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The Plough and Harrow, Litlington

18 months since my last review and still probably the friendlist pub in the Lewes and Seaford area...good range of ales and well kept as ever. The local 'Long Man' ales have moved in in force and although I would describe them all as apprentice works at present, they are all worth a try. The best of the bunch is their 'American Pale Ale' which is trying to carve a slice in Dark Star territory. 'Old Man' is an individual old ale and could mature well.

Great pub, great atmosphere, great beer and good food...what more could you want? Throw in great countryside and you have a winner.

24 Oct 2012 19:55

The Half Moon Inn, Plumpton

They have really got it all together very well here. Very pleasent atmosphere and decor, inside and out. Good, well thought out menu, little pricy but you gets what you pays for. 3 ales on tap...usulayy a Harvey's and a couple of rarities. Not really an ale drinkers venue, so tends to sit in the pump a little too long, but hey...these are details. Its a GREAT pub in a magnificant location and rapidly becomming one of my favourite in the Lewes area. 7.5 out of ten!

17 Sep 2012 20:02

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

Visited on a sunny September lunchtime. Busy but management seemed to have worked hard to ensure more adaquate staffing levels. 3 ales on offer. The Harvey's Best is always well kept and reliable. Cannot run a tab if you're sitting ouside and no option to leave card, so you have to either pay for everything at once or buy on installment if you are in the habit of using plastic. Once again, cannot be surpassed for location and real improvements have been made in the last 12 months.

17 Sep 2012 19:54

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Wellington still the best of the Seahaven bunch. Range and variety of ales has to be commended. Staff always polite and efficient. Well done

16 Jun 2012 20:11

The Old Boot, Seaford

Sad to see this establishment going so downhill. Am a frequent user so am able to see the drift. Visited recently and had run out of real ale...not even Harvey's which is a felony in Sussex. Most recent visit pint of Best Bitter from the new Long Man Brewery in Littlington...absolutly aweful, but not the beer's fault. management has cahnged and those currently in charge have no idea about beer. Its a pity, as this is a good location and a friendly place, but it needs to get it together soon.

16 Jun 2012 20:05

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

Visited again recently. Management seem to be trying to redress the understaffing issue and I was served promptly and helpfully. Still limited range of ales, but well kept. Once again, if you can visit out of peak times then you will most probably be glad you did.

2 Jan 2012 21:06

The Old Plough, Seaford

This is a great pub for a low cost meal. Where else can you get a rump steak cooked as you like it for under 8? Because the menu is so reasonable, it is often very busy, particularly with the older generation. You have to be patient to get to the bar. Not a great range of ales, but always well kept and new options are added quite regularly. Shame that 'Tribute' has gone from the playlist, but perhaps it will return. A pub that does what it does very well...did I mention the steak?

2 Jan 2012 21:00

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Visited again several time recently and on the strength of its wide range of real ales (10) including often 4 Dark Star options up my rating. Far and away the best choice of ale in Seaford/Newhaven area. Still has limited seating at busy times, but a quiet corner can usually be sought out.

2 Jan 2012 20:53

The Laughing Fish, Isfield

Bit of a discovery. Good atmosphere, friendly staff. Good outside graden and very relaxed atmosphere. Very good range of ales available, including 'Over the Moon' and Hophead from Dark Star. Very well kept. Greene King pub, but able to keep local brews as well. Enlightened policy!

All this and steam trains on their doorstep! What more could you want?
Well, perhaps slightly better cooked food. The menu is very interesting and varied, but has obviously been drawn up by someone different than whoever runs the kitchen. Just a bit mundane in the preparation and presentation dept; but reasonably priced.

A great pub that just needs to up its game a little in the catering .

19 Sep 2011 18:22

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

Excellent lunch at the Cricketers after brisk hike over the top from Seaford. Crispy Whitebait highly recommended. Best, Tom Paine, Armada and Hadlow were all well kept offerings from the Harvey's stable. As mentioned, all tables were taken by ten minutes past noon, and this on a Monday...!

11 Jul 2011 20:56

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Currently offering Legless Rambler, Beach Head Original, Summer Lightning, Harvey's Best and Harvey's 'Hadlow' which you dont see often.

3 Jul 2011 20:18

The Ash Tree Inn, Battle

Excellent little pub, with superb food at a very reasonable prices. Was here early in January and very warm and cosy it was. Not a great range of beers, but well kept. Try the steak and you won't be disaponted.

29 Jun 2011 22:48

The Hope Inn, Newhaven

The location is the thing here...magnificent views over Seaford Bay to Seaford Head. And the architecture of the Pub; pleasent interior and upper covered terrace allowing good views rain or shine. On a sunny day its a great place to have a meal or a quiet drink. Must be a great place to watch out a storm thrashing Newhaven lightouse and pier. The menu is very decent with some interesting specials. Ales presently include London Pride and Harvey's Best- not a great range for the ale enthusiast, but its well kept. Now they have shifted the salvage vessel that's been sitting on the doorstep for 10 months you can enjoy the superb views once again. The propritoress is one of the hardest working and courteous landladies around and this is an establishment that deserves to do well.

29 Jun 2011 20:16

George Inn, Alfriston

What the George has is atmosphere. And an amazing if pricey menu. As a venue for a meal on a winter's evening, its hard to beat. A special occasion pub. Tried the shared charcuterie platter: delicious. Ale: Abbot, Old Trip, IPA - year in , year out but its very well kept and at least you know what you're going to get. Good palce for a pint and a read of the newspapers when quiet and a slice of Olde England.

22 Jun 2011 22:45

The Beachy Head, Eastbourne

I visit this place quite regularly. All the negative comments are true, mainly down to the management refusing to employ sufficent staff. Having said that, I just can't help liking the place. It is one of the very few pubs in East Sussex where you can have a pint and look at the sea. On a fine day, the views overcome almost all of the shortcomings. I even like the grubby little windows where I have passed several hours watching sunsets or rain. Food; nothing to add on previous comments, ale? just the usual but somtimes you can spot a rarity: Kipling's South Seas? If you're passing drop in if its not crushingly busy. Enjoy a pint and console the hard working staff. Its not their fault.

22 Jun 2011 21:43

The Giants Rest, Wilmington

Pleasant, easy going pub. Good atmosphere and I've always found good chatty service, although I've always been off peak. The wooden games on the tabletops are a nice touch! A reasonable menu, but not a lot at the bottom end. 2-3 ales, including (currently) Harveys Best-of course- Timothy Taylor Landlord and Summer Lightning, which needed to be a degree cooler. Excellent start or finish for a walk and delightful surroundings just off the A27. A good place to drop in on, especially if you are a Druid as its been awarded a 'Most Druid Friendly Pub Award' by the Sussex Gorsead. Didn't notice mistletoe and mead on the menu, but I wasn't there at the Solstice...

22 Jun 2011 21:20

The Cricketers Arms, Berwick

On a summer's day there are few better spots than the garden of the Cricketers. Very plesaant hostelry, with a good if slightly pricey menu and ale served from the cask in the tap room. Generally a good range of Harvey's, all very well kept. Good place to start or end a walk although you will need to get there just before or very soon after opening time to guarantee getting a table. As previous correspondent has said, best in the afternoon if you are just seeking a pint. Always worth a visit.

22 Jun 2011 20:53

The Ram Inn, Firle

Trying too hard to go up market too fast. Menu very pricy and mainly designer food. Nothing for budget travellers or the (many) walkers who would like to frequent this hostelry. Plesant, warm interior with fire in winter. Not a great range of Ales and like other vistors, found the service rather frosty. Best to try when not too busy.

21 Jun 2011 13:37

The Eight Bells, Jevington

This is the perfect pub on a warm summer's evening. The garden overlooks green meadows and is the most tranquil of spots. Shall never forget sitting here in the dusk watching bats flitting to and fro. If bats don't light your candle, then the interior is warm and friendly and in winter there is a roaring fire. The menu is outstanding with a wealth of options. Even if you are on a budget the choice is good (I recommend the Stilton Burger). The Chef has a rel knowledge and love of food. Not a great range of ales, always a well kept Harvey's Best and Adnam's Broadside has been on the menu for a while now. In the winter months Harvey's Old makes a welcome appearance. Serving Youngs at present for the warmer days. One of my favourite hostelries in the Seaford area and in a beautiful location, especially for walkers. Hard to beat.

21 Jun 2011 13:30

The Golden Galleon, Exceat

On the plus side: outstanding location and a variety of seating. Roaring fire in winter. Negatives- always too few staff on duty with resultant irritable customers who can't get served. Food reasonable but can vary. Orderd Garlic cibatta here in February and was given brown Hovis (!) with no apology. Even the battle-hardened manager was nonplused at that one. Beer 2 ales, always Harvey's Best but tends to run out at prime times and staff are too busy to change barrels. Usually a guest beer worth trying. If you can visit when its not too busy then sit back and enjoy the views.

21 Jun 2011 13:11

The Snowdrop, Lewes

Can't add much to previous favourite pub in the Lewes/Seaford area. Great, easy going atmosphere. Food is excellent, cooked by a chef with real enthusiasim for his food, and the range of ales is superb. 4-5 always on tap with always something new to try. Good range of Dark Star brews always well kept. Staff friendly and bright and a real family-friendly feel. I wish I lived nearer as I would never be out of it...only wish it were a little easier to get to as access and parking are not easy- but well worth the effort.

20 Jun 2011 20:58

The Tiger Inn, East Dean

Excellent pub; good food reasonably priced and a good atmosphere winter and summer alike. Can get very busy at weekends, Friday lunchtimes and during the summer, but always worth a visit. Good range of Ales- especially their own Beach Head brews. Legless Rambler is outstanding: a real masterpiece of depth, flavour and complexity, Original very good as well. Sad that their offering from last year 'Southdown' has disappeard, but I beleive is still available in bottle. Parson Derby's Hole a rich stout is sometimes seen in the area, but not seen it at the Tiger. All round, an almost perfect pub with friendly, efficient staff.

20 Jun 2011 20:31

Birling Gap Hotel, East Dean

If you are lucky enough to visit when the bar is open, it is very pleasent and staff very friendly. Ales include Harvey's Best (of course) and a cask of Beachy Head - usually Original. Not surprising as the microbrewery is just up the road.
Comfortable lounge attractively decorated and a good space to spend a quiet moment with a well kept pint.

20 Jun 2011 20:22

The Sussex Ox, Milton Street

A place to eat with superb views of Downs. If fine weather, large outside eating area. Food pricey, but a range of cheaper dishes available. 2-3 ales available including the ubiquitious Harvey's Best. Oxhead a Dark Star concoction is basically Hophead with a touch more caramel-very pleasent. Another Dark Star offering 'Meltdown' on tap at present-a nice drop. If you can find a seat at busy times, a idyllic place to sup away an hour or two. But not always open when you would like to be there...

20 Jun 2011 20:16

The Plough and Harrow, Litlington

Really good pub with superb location. Good range of meals at variety of prices. Landlord knows how to keep his ale- usually three on offer; Harveys Best, Hophead and a guest. Best kept Hophead in the area. The atmosphere is always friendly and the landlord in good spirits. Altogether on of my favourite hostelries in the Seaford area.

20 Jun 2011 20:09

Wellington Hotel, Seaford

Good atmosphere and friendly service. Always a good range of (4-5) ales and fairly well kept. Good place to go with a few friends, but not easy to get a quiet seat on your own.

20 Jun 2011 19:35

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