all this strife could of been avoided.I might also question his solicitor who presumeably charged him a whacking search fee

10 May 2005 11:12

The Charlie Butler, Mortlake

I saw this place opened while at Barnes school so to see it now shutting is very sad. Used to use it with school mates,once old enough of course. As for mr anonymouse from january,it's because it is like it is that it should be saved.It was opened in the late 60's so it's no wonder it looks like your granny's front room from the 70's(live in a pub did she?)

short sighted twonk!!

28 Apr 2005 17:02

The Crooked Billet, Wimbledon Common

I know the in-coming landlord from his pub on the Isle of Wight,no worries he,ll be fine

29 Dec 2004 09:58

The Dukes Head, Wallington

I hope jb from 26 feb isn,t who i think it is

29 Dec 2004 09:32

The Little Windsor, Sutton

The amazing Mustoe has been playing again,beware the ides of brocklemass for revenge will be his!!

29 Dec 2004 09:28

The New Town, Sutton

who's that funny little blonde lady that cooks the meals

22 Dec 2004 11:08

The Fox and Grapes, Wimbledon Common

Whats chavball Neil,you stuck-up ponce.And you don't even drink proper beer

22 Dec 2004 11:05

The Little Windsor, Sutton

When visiting this great little boozer,try and get an introduction to the "GREAT MUSTOE". A regular of some repute and font of all things no-one needs to know.

22 Dec 2004 09:27

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