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Comments by braemar

The Lamb Inn, Rustington

the lamb has been changed.and the food there is dreadfull now i will never eat there again.i usto be a regular customer there now but will never go there again.the best place for food and drink now is the dragon in rustington can highly recomend

20 Jun 2011 15:32

The Royal Standard, Hastings

it was ok but not my first choice.they were playing countrie was to small the staff were friendly though

18 Aug 2009 23:56

The Regis, Bognor Regis

the pub does good food.but it always seems to be quiet in there.and i can never understand when they have a que of customers thers still only one serving.

22 Jul 2009 02:49

The Henty Arms, Ferring

went to go there was all shut up at 12.and didnt look very friendly defentley will never go there to avoid this pub looks rougth as well

22 Jul 2009 02:30

The Southdowns, Bognor Regis

we were very impressed by the new look of the southdowns pub.and we were very happy with the meal we had and the service was very good and very quick.we will defentley be going back there again.and there prices were average we will defentley be going there again.

12 Jul 2009 16:09

The Bull's Head, Chichester

nice pub and when sitting outside was nice.but was know where to sit inside as was fully booked for meals.but they should study there punters as well

27 Jun 2009 21:14

The Greyhound, Cocking Causeway

a very nice pub with excellent views.would go back there again the staff werent that friendly.but we sat outside and i would defentley go there again a great place to relax and get away from it all.havent tried the food from there

27 Jun 2009 13:04

Cricketers, Southwick

i went to the cricketers and the food was a disaster.i would have to agree with you cazlou will never eat there partner had a chicken salad and only had 3 tiny pieces of chicken on and a tiny bit of cheese and a few lettuce please if you go there think twice before ordering any food

23 May 2009 14:19

The Pilot, Southwick

the pub was very disapotting we walked in and straight the food table didnt even look as good as mcdonalds

23 May 2009 14:12

The Schooner Inn, Southwick

is a great pub the location is great.very relaxing people are friendly.would say the best pub in southwick shame they dont serve food

23 May 2009 14:10

The Ship Inn, Southwick

was ok but the rose wine was more like a fruit drink.wasnt that welcoming

23 May 2009 14:07

The Downview, Worthing

not very friendly and a very very rougth pub always fights.its a place to avoid

8 Feb 2009 17:38

The Charles Dickens, Worthing

great pub when we went with staff from work.its great place to meet with friends or people from work.i also hurd that the food is really nice from here.will defentley drink here again.

8 Feb 2009 17:35

The Royal George, Shoreham by Sea

good pub and the carvery is great value during the week.

8 Feb 2009 17:26

The Lamb Inn, Rustington

good friendly pub with great food at great prices

5 Feb 2009 15:51

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