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The Old Harkers Arms, Chester

Excellent. highly recommended Although canalside I have not seen any boats moor here. good food and beer.

8 Sep 2011 18:33

The George Hotel, Castleton

Excellent.Possibly the best place in Castleton, which is sayng something as the standards are veryhigh. Superb home-cooked food, good choice of beers. It does get busy, the sign of a good place, so get there early!!

14 Aug 2011 12:33

The Dressers Arms, Wheelton

I have made a number of visits to this pub for many years, going back a long way. Sometimes once a years, sometimes several visits a years. In all the years I have never had anyting put good service, beer and food. I cannot fault the place. I'd rather pay a bit more for quality ad comfort anyday, its not that overpriced as suggested by previous posters.

14 Aug 2011 12:29

The John Gilbert, Worsley

Very smart and comfy. In about 6 visits over the last few months I have always had good service and excellent food. No the cheapest place in the world, but you pay for quality and if thats what you want, its here. Minor gripe that the cask ale seemed a little indifferent, could do with a little more choice.

14 Aug 2011 12:25

Bridgewater Hotel, Worsley

Overall disappointed. Visited a number of times times over last few months at various times. Its a 2 for £10 place, which just means the price of single meals are grossly overpriced. Even at a £5 its pushing it, very ordinary pub fried/microwaved food. The interior is getting ‘tired’ Its probably why the lights are turned down in the evenings (or just not working) , however this just creates a more tacky feeling. Needs brightening up. Do have cask ales, IPA and Boddies ,plus guest ales. Very young staff, possibly too young. Suffers from poster blight.

Interesting comment by wheel154, I too noticed this about clientele being sprawled about. Very strange mix, a complete contrast to the John Gilbert, no apparent dress code, flip-flops, shorts, football shirts, trackies – ok its only a few, but these things tend to get out of control. Suspect people who get turned away from the Gilbert wander down here ( they have doorstaff). Another annoyance is the fact that children can run riot, which parents and staff seem not be notice. Kids should only be in pubs with parents for meals, and be at a table. I have that gripe about a few places, not just this.

The main thing the place has is it location, its not a canalside pub as such, situated on the main road across from it. Stunning uparket area, pub has a downmarket approach. Needs sorting.

14 Aug 2011 12:21

The Strawbury Duck, Entwistle

I can only say that following my earlier entry and several further vists, the standard of food is excellent, it is not cheap but you pay for quality. Tend to visit afternoon or early evening mid-week, not experiened any sort of poor service.

13 Aug 2011 17:05

The Strawbury Duck, Entwistle

It is great to see this renowed pub back in business , it has been closed and through a disappointing period, but is one of the most famous pubs in the region, it has its own railway station for good measure, there does not appear to be anybody else living round there!

Visited early Jan 2011 and was not disappointed, first visit for about 2 years when it was in decline. Had Black Sheep and the menu was extensive - you are not going to get the vast range larger pubs can offer, but its certainly quality over quantity. Advise any old regulars to pay a vsit, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

7 Feb 2011 19:20

Boatyard Inn, Riley Green

Large modern pub situated on the Leeds/Liverpool canal, and it does have its own boatyard. Popular place for boaters and drivers. Food wise its a a cut above the standard pub fayre, with a reasonable variety of dishes. Has a selection of cask ales and a fine selection of wines. Also does B&B. It can get busy, especially on summer weekends. Its a destination pub set in the Lancashire countryside, situated on a main road.

7 Feb 2011 19:11

Moorings, Boothstown

In a great spot with superb views over the Bridegwater canal, it makes the most with an extensive outside area. Dos seem very popular , especially in good weather.

Don't expect an atmospheric pub and any real character though. It is really an eating place with a sunny day view, and is fairly standard and typical chain pub food - the usual 2 for £10. The place seems to have suffered from poor food and service in the past, and does seem to get overun and unable to cope at times. Possibly doesn't deserve its current rating of 3.5 though, but I could not give it more than 5.

18 Sep 2010 11:42

Ross's Arms, Astley

About 50 yards away from the Boat House situated on the main road (which leads to a dead end). Its quite remarkable how the two pubs have survived and thrived when so many are closing, even more so when you consider that its a relatively small place but pulls people in from surrounding areas.

Compliments the other pub very well, is probably slightly larger with an eating area and large beer garden which has the most unusual voew of an genuine old mining pihead which is part of the mining heritage place next door.

Good home cooked food, good service and choic of drinks. Gve both pubs 8 as there is nothing between them, both good.

18 Sep 2010 11:19

The Boathouse Inn, Astley

Echo the sentiments of previous reviewers, a traditional type pub, two rooms, home made food, reasonable prices. A delighful change from some of the artifical pub chain offerings. Good choice of ales, friendly service, good location.

18 Sep 2010 11:13

The Foresters Arms, Glazebury

A proper pub situated close to Bents garden centre. Home made food and small outside area. Has a very homely feel, something the larger chain pubs don't have. Only visited during the day, was fairly quiet.

13 Sep 2010 09:54

Kirklees Hall Inn, Wigan

Only know this from the canalside, situated next to a lock on the leeds/liverpool canal. Plesesant enough to sit outside, but speaking to a local they were telling me that its situated in q quiet part of town and had struggled in the past, but it looks quite good considering it had been closed for a while. Carlurmstons comments are accurate, they had a good selction of good, service was good. Hopefully it will succeed

13 Sep 2010 09:46

Commercial Inn, Aspull

Visited in July 2010, situated next to the canal. Unfortunately it was closed, it wasn't boarded up but looked unoccupied. There was one bench outside and a plastic banner which was partly torn, advertising the World Cup (2010). It probably had not been closed long, it may b another lost pub.

13 Sep 2010 09:42

The Dover Lock, Abram

Located on the canal bank close to Pennington Nature reserve it seems an ideal spot for a thriving pub and is the ony one on the canal for a good few miles. I have only ever been in from the canalside so I don't know what the surrounding area is like, but from the patio area there are not many houses n close proximaty.

The food and drink were fine, and the service was courteous. Did have cask on (didn't try it) and a reasonable selection of draughts/bottles. I have only visited during the day and got the impression that the overall trade was not great, it does have sport but surely there must be an opportunity to make this a more upmarket/destination place

13 Sep 2010 09:35

The Kirkstone Pass Inn, Kirkstone Pass

Even amongst Lake District pubs this one is unique, its setting is second to none - the nearest building to it must be at least two miles away. Situated on the Windermere-Glenridding road at almost the highest point, its a place that should be on everybodys must visit list, but be warned, you need to be reasonably fit to walk here from the surrounding area (and to get back).

Its serves food and bar snacks, possibly not the huge range that you can find in the town centres but there is no lack of quality. Beer was fine - must be the altitude. Interior is cosy and charmful.

A very unique and unforgettable pub.

4 Sep 2010 19:11

Queen's Hotel, Ambleside

A hotel bar which is part sit-down restaurant at one end. It also has a downstairs bar which caters for sports and opens later at weekends. The barman told me that they had the best range of local beers, and that the beer itself was the best. Impossible for me to dispute that, and I opted for a few pints of Jennings which were very good. So good that I decided against changing the tipple and sampling some bluebird ale. Food was fine - and as will all lakeland pubs don't expect to pay cheap prices, not too expensive though.

4 Sep 2010 19:03

The Kings Arms, Hawkshead

A small old pub in Hawkshead, a tiy village which also has a nother two pubs and various restaurants/cafes, all within about 100/150 yards o each other. Narrow streets and courtyards give the place an olde village feel and th Kings is right in th middle of it all. Had a nice pint of Hawkshead (what else in Hawksead? bitter, and the food was very nice.

4 Sep 2010 18:58

The Churchill Hotel, Ambleside

Not sure why this has such a low rating, but my visits have been confined to mid-week lunchties and evenings. Does have a few screens in, has some local ales and the food was standard pub food and acceptable, service was ffine. Can imagine this would attract a more local cliental for the football as previous poster states. Its really a bar rather than a pub.

4 Sep 2010 18:54

The Village Inn, Bowness on Windemere

Had a decent pint of Black Sheep, there were also a few local ales on draught. Food and service were fine, the pub seems to be popular with families, its fair to say it is more food focused. Central location in Bowness near to piers and shops.

4 Sep 2010 18:50

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