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Comments by MarcDickson

Paxtons Head, Knightsbridge

Very, very average pub. There are a lot of worse pubs in London, and there are a lot of better pubs as well.

I suppose a good reason for going would be just to see what a truly typical pub is like and then being able to use it as a yardstick for all hostelries visited after that.

3 Mar 2011 08:08

The White Harte, Cuckfield

Went there last night, good beer on tap (Badger Pickled Partridge), friendly landlord, good Thai curry to take away the winter chill, decent jukebox, friendly darts players... real little gem of a pub. Well worth a visit.

9 Dec 2010 21:49

The Talbot Inn, Cuckfield

Used to be a good pub, used to have character and be a big part of the Independent State of Cuckfield movement.

And now? A totally ****y refit that could be the carbon copy of any trendy drinking hole in Brighton, London, Manchester - it has become the exact antithesis of what a village pub should be. Refurbing a pub like this should be a criminal offence.

9 Dec 2010 21:47

The Whitesmith Arms, Borough

I like this place a lot. Apart from the mirrors with Budweiser logos on them, this is a pub straight out of the 70s. Only one beer - Courage Best - but it was a decent drop. Great place to go with mates for a sit down and quiet evening chatting.

9 Dec 2009 14:16

The Wheatsheaf, Cuckfield

Went there this morning for a coffee with the family and found the place locked up. Looked through the window - no furniture at all inside, nothing on the shelves behind the bar. Has it shut? Not looking good for this good, family friendly pub. Crying shame.

8 Feb 2009 19:13

The Wellington, Waterloo

Went there last night with a few friends. Hand pulled beer selection good, although nothing special - Pedi, Marston Bitter, Cumberland. One of our number decided to go for a bottle of Leffe and - bearing in mind this is a small sized bottle of the Belgian beer - had a most unpleasant experience when he was asked for £3.90!

£4 for a small bottle of beer? Is this what London prices have got to, or was there a bit of profiteering going on here?

27 Jan 2008 09:24

Red Lion, Monument

Fairly bog standard Nicholson's pub. Yes, it might have the Cask Marque plaque, but I don't think it stands for much these days. Big cellar for group drinking, but that is about it really.

Something that is a right pain in the arse - the pub is in a mobile black spot. No coverage whatsoever.

25 Oct 2006 08:52

Ship, Monument

Went there last night and had a fairly good experience. Beer range was good, but quality was nothing special. Given the big comment below, I would like to say that the service was polite and good.

Verdict: good pub to go to on a date (the upstairs is well suited to initimate tete a tets), but not much space anywhere if there is a group of you going.

25 Oct 2006 08:46

Lord Tennyson Inn and Restaurant, Louth

Looks very ordinary on the outside - a typical housing estate pub on the outskirts of Louth. Inside, and not much changes that impression - it has obviously had the big chain pub standard makeover with a light, bright interior, shining brass and the cliched quotations written upon the beams. But - and this is a very big but - the Bass was very good and the food excellent and superb value for money. Well worth a visit.

24 Oct 2006 08:11

The Burrell Arms, Haywards Heath

Really not my cup of tea - loud, pool table, tv, music, only the odd guest real ale...but always v. busy so they must be doing something to appeal to the masses!

7 Dec 2005 17:04

The Banker, Cannon Street

The first time visted the Banker was a couple of years ago. Back then, I thought it was a good pub - decent beer in an excellent (and unique) location. The only flaw was it closing at 8 pm! I went there again last night with friends and am pleased to report that it stayed open till late, making it an excellent venue to hole up in for the evening. The outside terrace is also blessed with some fearsome heaters. Goodness knows how much energy they were consuming, but I was quite happily sitting outside in shirtsleeves after 9 o'clock. In October.

6 Oct 2005 07:05

The Peacock, Snainton

Fantastic pub. Good Theakstons beer but what really sets it apart is the food - excellent quality, big portions and a menu that encompasses trad pub grub to decent restaurant fodder. Be warned - the mixed grill is HUGE!

27 Sep 2005 07:40

The Nags Head, Belgravia

Fantastic, idiosyncratic boozer. A real hidden gem in this otherwise snooty part of London and one that I can highly recommend visiting. Excellent, well kept beer.

23 Jun 2005 07:22

The Star Tavern, Belgravia

Fine pub. Good choice of decent beers (as you would expect in a Fuller's pub). Comfortable interior - excellent place to while away a few hours over several jars.

23 Jun 2005 07:14

The Plumbers Arms, Victoria

I found this pub to be a bit of a disappointment, given the comments that have been posted before this one. The beer was good, but the service was poor - there were only two people behind the bar when we visited last night. They were working flat out, but there were just too many punters for them to keep up with. Would be willing to give the pub another visit, but only at a quieter time.

23 Jun 2005 07:08

The Victoria, Victoria

A surprisingly acceptable pub, given its location 'tween Victoria Coach and Train Stations. We went last night on a baking hot evening and were overjoyed to find that the pub has air con. Beer wise, the bitter was acceptable.

23 Jun 2005 06:59

The Seymour Arms, Plymouth

I have fond memories of the Seymour from my days with the University Cricket Club - don't know if they still sponsor it, but I certainly hope they do. Well recommended for being a friendly little pub with good beer.

BTW, if any Uni alumni are reading this, please contact me at for details of the London alum assoc.

1 Apr 2005 08:16

The Coach and Horses, Westminster

Fairly average hostelry, but still a cut above any chain pub you could care to mention. Saving graces were acceptable Pride and Adnams on tap and non smoking back room. On the whole, I would probably go for the Cardinal around the corner rather than this one.

3 Feb 2005 07:17

The Red Lion, Pall Mall

Went there with some friends on a Wednesday night in January and ended up staying to closing time. Because of the small size of the pub, we were standing for the first hour or so. Excellent Adnams, reasonable Bass. Small moan – no proper crisps, only Pringles at £1 for a tiddly little pot.

What no one has mentioned so far is that this pub has one of the widest range of whiskeys I have ever seen outside of a Scottish hotel behind the bar.

Definitely an unspoilt traditional English boozer which deserves to be visited at least once (and to have a preservation order slapped on it to keep it just the way it is!).

And while we're going on about the gents: mind your head if you are over 6' tall!

21 Jan 2005 07:42

The Cask, Pimlico

Because of its location it is undoubtedly a local, but this was not a problem in the least when my mates and I visited. Very good Greene King IPA at very good prices during happy hour. Menu was standard pub fare but excellent value for money given the portion sizes.

This is a good, honest unpretentious pub that I would highly recommend to those seeking a place to enjoy a quiet pint or two. Or three or four or five or…

8 Dec 2004 09:34

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